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REVIEWS OF Littleton Ballet Academy IN Colorado

Keagan Gilmartin

I was a student with LBA for twelve years and I could not be more grateful for the amazing staff I had the pleasure of learning from. The studio welcomes you with a professional and caring atmosphere allowing their students to thrive. The studio has taught me discipline, humility, and perseverance. Overall a wonderful studio to be a part of that truly changed my life for the better!

Abby Cetaruk

Littleton Ballet Academy is an amazing studio with great training, experienced instructors, and beautiful performances. At LBA, everyone is helping you towards success. Whether it is your friends who become family, or your teachers who support you every step of the way, everyone is there to help you reach your goals. Along with ballet, tap, modern, and jazz, valuable life skills are taught at LBA. This school is incredible for those who wish to pursue a professional career in dance, those who want to go to college and become doctors and lawyers, and everyone in between. I would recommend this studio to anyone who wants to dance in a warm and welcoming environment full of opportunities.

T Anderson

I have been dancing at Littleton Ballet Academy for about 10 years and I can't say enough about this studio. The environment is an amazing atmosphere to grow up in; I couldn’t ask for more! The teachers and directors are some of of the most courteous and generous people I know. They have helped me and many other kids and adults through thick and thin. They have taught me my most valuable lessons. The students are friendly and hardworking. Instructors teach students not only dance, but the skills to succeed in life as well. To list a few: time management, proper etiquette, and kindness. The studios and lobby are quite spacious and updated. Overall, this is a great studio for those of all ages and levels!

Megan Quinn

Littleton Ballet Academy has been an incredible studio for me. I started dancing with the studio when I was just 12 years old and trained in ballet, tap and jazz. Ali and Bobbie taught me from the beginning what hard work looked like and what you can achieve if you believe in yourself. The studio has always been a safe place for all students and teachers and is a special community in itself. I loved all the time I spent at the studio working hard and learning everyday. LBA always has a special place in my heart and I am forever grateful to the staff.

R. Bonnell

Growing up, LBA was my second home and the two amazing co-directors/ instructors remain my second family (21 years later!). LBA is a wonderful environment to not only grow as a beautiful dancer, but also as a strong person. Here, you will always receive top-notch training and be encouraged to explore a variety of dance forms, with ballet at the base. Perhaps one of my favorite parts of it all is being able to find creative expression through the number of performance opportunities each year. Being able to work with a family of other dancers ready to come together and work hard for a great time is so rewarding! After I graduated from high school and even college, I continue to return to LBA just so I can take ballet lessons here. It is such a welcoming place for adults and children alike. Overall, I am very proud to be an LBA alum and to see the wonderfully talented, kind ballerinas they continue to turn out!

Audrey Wilkinson

I do ballet here I love this place a lot!


I would definitely recommend this studio! The teachers and students there are very welcoming and everyone is very nice. The teachers are amazing and are very good and teaching. The staff is so hardworking and makes sure that everything is clear and they are very helpful when you have any questions! I would definitely recommend this studio to anyone!!

Shauna Baity

Littleton Ballet Academy and Littleton Youth Ballet entertain with professional quality shows. Every Christmas season they perform The Nutcraker followed by a fairy tale ballet in the spring. All of their performances are outstanding and family friendly! They have full sets and known guest artists including dancers from the Colorado Ballet. We look forward to watching all of their performances. My daughter has been receiving quality instruction at this studio for 7 years. I am always impressed with her progress. The staff is friendly and there is a genuine care for the students and the families. in addition to outstanding instruction, the students are taught to be good people. My daughter looks forward to dance class and is beyond excited fo each performance. If you want your child and family to be a part of something great, Littleton Ballet Academy is the place for you!

Eliana Tru

Nicole Lambert

Just read a post that was a bad review! I can't believe that parent. This school is SO clear about communication! We knew that June tuition was due-it was stated on the contract I signed, in the handbook provided, and explained in the letter sent out in the fall. As a parent of three kids, I appreciate the clear communication this school provides. I also was VERY impressed by the school performance. My children both performed in dances that were well within their capabilities for being ages 3 and 5. And the older dancers in this school are AMAZING! I am excited to see my children's progress in the school! Please don't pay attention to bad post.

