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Riya Patel

As I head off to college next year, Kruti's lessons and love will stay with me. I've been dancing at Kruti since i was five...while, also, learning grace and beauty in the invigorating and exciting Bollywood classes, I was able to find a family in my past 12 years. This studio truly transformed into my home away from home. The recitals have always been something I look forward to every year, because their productions are always beyond belief; it's, also, a whole day dedicated to my passion of dance and being with my dance family. The most important thing, however, isn't the lessons of dance, but the support system and utmost love that the two Directors have for each and every student. Dina Aunty and Shemoni Didi always go beyond the disciplines of dance to check up on me and become my mentors in life.

Samay Shah

Kruti has been my home away from home for 4 years now. I have made some incredible friends and memories here and I can not wait to continue making more. Kruti has transformed my dancing experience and made me 10 times the better dancer. Definitely worth the 5 stars I just gave it.


Eversince I was young, my dream was to learn dancing and to overcome my fear of stage fright. I moved to USA and my parents decided to join me at the prestigious, Kruti Dance Academy for bollywood classes. I remember the first week I joined and I would always dance with my head low, but thanks to Mrs. Dina Sheth I have exceled very far into my dance skills and overcome my fear if stage fright. I would rate this one of the BEST dance academies and would push all parents to join their children into Kruti. Not only do you learn to dance, you also learn disclipine and respect. Coming to Kruti dance every week was a stress relief along with highly tranined teachers and a great guru: Dina Sheth. Thank you very much again, this experience has helped me in many ways in life :) So go check it out !

Neeve Ram

I walked into Kruti Dance Academy 11 years ago with no knowledge of bharata natyam. Now I have learned so much from Dina Auntie and Shermoni Didi about dance and being a better responsible person. I have grown as a person and a dancer through my years at Kruti. It has never been just a studio for me but rather a family that I am truly grateful for. From dancing to volunteering, I have changed from being shy to out spoken and learning life lessons that will help me in the future.

Sejal Gandhi

Looking back on my dance journey, I still remember my very first classes at Kruti. I liked dance, but it was a new and unexpected challenge for my young self. I was not used to investing what I once thought was so much time into a one hour class, a class that often left me in tears. I was not used to constantly being pushed to be stronger, to meet high expectations, and to remain resilient throughout the whole process. However, slowly these aspects of my character started to develop, and although I did not realize it, my mom’s dream of her daughter learning Bharata Natyam slowly became not only my dream, but my passion. Each year, I became closer with a group of girls that I now call my best friends, and the connections that I have formed through dance have made my journey so much greater. Each year, dance has physically and mentally pushed me farther than I thought I was ever capable of, and this determination influenced me in more than one way as I became determined to succeed in other areas of life. No matter how hard the weekdays were, each weekend when I went back to Kruti it reminded me of how much I loved the art form. Before I knew it, the academy became my home; with late night practices and early morning dancing, I realized that the people I spend my weekends with truly are my family. Throughout my years as a Bharata Natyam dancer, I have witnessed true acts of kindness, perseverance, and ambition. Dina Aunty and Shemoni Didi have always embraced me, and any student, with open arms; they never fail to offer love, support, and warm smiles to anyone who walks through the doors of the academy. Most importantly, they have taught me that I must strive to do the best that I can in anything that I do, and that everyone has room for improvement. Kruti has allowed me to remain tied to my cultural roots, and I have never left without learning something new, whether it be choreography, leadership skills, or life lessons. Dina Aunty and Shemoni Didi’s guidance has shown me how to live a life of dedication and compassion, and I am grateful for the positive energy that I have been surrounded with for so long now. Now, as I am approaching the summer of my arangetram, I am constantly reminded by my Kruti family, my gurus, and my parents to cherish every moment, for soon these days will be memories. And when I look back upon those memories, I will be glad to remember an incredible journey filled with laughter, inspiration, and joy.

Suraj Modi

Kruti Dance Academy is an amazing place to learn to dance. From Bollywood to Bharatanatyam to Hip-Hop, you can learn many different styles of dancing. They also have classes for people of all ages, from children to adults, and there are classes for all different dance expertise levels. It is an amazing place to have fun and learn to dance. I've grown not only as a dancer, but also as a person, as Kruti teaches you responsibility, confidence, and compassion. Dancing at Kruti is a wonderful experience, and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to learn to dance.

Kena Vyas

Kruti Dance Academy is not only a place where people of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures attend to simply learn "how to dance." As a student of Kruti Dance Academy since the young age of four, Kruti became my haven. As Kruti grew and developed into a premier institute for dance education, I grew and matured alongside it. I learned how to express myself without using words. I learned how a single eye movement or hand gesture could have so much meaning. I understood the deeper meaning of music and immersed myself in its mystical relationship with dance. Kruti students learn how to be responsible, dedicated, enlightened, and cultured. The students that I grew up with are some of the most perseverant, educated, and creative women I know. I feel privileged to have been surrounded by such strong and powerful women as I myself matured. Most importantly however, Kruti instills confidence in its students. Whether its students are dancing on stage, giving a speech for a school presentation, or even talking amongst a group of peers, Kruti students truly know how to present themselves and be confident in their actions. This is one of the greatest gifts I could have ever received in my life. Kruti Dance Academy is truly the brainchild of Dina Aunty's creativity, vision, and discipline. Her perseverance and dedication gifted me the opportunity to find what I love the most in the world: to dance. Dina Aunty has been my teacher, mentor, and guide. But she has also been a friend, one who drives her students to achieve their very best in all aspects of life. She has fostered an environment for students to truly thrive in. As I look back, I say with the utmost confidence that I went to the best dance academy there is to offer and was privileged and honored to learn from the best guru in the world. I cannot even remember a moment when Kruti Dance Academy was not a part of my life. It has been threaded into my life in such a way that I will never be able to forget it. It is where I grew up with my best friends, where I learned to speak without using my words, where I was enlightened about the richness of my culture, and where I became a young woman. I am eternally grateful to the gifts Kruti has given me. As one can see, Kruti Dance Academy is not simply a place where people learn "how to dance." It is much, much more.

Pallavi Mehrotragarg

Kruti's recital was so impressive that my 5 yr old son wants to be a student of Kruti. He will join Bollywood from 2017 Fall. I just wanted to share my happiness and feelings that you succeeded in motivating a 5 yr old.

Priyanka Desai

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” –Albert Einstein Dance has always been an important part of my life. Even before formal lessons began, I would jump around the living room to old Hindi songs and mimic my favorite on screen actors during dance numbers. It was learning Bharata Natyam, however, that took this raw passion and refined it into a skill – the ability to express myself through an ancient art form and to connect to my culture through a relic of the past. And for this tutelage, I am grateful for you. The mark of a true teacher, however, goes beyond simply learning a skill. In my opinion, the mark of a true teacher is uncovering a passion. This is what I feel has happened during my time as your student. No matter how sore my legs are, how tired I am of practicing a certain dance, or how hard it is to rise early on Saturday mornings, I simply have to dance. And because of your uncompromising nature when it comes to dance, I have had to dance well. It is this need for my preferred form of expression and my desire to excel at it that I have cultivated under your watchful gaze. And what a gaze it is! As you have demonstrated many times, myriad emotions can be expressed through a single glance, and through both this unspoken communication and more concrete lessons, I have learned so much. I have learned about Indian heritage and culture, about the origins of Bharata Natyam, about the meaning behind hastas and addavus, about the difference between ragas and rasas and tirmanams and tihais. I have learned how to convey a story without speaking a word, how to find the strength to finish a dance when my muscles burn, how to appear calm, collected, and confident while on stage. Other things however, I have learned simply by watching. Whether it is demonstrating an expression or correcting my form, I am always struck by your expertise, and over the years, I have modeled my teaching style, my hardworking nature, and even my presentation face, after yours. You tell us often that these lessons will apply to more than just dance in our future, and I can already see how the lessons I learned at Kruti will help me later in life. In my conversations, I carry the eyes of a dancer, in my class presentations, I have the visage of a performer, and in my everyday endeavors, I apply the creativity of an artist. For these skills and for these memories, I am grateful to you. Facing you now, after nearly twelve years of classes, on the eve of my Arangetram, I am thankful to have has the opportunity to have learned my passion from you, to have gained an education in an ancient art, and to have learned lessons whose value will not fade. Thank you Dina Aunty.

Sierra Raghunath

Kruti has played such a crucial role in shaping who I am today. Ever since I was young I have looked up to my didis like role models admiring their talent and grace as well as their lovable and outgoing personalities. Now, as I stand in front of the class I realize that I am the didi that younger girls look up too. It still shocks me that I will me completing my Arangetram this summer and that my coursework has been completed but I know that my personal Kruti journey will never end. Kruti has taught me such valuable lessons such a responsibility, effective communication skills and time management; virtues that I will carry with me through every endeavor. More importantly, Kruti has help me uncover and reveal my passion. The pure euphoric bliss that travels through me when I can hear my ghungroo’s ring, when the rhythm and beats seep through my skin, when reality slips away; I know I’m doing what I love and there is nothing I would rather do.

Siddhi Shah

I began dancing at Kruti Dance Academy 13 years ago. While it was originally a way to keep in touch with my Indian culture, dancing soon became a passion of mine as well as a fantastic way to relieve stress. Just as Austrian writer Vicki Baum once said, "There are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them." Dancing at Kruti Dance Academy is not only fun, but the atmosphere is also so amazing and cheerful that I always walk out with a smile on my face. Over the years, Kruti has also taught me many life lessons that I will carry with me as I begin a new chapter in my life—college. Friendship, responsibility, dedication are only three of the many lessons I have learned at the Academy. Additionally, being a part of this Kruti family has given me self-confidence. Knowing that there are people who only wish for the best for me and who want me to be successful is a great feeling. Dina Aunty and Shemoni didi have provided me with guidance and assistance, and they have pushed me so that I could reach my full potential as a dancer. Although I will be going off to college in the fall, everything that I have learned at Kruti will remain with me. At the age of five, I had no idea that a dance studio could have such a magnificent impact on my life, and I truly cannot imagine my life without Kruti. This academy holds a special place in my heart, and I am beyond thankful for my journey with Kruti Dance Academy.

Anu Kothari

We've been a part of Kruti Dance Academy for 3 years now and each year gets better and better. Both of our daughters love the academy. It's so much more than a dance class! Kruti is a community, teaching our children that through patience and dedicated hard work, all things are possible. I've enjoyed seeing them both bond with their didis (big sisters and teachers) year after year. It truly is a special place!

Nicole Jacob

Chinese philosopher and poet Lao Tzu once said, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." The journey of my sister and I, however, began with mumbled prayers and sloppily executed "Ta Ki Ta's." August of 2003 was the beginning of our Bharata Natyam dance journey at Kruti Dance Academy. At first, our parents enrolled us at Kruti to keep us in touch with our rich Indian culture; they never imagined the passion and love we would grow to have for this ancient art form. Admittedly, the first few years were a struggle. It was near impossible for our mom to even get us in the car on Wednesday evenings. There was screaming, crying, kicking, and yelling, mostly on my part. As we matured, our feelings toward dance changed completely. The one activity our parents used to force us to be in became our release, a way to express fully anything and everything we were feeling. We progressed through the years, learning increasingly complex dances, different kinds of head, neck, and eye movements, and intricate addavas. In the midst of all of this, a fire had sparked in us. Our passion for dance began to grow and continues to do so with every moment we spend dancing. This change deep in us happened as we began to spend more time at Kruti. We volunteered for several hours a week, meaning we grew closer to not only other students, but also Dina Auntie and Shemoni Didi. We merged seamlessly into the Kruti family. Other students became our siblings, and we formed relationships with them that will last a lifetime, if not two. Shemoni Didi became our older sister who gave the best advice about everything and pushed us to do even better than our best. Dina Auntie is now our second mom. Her constant pushing through the years molded us into the dancers and people we are today. Under her guidance, we not only learned how to dance, but also countless life lessons applicable to all situations. By her example, we learned how to be graceful, poised young women with great strength. She instilled in us the traits determination, dedication, and a drive to accomplish, just as she has done with every student who has walked through the doors of Kruti. July 11, 2015 will be the end of one journey, and the start of another. On that day, we will complete our Bharata Natyam Arangetram. Twelve years of blood, sweat, and tears will be presented on that stage, as we make our debut as Bharata Natyam dancers. An Arangetram, one of the pinnacle moments of a Bharata Natyam dancer's life, is similar to a high school or college graduation. An Arangetram does not mean one is done with dance, but it the beginning of a new chapter in life with a greater love, understanding, and appreciation for dance. This journey has been filled with struggle, but the one day we've been dreaming of for years will be even more amazing because of it. -Robin and Nicole Jacob

Sneha Govardhanagiri

“We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dreams.” –Angela Monet. An entire world of emotions can be shown through, a tiny movement of the body, or even just a particular change of expression. It can show the dancers entire mood and feelings. It creates an atmosphere that is unforgettable and beautiful. When a dancer starts to dance, the whole world spirals into the world of dance. Kruti Dance Academy has opened new doors for me and led me to opportunities that I could only imagine... When I started to show a spark of interest in dance at a very young age, my parents decided to join me into classes. They first joined me in Bollywood and a year later, in Bharatanatyam. At first, like most little kids, it was just a outside activity that I enjoyed.As I got older, it turned into something else. With every year that went by, I started to admire my Didi’s and I wanted to be just like them. I would go home and tell me parents a funny story they would tell my class or something interesting they said.Through this entire experience, I have thought many times how much I admired and appreciated my Didi’s when I was growing up. Learning a dance from a Didi is a completely different feeling when you, yourself are the Didi. Many times in class, when a child comes up to give me a hug, or a tiny gift, I would feel warmth and appreciation. I will never forget what Kruti has taught me and it will always be a place in my heart. - Sneha Govardhanagiri

Roshni Patel

Kruti Dance Academy has been my home away from home since the age of 6. I’ve learned vital life lessons which helped me not only grow as a dancer and as an individual. The Bollywood classes that I took made me realize that dance is not only a way to release my energy, but a form of self expression and discipline! Each new dance I learned pushed me physically, mentally, and creatively! I urge anyone who is even remotely considering being a part of the Kruti family to come in and try out a class.

Simran Modi

I began dancing at Kruti when I was 5 years old, and over the course of 13 years, I grew not only as a dancer, but also as a person. Dina Aunty and Shemoni Didi taught me dedication, perseverance, and time management. The community at Kruti became my second home every single weekend, and now that I'm in college, I definitely miss it. Kruti helped me stay in touch with the Indian culture, and I would recommend it for anyone who wants to learn Bollywood or Bharatanatyam!

Shivangi Pandit

Kruti Dance Academy is not only a place where I learned dance; but, it is also a place where I learned my Indian culture, my values, and matured into the person I am today. I was introduced to Kruti through my older sister. Although she enrolled into the academy first to learn Bollywood, I was more interested in Bharatnatyam and enrolled the following year. Ever since then, my passion for dance grew and I dedicated 6 years of practice and hard work to Kruti. I am proud to say that I completed my Bharatnatyam Arangetram in July 2010 with having only one year of Arangetram class and that is because Dina Aunty was my inspiration and motivator. She helped me build self-confidence and treated me like the other Arangetram girls who had more years of experience in Arangetram class. When I attended Kruti Dance Academy, I made many friends, participated in various performances, and developed leadership and time management skills. As a Kruti alumni, I am still able to apply those skills in other extracurricular activities and take on more responsibilities in college. I am forever grateful to have acquired my proper dance training at Kruti Dance Academy under the guidance of my guru, Dina Aunty. My experience at Kruti is truly unforgettable and will always remain a big part of my life.

Nira Patel

I walked into my first class at Kruti Dance Academy 11 years ago as a young girl aspiring to learn the classical art form of bharatanatyam. After my first class, I instantly fell in love with the art form and the melodious sound of the music. As I have continued on with my dancing journey I have been able to perfect my technique under the guidance of Dina Aunty and Shemoni Didi, prefect my leadership skills with the many opportunities I am given at the academy, and make a countless amount of memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Shriya Patel

Dance has been instilled in me since I was a little girl, from dancing to the infamous "To you are my Soniya" to performing in front of thousands at the annual Kruti Recitals, I have always being grooving to the music. When asked, what's the one thing most people associate you with, the answer has and is always dance. It wasn’t all that easy. Let’s rewind 10 years to the beginning. My dance journey started when my mom practically forced me out of the car to try out a dance class. Every week, when dance came around, it was a whole process trying to get me into class, usually left with me a lot of tears. It wasn't until one of the didis approached me and persuaded me into following along that I finally found some comfort, and released the anxiety of these people being around me. I was just a naive girl, who thought she was doing this to make her parents happy. hough I loved to dance at any drop of a beat, this was an unexpected challenge for myself. I was inconsistent with my practicing and I was not used to the amount of time I had to invest in those one hour classes. I was unaccustomed to being pushed harder and harder each class, to meet a high level of expectation. However, slowly these aspects of my character started to develop, it was true my mom's dream of her daughter learning Bharata Natyam gradually became my dream, my passion. Now let's fast forward 10 years. Looking back at the beginning of this journey, I can't even begin to fathom how quickly Kruti became my home, how my classmates became some of my best friends, how resilient I became. I can say this wholeheartedly that Kruti has shaped me into who I am today. It here where I found my true passion for dancing and its here that I discovered my true self. When entering Arangetram Class, I was in awe of how poised the Didi's in the front were, they carried themselves with such confidence. I too wanted to be just like them. I honestly can’t thank Dina Aunty and Shemoni Didi enough because they were the ones who found that potential in me, because let me tell you, my elbows were never up and my aramandi was never low, so you're saying pain is gain?. They pushed me harder and harder, so i to could become a confident and graceful dancer. Though I have grown a lot in Arangetram Class, my Volunteering experience allowed me to be able to carry myself in the same confidence that the my Didi's once had. Being able to share my passion with younger students makes the hours of hard work worth it. My parents used to be the ones coming up to my Didis, thanking them for making a difference in my life. Its such a surreal feeling, knowing that parents of my students now come up to me, thanking me for being a great role model to their child. Being able to carry myself with such a presence was something that I have to give all the credit to Kruti. I have learned so much in these 10 years that I will take with me in my future endeavours. As I prepare for my arangetram, I can't help but feel nostalgic. Looking back at these years I have made some of my best friends, I have found my second home, and I have met such incredible young students, all of which have impacted my life.

