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REVIEWS OF Gus Giordano Dance School IN Alaska

Valerie Taylor

I recently took Teacher Training here at Gus and had one of the best experiences ever. I have taken classes here in the past as well, and it never ceases to amaze me how loving and warm and nurturing the people and the studio are. It's the kind of place we need more of in this world, a place that is judgment free and compassionate. A place that covets history and the philosophies of Gus Giordano wholly. I am so honored to have had the opportunity to meet Amy and Nicole and the other teachers who came to learn from there. I hope one day I can open a studio with the same feeling and environment. Much love.

Whitney Fershee

JOY McLeod

I have been in Gus five years. I started at four years old

Emily Barton

Great atmosphere and a truly remarkable dance community!

Concordia Arts Academy

One of our dancers took the jazz intensive in July at Gus Girodano's and it was incredible! She grew as a dancer in just ONE week and had a blast. The teachers and staff are AMAZING at Gus. From one studio to another, BRAVO, keep it UP! We will be bringing some, if not ALL of our company dance members next summer for intensives. You guys are TOP NOTCH. We are located near Nashville, TN and it was definitely worth the week long trip!

Kate Butler

My daughter had an AMAZING experience at Gus Giordano’s jazz intensive a few weeks ago. The choreographers, teachers and Gus staff are wonderful. Everyone made us feel welcome and she learned a TON in one week. I was blown away by the performances at the end of the week and LOVED to see ALL of the levels and classes perform. We will be back. I am a studio owner myself in Tennessee (Concordia Arts Academy) and HIGHLY recommend Gus Giordano’s for EXCELLENCE in dance training!!!

Vale Corral

Gus Giordano was one of the most amazing experiences I could’ve been part of! Being there for a whole month dancing and getting to know people was very fun and very challenging! Thanks to the Gus staff and all the professional teachers invited to train with us, I am %110 sure that I came back home with a better knowledge and condition in dance. So grateful for being part of Gus Legacy

meh lah

An amazing school. I did the summer college/pro intensive and it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. The atmosphere is warm and the staff are so welcoming. The teachers are phenomenal. Can’t wait to go back!

Rachel Meents

If you’re a dancer in the Chicago area this is where you want to train! The staff are INCREDIBLE! I loved my time at Gus during the College/Pro Summer Intensive! I learned so much and met so many amazing people! If I could give 100 stars I would!

Timothy Izzo

Excellent experience in so many regards. Teachers are warm but disciplined in their approach. Our daughter felt at home there, the age ranges of instructors and assistants is broad which gives kids exposure to all different ages. The school director is focused on creating a great experience for the kids while teaching them multiple dance disciplines.

Milomac M

My daughter has been dancing at GUS since she was three years old. She is now 14. She has stayed at GUS all these years for two reasons: the quality of the instruction and the quality of the teachers and students. She loves the dedication to hard work and technique. The GUS family has become her second family and the studio is her home away from home.

Audrey CLark

As a third generation dancer I feel compelled to say I wish this studio was around for me, or my kids; but I’m sure glad they’re here for my granddaughter. Long time dance advocate; big time Gus Giordano Dance School fan.

Rex Glover

I'm not quite sure where to begin. As a dancer, the College/Pro Intensive at Gus Giordano Dance School was one of my favorite things I have ever done. Taking class with dancers that were trained directly by Gus was an experience I can't quite describe. I left each class recognizing both a strength and a weakness that they encouraged me to hone. They preached that as jazz dancers, we "can not only be just dancers, but we must be performers." With a goal of becoming a Broadway dancer, this was music to my ears and the perfect intensive for me. The College/Pro intensive encompasses training that pushes dancers to be the total package I have gained a tremendous amount of information about not only the Chicago dance scene, but the dance world as a whole. College/Pro showed me that not only are technique and personality important in your role as a dancer, but work ethic, attention to detail, understanding your body and being confident do not go unnoticed. Being at the School on scholarship is something that if I had the opportunity to do again, I'd jump at the chance in a heartbeat. LONG LIVE JAZZ!

Maria Adela Gonzalez-Hussey

“I cannot say enough amazing things about Gus Giordano Dance. Amy, Gus' daughter and the Company's Director, and all the teachers are outstanding, and being part of the GUS community feels like I hit a jackpot. Also, I love that Ms. Amy teaches her dancers not only about Jazz and dance in general, but many other everyday values. If you are looking for a dance school for your child, go to GUS.”

