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REVIEWS OF Mo Holland Dance Studio Inc IN Alaska

Rose Vining

It is now becoming clear that the purpose of the non nuerotypicals who were allowed to dance coming on here is being skewed. The purpose is that if Mo were truly discriminatory against people on the spectrum, then we would not have been allowed to perform in the same exact recital. This is an amalgamation of multiple eye witness accounts. In no way do I, or anyone, intend to threaten or even disqualify the other side. The only thing that I am inflamed about is the people coming on here who have not taken a single class and posting reviews based off one account. Mo Holland has not told me or any of the other five star reviewers to do this, nor does she even have access to social media. Furthermore, my heart bleeds for this little girl. Many days after the recital, I spoke with Mo and her eyes filled with tears because she had gotten so close. She tried everything, but the child was not ready for the recital. If I could tell this girl anything, it's that it does not make her any less of a person. Mo does not believe that. I don't believe that. Noone does. Just like how some people can't learn math quickly, some people struggle with social queues. There are multiple resources out there, therapies, that can help with this. And I do hope that she continues to dance, but is able to do so safely. Regardless, there are indeed threats out there, against the studio, hoping it burns down. I do not plan to engage the other side, however, I am not scared to take the fall for telling the other half of the story. I do not plan to harrass or threaten. These are the testimonies of people who saw what happened. All I want us for people to stop for a minute before they review. There is frankly nothing anyone can do to make me regret giving them a voice during a time of intimidation, fear and backlash, and for standing up for my role model and dance teacher. This fight just got personal. It is incredibly abliest to tell someone that they are lying about their mental health. All of you are going on here because you were told to do so by one single individual after not taking ONE SINGLE class from Mo. I have not spoken to Mo since the recital. We are all on here of our own accord to defend our dance teacher. You are now being told to come on here and attack us... hypocrisy much? Mrs. Obermiller is indeed telling the truth. Of the part you want you want to hear. Multiple people have stepped foward now. She had the option AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SEMESTER to not pay. She was told this was going to happen. Even after all that, she is getting a full refund and could have sold back the dress. The little girl was hitting other little girls and took 90 percent of the teacher's time and focus. In the end, it was highly unfair to the other students and a safety problem. And to be honest, it's unfair to the child herself. I don't know what she was told, but she felt the need to ask Mo if she hates people with autism. Mo exclaimed of course not!! To imagine Mo point blank saying that to a child is impossible. How is this acceptable?? Why do you think it's okay to try to kill a business when you haven't even been there?? I have now been painted as one of Mo's favorites and the only reason she likes me is I pay. I am a poor ex grad student with no money. She let me pay days before the recital and is training me up to be an apprentice and work for her so I don't have to pay. I'm being painted as one of her better dancers. I have only taken class for a year and a half now. My only experience is in ballroom, not ballet. Miss Mo is the sweetest person that I ever met. I have sensory issues from being on the spectrum and anxiety disorder, and Mo has been nothing but patient and kind. I came in crying last semester, ready to drop dance altogether, and Mo convinced me to keep at it. If you want a safe emvironment, please consider taking from her! She is my role model and hero. This needs to STOP. #TruthforMo

Westlin Wagner

My kids and I love this place! Caring, passionate, professional staff make this a fun and safe place to learn and dance.

Park Franz

Joe B Russo

Ryan Anderson

They decided my little sister Jo's autism wouldnt be the best on stage, and despite all her practices, they said she was a hazard and refused to let her be in the recital except for the last 15 seconds. If your child has special needs, DO NOT TAKE THEM HERE.

Carolyn Vaught

I want to say I placed a autistic child with Mo she did a fantastic job with him. As a parent with a child with special needs you never know when they going to be good or they are going to be challenged. It is not always safe to put them in high stress situations it can cause usual behaviors. I believe Mo made a hard decision regarding this child to make sure everyone was safe including the child. People who have never had a challenging child have no idea how difficult it is. Please stop putting people down, decisions sometimes have to be made at the last minute. Mo has never made her business decisions about money. I have seen her give needy people breaks so their kids can dance. Please let's not put mean things out that are not true. I have been with Mo for 12 years, she is a hard working dance instructor who always puts the needs of her students first❤️ She is even teaching me and she makes sure I can dance with my bad arm.

Rachael AK

. Please get the facts before rating a business, not hearsay. Be responsible using social media. My kids have been dancing at Mo Holland for over 10 years. It’s the best dance studio in town. We are so thankful our kids have Mo as a mentor. Mo Holland is a kind hearted and talented dancer/instructor. Thank you Mo!

