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REVIEWS OF Victory Martial Arts IN Arizona

Clint Bills

We love this place! Not only are my kids learning martial arts they are also learning life skills. Victory has taught my kids about self-discipline, respect, and confidence. They feel comfortable in front of a group of people and they are more respectful at home and school. The instructors are amazing and create an environment of family and trust.

Kaitlyn Hixson

Such an amazing place to be! I love everyone here! They are all so sweet and caring!

Pip Searfoss

After a few years of trying a few martial arts studios I was happy to find Victory through my children's school. My 4yo loves being a tiger! After a few weeks I have already noticed his behavior improving. Also he hasn't bitten his brothers in a week which is a big problem of his. I can't wait to see future improvements! My 7yo and 9yo love class. They have met a few kids from their school which has opened up new friendships. And my husband and myself attend classes with hope that we become a heavier family!

Urszula Lawrence (AZ CPG 20)

Sign your kid up TODAY. It's a great place to see their confidence and discipline grow. And it's fun!

James Slaugh

Love this school and their program. The instructors go out to make this class not only a great learning experience but fun!!! Our daughters have learned so much and we can see a change in the attitudes at home. Update to add. It's been a year since we signed our daughters up for Martial Arts with Victory Mesa. We have seen our girls grow into incredible young warriors and great young leaders. I myself am taking class as well and love the martial arts. This place is more than a school everyone there is like one big family and we couldn't ask for better group of people to call family and friends.

Kimberly Carr

My 12 year old struggles with low self esteem. My 11 year has problems with focus. We enrolled them in Victory after hearing about the positive environment they provide. My son came for 1 visit and I discovered a renewed confidence in him. My other son is learning to focus. They are committed, and so are we. It's more than Karate. It's amazing!!

Raquel Schatz

One of the best Martial Arts Studio we’ve been to. The staff is always welcoming, very uplifting and energetic. The family atmosphere is out of this world. Always cheering during classes, at competition, and in life. The family plan is phenomenal, I to am taking classes with my daughters, which they love. Curriculum is outstanding, every stripe is well deserved. Been to places where they are belt factories and others where the curriculum is always changing. Not here, no one is sitting down during classes, everyone is up and moving, there’s always a purpose.

Crystal Driver

Victory Martial Arts Mesa is absolutely fantastic. The staff at Victory is family. They go above and beyond, they are kind-hearted, loving and encouraging. As a family we are on a journey to becoming black belt leaders TOGETHER! We lift one another up when we fall, and we celebrate our victories. I love the curriculum and life skills taught. I have taken almost every class and I love them all! My youngest son was diagnosed with PTSD and connecting was a challenge for him. Victory has provided him a safe outlet to channel some of those overwhelming feelings. Today my son is confident and has very few outbursts. Watching him open up and trust the friends and family at Victory melts my heart. It takes a village to raise a child and I am so honored to have Victory helping with ours. I highly recommend this school!

Charles Widder

Our 4 year old son enjoys coming to class every time. He ask us on a daily basis if he has class and we have to tell him not tell either Tuesday or Thursday pending on the day of week. He can't wait to see his friends and to expand his mind on the lesson of the day. His mother and I enjoy the kickboxing class that they offer.

brandon parker

Our family loves this places. We enrolled our son about two months ago and he is loving every bit of it. Our son is learning alot and is doing every well

Quentin Vaterlaus


Jesse Nava

I signed up my daughter at this martial arts school and have been very happy with the staff, their way of teaching and the energy they bring. YES I CAN ATTITUDE!