Kelly Sappington

My daughter is going into her second year dancing at Gus and she absolutely loves it! To see not only her skills but also her confidence and love of dance grow each time she goes to a class is so beautiful. We love the teachers at Gus and how supportive they are. Every time you see Amy Giordano she welcomes you with a huge smile and a hug!!

Skyler Sward

I highly recommend the Gus Giordano Dance School because of there encouraging and friendly environment while simultaneously teaching unique dance technique. I loved doing the Gus Giordano College/Pro Intensive a coupe years ago and this particular intensive helped bolster my dream of dancing professionally in Chicago. I am ecstatic to reunite with the Gus Giordano Dance School by rehearsing at this school as a Company Member with Elements Contemporary Ballet.

Lauren Metz

I am a high school dance coach, and I took my team to Gus Giordano for a day of dance. It was a great experience, and they were very helpful-adding extra classes and even finding a place for our school bus to park. The master class was amazing, and it was a powerful and humbling experience for my dancers. I would recommend that other coaches take your dancers to this studio!

Erick Vaca

If you want to be trained as a complete dancer and get advices or knowledge about show or dance business, while you have fun, this is definitely your place to go. Invest my summer on Gus Giordano Dance School during their College Pro Intensive program had been the best decision for my carrer so far, I just did it for the second time and both experiences were unique and so full of learning. I feel grateful because of the scholarship and the humble values they shared all the time. They have the best teachers who encourage you to give your maximum each class, and their logistic as institution is perfect, totally a model to follow.

Jennifer VanEekeren

“We are so grateful to be part of the GUS community. Nicole has grown so much from her year as a GUS Company Member. Not only has she expanded her repertoire of ballet, jazz, modern and tap, but she has learned so many important life lessons including dedication, punctuality and commitment. Amy and her staff create such a welcoming, nurturing environment while at the same time providing a very professional and top-notch dance education. Nicole feels so at home at GUS and is always very eager to go to class. Nicole has discovered her passion to dance and we couldn't be happier that she is pursuing it at Gus Giordano Dance.”

Vanessa Z

I took the jazz intensive this summer and loved it. I have never done an intensive like this and it was a very challenging and fun experience. The classes really pushed me and I feel like I have improved so much. Thank you to all the students and teachers at Gus Giordano for inspiring me and making my experience the best I could have hoped for!

Kahlie Mooney

Regardless of age or dance level, the dancers all project a quiet confidence that seems contagious and lends support to others. Miss Lauren and Miss Nicole teach with a consistent passion that displays their love of dance and children. Their teaching techniques are disciplined yet warm and adaptive for the pace and ability of their students.

Chelsea Hargett

Amazing studio! Very organized and ran efficiently. Their performances are beautiful, and so much fun to watch. Highly recommend :)

Serena Brown

I have been with Gus since I was 2 years old and I never want to leave. I have grown so much as a dancer and it has become its own home away from home. The people here feel like family and I can always look to them for love and support. I love to dance and dancing here has pushed me to be the best dancer I could be and the best person I could be :)

Emmett Nevel

Lexi Murphy

Michelle Uddin

My daughter dances at GUS for many reasons - Fun, Friendship and Fitness. She thoroughly enjoys all the dancers and instructors and looks forward to going to GUS each week - it is truly a highlight for her. GUS has a rigorous program that pushes their dancers to embrace their full potential - all of this done with an attitude of respect and fun. I would highly recommend GUS to anyone looking to pursue dance.

Belinda Tadlock

Awesome dance experience for my daughter, Kershlyn. The travel from Pascagoula, MS was well worth it for the Gus Intensive. Beautiful studio and fabulous staff and teachers....comment from Kershlyn about Amy, the owner and CEO of the studio, was "she lights up the room when she walks in". Would definitely recommend this dance school if your daughter or son has an interest in any form of dance!!!

Tracy fields

I registered my oldest son for a hip hop class at Gus when he was 6 years old. He has been dancing there now for 5 years. It is hard to put into words what a wonderful dance school GUS is. They are so welcoming to students of all ages and all skill levels from beginners to advanced dancers. They LOVE teaching dance and they teach children that they can succeed in anything if they work hard and try. GUS has become a second home to our oldest son and our younger son (the football player) is also taking classes now and loving it. The Show at the end of each season amazes me every year. Amy Giordano, the director, along with all of the incredibly talented teachers and staff have created one of the best environments I have experienced to give a child not only the best dance training but also confidence and an amazing sense of pride in themselves. I highly recommend GUS!

