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REVIEWS OF The University of Arizona IN Arizona

Levi Cross

The best part about this place is the visits from Brother Dean. Im giving 5 stars because of Bro Dean. Without him this place is a garbage school in a trash city.

Valerie Vargas

This place is a joke, They charge ridiculous amounts for everything and charge for things you don't want or need. They are real quick to take your money but won't give refunds for anything. GREEDY!

jacob fridley

Andre Iguodala went here am i right.

Google Name

Apparently an FBI wiretap isn’t enough. The corruption is insane. Worse nobody cares. Previous review...Recently students at this “university” shouted down border patrol agents and were caught on video calling them the murder patrol and an extension of the KKK. The Pima County, Ariz. Attorney's Office has dropped charges against the three UA students. If these are the kinds of students who attend this school? ONE STAR!

Niu XZ

Work here, it is good for students I guess, for staff, it's ok

Danielle Griffin

I love this university. Such a great community. I learned a lot about the world and what it has to offer. I expanded my interest and made life long friends. I never had a problem with financial aid office, room and board, or faculty (although some I liked more than others). This institution does not beat you over the head with tradition like some schools which is why it appealed to me. It also is not a school obsessed with partying, but they do like to have fun. Diverse, inclusive, and affordable. I am glad I chose wild cat country. Bear Down Arizona!

Cynthia Burr

Proud to have been a Wildcat 20 years ago and now!

Nicole G

If you are a business looking for a less expensive option for marketing, this is not the answer. They charge a ridiculous amount of money for services provided by students who are clueless as to the real business world. Although the students will work hard for you, what they produce is worthless. Don't even think it!

Wayne Rainey

learning environment is like visiting a preschool when all the toddlers are tired and cranky, which is not unexpected because all of the students and some staff are coddled millennials who throw tantrums and cry about microagression and safe spaces instead of trying to make the most of the facilities they are paying through the nose for to get what would be an excellent education if they just halfway tried. No thanks

Kim Lurie

Great educational opportunities, athletics and architecture.

Zachary Oschmann

Great university.Bear down!

Jeff Goers

Went to the festival of books, had a great time

Dwight Schrute

overpriced & overhyped.

Kevin Hoing

Artist visiting

Becky Alexander

Incredible school and the campus is stunning!

Colton Patton

Starting in Spring of 2019, already can tell it's a very prestigious college and is a NASA command center for some of the WILDCAT projects, WOW! BEAR DOWN!

Whitney Talcott

Beautiful campus

Chaz Humphrey

Great institute for higher learning

Brett Levine

Tucson, like all college towns, has its fair share of crime. It has grown on me in a good way, and I haven't had to wear a jacket once. It is a beautiful city with a lot of character that is directly reflected within the campus. The University does a great job with personalizing the experience. If you have an issue, you can contact someone and get help without going through a 10 person chain of command (like the one used at another state school not to be mentioned). Arizona gives students a few good options when choosing a University, and the U of A has many wonderful programs to choose from. The Chemical Engineering department is absolutely amazing, the professors will go above and beyond to help students learn the material, increase student involvement within the university, gain access to internship resources, overall, creating an environment for success. There are so many research opportunities presented by this school, it has opened my mind to possibilities I had not imagined. Since day 1, I felt welcomed with open arms.

Tommy Lynn Calhoun

Great experience with lasting memories made!

Debra Thompson

I went there regular treament

Pascal chance

This one of the best University in tucson and Arizona It also on otlf the biggest University in Arizona

Austin Coleman

The University of Arizona is a Spectacular College for anyone in Arizona. A true educational treasure. I love this University. Such a great community. I learned a lot about the world and what it has to offer.

Maureen LaMone

Chinese Health day, with the Confucius Institute with the U of A. Interesting day, participated in a Tai Chi demo. Also got to see all the fans piling into McHale Ctr for the girls BB game.

