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REVIEWS OF Arthur Murray Dance Studio IN Colorado

Tammy Sanchez

My daughter has been taking dance lessons at Arthur Murray Dance Center for 4 1/2 years and loves it!!!! The instructors are fantastic and extremely talented!! We enjoy going to classes and the theme parties are so much fun as a family. Best dance studio in San Antonio!!

Debbi Stamps

David Ambio

Clean facility

Anjum Parviz

In seven weeks since becoming a student here I am enjoying dancing more than anytime before. I wish I had found this place earlier. Not only is the location super convenient, it is also really well kept and lit The best aspect of this place is the staff. The teachers here are immensely talented and they pay a lot of attention to their students. I would especially recommend their technique classes. Their courses are also structured very well and in a short period you will notice a change in your dancing (and it's much more fun). This is the best place in the city to learn dance and enjoy the process.

Jonathan Gensler

My wife and I have been dancing with the great staff at Arthur Murray Manhattan for about three months now, and are well on our way to our Bronze 1 certification. Our private instruction with Aleksander has been phenomenal, and the group lessons and dance parties on top of the lessons have been a great way for us to learn more and get some much needed time together in our too busy NYC lifestyle. I had never danced prior to this, and couldn't be happier with our choice of location and people to give us instruction.

Lynn Engle

Stephanie Hale

The instructors were all very friendly and knowledgeable about what they taught. My husband and I came in to learn a dance for our first song and received that and more! They were so creative and helpful. Thank you to the whole studio!

Susan Roberts

The instructors are dedicated, fun, and very knowledgeable! They are incredibly patient and encouraging. The group classes have proven very valuable in improving technique and learning additional steps. It is also a great place to socialize and practice with other dancers of all skill levels. I feel that I'm a part of the Tysons Arthur Murray dance family! I knew nothing about dancing when I came, and now I'm not ashamed to get out on the dance floor. I should have done this long ago!

Julie Serrano

A Gray

I have been a student at Arthur Murray in Tyson's Corner for 6 years. Wanting to try something new, I visited for a complimentary visit. The instructor was very professional. She, and the other instructors made me feel comfortable and put me at ease. I did not feel pressure, perhaps because I was there by my initiation, instead of invitation, or perhaps being a little older and experienced , and able to clearly define my goals and financial boundaries. It has been a great place where I can leave the chaos of my life outside the door, have a good time, get some exercise, and make new friends. The instructors have been excellent, and are professional. Their skills vary with their experience, but they all strive to improve, and only teach at the levels of dancing that they are trained to. They regularly attend training, and even the most experienced instructors strive to improve. Each student has a primary instructor who manages their program. Each one I have had has worked with me to tailor my program to my likes and goals. I can say that I haven't had a bad private lesson, and I have learned something from every instructor I have had a lesson or group class with. The special events are a lot of fun. There are optional opportunities to compete, at your level of dancing. These events are fun, a good benchmark, and not overplayed as far as their level of importance. Economic challenges have caused me to have to lower the frequency of my lessons and participation in the special events, yet the management and staff has worked with me to insure I continue to progress, at my own pace. Think you can't learn to dance, have two left feet, no rhythm? Well, I'm still going, learning a lot, haven't tripped, fallen or dropped a partner, and enjoy it as much as I did when I started.


Arthur Murray is the best studio! Teachers have well planned lessons and accomodate lessons according to each individual's needs. They treat you as part of your family and keep it very professional. All the classes start on time ! I love their decorations and theme parties that I've attended so far. One thing that I would prefer to change would be to make the private classes 50 mins instead on 45 to learn more things per class. Overall this is an amazing studio with a amazing teachers who love what they do and inspire others !

joseph Bottari

Had a great time at at the ribbon cutting ceremony today with the Burlington Chamber of Commerce! Got a bit of a lesson from Devon on how I can learn rythym. Great place with great instructors!