Abigail Brainard

I have been dancing at this studio for 10 years and they have taught me so much. They always push me and my piers to be the best we can be. They are caring people that teach us to be not only wonderful dancers, but also respectful people. I couldn't imagine what my life would be like without the impact they have had on me and all of the other dancers at Littleton Ballet Academy. The quality of this studio is just amazing, from what we learn to the welcoming students and staff that help everybody feel accepted.

Gabriella Galvan

Littleton ballet academy is an extraordinary studio with great teachers. The teachers here work extremely hard and push the kids to be their best. Both teachers and students are very supportive and great to work with and I truly believe they all want the best for everyone surrounding them. It’s such a positive environment to be in and I am sthankful that they let me join their family for the summer.

Tara Szabo Maxson

We have tried a few studios around the southwest metro area, and we are so happy to have landed at Littleton Ballet Academy. They have provided an excellent in-class experience for our children and we were also very impressed with the school performance this past June. We have watched the Littleton Youth Ballet storybook ballet and Nutcracker performances in the past and we knew they could put on a great show, but now that we are no longer outside looking in, it is confirmed LBA provides a nice experience for performers and their families as well. There were a number of things we loved about participating in the performance that we haven’t seen elsewhere: We liked that we didn't have to purchase a costume to be worn just once. The whole process was beyond organized. (They even managed every kid’s lipstick on a special board where they were all labelled with the dancers’ names and clipped up to be applied by backstage helpers). We really liked the attention to safety: this is the only studio we have attended that requires backstage helper volunteers to be background checked. They very meticulously instructed parents on what was expected of performers (i.e. no tattoos, glitter or jewelry, exactly which make-up colors to apply, etc.) which led to a show that really was of a more professional caliber, even with small kids. The performance location and ticket price were very manageable. And we LOVED that the performance only ran two hours! (We have been through the five-hour marathon shows!—Ugh!). The choreography was really refreshing: it focused on technique, and showcased ability and strength. More than anything though, we especially love the culture of the studio. It is clear the expectations are high, but that the kids are SO loved. And, when I watch the big kids around the studio or on stage, they represent what I want my little girls to become: respectful, prompt, kind towards one another, graceful and poised, physically strong and fit, happy, and truly technically capable dancers.

Danielle Sprague

Robin Dickinson

This is my son's happy place. He says to give it 100 stars because 5 isn't enough. He loves the positive but stringent training. The teachers understand how to motivate kids to work hard while keeping it fun and friendly. Nice kids and families. I enjoy sitting and chatting with the other moms. And the performances are amazing! Beautiful and entertaining choreography, professional looking sets, and of course amazing dancing!

lizzy b

This place really took my passion for dance away from me. I was constantly being criticized and looked down upon. I had one teacher say a couple off handed racist comments about other professional ballet dancers as well as my self and a Hispanic girl in my class. I dont like writing these bad reviews but just beware if you aren't a skinny white women.

Gigi Ryner

We have been at this studio since 2012 and have enjoyed every minute of it. The best compliment I can give them is when you ask the kids (not just mine) what they like best about dancing at Littleton Ballet Academy, they say "everyone here is so nice and I feel welcome." It's a great atmosphere with quality training in ballet and in life.

Sairee Carr

I have been a student at LBA for 11 years and counting, and I cannot say how much this studio changed my life (for the better of course!). The studios themselves are modern and refurbished, giving us the best environment for dancing, and they are constantly updating the facilities to provide us with further opportunity to improve. The instructors are all friendly and drive us to work to the best of our ability. They don’t just teach us how to dance, however, but how to live. Through dance I transformed from a skittish 4-year-old into a strong-willed, confident woman with ambitious goals. LBA has taught me to work for what I want, and not to let anything stand in my way. At LBA, there is a place for everyone, and you learn to be yourself. You are given multiple opportunities a year to present yourself to an audience and sweep them away from the cares of the world for an hour or two. Thanks, LBA!! I love you!