MSH Harris

I was wrong 2 senior center m stopped @ the circle k on Speedway b4 Euclid heading westbound

Gunawan Mansur

I'm interesting this place.

Adam Carter

Great school to manage in business in but everything else not so much. Average academics but a great student body. Still wouldn't recommend it for an elite student coming out of high school.


Great school. Look up u of a king on YouTube.

Paul Schulte

The University of Arizona is the reason that I will support the secession of Tucson from Arizona. Tucson really wanted the mental institution, but got to Prescott too late and ended up with the booby prize, the University. They were going to send the money back until a saloon owner and two others donated the land. Sore losers!!!!

jaloera 22

Nice facilities!!

william olguin

It’s amazing

Jesse Schaa

Campus is always green, clean and bustling with people. Staff, students and teachers are helpful and friendly.

Magda Maria Martinez

I love the university. My daughter dreams of going there for college. She is studying hard for school.

Farhad Akhoundi

College of Optical Science is among top ten in US. The u of a campus and their students are wonderful.

kyree washington

University of Arizona is hands down the best experience you will ever have.

Katrina P.

Horrible campus. Not supportive. June 27th, 2014, fired Dr. Suzanne Sisley for her FDA approved research on marijuana and how it helps people with PTSD. Unforgivable.

Fernando Parada

As a current student I can proudly say that this is a great university with a wonderful student body, a beautiful campus, plenty of things to do, and plenty of ways to get involved if you look for them.

kevin baker

ive been their aa couple of times its good i would say its like nau how its a hr away from the city, why don't all of them share in the city

Jim Bergstrom

The U of A campus located within a historic section of the Tucson city footprint. It's close enough to downtown that you can walk or even better, ride a bike (Tucson is rated high in the Top 10 bicycle-friendly cities of America). I'm not a student, however I do attend musical events at several of the university's event buildings every year or so and get that friendly flashback feeling each time. I went to college in 1969 so it's a familiar old feeling, too. As you walk around the area, enjoy people-watching, the lively discussions, and the kooky kids. Make sure to have lunch nearby in one of the many restaurants and beer joints adjacent to the school boundary on the West side and perhaps even you will flash back comfortably to your early days. The University is spread out so bring your walking shoes.

Joe Feeney

Beautiful school. Great location

drwaqar anwer

University of Arizona is a public institution that was founded in 1885. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 34,072, its setting is city, and the campus size is 392 acres. University of Arizona's ranking in the 2018 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities, 124.

Laura Mazurek

Really beautiful campus that makes me wish I went here. There's lots of grass and paths to walk on as well as lots of areas to just hangout. To put it simply, the campus is somewhere any student could find something they like and feel comfortable

Brady Morris

I attended school here and loved it! The weather is awesome The basketball team rules. The campus is perfectly laid out; And the administration and staff seem to really care here. I earned my bachelors here, and would do it all over again. It was a great education.

Martha Sanchez

Beautiful campus. My Granddaughter Bella go here.

Alexey Krivega


Ricardo Fernandez

Great place for

Tara Frey

I am a little disappointed. I had called a while back to ask about their online Meteorology Program, to which they informed me was only open to those in the military, but they also told me that they are working on opening it up for all civilians and they gave me a time frame, which was another year. They then told me to take my pre-requisites at another school and transfer them to UofA when their Meteorology Program is open. Well, that 'time frame' came and went, and when I called them about it, they said they have no plans to open that program to all civilians. So, I wasted an entire YEAR of schooling for a program that I am not able to do. Thanks for that.

mohammad samandar


Ammar Alansari

I get accepted, but they didn’t let me register for classes because they said I don’t meet the requirements while my transcripts meet all the requirements. I ask them why, but they never responded. I payed the admission fee so i should at least get a response on why I can’t. I don’t know if they’re being racist or something else...

