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REVIEWS OF Atlanta Dance & Music Academy IN Georgia

Leslie Work

Wonderful place and outlet!

Lauren Melton

I love ADMA! I have been dancing with this studio for forever and it has been an amazing experience. Ms. Pamela has shown me the ins and outs of the dance world and has taken her personal time and energy to help me improve my dancing. Highly recommend it for people of all ages, levels, and ethnicities!



Julian Melton

Noa Colvin

Debra Gibson-Welch

I am a forty something year old mom ( have not done ballet since I was 8) and I started taking the ballet basics with Mr C about 6 weeks ago. I am hooked, my body is changing fast and that class is my getaway from all of my daily grind issues. This is a mix of floor work and ballet one day and then ballet the other day. Mr C is an expert, take this class and it can change your life!! Love it!


It has great teachers and is just so fun!

Skater Bear

MarQuis Trill

My favorite place to dance! Working on choreography for my song

Harrison Melton


Bryan Carvajal

I absolutely love this place. After having been to several classes at the Atlanta Ballet Centre and leaving unsatisfied (and almost with the belief that ballet maybe wasn't for me) I found this place and it's exactly what I was looking for. Everyone is so nice, the dance studios are big and well-kept, the class sizes (adult ballet basics) are small enough to where the teacher is still able to pay attention to each individual and tailor the instructions appropriately for each person, and the teachers just really know what they're doing. I would recommend this place to anyone who has an interest in ballet!

Liz Huckins

When I turned 40 I decided it was time to do something that I had always wanted to do... Take a Ballet Class. Luckily I found Studio Dionne. The Studio Owner,all the teachers and the other students were so welcoming that I felt at home right away. I have been dancing there for six years now and have gone from ballet basics to the advanced class. Whether you are a beginner like I was or have had years of dance training and just want to get back into it, Studio Dionne is the place to go!

Shan Mc

Awesome studio! My daughter loves it!

Loren Cadena

We love Studio Dionne. our daughter has been taking lessons for 3 years now and loves it. the teachers are great, Ms. Pamela is fantastic and takes her work seriously. its an all around great staff.

Christopher Rivera

Can you sing there?? Search up violetta performance and listen to it and I want to know if your school can do that because I want to go somewhere like that and that’s my dream

Jane King

I love Studio Dionne! I studied dance, mostly ballet, from the age of 12 to 18 at the studio and take classes or teach there whenever I am in Atlanta. The director, Pamela Dionne, has been a huge influence and help in what is now my career. I really enjoy the intimate class setting and individual attention. It does not matter if you are trying to become a professional or just trying to work out; Studio Dionne is a welcoming environment to grow your love of performing arts.

Judy Cooper

audrie cawley

My daughter attends the A1 ballet class here (shes 3), and she loves it, they're so good with her, she enjoys going to class, and telling/showing everyone what she learned in ballet class. We love ADMA, and Ms. Dionne is so welcoming!!!

Stephanie Powe

I am writing this review in hopes that it will prevent someone else's child from being hurt or discouraged from pursuing their artistic dreams. I enrolled my now 4yr old daughter (3yrs old in the beginning of the fall session) in her very first ballet class. I chose Studio Dionne based on convenient location and some good reviews that I read online. However, I am definitely now regretting this choice! My daughter is the only African American enrolled in her class and I can honestly say that I have never felt welcomed by the school. When going to pre-register my daughter for the next fall session for the 4 yr old aged class last Saturday I was told that my daughter was the only child in the class that would not be allowed to move forward to the next class. When questioning why, I was told that they feel my child is not "emotionally" ready and does not have the attention span to last the additional 15 minutes that the next class requires (btw none of these "concerns" were ever brought to my attention prior and my daughter has been in this class since August). Also, here is the icing on the cake...If someone walked into studio Dionne today with their 4 yr old child that child would automatically be enrolled in the class they say my daughter isn't ready for just based on age....but my daughter who has been at the school for 10mo and is 4 yrs old is not allowed to be enrolled into that same class. I know most parents are going to speak highly of their child (in which they should), but my child is exceptionally smart and ahead of most 3-4 yr olds in many areas (socially, emotionally, and academically). This has been proven via the state test and assessment given at my daughters school and to say that my child is not "emotionally" ready and does not have the attention span in my opinion is a load of crap! I can't stand when individuals play the race card, but in this situation race was the only difference of my child and every other child in that class. It's kills me when individuals of the opposite race try their hardest to "label" an African American child at a young age. At this age introducing a child to the arts should be fun and exciting, not trying to discourage and humiliate a child. In this day and age when the arts are starting to diminish you would think that a kids dance school would do everything in their power to encourage children to enjoy and embrace the arts. Dancing may not end up being my daughters "claim to fame" but at this age I want to expose my child to every opportunity and as she gets older see what she enjoys most. My child has 2 more weeks left in the session and I am seriously considering not letting her attend. I DO NOT STAND BY ANY COMPANY OR ORGANIZATION THAT TRIES TO KILL AND DESTROY MINORITY CHILDREN DREAMS. I do not recommend Studio Dionne to anyone! Especially minorities!

mikhail whitworth

My daughter took this class and loved it! Great for high energy fun!


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