Jenna Ryan

Peyton Roark

It is so amazing and a place to show your own personality

Patrick Bybee

My wife and are so happy with LBA. Amazing facility, Great staff and truly professional school performances. Keep up the amazing job LBA!

Christa Brainard

Littleton Ballet Academy is a wonderful dance studio for people of all ages and levels! My daughter, son, and self take classes here. We have been part of the LBA family for over 7 years. The staff is amazing! Everyone is caring and supportive of the dancers. Their productions are very professional and fantastic to watch!


The people are all very kind and supportive, the teachers are amazing and I reccomend this for everyone. You will however have to learn how to manage your time because depending, the schedule can be challenging.

charity schiltz

We recently enrolled our daughter in her first ballet class here and she has enjoyed every class. We've had a positive experience at this school all around.

Judith Jochems

A wonderful learning environment with caring teachers. This studio is structured and treat their students with respect. I see the growth in my daughter not just as a young dancer but as a person. The lessons of discipline, dedication, focus, etc will serve her in every aspect of her life and I could not be more thankful.

Hazel Kachline

I am an intermediate student at LBA and I love it there! The teachers and co-directors help us not only to become good dancers, but also good people. When I am late or I have to miss, I call or email the studio to excuse my absences, and my teachers and the co-directors are so gracious and understanding. As well as taking dance classes, I also am sometimes involved in professional shows around town, so I have to miss very frequently. They are so supportive of me, though. Everyone at the studio is so kind! I remember when I first came to the studio, all the girls that I was going to be taking my trial class with, and they instantly helped me feel welcome. For me and many others, Littleton Ballet Academy is a perfect fit.

Simon Byrom

An outstanding school! Everyone feels welcome, and special in their own unique way. If there is a problem, the teachers and instructors will act fast to fix it. There are no favorites, great training, and fair casting. And did I mention how amazing the performances are? Every show is different, yet similar, and nobody feels left out. If you are looking for a good ballet school, that doesn’t only focus on competitions, LBA is the right place for you.

Tara Dingwell

I’ve been dancing at Littleton Ballet Academy for 5 years. The teachers help to make you not only a better dancer but also a better person. They also have a variety of styles you can do such as Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern, Musical Theatre, Physical Theatre and some other classes too. Littleton Ballet Academy is like a second home to all the dancers and even the parents. It’s a great environment to be in and to dance in.

Alana Linley

This school prepares you for life. I have been a student at this school for ten years now. This school is no longer just a school for me, it’s a second home. I have made life long friends and grown up so much here. The teachers are incredible and loving. I really can’t thank them enough for how much I have learned dance wise and much more. I have watched SO many people go on to great careers that they could only dream of. The staff is incredible and great role models for young women and men. This school has great training and people.

Rebecca Dingwell

I’ve been a student here for 10 years. This studio not only teaches you how to succeed in dance, but also in life. Littleton Ballet Academy has become a second home to me, providing me with a caring and hard working environment. All of the teachers and staff are amazing at what they do. The people here are extremely kind towards everyone. I would definitely recommend this studio for all ages and levels.

Frickle Dickle

The teaching is good, but beyond that a lot of the students can be very up tight, as can the moms, its your typical dance moms school. Also one of the teachers is not preferable. However i must say the students are very well trained, but many other schools provide that, if you don't want your kids in a semi cruel environment i would not suggest this one! Also as another person said the teachers will not hesitate to crush your child if they believe they aren't good enough

Naomi Mesch

I started at this studio almost two years ago when I was twelve in Ballet Prep. I was a late starter and this studio gave me the encouragement to work hard every day to reach my goals. Being at LBA has not only made me a better dancer, but a better person. Dancing here has taught me so many things I would’ve never learned if I hadn’t come here.The teachers and students here are some of the most caring people I’ve ever met. Everyone is supportive and you can count on them to be by your side every step of the way. If your child is interested in ballet, Littleton Ballet Academy is an amazing place to go.

