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Tish's is one of the best instructors i have worked with. I have learned, and am still learning so much from her. Tish is very professional and gives great constructive feedback making me a better dancer, which makes me want to be a better dancer every week. Tisha's enthusiasm and energy is contagious.

Erin Croft

I went to Latisha's last ladies styling class and it was AMAZING! She really focuses on being grounded and controlled in your movements. It was one of the best technic classes I've taken for salsa in Colorado. I drove from Denver to her studio, but carpooled with a couple of friends and it was great!

Shelby Klein

Latisha Hardy is a great person to take Salsa lessons from. She is professional, confident, detail oriented, and fun! Latisha is responsive to the needs and goals of her students as they pursue Salsa Dancing. Her confidence is contagious and spreads to her students. She brings something new to every lesson, while making sure she reaches the needs of all who are at each lesson. After one lesson, you will feel like a friend of Latisha's and like a salsa dancer.

Rachel NK Torres


Mary Boardman

Tish is an incredible instructor who can truly teach to all levels. If you are a beginner, and think you can't dance, you will leave her four week session amazed with yourself. For more experienced dancers, Tish can help you refine your technique and help you get to the next level. Highly recommend!

Stephanie Williams

I started taking salsa lessons earlier this year and absolutely loved what I learned from Latisha and Miranda. They are incredibly patient, positive, and encouraging, and can cater to the beginners as well as to the ones more advanced. Lessons were well-rounded, covering basic steps, body movement, connection with leads/follows, and even the key instruments played in salsa music. I had fun at every lesson, even though I was challenged with new steps. As a student, it was obvious to me that they are passionate about salsa and love sharing and teaching the art of the dance to others. Anyone who is contemplating lessons should definitely sign up with Latisha and Miranda!

Magda Berrios

Great learning experience in a very energetic environment. Tish is very helpful, knowledgeable and so much fun to be around. Strong motivation even at such a late hour of the day. Signed up for the first class and had to keep taking more classes; is inevitable wanting to learn more about salsa and bachata dances. Also, Tish has taught me how to be more confident and be able to trust my own movements. I have been diagnosed with a hip condition that did not allowed to dance as much as I used to, however, she taught me how to use core and back muscles to dance instead of using my hip which is exactly what I needed. It's been a amazing experience that I will cherish forever!

Arlene Burgos

Latisha Hardy is absolutely amazing. I particularly enjoy her discipline and instruction, you can appreciate she lives and breathes dance. She's not only a great instructor, she's uplifting and caring towards her students. My only regret is not to have started earlier. I trust I'm in the best hands.

Yanet Amezcua

I'm thankful for having met Tish everyday. Her energy and charisma make you push yourself and her classes are the best! I've done turbo kick with different instructors but no one like her to keep you going. Thanks Tish for pushing me to do better everyday

Sylvia Knop

Tish is a very passionate dancer and instructor. She doesn’t only teach dance steps, she teaches proper technique and posture which will make you an even better dancer. Tish’s wit, fun attitude, and excitement for dance is very contagious. I love dancing with Tish. I look forward to every lesson with her.

Garrett Hjelle

I have taken many dance classes from many instructors through the years, but Tish definitely stands out from the crowd. Her attention to detail and positive attitude prepare you for dancing confidently. I could not say enough great things about learning to dance here. 13/10 would recommend

Kaitlyn Sandel

Tish is an absolutely amazing dance instructor and person! Her sense of humor makes class fun, and she is always encouraging and supportive. She takes the time to work one on one with each student to make sure that they master what is being taught. Tish truly cares about all of her students and is dedicated to their success. Classes with Tish are amazing and I highly recommend them to everyone!

Monica Chambers

I have taken private lessons and I'm currently taking group salsa classes from Tish. She is an amazing instructor. Her energy and outgoing personality makes it easy to get along with her and she is very approachable and encouraging. Her classes are always fun, upbeat, and judgement free. Every class that I've taken is always different, and I learn something new every time I dance with her. She is overall an awesome instructor and her classes are always a blast!