Crystal Parker

UPDATE 5/14/13 - Mrs. Babin contacted me and was absolutely amazing!! She was understanding, she attempted to reach me by phone and email and her concern about what happened seemed genuine and heartfelt. Not only that, but because of our experience, she DID let us out of our contract!! I feel so much better knowing that someone actually cared and went the extra mile to ensure that my situation doesn't happen again! Original Post - Ms. Birdwell is to be avoided at ALL COSTS!! She is an instructor for the tiny tigers (young kids approximate ages 2-5) and her interactions with the children are horrid!! Our first negative experience we thought maybe she was having a bad day. However, she continued to be offensive. She should NOT be working with children!! Then to add to the problem, the owners have not been responsive to our concerns for over a month, and when they do respond, the owner Bill Babin sends one sentence email response, no phone calls, and he says "once your agreement is up, I respect your right to go somewhere else". He does not address our concerns with her physically grabbing my child, yelling at my child, and doing all of this with an angry expression and tone. There was not any mutual respect, only physical mishandling and inappropriate yelling and interactions with my 3 and 5 year olds. Why would it EVER be ok to grab the children's arms and get in their faces?!? Come on...they are 3 and 5, they need to be redirected, but in RESPECTFUL AND NON-ANGRY manner. Once you are locked into their contracts...they don't care about taking care of any issues that may arise. You are locked into the contract right?!? may not like the class, the treatment of your children, but you are LOCKED in so do not expect any workability. When I first went in there, they seemed like sugar and spice. They seem like they really care and that they want to create a healthy and happy environment. Yet, I would think twice before you commit to this program because the real test for whether or not a program is excellent for your children is how they deal with issues that are sure to arise in any program with children. Instead, they ignored me and use a "your locked in to the contract" mentality. Such a shame, I feel so scammed....even worse, my daughter talks about the mean lady that grabbed her arms at karate and hurt her. Not all of the staff are like Ms. Birdwell, but she is always there and is always working with the children. This is my FIRST time ever taking the time to write a review. My kids are enrolled in many programs thru-out the East Valley, swim, dance, tumbling tee ball, etc. I have never had issues like this with any other program. I also usually sit and keep my mouth shut, but I truly do not want other parents to experience what we did. There are many positive reviews, but do you really want to take a chance that you may have an experience like ours? When an issue arises, you are locked into a contract that they will not let you out of and they will not be workable to help you resolve the issues or problems. (their billing company actually told me that Babin's has NEVER let anyone out of a contract for ANY reason.) I recommend you go somewhere else.

Teri Ward

Victory Martial Arts is Amazing! We have had the absolute best experience! Thank you especially to Mr. DeSmith and Mr.Janis!

John Perin

Victory is an awesome family oriented, positive encouraging place to learn martial arts, life skills and beyond.

shana fonteneau

Victory Martial Arts is a great place for our children to learn self confidence , discipline , self defense and get great exercise while having a blast with there instructors !

Alexander Foulk

Far more than a place to just learn martial arts. This is a strong community built on powerful principals; reinforced by incredible individuals.

Mary Lou Hill

Such an amazing places! We just recently joined the victory family and we couldn't be any more thankful the staff are amazing with every kid, very patient and very dedicated and lovable. We started of not being so sure about it because our son wasn't adjusting like we wanted him to but two weeks down the road we all the support and encouragement, he's now loving every bit! I would recommend victory to anyone I know!!

Matt Shea

Whatever your expectations might be when considering martial arts you can expect them to be exceeded here at Victory. From self-confidence, leadership abilities, and strengthening personal weaknesses you can be assured any obstacle in your life can be eliminated. You never know until you try!

Maria McDowell

The staff are rock stars with their students. They are dedicated to making their tigers successful.

Kevin Johnson

We just had our son's birthday party here and I must say the people who run this place are some of the nicest around. We had a truly horrible experience with the owners of the place on Hampton Dr east of the superstition mall and took our business here and are so glad we did. Our son isn't in karate yet, but if we ever do decide to put him in, we will be going here because of how respectful they were to everyone. And to people complaining about being locked in for months, it kind of takes months to learn something so they probably don't want you to go for 1 month then quit and tell people it didn't work for your child when in reality they just weren't given enough time. Just a thought.

matt berend

We love being a part of the victory family. It truly is a family. Everyone at Victory Mesa are great leaders and examples from the head instructor to the kids learning to be instructors. I highly suggest anyone considering martial arts for their kids or grown ups check them out. They are incredibly positive and encouraging while expecting you to earn your belts..

D.J. Trezise

What an amazing family of dedicated instructors! My son has learned so much in such a short time and I was so impressed that I signed myself up!

Michael May

This school has been such a positive influence on my family. My kids practice, confidence, good self esteem, discipline, and leadership every time we go here (we go a lot). It has been great because of such great leadership and teaching at this martial arts school. The instructors here lead in the trenches and show love and compassion when someone has self doubt. They care for every student and help each person push past all doubts and fear in order to achieve their goal. This school is more than just martial arts it is a strong community and family that betters everyone that walks in the door.

Dalilah Diaz

Sharon Woody

My son recently started Victory Martial Arts and already seeing some discipline at home with getting ready on his own without being told, hearing "Yes Ma'am" here and there. We are enjoying it and being excited for him to be part of this journey.