B. C.

We went and took the complimentary lesson and had a great time! Our instructor was fun and knowledgeable and she taught us many different steps in the short time we were there. We will definitely be returning for lessons!

Rick Schrenker

Love the atmosphere. Teachers are great and fun to work with. You can follow your interests and proceed at your own pace. Our interests are mostly focused on dancing socially, but it's fun getting introduced to more intricate dances when we choose to.

Colleen Olsberg

The moment I walked inside Arthur Murray Schaumburg, I realized why they set the standard of excellence in dance instruction. Everything about this studio is professional from the sound system to the instructors to the great space that accommodates several types of classes and lessons. Three years later, I am still at this studio and I want to share my experience. On my first lesson, my instructor, Bobby, quickly made me feel welcome and at ease. His energy and enthusiasm was (and is) unmatched. Under his guidance and instruction, I have learned good technique, how to conquer choreography, and have become a much more fit and athletic me. I have moved up several levels in my three years of dancing and have even danced in competitions (a growing experience that I highly recommend!). Most importantly, I leave every lesson feeling great about my day no matter what happened before my lesson. The rest of the staff is friendly and accommodating. They keep you dancing and having fun which is a nice balance for the hectic pace of real life. So the bottom line is… you shouldn’t put if off for more moment. No more excuses!! Go dance!

Ellen Toyonaga

Mindi Wilkinson

My Fiancee and I are taking lessons for our upcoming wedding. We want to surprise our family and friends when they see us dance at the reception. Our instructor has been amazing to work with as we prepare for our big day. This is great way to have fun and gain confidence.

Catherine Cheng

I had a very good experience there. All the instructors and staffs are so great. Thanks a lot Arthur Murray Dance Studio - Burlington. You guys awesome!

Charlie Ng

Rochelle Cohen

I'm serving in the military out of the country and wanted to organize a surprise 30th anniversary dance lesson for my parents from afar. The staff was more excited than I was by my idea and celebrated with them by helping organize balloons and flowers, and were absolutely incredible throughout the whole process. The staff is professional and loving all in one.

Fatima Fidan

My fiance and I decided to give them a whirl when we came to the realization that we weren't going to look that interesting on the dance floor during our first dance. We were a bit nervous in the beginning but the whole team made us feel so welcomed and comfortable that we couldn't wait to continue with more lessons! We have worked with all the instuctors at one point or another and must say, not only are they all funny and make you feel relaxed, they also know how to teach and are very patient. Trust me....we had NO experience going in! Alex is currently who we mainly work with and love him! We can't wait to not only look fantastic on our big night but to take the lessons we learned and use them again and again. Their packages combine private, group and parties to give a well rounded scope of dance and how to introduce your new moves onto the dance floors you will soon want to take over. ;-) We definitely feel our classes are worth every penny and want to extend our lessons even after the wedding just because we are having so much fun!

Robyn Macnab

Not sure why you keep emailing me for reviews. I requested information months ago and no one ever got back to me. Now I am getting emails for reviews?

Christian B

We love this dance studio! We first came here to take lessons for our wedding dance. Annika taught us the Tango and did all the choreography for it! Our families was amazed at what we learned :-) We liked dancing and the instructors here so much that we kept going afterwards. There are regular dance parties where you can show off your dance routines. Everyone is great and friendly and helpful. Great place!

Gary Knapp

The instructors and staff are well skilled, very patient, and understanding. They can teach you to dance well, while having a great time doing it. The other students, regardless of level, are very fun and accepting of new faces. They encourage the new students to have fun while learning. The studio also participates in several dance showcases outside of the area, giving the students a chance to fully experience the elegance ball room dancing can bring.

Kelsey Peterson

Everyone at Arthur Murray Burlington is awesome! We've been dancing here for about 8 months and have learned so much and had so much fun. All the teachers are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, and the whole community is full of friendship and joy. The new studio is beautiful and spacious.

