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REVIEWS OF Jillian's School of Dance IN Colorado

Rachel and Lisa's life guide

I absolutely LOVE this studio!! The owners are amazing and so great with kids!! Classes are very affordable compared to other studios. My daughter started when she was 3 and is going into her 3rd year. She adores Mrs.Jill, as do I! All the teachers are so good at what they do, we look forward to recitals every year!

Haley Allison-Schwartz

This was the first season that my granddaughter danced at Jillians School of Dance. It was such an amazing experience for her. The end of the year recital was absolutely amazing. We had familiy come in from out of town and they too thought it was amazing. We previously had her at another studio but are so very happy to have joined the Jillians Family. Dave and Jill treat us as though we are family, they are so very good with the children and we are excited for the fall session. Thank you again Dave and Jill for making my granddaughters dancing experience so very special. Haley Schwartz

Alan Varbel

I have had my daughter in this studio for 2 years now, starting our 3rd year. I can say that after the first year and seeing the recital I am very happy that we found this place. The owners are kind and supportive. The teachers show a care for the students that is rivaled only by family. Thank you!

Lorie Wheeler

Jill and Dave are kind, concerned, and actively involved in their business, my granddaughter is entering her 7th year in dance. I have known them personally for years, and the studio is a family environment. My granddaughter goes up and hugs Dave, Randy, Jill, Jessica, whomever. Does that mean she is being inappropriate at 9? I can't imagine other people voicing their concern. Additionally, you did not see him in 9 months? If you would have spent anytime at all at the studio, you'd know what kind of people Dave and Jill are, and know that you have no reason to be concerned that something "inappropriate" is going on.

Ana Villafan

We love Jill and Dave!! My daughter has been dancing for 7 years at their place and I can’t be thankful enough for all their love and dedication to all of the students!! I love this place so much that this summer I am enrolling my 2yr granddaughter! Check them out!! They are awesome! Thanks Dave for all you do!

Kelley Stone

There are not enough great things I could say about this studio! Dave and Jill (the owners) love these children as if they were their own! They treat them with respect and a sincere passion to grow and develop every child into a dancer. My child had very little confidence going into dance (and struggled with rhythm) and now is a very capable dancer. Their pricing and rates are extremely affordable. In fact, I would say it would be very difficult to find a comparable studio with the level of professionalism this studio provides at the very reasonable rates. I am updating this review to respond to a recently negative post regarding the recital and Dave (one of the owners) in particular. Dave is an amazing guy. His approach to the recital is very different, and quite frankly a relief. I've had my kids in other studios where you sit super quietly and watch the entire performance. I grew up on a stage between dance, voice, piano, and theater. I grew up attending performances where you sit quietly and watch. That's fine, but the cheering and commotion creates a relaxing and comfortable environment. I know my girls loved it when I was able to yell out for them before and after their performance. As a performer in my younger years, I would have loved to have heard my team in the audience shouting for me! I know it is different. It took a little time to adjust to the environment at the recitals, because it's not the norm (Thank GOD someone is being different!)! Furthermore, regarding Dave's behavior during the recital. Yes, he kissed each of the seniors - on the head, I might add. He wasn't the only one, I saw several of the other instructors do the same. These dancers are their family. My children are at the junior high level now and have been dancing with Jillians for 3 years. I would hope that they have been valued so closely as the seniors are when they get to that stage. It is by no means inappropriate how Dave interacts with these students. During dance practice, Dave manages the studio from an office and interacts with parents. I would think that after watching these kids grow over 14 years, there would be a family like environment. I'm sorry that you were uncomfortable with what you experienced. It sounds to me like you might be one of those parents who drops their kid off at dance, doesn't stay to interact or be a part of the studio, and definitely have not interacted with Dave and Jill, otherwise, you would not have the same perception. Jill and Dave, Amy, Jose, and the other instructors - you are amazing! Thank you for all that you do!

Amber Medina

I love this dance studio , Mrs. JILL and all the teachers are amazing. My girls love it here!

Marla Newberry

Lori mcconnel

My granddaughters attended Jillian's since they were babies. I can't say enough great things about Jill and Dave - they are so kind, dedicated and caring. We love the studio because it doesn't have that competitive atmosphere like so many other activities for children. The girls made so many friends, were taught the importance of teamwork and had a blast. Jill and Dave treated us like family and I love them and cherish their friendship.