Victoria Slaugh

Our daughters have learned so much more than moves here. They have learned confidence, respect, manners, etc. I cannot wait to see how far this school takes them! Thank you for everything you do not only for your students but the community! *Updated to add: When our kids go to karate class, they learn a bunch of cool moves, yes. But there is so much more. Each cycle brings a new life skill. This cycle is honesty. As parents we hope to teach our kids to be honest. But we're parents. Our words only go so far. In class, they learn what makes up that life skill. They discuss it to the point it is as much a part of their life as answering to their name. They also learn to be a confident person, that they matter and can truly do anything they work for. Victory Martial Arts is a second home for us. For everything they do, we thank them. 5 stars for Mesa Victory!

Kenya Dominguez

Monique Michaels

My kiddos absolutely love this place mr Janis is the best

Kayla Banks

Jennifer Stabley

I enrolled my son in May 2017. My son is 5 years old and he has autism so I was worried that he won't be able to follow instructions and pay attention and focus in class. Since we have become part of the victory family he has improved not only and following directions being in a group setting he's more social his physical well-being is amazing he's on the smaller side and has physical or in home and his PT is amazed at how well his balance has improved. Being here is not just being part of something small it's part of something big it's family and we have made so many new friends and continue to make new friends and our family grows here we absolutely love it. This is the best decision that I have ever made for my son and myself I enjoy taking adult classes as well. We will be here for many years to come I love all the virtues that they teach. The instructors are amazing and patient. The older kids are always so respectful and always helpful from day. Everyone has been supportive from the beginning. What I thought was going to be one or two days a week is 5 days a week!! We are in our third year and it just keeps getting better helps my sun and every aspect of life and in school as well

Jessica Jacobs

Fast forward 1 year from my last review below. My son has grown soo much. Not only has his skills improved but he has learned the meaning of respect, self esteem, honesty and discipline. They teach them life skills like stranger danger and things like memorizing name, phone # and address. Very impressed with Mr. DeSmith, Mr. Sparks and Mr. Janis and how they interact with the kids. It took a couple sessions for my 3year old to get comfortable but he loves going now and I enjoy watching him and the other little tigers learn life skills.

Mandy Zink

Our family LOVES Victory Martial Arts!!! We have seen a huge difference in our boys since they have started Karate!! Thank you so much Victory!!!!

Nicky Burroughs

My daughter loves her class! Mr Janis is AMAZING!

Jessica Vance

With this family they always work with you and they never give up on you. I'm glad to be in this family.

Jeffrey Ledbetter

Great! Watching kids grow in attitude and behavior!

Krystal Clark

We love this place. Very welcoming, and encouraging. Fun, upbeat, and family orientated. All the instructors and staff have been great.

Sam May

We started our two kids at Victory Martial Arts at the end of December 2016 and I couldn’t be happier with Victory Mesa. This program has been so positive for our family! The instructors show strong leadership and dedication every day. The kids are constantly pushing themselves and gaining confidence in a positive environment. They have grown so much in self-confidence, strength, abilities, and discipline in just a short time. We can’t wait to see the people they grow into with our new Victory family. I started my black belt journey, which I never thought I would do, because I was inspired by the leadership in Mr. DeSmith, Mrs. DeSmith, Mr. Adams, and Mr. Janice. I wanted to be a leader to my kids and to be in the “trenches” with them. Victory has taught me how to support them in the ways they need. I am proud to see the confidence my children have gained at Victory Mesa. I am still learning so much and we all have a long journey ahead but I am so glad that it is with this program and would highly recommend them for ANYBODY! No matter what goals you may have, THIS is the place to help you achieve them!

Wayne Holland

I studied Tae Kwan Do directly under Master Babin back in the mid to late eighties for 3-4 years. He is an excellent business man and teacher, with integrity and honor. I would highly recommend him to people of ANY age wanting to learn Tae Kwan Do. He always went above and beyond the call of duty to help me learn the art. He was also respectful of the fact that I was making a living with my hands, and couldn't afford broken fingers, hands, or arms. We have stayed in touch over the years, and I'm proud to endorse him and to have had him and his wife as good friends for so many years.

Jeremy Magoon

Our boy wanted to try out martial arts and they came by his school and gave a free class to check it out. He enjoyed it and seemed like a good fit. They really stress life skills in all aspects of life. That was the biggest thing that had us choose them. Mr DeSmith and Mr Janis do a great job with the kids and really want them to succeed.

Mary Foulk

I absolutely love this place . It's my family and I home away from home. Since starting here my kids have become more confident, they've stopped 90% of their fighting. We take classes there as well, so it's an entire family adventure. If you get the opportunity come on and see it for yourself.