Samina Sattar

I LOVED getting private lessons at Kruti! The team is VERY professional, friendly, and helpful. They exceeded my needs and did a lot to help me with my dancing skills, even though I have two left feet! I felt comfortable and my instructor really made it easy to learn the moves. I look forward to coming again for future classes!

Shetal Parikh

Kruti Dance Academy is an institution by itself. Dina Aunty , as she is fondly called , and Shemoni are like mentors for our children. They have always stressed the importance of discipline, hard word and dedication and imparted the same values to our kids. Both my daughters ,Pooja and Mili absolutely love to dance and look forward to going to Kruti every weekend! This year Kruti completed two decades (20 yrs) and we are so proud to be associated with almost half of that decade! The variety of dances and especially the music for this year's recital stood out and made it more special. Congratulations to Dina Aunty and Shemoni and wishing you many more years of sucess!

Yogini Patel

“Next year I will be on stage too, mommy!” were Riddhi’s exact words after she saw her big sister, Shriya perform at the Kruti annual recital 3 years ago. We always knew that she wanted to dance and follow Shriya’s footsteps and these words just validated our thoughts. Riddhi’s journey with Kruti Dance Academy started 3 years ago with Mommy and me classes, which transitioned into independent Bollywood classes. She started as a demure child only dancing when no one was watching but these two years of Bollywood classes have brought a significant change in her confidence, attitude and discipline. This was noticed by us, as well as family and friends, when she performed at her first recital. Dancing has become an integral part of her life and the highlight of her week is going to Kruti on Saturdays. Dina Aunty, Shemoni and her didi’s are the heart of Kruti Dance Academy and we could not have asked for better role models for our daughters than them. Kruti is not only a dance class for my girls but a place where along with dance, they are taught about our rich culture, as well as good values in the form of life and leadership skills. These positive attributes will definitely help mold Riddhi into a diligent, dedicated and well rounded young girl and aspires to dream big just like her ‘didi’s. We are proud that she has the opportunity to be a part of a dance academy that Riddhi fondly calls her “Kruti family”.

Ushma Desai

My daughter Zara just completed her 1st Dance Recital on stage and she was mesmerized by the whole experience. The show was brilliantly conceptualized and very professionally executed. It most certainly exceeded all our expectations. Dina Aunty and Shemoni are highly creative and extremely dedicated to the craft of art and dance. Highly recommended.

Shreya Shah

Indeed an honor to embark and experience the incredible dance journey at the highly reputable Kruti Dance Academy for nine years. We feel extremely fortunate, proud and privileged to have been a part of Kruti, helmed by acclaimed Guru Mrs. Dina Sheth, and vibrant Artistic Director, Shemoni Parekh. Words cannot quite express, our deep emotions on the transformation we witnessed in Shreya’s personality and skills acquired in both Bharata Natyam classical and Bollywood dancing during the past nine years, culminating in a wonderful Bharata Natynam Arangetram under the tutelage of Mrs. Guru Dina Sheth. It was astounding. In tandem with Dinaben, we were able to nurture, respect, guide, enrich, encourage, inspire, motivate and support Shreya’ s passion for dance every step of the way to meet her goals. However, it is only at Kruti Dance Academy where Shreya learned the true meaning of our vibrant culture and traditions, dedication, determination, discipline, time management, precision, importance of hard work, perseverance, confidence, patience, volunteering and teamwork. These very essential principles and values will also help Shreya to cope with the dance and university of life! Mrs. Shemoni Parekh helped open the door for self discovery and expression through dance in a culturally innovative and vibrant atmosphere, spreading awareness, knowledge, love, laughter, and joy, to all both locally and internationally. Kruti Dance Academy will always be one of our most cherished and priceless memories. Thank you for making a huge difference in our lives and for helping us to keep our flames alive. Thanks much for providing a highly disciplined and rich loving learning environment and loving home for Shreya and us. You have definitely helped enrich and empower us in ways more than one. Atlanta is extremely fortunate to have a Guru who truly cares, listens, observes, disciplines and nurtures her disciples in a realistic manner, and a very talented and vivacious Shemoni didi, who is equally committed to her students, while raising the bar and awareness in the community, nationally and internationally. A wonderful and flawless tango indeed, all under one roof! We will be forever be grateful to highly respected, Guru Mrs. Dina Sheth, and Artistic Director, Mrs. Shemoni Parekh, and of course, the Kruti Dance Academy family! May God bestow you with His blessings always. -Harshad, Sandhya, and Shreya Shah

Priyanka Farrell

Finishing my final year at Kruti, I cannot help but reflect on the many memories and values I have acquired from such a prestigious, incredible and most of all love-filled academy. Through my years at Kruti, I have built friendships that will last a lifetime, have gained two new mothers, and have acquired enough black t-shirts to last me every day of the year. However, what i take away most from Dina Auntie is the path in which it she has guided me and the values which she has instilled. Through Kruti, I have learned the importance of hard work and dedication and most of all, pushing my limits. With Bharataynaym, an art of expression, technique and ceaseless fine-tuning, there is really no end destination but rather growth and more growth, expressions can always be deeper and postures can always be more ere I believe that this value of continually pushing one's limits to better oneself in all facets of life, is something I will cherish and take with me wherever I go. As I become further immersed in the art form, the more epics and ancient stories which I portray become a part of me. The sadness, happiness, love and frustration portrayed in the dances are an extension of my own emotions. Kruti has given me a way to communicate with myself (and many students!) and has provided a release through which I am able to breathe and cope with stresses of the world through a new mode of expression. As I embark on my Arangetram journey, I know this this occasion only marks a step in my dance journey and my journey with Kruti. My dance journey will continue in college next year, my Kruti family will always hold a place in my heart, and my Kruti values will forever live in my actions.

Angela Desai

Highly recommend this dance studio. My daughters have been dancing there for 6 years. There is no other studio in Atlanta that runs their organization as methodically as this one. Both the founder and director have backgrounds in classical Bharatnathyam dance and they teach students in a creative, logical and consistent manner. There are classes in both Bollywood and Bharatnathyam, so your child can choose one or both types of classes. Additionally, there are adult Bollywood classes available. Communication with the studio is prompt and clear, so always feel free to email with any questions before or after you sign up. Your kids will love dancing there because the environment is fun and full of energy. There is a huge waiting lounge above the dance studios with WI-FI, which makes it convenient to wait while your child has class. Don't hesitate to contact them! Kurt Dance Academy is the best and their name is recognized not only nationally, but globally as well!


Kruti studio with its rich vibrant colors and murals is always alive with their young energetic, enthusiastic students who are always eager to come for their classes to learn dance moves, see their Kruti friends and have fun!! At the core of all this, Kruti fosters discipline, respect, independence and excellence!! For parents it means you have a highly contributing partner outside your home/family who share similar values for raising your child. They are an asset to our society!! We are so glad to send our Son to Kruti for about 13 years and are a part of Kruti family. Nina and Pulin Sheth (Proud Kruti Parents)

Bina Desai

My daughter Bianca, joined Kruti Dance Academy at the tender age of 4, and completed her Arangetram on July 25, 2009. Kruti and Dina-auntie hold a very special place in my heart for the cultural values, discipline and confidence that were instilled in Bianca. Kruti was a second home for Bianca with Dina-auntie guiding her throughout her years there. My overall experience was amazing. Congratulations on your new beginning at Kruti Plaza. Dina-auntie and Shemoni, keep up the wonderful work and many more successes in the future.

Susan Thomas

“There will be no wisdom, no learning, no art, nor craft, no device, nor action that is not found within natya." - Bharata, Natya Sastra. We strongly believe in this, and thus started a journey together with Neha when we joined the Kruti family 12 years back. Some people learn to dance, but Neha was born to dance. She joined Kruti at the age of 4. Neha was very enthusiastic from a young age to learn this art form, and wanted to master it. Neha found the perfect guru, role model, and mentor in Dina Aunty. She was always encouraging, empathetic, and supportive. Dina Aunty also nurtured Neha’s dancing skills and provided multiple venues for her to perform for, even from the tender age of 5. Shemoni has also been a role model and strong supporter for Neha and is always available whenever we need her. As parents, we could always count on Shemoni, who exemplified a perfect example of balancing education while still following up on passion for dance, and excelling in both. Through her training from Kruti, Neha has not only became a soulful dancer but also emerged as a good leader. She learned time management skills, stress reduction strategies, and much more from Kruti. Neha also learns other art forms including Western and Carnatic vocal, violin, etc., which we believe has elevated her dancing to a new level. Even though she is attending the most rigorous school in the state, GSMST, she spends her weekends at Kruti with enthusiasm, and at the same time excels in studies and other activities. We are very proud of our precious Neha and thank God immensely for all his blessings. We also want to thank Dina aunty and Shemoni for being there, for encouraging us, and for all their efforts to promote Indian culture and values through this divine art form. Bharat Muni says, “Vibhaavaanubhaav vyabhichaari samyogat ras nishpatti,” meaning out of the combination (samayoga), of the determinants (vibhava), the consequents (anubhava), and the transitory mental status (vyabhichari), the birth of emotion (rasa) takes place. As Neha is getting ready to perform her arangetram ceremony, we pray that she can exhibit perfectly the bhava, rasa, and natya elements of Bharatanatyam and thus fulfill her dream of being a complete dancer.

Prasoon Sinha

My 5 year old and I attended the Kruti dance academy in 2016-2017. Without any doubt, it was the most amazing experience. What I appreciate the most is the discipline and respect Kruti staff have for what they do. And of course it trickles down from Dina ji. It felt great to see kids and adults at all levels learning and performing with joy. I have always enjoyed Bollywood dances and it was great to take some real dance lessons at Kruti - couldn't have asked for a better teacher than Shemoni. While at Kruti, I also got a chance to make some new friends. Doing difficult dance steps together makes people laugh and trip together, which makes it easier for people to open up and make friends

Elysse Mahepal

In this life there are people, places, and moments that mold us, change us, and stay with us forever. There are people that capture our hearts, places that become our lighthouse in a storm, and moments that strip us so bare that we are left standing stronger and better than before. For me, that person was Dina Auntie, that place was Kruti Dance Academy, and that moment began nearly two decades ago at my first dance lesson. What I found at Kruti goes beyond being a graduate of the academy, and I know it will never leave me. I say that because Kruti is not simply a dance academy. It is excellence, tradition, grace, and beauty. Kruti Dance Academy is synonymous with home. I was seven years old when my family moved to Atlanta, and my parents thought that dance lessons would be a great activity to help me adjust. Little did they know, I would spend my entire youth at a place that would help shape me into the person that I’ve become and push me to surpass the goals I had set for myself. Dina Auntie teaches her students that excellence is within each of us. It is something that if we work hard enough for, we will achieve. There is no shyness, no person too small, or no obstacle too big at the academy. Kruti teaches it’s students culture, kindness, dedication, perseverance, and self-discipline; all while cultivating a passion for dance in an exemplary way. By example, Dina Auntie encourages you to be the very best person that you can be and to put one hundred percent of yourself into all that you do in every arena. Kruti has stayed with me in the decisions and situations that I face each day. It is there in the way I remember to lend a helping hand, the way I hold myself in an important situation, and the way I manage all of the areas in my life. Kruti is the type of place that parents dream of: a safe and secure environment that will bring out the very best in their children. There are no limitations to what Kruti has to offer. Dina Auntie and Shemoni are both exceptionally talented and determined individuals. Whether you're looking for a special performance or a dance academy to attend, I know you will find creativity and a lifetime of memories at Kruti Dance Academy.

Karina Shah

Ever since the tender age of 3 years old, I have been a proud student at Kruti dance Academy. For the past 12 years Kruti has been a place I not only dance at, but also a place I call home. Under the guidance of Dina Aunty and Shemoni didi, I have not only grown as a dancer but as a person as well. The values, life skills, and memories are something I will always remember and take with me for the rest of my life. Being a person who loves to take part in leadership roles, organizing, and learning more, Kruti has been the perfect place for my talents to strengthen. Practices are always full of fun as well as the beautiful culture of classical dance. It has been such an enriching experience being part of this wonderful family and is something I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Vivienne De Freitas

I attended Kruti Dance Academy as a Pre-Arangetram graduate for 7 years. I was so in love with the warm, nurturing, and family-oriented environment that I opted to stay and continue to be a part of the very close knit Kruti Family after completion of my Arangetram Ceremony. Kruti instilled qualities that have helped me in countless ways in all paths of life. Volunteering in both Bharat-Natyam and Bollywood classes on such an intense level in terms of hours, taught me some serious lessons about commitment and how to continuously fuel the drive to succeed in bettering myself as a dancer through helping the younger students. On a more personal level, after my parents, Dina Aunty has been the biggest influence in my life in terms of helping to mold me into a professional young woman. Whether it was answering the office phone line or helping a parent in the enrollment process, these kinds of tasks prepared me for the real world. I have received numerous job offers based on the fact that employers often view me as being outgoing, professional, and a "people-person", all assets I have attained directly from being a part of this academy. If it weren't for Kruti, I probably would not have learned how to be such a well-rounded individual. Kruti Dance Academy is definitely the primary reason that I am that versatile person today. Without Dina Aunty's guidance and love, I can genuinely say that I am not sure where I would be today. I recommend Kruti for anyone who is not only interested in learning the multiple kinds of high quality dance forms this distinguished institution provides, but also for students looking to acquire the same traits and qualities that the academy has infused into a huge part of my personality and into the person I have grown to be today. I can personally guarantee that you cannot and will not be able to find another dance academy that takes quality, professionalism, and maintaining the absolute highest of standards the way Kruti Dance Academy does.This premier establishment has my highest recommendation to anyone seeking to be a part of a tradition of absolute excellence.

Ariana Gilani

Kruti is a word of many definitions, but its literal meaning is creation. For the past decade, Kruti Dance Academy has created and manifested a love and passion for Bharata Natyam in me. It has become a second home and a place where I could simultaneously find and lose myself. From learning my first prayer to entering arangetram class, my journey has been filled with perseverance, passion, and most definitely perspiration. To Dina Aunty and Shemoni Didi: You both have pushed me, supported me, and taught me the meaning of dedication and passion. You have allowed me countless opportunities to perform around the world and to showcase my passion for this art form. I am beyond thankful to have you both as my gurus. To my Kruti family and fellow 2018 Arangetram graduates: You have all inspired me to work harder every day and to become a better dancer than I was the day before. From early morning practices to late night rehearsals, you all have made my dance journey full of amazing and incredible memories. I am tremendously grateful for all the experiences we have had in this journey together so far and I can’t wait to see all of you graduate with me this summer. As my Arangetram approaches, I can’t help but reflect on the past ten years I have spent learning and mastering Bharata Natyam. My dance journey has taught me a plethora of lessons that I will carry with me on to my arangetram stage this summer, that I will bring with me in college, and that will continue to shape my future.

Rehna Sheth

At age five, our parents enrolled my cousin, Maya, and I in Bharatanatyam dance classes at Kruti Dance Academy. Going to class was fun! We had nice Didis, an exciting song, and even special Kruti uniforms! Dina aunty was quick to embrace us, with open arms, into the world of dance and Indian culture. We instantaneously became friends with the other children in our class; little did we know these girls would become some of our lifelong best friends. As we grew older, the dances became harder, the information we had to learn became greater, and Maya and I became increasingly more worried of meeting Dina Aunty’s expectations. It was not until I reached the Varnam class and went on to become an Arangetram girl did I realize Dina Aunty’s critique and constructive criticism was only out of love, because she knew I was capable of more. Dina Aunty and Shemoni Didi saw my passion for Bharatanatyam in me before I even knew it existed. They saw a flower bud in me waiting to bloom and with their encouragement and guidance, I have been able to fully embrace and truly appreciate dancing. I can genuinely say Kruti has had an extraordinarily positive impact on my life. I now impatiently wait for each Saturday as I am excited to spend my weekends in the high-spirited environment at our academy. There is nothing like the feeling of warm hugs from your students, the early morning and late night practices with your best friends, and feeling of self improvement gained from hard work. Through volunteering I have learned leadership, self-confidence, and grace and the life long friends I have made at Kruti are like my sisters to me. We laugh together, we sweat together, and best of all, we improve together. As I prepare for my Arangetram this July, I can only be thankful for the decision my parents made to enroll me at Kruti. My Kruti family is my inspiration; along with my cherished gurus, Dina Aunty and Shemoni Didi are the reason I am the whole-hearted person I am today. It is truly because of Kruti that the vibrant flower in me was able to bloom and my love for dance was able to blossom. Thank you Kruti (Dina Aunty & Shemoni Didi) for helping me achieve my maximum potential and instilling a life-lasting passion in me.


Attending Kruti Dance Academy has completely transformed me. Throughout my years at Kruti, I have learned valuable skills, built up memories, and shaped myself as a person. Even after 12 years, I find myself at the same studio: my home away from home. I can still remember my first day at Kruti as an energetic four-year-old, witnessing the magic of dance behind Kruti doors. Each studio has a beautiful burst of color and culture; each dance is taught with power and perfection. As I slip on my gungroos, I recount my first time wearing them and my journey with them. Growing up with Kruti, I have become a more confident, positive, and dedicated person. Over the years, my organization and work ethic have soared. Dina Auntie and Shemoni Didi have shown me that dance is about more than moving to a beat; it is relieving stress and taking initiative in your creativity. Every Saturday, I watch as vibrant, bubbly kids bound into their classroom, preparing to become stars. Kruti has not only opened new doors for me, but also made me a better person. I am proud to call myself a Kruti Dancer!

Rishi Jeyamurthy

For 9 years, I have been able to proudly call myself a student at Kruti Dance Academy. Kruti has made dance one of the most important and enjoyable aspects of my life, and I cannot imagine my life without it. Consistently being greeted by the warm, welcoming environment at Kruti is an indescribable feeling that I have never felt anywhere else. I can proudly call Kruti Dance Academy my second home and that will never change. My affection for Kruti is simply unfathomable as it has truly transformed my life and engraved a place in my heart. Kruti has not only taught me exceptional dance skills, but has taught me life lessons that will never be forgotten. Being able to return to Kruti annually and perform after the curtains rise is a privilege I am extremely thankful to have. Every year, I am sure to come back to Kruti because of its outstanding atmosphere and the happiness it brings to me.