Gennell Onsted

As a member of a dance community it saddens me that someone is willing to take money from someone for classes and costume and then deny them participation in recital. If there were concerns they should and would have been addressed throughout the year. Instead of being a supportive family and working as a team I feel like the owner views the kids as money makers only and not a family they should be. 0 stars preferred but it's not an option

Maegan Gershon

I have danced with Mo for about 4 years and also assisted with teaching classes. She is a very good teacher and strives to include everyone regardless of level or experience.

Jennifer Sanders

Brittney Oliver

Mo Holland Dance Studio is the best of the best! I personally danced for Mo back in the early 90’s and it is so heart warming to see her still teaching her pure kind hearted amazing talents 25+ years later! Keep on MsMo, you are a still a rockstar decade after decade!

Victoria Dowling

My daughter grew up with Mo and learned much more than just dance. This is an amazing dance studio who treats everyone with respect. I have at least 15 years of experience with many children in my family performing in recital every year. Love Mo and her uplifting and cheerful disposition. Come dance with Mo she is great! Adults too but my experience has been with children. Amazing studio.

Kathy Williams

Discriminatory studio that cares more about money rather than their students. A travesty crushing a child’s dream and spirit. Repulsive in a word. If your child isn’t camera ready and perfect save your money for the therapy they will need after attending her classes

Doll Suoh

caleb burgess

Mo Holland discriminates against children with special needs and should not be running a dance studio for children whatsoever. She needs to be run out of town. I hope Mo Holland can never find business educating children in any capacity whatsoever, lest she encourage further discriminatory mentality for the next generation.

Rachel Osborn

If I could give Mo 10 stars I would! My daughter has cerebral palsy and uses a walker or wheelchair to get around. Mo did not hesitate to have her in class and from day 1 went out of her way to make her feel included and a true part of her dance group. At the recital Mo took special considerations to make sure my daughter could get around and be included to the extent she was able. So many times I have to push and advocate for my daughter but Mo was always one step ahead of me even and thinking of what was in my daughters best interest. Mo is definitely a golden hearted woman and an amazing dance instructor.


Unproffessional and un-empathetic. Want your little ones to boost their confidence skills with an artform? Seek elsewhere

Katy Fortenberry

I went here from age 6 till 12. Now my daughter is in her 4th year here at age 10. She absolutely adores Mo and her class helpers. Mo and her helpers are great.

Ben Porter

Gabrielle Timmons

I’ve been dancing at Mo’s since I was 4, it is my second home. Mo is one of the biggest role models in my life. She has always been kind, excepting of all, and she is so dedicated to being our dance teacher. I am also one of her apprentices, the class I help for has a little girl in a walker who took the class and performed in the recital. Mo always finds a way to include everyone I have had friends who performed in wheelchairs and on rolling stools because they had been injured. I got injured before the show and she went out of her way to find a way for me to participate in it. I am so grateful for her she is so amazing, it doesn’t matter if you are amazing at dancing or just trying, you will always be included no matter what. I 100% recommend this to anyone, I guarantee you will have a blast!

Jessica Bundschuh

I would ask people to exercise caution when reading one side of a story. It is irresponsible to jump on a bandwagon without hearing both sides of a story. Social media has made this behavior easy to do. I have taken classes with Mo for years. She is the least discriminate person I know. She works hard to include everyone while also ensuring the safety of the students in her studio. She has several students with a wide range of disabilities and they perform. That alone tells me there is more to this story. I believe Google review is set up for personal experiences which most of these reviews are not. Don’t let one person lead you...

Joseph Sanders

Took our daughter here for two years. Mo and all of the instructors were great! Highly recommend this business!

Julianne Oates

Such an incredible studio!!! Ms. Mo is fantastic! My nieces and sister all take classes and go to dance camp. I cannot say enough amazing things!! Def recommend to all!!!

Zee Nace

Mo Holland Dance Studio has provided a wonderful place of community and welcome for students. As both a dancer and an apprentice, I’ve seen Mo go out of her way to ensure that every student, regardless of background and individual struggles, feels safe and loved. She is an amazing teacher capable of making tough decisions through compromise and a good attitude. In the classes I’ve helped teach over the years, Mo showed me through example how important it is for dance to be accessible to everyone. Her studio is truly a wonderful place for kids (and adults!) needing a place to grow. No matter the disability, struggle, or problem her students are going through, Mo Holland gives them a second home. Thank you, Ms. Mo :)

Sheldon MacLeod

Very shocked at how Mo handled my granddaughter. Claiming she is a health risk because she has Autism/ADHD and refusing to let her perform at the recital with her class, left my 9 year-old granddaughter in tears. When the little one said it was discrimination (yes, her word) she was told, “That’s your opinion.” Sorry, Mo, no that’s not her opinion, that’s a FACT. If I could, I would give you and your sad little dance studio ZERO stars.

