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Michele Thomas

My daughter is getting ready to start her 3rd year with Central Florida Irish dance. She has taken her after school activity and turned it into so much more. She attends class in multiple locations (St cloud, celebration and winter garden). My daughter not only is learning to dance but also to speak Gaelic and about her heritage.

Caroline Schumacher

I strongly recommend Central Florida Irish Dance to parents looking for a unique sport for their child. It is a cultural immersion combined with athleticism. Students are exposed to the traditions of Ireland including music, dance and language. The program promotes healthy lifestyles for mind, body and spirit as well. Students have rigorous conditioning to perform their best and avoid injury. CFID is also a female entrepreneur success story! I cannot think of a better role model for children than Sarah Costello. She has built her business with one student to well over 100! Come watch this school perform around our community or sign up today!

Katie Breen

My daughter started dance lessons with Central Florida Irish Dance 3 years ago and absolutely loves it! Miss Sarah is a great teacher and my daughter has learned so much from her. My daughter looks forward to going to class every week and it is amazing to watch her progress!

Chrissi Trullinger

My daughters danced Irish dance previously and when we moved to Florida, we had to find a new school. We came across Sarah and Central FL, my oldest took the free trial class and that’s all it took. Sarah and Hannah are great teachers, kind and patient, and I have seen amazing progress, especially with my older daughter! I have one who dances competitively and one who dances more for fun, and both love going to class each week. Absolutely recommend!!

Karen Connole

My daughter has been dancing with Central Florida Irish Dance 6 years. The teachers are wonderful and work hard to help the student's reach their full potential.

sharon moran

My daughter is starting her 7th year with CFID this fall. She enjoys going to class, competitions and performance shows. She especially loves the comradery she has with fellow students and instructors. Her teacher, Sarah, is great with all the students of any age. Sarah is professional in her approach and wants to see all her dancers do well, whether just in class or for a feis.

Donna Mogilski

Sara is an amazing teacher blending discipline and encouragement with perfect balance. I can't believe how much my grand daughter Isabella learned the first year and SHE LOVES IT. Also, all of the parents who wait for their children are among the kindest, most generous people I have ever met.

Kaleigh Killebrew

There really truly are not enough stars ⭐️ on here to give Central Florida Irish Dance and Miss Sarah Costello. We met Miss Sarah 7 years ago when my oldest daughter was just barely 2. Sarah was the first person to take my child on stage and teach her just a little step. From there on out we kept in contact with Miss Sarah my daughter was absolutely captivated by her. We started attending CFID summer camps. Fast forward a couple years and I enrolled our daughter into Irish Dance at a local school where we live (6 hrs away from CFID). After 2 years of lessons the local school decided to temporarily close that location. My daughter was absolutely devastated! I called Miss Sarah and she said that she would love to has us at CFID. We now travel once or twice a month to CFID from GA for lessons from Miss Sarah and Mrs Hannah. Now both my girls take lessons. My oldest has gone from a baby beginner only knowing 2 dances to Competing in Nationals 2018 with less than a year of lessons from Miss Sarah. Besides being fabulous dance teachers, we can not express enough the wonderful role models Miss Sarah and Mrs Hannah are for our girls. They enrich their lives with not only Irish Dance but Irish Culture and language. They are also teaching our children to be strong, independent, caring dancers. Miss Sarah teaches our children it’s not about winning it’s about having fun, learning, making friends and being there for each other. We couldn’t ask for a better person to teach our children and we couldn’t ask for a better Irish Dance School for our children. If you are looking for an excellent Irish Dance School with strong morals and wonderful teachers look no Further Central Florida Irish Dance is the best of the best! Thank you Miss Sarah and Mrs Hannah and Central Florida Irish dance for the wonderful impact you all have made on our children’s lives!

Courtney Jones

We were so thrilled to find such a knowledgeable teacher and such a quality dance class in our little St. Cloud! We love Central Florida Irish Dance!

Brynn Bradley

My daughter has been dancing with Miss Sarah for almost 3 years now (since right before her 4th birthday). Just last year my son also taking lessons after school with Miss Hannah, and I started taking the adult classes. We all absolutely LOVE Central Florida Irish Dance. Sarah and Hannah are hardworking and inspiring woman who not only teach the LOVE of Irish dance but also technique, respect, culture, and so much more. My children have had many opportunities to share the Irish culture with the community and have made some wonderful and amazing accomplishments in Irish dance! Best Irish dance school and family in central Florida! ❤️

alexis munroe

A wonderful well educated instructor! Sarah is patient with her students and the class will kick your butt every week!

Pamela Dieter

We have enoyed being apart of central Florida irish dance school for the past 4 years, and Elizabeth, Nathan, and Christian love Miss Sarah and all the teachers. We love that they are Learning traditional irish dances and more about the irsh culture.

Jennifer Malanga

If you want your child to love Irish Dancing and learn the proper techniques then this is the school for you! My daughter loves going here and loves Miss Sarah. It is amazing to watch how far she has come in a year and that is due to the high excellence of teaching that this school provides.