Minni Maharaj

Kruti Dance Academy is woven into the fabric of Indian dance and culture in the Atlanta area. More than two decades ago, I took Bharat Natayam lessons there. Now, my daughter has been a part of the Kruti family for the past three years. This organization is more than a dance studio. It is a community that provides an incredible sense of dedication, art, and creativity. It instills confidence and passion in our youth, and is a place for people to come together and build lifelong networks. The level of organization and professionalism speak volumes to the truly spectacular annual recitals. I am blown away every year! We are proud to have been a part of the Kruti family, and are saddened that we have to leave it behind as we move to a different state. Thank you, Kruti Dance Academy, for keeping Indian dance and culture alive in the Atlanta area for more than two decades! We will miss you!

Divina Kothari

I walked into my first Kruti class at seven years old, eager and excited to learn dance. At the time, I had thought it would be merely a hobby or an enjoyable extracurricular, and I could've never imagined how much of an impact it would have on me. Now, after eight years it's so much more than just that, it's been a place of lifelong memories, new friends, and a second home. It has taught me so much more than just Bollywood dance, it's taught me valuable leadership and life skills that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. It has taught me to be more confident and to overcome challenges, no matter how difficult. Dina Auntie, Shemoni Didi, and all my Didis over the years have been role models to me, inspiring me everyday to be better and do better. I am so proud and honored to call myself a Kruti Dancer!!

Pragnya Vijayaraghavan

Kruti became an integral part of our lives from 2014 when our kid was three and we enrolled her to the Mom n Me class , to expose her to the Indian culture in a fun way, but Kruti has proven to be more than just that! In these years,through her transition from Mom n me to Bollywood to Bharatanatyam, I noticed that the wonderful students of Kruti grow up not only with a passion and love for the Indian dance form, but also as strong, confident,disciplined and well mannered young and successful individuals. And we as parents want the same for our child. All this is possible only under the able guidance and tutelage of Dina Aunty and Shemoni who put their heart and soul in running this wonderful institution. Our child, in these years, has learnt to love dance, the "limelight";), the Indian culture, her Kruti teachers, along with learning other valuable life lessons, like self confidence, listening to others, patience and especially that "practice makes perfect"! She looks up to all her Kruti didis who prove to be amazing idols by displaying strong leadership skills without being arrogant but with love and care! And she absolutely loves her Dina Aunty! Dina Aunty and Shemoni are not only extraordinary dance teachers but also have encouraged these young individuals to blossom by giving them an immense sense of responsibility and belonging by making the students,teachers(didis:)) and also allowing them to literally run the recital show every year; which I am sure gives them a tremendous boost in terms of confidence to face any challenges in life ahead! We hope our child will grow up to be such a "Kruti didi" and lead the way and guide other younger children ,as her didis and teachers are doing for her today. We are blessed to have Dina Aunty, Shemoni and all of Kruti's didis who have touched her young life and heart and have made a postive impact on her personality and we look forward to many wonderful years as part of the Kruti family and to contribute to its growth!

Hailey Mody

“Hailey, keep your arm straight. Follow your hands. Lift your elbows.” Those simple phrases became a part of my life from a very young age; and, little did I know that those words were going to follow me for the next thirteen years. As a five year old those words did not resonate well in my ears, but with time and maturation I learned to embrace the constructive criticism, as it was Dina Aunty’s way of saying that she loved and cared for me. With that new understanding, I began to enjoy my dance journey and develop a passion for this art form. I no longer mindlessly danced, but rather I left Kruti every weekend learning something different about myself. And before I knew it, Kruti molded me into a composed, confident dancer. The life skills that I learned from Kruti have also allowed me to be successful outside of dance, and I am forever grateful for that. I would not be the person I am today without Dina Aunty and Shemoni Didi’s advice and guidance. As my arangetram comes closer and closer, I have realized how much I will miss Kruti next year. I will no longer be able to tell my friends “Sorry, I can’t hang out, I have dance,” and I will not be able to spend endless hours with my Kruti family. However, even though my time at Kruti is coming to an end, I will always have Kruti in my heart and therefore with me throughout the rest of my life.

Shruti Patel

Embarking on my dance journey at a mere age of four, I was unable to comprehend or even imagine the impact that Kruti Dance Academy would have on shaping my character. As I approach the end of my Kruti journey, I am grateful for the moments that Dina Auntie and Shemoni Didi spent making me a better dancer and raising me to be a leader with good morale values. With the constant support of Dina Auntie and Shemoni Didi, I was able to recognize that dance is more than striking your foot and extending your hand at the cue of a distinct beat. They have shown me how dance is an outlet from the outside world, where I can escape from the pressures of school, activities, and life. With the guidance of Dina Auntie, Kruti transformed in to a place where not only did I learn the technique of dances, but I developed several practical life-skills such as time management and personal responsibility that will allow me to prosper and succeed in future endeavors. Looking back at my time spent at the studio, Kruti has had an enormous influence on shaping who I am today. Through my journey, I have been able to come out of my shell and gain confidence while remaining disciplined and creating lifelong relationships. What differentiates Kruti from other dance academies is the creation of an inseparable community, or more specifically, the Kruti family. As you step through the Kruti doors, you are greeted by smiling faces and warm hugs that instantly make you feel like you are home. We work together as a team to ensure that all students feel like they belong, and we aspire to teach them not only how to dance, but to be proud of their heritage, to be confident in who they are, and most importantly, to be kind and generous to everyone who crosses their paths. It’s through moments like these that strangers in our dance class transform into our family who always have our back in overcoming any obstacle and who push us to be the best version of ourselves. While we may have our ups and downs, there is no other place that I would rather spend my weekends than dancing the hours away with my Kruti family

briana john

Briana started her dance journey when she was 5 years old. She always had a passion for dance even before five years old. Whenever there was music, Briana was always dancing. That is why we decided to enroll her in Kruti Dance Academy. Never would we have thought she would take such a great liking to it. Dance has allowed Briana to learn many important life lessons such as the significance of hard work and dedication. We are very proud to see our daughter achieve her dreams of performing her arangetram. We are certain that dance will always be an important part in Briana’s life. Parents of Briana Dominic and Gracy John

Ashima Gauba

Having been a Kruti student for the past twelve years, I have been lucky to have been welcomed into the Kruti family with open arms. Over time, Dina Aunty has become like a second mother to me. Her honest guidance and constant encouragement have allowed me to both improve my dancing abilities and grow as an individual. Shemoni Didi’s ability to double as a wise advisor and a goofy friend has made her an older sister that I look upto. To me, the Kruti family is built upon the foundation laid by these two women who head our family. With their support and love, we have been able to find a place where we can pursue our passion for dance while simultaneously meeting the people who make us feel whole. The Arangetram girls at Kruti who started off only as fellow classmates have grown to become like sisters to me. Whether we are practicing, volunteering in our classes, or giggling hysterically in the volunteer’s room, each moment with these girls is an adventure. Furthermore, Kruti is where I met the boys I consider my younger brothers because of the way they always manage to make me smile. The Kruti family means happiness, love, fun, and lots of laughter. It means knowing where you belong and always having a place to go and someone to talk to. Each year the Kruti family grows, not only because of new students join the academy, but also because once you are a part of the Kruti family, you remain a part of it forever. But no worries… there’s enough Kruti love for everyone! My parents also have nothing but wonderful things to say about Kruti. "The quote by Martha Graham - “Dance is the hidden language of the soul” - stands so true for both our daughters, Ayshali and Ashima Gauba. Ever since our children joined Kruti Dance Academy almost twelve years ago, it has been an integral part of our lives. Kruti has not only provided our daughters with extensive exposure to our rich Indian heritage, but it has also helped them evolve into beautiful young women. From waddling toddlers, they have not only transformed into graceful dancers, but more importantly they have learnt values that have nurtured them to be positive contributors to society. It almost seems that their souls do a sprightly dance whenever they can make a positive impact for others. While we feel blessed that both Ayshali and Ashima are gifted academically, they have learnt several practical life lessons under the guidance of their Guru Mrs. Dina Sheth and the sisterly love of Shemoni. They have learnt that discipline matters, being committed is critical to success, and hard work is the only miracle. Preparing for their Arangetram challenged Ayshali and Ashima to be aware of the connection between the body, mind, and soul. They realized that their body needed to be strong and flexible, their mind creative and firm, and their soul fully immersed in the spiritual depth of Bharatanatyam. Most lately, waking up to “Padam” in the early morning hours, as Ashima imbibes the vibrations of this beautiful bhajan before leaving for school, has been a blissful experience in our household. Kruti produces leaders. Quite subtly the increased responsibility each child undertakes every year teaches them how to work with others, be responsible for their actions, complete their tasks on time, and deliver a spectacular performance – all essential elements to be a successful leader. While the evolution is subtle, the results are exemplary. Nowhere has this been more evident than in the transition that Ayshali made as she ventured into her collegiate career at Georgia Tech. Not only was she able to easily adapt and transition to college life, she has since then excelled in numerous leadership positions. We truly owe this to Kruti. Thank you Dinaji for your dedication and guidance to help shape the future of our children and to prepare them for life. Kruti Dance Academy has truly been a second home for our girls, and we as parents feel very blessed to be associated with such a prominent institution."

Neerali Patel

Eleven years ago, I attended my first class at Kruti Dance Academy. Since then, I have been learning the classical art form of Bharatanatyam under the guidance of Dina Aunty and Shemoni Didi. Dance has not only taught me about my culture, but has taught me many important life skills. It has grown with me, and I have made countless amazing memories and many friends. My dance journey continues as I grow and improve my technique.

Preeya Banit

I attended Kruti Dance Academy for 13 years. In those years, I learned more then just dance. Kruti helped me develop leadership skills, time management, and a passion for Bharata Natyam and Bollywood. At Kruti, I was also taught background information about how the classical form of Bharata Natyam began. Being a part of Kruti Dance Academy means being a part of a second family. Dina Aunty treats every student as her own child. She gives each student the attention he or she may need to ensure that they perform at their greatest level. I spent a lot of my childhood at Kruti Dance Academy and I am so glad that I did. I developed many life long friendships and learned so much at the academy because of Dina Aunty. I will forever be thankful to her and Kruti. After 13 years of training and dedication, I performed my Arangetram, which is one of the most memorable days of my life. On that day, I poured my heart onto the stage and it would not have been possible without Kruti Dance Academy and Dina Aunty. By completing my Arangetram, I was able to develop skills that helped me in college and will continuously help me throughout life. Kruti helped me become a hardworker, a dedicated student, and a creative individual.

Sai Mupparaju

Home. It comes in various forms. But overall, it is a place where you are accepted, loved, nurtured, a place where you will never be confined by society, a place where you can explore and discover and above all grow. Kruti is definitely a place where you can do that. My second home and second family resides in Kruti. My journey throughout the 12 years I have been a part of Kruti has resulted in me forming unbreakable bonds with those around me. Dina Auntie is a second mother to me and all the Kruti girls and boys are now my brothers and sisters. I know that I would not be the culturally enriched, confident, responsible person I am today without this academy. And now as I am preparing to perform my Arangetram, I reflect on the many years I have spent in both the Jimmy Carter Studio and now the new studio. As I continue my journey to college, I know that Kruti will forever remain an integral part of my life.

Datta Munshi

We remember Shreya’s first Kruti recital like it was yesterday. It was 11 years ago and she was performing a piece called Rachna. We remember the excitement of getting her dressed in her blue and pink outfit, putting on her jewelry and doing her recital makeup for the first time. When we got to the Woodruff Arts Center, we dropped our 4 year off in the capable hands of the older Kruti students for 2 long hours before the start of the show. We remember receiving our first Kruti recital magazine and reading about the girls that were going to complete their Arangetram journey that year and thinking about the amount of time, energy, dedication, and hard work it took those girls to get there. It seemed so far away but here we are today thinking how time flies way too quickly. Shreya is a shining light in our family that takes on every challenge in life with a smile on her face. She independently manages the rigors of her academics, sports and dance with the maturity that far exceeds her years. In the complex, competitive world that our children are growing up in, Kruti has become a supportive haven that has enabled her to express her feelings through dance, create supportive relationships with her peers and teachers and enhance a strong cultural sense of self. Arangetram preparation involves awe-inspiring physical and mental stamina, emotional investment in understanding the art form and extensive time management skills to balance all of those expectations. We thank God first and foremost for guiding us through the journey of parenting and pray for continued blessings. We thank our family and friends for all of their support and encouragement through the years. Finally, heartfelt thanks to Dina aunty and Shemoni for having the vision to create such an incredible, nurturing, and enriching environment for our children to understand their culture in a way that is true to its core tenets but relevant and understandable, bond with fellow dancers, be confident and find the true beauty in themselves.

Sia Chandra

For the past nine years, I have been learning Bharatanatyam at Kruti. My journey has been so impactful towards my life. However, Kruti has not only been a place to “ learn dance “, but it also teaches you morals that stick with you forever. I learn lessons about things I never thought was relevant. Kruti has opened up my eyes to the world. Being Dina Sheth’s student has taught me more about my own culture and the world around me. I have also been volunteering with younger children for two years now, and it has opened up dancing in a brand new light for me. It's amazing to my peers and I that we get to share our knowledge, talents, and lessons to the ones who have just started the journey. One of my biggest problems was balancing school with Kruti. Over time I learned that if one truly wants to do something, one will always have time for it. I remember Dina Aunty saying that, “ If you are focused and willing to learn, nobody can stop you. “ My two siblings , as well as my cousins have also had the opportunity to join Kruti. Learning the art of Bharatanatyam has had a tremendous impact on shaping me into the person I am today. This wonderful place has become a second home for me, and dancing has become my passion.

Anjali Nair

For the past 12 years, Kruti Dance Academy has served as not only a school of dance, but also an institution for creativity and self-improvement. When we first began our dance journey, we had no idea that we would be learning more than just the intricate dance form of Bharata Natyam. As we learned more complicated steps, exquisite dances, the rich history, and the art of expression, we grew not only as dancers, but as people. With the lessons and support of Dina Auntie and Shemoni Didi, the opportunities offered to us helped mold us into the people we are today. By volunteering our time to teach, taking on responsibility, and being involved with the recital and Arangetrams in the summer, we have developed attributes like determination, dedication, communication skills, and confidence. We even owe many of our close friendships to Kruti. Our personal growth and passion for dance still continues and will never cease. -Anjali and Amrita Nair

Veda Patel

As I look back on these past 12 years I spent at Kruti, I can honestly say that dancing has allowed me to come out of my shell and be the person I am today. My time at Kruti began at the young age of 3. My first class with the academy ended with me claiming that I never wanted to go back, but little did my 3 year old self know that I would grow up never wanting to leave. Over the past few years, I have learned many new skills,traits, and lessons that I will take with me on my future endeavors. Many of these skills,traits,and lessons were introduced to me through volunteering at the academy. Volunteering allowed me to become even more connected to the art form and share my love for it with my classes. It has taught me so many wonderful things, but the most important lesson that has come from it, is to never give up. Over time, I began telling my students to never give up, but little did I know that I would soon live by those words. Overall, my time that I've spent volunteering at Kruti has really opened up my eyes to new opportunities and lessons that I would have never had the chance to learn otherwise. Dina auntie and Shemoni Didi have made volunteering a joyful and rewarding experience for everyone, and I can gladly say that I wouldn't give it up for the world.

Ayesha Patel

I started my dance training at Kruti Dance Academy in 2000 when I was 8 years old. Initially, my parents enrolled my brother, Sagar, and I into the academy so that we could become exposed to our indian culture. Little did I know that being apart of such an amazing academy would make me the person I am today. Kruti not only teaches indian classical dance to students, but it also teaches culture and values that every parent hopes to instill in their child. When I was a student at the academy, I was able to participate in numerous performances. Those performances have given me the self confidence that can apply to all aspects of life. Overtime, I was able to become a leader to my peers and take on responsibilities that have helped me throughout my life, especially in school. Dina Aunty is not only a guru to me, but she is also my second mother. She has instilled in me those values that have carried be throughout my school and college years. I completed my Arangetram on July 26th, 2009. Completing my Arangetram was probably the biggest day of my life. It was an unforgettable experience and I would do my entire dance training and Arangetram all over again if I could. Although I am no longer a student at the academy, I will never forget the sanscar and values that Kruti and Dina Aunty have given me. Kruti will always hold an unforgettable and special place in my heart and I thank Kruti for what it has given me.

Amanda Issac

At the young age of five, I was unable to comprehend that music was more than memorizing movements, but instead more of the music being created for your movements. I could not understand the importance of culture in Bharatanatyam and the confidence a dancer should present. Growing up, it was difficult for me to connect my Indian and American differences, and I would face hesitancy when asked to express this heritage. I remember my mind forming a wall of insecurities as it reeled with boiling thoughts when I presented in my first school talent show. Blue, green, and brown eyes skittered up and down my Indian costume, while the snickering voices polluted the air. My eyes locked with the daunting gazes which gnawed and shattered my perception of confidence. However, over the past years of being in Kruti, I have gained a connection with other girls who share the same heritage as me, and this unity in sharing a talent has overcome my fear of being different in society. Through the guidance of Dina Aunty and Shemoni Didi, I have been able to gain a sense of understanding towards the meaning of dance. I have learned the importance of precision, grace, and rhythm in dance, but most of all, dance has now equipped me with discipline. As the day of my Arangetram approaches, I will forever be grateful for the encouragement that I have received. Without the love and support of my parents, family, friends, Dina Aunty and Shemoni Didi, and the rest of the 2018 Arangetram girls, I would not be able to be who I am today. My heart will always be filled with dance.

