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REVIEWS OF Colorado Ballet Society IN Colorado


Complete excellence! Colorado Springs is blessed to have founder Patty Hoffman and the Colorado Ballet Society in our midst! Located in a magnificent new facility, Colorado Ballet Society is adept at developing dancers of all ages to the highest technical and artistic standards. Students rise to their fullest potential through ongoing personalized attention from superior faculty. Not only is Colorado Ballet Society focused on excellence in dance performance, but also excellence in training dancers to grow mentally and spiritually. Evidenced by the dancers’ joy, Colorado Ballet Society has found the formula for success in dance — wonderful people and wonderful experiences! Kudos!

krystal clark

Kayla Inks

I worked at Colorado Ballet Society for 3 years and loved every second of it! The relationships I was able to build with the staff, faculty, parents, and dancers really made it a most enjoyable place to work. It's amazing to see the devotion CBS dancers give to their art/sport, it's even more amazing to see the commitment and love the Director, Patty Hoffman, has for every dancer that comes through her doors. This studio supports all kinds of dancers whether you're desire is to make dance a professional career or to just try it out for fun. Colorado Ballet Society provides it's dancers with opportunity at all levels. One of the most important things to know when entering CBS is that your health, development, and well-being is of the utmost importance to the Director and staff. If you want high-quality, safe, and fun dance training, go to Colorado Ballet Society and experience excellence. A great way to see what they are all about is by attending one of their performances! They are spectacular!

Merry McKee

Samantha Corinaldi

It has taken me weeks to write this review. My daughter attend Colorado Ballet Society for about two years. She began to have complications with her pointe shoes. We asked numerous times if she could try another shoe. She was told that not only could she not try another shoe but if she does not continue to wear the shoes that hurt her feet she could not be trained there. When the director Patty emailed me this information I was devastated, and my daughter was beyond distraught. She had just finished summer intensives at CBS and she had been moved to level 5. She was anticipating moving forward with dancing there. In order to ensure our daughters safety and continuing with dance we had to make the best decision for her and her health. The idea that my daughter was expendable was hurtful to us. We would like for our daughter to dance at a school where she is appreciated not tolerated. The decision that was made was uncalled for and we realized that this dance school does not care about the health and welfare of its students. I don’t need anyone from the school contacting me or replying to this review. My daughter experiences here may not be the same experience as others, however it was our experience and is true.

Lauren Lee

C. Phi

I can't imagine why anyone would give this less than 5 stars. The facility is clean, well organized and comfortable for parents as well as dancers. The staff are supremely professional! My dancer is learning in leaps and bounds.

Shelly Stark

Great studio!

Anonymous User

I went to Ballet Society for a sufficient length of time to understand how the studio worked. The environment was extremely competitive, creating extreme drama and tension among my level, and putting a lot of strain on friendships. Favoritism is very strong, and I began to have panic attacks while in class because I was afraid of the extremely unhealthy tactics used. While it may work for some, I prefer different methods and a teaching style based on respect for all involved. I emerged from my time at Ballet Society discouraged, insecure, and truly doubting my worth as a dancer. The emotional damage I left with really undermined how I saw myself as a person.

Carlos Cubas

Kjirsten Berglund

My girls, age 2 (almost 3)and 7, started dancing at Ballet Society two months ago when we moved to Colorado Springs. I only have good things to say! Both my girls LOVE their classes and all their teachers. We have been to other ballet studios in the past and even though my girls are young and have not been dancing long, the ballet society from what I have experienced, is a place of excellent and kind teachers. I am so happy a friend recommended it to us and my girls can grow as dancers in this environment.

Autumn Morgenstern

A wonderful studio! I enjoy guest teaching at CBS every summer. The students are well behaved and eager to learn new things. The owner, Patty and the staff are very well organized and helpful. This studio runs very efficiently. The studio is beautiful and has several large dance and dressing rooms, a large lobby, a studio room and kitchen for the students. And it's also nice to have a great dance store with all your needs next door. I highly recommend this studio.

R. D. Colton West

If it had not been for the professional and friendly staff at Ballet Society, I don't think I would have been nearly as prepared to enter the world of professional dancing. Not only was I taught how to dance, but I was also taught how to love dancing and I still am thoroughly impressed with the high level dancing Ms Patty and the faculty presents every year. However, even if you are not looking to become a professional dancer, Ballet Society also offers programs that cater to recreational dancers and even late starters. The faculty is also well versed and offers many different styles of dance, not just ballet. The program at Ballet Society is well-rounded and the training is exceptional. As long as you show up with a positive attitude the faculty is willing to work with every student towards reaching their individual potential.