Miranda Lee

Sydney Dieringer

I have been dancing at Mo’s since 5th grade and have witnessed nothing but kindness from this woman. She creates a safe environment for her students to be themselves and have fun. Taking classes and apprenticing here has shown me that Mo doesn’t care if you are the best dancer there or if you know every step, all she wishes is for you to have a good time and enjoy dance class. I appreciate every little thing Mo has done for me over the years and can’t wait to continue dancing with her and the rest of the supportive people at this studio.

Sami Quinn

Jessica Obermiller

This dance studio crushed my child. She is 9 years old and was declared a "safety issue" due to her Autism/ADHD. Therefore she could not dance on stage with her class, and only come on at the end for the final pose. THIS IS DISCRIMINATION, which I was told was my "opinion". No, it's the law. My child cried and didn't want to be around Mo, so I didn't make her show up for her 15 seconds on stage. This studio is more worried about bringing in money, ordering expensive outfits, and pretending they are a professional place than they are concerned with the children being truly happy. (My daughter was safe enough to dance in class every week, but not on stage. She might mess up and someone could get hurt. Because without her there *of course* no one could accidentally get hurt. Also, me or my husband stayed with her during every class. We were there to help her as much as possible. We weren't asked to do this, we did it to help the studio. I even danced next to her at times. She preformed a solo in another show with no issues with the girls performing around her ((not here of course)). Aides dance with non-nuerotypical students often at better studios. But Mo made the point to say a few times I couldn't be on stage with her. There was a lot they could have done to include her.) This so-called dance teacher is not someone who should be considered a role model for children. I'm only only telling the truth. If they don't like it, they need to chane the truth. People say that's she's so supportive and whatnot. Yes, as long as you are someone she wants to work with or who has been there a while and she'll out tons of money for classes and costumes. It was obvious after just a few weeks that she wasn't even trying to include my daughter. She also kept telling her the other girls have been dancing with her for awhile. As if that's an excuse to not give my child the same amount of care and support. This was my 9yo daughter's first time trying dance and she was left crushed, crying, and telling me she's not a good dancer. This will sick with her for life. She also only danced the second semester, which is fully focused on learning the dance for the recital. So she really learned nothing and didn't get to preform. They claim allowing to come on at the end for the final pose constituted as "participation." However, as my daughter said herself, "That's not equal participation." DON'T SUPPORT THIS DISCRIMINATORY STUDIO.

Becca Avila

Nancy Porras

Open discrimination against kids with disabilities. Cares more about "the show" than letting her students participate. Dont waste your money in this place.

Ashley Becker

It is not okay to make a special needs child unwanted and it’s sad that people with disable children are up here lying just to make her look good

Nila Griffin

Margaret R

I just want to say THANK YOU, My Daughter Annajane had so much fun dancing this year! This was her firat year dancing and she is definitely a pretty spacey little,but Mo and all the extra teachers always helped direct her when needed! She cant stop talking about her teachers and how much fun she had, I swear she almost exploded getting to watch everyone perforn! Ill be honest as well, my husband, mind you hes not a "dance dad" , actually cried when watching the daddy- daughter dance! Hes now 100% on board for joining next year and dancing with his baby girl ♡ Thank you so much for giving all these children and families a fun place to enjoy dancing! We cant wait to come back!

bob hat

Chloe Allan

I had a great experience with Mo Holland. She worked hard to ensure everyone felt like they belonged. Unfortunately, many of the other people reviewing and giving 1 star reviews have never stepped in the building let alone taken a class. They are reviewing this location in response to a Facebook post. Local people who have danced with Mo for years will tell you that she isn't what the 1 star reviews say.

Valerie Stilipec

Cheyenne Corty

Katie Fitts

Amazing dance studio! I’ve had so much fun in all my classes here!

Yasmin Torres

They discriminate against autistic children. They refused to let a child perform due to her having autism. Awful place!

helen martyszyn

Mo Holland has stopped a child with special needs from preforming, after lessons and buying costume. Who does that to a child???? I hate even leaving 1 star, wish i could leave a negative.