Rhea Shahani

The past 12 years have been an experience I will always hold close to my heart. The steps I have learnt, the relationship which I have grown to have with both Dina Aunty and Shemoni Didi, the friends I have found are all something I will cherish greatly as I move on to the next chapter in my life. Surprisingly, though, I did not always have this mind set. At the tender age of 5, my mother enrolled me in Bollywood; however, she always dreamt of me learning a classical dance, so at the age of 6, I was enrolled in Bharatanatyam class. To my mother’s dismay, I did not like Bharatanatyam classes; I remember complaining, cribbing, and crying for my mom to let me skip just one class. As the years went on, I was still not pleased with this art form; I never understood the beauty that it held, how it can relax your mind, transport you to another world. It was not until my Tillana class, that I finally understood how much I actually loved this art form. Now, in my last year of Arangetram class, I cannot get enough of Bharatanatyam and Kruti itself. Kruti has slowly become my second home; and I eagerly look forward to spending time with my friends every weekend. What started off as a compulsion had now become my passion. I cannot imagine my life without dance, without Kruti. The academy itself has taught me leadership through my time as a volunteer, I have gained self-confidence, and a sense of self-accomplishment. Additionally, I have found lifelong friends. Our early morning and late night practices together, the laughter we have all shared, and the boost of confidence we give each other is why we call ourselves family. In this family, both my gurus have allowed this dream of mine to become a reality. I want to thank my parents for never letting my dreams remain dreams. I am very excited to continue this amazing journey with my gurus, parents, and friends by my side.

Shibani Gopal

From an early age, Shivam has radiated from within when he brings life to music. The spirit of dance generates a sheer energy and delight in our son and we wanted to celebrate this gift. We never debated whether to enroll Shivam in dance class as we knew he would be a natural fit, and Shivam has never disappointed! Kruti Dance Academy has cultivated Shivam's organic talent and allows him to thrive, express himself, and most importantly, have fun in safe and loving environment. We are in awe of how much he has matured over the last two years, and Kruti's class offerings have directly contributed to his growth and development. We are fortunate to have the talented teachers at Kruti guide Shivam in channeling his energy in a healthy, positive forum and share his learnings and budding talent with us. He is always yearning to discover new techniques, and we look forward to continue partnering with Kruti and watch Shivam explore unchartered territory in the world of dance.

Patricia Akers

I saw the Kruti Indian Dance Academy perform last week in front of President Carter and a large audience at an award ceremony honoring a Peace Corps Volunteer. They were fantastic! Their performance was beautiful and elegant, and they were a highlight of the evening.

Suchita Vadlamani

We had the absolute pleasure of having Kruti Dance Academy at our wedding reception in October 2013. The beauty, elegance and sophistication that they brought to our event was unparalleled. They regaled us with two exquisite performances, both rich in tradition, yet accented with just the right hint of modern flair. They surpassed our expectations in every respect with their expertise and professionalism. Our guests were mesmerized and months later, Kruti continues to be the talk of the town in St. Louis! Thank you, ladies, for being such an unforgettable part of our special occasion!

Karishma Amin

My sister attended Kruti Dance Academy first. Everyday she would open her dance binder and practice her slokas, hand gestures and aadavas. Watching her dance in our unused dining room mesmerized me; I had hoped to be that graceful one day. Finally, my mom enrolled me in my first dance class at the academy. From that day forward, we drove from Conyers for 12 years and my Saturday mornings were dedicated to learning the ancient art form. Kruti Dance Academy provided me with proper training, amazing opportunities and everlasting friendships. My Bharatnatyam Arangetram is by far my biggest achievement. It was the day I poured 12 years of hard work onto a stage and it was a day that would not have been possible without Kruti Dance Academy and my guru, Dina Aunty. After completing my Arangetram on July 12, 2009, I continued dance at my university on a competitive dance team. It was when I became a captain that I had learned how much the academy had prepared me for this leadership role. With the various performance opportunities (including the annual recital), I had received the confidence that I have on stage today whether I'm dancing, emceeing a show or giving a speech. The values I acquired from the academy shaped who I am in a way I believe that no other extracurricular activity could have.

Ruchi Shah Sharoff

Kruti Dance Academy ! I can only think of gratitude and absolute joy and well nostalgia now, when I look back at the time spent with this magnificent institute. I am forever thankful to Ms. Dina Sheth for her generosity in providing me a fantastic platform for teaching Indian vocal music to so many students that was made possible only due to my connect with the academy. I got the greatest opportunity to showcase my talent, to teach, to perform, and well so much more in entirety! The institute is one of spectacular creativity, whilst offering such a broad spectrum of teachings to wide audiences. It’s a great pleasure to watch one and all students, echoing the indian culture through varied forms of dance with precision and mesmerising moves, all wonderfully taught by the Kruti Team lead by the Maverick Ms. Dina Sheth and now right behind her, her gracious and super talented daughter, Ms. Shemoni Sheth.

Seneca Anderson

I got to watch Kruti Dance Academy perform at the Carter Center for the Lillian Carter Award ceremony and they were fantastic! Beautiful choreography and talented performers!

Pooja Parmar

“To step into the world of DANCE, a collection of moments filled with resilience and passion To embrace the beauty of our CULTURE, a connection to our spiritual selves To forge a lifelong BOND, a friendship to be cherished forever There lays the foundation for the fulfillment of our individual journeys.” - 2018 Arangetram Graduates I remember us 2018 Arangetram graduates sitting in the blue room of the academy trying to sum up our entire year in one sentence. That is when it truly hit me that I was going to complete my Arangetram. I’ve had a more unusual journey at Kruti Dance Academy than others because I started Bharata Natyam at Kruti when I was 13 years old which is much later than most. It was always a dream for me to complete my Arangetram, but I did not know if it was possible. However, Dina Auntie pushed me to break my barriers and reach my potential, and I am proud to say that I will be fulfilling my dream this summer. Through this journey I have attained countless unforgettable memories, lifelong friendships, and valuable lessons. Dina Aunty and Shemoni Didi have instilled in me the skills I need to be successful: dedication, leadership, and awareness. I am dedicated to this art form, and I can apply it to all other aspects of life. I have learned to apply this to school work and teaching at Kruti. Being able to teach classes at Kruti has provided me with leadership experience that I can use in my future endeavors. I have become a better problem solver and thinker. One of the qualities that I am most thankful for is awareness. I have learned to appreciate my culture, and being in Kruti has made me want to learn more about my heritage. I have become more aware of my culture and my surroundings, and this in turn has made me more aware of myself. I am extremely grateful for all the advice and time Dina Aunty and Shemoni Didi have dedicated towards me, and all of the opportunities they have created. One thing I know for sure is my dance journey does not end with my Arangetram, but it is just the beginning. Dance has become a vital part of my life, and I cannot remember the last time I was not dancing. I could not imagine my life without dance; I would not be me without it.

Priyanka Varghese

Vicki Baum once said, “There are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them”. Ever since I was a little girl, this thought has spoken the truth for me. Dancing became my passion from the earliest years of my life. From the moment my parents enrolled me in Kruti Dance Academy, dance has brought much happiness into my life. Participating in competitions and Indian parties, I have always danced my heart out on stage. Little did I know back then that I would be preparing for my dream of doing my Bharatanatyam Arangetram in such a short time. As the years at Kruti passed by, my passion for dance grew more and more. From striking my feet on the dance floor to forming my fingers into exquisite hand gestures, Indian dance has become a part of me. Being at Kruti has not only helped me learn beautifully choreographed dances and create life-long friendships, but has also enabled me become the well-rounded person that I am today. Through Kruti Dance Academy, I have learned the importance of hard work and dedication which has boosted my confidence. This also has played a huge role in making me more disciplined, responsible and in learning life-long skills. Kruti has certainly pushed me to the limits. Under the guidance of Dina Aunty and Shemoni Didi, I have learned many valuable lessons about the art of Indian dance and have acquired many qualities that help me grow as a mature individual. This dream of mine would not have come true without the unreserved commitment of many caring people in my life. I am extremely grateful to my parents for always being there for me and gently pushing me to be the best that I can be. My heart-felt thanks go out to Dina Aunty and Shemoni Didi for guiding me to reach my full potential. They have given me advice that will last for a lifetime. They have helped me develop many talents in me and have instilled many important values. As I embark on my Arangetram journey, I truly cherish the many years I have spent dancing and smiling, the many ups, the downs, the tears and sweat, and most of all, the fun and the laughter shared with my friends at Kruti.

Juhi Varshney

Kruti constantly challenges me to try my best. Every single day presents new opportunities for me to push myself and find out what I’m made of. It is easy to give up when your feet get numb or when your quads burn or when your fingers feel like they’re about to fall off but Kruti has taught us the power of perseverance. Sure, it hurts. But holding that position, striking even harder or executing a complex set of addavs is worth the pain when it comes together to create something beautiful. And dance is beautiful. Whether it’s hardcore Kalakshetra Bharatanatyam, contemporary Bollywood or some aesthetically innovative fusion of the two, the pieces that Dina Auntie and Shemoni Didi have put together and let us be a part of are breathtaking. Each time I spin or bend or strike, I can’t help but feel graceful and elegant and oh so powerful. My journey at Kruti has been humbling at times, but it’s taught me how working hard pays off- those moments we refuse to give up in are what define us. And the personal growth I’ve seen has definitely shaped me into the confident, hard-working person I am today. Kruti has also helped me foster a cultural identity. It is so easy to never grasp the value and richness of Indian culture but Kruti refuses to let its dancer lose their ways. Dance exposes us to some of the most vibrant aspects of our rich heritage- the enthralling religious stories, the Bollywood numbers, the gorgeous outfits and so much more. It’s also great having such great role models to look up to. When I was little, I looked forward to seeing my didis each and every week. They were all so confident, beautiful, talented, kind, funny and amazing. They knew who they were, and they set the best example. I wanted to be just like them. The chance I have now to volunteer and share my own love for the dance is wonderful. I love getting to work with so many sweet girls. It’s a challenge and a lot of responsibility, but I’m so grateful to have the opportunities Kruti gives me. I’m also grateful for my Kruti family. The sense of community we have is unshakable. We smile, laugh, cry, learn, improve and dance together, and we’re always here to support each other. I remember the group hug I got on my worst day at camp when I was so close to my breaking point- it was so warm and reassuring, and it made me feel so so so much better. We all fiercely believe in each other, and that truly is something special. Dina Auntie, Shemoni Didi and their kind, funny, inspirational life lessons are always there for us too. Joining Kruti is definitely one of the best decisions I (well my parents if you wanna get all technical) made. It’s made me a stronger, happier, healthier, more graceful, well-rounded and confident young lady, and it’s provided me with a multitude of avenues to express myself, to interact with the most remarkable dancers and be a part of something so much greater than myself. I don’t think I could recommend Kruti more. If you want to see your kids develop a passion for something beautiful, learn excellence as a habit, be proud to be an Indian-American, take their health and exercise seriously, have amazing role models to look up to, make lasting friendships and take pride in who they are- you don’t have to look much farther than Kruti Dance Academy.

Roshni Dhanesar

Congratulations on another spectacular show! Both the performers and their costumes looked amazing. The performances were as mysterious and entertaining as promised. Loved the color theme which was so different and beautifully transformed into dance and what Kruti stands for. Hats off to you, Dina Aunty, and your creative team. You and Shemoni looked stunning and her performances were exceptional. Kruti has been an important part of our lives for the past 5 years and our 2 daughters have embraced the cultural immersion from attending dance classes every weekend. They have grown to be respectful and responsible, gaining both leadership qualities and independence. Having recently moved to New York, we have missed being part of the Kruti family, but were fortunate to come back to Atlanta to see another Kruti Show. I highly recommend Kruti Dance Academy to anyone who wants to keep in touch with their culture, learn an amazing form of art, and form relationships that they will keep for a lifetime.

Angel Shah

Being at Kruti Dance Academy has brought forth many amazing memories that I will cherish forever. Being a dancer here has also taught me many essential life skills that I will never forget. 12 years ago is when I joined Kruti Dance Academy and began learning under the instruction of my gurus Dina Aunty and Shemoni didi. They both have played an integral part in my life through guiding and teaching me about my Indian culture and heritage through dance. Being a part of this unique dance academy something that always brings a smile to my face whether it be through teaching the students beautiful choreography, guiding them by giving them life advice, telling them funny stories, or just simply enjoying the hour of class we spend with them every week. Getting a hug from your students, seeing their face light up as you show them a dance move, and telling them a funny joke makes the seemingly difficult task of memorizing and dancing for hours completely worth it. These are the amazing outcomes of dancing here. Not only did I get to learn a beautiful art form, I also got to form many relationships that will last forever. Through the countless hours together, practicing, laughing, and pushing each other to dance to our full potential, we will always have memories to cherish forever. So many beautiful friendships have been made because of Kruti and I will always be very grateful. As I reflect upon my personal journey with Kruti Dance Academy I am in awe of how wonderfully and beautifully it impacted me. When I first walked into Kruti, I never knew I would one day have the confidence or ability to perform annual recitals in front of so many and eventually my very own Arangetram. Dina Aunty and Shemoni didi taught me life lessons that have shaped me into who I am today. The once quiet, shy girl that I was can now confidently speak up for herself and achieve things I never dreamed of. I'm very thankful to have joined Kruti Dance Academy because I know that it changed my life for the better.

Shreya Sharma

For as long as I can remember dancing has been a close companion of mine; from taking the dance floor during Nepali wedding receptions at the age of two to performing live on NBC for the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. Without fail dancing remains and outlet that I can depend on whenever I feel stressed or overwhelmed. However what truly sparked my connection to dance is when I enrolled in the rigorous Bharatanayam classes at Kruti eleven years ago, as a six-year-old eager to learn. I must admit although I was inconsistent in my practice for my first years as a student at Kruti, there came a point in my journey of Bharatanayam when I realized dance is my passion. From that point onwards, I danced and danced whenever I had the spare time, and found myself not only enjoying my practice sessions but developing a unique interest for choreography as well. Soon enough dance began to follow me everywhere I went. Three short years ago, I entered the intense and fast paced Arangetram class. I remember beaming as I embarked on what would be my first day as an Arangetram girl. This title is what all young Kruti girls aspire to attain; to become a “didi” that all the other students look up to. As naïve as I was at the time, little did I know what work and dedication was the involved in order to gain respect of being an Arangetram girl – and surely enough just making an appearance in the 8 AM class did not cut it. With the relentless encouragement of Dina Auntie and Shemoni Didi, I along with my close friends in the class developed into dancers with an eye for precision grace and presence. I am forever grateful for every time Dina Auntie or Shemoni Didi called me out for "not sitting in Aramandi deep enough" or "letting my elbows drop", because without them, I would never have a learned that, especially in dance, there's always room for improvement. Now here I stand along with my dearest group of friends on the 2017 team as Arangetram girls, equipped with a thorough understanding of responsibility, discipline, perseverance, respect, and teamwork. Earning the so-called title of an Arangetram girl has provided me with these crucial life skills that will help me in my journey to perform my Arangetram, experience college, and enter the workforce in the future. Within a few short months will come my Arangetram, and I will know my success in reaching this point in my dance journey would not have been even been imaginable without my loving parents, Dina Auntie and Shemoni Didi, and most importantly, my tight circle of friends I am proud to call my Kruti Family. I am so thankful to know that dance, and life lessons I learned from Kruti, will never leave my side.

Sagar Patel

I have been attending Kruti Dance Academy for the past 14 years. Over the years, Kruti has taught me how to be more responsible, dedicated, and hard working - whether it was through volunteering to teach younger students, learning to choreograph from talented older students at the academy, or learning how to handle difficult life situations through conversations with friends made at the academy. Kruti has given me the ability to become a role model and make friendships that will last forever; it has given me sanskar and taught me the importance of perseverance, confidence, and persistence. Another reason I love being part of this academy is because of Dina Aunty. Dina Aunty is more than just a guru to me; she is like my second mother. She has always been there for me whenever I needed her. She along with the studio has impacted my life in more ways than one for which I will always be grateful.

Caity Ponn

My five years at Kruti Dance Academy have been so valuable to me as I have grown up. What began as a fun way for me to express myself through dance soon evolved into a driving force and a constant stable presence in my life. I have been blessed with countless friendships and opportunities through Kruti, not to mention the rich cross-cultural experiences I continue to enjoy. I owe so much to Dina Aunty and everyone who has been so welcoming to me at Kruti on my journey through Bharatanatyam and Bollywood dance and I am so lucky to have had this wonderful experience be a part of my life. As I embark on my journey to college, I will carry with me everything I have learned at Kruti and I know that no matter how far we all go, I and all Kruti alumni have a common bond and a home at Kruti. There is no better place I could have recieved my dance training and no better way I could have spent my last five years.

Nikita Deshpande

I've attended Kruti longer than I have attended any other type of school. I joined Kruti when I was in the 6th grade, and I've been enthralled with my experience ever since! Kruti is more than just a dance studio; it is also a home and place to refresh. Besides classical dance training, Kruti has provided me with leadership training and time management skills. I've also worked with other amazing students, including my dance partner Anchal K. Anchal and I met through dance, and we are excited to perform our Bharatanatyam Arangetram together this summer. Kruti has granted us a beautiful friendship and a warm family away from home. We work with and instruct younger students to share our passion and help continue Kruti's tradition of excellence. Kruti provides its students with skills that go beyond the dance floor. For example, Dina Aunty often told me to “finish the movement” when I danced, for my strength and technique would dissipate as the music hummed on. Over a few years, I began to see the need to “finish the movement” in several of the other things I did. Whatever I started, whether it was homework or an extracurricular commitment, I strove to finish it with as much perfection as I could attain. Looking back at my experience at Kruti, I’ve noted how much dedication I put into my passions. There is no commitment I’d dare to leave incomplete, regardless of what it requires out of me, and this character is a direct result of my training at Kruti. Kruti's professionalism and inspiring atmosphere is what sets it apart from other academies.

sojan varghese

Priyanka started her Kruti journey when she was five years old. As a young child, she had always shown a passion towards Dance. We always wanted her to have the right start and an expert guidance of the right Guru. It is said that “finding a right guru happens only with the grace of God and yearning of the student”. Yes, Dina Aunty has come into our daughter’s life and taught her the last eleven years, which include the essential skills of a young child to transform into a grown-up girl today through Bharatanatyam, and moreover helped her to enjoy the dance of life. As parents, we felt fortunate that Kruti has helped her by providing the right kind of nurturing what we have desired for our daughter. Priyanka has learned time management, hard work, discipline and dedication along with the desire for perfection of her dance pieces in each year's recitals. She mastered these qualities by doing hours of volunteering and teaching at the academy. Not only she has become an elegant dancer, but also, she learned stories of Indian epics and Indian culture. Weekend dance journeys were quite challenging for her, which included dance classes and practices right after school on Friday, waking up early morning on Saturdays and Sundays for the past two years. These posed many challenges at school. Priyanka wanted to do her Arangetram by her Sophomore year though it was not quite easy, she had managed to balance her responsibilities very well. The process of Arangetram has made her physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually stronger. Now it has rewarded to see her bloom into a beautiful dancer today. We could not be happier to see her dream comes true as she completes her Arangetram this summer. We sincerely Thank Dina Aunty and Shemoni for everything she has done for Priyanka ever since she started at Kruti. Sojan and Julia Varghese

Annar Gilani

A decade ago, Ariana joined Kruti Dance Academy and it turned out to be one of the best decisions we have ever made. Ariana was very active even from a young age. She loved taking gymnastics, jazz, and ballet classes, but they all seemed to move her further and further away from any traditional and cultural dance art form. Kruti afforded Ariana the best of both--an activity that taught her discipline, grace, and time-management while also allowing her to experience traditions close to the heritage of her culture. Under the direction of Dinaben and Shemoni over these past ten years, Ariana has blossomed into a graceful dancer and a worthy leader and teacher at Kruti. We are unbelievably proud of her and we look forward to the summer when she will ascend the stage and graduate from Kruti Dance Academy. Thank you to all that have helped her, guided her, encouraged, and supported her especially Dinaben and Shemoni.