Piper Searfoss

I love this family! Everyone looks out. My boys have attended for a year now and have grown so much in confidence and discipline! Year 2 here we come.

Christian Canez

We have been here for 5 weeks now and we have nothing but positive things to say. We started at victory to help our 6 year old son with his ADHD. The instructors are so positive, and understanding their full of energy. It's a very upbeat environment. We love being apart of the victory family.

Katherine Bautista

Our son began his taekwondo journey a couple of months before his fifth birthday. He was very shy around people he didn't know and afraid to try new things. And he was very stubborn, especially when asked to do something he didn't want to do. When we arrived for his first Tiny Tiger class, he clung to my leg and begged to go home. It was a new experience for him and he spent the entire class sitting at the back of the room crying. But week after week we kept coming, and eventually he really started to enjoy it. Even when he was in a cast after breaking his arm, he insisted we come to class. He also became more confident and started playing with kids he just met. And slowly but surely his technique started to improve, too. When he was invited to join the leadership program, he learned how to speak in front of a group, and introduce himself to someone with a firm handshake. And lo and behold my once shy little boy started to enjoy speaking in front of others and helping in class. Now he's a third degree black belt. Victory has not only taught him martial arts and how to defend himself against bullies, but also life skills like respect, humility, and self esteem. He is now a junior instructor in the Legacy program and helping others on their journey to black belt. If you are considering Victory, we highly recommend it. You won't be disappointed.


My Granddaughters are both blue belts. I am so very proud of how far they have come. They learn so much from their training. Self defense, respect, honesty, courage. All the parents and children at Victory are a family. Taking care and looking out for one another I have never seen another school like this. The instructors are so patient with the students that I am just amazed. I'm so glad we found this school.

owoluna 31

5 years of training at this school. Excellent classes and instructors. Highly recommend!


This place is not about teakwondo. If you want to have fun and learn nothing please sign up. They dont follow all the rules of the ATA association nor do they teach all the required elements. The "owner" who represents Victory corporation is not interested in getting you to the next level of excellence or competitions. He will not help you if you wish to compete. There is no preperations for any tournaments not even Districts, Nationals or Worlds. The man is lazy, arrogant, rude and only a 2nd degree. He will award next belt/degree without ever failing anyone. The testings are a formality. There are kids there with higher rankings then him. Anything to placate parents and keep them paying while kids do have fun. He also doesn't go to many tournaments to support competitors from his school. When he does go he is there to humiliate his son ( I am not joking

Richard Kwasneski

I have a very well adjusted 13 year old daughter that is a 2nd degree black belt from this school. Yes it was expensive as she did nearly all the classes. So what did I get, I got a place that reinforced my skills as a parent. From teaching her self respect, how to do a job well done, to stand up for herself, look someone in the eye when speaking to them. The ability to stop a bully without having to resort to violence, the ability to do so and not be a victim if it comes to that. She has not been in over a year (she is thinking about returning) but right now today, I have a respectful 13 year old girl with values that is in the junior national honor society. Did the Babin's accomplish that for me, no, but they darn sure helped and reinforced the things she needs to be a responsible child growing into an adult. So those of you who feel that you are going to get magic for $50 a month really need to understand business. They have to pay rent, advertise, pay for equipment, utilities, and of course eat. Did you really think $50 a month will do all this and magically transform your kid into Bruce Lee?? I am real sure you have something in your life that means less than teaching your children the things I mentioned and then reinforcing them by surrounding them by good people, maybe that $5 coffee everyday? I looked at it as an investment in my child and a place to surround her with successful positive people. It is a matter of priorities, I felt mine where in line spending the money on this education and 8 years since we started it, I would say that I am right. How are your kids? Chief master Babin is a rare person, not only is he one of a VERY few 8th degree Chief Masters, but he is forthright, honest and definitely someone to put you child in front of. Surround them with successful people and they learn those traits, throw them in with losers, the odds drop dramatically, pretty straight forward. Am I saying spend money you do not have, no. But I figured I could get a few more years out of the car, not drink $5 coffee, and put it where it matters into the future of my child, worked for 8 years now! So when you see the negative reviews, look at all the others that are overwhelmingly positive! This is real and it is not magic, and it does take effort, dedication, and of course money, anything worthwhile does.


Both of my daughter's take class and love it. I have seen a change for the better in both of them. They are 8 and 13. They are more disciplined and respectful. I have rejoined as well and feel better about myself. We love taking the family classes together and encouraging each other. Mr. Desmith Mr. Adams and Mr. Janis are all amazing instructors.