Kitty Writer

I have been a student at LBA for 5 years, and I can't imagine a better studio environment and training. Everyone is really kind and we treat each other like family. The teachers make sure that everyone can improve and become a good dancer, as well as a good person. The performances are very professional and fun to be a part of. This studio has taught me and many other dancers work ethic, time management, respect, and self-confidence, along with many other important life skills. In the advanced dancers, the technique is clear and precise. This is developed throughout the levels. The studio also offers many other dance types to take along with ballet like, tap, jazz, musical theater, and modern, along with classes for adults who want to learn dance. Overall, this is a great studio that develops good dancers and good people, and I would definitely recommend LBA to anyone who wants to learn ballet.

Gabrielle Espinosa

Can not say enough about the quality of this studio. This a place where they want everyone to succeed and to be the best people they can be in addition to amazing dancers. I was pushed to excel in every style of dance at this studio and supported along the way. Ali and Bobbie have high expectations because they know that you are capable of reaching them and they want nothing less than the best for every student. I have learned some of best life lessons through training here such as self discipline, time management, respect for others, being a team player, and of course making friends to last a lifetime. I always make sure to spend time back at LBA when I home from college, it truly is my second home!

Stephanie Riddle

Our daughter has been dancing at LBA for years. We are so happy with her progress. The productions are professional and the atmosphere is like family.

Sofia Holmes

I have been dancing here for about 5 years and I love it. It is such an amazing studio. I love it because it makes me who I am. Everyone is so kind, it makes me feel like we are very close family. All of the teachers are amazing by making sure everyone is in the environment they want to be in. They know what's going on in your life as well as your dancing life. They wont hesitate to ask you how you family members are doing. They also teach you what hard work is. The performances are AMAZING! When you watch the more advanced dancers you will notice that their work and technique is clear. This studio has a variety of types of dance like, tap, jazz, modern, musical theater, physical theater with ballet as a base. I would definitely recommend LBA if you want to learn how to dance and how to become a better person.

Rachelle Smyth

This studio is amazing. As a mother I am always thrilled when my daughter finds passion in her interests, and this studio knows how to both build her passion and build her character as a young woman. Each teacher takes the time to get to know each child and their strengths and needs, it is incredible! The technique and skill I have seen from my daughter since she has come to this studio (almost 2 years ago) has been tremendous. This is important, of course, in developing her perseverance, determination, and focus. But more importantly, she has developed a great sense of confidence in herself, responsibility, and kindness. I am so grateful to Littleton Ballet Academy for taking the time to encourage my daughter, challenge my daughter, and celebrate her all the way through. If you are looking for a studio that can teach impeccable skill as well as a high standard of character...this is the place.

Gwyneth Riddle

I have been going to the studio for about 10 years and it is my second family. It’s a very welcoming environment. Everyone is very excepting and caring. The teachers and staff are so amazing. I would not be were I am without them.


I have been dancing at this studio for 10 years and it feels like a second home to me. I take ballet and jazz and both have helped me grow as a dancer and as a person. The students and staff are very welcoming and supportive. The training is amazing and I definitely recommend this studio for everyone.

Linlaosu Kaho

The teachers (especially owner) won’t hesitate to destroy kid’s feeling if she thinks they are not good enough or not valuable to them. Very cold hearted environment.

Erin Skufca

Littleton Ballet Academy has taught my daughter huge life lessons in such a short period of time! Her confidence and the overall way she carry’s herself has skyrocketed with their guidance. The studio is run in a very professional manner, which in turn, produces wonderful performances!

Dennis Ackerson

We are sad to say that we are disappointed with our experience this year. We can say that working with the staff and particularly the teacher was pleasant. Our issue was financial. On line, it was stated that the school session ended May 28. If a child was not in the recital, the May tuition was the last charged. If a child was in the recital for which we paid $90.00, June tuition was charged. When we questioned this we were told that she could attend classes in June but the family made vacation plans based on the session ending with the recital. This is at best unfair and made no sense to us. We were also disappointed with the recital. The venue did not support the probable number of family and friends requiring a major change of scheduling. The dances our child was in did not reflect an entire session of classes. She performed what I saw in class early in the year. Unfortunately, we will not be returning to this studio.


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