Frank Longo

March 2019. President Trump this week signed a Presidential Order requiring colleges and universities to allow campuses to have free speech otherwise federal funding would be taken away. Follow the Facebook post where liberal left wing student/s disrupted a meeting of conservative students and Government ICE officials who were invited on campus. My own donations to this school of higher learning will now stop.

Flint Strike

Great campus, beautiful people and weather. Great facilities and staff.

Marc Pilossof

Best University in the state of Arizona. Main library has fantastic collection of books not normally seen outside special collections. Medical library is better than most with heavy emphasis on History of Medicine. Science and Engineering Library state of the art with heavy emphasis on Mathematics. I never attended this University, but, as a visiting scholar, I haunted the libraries while writing several mathematical papers on irrational numbers including Phi and Pi. I have a degree in medical Illustration from R.I.T., but I now deal exclusively with Physics and Mathematics. U of A is a fantastic university with a sophisticated campus in the not so sophisticated city of Tucson. I highly recommend this University as a higher education choice, but I would suggest limiting your exposure to the local strife and hardships. Get your degree and move to a larger job market. You really need to be pulling down $100,000 a year to live the American dream! Want to stay in Tucson? You better become a dentist or an ophthalmologist! In pace requiescat!

josue castillo

It's very surprising that they put up a sign stating your financial is being to use. When they are hiring students that don't know anything about financial aid and who are not the right people to talk about financial aid. Financial aid at University of Arizona is a joke. The money that the University of Arizona gets, is being used primarily in building new buildings for it's sports teams and not putting it into their actual education departments. The new honors Village has the highest dorm price And what about the other low costing dorms, when will they get fixed. An example would be water leaking into the kitchen when it starts to rain. Maybe another example is when the bathrooms get clogged because it has bad Plumbing when will it get fixed besides spending money on new buildings? Maybe the ABOR and ASUA needs to be dismantled because their job is obviously not serving the students but primarily serving the institution in helping it collect income from federal and state and not put it to the use of what its true purpose is.

John Brentlinger

They cheat because they believe winning is more importment than honor. They should forfeit all the games the cheaters participated in. Players loose, lesson, some knew but winning was more important. Enter Pac 12 tourment as no. 12. Earn your way up with with quality people.

Jeff Dessy

Free public events that you can enjoy with others! Check out the U of A Calendar for upcoming events!

Brandon Beagle

Best college ever, much better than Arizona State. Perfect weather, nice people (watch out for snowbirds), and great professors. Best college in the history of western civilization.


Was touring and site seeing and I was very impressed

Aaron Bloom

Great campus

Zhen Chen

The University of Arizona is big and good classroom and classic

sidney Stewart

Great Great college. Doing a great job with the sports too.

Mark Lu

I don't know why some people keep complaining about this place. At least U of A is a globally famous university, and the facilities are amazing. We should all be honored to be a part of this world overall Top 70 university.

addy Gomez

It's cool

James super

Great university. Beautiful campus.

Daniel Lomeli

So Unique, It makes me want to pull out my willie and stick it in a hot bowl Of chille

Erik Petersen

Bear down

Steve Peterson

U of AZ campus is a hodge-podge, so set your Google Talking Maps Directions on ‘walk’ and hold your phone screen in front of you like a compass. Great resource for civilians seeking culture and enlightenment, but right now you have the unique, completely unique, totally unique opportunity to visit the mirror lab! Campus is a never-ending source of entertainment, galleries, science events, museums, seminars. End of Winter Book Fair. Community events on campus and at Fox Tucson Theatre (some sponsored by U of A Hanson Film Institute). Near the Loft Cinema, and other off-campus venues. Campus Arboretum is a forest of shade on those rare warm and sunny Tucson days!

Weishi Guo


Andy Garcia

I am recently retired after 18 years of service to this Great University.

Sarah deDecker

They call me 5+ times a day, I block the number, within a few days they are calling from another one. All I did was put my name and number down so I could see their graduate programs. I spoke to someone, told them it wasn't a good fit and STILL an receiving a ridiculous amount of phone calls and emails.