Lauren Karlskin

These are the best salsa classes in Colorado Springs! I’ve taken many classes from different places and this one is by far the best. I highly recommend. Latisha is an excellent instructor and a vibrant person which makes these classes lots of fun!

Megan Barry

Colorado Springs is so lucky to have Tish and her studio in our community! I have been taking Salsa lessons with Tish for a few months now and have genuinely loved every minute I am with her. I am a very beginner dancer, and she and her studio are safe, fun, exciting places to be- AND my dancing is getting better and better. Tish has created an amazing environment where it is easy to learn, laugh, improve your dancing, and make new friends. She has given me such an appreciation of dance, salsa, and the music. Do not hesitate to takes classes at Latisha Hardy Dance & Company it is the best decision I have made in a long time- you will enjoy it!

Luke Harmon

I am a gentleman who has been taking salsa lessons from Latisha for almost a year. I started (after much cajoling from my girlfriend) with almost no dance experience, the inability to understand most music (salsa, in particular!), and a complete lack of confidence in my capacity to improve my awkward attempts at dancing. Now, as the one year mark approaches, I feel confident dancing at socials, have learned a myriad of exciting moves, and find myself understanding the music which I so recently found incomprehensible. I attribute all of these successes to Latisha and her partner-in-crime Miranda. Latisha is a master of breaking down complex body movement and partner work into understandable pieces. However, her classes never become repetitive, as she constantly varies her explanations. Naturally, Latisha is very charismatic and approachable. Taking classes with her is a joy, and she has quickly made salsa dancing one of my favorite activities. I cannot recommend her enough! (A note for any wives or girlfriends: Force your man to start taking classes. It will likely take a few months, but you may find that he becomes addicted to salsa!)

phil yarger

It is simple. Tish knows dance thoroughly, and exercises great skill in teaching it to you in a way that resonates and sticks with you. You cannot take a class from her (group class or private lesson) without feeling her contagious passion, enthusiasm, and engagement. You not only learn to dance the right way, but learn to connect with the essence of dancing. Anyone interested in any level of dance should start by taking some class time with Tish. Her pofessionalism, passion, expertise, levity, and teaching ability make it an easy choice! (Just read some of her other reviews!) Thanks Tish

Cheryl Atencio

Latisha and Miranda are both outstanding teachers, they have both helped me get the concepts and steps for Salsa better than any others. They both have so much patience to help each person at their level.

Rachael Fromkin

Tish is an incredible dance instructor and an inspiring woman to be around. I always look forward to coming to her classes because not only does my dancing improve each time, but I also walk out of each class feeling more confident in myself. I have been dancing since age 2, and I have never had a teacher who is THIS dedicated to each student's individual growth. She truly wants you to succeed. I highly recommend taking lessons from her!

Miguel Mendez

Tish Hardy's salsa classes and events are THE spot for Latin dance in Colorado Springs. The dance community she has cultivated over the last 6 years is warm and welcoming. It's where I go to see good friends, familiar faces and meet new people that I have something in common with. We're like a family that looks after one another, ensuring everyone feels comfortable and has fun.

Robert Patton

Receiving Dance Instructions from Latisha is great for me because I had never really danced before this and she teaches with patience and a playful attitude. It’s a fun class and the time passes quickly. I also enjoy her positive energy and some of the lessons you learn from dancing can be applied in life outside the studio. You leave the class with better posture, more confidence, and making better eye contact which serves me and while you are in class, the environment is refreshing, positive, and playful, yet we are learning complex dance moves. I can’t recommend this Latisha Hardy Dance Studio enough.

Nilaja Montgomery

My husband and I found her dance company on Groupon and we have been repeat customers every since. She is a passionate instructor and a lover of life! We are excited for the next lesson!