Isabella Wilson

It is amazing I love to dance there

Heidi Coburn

My daughter danced at Ballet Society for many wonderful years. When she was four-years-old she asked if she could take ballet and she never looked back. We discovered Ballet Society when she was 10; switching studios was the best decision we could have made for her. I trusted this being my daughter's second home because their students' well-being, health, and artistic growth is their top priority at all times. Though my daughter chose a non-dance career, she gained priceless skills such as self-motivation, self-discipline, time management, preparedness, accountability, persistence, and an appreciation for the arts. She also made life-long friends, took classes and learned from world renowned dance professionals, and danced in several full-length ballets. If you're looking for a dance studio that provides superb training, for both pre-professional and recreational dancers in a caring and positive atmosphere, then look no further. The teachers are exceptional and Patty Hoffman, the owner and director, will not only be a teacher, but she will be a mentor, a friend, and a champion for your child no matter where life may lead them. I couldn't have asked for a better experience for my daughter!

COS Video

I have been working for the Ballet Society of Colorado Springs for over 10 years now. I always have a wonderful time documenting the performances. All of the performances are extremely professional and the dancers are superior. One can tell by watching the dancers that the staff is top notch! It is a great place for people of all ages to learn to dance.

Cathrine miles

Our experience was not great at all..i will say 1 positive is the teacher did teach well ..however the choreography was was soo boring..we are military and my daughter has been in dance for 3 years and i have never seen such a boring choreography...also the costumes did not come in on time they arrived 2 days before the preformance..therefore the photography session did not happen..they made the audience wait in a dark hot hall way before preformance wont even allow you to get a seat ..we waited 45 mins...the actual ballet preformance choreography was so awful and it lasted 1 hour...normal ballets last longer ..and just before the ballet began they made announcements telling everyone about summer class you could purchase.. not one mention about the children and how hard they worked or the energy if they have put into this ballet or nothing it was just all advertising...the worst studio ...i know of alot of moms that unhappy with the performance this year and are not returning I have heard they have been good in the past years however something has changed and it's not going well...if you would like your kid to have a recital that is just boring and okay performance then that's fine but if you want your kid to actually be in a ballet with a great choreography this is not the place

jason begley

My daughter has been dancing for about 6 years. When we started going here they moved her from a level 3 to a level 1. We went with it, but after watching the holiday showcase we were sickened. It was in a library with very few seats and nobody could really see the stage. Our daughters group was cut short because of music timing issues. Every groups choreography was off, even with teachers mirroring the choreography. I would highly recommend another place if your child is serious about ballet! Even our daughter was upset at the lack of professionalism and she is only 9.

Mia Otto

SarahRose Lorrig

Ballet Society has been so fantastic in the eleven years I have been dancing here. It's such a good place for dancers who want to go professional with the amazing technical and artistic training you get from all of the awesome teachers. I couldn't ask for anything better when it comes to the opportunities I have had. Whether it is performing, having world-class regular or guest teachers, or just spending time with my friends doing what we love, a day spent at Ballet Society is a good day. Though I am not planning on going professional or having a dance career at the moment, I know from the many students before me who have gone on to dance careers, that I really could have the opportunity to pursue a job in the dance world if I choose that later on. It has been a HUGE blessing in my life! The staff and dancers at this studio are top-notch and have helped me tremendously in every part of my life. I am so thankful for Ballet Society and so glad I am dancing here, just as my two older sisters did!

Maria Smith

The front desk provides great customer service on the phone & in person! My daughter enjoyed her tween ballet class. The instructors was phenomenal.

joanne barringer

The teachers are very supportive and kind.

Judy Doll-Howard

My granddaughter love's it there

Melanie Henn Team #206264 Fairway IMC

“Even at a very young age, Hailey knew that she wanted to commit to dancing and her ‘music’, so we sought out what would be a perfect fit for her,” explains Melanie. “We are so glad we found Colorado Ballet Society! It’s like family to us. Not only has Hailey made life-long friends, but as parents, we have as well. The support that she gets to nurture her passion for dance is outstanding and she loves Miss Patty and all the amazing instructors. Her heart is full when she’s at the studio.”

Claire Koch

Alasyn Stowers

I have danced at Ballet Society for 7 years and have never thought of going anywhere else. The environment is warm and friendly with amazing teachers. The owner puts everything into giving the best training to each child that walks into that door. Also, the Ballerina Boutique is right there to provide everything your dancer needs. I HIGHLY recommend Ballet Society!

Shelli Wood

If I could give the Ballet Society ten stars I would. My daughter has been dancing here for over five years. We absolutely love it and couldn't imagine going anywhere else. The owner, Patty, treats each dancer with kindness and respect. The girls all dress modestly and are very polite. Patty welcomes all levels of dance interest from beginner on up and offers numerous different types of dance classes. Many of her dancers have gone on to dance with companies all over the world. Patty and her staff are all expertly trained and care about each and every dancer. When questions have come up, Patty goes above and beyond to help. We also have a boutique ran by a professional dancer so you know you will be fitted properly for your dance wear. This is the place to come for classical ballet training. When you come to Ballet Society, your not just a dancer. You are family.