Avni Mukker

After spending the past 14 years of my life at Kruti, I can't believe that it's over. From being a student to working at the academy, I've seen the dedication that Dina Aunty and Shemoni Didi put into the academy and just how much their work shows in every student. The Kruti family taught me how to love dance and appreciate my culture as a gift. Both the Bharatanatyam and Bollywood classes at Kruti have taught me so much and I cherish every memory I have from them. This family is truly one that I will forever remember.

Anjali Kumar

My time at Kruti Dance Academy has brought me insight that cannot be found elsewhere. Dance, especially Bharata Natyam, teaches in a twofold manner - it teaches an intricate art form on the surface that demands precision, strength, and grace, yet at the same time, it teaches self-discipline and perseverance to strive for perfection, qualities that Dina Auntie herself embodies. Kruti allows this commitment and drive to become a valuable life skill that can treasured forever. Dina Auntie’s guidance and love allows for every student to experience a love for dance, surrounded heavily by the rich culture and creativity of this art form. The academy provides a supportive and encouraging community for young students to thrive in. Kruti Dance Academy has molded me not just as a dancer, but as a person. The countless hours of practices, volunteering, and spending time with others that feel the same about dance develops each student into a better individuals through leadership and responsibility. I can say without doubt that I would not be the same person without Kruti. Upon the culmination of my Arangetram, I look back very fondly on all the memories I made at Kruti, thankful of all that Dina Auntie and the academy have given me

Perry Patel

At the age of 4 Seeta walked in to her first dance class at Kruti Dance Academy. At the end of class, we proceeded to talk to Dina Auntie about Seeta’s performance in class, and she told us that “Seeta was born to dance.” This statement changed all of our lives forever, especially Seeta’s. Every weekend since, Seeta has dedicated her weekends to Kruti as she mastered the art of Bharata Natyam dancing. Upon entering the Arangetram class, Seeta started to dedicate more of her weekends to Kruti, waking up at 5am so she could be at the studio by 7. Regardless of how tired she was, Seeta always came home with a smile on her face, eager to tell us about her students and dances. Over the past 13 years, Seeta has grown into a passionate, disciplined, and resilient individual; however, this growth would have not been possible without the guidance of Dina Aunty and Shemoni Didi. From Dina Aunty, Seeta has learned how to manage her time and be organized, which we believe are two of the most important skills in life. Shemoni didi has always been a sister-like role model for Seeta throughout her journey who is always willing to help. We are eternally grateful for the lasting impact that Kruti Dance Academy has made in our lives.

Kajal Shah

From the age of 5, Kruti has given me a passion for dance. What started out as a mere activity snuck its way into my heart and my very being. Dance has become one of my defining factors and I have Kruti to thank for that. Along with this passion, Kruti has taught me lessons that will guide me through college, as well as life- responsibility, discipline, hard work, and most importantly dedication. Kruti has become a second home for me, dance my main outlet, and Dina Aunty a second mother. Dina Aunty sneaks in life lessons while teaching dance, something I never noticed until the lessons became instilled in me. Dedication and commitment come with every repetition of a move. As I prepare for my Arangetram ceremony this summer, I realize just how much Dina Aunty and Kruti have done for me. Dina Aunty’s support has guided me through this amazing journey of a lifetime, and I am very grateful to be able to complete it.

Raghav B

Kruti Dance Academy is the finest Indian Classical (Bharatanatyam) and Freestyle Indian Movie (Bollywood) dance Academy in Metro Atlanta. My daughter is Kruti student for last 4 years and enrolling her in Kruti Dance Academy is the most rewarding decision we have ever made for us and our daughter. As Albert Einstein has rightly said “ It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge” Both Director / Founder Dina Sheth and Artistic Director Shemoni Parekh are giving shape to students creativity and imagination by channeling all their positive energy into dance. With KDA, my daughter has significantly improved her posture and her ability to move with grace. She has learnt that it takes hard work and passion to achieve goals and dreams. The best part of the year is the annual recital . The entire show is managed by Kruti students and is as good or even better than shows produced by professional / big production houses. Along with the reward of showing your passion of dancing and talent to a packed audience , KDA introduces the concept of event and time management to students at a young age. Highly Recommended Dance Institute for kids in Metro Atlanta Area for learning Indian Classical (Bharatanatyam) and Freestyle India Movie (Bollywood) Dancing.

Deepa Dayal

We experienced our first Kruti recital this year & I only have rave reviews. Our 6-year-old daughter performed at Cobb Center in front of thousands of people. She came off the stage with such thrill & energy. I am thankful to Kruti for giving her this opportunity. The recital itself was one of the most organized events I have ever come across & very professionally run. Dina Aunty & Shemoni are both very dedicated, focused beings. They are very meticulous and plan every little detail. As a result, the show was a spectacular production, which in my opinion no one else can pull off so smoothly except for these two talented ladies. Kruti strikes the right balance – discipline but fun & creative at the same time. The studios are bright, the graphics are very modern and the volunteer instructors make it fun for the little ones to learn. I have no hesitation in recommending Kruti to anyone.

Mahek Gajera

At the age of 4, I started learning Bharatnatyam at Kruti and throughout these eleven years, I have cultivated a lot of skills and even more knowledge about my culture! I've made amazing friends and memories here at Kruti and I'm so grateful to Dina Auntie and Shemoni Didi for making dance fun, exciting, and educational for me.

Seeta Patel

Ever since I can remember, dance has been an integral part of my life. My passion for dance started small, as I was encouraged to dance along to the vivacious beats of bollywood music in my living room. Seeing how much I loved to dance, my parents enrolled me in Kruti Dance Academy, which at the time, seemed like a whim decision; however, it was one of the best decisions that they ever made. Within no time, my passion for dance started to seep into all aspects of my life. 13 years ago, I entered into my first Bharatanatyam class as a 4 year old eager to learn. Like any other child, I was inconsistent with my practice routine, but continued to learn the hastas and addavas, or hand gestures and dance steps, that would slowly complete the puzzle of dances I was required to learn. As I got older, dance became less of a chore and more of a passion which I yearned to develop. I looked up to my didi's, or teachers who danced with such grace, poise, and precision; I dreamed of taking their place at the front of the classroom. Before long, I entered the Arangetram class as a naïve girl eager to join this elite group. Little did I know that being an “arangetram girl” would be such a challenging role. As I watched the older girls in the class strike their feet to the sholukattas, or words of the carnatic music, I was in awe of their dedication to the art form. Their passion for dance illuminated the room, and the echoes of their feet bounced off the walls. I slowly realized that this transition to Arangetram class was one that required endurance, dedication and strength. I began to devote all of my free time to practicing choreography and improving my technique. Of course, this growth would have not been possible without the guidance of my gurus, Dina Auntie and Shemoni Didi. Apart from telling me to “sit deeper in aramandi” or “keep my elbows up” Dina Auntie and Shemoni Didi instilled within me values that I will cherish forever. As I advance towards the end in my Bharatanatyam journey, I can proudly say that Kruti Dance Academy has molded me into the person I am today. The title of an “Arangetram Girl” has taught me lessons that will not only help me complete my arangetram, but also remain with me in my future endeavors. With my Arangetram approaching this summer, I can truly say that without the help of Dina Auntie, Shemoni Didi, and my Kruti family, this point in my dance journey would have been impossible, and I am eternally grateful to have had such a remarkable experience.

Milap Patel

Congratulations to both of you on the success of the 22nd Annual Dance Concert. It was a spectacular and beautiful show! What a wonderful year it’s been! It was also wonderful to see the development of all the dancers and in particular your senior dancers. Their dances were so impressive and powerful! Wow! It’s so much fun to watch the range of choreography including the dances that challenged and showed the strengths of the dancers. Your advanced choreography skills allowed your dancers to stand out and shine. Their flawless performances were due to the patience and experience you brought to them as an accomplished teacher and dancer. I think this is one of the many things that sets Kruti apart from other studios. You care so much about every child and it really shows. I don't know how you were standing after the show, but heaps of praise to you in all you accomplished. You clearly make everyone feel so valued, younger or senior, first timers or old students. From the first recital meeting to the costume ordering and recital communication, everything was wonderful and top notch. Being back stage, it was very clear to see how much planning, communication and attention went in to each performance. I am beyond words at how amazing that recital was! It flowed beautifully, was completely entrancing, and I simply loved watching every minute of it!! Everything was well planned, well organized and promptly executed. I really loved the Shivoham along with the enchanting music got me into gooseflesh. Next I don’t have any words for the Paayal was absolutely stunning. Hats off to both of you for beautiful choreography...nevertheless it was perfect because of the excellent teamwork. I want to especially thank all the team leaders; I could see them standing there in charge tirelessly till they handed over our children. This needs a lot of responsibility and goodwill. All these things need very discrete preparation and training. It couldn’t have been easy, forging this connection, creating community from chaos. You took a hodge-podge group of random students — children with varying abilities, from every imaginable family structure, from a broad sampling of cultures and religions — and you built a culture and family of your own. If the whole world could see what you have accomplished at your studio, with these precious, different-but-same children, I have to believe the whole planet would be different. Better. And you know what? The world is different, the world is better, because of what you have achieved here at Kruti Studio, with these growing groups. Parents have got the easy job of raising our own kids. They are rewarded for all their sacrifices with the joy of watching their own blood grow up into fine young men and women. But you have got the tough jobs. As their guru, your rewards are limited to the hope that your wisdom will make a tiny difference into the lives of children, helping them to be better human beings. Thank you for all your selfless contribution. A good teacher is everything a parent can never be. Thanks, for being one. It is impossible to thank a guru. There are no words, to appreciate someone whose words empower children to chase their dreams. We parents may be accountants, scientists, doctors and engineers – but nothing contributes to the nation’s development more than what a teacher can do. Thanks for giving my LITTLE one BIG dream. As a wonderful teacher, you may not realize that all good teachers have good parental qualities. But as a good parent, I realize that I don’t have exquisite teaching qualities like yours. Technology will keep evolving but nothing can replace the power of a teacher’s inspirational words. Thank you for modeling patience, honesty, courage, perseverance, wisdom, responsibility, generosity, and a commitment to lifelong learning to the best of your ability each and every day. I owe you a debt of gratitude that I can never repay.

Nidhi Walia

Congratulations on the success of 21st Recital. My daughter Aarya is fortunate to be a part Kruti journey. Having so much of dedication and sincerity even after 21 years is commendable and I applaud you for that. The institute is like a "Gurukul", that imparts knowledge beyond dance.

Aliesha Boodram

Kruti has taught me so much about hard work, dedication, and how to achieve my goals. What Dina Aunty and Shemoni Didi taught me about hard work and pushing yourself, I’ve applied to my real life to help me achieve anything I want. Kruti provides a good learning environment while also providing a place for discipline and a place I learn about my own religion and cultural values. Plus adding bharatanatym in my life, giving me my passion and providing me with the confidence required to achieve in life. My two years at kruti have changed me so much. Even though it’s hard sometimes and it hurts at times the overall result is 100% worth it;)

Kavya Ahuja

I began dancing at Kruti Dance Academy at the age of 4 and danced for 11 years. Kruti has been an imperative part of my formative years. Not only did I learn dance, but I additionally learned communicative and leadership skills that will continue with me. Dina Aunty and Shemoni Didi have created a positive learning environment in Kruti Dance Academy. By pushing and giving me opportunities, they have made me more confident and outgoing, which helped me take leadership opportunities in high school. Additionally, Kruti has given me the opportunity to immerse myself in Indian culture. Through my years at Kruti, I have learned about different Indian folk-dances and traditions. I remember that would always look forward to Dina Aunty's Diwali story. As someone who often feels disconnected to their heritage, Kruti gave me the opportunity to feel a part of and proud of my culture. Kruti Dance Academy has given me flood of memories and experiences that I will cherish everyday. I am truly honored to be a part of this family.

Manisha Patel

Mankruti is very great Dance academy. I started my Dance Journey with these amazing Choreographers. I learned lot and to perform with this group is unforgettable. I love it

Jaaie Varshney

I started at Kruti Dance Academy at the age of 5, unaware of the impact that dance would have on my life until this point. At the time of my first Bharata Natyam class, I was a hyper Kindergartener who did not like the rigidity and discipline of the dance form, and was unable to follow the sharp, precise moves. However, under the watchful eyes of my Guru, Mrs. Dina Sheth, and Kruti volunteers, I became accustomed to the steps of Bharata Natyam. I grew to love dance, as well as the pristine, sharp Carnatic music that went with it. 13 years later, I am training for my Arangetram, the pinnacle of my dance career. My first solo performance, which will take place on July 22, will represent the development of my dance abilities and my understanding of this ancient art form. However, personally, it will mean so much more. My Arangetram will symbolize Kruti's greatest gift to me: the ability to believe in myself. Through dance and teaching dance, I have gained a strong sense of self confidence that I use in all facets of life. Additionally, Kruti Dance Academy is a place where I can experience my rich, beautiful culture firsthand. I have gained a sense of pride in being Indian through learning Bharata Natyam, as well as befriending girls navigating the same cultural situation as me. With the dance skills, confidence, and acceptance that Kruti has given me, I know I will not only foster a passion for dance for years to come, but I will also have a drive to reach my full potential at all times.

sabrina smith

I started dancing with kruti Dance Academy from the very beginning learning Dance in Dina Aunty's basement studio. Fast forward twenty-three years and now my daughter is also a student at KDA. My amazing journey with Kruti has taught me that the world really is our stage. Dina Aunty has shown us that there is true beauty in method and discipline. The friendships I have made, both old and new and have been invaluable and I cannot wait for my daughter to forge her own bonds with her fellow dancers. After all we will never know where we are going in this life, until we fully understand where it is we come from. Thank you Dina Aunty, Shemoni and all the teachers and fellow parents for investing in our children. As parents we want our children to be healthy, happy, educated and safe. Unlike so many parents around the world God has blessed us beyond words with the opportunity to give them these gifts and I am a proud member of the Kruti Family!

Farzeen Himani

Kruti Dance Academy has taught me so much in addition to dance. It has taught me the values of hard work, determination, and discipline. I began dancing as a young child when my mom enrolled me in my first Bollywood class at Kruti. Dina Aunty then encouraged me to learn the classical art form of Bharata Natyam, and this began my journey and fostered my love for dance. As a child, I was always eager to learn everything related to Bharata Natyam. Everyday, I would diligently practice my hand gestures and prayers without fail. I would also look up to my didi’s, aspiring to become like them. They became my role models, and I couldn’t wait to lead classes just like them. I then entered Arangetram class and my involvement at Kruti significantly increased. I was at the studio Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and I would get sheer joy from learning and teaching exciting dance routines. I began to love the complex, but creative routines that Shemoni Didi would put together for us. Through many rehearsals and practices, I not only improved my dance skills, but I grew close to many people at Kruti, and I made friendships that will last a lifetime. Additionally, through Arangetram class, I had the opportunity to volunteer, which taught me valuable skills such as responsibility, time management, and confidence. It allowed me to become the role model I always strived to be. Dina Aunty and Shemoni Didi have been guiding figures in my life, and they have pushed me to be able to perform my Arangetram this summer and helped turn my dream into a reality. Without their guidance, I would not be half the dancer I am today. Dina Aunty has proven to be a role model for all her students since she defines resiliance and determination. Shemoni Didi has become an older sister for all since she is always friendly and embodies the passion for dance. They have instilled values of discipline and hard work, and I will carry these skills with me for a lifetime. Though the journey was challenging, with multiple hours of practices and the intense workouts, I am extremely grateful that my dedication to dance has changed me positively, and I hope to continue using my teachings from Kruti as I head to college.

Nikhil Sharma

Anika likes it a lot. So I guess I'll give a good review.

Sapna Shah

Kruti is a word that can transform in meaning. Its literal definition is creation. Kruti Dance Academy is the birthplace of elegant, dedicated, and passionate dancers. I remember being reluctant to attend classes at the studio, as I simply had no interest in dance. To this day I thank my parents for not letting me give up a passion that I did not know I had. Kruti transformed me from an awkward, young girl into a mature, confident dancer. When anyone is identified as a “Kruti dancer,” they are immediately characterized as disciplined and exemplary dancers. This connotation has been created by the aura of dedication, order, and inspiration that lives at the academy. I have had values instilled in me at Kruti that carry meaning farther than dance and into everyday life. Kruti has taught me to have responsibility in everything I do. With this quality, discipline, motivation, and perseverance are achieved as well. Kruti has also brought me closer to my culture and heritage and has fused both western and eastern culture together in a way that is appreciated and connected by its dancers. To me, Kruti is set apart from other dance academies due to one factor: the presence of a family. Dina Aunty has become a second mother to all of us and always sees the potential that exists in us. She has shaped us all to have a presence mentally and literally, and has taught us much more about life than just dance. She truly treats each one of us like her daughters through all our triumphs and falls in our dance journeys. Dina Aunty and Kruti helped me realize, pursue, and appreciate my passion for dance. My Arangetram in 2011 was the most memorable and fulfilling day of my life and for this, I am forever grateful.