Samantha Harden

We had a fantastic experience from our first lesson, our instructor Bobby was very knowledgeable and patient. The entire staff are very welcoming and accommodating. We highly recommend this dance studio to anyone from any who are looking to dance for leisure, fun or an upcoming event!

Stephanie Santiago

I had the best experience here. I came to the studio with a limited timeframe for my daughters sweet 16 and our instructor helped streamline our ideas and put together a simple yet elegant dance for her. I would definitely recommend this studio and would surely utilize them again.

David Olivares

I find it VERY interesting that being around music, dancing to music, and the people around me, also doing the same thing, has transformed who I am on and OFF the dance floor. Wish I could bottle this stuff up. EVERYONE should have the happiness and benefits that dancing at Arthur Murray Studios (Madison and Sun Prairie) provides to all their students. From the physical transformation (toned legs, back, abs) to the vivid improvement in posture, which translates to positive confidence. My work has improved and the positive energy that I now feel, is noticed by my co workers and friends. Even my wardrobe has transformed. Buying shirts that flow well during dance, wearing a vest as well now. Got nicer shoes as I notice my feet ALOT lately. :-) I take pride in my appearance, with the fact that I am able to dance at any time of the day, or when ANY opportunity arises to move to the music. Even listening to music is dramatically enhanced. I hear the beat and envision which style of dance would best fit for that music. The instructors are amazing. they LOVE what they do and it shows in how they share their love of dance with the students. All this is great and almost expected in a well established, professional dance studio...what is not expected is the sincere personal interest Mr. Ken Norton and his team, has with all the students. Mr. Norton knows very well, that dancing can improve all aspects of your life, and he wants nothing but the best for his students. Keep up the great make this community a better place to live through your teachings.

cherri jackson

We just finished our introductory classes. My husband and I have had so much fun we signed up for more classes. Daniel is a great teacher. He is encouraging and doesn't make you feel uncorfortable as beginners. It's a fun experience to get out and try something new. I would highly recommend them.

Bethany F

Miguel Angel Frias Jr

Gary Hetton

I was looking for the best and affordable dance studio for my daughter. I am happy that I got to know about this dance studio. The atmosphere is very friendly and my daughter simply loves this place!

Jason Marsdale

Alaya Srankoh

Arthur Murray teachers have well thought out lessons for all dancers in varying levels from beginners to advance technicians. They can give your personal time if you ask instructors.

Diana Mirenkova

Lee Allen

Talented and professional staff in a beautiful studio! My husband and I are are gaining confidence and meeting other couples who are enjoying learning to dance. Come join us!. So glad that Arthur Murray has come to Madison.

Kim Martell

We took classes at Arthur Murray to prepare for our first dance at our wedding, and we could not be happier with the results! While my wife is a natural and was a very quick learner, I have two left feet. The instructors were incredibly skilled, enthusiastic, patient, and encouraging. They learned our style and strengths and choreographed an outstanding routine, which we were able to execute with confidence! We were repeatedly astounded by the professionalism and kindness of everyone, from our primary instructors, Andrew and Nick, to the entire team. We really could not recommend Arthur Murray highly enough. They are so committed to their craft, students and to the art of dance. We are incredibly thankful!

Henrietta Bellucci

I took classes two years ago and the experience was awesome! Anyone who has ever wanted to do this type of dancing should check them out.

Julie Truong

The best trainers ever. They were patient throughout the process. I had a great time and learned some wicked dance moves.

Vincent Mendez

Knowledgeable instructors and good atmosphere.

Sharon Fraade

My boyfriend and I tried groupons from a couple of different dance studios around NYC. We had never done ballroom dancing before but - having so many friends' weddings to attend - thought it would be a fun thing to learn together. We found the instructors and the students at Arthur Murray 5th Ave to be super inviting and when our groupon was over (4 private lessons, 1 group class and 1 practice party later) we signed up to continue. We get to take (group) lessons with all of the instructors but our private lessons with Amanda Nord have definitely been pivotal in us coming back!