Marissa O'Connell

This studio has cultivated a warm, supportive atmosphere at the same time that it fosters excellence in dance training. As an adult student who drops in for classes, I really appreciate feeling welcomed and supported by both the teacher and the other students!

Samantha Farsht

Ever since my daughter has joined Gus Giordano Dance School, she has loved being part of the dance community and meeting new people. She has learned so much and I cant’t wait to see her continue learning more!

bebe d

Allison Hardee

I really enjoyed my time dancing at the College/Pro Summer Intensive at Gus. During those 3.5 weeks (dancing 6 days each week), we explored a great variety of styles, from ballet and the classic Giordano jazz to contemporary and hip hop, under the instruction of wonderfully challenging and dedicated teachers, quite a few of whom were previous members of Gus's company. We were also cared for so well by the amazing staff, especially Amy Giordano who went the extra mile to encourage every dancer. Every bit of this experience most definitely helped my identify specific aspects of my dance technique and skills that can be improved upon as I find my way in the professional dance community. I am so glad I was able to participate in this July of jazz, and I would recommend this program for any dancer open to a fast-paced look into all that the diverse world of jazz dance has to offer. Long Live Jazz!

Julia Stefanowicz

Oh my gosh! Came out to Chicago from Stamford, CT to attend the week long Jazz Intensive -- It was AWESOME, FANTASTIC and everything in between. The studio director, Amy and the entire staff was exceptionally organized, friendly and more than welcoming. In addition, the master teachers they brought in for the week were simply GREAT! I learned so much from the staff and coaches and everyone during my week at Gus Giordano Jazz Intensive. If they will have me, I will come back every summer. Thank you Chicago and THANK YOU Gus Giordano Dance School.

Rebekah Norwood

I had an amazing time doing the college/pro intensive at Gus! We got the chance to work with some amazing faculty, and I feel like I really grew as a dancer in my time there. I am so grateful that I got the opportunity to dance at Gus!

Anne Houseworth

My son and daughter dance at Gus because they learn solid technique in multiple dance forms, make friends, and have fun! The instructors and assistants are highly qualified and make every kid feel special. The front desk staff is responsive and informational. Every aspect of Gus is well run--from communication with parents, community outreach, instruction and performance. Ms. Amy knows every kid by name and visits every class. Highly recommended!

Deborah Goldberg

Gus is amazing!!! Not only is it a world class dance school (I was a professional dancer, I should know) but it empowers kids. I say kids because there are boys and girls at Gus! In addition to the amazing teachers and the opportunities provided to the company dancers, there is a sense of teamwork and friendship not found at other schools. I also love that there is no body shaming!!! As a mother of 3 girls I am sensitive to female body issues. There is no room for hating at Gus only building up! I couldn't be more proud to be a Gus mom.

Eric Burgess

Love this company! They do a great job teaching the skills of dance AND also instill a strong sense of values as well. Great community to be part of.

olivia phillips

This summer I trained at the Gus Giordano Dance School as part of the college/pro intensive and it was an absolutely incredible experience! I learned so much valuable knowledge about my career path, grew as a dancer, and made new friends! I am so thankful to all the faculty at Gus for believing in me and giving me an amazing summer of dance. If I could do it again, I would!

Tiffani Richey

Cynthia Newland

Amy Giordano and the staff of dance educators at Gus Giordano Dance School are providing a high quality experience for their students. It's so much more than Jazz! They receive training in other dance styles and forms as well as life skills. Knowing Amy personally, she has such a generous heart to serve the upcoming generations with the best education possible.

Pat Shear

My daughter attended the College/Pro Intensive at Gus Giordano Dance School and loved the experience so much she moved from Texas to Chicago to continue her professional dance career. We all want the very best for our children. We want them to be trained by the best, constantly learn new skills, treated like family, and have fun with the ultimate goal of excelling to their best potential. If you are looking for a professionally well organized dance school where the extremely talented staff really care about supporting your child’s learning of dance, look no further, Gus Giordano Dance School is the answer.