Avani Shah

"Dancing isn't a sport, how hard can it be?" This Is what I had thought 8 years ago before enrolling into dance class. Fast forward eight years and I realized that I underestimated the power of dancing. Almost anyone can dance; however, dancing with your heart and soul requires a whole new level. From learning hand gestures (hastas) and footsteps (addavs) to full items, I can truly say that it has changed my attitude towards hard work and diligence. At first, dancing seemed like a great hobby and parents were happy that I was able to get some exercise in my schedule. As some time passing , I was invited to arangetrams. Seeing my didis dance on their own stage got me thinking, "What if I did it?" Since then, doing an arangetram has been in the back of my mind. Entering arangetram class had new challenges. I saw how advanced the class was. It allowed me to be more involved in Kruti. I was no longer looking up to didis; instead, I was a didi that younger ones were looking up to me. The aspectsI gained from volunteering with guidance of Dina Aunty and Shemoni Didi were responsibility, teamwork, confidence, and discipline. As my arangetram gets closer, all of these aspects will be displayed on stage. Working hard for something that I enjoy, gave me a new outlook of life and will be taking it with me as I head into college as well.

Ishani Patel

I've been dancing for as long as I could remember but I've also moved around a few times so it was hard to sometimes find a good dance group to be a part of. I often had gaps between dance groups where I wouldn't dance for a few months or as long as four years. It wasn't until I found Kruti that I really felt at home there. Kruti helped me become a better dancer and catch up on the years that I've missed. For the past five years I've been proudly dancing with Kruti in their recitals and challenging myself each year with a more difficult piece than the last. The people there feel like a family to me and I look forward to attending each class every year and preparations for the recital in May. They have not only showed me how to dance beautifully but have also helped me become more confident with myself, learn how to handle certain situations, discipline, and responsibility. I may not have been here for as long as many other people but I have still been lucky enough to call the people there my friends and watch as they grow up into amazing people. Kruti is and always will be very close to my heart and I am going to miss going to my classes every weekend.

Milika Dhru

Choreographer Aubrey Lynch once described the “true gift of dance” as the ability “to touch, to move, and to inspire”; as a student who has embarked on her final journey through Bharatanatyam dance to complete her Arangetram ceremony, I have begun to understand the essence of this statement. At age seven, I began taking Bharatanatyam lessons at Kruti Dance Academy. Initially, the challenge of driving three hours from Augusta, Georgia was a difficult one, especially for my parents, who would begin preparing for the drive at the crack of dawn and not rest until we returned home in the evening. However, as this practice developed into a routine, the morning drives became much more enjoyable. Kruti soon became my home away from home, and it is at this prestigious institution that I developed truly valuable relationships with my classmates, students, and my guru, Dina Aunty. Dina Aunty has not only provided me with the training required to complete my Arangetram ceremony, but has exposed me to the value of our rich and complex culture; she has guided me through situations that not only pertained to dance, but to all aspects of life. I am sincerely grateful to have been one of Dina Aunty’s disciples for the past eleven years. Through Kruti I have created lifelong friendships and memories that I will cherish for years to come. Never did I imagine that this dance form would provide me with not only a passion to pursue, but with the determination to tackle seemingly insurmountable tasks. It has tested my mental, physical, and emotional endurance and demanded commitment and dedication, yet the joy I have experienced learning Bharatanatyam at Kruti Dance Academy is incomparable. I am extremely fortunate to be a part of the Kruti family--one that continues to empower, inspire, and support each one of its members in every way.

Krishie Desai

Kruti Dance Academy has been my second home since my first class at the age of 10. I have grown up as part of the Kruti family, and I have built up so many valuable skills through my volunteering with the academy. I have developed my leadership abilities, and I have learned the importance of responsibity because of Kruti. At Kruti, I am able to express my passion for Bollywood dance while also enriching my love of dance into younger generations. Kruti gives me the oppurtunity to connect with my culture, and stay in touch with my roots. My dedication and love for Kruti Dance Academy will last for years to come, and I am truly thankful to have the opportunity to be part of this amazing institution.

Sulekha Naidu

Star Performance by Kruti Dance Academy! I had the privilege of inviting the girls to my Parent's 50th Anniversary in Mexico. They did such an amazing performance and were so professional. I am so lucky to have had them bless our family and friends with their talent. The performance blew us away. Such talents!

Raveena Chaudhari

From the day I was enrolled into Kruti at the impressionable age of five to my last year at the academy, I can honestly say that every moment spent at the studio was exciting and a positive addition into my daily life. Life at Kruti Dance Academy is filled with giggles and hugs, but as well as challenging dances that push students and teachers to break their limits, and without Kruti I could not have become the person I am today. It was not until I was much older that I realized the importance of Dina Auntie and Shemoni Didi’s instruction and critique. The two gurus inspire their students to strive towards a higher potential and skill set. Their thoughtful words and loving gestures motivated me to become not only a more proficient dancer but a better student as well. Dina Auntie and Shemoni Didi’s tutelage has taught me discipline, respect, confidence, and leadership in a way that no other institution has. Everything the two gurus say truly benefits all the students, and it amazes me how they know and understand every student at the academy. As I grew older, I was presented with the opportunity of volunteering in other classes and eventually leading them as well. This responsibility heightened my leadership skills as well as poise and presentation ability. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed teaching bubbly pre-schoolers whose smile brightens everyone’s day to challenging older classes. Not only was I able to take charge in volunteering, but recital time every year was an exciting event filled with organization, formations, and having every detail nailed down perfectly. As I child I never understood the vast scope of how much goes into a recital, but with my final year the behind the scenes involvement opened my eyes to how much thought goes into the event. Every student is depicted in a way to make them shine, and every step in the process burst with energy and excitement as we all get ready for the big day in May. Kruti Dance Academy has simply become my second home. I’ve learned to live and breathe dance in all forms presented to me, and that is all thanks to my wonderful gurus, Dina Auntie and Shemoni Didi.

Bhakti Sanghani

My time at Kruti started when I was merely eight years old, embellished with enthusiasm, discipline, and love. Dina Aunty and Shemoni Didi have continued to inspire me to be the best person I can be. Their guidance and encouragement have led me and so many before me to excel in all that we do. Kruti dancers are trained to excel in all aspects of life by reconnecting with Indian values, learning the importance of hard work and leadership, and maintaining a poised and graceful demeanor in all situations. Kruti has not only taught me how to dance, but has instilled the power of responsibility, hard work, commitment, and grace in me that I will hold for the rest of my life. Kruti is an institution that genuinely follows the standard of excellence and teaches Kruti dancers to lead by example by establishing beauty in their dance technique, composure, and perspective of life. Dina Aunty is a second mother to us all and treats us as her children, picking us up when we fall and rejoicing in our triumphs, teaching us life values and training us to excel in life on our own. Ten years at Kruti have made me into the person I am today, and for that I am truly grateful to my Kruti family. Kruti has made me realize and pursue my intense passion for dance, and I will continue to cherish my memories at Kruti through college and beyond.

Neha Gregory

For as long as I can remember, dance has always been an important part of my life. It is something I can do when I what to challenge myself or if I simply want to take a break from the struggles of life. It has become a part of my identity and I will never forget the incredible experiences I have gotten because of it. I joined Kruti Dance Academy when I was just about to turn 4 years old. It was a huge shock to find myself surrounded by other girls learning this completely new art form. I remember having deep admiration for my didis because of their elegant grace and beautiful smiles, and wanting to be just like them when I grew up. Bharatnatyam helped to break me out of my shell and guided me to express myself through such a beautiful art form. I have always been proud of my culture and heritage, but learning Bharatnatyam made me embrace it even more. Joining Arangetram class completely changed my perspective towards Bharatnatyam. It pushed my limits and I was introduced so many aspects I never knew existed. Dina Aunty inspired me to be the best version of myself and nurtured my passion for dance. Shemoni Didi taught me that creativity has no limits and to always dance with life. I got to build such concrete relationships with Dina Aunty, Shemoni Didi, and my fellow dancers; it made Kruti my second home. Not only have I improved upon my dance skills, I learned about key life lessons and maintaining a balanced lifestyle through a positive mindset. I learned to embrace myself for who I am and found the color in life. Preparing for my Arangetram changed my perspective of life. It taught me elegance, poise, and confidence, and made me the individual I am today.

Mili Shah

Kruti Dance Academy has a far deeper meaning than just dance and Indian culture. As one of the Academy’s first students, it taught me valuable principles that I apply in everyday life, such as self-discipline and hard work. It instilled a certain passion, grace, and confidence in me that translates into my personal and professional life. Through the various classes and events, the Academy gave me life-long friendships and memories. Behind the creative geniuses that are Dina Aunty and Shemoni is a humble Academy that strives to create in each student an identity that he/she will forever cherish.

Nazlin Himani

We have seen Farzeen grow throughout her years at Kruti. She entered the academy a timid girl, but she is now leaving it as a confident leader. Kruti has not only taught her the rich dance form of Bharata Natyam, but it has also taught her how to balance her time. From juggling school, religious responsibilities, and other extracurricular activities with Kruti, she has always managed her time impeccably. Kruti has also taught her dedication. Once she commits to something, she will not back down, and she will make sure she finishes the task at hand to the best of her ability. We started Farzeen with Bollywood, but her heart was always set on Bharata Natyam. The following year, when we enrolled her in Bharata Natyam classes, she was ecstatic. This love has not faltered till this day. Her love for dance has also led her to perform at other places, including family and school events, and she has always made us proud. We would like to thank Dina Aunty and Shemoni for constantly supporting Farzeen on her journey. Thank you for guiding Farzeen all the way to her Arangetram, and thank you for providing advice to us all these years. It takes a village to raise a child, and Kruti was definitely a part of the village.

B Patel

Kruti is the best Indian dance academy around; I might venture to say in the country. The Director, Mrs. Dina Sheth, has put in a lot of hard work training the kids. I am very thankful that we enrolled our daughter in the academy. We started her in Bollywood dance so she could learn a little about our culture and make some friends in the community but Dinaben told us to start her in Bharatnatyam to take her dancing to the next level. And she was right; Bharatnatyam has made her a better dancer as well as a more confident young woman. It took a while for her to get to this point, but she got there, and it is all thanks to her joining Kruti. I appreciate all of the work Dinaben puts into teaching the kids and encouraging discipline, cooperation, communication, creativity, management and of course to be a great dancer. Over the years, I have commended her and Kruti to many people in our Indian community as well as outside. I knew that my daughter was gaining meaningful learning experiences. Hopefully, all of the lessons learned from being at Kruti will stick with my daughter for the future. Dinaben has done a fantastic job in managing all of the parents (some can be a handful) and students that are a part of Kruti. She requires a lot from you but those requirements have a purpose, to make you into the best dancer you can be. All of the hard work can be seen in the fantastic recital at the end of each year. Kruti recitals are nothing short of amazing. Everything from stage preparation, timing, decorations, music, transitions, costumes, and staffing are managed very precisely and with the utmost care. The beautifully choreographed performances are impressive to say the least. I also appreciate Shemoni's, Artistic Director, work over the last few years. She is great and all the kids love her. We have been a part of Kruti for the last 13 years and it has far exceeded my expectations. My daughter will definitely look back on this journey with great affection and pride as will I.

Aditi Dave

“Where the hand goes, the eyes follow Where the eyes go, the mind follows When the mind is engaged, expressions take form When the expressions take form, rasa, or flavor is evoked.” To be surrounded by an aura that has transformed a small chime in my ghungroos to immense bliss in feeling my feet strike the hard floor, I am blessed to find the rhythm of my life by embarking on a stage that will reflect my journey of dance. Through Dina Aunty and Shemoni Didi’s guidance, I am fortunate enough that Kruti Dance Academy has allowed me to express myself in a hidden language of my soul. It made me realize the vital role dance has played in my life. Dance has molded me into being who I am today and has embedded in me morals and values that I will carry along with me wherever I go in the future. Ten years ago, I stepped into Kruti Dance Academy with my parent's dream to instill Indian culture and heritage and learn to embrace a culture thousands of years old and oceans apart at the beautiful technique of footwork and intricate expressions. Little did I know that I would step into a journey where the guidance of my Guru Dina Aunty and Shemoni Didi would allow me to experience life in the rhythm of leadership and love for my Kruti family. Today, I am privileged to have not one, but two families. Kruti has given me loving and affectionate people such as my Arangetram girls and students to whom I have been fortunate enough to call my best friends. As the mother and sister respectively of this family, Dina Aunty and Shemoni Didi embody the spirit of a true “kalakar” or artist and have allowed me to unlock my full potential present myself confidently through dance, hours of practice, intense studies of Bharata Natyam technique, and other means of communication. Through volunteering, seeing the reflection of how my younger students look at me the same way I looked in awe at my older “didis” reminds me how much a small step towards leadership can resonate to others in the way I challenge myself and present myself to my peers and my own role models. For that, Kruti will always have a spot in my heart, and I am fortunate to walk in the footsteps of Dina Aunty and Shemoni Didi and receive the blessings of a guru who sewed the stitches of an experience that I will cherish forever.

Aashini Patel

From learning the simple steps of the Namaskar for the first time to striving for perfection in every movement has been an exhilarating journey. I still remember the first time I enrolled into Bharata Natyam classes at Kruti at the tender age of seven. Little did I know, that dance would take me on this unforgettable journey where I would create lifelong friendship bonds, learn valuable skills, and share my love for the beautiful art form with young girls. Learning Bharata Natyam has not only provided me with skills, but the ancient dance form’s connections to religion and music, has afforded me an opportunity to get closer to my culture and appreciate my heritage. Kruti has given me the rewarding opportunity to volunteer, teach, and become a better leader. Dina Auntie who has guided me on this journey has taught me to take criticism positively; she has taught me that even the loftiest dreams are possible with dedication, perseverance, and a focused vision. I can honestly say that Kruti Dance Academy has been a very positive influence in my life, and my fellow Arangetram girls who I consider to be sisters, have played a major role in this journey. This year’s recital, Utsav, was an integral part of this journey. Utsav means festival or celebration; it also carries the meaning of delight, merriment, and pleasure. This recital was in fact, delightful and unforgettable. The hard work, discipline, and dedication put into this event truly made it one of the best. As this summer rapidly approaches, I realize that this journey is coming to an end and a new journey will begin. The experiences I have gained at Kruti will forever be a part of who I am and the memories I have made will never be forgotten.

Ep Mj

Kruti dance is a wonderful place to enjoy and have fun especially if you are an adult. Shemoni Didi is awesome! I will definitely take her adult Bollywood class again. Thank you!

Sonali Shah

I started dancing at this academy when I was 6 years old. As a student, I not only learned dance techniques, but also skills which disciplined me and helped to define who I am as a person. I grew and developed in ways I had never imagined over the ten years I attended the academy. The skills I acquired from Kruti helped me excel in school and opened up several opportunities for me. People approached me to choreograph for various pageants and shows simply because I was affiliated with the academy. I would recommend this academy for anyone because the teachers here actually care that the students learn and grow. These teachers are very attentive and particular, but they teach in a way so that the student actually wants to come and learn. Kruti treats every student like their own family, which is unique for a dance studio of such greatness.

Shaundra Mohan

Wonderful place to learn about India and its wonderful culture! My daughter absolutely loves it. Dina Aunty and Shemoni Didi have great program for both girls and boys. This is our first year and Kruti has exceeded our expectations. Cant wait to add our little boy to the program when he's five. Would recommend it to anyone who would like to see their kids understand the value of team work, discipline, hard work all in a fun environment.

Kriti Kothari

When I started Kruti at 6 years old, I didn't realize that I would not only find my passion, but also a community within the academy. Today, looking back on my experience, I can confidently say that Dina Aunty and Shemoni Didi's guidance has made me into the young woman I am today. I did Bharatnatyam and Bollywood dancing at Kruti, and in both I have learned important values like discipline, grace, and confidence while also having fun. Every week, I look forward to learning and conquering a new challenge in class, and it's amazing to see everyone's hard work come together in the annual recital which is second to none. Over the years, I have incorporated these values in my daily life, and I believe they have helped me remain responsible and motivated as a leader as well as helped me gain admission to Princeton University's Class of 2023. I have also found a community of other dancers who are all passionate, driven, and have an appreciation for the Indian culture. I know that if I ever need help, Dina Aunty, Shemoni Didi, or anyone else at the studio will be there for me. I am proud to be a part of the Kruti family, and I am very thankful for my experience, which has taught me how to navigate the world of dance and life.

Reena Dadiala

Dear Dina Sheth & Shemoni Parekh You both hold a very special place in our family and as dear to us as priceless treasure. We have witnessed the gifts you bestow on all your students. Naman has actually transformed himself from an enthusiastic 4 year dancer into a graceful and passionate young performer. Our family is equally impressed with the team of young leaders in your academy with commitment and helping new students to acquire a talent which will live with them and grow forever. I strongly believe that the time Naman has spent at Kruti Dance Academy will enrich his life and give him enduring confidence. Thank you for your dedication to the arts and to the development of our young children. Utsav 2014 recital was an example of a remarkable production. All the performances were breathtaking. Right from the dancers on the stage, to colorful costumes and the preparation and coordination behind it was tremendous. We are very pleased that we have found Kruti Dance Academy and look forward to many more fabulous sessions and performances in the future. Bravo to all of you! Regards, Naman, Reena & Preet

Anupama Ravi

Kruti has been an integral part of our family’s life ever since 2008, when we first enrolled Akanksha in Bollywood classes. Every time we would visit Global Mall, Akanksha would insist on visiting the studio at the back of the mall, just to listen to whatever Bollywood songs the dancers were bouncing to that day, until eventually we decided to enroll her into those classes herself. We didn’t know exactly what to expect, and we certainly never thought that Kruti would grow to play such a big role in her life in the future. The first few classes were filled with tears and a lot of struggling, with Akanksha being such a shy girl, but after a while, she would warm up to her didis, and would always return at the end of the hour with a bright smile on her face,a and exciting stories about what she learned that day. After watching her first recital, and becoming mesmerized with the beauty and intricacy of the show, we approached Dinaji about enrolling Akanksha into Bharata Natyam classes as well. Nine years later, we are here, eagerly awaiting Akanksha’s Arangetram ceremony, to be completed on June 30th, 2017. To say this has been an incredible journey would be an understatement. Under Dinaji and Shemoni’s guidance, Akanksha has blossomed into a confident and graceful young woman. Kruti has become her second home, one where she sometimes spends more time than at her actual home, being there every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, for countless hours. Thank you Dinaji and Shemoni for all of the life lessons that you have taught Akanksha, and for constantly challenging her to do her best. We are so beyond grateful.