Ava Drake

Kimberly Founds

We joined this studio after spending a year at another. We LOVE Miss Jillian and Dave. They are professional and love children. My daughter even sees angels here.

Kacy Leaver-Whiting

This year was my daughters 2nd year with Jillian's School of Dance, and she loves the teachers. I have never felt anything other than love from anyone in this studio, and will continue to send my children here. As Dave said at the recital this is a family and you can most definitely feel it! We love you both and are so grateful for not only the last two yeara, but many years to come!!!!

# peep

I love Jillian's School of Dance. I have been taking my kids there for the 16 years. All of the teachers are friendly and great with the kids. The owners, Jillian and Dave are always in the studio and treat us all like family. The kids love them, and the parents as well. Every year they put on a huge recital that is amazing. They take pictures of the kids, have studio t shirts, and even extra shoes that you can try and find the next size for those non stop growing feet. I will and have always suggested Jillian's School of Dance. Great instruction and that warm fuzzy feeling that is hard to find anymore.

Amanda Elting

This was my daughter’s first year with Jillian’s and she loved being there! The love Jill and Dave show these kids is like every kid is there own! A very non judgmental studio which I love!! We will be back in the fall!!

Steve T

My wife and I had an incredible 11 year run with Jillian’s. Jill and Dave are phenomenal people and exceptional teachers, and their heart for their students is 2nd to none. Our daughter received such excellent training that she went on to college on a dance scholarship. She Loves dancing to this day. We are and will forever be grateful for the Love and care they have for our daughter. If you are searching for a studio that will invest in your child as much as you do, you have found it here!!

Ehab Komsan

I cannot say enough good things about this studio. This was our daughter’s first year dancing and we will definitely be back in the Fall. Ms. Amy is an amazing instructor. She goes above and beyond for every single child and she has helped my three year old come out of her shell in ways I never could. The owners are sweethearts, as well :)

Stephanie French

I don't know how anyone could come hear and not love it. My son and daughter dance here and they both started at the Y. This is so much more structured and fun, a combo I never knew existed in dance. The price is really good for what you get and I know people that started there as toddlers and are seniors in high school and still attend. I was skeptical at first but this place really is as awesome as it seems! And having read the negative review, I have met the owner and he is a personable, friendly and proffessional soul and I don't find him the slightest bit creepy. I don't feel nervous when my son and daughter run up and hug him. Furthermore, I have never been treated badly or rudly at Jillian's, even when I have a complaint. They handle it with the upmost respect and tact. Financially, if there is a problem with pay they will bring it to your attention and do their very best to work with you through the problem. If nonpayment is an issue, they give ample notice and let you know right away. But let's face it, dance isn't free. Great price here, but definitly not free. If you can't pay, what are they supposed to do? It's not ok to let one kid dance for free when others are paying, right?

Shawn Edwards

This was the first year that my daughter was at Jillian's School of Dance and I have to say it was a fantastic experience - for both my daughter and my family. My daughter had a great time in her class each week. The recital was fantastic (and very well run) and clearly all the instructors and children had worked hard over the year. My husband and I also personally volunteered at the recital, so we were there for both days. I am disheartened to read the previous review that was targeted at Dave. I disagree completely! I have interacted with him at the dance studio and at the recitals and found him to be loving, caring and professional. He and Jill both clearly have a love for children. I would not hesitate to recommend this dance school to others!

Angelia Hamilton

Kendall Stroup

Lori Lederer

My girls have been dancing here for 10 years. We absolutely love the family oriented environment. My oldest daughter danced at 2 other studios prior to finding Jillian's and this was the best experience we have had. Prices are so much less than other studios in the area, recital fees , costume fees and tickets are also priced well. I also appreciate the thought that goes into the costume picks- the younger children's costumes are definitely age appropriate, which I definitely appreciated. We couldn't have picked a better dance studio to be a part of.

Lacy Hoover

SaMaurie Brown

Rebekah Gost

It takes a village to raise children to be successful. It also takes dignity and integrity for those children to be successful. I believe both Jill and Dave possess those values. In the last year that my daughter has been a member of this studio, I have observed the village, the very strong village, that they have created within their dance studio. I am very please with, not only Jill and Dave, but the families of Jillian's.