Laura Gohl

My daughter is in her seventh year at Ballet Society, after switching from another studio. Every time I watch her dance, I'm assured she is getting the best training possible! I love that they offer so many classes in different styles of dance, also. My daughter takes/has taken contemporary, jazz, Broadway, tap, hip hop, Spanish/Flamenco, worship, Irish, and they even have conditioning/stretch classes (which have proven to be a very helpful compliment to her dance training). My husband and I are also incredibly grateful for the studio's modesty policy. There is NEVER a fear of inappropriate attire/costumes. Not only is my daughter getting amazing training as a dancer, she's learning about work ethic, dedication, character, and compassion. We're so blessed by the friends she's made at the studio (and the wonderful moms I've become close with), and by the wonderful faculty who truly care about her and our family. Thank you, Patty, for bringing your talents to Colorado Springs!

Andrew Carroll

I took a trial class for the summer program, and had a horrifying experience. The teacher, was pushing my feet all the way to the floor, and when I told her that she was hurting me, she said that's how it was supposed to feel. Also, during arabesques, she pulled my feet and chest back so far I was in tears. I went to the doctor the next day and they said that she had pushed me too far and I had pulled several muscles in my back. I now need to ice and heat my back for a few weeks. I was appalled because this is supposed to be a professional ballet society and it was such an unsafe approach to producing dancers that I am not even going to take the summer program anymore. I will never go back and I suggest that for anyone looking for a safe, productive, ballet school, to go to La Danse Classique instead.

Caitlin Hopwood

Laura Schniedwind

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was wonderful! The acting and choreography was top notch.

Daniel Brown

I have danced with the Colorado Ballet Society for over a year now, and I still love it as much now as I did then. I came from a smaller studio in the Springs, where I was taught the basics of ballet, but when I arrived at Ballet Society, I began learning how to refine my technique into something worth watching. The key here is that the teachers at Ballet Society will always push you to be your best, but they still respect, and in fact, prioritize your physical and mental health. The teachers all have extensive resumés (which you can read about on CBS's website), but are warm and friendly, and the front desk staff is kind and helpful. The lobby is welcoming and spacious, the dressing rooms provide privacy from the rest of the studio, the kitchen and study room offer space for the students to rest or complete homework during break times. Students of Ballet Society have gone on to perform with many professional companies around the world (again, you can see a list of these at CBS's website), which just gives evidence that the instruction here is top-notch. Honestly, when it comes to negatives, there just aren't enough to talk about. What I will say in that regard is that CBS is not the cheapest in the area (nor is it the most expensive), but I can tell you that the cost is well worth it! I didn't begin my training at Ballet Society, but I got here as soon as I could, and I can't recommend it highly enough!

Emily Forand

We are so grateful we chose the Colorado Ballet Society for our daughter's dance instruction. All of her instructors have been professional and kind. The between-session opportunities for additional lessons with experts in many other dance styles have been wonderful experiences. Having a top-notch dance wear shop right next door means we can access everything we need for her classes. We know CBS will continue to offer the best dance instruction in the Springs for our daughter.

Sean Crotty

Bee Bee

I have been absolutely thrilled with the quality of the Colorado Ballet Society, from the preschool classes up through their highest levels! THE STAFF: Very professional! Miss Patty listens to what her staff needs, and provides continued training opportunities to her teachers. She truly wants them to grow and learn and succeed as teachers, and that level of excellence comes through in the classroom. The front desk staff, teachers and Miss Patty all care about the students on an individual level, not just as dancers. Miss Patty encourages the students to have goals and work hard, and is very open to meeting with families to help figure out how a student can best attain those goals. THE CLASSES: All the classes I've seen are structured with clear goals in mind, even for the most beginning ballet/dance students! There isn't too much focus on doing steps "right" at the very youngest levels (ages 2-6ish), but an emphasis on having fun, understanding how to be part of a dance class, and building the right habits/posturing for dance. BONUS: the class sizes are intentionally kept small (12ish students). So the kids are getting the attention they need to not just do a lesson, but actually improve with individual attention from the teacher! THE FACILITY: The new facility is state-of-the-art with plenty of room for families to wait during children's classes, a study room for kids who need to do homework, a kitchen area for kids to bring/store/heat meals, and stunning studio space filled with natural light! THE FAMILIES: Are wonderful! They're inviting, friendly, and encouraging. OTHER BENEFITS: Miss Patty brings a physical therapist into the studio to work with students! It's extremely affordable, too. The kids don't need to buy expensive costumes that just get taken to Goodwill or put in the dress-up box. The studio has a theater performance company doing full-length musicals featuring adults and kids. Adults are welcome to take classes at their placement level, not just in general "adult" level classes. I cannot say enough good stuff about the Ballet Society!

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