Jaimisha Patel

Fourteen years ago I would never have imagined that I would be completing my Bharata Natyam Arangetram this year. What started off as a means of having fun and being exposed to a different aspect of the Indian culture slowly turned into an important part of my life and even more a passion. I quit Bharata Natyam for three years to explore new activities but my love for it stayed and I found myself turning back to Bharata Natyam with higher hopes of doing my Arangetram. The journey from then on has been busy and full of excitement. Getting prepared for my Arangetram has been a completely different experience in itself. Not only do I have to prepare for my dances but also for the entire event; every detail matters. Although it is hectic and all consuming every bit of the journey is enjoyable and exciting in it's own way. On July 26th when I officially complete my Arangetram, I know I will be able to look back on it and be proud that I accomplished my dream. The decision of coming back to finish my Arangetram was probably one of the best decisions I have made this far. Not only has it helped me grow as a dancer but a person as well. This journey has taught me skills like time management and discipline that I know I will keep with me for the rest of life. Overall, this experience has been fulfilling in all ways possible and an experience I will never forget. Kruti has been a place for me to be myself and develop into the confident person I am today. I have grown so much during my time at Kruti and I will forever be grateful for the great impact Kruti has made in my life.

Samir Gala

Kruti. Who knew a single word could hold so much weight and meaning to the soul. More than a decade ago, I reluctantly started my dancing career at Kruti Dance Academy, when my mother enrolled me for cultural exposure and enlightenment. I was your typical middle school boy, more concerned about social status and who the next best professional sports player would be. The mere thought of moving my limbs around to the foreign sounds of music that "no one else at school listened to" was an idea I originally was not keen to act upon. I wanted no part in an activity that was "for girls." Little did I know what Kruti had in store for me. The studio was beautiful, the teachers were knowledgable, and my peers were diverse. The environment itself was lively and more than suitable for every student's needs. I had multiple teachers, all of whom brought something unique to the table in terms of their teaching style. I felt like the mixture of stylistic teaching approaches was a critical part in cultivating my hidden talent. Many people fail to see that dance, as an expressive style, requires multiple approaches to bring about mastery, and Kruti Dance Academy delivers just that. Additionally, there was a great sense of love and family that permeates every individual involved with the Academy. Dina Aunty still checks up on me to this day, so many years after I completed my rounds with the Academy. She is practically my second mother, and her daughter, Shemoni Parekh, is equally connected and committed to each student that walks through the studio's doors. I have never ever felt out of place or disconnected from the students or teachers, no matter how much I struggled initially. We learned and grew with and from each other in unison, something very uncommon in dance studios. I honestly would not be the individual that I am today without the virtues I learned from Kruti and its instructors. Discipline, Focus, Leadership, Commitment, Integrity, Time Management, and the Indomitable Spirit were all foundations that I took with me during my time at Kruti, and they are all still very applicable to everything I dedicate myself to. The Academy also fostered a profound love and respect for the art of dance, one that I carried to the University of Georgia when I founded Asura, a co-ed competitive fusion dance team officially sponsored by the University. Our team represents UGA at many competitions and events throughout the Southeast and the nation, and without my time at Kruti, I would never have had the inspiration to create such a team and opportunity for others who share my same passion for the arts and Indian culture. I would never have had the drive to take on multiple leadership opportunities in multiple genres ranging from academia and research to cultural exploration. In closing, it is evident that Kruti Dance Academy is THE choice for every individual who wishes to pursue an understanding of Indian culture, tradition, and how to utilize one's talent beyond the limits by which they define themselves. The Academy will mold you, shape you, and push you to surpass your limits and develop your skillset and character, regardless of your level of experience. I humbly invite you to join the Kruti family. Believe me, you won't regret it, and you'll have a ridiculous amount of fun while you're at it.

Shilpa Parmar

Shilpa and Yogesh Parmar, Proud Parents of Pooja Ever since Pooja was a toddler she loved dancing. To this day we can still remember 5-year-old Pooja jumping off the couch and starting to dance as soon as she heard a bollywood song from the TV. We even had to bring a lengha down, so she could “dress up” for the living room performance. We had the opportunity to fulfill Pooja’s dream of becoming a dancer when we enrolled her in Kruti Dance Academy. At Kruti, Pooja is immersed in her culture, and it is a pleasure to see her take pride in everything she learns at the academy. We are thankful for all the lifelong memories and friends Pooja has made throughout her years at Kruti. We can truly say that attending Kruti has been a transformative journey for her. Under the wings of Dinaben and Shemoni, Pooja has been molded into a fine young lady. We are humbled by Dinaben for instilling discipline, self-confidence, perseverance, and leadership skills in Pooja while teaching her to be a graceful dancer. Because of Dinaben and Shemoni, Pooja will be able to achieve her dream of completing her Arangetram this summer, and we could not be more blessed. Kruti Dance Academy has truly been a second home for Pooja and we are incredibly thankful to be a part of the Kruti family.

Andrew Abraham

Kruti Dance Academy is where I not only learned to move to different Bollywood beats, but where I developed a distinct form of discipline, learned to appreciate the cultural arts of India, and instill my passion for dance into the youngest of pupils entering their dance journey. I have been dancing at Kruti for 12 years, 5 of which I was volunteering as an assistant teacher, eventually becoming employed as a teacher. Looking back at my childhood, I can vividly remember all the endless weekends I spent at Kruti, the hectic recital season, and the rewarding recitals. Unfortunately, I did not begin to appreciate my father’s efforts of enrolling us at the academy up until the 7th grade. It was during the annual recital when I was sitting with the other boys because we had just performed. I was planning my order at P.F. Chang’s, the restaurant my father would take us to celebrate our performance, until the burgundy curtain arose. My older brother, didis, and best-friends were dancing to Kruti’s rendition of “Can’t Hold Us” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. I was so appalled because up until that moment, Bharatanatyam to me followed a strict pattern. Shemoni Didi had flawlessly fused two opposite forms of music into an extravagant performance. The fall semester of my 7th grade, I became a volunteer, having the privilege to help teach younger boys and girls the art form of dance. Kruti opened up a brand new realm of dance that was so foreign to my traditional Bollywood and Bharatanatyam dance teachings. I began to regularly practice due to the fact that I was constantly in competition with my older brother, the other male students, and overall myself. The cutting edge new dance facility was a safe, disciplined, and competitive atmosphere I began to look forward to every weekend. Not only did Kruti harness my upmost potential, but the academy was home to some of my best friends. Through a friendship made at Kruti, I was given the opportunity to emcee at my close friend’s arangetram ceremony. This privilege is a memory that I will always hold near to my heart. Overall, Kruti Dance Academy played a major role in shaping my character, opened the door to numerous possibilities, and has gifted me with precious memories I will never forget.

Rajju Shah

This is our oldest daughters fourth year at Kruti Dance Academy. She wasn't quite four when she started and we were a bit nervous about what she (and we) were getting into. What we have found with Kruti is that it is such a creative environment where mistakes are viewed as an opportunity for all of the dancers to grow from and learn. Through the years all of the Didi's have created a caring and nurturing classroom setting that has allowed our daughter to use her energy, positive enthusiasm, and creative thinking to be the best that she can be in the area of both Bollywood Dance and for her first year in Bharatanatyam. We are thrilled with the cultural and leadership skills that resides within the DNA of Kruti, and which has found its way into our daughters daily life. This will also be the first year that our younger daughter will be participating in Bollywood Dance. Our eldest has used her experience with Kruti and the examples set by her Didi's to help guide her younger sister through her first year. A true testament to what Kruti and Dina Aunty have instilled in all of their students.

Smita Varshney

We come from a quaint little town called Rome, where the rivers meet and the mountains begin. We were so worried that our girls would miss out on our Indian heritage, so it was pure serendipity that we stumbled upon Kruti Dance Academy. When we met Ms. Dina and Kruti, we filled out the registration forms hoping that our girls would get some exercise and culturally exposure. Nine years ago, we didn't know what an Arangetram was. We could have never imagined that Juhi would be completing hers this summer. At first, Juhi enjoyed dance but we saw her interest falter. One year, she approached Ms. Dina to opt out of the recital, but Ms. Dina did not budge. She asked Juhi to look at the annual performance in a new light, and she encouraged her to take initiative in doing her own make-up that year. Somehow, this small task rejuvenated her enthusiasm for the recital, and created a lasting (and expensive!) interest in make-up. By her sophomore year, she wanted to earn her Arangetram. And though it was not easy, she did. It has been a difficult journey for us. We wake up early every Saturday morning and spend our weekends in Atlanta so our girls can learn dance at Kruti. For Juhi, these past two years have posed a number of challenges at school and at dance, but she has managed to balance her responsibilities well. Kruti has taught her a valuable lesson in managing her time and always striving for excellence. Her Arangetram process has made her physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually stronger, and it has been so rewarding to see her bloom into the beautiful dancer she is today. We sincerely thank Ms. Dina for everything.

Sacha Sade

As a parent there are messages you formulate, try to embody, and strive impart in your child. You can live and speak your message all you want but at some point you realize that influencers outside your immediate nuclear circle that also embody those values are imperative. For those of us who don’t have support networks of family living nearby, we must find other channels to bring in and reinforce those positive messages that we so sincerely want our kids to see, hear, and experience. For us, Kruti fills that space. Dina Aunty and Shemoni Didi are strong, dedicated, accomplished, and sincere women at whom I can confidently point when I want to show my daughter what can be accomplished when one is brave enough to dream, believe, work hard, and follow through. At Kruti, Noi is learning invaluable life skills and qualities such as confidence, discipline, self-control, a positive image of her body and her physical and mental capabilities, and the courage to stand up in front of a crowd and express herself. There isn’t another organization that is able to reinforce all of these things so well plus provide the sense of family the way Kruti does. Noi has been at Kruti since she was just 1½ years old and we are looking forward to her continuing to grow as both dancer and as a well-rounded, confident person under the guidance of Dina Aunty, Shemoni Didi, and Ashima Didi.

Lauren Maxwell

My daughter had such a wonderful time at Kruti. The teachers are amazing and so dedicated to their students. Older dancers (in high school, college) work closely with the youngest ones and my daughter loved having that connection with girls and young women she could look up to, who were great teachers and fantastic performers. The Kruti end of the year performance blew me and my family away. Forget Broadway, they absolutely gave Bollywood a run for their money. My daughter loved having the opportunity to be on stage in a such an amazing setting. I am so thankful she had that opportunity. The Kruti team is phenomenal and I would recommend their dance classes to anyone, but especially to anyone with young kids. Kruti gives them a great start. Dina Aunty and Didi Shemoni deserve all of the many awards that they have received and much more for their tireless dedication to Indian culture and the Atlanta community. Kruti was our favorite part of living in Atlanta and is one of Atlanta's greatest cultural institutions. Thank you for believing in Laila! She grew so much as a dancer and as a person at Kruti. Looking forward to the amazing places Kruti will take their students and Bharatnayam and Bollywood in the next 20 years!!!

Rupangi Shah

My family’s history with Kruti Dance Academy goes back 5 years when my elder son joined the Bollywood dance program. Seeing him, my younger son joined the subsequent year. I was enjoying watching my boys thoroughly enjoy their time at Kruti and the end-of-year stage performance. Seeing all this reminded me of my childhood days when I pursued Bharatnatyam as a kid for a couple of years. The fact that I couldn’t complete the full seven years was always at the back of my mind. When KDA started the Adult Bharatnatyam class I was ecstatic for the opportunity to pursue my passion again. Dina Aunty’s encouragement and confidence in me got me going and currently I am pursuing my second year of adult Bharatnatyam at KDA and enjoying every moment of it.

Briana John

In beginning of my dance journey as a five-year-old I was unable to the impact dance would have on my comprehend or even imagine the eager to go to dance class. enjoyed how earlier dance l was always smile to my when times were hard. dancing made me feel. It always brought a that I could do on In the dance was something fun Asl able to understand how much dance has impacted my not physically but and emotionally. Every weekend learning something new different challenges such as not being able to properly sit in aramandin having my elbows, later learned that those challenges helped me to become a better and smarter dancer. with constant support of Dina Aunty and Shemoni Didi, l was able recognize that dance was not merely about having straight arms or smiling but it was about the connection between a dancer and her music. Dina Aunty and Shemoni Didi have both played a big role in my life; they continuously push me to not only be good dancer but also a good person. Dance has shown me that no matter where you come from, it also has a way of bringing people together. Those I have met have helped shape who I am today. These fellow dancers, who are motivated, hardworking, and intelligent have helped to motivate me to become a better dancer. As the day of my Arangetram approaches, I am thankful for every person who has encouraged me to continue my passion for dance.

Shahil Patel

I have been going to Kruti Academy for over a year and the teachers have already taught me so much. I have made some great friends and memories that I will never forget.

kareena patel

I started Kruti when I was in 6th grade and I've enjoyed every moment I've had there. This is my last year of Kruti before i go off to college and I'm going to miss it so much and will cherish all the memories I've made and all the amazing people I've met through Kruti. Kruti is truly my second home and is an amazing place for anyone to learn the beautiful artform of Bharatanatyam or Bollywood.

shreya munshi

I would say my love of dance started in my playroom when I was around 2 years old. I would dress up in ballet tutus, chaniyas, or Disney princess costumes and put on performances for my parents, siblings, and grandparents. I started at Kruti when I was 4 years old, and at the time, it was just another weekend activity added on to my already busy schedule. I did ballet, jazz, and many other forms of dance. I loved them all, but I specifically loved bharatanatyam because it allowed me to create a connection to my culture and learn more about who I am. As I climbed the ranks in both gymnastics and dance, it became hard to balance two of the things that I loved. I wanted to do my best in gymnastics, but I also wanted to be a part of arangetram class and earn the coveted title of “didi”. Despite the amount of time I was required to put in, I learned that you can always create time for your passion. I have learned to use my time well and stay focused to pursue both of my passions. Although I have become independent with managing my time, I could not have learned this without the help of some incredible mentors. My parents and grandparents taught me to never give up and to always put my best foot forward no matter the circumstance. My gymnastics coaches have taught me confidence and encouraging others, and Dina Aunty and Shemoni Didi have taught me how to be a leader and trust my instincts. They have provided me with a loving environment for me to challenge myself with consistent support. All these amazing life lessons have been extremely helpful as I lead up to my arangetram. As I have started planning for the big day, I am realizing the value of a positive attitude. I have learned that if you set your mind to something, anything is possible and manageable. I am excited to keep learning and growing as a dancer over the next couple of months as I prepare for my arangetram. Thank you for teaching me so many amazing life lessons!

Jenny Kafer

I started Kruti when I was in the 3rd or 4th grade. Looking back, it has definitely been an amazing journey to watch my peers and myself grow to love and embrace the Indian dance form. At Kruti, a masterful piece of choreography takes dancers who are diligent and passionate about the art form, but more than that, it takes hard-working, creative teachers who love what they do. I've learned to appreciate dance more now that i'm in college, and I have my teachers to thank for that. I would definitely recommend Kruti to anyone who loves to dance or who hasn't the slightest idea on how to move to a beat but would like to learn!

Shreya Mishra

I listened to the soft melodic voice of the singer in my ears as the sun slowly peered through the outline of the land on the road. I was on my way to the second day of the Kruti Dance Academy summer Arangetram camp, and I still did not quite know what to expect. My legs were sore and I napped for several hours on the first day, too exhausted to engage in any other activities. Frankly speaking, I felt good, but there was something in me that questioned my capability to follow through with camp. These past ten days, however, became a minute journey of themselves, where I came familiar with my goals, developed awareness in my body, and learned to approach challenges with a motto of some sort. My attitude will determine my altitude. As I listen to the song now, I hear the singer croon about her dreams as a young girl. Looking in the mirror, I see a young dancer, willing to cultivate her mind and body to achieve her greatest goals. Dina Aunty and Shemoni Didi have helped me immensely in finding my identity as not only a bharatanatyam dancer, but also a leader, peer, daughter, student, and above all, a good human.

Jay Pillai

I have been going to Kruti since I was 5 years old. Kruti has taught me a lot about dance, but it has done much more than that. Every year Dina Aunty and Shemoni DiDi teach me more about discipline, time management, and dedication.

Dulari Doshi

Kruti Dance Academy goes above and beyond its responsibility to teach its students dance. Not only do students learn beautifully choreographed movements in Bollywood classes or the traditional steps in Bharata Natyam classes but they also learn responsibility, discipline and dedication. Dina Aunty and Shemoni Didi welcome everyone at Kruti – the only thing you need is a desire to learn dance. This studio has molded me into the young woman I am today. As a student, I have grown as a dancer and also been able to develop leadership skills and perseverance. At Kruti, I have become friends with wonderful people and together we have created memories of practices and recitals that will be cherished forever. I feel blessed that my 11 years of dance training happened at the best Indian dance studio in Atlanta.

Janki Patel

I have been dancing at Kruti for the past 15 years. Through Kruti I gained so much more than just dance lessons. Volunteering at the academy instilled in me many life lessons and provided me with unforgettable experiences that I will cherish forever. Spending my weekends at the studio volunteering and leading classes provided an escape and helped me gain leadership and time management skills. Dina Aunty and Shemoni Didi have been my role models throughout my life. Their guidance regarding not only dance but also other aspects of my life such as academics have shaped me into the person I am today. Two years ago I completed my Bharat Natyam Arangetram on July 31, 2011. This day will forever be one of the most significant and memorable days of my life and it would not have been possible without Dina Aunty or Shemoni Didi. When I first set foot in the studio at the young age of 4, I had no idea of the enormous impact dance and Kruti would have on my life. Even though I am no longer a student at Kruti Dance Academy I know that it will always be my second home.