Jessica Ortiz

My daughter has been dancing at Jillian's since kindergarten (she is in 9th grade now). There is no place warmer, more caring, or more fun than Jillian's. Jill and Dave make it feel like home, the teachers are amazing and show a truly admirable amount of patience with every child, no matter who they are or what skill level of dance they're at. The variety of options for dances is wonderful and the prices are truly affordable, especially compared to other studios in the area. But it's not the affordability that keeps us there, it's the love and dedication that Jill and Dave and all of the instructors put into it.

Bree Bree


We have two teens currently enrolled at Jillian’s School and a graduate of their program who is now majoring in Modern Dance. As parents, we’ve been very pleased with the quality instruction and choreography that the instructors offer at this studio. Jillian’s provides a positive environment—no pretentious or elitist attitudes here. We’ve tried nearly every studio in town, and continue to come back to Jillian’s. The owners, Jill and Dave, offer a warm, friendly and inviting atmosphere for kids of all ages and all ethnicities.


My daughter Olivia and I love this dance studio. This is her 3rd year at Jillian's. We have family and friends that we've supported during the recital for many years. Now my daugther looks forward to her class and her 'shows'. She is only 5, but I continue to see the growth in her dance and social skills. Dance classes not only introduced us to new friends, but these friends have become more like family, which is the atmosphere that Mr. Dave and Mrs. Jill tries provides to everyone. They are willing to work with you and I've never had a problem with getting answers when I needed them (and I ask a lot

natasha juvera

This dance studio has been a great experience throughout my daughter's 11 years. The owner's Dave and Jill are so amazing in have treated my daughter and family with so much respect, love, and honesty. I honestly love this studio, and know it is best for my kids, because they love it! I look forward to more growth in talent. All the teachers are wonderful as well. We especially love that their is variety, in all are welcome from adolescent to adult. This makes is special! Thank you Dave and Jill for creating a positive environment and being a positive role model for my children. Warszawski Family

npclori G

Our daughter began dancing at Jillian's 14 years ago when she was 3 years old.She has had multiple teachers and has always been treated like family. Jillian's has instilled a true love of dance that will remain with her for the rest of her life.As parents, we have always been treated with the utmost respect and had any concerns dealt with appropriately. Our daughter has continued to grow in skill and technique through the guidance of Ms. Jill as well as the other teachers. Dave has always been a blessing as well and always available to answer questions and to encourage the children to have fun and do their best.

Kristin Teaster

My daughter goes here and she absolutely loves it. She loves having Mrs. Jill as her teacher and as long as she continues to love dance she will be going here as well as 2 of my other children when they are old enough.

Momma W.

My daughter just wrapped her 10th year with Jillian's! We have loved it here since day one. My daughter started when she was just turning 4 and has done ballet, tap, hip hop, lyrical and one of her favorites, musical Theater. My other daughter did two years but, dance isn't her thing. My son is 7 also dances at Jillian's, he LOVES it! He wanted to quit during his first year because he was nervous about the recital, but they help the little to feel comfortable and happy and now he is on his third year! When you dance at Jillian's you sort of become family. I have been wanting to move out of state but, my daughter refuses because it means a lot to her to finish her senior year at Jillian's so we are staying! I would definitely recommend Jillian's School of Dance for any age!

L. Schwarzrock

This is my daughters 3rd year at Jillian's School of Dance and she absolutely loves it! She has learned so much in these past 3 years and is becoming a very well rounded dancer. Mr. Dave and Mrs. Jill are wonderful and have always made us feel like family.. Highly recommend!!

Amanda Walker

I danced growing up and I’ve never in my life been in a dance studio where the owners love and know each and everyone of their students the way Ms Jill and Dave do. They pour their hearts and souls into it and we feel it as parents. Thank you Ms Jill and Dave for all you do for these kiddos.

Alex country dance

Jess Graves

Absolutely horrendous experience with this place. My kids were enrolled for 8 months and Im only giving one star because i can't do ZERO. Not worth the arm and leg they charge for 10 minutes of dance instruction per class. They'll take your money for a year and then if your kids aren't perfect enough, theyll break their hearts and find a way to exclude them from the recital that your kids have been working ALL YEAR to do. The owners are lazy, snobby, and discriminatory. Also, the owner is a creep and I wont let my girls get within 100 feet of him ever again and you shouldn't either.

heidi dunn

We have had 3 girls at this studio several years now and absolutely love it!Jill and Dave love the kids as their own and we help out during all recitals and spend 90% of our week in the studio itself.The teachers are fantastic.If you are looking for a great,noncompetitive studio,this is it.As a mom of older girls,the memories they have gained have been priceless.

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