Samantha May

This school has been such a positive influence on my family. My kids practice, confidence, good self esteem, discipline, and leadership every time we go here (we go a lot). It has been great because of such great leadership and teaching at this martial arts school. The instructors here lead in the trenches and show love and compassion when someone has self doubt. They care for every student and help each person push past all doubts and fear in order to achieve their goal. This school is more than just martial arts it is a strong community and family that betters everyone that walks in the door.

Christina Wyant

My sons 14 and 15 have been here since Feb 2017 til present. They are in Taekwondo and Krav Maga Warrior classes. Since we have been coming to this school, I've seen nothing but positive and exciting structure for them. The teachers and staff are amazing, patient, positive, motovational and make you feel like one BIG family. I highly recommend coming here. Best decision we've made.

Courtney Jacobs

We started at Victory in August and have had a great experience. The instructors are great with the kids and they foster an environment where they all encourage each other. The life skills they focus on help them become leaders.

Carole Pellatt

Bill Babin is my sensei. I am a black belt in Tae-kwon-Do and was fortunate to have him as my teacher and guide. While I was training with him in his classes, the lessons I learned there would become a way of doing things that would always give me an edge in life. I developed a physical confidence that I didn't have prior to training, and that confidence is with me both consciously and unconsciously to this day.. At Bill's and Jocelyn Babin's dojo I learned how to maneuver my body through the universe. In all my travels around the world, I have never felt unsafe because I was taught how to read the potential danger of a situation, and how to use my body language to express and project my attitude and intentions. As well, the physical benefits of having great posture continue to benefit me. In their classes, humor, kindness, respect, fun, enthusiasm and dedication were prevalent. And physical respect was treated with the utmost of importance. Bill leads by example and always showed concern for each individual in the class. The teachers that he mentored that were instructing as well, were consistently of a high caliber, and showed the same passion for martial arts that he did, as well as the same compassion for teaching. Now that I am busy with my life, art & passions, I still think often of my lessons and experiences at Bill & Jocelyn's school, because they are all still with me. And as an artist and teacher in the field of arts myself, my respect for them grows even greater every time I encounter a situation that requires my expertise as a teacher and mentor. I think about where I learned these lessons and I am forever grateful to Bill and Jocelyn Babin for sharing their deep pool of knowledge and experience with me so generously.

Josh Kuehneman

We love this dojo, it provides a positive learning environment for kids and adults to build core values in; discipline, belief, communication, respect, self esteem, and honesty.

Amanda Fraser

Best school for childrens martial arts! Very friendly and family oriented. We love it here!

Ali Packer

We love Victory Martial Arts-Mesa. Our kids have fun while learning life lessons, social skills and martial arts. The senseis are energetic, knowledgeable and most of all excellent in teaching.

Tessa Langham

Such a great place that focuses on enriching the children and teach real world skills. Fantastic teachers that work directly with the kids to make sure they fully understand the movements and monthly dedication.

Henry Mah

Great place for kids to learn respect and martial Arts. Our son loves coming and it shows in his every day responsibilities.

Jana Boutelle

Honestly, when we started, I wasn't convinced that this was something I wanted to become involved in. The kids dad was more excited than I was. I saw it as just one more thing on my plate, and something that I would be paying for (the kids dad and I are divorced.) I am happy to say that it was the best thing that decision that I ever made for my kids. It has provided them with not only a stability during some of the rockiest moments of our lives, but it has also provided my children with positive strong, male role models to aspire to (as their dad isn't exactly the best.) Yes, it's pricey, and there are extra costs that aren't exactly gone over during the first lesson. But I absolutely love the people I have had the opportunity to meet and establish friendships with. And the benefits outweigh all costs. As a single mom of two, beautiful, sassy, independent boys, it's nice to have male back up. Thank you to the DeSmiths, Mr. Adams and Mr. Janis! You are an amazing team of people, and I appreciate everything you do to keep the kids motivated!

Frederick Pillivant

My niece Jennifer Stabley and her son Wyatt have been participating in your program and it has had a major impact on my nephew. You can see the positive effects from the videos that Jennifer has shared. You can tell that it has given him so much more confidence that will carry with him going forward.

Cary Ledbetter

Victory has been amazing for our family! From life lessons to freindships, this has been life changing.

Marysol escalona

My kids love coming here. I like how it's not only great moves but also how to be responsible and honest my kids love it they come 5 to 6 times a week because they just like been here. A mis hijos les encanta venir a entrenar y ami me gusta mucho el tipo de entrenamiento que tienen.