Adolfo Lara

Our beloved University has educated a lot of us in the community. Many of us give back to this University as it enriches our lives and our City.

Jose Manuel Ignacio Hernandez

I want to go to this college when I graduate from high school in 2021

Dreux Long

The University of Arizona is a Spectacular College for anyone in Arizona. It is driven b school spirit and promotes education. Highly Recommended. DreuxTube Approved..

Bryan Bowers

I had a great education. Went to the John's Hopkins for my masters and truly believe I got a better education for the money here. A true educational treasure.

Max Powers

Couldn't tell you're in the middle of a desert. Place rocks! Kenny loved it!

Aidan Blum

I don't even know what to say, the University has a beautiful campus. It terms of education it is good. The astronomy program is very good, as well as the optics program.

Jason Taylor

Absolutely love the U of A! Beautiful campus, wonderful faculty, and fantastic sporting events! Bear Down!

Jordan Dishon

Great Campus. Does'nt compare to ASU's though ;)

j. santillan.w

Going here for the Class of 2025!

Daniel Fieldstone

Good old U of A!!!! This is the place you go if you are not going to full send it at the Arizona State University level and you are not a granola crunching hippy to the Northern Arizona University level. I guess you could say University of Arizona may be the place with the happy in between.

Chris Sterbenc

Beautiful campus!

Ed Hendel

I went here for college. You can find whatever you're looking for here because it's so huge. It's great for scientists because of the all the undergrad research opportunities.

Delila Donovan

Being a teaching facility I expect to see resident's with my primary provider but more and more it's only resident's that your being seen by, this is unacceptable but it doesn't do any good to complain. If you want to see a real doctor do not go here, but if your ok with a resident then this is an ok facility (not including the Trama Doctor's who definitely have a GOD complex!!!).

Ross Jackson

Many great years of my life were spent here

Molly Havin’fun

Nice place but a lil hot...

Christopher Sanford

Wonderful architecture and views, but too much emphasis on sports, rather than education.

YiLin Yang

Good school, but some great classes are rare for students to know. Old buildings and facilities. Overall a great place here.

Ruth M

Earned a MSN last summer. However, the program does not meet the requirements to test for the Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) certification which is almost always required or a greatly favored certification to work as a clinical leader. Beware- make sure you review what possible jobs require, ask the right questions of the university. I know, my bad, but U of A's bad for not being more clear on what their program really qualifies you for. Hoping it wasn't a waste of $35,000!

Michael Butler

Spent two years there getting the run around from their engineering department. They like to think their program is extremely competitive. However I couldn't get one advisor of the 4 I met with to help me layout a course map of the classes I needed to take to transfer into their Engineering program. Other students even got recommended to take the 100 level Engineering courses but not 1 advisor ever mentioned that option to me. Worst advising experience.

Miguel constantino

If you have time take the family and wake around enjoy your time with your family and friends.

Luis Maldonado

This is The best university out of all ive attended

Steven Baro

The professors are nice, the students for the most part are a lot of fun. Anything to do with any Dean, or any administration is terrible, they try to buy back $150 textbooks for $5 (which they then sell used for 100+). They have fees for everything, and most on campus foods are so overpriced its cheaper to uber to walmart, buy what you need and uber back.

Samantha Loo

Woah man the craziest time of my life it is one for the books! I would totally recommend the school tough academics and great people!! Sunshine for days

Kevin Unterreiner

Son is a freshman and it's been a great experience. Campus is like a resort with a great student body. Glad he chose U of A

medha vikasjog

Very nice;a huge campus;very old and renowned university of US

Jose Soto

Best university in town go wild cat's

Oscar Gomez

Mary Smith

I love my life in a Mudd beby

David Malone

Arizona people are awesome and a lot of fun! SoCal Dave

John Woelkers

Avoid if you can. They let the worst people teach and attend. Should be ashamed to call themselves a University. Pathetic.