Rahul Umbare

jamesdowd08 .

I have been going here for a little over a month with my young teen sister, not only has our confidence soared but we have been growing closer than we have ever been before. It also helps that all the instructors are very professional and truly want to make it fun while you learn at your own comfortable pace!

Zach Wagner

I can see why this place is rated 5 stars! Great instruction, awesome environment and most importantly TONS OF FUN! I loved the atmosphere of the friday night party! The only "negative" is the high cost to continue lessons. My wife as I were fortunate to get Groupons and really loved our weeks of dancing, but we couldn't spend the amount required to keep going. We'll just have to keep an eye out for more Groupons. Overall it was a great experience and I can't recommend it enough. We enjoyed using our dancing lessons at multiple offense afterwards so it definitely paid off!


Thank you Aurthur Murray dance studio for working with my Dad and I and creating our very special surprise father daughter dance!! This studio is willing to go the extra mile. On a tight schedule they greeted my Dad and I with a positive attitude and worked with us! We pulled off the absolute best surprise and we could not have done it without their professional yet personal atmosphere! 5 stars to Arielle as well for making this all possible! We look forward to sharing our dance with you soon!

susan frank

Mingshan Zheng

I feel joyful taking lessons in Arthur Murray Tysons dance studio. Studio is spacious and pleasant, so as instructors, helpful and funny. I understand that someone said it doesn't seem to have much progress after this person took many classes. In my private lesson, yes, sometimes I didn't learn anything new, but I understand that review is also very important to build a firm foundation so I don't forget what I have learned and possibly apply technics to new moves. And yes, tuition is a bit expensive, but it is worthy to do something I really enjoy. There are group lessons everyday, students can learn variety dances and get improved quickly by coming to the group lessons and practices. I recommend this place for everyone who loves to dance.

Patrick McAndrews

My fiance and I decided to take some dancing lessons mostly for fun but also in preparation for our wedding day. The instructors are all wonderful and skilled in teaching dance to beginners like us and all the way up to more experienced dancers. Both of us love the atmosphere that the staff has created and continues to create there making dancing fun and great exercise. They have a logical system for advancing that adds to the clear path that we are on to becoming better dancers. We look forward to being at the studio several times a week as relief from our busy lives. Thank You Team Schaumburg!

Valarie Stanley

Becoming a student at Arthur Murray Hamden was one of the best moves of my life. You don't have to be young, (I was pushing 60), you don't have to be skilled, you don't have to have experience. What you do need is a love of music and a love of dance. If that's you, I strongly encourage you to come join us. There are people of all ages, races and ethnicities, people with different sexual preferences, as well ask different skill levels. It's all about having fun, enjoying the music, and enjoying the dance! Oh yeah, I almost forgot one of my favorite things is having become a member of the Arthur Murray family! Some of the best people on the planet gather here and have a great time together! So 5+ Stars for me!!

Sharon Olbeter

I've been going here for a few months and am very pleased with the Tysons Studio. The curriculum is arranged so you naturally progress with your dancing. Instructors and students alike are all very friendly. It feels like a social club because we all know each other. We have weekly dance parties on Thursday nights that offer lots of dancing variety and opportunities to dance with people of all dance levels. On Saturday mornings, we have a continental breakfast before class so you can get to know others better. There are also dance classes and practice sessions every day of the week except Sunday, so there are lots of opportunities to continually improve your dancing.

Johanna Enwright

To all my fellow brides who are looking for dance lessons for your wedding, look no further. Arthur Murray offers a memorable experience for you and your future husband! The studio atmosphere is young and hip with talented instructors ready to teach you all the moves you need for your big day. Don’t have a song in mind for your first dance, not to worry! All the instructors are ready to help you create your vision. I cannot recommend this studio enough and happy to have a home away from home at Arthur Murray Burlington.

Daniel Kurtycz

Great Instructors and the chance to develop good friends. Also, financially less challenging than some other studios.