Gabriel Cuevas

Too bad there's no 0 stars. My wife had bough a groupon for our kids to take clases here. It included 16 clases, initiation fee, uniform, test fee and belt. When I brought them in to sign up they told me: Oh you don't need the Groupon we are going to give a ever better deal! And at first it sounded like a good deal so I signed up but when I got home and read the whole contract we where going to paying from day one so no groupon value was honored. No big deal, the contract says we have 5 business day to cancel so we did. Now I just got a letter saying we still have to pay $249/mo for the whole year contract. What a RIPOFF!!!

Crystal A

Tracie Steller

Kathy Bilko

Excellent program. The instructors provide individualized attention during class.

Jeremy Smith

Awesome place. Great atmosphere. I would recommend this to everyone.

Claudia Shea

My kids (17 and 5) have learned great discipline at Victory and my husband is also training, so it is truly for all ages. This experience is not only bringing our family closer we have also met some incredible people throughout our journey, we are very pleased to be a part of such a great Victory family!

Monique Valenzuela

I think ATA is a great school. They are currently now Victory but they still remain great. Mr. Babin is doing a great job at maintaining the ATA standards and even exceeding in some cases. My son started a year ago and my husband and I enrolled him to build his confidence. He has come leaps and bounds from where he once was and it all has to do with what he has learned from Chief Master Babin and now Mr. Babin. The rest of the team is also wonderful. Mrs. Houston trained him in Tiny Tigers and did a fantastic job. It is a little expensive but it is so worth the money. You're paying for your child's success in future goals whether it be school related or down the road when they're older and it becomes work related. Thank you ATA now Victory Martial Arts, for transforming my Xavier into a strong young boy who can handle himself in a bad situation and for giving him the confidence to succeed in this world.

Jessie Christensen

We love victory martial arts!! Our girls have gained confidence and leadership skills since starting. Can't wait to see all their growth!

Tiffany Bates

Victory Martial Arts is the best martial arts schools ever! We started in May and this has become our 2nd home. Our son started first but being here and participating with your kids, the family vibe and all around fun loving vibe you get makes you want to join in as well. The family that trains together stays together!!

Jenn Huddleston

We have loved Victory for almost 2 years. Our 5 kids have excelled in leadership, discipline and self esteem. I am honored to have Mr. DeSmith, Mr. Adams, Mr. Janice and Mr. Sparks teach amazing skill to my kids, the benefits are priceless. If you are looking for a great Martial Arts studio. Look no further!

AZS Gear

I joined Victory a few months ago with my brothers. At first I was not really sure this was my thing, and now when I come to class I always have a smile on my face

Kari Turner

Update: the friends we have made are great! I love how positive they are and the life skills that are being taught. Who doesn't want their kid to learn about discipline, respect, and honesty? We knew nothing about karate when we signed up, but I wanted my son to learn respect and discipline. Everytime we walk in the energy is high, the coaches and leaders are welcoming and they all know our names. No matter how long of a day we've had, or how tired we are, coming to Victory is a must. We can't wait to learn more and make new friends.

shirley coates

Since my grandson has been coming here. He has shown big improvement with his attitude. Victory teaches respect, self discipline and confidence. I see an improvement after every class and I couldn't be happier.

MrHoward Williams

Great group of Instructors. Very family oriented. My children have displayed completely different behaviors upon attending I highly recommend it. If your looking to have your kid's learn discipline,honesty, honor and respect!!!

Andrea Shea

Family. Family is not defined by the blood running through your veins but by the comfort of feeling at home. Family will support you, cheer you on and give you confidence when you need it the most. Here at Victory, we are a family. Day by day we continue to motivate one another, and help each other during those times when we need that extra push. There are no outsiders when it comes to our Victory family. No exclusions, everyone is welcome. In class not one person is greater than another. Victory is not just some martial arts place, it is a home. Where we learn new skills, set new goals and gain more family.

Amber Fenn

Very impressed! From day one the VMA family has been kind, courteous and extremely helpful. Their mission isn't to train a bunch of fighters, but to change the world one confident kid at a time. It is clear their goal is to build strong kids through discipline, self-confidence, respect and so much more. Grateful my son is able to learn from them! Thanks VMA.

Breanna Wilson

Great instructors, Great group of adult students who willingly help out new students. My son is 7 entering his 2nd month and he loves it. is like a family get together, all parents and instructors are friendly and Lots of fun, laughs and smile and a Wonderful place to learn self-defense karate or discipline for children. They have a Nice practice area, too!

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