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REVIEWS OF Georgia Dance Unlimited IN Georgia

Shannon Marsh

My 7 year old daughter has been dancing 2 and a half years there, 2 of which on company! She has had great experiences, she is shy and is really starting to come out of her shell. She loves all her dance friends and she has improved so much, especially this last year! We are blessed to have GDU for our dance family!

B. Singh

My daughter has been dancing here for the past 3 years and we absolutely love it! We have watched our daughter transition from being shy and restrained to becoming a whole other kid on stage! She has such confidence now and her passion for dance is such a joy to see!! Mrs. Mindy, Mrs. Allie, Mrs. Nakendra and Mrs. Jen are all wonderful teachers and truly love the students. GDU is really one big family and these kids can dance!!!

NotGiving ItToAMachine

My daughter attends Georgia Dance and we are very pleased with the instruction there. The atmosphere is family friendly and the teachers are great.

ron anderson

1st of all let me tell you this I am not putting any false accusation like you are calming, I am saying the truth what happen and how she behaved and I am not aggressive towards female employ I my self is a small business owner and I have 2 female employee who works for me and I think if you a owner of this dace class you should check that facts before you post any response and I also think you are under assumption that your employ what she is saying is truth then i think you need to put hidden camera where she is and you will find out who is truth and also you going to find who is false .Check your facts and also I am so glad that I did not put my kids in your class since you your self don't know how to handled the situation

Kristen Scott

Highly recommend you go somewhere else. Very poor customer service, you can NEVER get someone on the phone. Skills lacking in students, since it's about 80% of the students it seems to be the school to blame. Not a good institution for establishing and improving dance technique and ability. I don't think my daughters are taught what they need to learn to build their skill set and grow in varied forms of dance. More specifically: Placed my two daughters through Bogan park - Ms. Allie was great, things went well. Teacher was very good with the students, but the curriculum was lacking a lot in my opinion Spring Recital: Cost: We paid an additional $100 per child for the recital. Get to the recital at a local high school... it's another $16 for a T shirt, $80 for pictures, $5 per ticket. Yup, you have to pay extra to see the show you funded, no tickets included. One of my daughter's costumes didn't arrive until a few days before the show, luckily it fit .STILL calling them each week to get the total $160 in dance recital pics. Skill: The show was awful, just kids jumping around not really dancing. Very few of the dancers seems to know their routine - of about 100 performances, mind you. Many of the dancers lacked form and technique. Very basic things not done while dancing, like pointing your toes - facials - and just about NO mid-level dance moves. When they tried to leap and turn, hardly anyone could. Company: Only decent dancers were in the company - they boast as award winning. Let me tell you from experience, award winning depends on the competition group you're in. You can go to a lower or higher end line of competitions - get my drift...

camryn wilhoit

i absolutely love dancing at georgia dance unlimited. dancing at this studio has given me opportunities that i don't think i would've gotten anywhere else. i've been at gdu for almost eight years now, and i couldn't be happier. every single teacher here is absolutely amazing, and not only helps me become a better dancer but also a better person. i feel so safe and secure at gdu, because i'm surrounded by supportive and kind people. my favorite part of the day is getting to go to dance, because i know that i'm going to get to see my best best best friends. georgia dance unlimited is my happy place. i honestly don't know if i can even put into words how grateful i am to have come across such a wonderful place. i don't know what i'd do without gdu. they're my family. and i'm incredibly lucky to have them.

Santana Ortega

Good job my daughter is very happy there

the life of ELIZABETH/DANCER gdu

If you are looking for a stodio go her! I am one of the copnay dancers there and I love. it I have been at the stodio since I was 1 and I have so much fun. there is so much to lean. You can make new friends and lean dance in hip hop jazz ballet tap and much more!

Katie Howard

We LOVE GDU!!! I have 3 daughters, all attending. The younger 2 ask daily if it's dance night. My oldest just joined their dance company. I have watched her technique and skills grow immensely over the last 3 years thanks to this studio! The entire staff is wonderful and supportive! GDU is a family that welcomes new comers with a smile and open arms.

lisa goad

My daughter has been dancing with them for 3 years (8yo). She absolutely loves the challenge, dance opportunities, and being a part of such a great studio. All of the teachers are so supportive, encouraging and bond with the girls well. You can really see the love of teaching the teachers have and for the kids! As a parent I have enjoyed the song choices and dance routines they taught her. I find them age/skill level appropriate. I also find that the studio has an open ear to parents, like to receive feedback and have an open honest connection with parents.

Mekayla Shaw

Amy Fink

We love GDU! The teachers are excellent and very encouraging. My daughter has been dancing at GDU for 6 years and absolutely loves her GDU family. She started the dance competition team 3 years ago and enjoys being on stage and performing! The teachers have really helped my daughter become more confident.