Global Marketing

First class facility. Super nice, friendly and fun people and experience. Had major trepedation, but they expertly calmed my silly fears and taught me to dance. No more faking it. Builds confidence too.

Kelsey Galante

Kam was fantastic! My husband and I were looking for some last minute tips and tricks so we don't make fools of ourselves at our wedding. Kam took our non-traditional first dance song and helped us to feel confident! Arthur Murray was really accommodating to our tight schedule and worked with us. They were really helpful and kind. Dancing was so much fun and I can't say thanks enough to Kam!

Esther Frances

Elle Jensen

This has become my favorite hang out since I started taking lessons back in November. It's fun and friendly, and the only place I want to be after a hard day. The people here always cheer me up, and I love working with them :)

Danny Nadeau

Have been there for years. Great instructors. Lots of friendly people at lessons an during dance parties

David Levesque

I have been ballroom dancing for more than 20 years. I have taken countless private and group dance lessons. I really enjoy learning from Iveta at Arthur Murray Manhattan, she is clear and challenging while being very supportive of my learning. I highly recommend you check out their studio if you are interested in learning ballroom dancing.

Kathy Blake

Taking lessons at ArthurMurray on Burlington is one of the best things we ever did! We went for our wedding and stayed for 16 years! Linda and her staff are the best!

Rebecca Yu

I had just completed another coaching lesson a couple days ago and I was asked to look at my dance posture in the mirror. As I look at myself, it made me realize how much I have grown in ballroom dancing during my past two years with Arthur Murray Schaumburg. It is not just how much I was able learn in each lesson, but I have also learned to trust in my teacher and in his advice on how I can become a better dancer, i.e. coming to group classes even if it is basic class to work on the fundamentals, participate in recitals to practice my confidence, take coaching lessons and lesson with other instructors to broaden my views and etc. As a kid, I have loved to sing and dance, willing to do that for anyone at request. It has slowly diminished as I have gotten older. It is sooo great to be able to reignite my childhood passion. There are big differences between independent studios and Arthur Murray Schaumburg. The difference can not be measured in monetary terms. It is the whole package - atmosphere, the people, resources available, and the teachers' and students' passion for dancing that you will fall in love with. It is priceless. Without knowing, the students and staff at AM Schaumburg has become an integral part of my life...

jonathan boavida

Rick and Robin are amazing! A great place to be yourself and meet new people. Their lessons are fun and comfortable.

Jędrzej Wiczkowski

They've prepared my wife and me to our wedding dance and we stayed ever since

Judith Peckham

Very happy with this Burlington Arthur Murray. This is my 25th year there!

João Junior

bill cozzo

My wife and I have been taking (nearly) weekly lessons here for 3 years and love it. The staff is professional all the while retaining warmth and friendliness. They are always encouraging and patient. I especially recommend it for married couples in or nearing their 'empty nest' phase of life as a way to strengthen your relationship through learning something new and being physically active together. LGBTQ friendly, which is cool. It's pretty hard to be stressed about life when you're dancing - no matter your preferred style or skill level, this place can get you movin'. Full marks - well done!

Russell Cook

Alexa Bubb

My fiance and I always said we wanted to learn to dance before our wedding so we didn't look awkward on our special day. We started a year before and we made the best decision EVER! We have fallen in love with dancing and it's something I look forward to each week. My fiance and I are both very shy and this has really opened us up alot. Our instructor is awesome!! We have really learned and grown together as a closer couple. Call Arthur Murray right away to make the best decision of your life!!!

Carol Jameson

My husband and I love taking dance lessons at Arthur Murray! It has become our home away from home. The instructors are all friendly, enthusiastic, and professional. And the Friday night parties are a blast with conga lines, line dances, the Hokey Pokey, in addition to ballroom dancing, of course. We don’t know how we ever lived without our Arthur Murray family before we started dancing.