Amelia Crawford

Miss Sarah is the best teacher ever! I love going to class and learning new dances.

Carla Coristin

My daughter has loved her experience with CFID. Miss Sarah and her instructors are all fabulous!!!

Chana Schroeder

Class act school with an amazing instructor, role model and teacher. Sarah Costello has dedicated her time and knowledge of Irish dancing to the students and does an amazing job with the kids.

Jenny Cunningham

Best dance school in America! Sarah is an amazing teacher! Wouldn't dance anywhere else. The classes are always super fun and we always learn a lot. It's like one big family!

Jessica Hughes

We moved from out of state and started with Central Florida Irish Dance in January of this year. While my oldest has been dancing since she was small, she has made such tremendous growth while under Miss Sarah’s guidance and has really been able to refine her skills. Our three year old also dances and Miss Sarah and the other instructors are wonderful with her. Despite her age they take the time to work on skills and technique but also foster her love for dance and all things Irish. I highly recommend Central Florida Irish dance and could not be happier with the dance family that we have gained.

Megan Davis

Sarah Costello is such an amazing person and teacher. Not only does she have an extensive knowledge for this creative art form, she makes class a very fun and happy environment for both young students and adults alike. My Thursday night classes have easily become my favorite part of the week!

Beverly Cannata

Ms. Sarah is passionate about Irish Dance and Irish culture. My daughter has been learning Irish dance at Central Florida Irish Dance School for two years, and loves it! She enjoys the competition, as well as just having fun. This school provides many opportunities for students to perform in local communities, especially around St. Patrick's Day, and we are learning so much about the whole Irish dance culture. So grateful for Ms. Sarah and Ms. Hannah and their commitment to teaching this art.

LadyBagpiper Pat

Instructor Sarah makes learning easy and fun! There is a wide variety of dance levels to meet everyone's needs. The group dance, for all levels, is a blast!


I can’t say enough wonderful things about Central Florida Irish Dance and Miss Sarah! Her experience, knowledge, patience and dedication shine through in every class. My 6yo loves her lessons and has learned so much in the past year and my adult class is the highlight of my week! We are so glad to be part of the CFID family :)

Sarah Berman

Central fl irish dance is one of the best irish dance schools I've been with. Miss Sarah is an absolutely amazing teacher and very patient. From the wee ones to the adults you couldn't ask for a better place to learn irish dance!!!

Maura Flaherty

My daughter enjoys dancing with Central Florida Irish Dance. She especially enjoys how traditional and modern music is integrated throughout the lessons. The classes are the right combination of socialization and fun for little ones along with the technical dance instruction they need to be successful dancers.

Ann Markey

We love our Central Florida Irish Dance class! Our teacher Ms Maureen is wonderful with the kids and a great instructor. The whole organization has been really fun and a great experience for our daughter.

Dallas Killough

My daughter Ryan Killough, finished her first year at Central Florida Irish Dance and absolutely loved it. She learned so much. I was amazed with all the kids at the class feis. My wife and I had a blast.

Kelly Griffin

Excellent Irish Dance school with dedicated, professional teachers that work well with all ages and stages of dancers. My daughter has been dancing here for almost two years and has learned so much, plus she loves Irish dance classes with Ms. Sarah and Ms. Hannah.

April Sapp

I simply cannot say enough about Central Florida Irish Dance. If you are looking to start Irish Dance, then you are in the right place! Miss Sarah has taken my daughter from beginner classes less than 2 years ago to advanced classes this year. Miss Sarah not only teaches the steps, but also discipline, self confidence, teamwork and the value of working hard to achieve goals. My daughter has grown in so many wonderful ways over the past 2 years thanks to Central Florida Irish Dance!

Gabriele Thompson

Just love dancing at and for this school. Miss Sarah is doing a great job teaching all levels and ages and is making sure everyone has fun in the classes! No better place to learn your original Irish Dance!

Lynn Bodell

So very pleased that Sarah and the great dancers of Central Florida Irish Dance joined us March 19th at our St. Patrick's Street Party & Celtic Fest 2017 at Crooked Can Brewing Company. Our guests were so complimentary of all the talented dancers. Looking forward to working together in the future. Sincerely, Lynn Bodell Classically Cool Event Productions

Alex Guastella

This place is great for kids to learn Irish Dancing. my daughter loves the classes and competitions.

Maggie Clinton

Central Florida Irish Dance school is the best of the best in Central Florida. My daughter was 12 when she took her first class. She had no experience of Irish Dance before and by the 2nd class she was hooked. She is now 17 and a National Irish Dance Champion thanks to all the hard work and dedication from her fabulous instructor Sarah Costello and her team.

Colleen Chambers

Sarah brings great Irish traditions to Central Florida with great classes for children and adults. Fun, educational, and good exercise!

Sofia .p

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My daughter loves dancing with Central Florida Irish Dance! She started with one class a week and loved it so much she asked to add a second class. The teachers are very patient and really are invested in their students success.