David Southworth

Not even a month after returning from a sabbatical in Colombia, perhaps the most likely place in the world to learn how to dance Salsa, I found myself taking a $5 lesson from Latisha Hardy. In less than one hour I had learned the basic steps better and more clearly than any Colombian had been able to teach to me during my entire year abroad. I have attended a class at least once a week since the beginning of 2016 when she was immediately able to diagnose and understand my “non-committal” attitude towards any future lessons. Tish’s methods are simple yet she is able to teach the fundamentals to nearly anybody who attends just one of her lessons. She will simultaneously elevate your mental fortitude through her contagious, positive attitude, while making you break a sweat. It’s a mixture of her being a great teacher at what she does best and her genuine ability to empathize with each individual’s personal insecurities, address those doubts, and figuratively leave them at the door. Look, dancing eluded me for years and as a Black Belt I consider myself someone who learns new things quite quickly. Don’t waste your time searching the globe for some ethereal dance master. I already did that for you. Your top tier Salsa instructor is right down the street, Colorado, and her name is Latisha Hardy. -David Paul Southworth, Freelance Interpreter, Top Tier Linguistics

Sofia Diggs

Tish is an inspiring woman, her passion for teaching and helping others feel life through dance is infectious. Her classes are fun, energetic and her dedication to detail on technique is amazing. I am completely in love with everything I learn each and every class. Latisha Hardy Dance and Company is a five star dance studio……

Amy Samarin

We look so forward to our Salsa lessons with Tish every week! She is such a bright, positive personality with an enormous amount of spunk. We just love being around her! My husband and I have been married for 20 years and have grown closer through taking her dance lessons. Tish allows us to move at our own pace and we really have a blast! Not to mention she really knows her stuff. My husband couldn't even count a beat when we started and now can move me around the dance floor like he's large and in charge. Love our Salsa time with Tish!!!

Wanda Rue

I have had the opportunity to take several classes with Tish. I love her positive energy and passion she brings every time. She is an inspiration to others to follow their dreams.

Dominique Ross

I'm so grateful that I started taking lessons with Latisha! She breaks every movement down and makes me so much more aware of my body and how it works (and should be working instead). She is so positive, encouraging, and considerate of her students, while maximizing the time and incorporating challenging content into each lesson.

Eboni Tubbs

Working with Latisha has been one of the best dance experiences that I've had. Her style and genuine love for what she does seeps into her teaching and she makes you feel like you can do anything. She won't give up on you even when you get frustrated and feel like giving up on yourself!!! I would recommend her and her company to anyone.

Brandon Grimes

Armida Barraza

I will never forget our first lesson with Latisha. The first 10 minutes where a serious run down of standards and effort expectations. It was clear she has a passion for teaching dance and her level of knowledge and mastery of salsa creates a perfect learning environment. I leave every class with an elevated sense of confidence, better body awareness, and better skill which has transcended into my personal life. What I didn't know I would receive along with superb teaching of salsa was reconnecting with my femininity, a new level of connection with my relationships. I thought this was going to be a fun way to get exercise and it turned into a surprisingly outstanding form of therapy for me. The experience has awakened a new sense of what life is about. It's about forward movement, progression, knowing your position, connecting, feeling confident, trusting yourself, and trusting your partner. That is salsa dancing with Latisha Hardy.

Crystal Piercy

Tish is a fantastic instructor that makes dancing so fun to learn! She breaks down the steps in a simple way that makes it easy to catch on. I recently hosted a women's professional marketing event at Latisha Hardy dance studio and it was phenomenal! What a blast! Everyone walked away from that event with some new dance moves, a great workout and lots of laughs! I highly recommend having events, taking classes or individual lessons with Tish. The best instructor I have had the pleasure of working with. Crystal Piercy Integrity 1st Insurance

V Kearney

Taking classes with Tish is one of the best things I've done for myself in a while. She is a firm yet fun instructor who will ensure you execute the moves well enough to blend in with people who have been dancing their entire lives. At the same time, I have never been to a class where laughter wasn't a key player in the lesson. She also holds workshops and socials in town where you have an opportunity to drink, make friends, and practice with dancers of all levels. Latisha Hardy is an experience I recommend to everyone interested in dance.

Karina Lindsay

Tish is absolutely amazing! Her teaching style and her charisma makes learning so much fun. I never thought I would ever be dancing let alone salsa dancing. I am so very glad she is my teacher. She is also my trainer in the gym and she truly cares about me and how I am doing. I can not say enough about her and how truly amazing she really is. She has changed my life. I feel so much better about me how I look and I know with her I can only succeed. She really wants the best for her students. A true great teacher.