Joshua Havlik

Denzel Mann

My wife and I took lessons with Kam at this Arthur Murray location prior to our wedding and had a wonderful experience. The studio was spacious and very clean. Enough good things cannot be said about how professional and experienced Kam was. When we are in the Schaumburg area again we plan on taking some more lessons to further our dance repertoire. The instructions that Kam provided were invaluable during our first dance together as husband and wife. If you are in the Chicago area and looking for a great dance instructor please see Kam or any of the other wonderful instructors at this location.

Roberta Maddox

My experience at Arthur Murray's Burlington Studio was wonderful. Everyone was always happy and smiling all the time. There was never any pressure to sign up for more lessons. The instructors were always willing to repeat the steps for anyone who needed more time. This was a very pleasant time for me. Anyone who loves Ballroom dancing as much as I do should start now. It's' never too soon or too late to follow your dreams.

Louis Granato

Jeanette Littmarck

I love this place! The instructors are awesome and the manager Linda is so kind and very professional. It's a warm place that will fill your heart.

Barry Kasven

Arthur Murray Burlington is a fine place to come, not only to learn to dance, but to add a social dimension to your dance instruction. As you and your cohorts improve, you develop friendships and form social groups that endure beyond the life of your dance lessons.

Steve Roberts

Now that we are empty-nesters, my wife and I took up dancing as a hobby. Of course, my wife explained to the Instructor that they will never be able to teach me rhythm. Without hesitation, the Instructor told her that as long as I have a heartbeat they can teach me - now my wife tells me that she loves to dance with me. It seems as though I have created a monster such that she wants to go all the time! This is just fine because it has brought us closer together and given us a lot of confidence on the dance floor. Now, to get the specifics of this studio. The Instructors are very professional and fantastic and we look forward to our private and group lessons. The location is convenient for me since I ride the Metro and can easily stop by after work. The studio is up to date with a state of the art sound system and they use music from today as well as great classics of yesteryear when teaching. There are always plenty of students of all levels and it seems everyone is having a good time. I would recommend the staff and studio at Tyson's if you are considering dancing.

Gherman Mustuc

Abigail Morrison

When I first started at Arthur Murray, I had just started learning to swing dance with friends. I tend to be fairly nervous in new social situations, and I was worried that I wouldn’t quite “fit in” with something like ballroom dancing. I was worried about making mistakes, looking foolish, and even just being myself. Luckily for me, I could not have been more unfounded in my concerns. The staff at Arthur Murray have been kind, patient and encouraging from the absolute beginning. Their constant affirmation and support have created an environment where I could not only recognize those problems, but also feel comfortable enough to work through them. Since starting at Arthur Murray, I’ve overcome anxiety issues, found new levels of courage I didn’t know I had, and broken free of perfectionism. Their staff value me as a customer and a person, and I never have to worry about being “good enough.” They are funny, gifted, diligent, committed and knowledgeable, they are consistently flexible with my dancing goals, and the environment in the studios is always positive. The staff are passionate about their work and their craft, always learning not only new moves but also new ways to teach, and the studios are always immaculate. Dancing has made me a healthier, more vibrant and confident person—not to mention a better storyteller—which is my passion—and I literally would not be the person I am today without their help. For anyone looking for topnotch teaching from professional, encouraging teachers with individualized pacing, lessons and schedules, look no further than Arthur Murray dance studios in Sun Prairie and Madison.

Kristy-Lee Belcourt

Nandina Hill

Friendly and engaging instructors and staff that will make you feel at ease when you walk in the door. Before you know it, you'll have a new hobby in dance that burns calories, relieves stress, increases confidence and is a joy to look forward to each day. I can't wait to go back.

Justin Camera

Karla Zevallos

I was very fortunate to find Andrew and his team from Arthur Murray in Burlington at the end of August. I lead a Latinx Group within an organization and many of our members asked to learn Salsa. I looked at many places for a group lesson and Arthur Murray Studio was by far the best option! Great customer service from the get-go, absolutely fair one-hour fee, flexible and super professional. Andrew and his team went above and beyond; they are not only amazing dancers and instructors but they also came prepare with their own sound system, greeted each person in the room and made sure everyone was involved. At the end of the lesson, we felt so reenergized. On top of his great service, he sent us an email the next day thanking us and offering discounts for future lessons. What an amazing company!