Chrissy Thomason

My daughter had her first year in this school last fall and she absolutely loved every minute of it. The teacher is outstanding and she has managed to teach so much in the short time since my daughter has attended her classes.

Jeff Riley

Great group, my daughter loves going to class

Jeanne Walker

My daughter loves Central Florida Irish Dance! Miss Sarah is a wonderful teacher who works so well with the kids, instructing them by example. She literally never sits down! My daughter has learned so much about Irish culture and her dance has improved dramatically since we moved to CFID. It’s a wonderful dance family! ❤️ ☘️

aisling kane

One of the original Irish dance students with Central Florida Irish dance School since the very start. It is more than just a dance school as it is like a family to me and every student. Our Teacher Sarah is a true professional and really gives a 100% to each and every student from the youngest to the adults xx Best Irish Dancing School in Florida. So grateful it is in my life.

S Emerson

Fantastic dance experience for my daughter! She started dancing at 5 and is 7 now. Miss Sarah and the other teachers are great with kids, encouraging, but don’t mess around either, especially with the more experienced dancers...dancers are pushed to really strive for excellence.

Carol McGuire

CFID is a great source of exercise, fun, and cultural education for my daughter. She loves it and Miss Sarah is a great teacher!

Heather Hays

I love everything about Central Florida Irish Dance. We were referred to the school by a professional Irish dancer when my daughter expressed an interest in taking lessons. I had no idea what an amazing addition Irish dance would be to all our lives. The level of instruction Sarah Costello provides is exceptional. My daughter has become an award winning dancer in just one year. Her confidence has shot through the roof, she's more focused, and she's so passionate about dance. Sarah is also very involved in the community and provides lots of opportunities for the dancers to perform, whether they're interested in competitions or not. She creates a real family atmosphere amongst the students and parents. I can't imagine life without Central Florida Irish Dance.

Mary Reilly

Such a wonderful instructor!

victoria grimes

We love our dance school. Teachers are amazing. Lots of different locations as well as class times.. Definitely recommend..

Susan Bacci

As someone who has never attempted Irish dance and trying in my adult life at that, I was was very nervous and intimidated. At first class several years ago, I learned so much and felt all the worry disappear. Not to mention it is a fantastic weekly or bi-weekly workout. Sarah is a graceful and inspiring dancer who teaches well with great encouragement. I am very grateful for all I have learned and will continue to make her classes a key part of my life as long as I live in Central Florida.

Celine Peixoto

Great school and very experienced teachers. I am originally from Ireland and wanted a school for my daughter that had good patient teachers who were authentic in their approach to Irish dancing. My daughter loves the class and has learned a lot from Maureen!! She is a wonderful teacher and has a lot of patience for dances at all levels !

Eryn Shorthill

This is a full-cultural experience for my children. I have a boy and a girl, and they are both learning dance, Irish tin whistle, and Irish language and customs. Their instructor Sarah is kind to them and helpful to me, and she expects them to be prepared and to behave to perform well under her guidance, things I wish more adults expected out of the kids under their care. Even if your family has no Celtic heritage, CFID is a fantastic community of which to be a part and you would be welcomed with open arms.

Jodi Byrne

We feel so lucky to have found this school! Our daughter is entering her 3rd year with CFID. We love it, and the teachers are so fantastic and sweet to our young dancer!

Jessica Guyette

Sarah is an amazing dance teacher and her classes are so fun! You really learn a lot and learn many different dances during each class that you never get bored. She also really cares about everyone's progress and gives attention to those who need extra help.

Erin Walton

The instructor is very kind and helpful. I love the format of the class!

Jennifer Greene

Miss Sarah and all the staff at CFID are amazing! My daughter is going into her 4th year at this school and she absolutely loves it! It is truly a full cultural experience.

Madison Bedwell

My daughter started with Miss Hannah about a year ago. She's 7 now, and absolutely loves it! Hannah is a fantastic teacher, and my daughter has learned so much. She's had the opportunity to perform a few times, and loves it. If you're looking for an Irish dance studio, then go to Central Florida Irish Dance! (and ask for Hannah)

Taylor Fort

Central Florida Irish Dance is such an amazing school to be a part of! The teacher Sarah Costello is amazing. For adults, its a fantastic workout, while also getting to explore and enjoy the Irish culture on a weekly basis!

Evelyn Schwalb

My daughter fell in love with Irish Dance her very first class here! I appreciate that there is an appropriate level of strictness so that the students can truly improve and, if they wish, train for competition. It is great exercise and develops strong discipline. It is also helpful that there are monthly rates that reflect discounts if your child takes more than one class per week. We are hooked!

Melissa Baker

Central Florida Irish Dance is an incredible experience. The school is lead by fully trained, well qualified dance teachers with more then 10 years of experience. Our daughter has been dancing for a few years and loves every moment. We can’t say enough how fantastic Central Florida Irish Dance school is! It is a fun, active sport for boys, girls, and adults!

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