Pooja Dave

I have been attending Kruti Dance Academy since the young age of four. When I began my Kruti journey, I would have never thought that I would grow to be so passionate and dedicated to the art form I was learning and that I would learn so many valuable life lessons along the way. Kruti has taught me the meaning of dedication, passion, perseverance, confidence, and responsibility. Dance has truly taught me so much about my culture and I have fallen in love with Bharata Natyam. I have created many memories throughout my years at Kruti and I have met many people that I will always consider to be my sisters. These girls are always there for me and are always willing to help me become a better dancer. I have also learned a lot about myself with the help of the people surrounding me. Dina Auntie has instilled many lasting principles in me, but the most important principle that she taught me is to never give up. There might be many obstacles in my path, but I will never give up and I will always keep trying and work harder than I thought was possible to reach my goal; and in the end, I will come out stronger and better. This dedication and passion has come to me through Kruti, and without this determination I would not be able to attain my goal and perform my arangetram this summer. As summer rapidly approaches, I find myself constantly reminiscing about the many memories I have created at Kruti. I will always cherish these memories and will always look upon this time of my life with fondness.

Ronak Lakhani

Just wanted to sent this out as the family member of a performer to say a big thank you to Dina Aunty, Shemoni Didi, and all the Kruti didi's and volunteers--off-screen and on-screen (special shoutout to Umber Didi, Sejal Didi, Ayanna Didi and Neha Didi!!). This may be our first year at Kruti but we have learned so much through our time at Kruti and we truly look forward to spending many more years here! We saw the dedication from the entire Kruti family to put together such a spectacular, awe-inspiring and motivating show--something way, way beyond my expectations. So from the bottom of my heart, our deepest THANK YOU to the entire team of Kruti Dance Academy!!!!

Heily Patel

Kruti Dance Academy has been apart of my life for the past 11 years and yesterday I completed my last recital as I head off to college. From being a shy 6 year old who joined because she loved to dance to bollywood songs, Kruti has been the place where I’ve grown as a dancer and a human being. Since I joined, people would ask me why I would drive an hour away for dance practice every Saturday, but ever since I stepped through the doors, I never even considered leaving a place that is now a home to me. Dina Aunty and Shemoni Didi have pushed me to give a 110% every time I dance, and their guidance and passion is something I will forever cherish. They have shown me how to express myself through this beautiful art form and have given me the confidence and the discipline to improve as a dancer. I am so thankful for my Kruti family for helping me find my love for dance and a true appreciation for our culture. Kruti has given me some of the best memories from teaching the younger girls to sharing the stage with my best friends. I am forever grateful for this experience and I encourage anyone who enjoys dancing or just wants to try out a new hobby, to come to Kruti and find their passion.

Anjali Mohabir

Yesterday was my last recital before I head off to college...I can't believe that I've spent 6 years at Kruti already. I've loved every single minute of it! Kruti has taught me so many things about not only dancing, but life and itself. I'm so thankful to be apart of the Kruti family and learn under Dina Aunty, Shemoni Didi, and all the others there who help along the way! Kruti has become my second home and I can't wait to return in the fall and learn even more!

Nirali Patel

“Great dancers are not great because of their technique they are great because of their passion.” This quote resembles the higher level Kruti has brought me to. From volunteering on the weekends to learning new dances for the annual Kruti recital, I have enjoyed every step along the way. This journey has inspired me gain a passion towards dance and towards intertwining myself with my Indian culture. As a child, I pursued dance as a weekly routine for my Saturday mornings, not knowing that it would affect me and carry on for 12 more years. As each year added up, I became closer and closer towards finishing my Bharata Natyam repertoire. With the continued support from my family (inside and outside of Kruti), I am extremely thankful for this opportunity as it has challenged me to become a better learner, teacher, and dancer. I am so fortunate to graduate as an Arangetram alumni with my closest friend Nikki, to follow the path of opportunities by guidance of Dina Auntie as well as Shemoni Didi, and to make many joyful memories with my beloved Arangetram family. Every step of my journey has mattered to me because it created a growing love for dance. Each year Kruti has taught me a new lesson from organization to leadership. But the most important lesson Kruti has taught me is passion. The passion I have built with dance has allowed me to evolve into a better dancer as I start and finish off this summer with a memorable once in a lifetime experience.

Shena Patel

I started dance classes at Kruti Dance Academy in 2001 with my sisters. At first whenever Wednesday came around, we would plead to our parents not to make us go to dance class. By the end of my first year, I told my parents from front that I wanted to stay involved with Kruti. As the years past I got more involved with the Academy. I started as a student, then a group lead, and in my last year I got to choreograph a dance. In 2010 I was told by my parents that we would be moving. I did not get to have my Arangetram, but I will never forget what all the years of hard work at Kruti have taught me. Kruti is not just an academy where students come and learn dance, it is an academy much greater than that. Kruti Dance Academy is all about teaching the kids and teenagers of the 21st century the history, culture and traditions of India. I can still remember Dina Aunty sitting down and telling us stories about Ghanesh when we learned the Ghanesh Stuti and when she told us the story behind Shabdam-Mahabharat. I also remember learning all the shlokas, hand gestures, neck gestures, head gestures, and more. Kruti is also all about teaching the students discipline, integrity, focus, and much more. Kruti has taught me so much! Everyday I thank my parents for forcing me to go every week. I also thank Dina Aunty, Shemonididi, Miss Sissy, and all the volunteers that have taught me through out the years. I thank them for pushing me and believing in me. I can truly say that I would not be the person I am today without them. Dina Aunty has become another mom for me. She was there from the first day I stepped into the studio to the last day I went to the studio as a student; I know she will always be there when I need her. She has made me a stronger and better person. Even though I live ten hours away, I know that Dina Aunty and the rest of the Kruti family will always be there. Even now whenever go back to Atlanta to visit, I always go see my second family…my Kruti family! My experience at Kruti was GREAT! I loved every minute of it. I would recommend that anyone and everyone should at least try to be a student. The best thing about Kruti Dance Academy is that it can bring the talent of dance out of you and it can teach you the importance of dance in your life. It also creates a foundation for the culture and traditions of India in your life. I never knew I could be a dancer, but now, after nine years of hard work, I teach at a local BAPS Temple in Virginia. I also in 2009 participated in the Fogana Garba Competition, as both a co-choreographer and performer; my group was participating for the first time and won first place in our region and nationals. I can beyond doubt say that dancing is a way I can clear my mind and Kruti has helped me do that.

Shivani Mukkamala

A wonderful Dance Academy and so much more! Both Dina Aunty and Shemoni are so dedicated in making the tiniest dancer to the most experienced dancer shine! They create an environment of fun, discipline and respect for Indian culture. We are so pleased our daughter has been able to be part of the studio and the recital this year. The recital was nothing short of spectacular especially given most is run by its own students! Our daughter cannot wait til the new semester!

Akanksha Sharma

Some of the youngest memories I have are of dancing. I have always had a special connection with music that has constantly had me bouncing on my feet as soon as the first beat struck, whether it was in the car on a road trip to visit my uncle, or at my birthday parties, forcing my entire family to dance along with me to the encaptivating beat of Bollywood music. However, whilst having this passionate love for dance and music, I was also an incredibly quiet and shy child, who hated being in the spotlight in front of people she didn’t know. So, when my parents decided that they were going to enroll me in Kruti when I was 7, getting me to try out the class was such a hassle that my mom had to force me in the door and hold the door closed, not letting me out until I gave the class a chance. It wasn’t until one of the didis approached me and coaxed me into following along that I finally felt some sort of comfort, and released the anxiety of all these people being around me. And the rest, as they say, is history. Looking back, it’s astonishing to believe that such a timid young girl could transform into the outgoing and confident person I am today, and a majority of that change is thanks to Kruti. It is here that I discovered my true passion for dancing, and it is here that I discovered my true self. When I entered the Arangetram class four years ago, I was still rather quiet, and didn’t talk as much in front of people that I didn’t really know. It was volunteering that brought out my true character, and allowed me to express myself in a wholly different way, and encouraged me to be carefree, and not care about the world around me. I’ve learned how to be a leader, how to be confident, how to work hard, and also how to manage my stress. Managing my time suddenly became so much more important, what with shuffling 3 hours of Arangetram class and endless hours of volunteering with the high demands of high school. However, it is thanks to my time at Kruti that I have learned these invaluable skills that I know will stay with me forever. It’s hard to imagine my life without dancing, and it’s hard to imagine my life without Kruti. The bonds that I’ve created with my lifelong friends, through all of our early morning and late night practices, our endless inside jokes, and our enormous Starbucks runs, are relationships that, regardless of whether we are all in the same place, will remain strong forever. Thank you for making me the person I am today, and for teaching me that dance is more than just an art, it’s a way of life.

Anu Sheth

Eight years ago, what started as a simple Indian dance class for my 5 year old daughter has now evolved into a way of life for both of my daughters. Through Kruti, not only are they learning the art of Bharathanatyam dance, they are developing leadership skills, grace, discipline and most importantly the passion to work hard to achieve their goals. As a parent, I feel fortunate to have Kruti on my side to raise my children to be the best that they can be! Thank you Dina Aunty and Shemoni! You both are mentors and role models for my children (and me)!! Looking forward to continuing the journey in the new location!

Anjeli Patel

My journey through dance truly began when I entered Kruti Dance Academy in its former Jimmy Carter location so many years ago. Now, after many years, I sadly admit that it is coming to an end. Attending this academy has taught me both poise and grace, along with the dedication, patience, and respect. Under the guidance of Mrs. Dina Sheth, I have learned to push the limits of achievement not only in dance, but in every aspect of my life. Throughout my journey, while learning valuable life lessons, I have also been able to create friendships that will last a lifetime and have become a part of a family that I could turn to in times of need. Dina Aunti has acted as a second mother to me and the Kruti students have become my brothers and sisters. My experiences here have helped me learned so much both about my religion and about my cultural heritage.This summer, I will be completing my Arangetram on August 9th. The preparation for such an event is tremendous, with caterers, invitations, and, most importantly, dance practices. I know that the skills I have attained through my years of volunteering and dancing have prepared me for this moment, and I look forward to every step of the journey. Although my experiences Kruti Dance Academy would be over, I will look back on these years with admiration, always holding the academy in my heart.

Supal Patel

Thank you again for such a wonderful experience at Kruti. Your professionalism shows! We have been so delighted with your dance studio and we are glad that we are a part of it. Both of you amaze us with your dedication to your students and your studio. Dina Aunty and Shemoni also impressed me by not only knowing the names of ALL their students, but really knowing each student as an individual.

Eesha Oza

For the past 10 years, I've been a part of the kruti family. Family really is the best word for it - Dina Aunty is like a mother to me and Shemoni Didi is like a sister. They've created an academy where success is measured by hard work and creative excellence and I cannot thank my parents enough for putting me in their care. I've grown as a dancer and as a person here and I highly recommend it - Kruti produces excellent dancers and exceptional people and I miss it every day.

Neerja Patel

I first started Kruti Dance Academy at the age of 4, 11 years ago when I entered my first class for Bhartanatyam. Since this time, I have learned not only the classical dance form of Bhartanatyam, but I have also been simultaneously learning the cultural origins and the stories behind the dance form. Additionally, I am learning how to become a better leader while improving my own technique. As I go through this journey I am making memories, new friends and learning important life lessons that I can use in the future.

Neevi Goswami

Kruti Dance Academy is a place where I not only learned to dance Bharata Natyam but learned to cherish my heritage. The nurturing environment of the studio allows students to open their minds to the music and enjoy themselves- whether it is learning the regulated, classical Indian dance of Bharata Natyam or the free-spirited dances of Bollywood. The children get along well with each other, and the teachers are always in high spirits ready to teach the class with a smile. As a student, I have been able to experience all these wonderful aspects of the studio along with some others. I have been able to personally see how dedicated my teachers are and how much effort goes into teaching each child. The comfortable atmosphere allows me to cherish my time with my teachers and friends to such an extent that I can call them my extended family. My time at Kruti Dance Academy has been full of sweat and smiles.

Shivani Modi

Learning intricate steps as I strike the floor soundly with my gunghroos has been an important part of my life since I was young. Coming from Chattanooga, my sister and I realized how easy it is to feel immersed within the wonderful place that is Kruti Dance Academy. Driving two hours every weekend, was not an easy task, and some days it was very difficult. This, however, was actually a blessing in disguise, because without Kruti, we could never dream about completing our Arangetram. Throughout the years, Dina Aunty and Shemoni Didi, our gurus, have become like a second family to us. Their guidance and support throughout our entire lives has been invaluable and we could not thank them enough. Eight years ago, we stepped into Kruti Dance Academy unsure of what was to come. Little did we know, this place was going to become our second home. With their guidance, Kruti Dance Academy has allowed us to grow and change in ways we never thought we could. The calm feeling that surrounds us when we dance allows us to relax and truly be ourselves. We have learned so many valuable things here and we are so grateful to be given the opportunity to become a part of such a wonderful place. Not only do we have the most amazing gurus in the world, but we also have a awesome Kruti family. They are always there to support and help us whenever we need it, and we are so grateful to them. Coming from far away can be a burden sometimes, but they are always their to offer us whatever we need including their homes, food, etc. we am so grateful Kruti has given such a remarkable group of people that we get to dance with every weekend. They are all a part of our family and our life would be so different without them. Our lives at Kruti took a whole different turn when we began volunteering. Being responsible for spreading not only dance, but also your love and passion to these kids is not an easy task, especially when they look up to you. Being a "didi" has allowed us to grow in ways that we could never imagine. We will never forget the looks of joy on the children's faces whenever they memorize a step or get the move just right with the music. Their passion reminds us of ours every day, and we am reminded of our love and joy for dancing. Now my sister and I are blessed with the opportunity to perform together for our Arangetram. We have been blessed to grow closer through this experience and we can't wait to share this experience together. Kruti has helped us grow closer in ways we could never imagine, and we couldn't be more grateful for that. The atmosphere we have here is truly one-of-a-kind and we love getting to come here every weekend.

ami patel

Joining Kruti Dance Academy as an adult was one of the best decisions I have made. In my few months of journey at Kruti, I have come to realize and appreciate the values and virtues that it portrays. Learning Bharatnatyam here is rigorous and inspiring. The quality that attracts me, the most, is their high emphasis on maintaining the authenticity of the dance form.

Nikul Patel

Kruti Dance Academy was invited to perform at Indiafest (a fund raiser for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts) in Beaumont, TX. Kruti was the main performing team who performed 5 different dance items and all of them were phenomenal. Kruti's team was quick in understanding the scope, audience and our requirements. They were very adaptive when it came to planning the event and arranging logistics. I would recommend this dance group to any major event. All attendees were thoroughly impressed. GREAT JOB KRUTI and its entire team - specially DINA and SHEMONI

Megha Patel

“There are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them.” – Vicki Baum. Over the past 11 years that I have danced at Kruti, this quote has spoken the truth. From the invigorating Saturday mornings spent perfecting new choreography to the endless practicing done at home to master it, there is almost never a day I go without thinking of dance. This summer, I have the utmost privilege of performing my Arangetram to showcase everything I have learned thus far in Bharata Natyam. The preparations, planning, and practicing had at times worn me out, but the ultimate goal at the end always kept me pushing for my special day to get here. The Arangetram experience is nothing like what I have gone through before. I’ve made many special bonds at Kruti— with my guru, my students, and especially with my fellow Arangetram girls. We connect over the most far-fetched things, and laugh at almost everything. These girls are like sisters to me, and I am thankful for the memorable moments we’ve created together—I won’t forget them.

Neha Reimoo

I attended Bollywood dance classes at Kruti for five years and loved every minute of it. The entire studio has an incredibly welcoming aura inside and outside the class. Aside from the colorful interior, the classes themselves are fun and easy to follow while also challenging and pushing beyond one's boundaries. Not one person was ever left behind or feeling defeated because they couldn't get a dance move. The choreography itself involves clean movements bursting with energy in every step. Needless to say, I never found myself feeling bored in class and always looked forward to the next class. To anyone wanting to get into Bollywood dancing, I would recommend Kruti for all ages to have a great time while also expanding their dance skills. They are truly like a family welcoming new members with open arms and smiling faces!

Anish Iyer

Kruti Dance Academy has truly been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Dina Aunty and Shemoni Didi go to great efforts to ensure that each recital that I have attended has been spectacular. Even though it takes a lot of hard work and discipline, all of my teachers have used mistakes as a moment of teaching and have pushed me to dance with the perfect form, rhythm, and speed. These are skills that have not only made me appreciate Bollywood Dancing and Indian culture, but will also serve as life skills that will benefit me in every facet of my life. I have also gotten the opportunity to volunteer with younger kids, and learning to deal with this responsibility has made me into a more mature person. Kruti will always be an important experience for me throughout the entirety of my life

Rozina Shiraz Gilani

Dancing and living have become one in the same for me, thanks to my years at Kruti. The line that we so create between what we love and what we do was blurred when I stepped foot into Dina Aunty's basement, nearly 16 years ago. Over the next several years, I was exposed to and made a lover of all types of Indian dance and culture. While my training in Bharat Natyam was at the core of my experience at Kruti, the studio offered me links to my Indian background which I was born separate from as a first generation American. Eight years have passed since I was a student at Kruti, yet I still consider it home. Eight years have passed since Dina Aunty and I have shared the same studio together, yet I still consider her both my guru and beloved friend. Kruti holds a place in my heart that guides me beyond the artistic elements of my current work; it guides me in the way that I show commitment to the most important areas and people of my life, in the way that I express curiosity and interest in learning new things and possibly most important of all, in the way that I always, always see the potential of growth. So when recommending Kruti Dance Academy to those curious in finding a studio space in Atlanta, I speak with pride when recalling both the expertise of dance and the environment of personal development that it had offered me as a student. Though I have lived far away from my home (Kruti) and my guru in these recent years, the belief that I have in their ability to profoundly affect all their visitors is stone solid. I hope to return and see these manifestations before long! With love and respect.

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