Mckenzie Brown

Molly Wilson

I have been dancing at this studio for 11 years and Mo has been nothing, but a kind supporting mentor whom I consider as an amazing role model. I also help mentor at this studio and have witnessed children of any background thrive in this environment. Mo is an extremely excepting and wonderful teacher. Before talking harshly about this studio due to information found on social media please look at both sides of he story.

Victoria Wolf

My daughter has danced with Mo for 13 years and plans to keep going until she graduates. Mo's ability to make everyone believe they can dance and have fun has been an important part of helping my daughter grow as a person and as a dancer.

Ren Arinaki

The Catherism

I don’t understand why there’s so many bad reviews, when Mo Holland has been nothing but accepting to every dancer that’s ever walked into that place. As a beginner to the dance genre that I signed up for, Mo Holland has been incredibly helpful in the process of adjusting to not only a new style of dance, but to the actual performance. All of the students and instructors were so kind to me. I’ve danced at one other dance studio before Mo Holland, and Mo Holland was definitely a big step up. They respect dancers of all skills and levels and I really appreciated that. To all of the bad reviewers who have clearly not attended Mo Holland or taken the time to acknowledge the thousands of good experiences (including from people who have disabilities :)), please step down and stop believing a PTA, minivan driving Facebook mom who is SO CLEARLY named Karen by the way she’s acting. (Side note: if Mo Holland were truly discriminatory towards disabled kids, why would she let them dance or participate at all? Move your “cancel culture” over to twitter if you really have that much time on your hands.)

Sarah Cohn

Don’t waste your money on a discriminatory dance studio.

Patricia Appel

Do not recommend because of faulty reasoning on what is, or is not discrimination. There was no question or problem with receiving payment from the family of an autistic child. After all the expense & the students hard work, being allowed 15 seconds is not enough. Even worse than a discriminatory decision, you thoughtlessly broke the heart of an enthusiastic student. Crushing joy & spirit in an individual is not hard work. It's easy, but carries the stigma of little motivation to actually teach. Luckily, though having to deal with a setback, this energetic & joyful child has enough motivation for us all. The disability here is yours & an apology should have been in order.

Tristan Woods

My girlfriend has been dancing at this studio for years, and she speaks highly of both the lessons and the teacher. Every time I’ve came to visit, I’ve been greeted by kind people, including Mo. They have wonderful practices, and positive ways of teaching people to dance.

Grace Culley

In my time at Mo Holland, Mo has been the most understanding, patient, and hard working person I’ve ever met. She works so hard for everyone and she always has a smile on her face which brings joy to so many people. She chooses to be a dance teacher and she loves teaching us, even if you are in a fully body cast and you still wanted to preform she would find a way to have you in the dance. No matter if it’s your first year or 36th year she treats everyone the same way. I look up to her and think she is an amazing role model and definitely recommend her as a dance teacher if you are interested in starting dance.

Joseph Chavez-Jackson

MO is one of the kindest and most sincere soul I have ever known. She works great with all ages. She's caring, understanding, and believes in all people. My sisters grew up dancing for Mo and when I got old enough to drive myself I started going too. My life wouldn't be the same without her mentorship.

Lori Mertes

Mo Holland studio is AWESOME. They make accommodation and accept all students. It is a shame that social media has been used to provide only one side of the story. She had her production and there were children there who have disabilities and were performing. She is an awesome person. She is not discriminatory. I know not everyone can be a dancer but she wants everyone to enjoy it.

Jean Roberson

spiffy weasel

This studio is discriminatory. They should be sued for discrimination under the ADA, and for pain and suffering. Supporting this studio is supporting discrimination, and the mistreatment of children.

Samantha Topping


To crush a child's heart simply because she is Autistic is shameful. Shame on you. I don't care how many people say they have sensory issues or Autsim and you've been great to them. That doesn't change the fact that you took money for a class, took money for a costume, and then denied this little girl the chance go perform because of some made up safety issue. Your lack of empathy and disregard for doing what is right is despicable.

Brittany Majerus

Discriminating. All experiences should be positive for all children. Bull that it is unsafe for a child with ADHD to dance.

Skyler Blake

This studio takes money from parents for expensive costumes and a semester of classes and THEN decides AT THE END to exclude a child from participating in the final recital just because the child has autism. If she was able to dance all semester, she should dance in the recital. Don't send your children here, autistic or not.

Karen Clark

My daughter has danced at this studio for 4 years. Ms. Mo and all involved in the studio are professional and inclusionary. We feel blessed to have found this studio as our dance community.

Brit Garrett


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