Victoria T

Tish is awesome! She doesn't just teach the steps - she pays close attention to technique when teaching salsa and can also break down musicality so that you look great dancing! Tish is amazing at dancing, as she is a very lovely woman inside and out. She is a true gem in our dance community in the Springs!

Emily Short

Tish is a phenomenal teacher whose passion for dance is infectious. She is very patient and can explain techniques in many ways. She really helped build my confidence on the dance floor and was flexible with my ever-changing schedule. I truly look forward to salsa class every week--both for dance and Tish's amazing spirit!!

Luis Carrillo

I have had the pleasure of taking both classes and private lessons with Tish. There are individuals in this world that embody what they preach; Tish is one of those special people. In her studio, she teaches you to dance- not simply dance moves- but, to truly dance as you're meant to in the style you develop. Her professionalism, keen eye for technique, and focus on building strong foundations make her a master of her craft. More so, the mantra of why she teaches- build confidence, value respect, expressing passion, and create strong dancers- are exemplified in every second she teaches. Tish is truly a gem to the Colorado Springs community and any student will surely take something of value when learning with her.

Brandon Harn

I consider myself very lucky to take lessons with Tish. She is determined to help me become the dancer that I want to be while inspiring me with possibilities I have not even considered. I am realizing more and more how epic this journey is going to be and I am very grateful that I have such an instructor help me get where I want to go... in style!

Scott and Melody Barnett

Some friends and I took a basic salsa class with Latisha for our Ladies' Night. We had so much fun! Not only was she FABULOUS, but she taught us the basics with great energy and enthusiasm. We left with some new moves and have had another Ladies' Night with her as a result. I highly recommend Latisha. We had a wonderful experience!

Jason Saunders

Latisha is a very fun and outgoing person. Her personality and life style is dance and fitness. She will push you and make sure you reach whatever your goals maybe with her. Her dance classes are amazing and personality again shines through her teachings. Highly recommend her for what everyou needs maybe .

Jen McKenzie

I have had the pleasure of knowing Tish since she started instructing Turbo Kickboxing at 24 Hour Fitness a few years back. I had recently lost a pretty significant amount of weight during a divorce. I met Tish just in time to get the last 15 or so pounds off. I can’t tell you how much Tish helped me through a tough time in my life and she didn’t even know it. I love her fun and sexy style of teaching. Back then, Tish would sometimes stay after class and teach us a few dance steps. After an hour of sweaty hard core workout, she asked us to dance and feel sexy. That takes a lot of guts when you feel all gross and sweaty! Lol She taught choreography for 2 songs, Dark Horse by Katie Perry and Applause by Lady Gaga. Soon after that, I signed up to run a 5K for the Indie Gives Fundraiser at Venitucci Farms in Nov 2014. I had never run a full 5k before, and it was my goal to run this whole event. It turns out; it was a 4 mile run. Not the 3.1 miles I was expecting. When it got tough and I thought about walking, guess what songs played, back to back on my Ipod? Yup, those two songs that Tish taught me. I ran on. Tish inspires me to keep on, no matter what. She always offers me encouraging words of wisdom to live by. Tish is a strong and beautiful woman and reminds me to recognize those qualities in myself. Thanks Tish!

Madison Lopez

Tish and Miranda are amazing!! They dedicate so much passion and energy into their classes, and work hard to help each student progress on an individual level. Salsa is the highlight of our week... SO fun.

Blake Traxler

Tish is not only an amazing dance instructor but also an amazing person. Her encouragement & positivity radiate through her & it shows when she’s dancing & teaching. She has made me feel more confident in myself & I can't wait to learn more from her. If you’re interested in dancing Tish is the person you should be contacting, I’m sure happy I did :)

Miranda Hernandez

Tish's passion for dance is so contagious! Her attention to detail truly make every student a better dancer, she works hard and successfully communicates little things that you can do to dramatically improve your dancing. By the time you walk out of class you leave feeling confident both in your dancing and in life! Truly an inspirational dancer but an even more inspirational person. Book your classes now!

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