Christine Keopraseuth

My husband and I decided to take lessons before our wedding. Everyone was so nice- however it was just not worth the money. the tips and tricks we were taught could have been accomplished for less somewhere else.

Thomas Kaplan

Great instructors, awesome studio

Krystle Luzicka

At first, I fell in love with the whole dynamic of dancing. The Rio Rancho location truly was my favorite place to be. Dancing every day was my happiness. Then the Rio Rancho location closed down. I had to make the trip all the way across town if I wanted to dance. The new location was great for some time, but Arthur Murray hired some new people. My family was always treated like royalty at Arthur Murray and it was one of the reasons I loved being there, but when the new hires treated my mother very poorly and made her feel as if she had no value (on several occasions this happened) I decided to leave the studio. No one gets to treat my family this way. When brought to the manager’s attention, he did nothing. Arthur Murray always made frequent mistakes that I forgave but I couldn’t get past this one. Arthur Murray is great for short term dance lessons, but I would not suggest taking long term dance lessons with them. The drama is unreal.

Natalie Kelly

Donna Smith

My husband and I wanted to learn to dance for our son's wedding, so we started taking dance lessons at Arthur Murray. It has been 3.5 months and we have already gotten much more out of the experience than we expected. Not only have we learned the basics of over 15 popular dances, but we have noticed improvement in our posture, balance, and stress levels since starting classes. It has been a great way to get some exercise, spend time together learning a new skill, and meet so many great people. The teachers have helped create a great environment for fun and learning and all the extra activities offered (like the group lessons and weekly parties) have given us the opportunity to apply what we're learning and improve our progress. We would recommend Arthur Murray to anyone looking to learn to dance and have fun doing it.

DawnD Roucka

My husband gave me a set of 5 instructions for my birthday a year ago. We have kept the lessons up because it is fun, challenging, energizing and amazing. We have learned so much about ourselves and each other. We have a fabulous instructor, but all of the instructors are terrific and full of high energy. They are confidence builders and great cheerleaders. It would be terribly difficult to go there in a bad mood and leave that way. Love it!

Antoinetta Vogels

I love the staff - they make you feel so welcome and they are interested in what you want to know - and what is more they know how to teach you. Nice space too - my second home when I am in New York city!

Diana Gurak

I joined in Schaumburg, back in September and was given Joseph as my dance instructor. He is wonderful, as well as Kam, and the other dance instructors there such as Julz, Jeff. They are always very helpful to teach me techniques needed to advance at my level, as well as the dance steps. I lost my husband over a year ago, and was trying to do something with my time. I regained my passion for dance. They have helped me physically, mentally and socially and I wouldn't go anyplace else. We are like a family there. I don't feel it is just about the money there. I would suggest to anyone who is looking for a dance studio, to join our little club, it will be well worth it.

Stephanie Nunes

My fiancé and I are getting married in November and we decided to take dance lessons. We don't dance at all and were doing it to WOW our guests. We didn't realize how much fun and amazing it actually was to ballroom dance. Robin and Rick have been patient and kind in teaching us, non dancers. We have completed our beginner package and now signed onto a membership! Robin and Rick have made it comfortable and fun and we will be continuing to dance even after the wedding.

Ron Foster

Decided to work on really learning how to dance as it was on the top of my bucket list. Investigated dance studios in the area to see what they offered. Selected the Schaumburg Arthur Murray location and it was the right choice! That was last August and I can only say that this was not just a good decision, it was a great one. If someone told me what I would be able to accomplish in 9 months I would have said they were nuts but the staff at this studio give it 110% and from the moment you walk in you will feel like you belong there. Go take a lesson!

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