Mary Raphael George

Beautiful, meticulous, but think it is best for in-state residents. There were some parts of the school, tour which did not speak to me. Our tour guide was wonderful but just do not think it is a school for my son. I think it's a little too hot but think it is a wonderful thing for in-state students.

Bipin Shrestha

Is there any age limit to join university for bachelor??

Adam Olshansky

The University of Arizona was a great place to get an education! I believe it definitely prepared me for the future as an Engineer.

Rebbekah Thomas

One of the best places that I got my education from! My professors were so nice and respectful. My personal major was history, I learned a lot.. recommended....

Alex Lopez

The University is an immaculate place with uncharted knowledge awaiting within. I find the campus to be a great manifestation of such magnificent collaboration of all walks of life all in one center.


This place is a illuminate tard factory,

Brenda Ramirez

I love this university! is very peaceful, you can go in the night, the different places are very NICE! I love UofA

Ken S. McAllister

Fascinating history and remarkable collections. Check out the Learning Games Initiative Research Archive!

Zacchaeus Nifong

This is one of the best Universities that I've ever been to. I came here on many different occasions from Christmas plays to meeting with Clients and every time I've been very impressed with their campus, staff, education, and curriculum.

Ryan Sheridan

Tucson...That's all I have to say. Not a bad place if you don't mind living in an Adobe house with flat roofs and streets littered with pot holes. Don't plan on having a decent car or a nice place to live.

Isaak Gamboa

Five stars lemme tell ya that folks. If the president ( Mr.Orang ) was to go here he would love it and want to have one in the White House. If you talk to a shady college student over there, they will give you a toys r us gift card for free! Lemme tell ya folks U of A is Not a crook not even a shmook! So I would recommend anyone with is not a dumdum to come over here and get sum free stuff cuz college is free if u are a hacker ( I talkin to u Putin ) or a Russian cuz u guys hack all the time you can get enough money to go to this school! Trust me I did not do this! I would never hack I am not a crook! ✌️

Derek Tucson

The book fair this year was tons of fun! I especially enjoy stopping by the Botanical building to see their latest displays and offerings! Science City is also always a blast!

abrok babrola

spoiled rogues go there to have unlimited sexual fantasies fulfilled


I had the worst college experience at U of A. The business program was not even at a high school level. The professors had no idea how to manage a classroom. I never showed up to class and still got all A's and B's. Oh and if you want a good party school don't go here unless you want to pay hundreds of dollars to join a Greek organization. I transferred to ASU after my first year and that was the best decision of my life. That whole "school" can bear down on my wiener. Go Devils!

Timothy Henderson

Pretty campus but annoying people. This place is full of rich liberal snobs and a million foreigners (which is fine but they're like talking to a wall sometimes). There's shootings and sexual assaults here quite a bit. Not mass shootings but there are shootings. You need an indestructible lock for every part on your bike. If you like getting drunk everyday and doing nothing else this may be the place for you.

Claudia Colantonio

Beautiful, clean campus. They have different events during the year.

Yodaman Solo

I'm not a student but I enjoy walking the grounds. Very pleasant.

Thomas Roskos

What a great University. Top 20 public school with the newest state of the art Veterinary school in the country. Go Cats. Bear down!

hunter goslin

Pretty campus, terrible math department. It's essentially a do-it-yourself learning process, and when it comes to calculus, one can't traditionally teach themselves a new subject per day, then complete the 8 pages of homework assigned daily. Being in class is a participation grade at best, since the teachers don't cover what is on the homework (which accounts for 100% of your grade except for exams). And to think I wasted my money to deal with this BS...