WATCH OUT PARENTS READ THIS BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO PUT YOUR PRECIOUS KIDS TO THIS DANCE CLASS . let me tell you we have two kids and we where looking for dance class in Dacula area since we are new in this area . When we saw their booth in school in open house I was excited but i am so so glad i did't put my kids in this Dance class .When i approach this booth lady I am not sure if she was owner or employ was busy with other parent explaining them in detail . while she was busy with other parent we where waiting patiently and there where 2 kind of flyer sitting on the table to take home out of which 1 flyer there was only 1 and the other kind there where many which my girl took it after asking me , soon has she took one she snatch it from her hand and said that it need to stay there , I did not say any thing thinking she may have not mean it . So when are turn came she told us very little about dance class and fees and told me to go online and look at the fees and gave me 1 flyer like she was prejudice I was still calm . Now i gave that flyer to my elder daughter when my 4 yrs old daughter also wanted it so i said its OK take it which she had lot over there and soon has she took it she again tried to take it from her but when she looked at me she did not say anything think, at that moment i couldn't take it any more so i took that flyer from my kids and gave it back to her and told her on her face that my kinds are never going to come to your dance class. I f she was so prejudice and rude in front of me if god forbid i would have put my kids there i don't know what see would had done with my kids.So parents please be careful about this class. I am also planing to report this incident to school

Jaelyn Cox

I love dancing at Georgia Dance. I have grown as a dancer as well as a confident performer. I cannot wait to start my 7th season this fall.

Elisabeth Desir

My daughter, Lois, has been dancing with Georgia Dance Unlimited for over four years . She absolutely loves it. The studio is practically a second home to her and she loves being a part of such a great studio. The teachers are extremely supportive, encouraging and bond with the girls well. You can really see the love of teaching the teachers have and for the kids! I can honestly say that I am what you call an overprotective parent but when my daughter is at the studio, I don't worry simply because I know that she is in a great environment. As a young girl growing up, she around women who are empowering her to do great things.

Mollie Wilhoit

We absolutely LOVE GDU! My daughter started dancing at 2.5yrs old at her preschool...she developed a love for dance then. As she grew, she had to take classes elsewhere. Then we heard of the Performing Company (Competition Team) at Georgia Dance Unlimited & my daughter wanted to audition! She did & made the team at 6 years old! Now 9, and just completing her 3rd year on the Performing Company team, I can say she has grown as a dancer LEAPS & BOUNDS!!! And her love is truly a passion now. She dances constantly! Her flexibility is amazing, her confidence shines, she is a beautiful skilled dancer that pushes herself every day to get better & better! I know this is because of the amazing owner/teacher, Jennifer, and the other talented teachers. They push them to be the best they can be in a supportive, caring way. They really love what they do! My daughter has formed friendships with such good sweet girls and GDU is our second family! The tuition is VERY budget friendly, the environment fun & safe, class sizes appropriate... recommend the studio highly!!

Udy Andrews

I attended a recital on 6/2/18 to see my 2 nieces perform. I drove 2 1/2 hours so I could see them dance and was so excite because I had not been able to attend any of their other recitals. When me and my family of 6 arrived to the 6:00 pm performance seating was limited. Seat numbers weren’t on your ticket which was the first mistake made by the management team. When I asked management about seating and if people were allowed to hold seats if individuals were not present, I was told no, seats could not be held and told I would have to discuss the issue with whoever has holding seats. This was the second mistake made by management. When I inquired to the man who has holding a row of seats things got heated and management did not intervene to enforce there own policy. This was the third message made by management. The auditorium was full with people standing on both sides and in the back. I felt like fire codes were not being enforced. This was the fourth mistake made by management. I felt like the dance company was only concerned about selling tickets. They did not care about customer service or customer safety.

Christina Sanchez

Aditya Alamsyah

Jerry Johnson

Absolutely love this studio. The most family oriented studio I have ever taken my girls. I hated leaving this place when we moved. I have yet to find a studio to call home since moving that I feel we will have as much fun as we did at Georgia Dance Umlimited. Not to mention the owner Jennifer has very competitive rates. Miss the studio!

Laura Ezell

If you are looking for a studio that will truly put your child first, look no further! My daughter started dancing with GDU when she was 2 years old. This week, she starts her 5th year of dance! This year is also her 3rd year with the GDU Performing Company. I have watched her change from just going to dance class because I said we were, to actually asking me every day if she has dance! Mrs. Jennifer and the other teachers have encouraged her and we have seen her improve year after year. More than just improving in dance skills, I have seen her blossom in to such a confident child. She never hesitates at dancing in front of crowds, whether it is at a Dance Competion or in front 1,000 people at a hockey game! Away from dance, She is very confident at school and among her peers as well, and I believe most of that confidence is thanks to dance. I fully believe that the lessons she learns from Mrs. Jennifer and the other teachers have carried over in every aspect of her life. To our family, that is invaluable!

Suzanne Smith

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