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REVIEWS OF Southold Dance Theater IN Indiana

Carolynn Hine-Johnson

I've had the wonderful experience of choreographing a classical Spanish dance for the Don Quixote ballet last year and also taught flamenco for a couple of intensives. The dancers are highly trained and very cooperative. Also, the directors and instructors are very nice and a joy to work with.

Michael Zusi

We have five kids, two girls and three boys. All have been trained to dance at Southold. Two are still there, three have graduated high school and moved on (the most recent graduate is a professional dancer). We have been at Southold since 2001 or so and have experienced three different Artistic Directors. These directors have surely been different from one another, but each has been (and in the current case, is) excellent. The care for, development of and attention to the dancers are wonderful. The training is thorough and rigorous, the casting for productions is thoughtful and appropriate (and we have had children both pleased and disappointed in the roles they got to dance). But the casting has always been fairly and painstakingly considered. The student dancers are both encouraged and challenged regularly. As a father, I have been quite pleased with the manner in which my sons have been and are being trained. Each also played basketball, soccer and baseball for years, but when they had to choose, they each chose to dance at Southold. Technical and artistic excellence are the goals that the students are taught to strive for and hard work is recognized, appreciated and awarded. Our association with Southold began 18 years ago when my eldest was 4 years old. We are still there, and happy to be. It's a terrific place.

Shmigglebargin McGiggens

The only good dance school in the area. It seems that we are the only ones who work. All the other schools I've seen are lame. Southold is the way to go!

Morgan Taylor

I love Southold! I have been dancing there since I was three years old. It's a great place to learn ballet!

Nora Zusi

Our family has been at Southold for 16 years. Our 5 children have completed or are completing the entire preprofessional ballet program. Each child on his or her own has chosen to remain in ballet over remaining in other sports. We have been there through 3 sets of artistic directors. Each AD has had a different personal style of running the program. But each has always, to the best of their ability, worked hard to create excellent dancers and an excellent program. It’s never easy for the kids to see, but the teachers love them and want them to learn to the best of their ability. What roles to give students and whom to move up to the next level has always been painstakingly, carefully thought out. For instance,, I appreciated that my younger son did not get lead roles -even though he wanted them - before he was strong and steady enough. I appreciate that the current directors valued the work ethic of my daughter, and recognized both her strengths and weaknesses. The current directors ( and past ones, too) hold the entire student body to be dear to them, and they make decisions that are reasonable. Given that, we have always taught our kids that in ballet you don’t question the artistic director’s decisions. You make the best of them you can. Hard? Yes! But imagine the mess if everyone were allowed to question the AD!! We have not found decisions to be random; they are always based on the AD’s best assessment of the entire program and the total abilities of each student . In the end, being at Southold has been one of the best opportunity for my kids to learn poise ( not just physical!), grace, picking up instructions quickly,how to deal with dashed hopes, physical and personal strength, creativity, challenge,. All of these have been so so valuable in their formation as human beings. Southold, from my long experience there, has always strived to be professional. It is very difficult to produce good dancers and deliver good dancing to the public. Southold does an excellent job of cf this. We are extremely fortunate to have such a good company in our relatively small town!!

Tim Widerquist

My daughter danced at Southold for 10 years and hopes to become a professional dancer. Previous artistic director was excellent both in instruction and guidance. Current artistic director is much less supportive. Only a few politically connected students will get advanced instruction. Students are placed in levels seemingly at random (dancers who have been on pointe for 2+ years placed in classes with students who can't dance on pointe). Three years ago Southold was able to produce Nutcracker without hiring professionals to dance lead roles. Since that time no dancers have been trained to dance lead roles and professionals are hired to dance difficult roles. Very sad to see this school fail at its mission.

Paul Zusi

Southold Dance Theater is the hidden gem of the South Bend. It is the hub of the arts for all ages (yes, ALL ages). I can personally attest to the brilliance of this school. I was trained there and brought up amongst true friends, forming bonds that will never fade. The current director and his wife (both longtime professionals with experience all over Europe and America) both teach the students with dedication, meaning every student gets the training that will best suit their situation. The training I received not only taught how to be a better person, but also led me on my way to starting my career. At age 18, I secured a spot with the Boston Ballet second company, and am now dancing with them professionally. I have to admit that the opportunities I have had would not be possible without the dedication of my teachers at southold, all of whom befriended their students and spent their valuable time molding us into the best (and therefore happiest) dancers we could be. Southold is and will always be home to me, and I encourage others to spend a little time there to see how they like it!

Susan Kay

Southold Dance Theater

Monica Stuckwisch

My brother and sister both go to this dance school and have had a good experience.

Alexa Pola

It is a great place to learn ballet

Calin Radulescu


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