Peter J. Andros

Another tax supported "educational" mill. A 45,000 student population says it all. This university saw its best days during the seminal Harvill presidency. Recent administrations have been extremely opportunistic for academic administrators using the university as a short term professional stepping stone or a door to near term retirement. The university is characterized by a regrettably mediocre undergraduate student body, a deadbeat campus run by paternalistic officials and an ineffective campus police department. Tucson is a crime ridden resort city, financially bankrupt, without much to offer graduates in professional opportunities and thoroughly trashed by cheap business and retirement development and proximity to the vicissitudes of the Mexican border. Many of the graduate programs can hold their own; however, prospective students should not expect to find prevailing progressive curricula and progressive administrators at this university, especially in the undergraduate school.

Smriti Govindan

I had the most wonderful time of my life here. I learnt so much and made so many good friends on this beautiful campus. The Geography department is absolutely fantastic!

Alex Ohana

Worst office ever. Never alerted me through email once I had a new past due balance on my account the day before enrollment. They have laced a hold on my account and I wasn't able to add classes necessary for me to graduate until they were full. They literally made me stay at this school longer so they could take more of my money.

Josh E.

A pretty good campus and nice place to visit.

Ken and Alicia Lund

Attractive southwestern United States major university campus.

Andrew Slattery

The cornerstone of activity in Tucson, the UofA's global presence can be felt anywhere you go in town. A gorgeous campus with great outdoor spaces and venues, fantastic event attraction and management, and fantastic architecture. As a collegiate institution, however, it does have it's faults. Exorbitant fees tacked on to every bloated tuition bill, financial aid is incredibly hit or miss, and as a Veteran, the VA outreach center and staff were not at all exemplary in 2011-2013.

Carl Zuckernick

I love this University. I learn so much there. If it was possible, I would be professional student forever. I have meet so many people from around the world. It gave me a new appreciation for all cultures. Ever one should try to go to any college, it will open eyes to the human race. We are more a like then you might think. Education is the key to peace around the planet that we call home.

Rachel yim

Last i heard, the entire math and physics department had a change of instructors and employees. Thats how bad it was. Traumatized me to the point where i fell into deep depression. I did however love how community oriented it was there though, integrating the town into the university lifestyle.

Komi Amegblenke

Great school but not because I attended but because the ncaa is ridiculous for soon to be fines and regulations if the ayton allegations are true. Players need to be paid. Ayton deserves it and so do many other players. Good on u, of a.

ryan GREEN

Its my alma mater...what else us there to say?

Sam Passo

its a great campus trust me you are going to love it

Jason Assange

If i could give 0 star, i would. Basically a trash place, cuz every staff here just was passing the buck. They told u the wrong policy, then do not admit it after that. My GF was pushed around several offices for Dean's terrible decision, because none of them think they have something to do with it. We had the head of Dean's(Elliott Cheu) promise, then he broke his word. Prob the most irresponsible man in the world.

Erich Tackett

This Hospital has a very quick emergency room. I had an infection in my eyes. The doctor who saw me was very thorough, knowledgeable. He took the time to explain everything to me. He explained everything in such a way as I knew nothing without treating me like I was stupid. Very friendly very caring doctor. I was in and out of the emergency room in less than two hours.


Excellent campus, tremendous facilities Superb recreation center

Bill McElroy

The museums at the University of Arizona are great, there are four of which three are on the campus, and one nearby. You can spend the day there, maybe two, viewing the history of Tucson, the art of the masters, and the history of Native American Tribes. See SeniorCitizenLocalWeb for write-ups, pictures, directions, etc., it has proven to be a valuable source of Arizona and Four-Corners tourist and touring information.

Fernando Duarte

Went to a foot ball game with my brother and his girlfriend we found good parking really close to the stadium and close to where we were seated it was very exciting and fun the section we were at was full of nice and friendly fans the beer was nice and Cold water was also cold Arizona wildcat's won their first home game so it was a great night can't wait to see another game

Boat Angel

Great college for great people.

Jonathan Fischer

Hard to find the bookstore

Christina M

Go Wildcats! Quality professors and outstanding education!


This place is amazing. They also have good food there.


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