Robert Wheatley

The recent recital we attended was ample evidence of the extraordinary professionalism and artistry Gus brings to its dancers-in-training. Our daughter Peach is new this year at the studio and I am just amazed at her progress and most importantly, how the Gus community has embraced her and made her feel welcome. The recital was an amazing experience where the talent arrayed could be see up close. We've been to these events before with other schools and never seen the depth of talent previously. What's clear to us is their commitment to creating young artists and not just teaching the mechanics of dance steps and routines. Highly recommend Gus and their talented team to anyone whose daughter or son has an interest in dance that, with the right help, could manifest into something vital and important. Great staff and passion for the craft evidenced from the moment you walk in the door.

Abby Lowe

I trained at Gus Giordano last summer with their college/pro program. The Gus Giordano dance school is an extraordinary place to train. The staff has such passion and drive to help any dancer reach their full potential. Learning the Giordano technique was a breath of fresh air and made me stronger physically and mentally. They helped lite a different fire in me that I believe helped bridge the gap of becoming a working dancer. I am forever grateful to have gone through the program not to mention all the friends I met from all over the U.S and Mexico. Thank you Amy.

Thomas Bock

We found Gus Giordano dance school when we moved back following 7 years living in Montreal. My daughter was dancing at a school there and it was very sad to leave it behind. We were so lucky to have found Gus Giordano here in Chicago. In a very short period of time, my daughter has found a new home at Gus. They have been nothing short of professional, organized, caring and warm. The environment is that of discipline, while also following a philosophy of family and community. Great people. Great teachers. Thanks Gus Giordano!

Doug Belanger

Professionalism is in the air from the moment you pass the threshold and continues with the initial staff greetings and variety of classes and programs.

Lucie Sullivan

As a GUS CO. Member, I am fortunate enough to assist the 4+5 year old class. The teachers are wonderful, and it’s the perfect class for the dancers to learn the fundamentals of ballet, jazz, and tumbling. This environment is ideal for all children to thrive.

Heath McKinley

I have been extremely happy with this school for my girls ages 8 and 5. They both started two years ago in classes once a week, then moved to what they call company members in the 2nd year. They rarely complain about going to practice, and their smiles when performance day comes is something special indeed. The teachers have been great, and I truly can see not only the fun, and healthy aspect of dance, but more importantly, I see a tremendous sense of confidence and pride. Learning to be comfortable with being in front of big crowds at such a young age is priceless. While it certainly isn't for every family, as their is a time commitment, like anything else, if your girls or boys want to get better at dance please check this place out! On a side note....I am originally from a small farm town and did not have sisters, so from a Dad perspective, I was a little hesitant about having my girls get all dolled up for fancy dancing at such a young age...maybe I was fooled by the ridiculous reality shows that portray dance moms and dance kids as spoiled drama queens......This is NOT the case at if you are a Dad or a Mom trying to convince your husband, I can tell you this place has been incredible, and I actually LOVE going to the dance performances. Not just to watch my girls, but every single age group is amazing. Its truly entertaining even if your child isn't in the show! My parents were just blown away the 1st year they came to the end of your performance. I'm proud to say I have become a Dance Dad...Go Gus! Also, I love that they also focus on Classics, and not just the current trendy dance music. Gus is a classy organization all the way round! When they have just as much fun dancing to Top 10 pop hits vs. Frank Sinatra or Liza Minelli, well I guess you are teaching them to simply LOVE dance. I also love that the dance uniforms are classy and not always focusing on revealing body parts. Gus wins in all categories! We are grateful to be part of the family!

Ernie Adams

It is so encouraging seeing the smiles, empowered expressions and looks of pride on all of the faces of the young girls who are waiting to enter their dance classes at this legendary dance academy. I know it has made a positive difference in my eight year old daughter’s life.

Sophie Jed

Amy Giordano and everyone at the original Gus Giordano Dance School have helped me grow not just as a dancer, but as a person first. She has taught me important life lessons I will never forget. Her constant love and support of each and every dancer has inspired me to continue my dance career. The staff all treats you like family the minute you walk in the door. I highly recommend people of all ages to take dance classes at this legendary school.

Francesco Sessa

My daughter has been dancing at Gus for over 3 years and she has loved every minute of it. The instructors are excellent. They are true professionals and genuinely care about their students' technical and social development as dancers. The older students mentor the younger kids, and the owner Amy is clearly passionate about dance and the well-being of her students.

Bea Hesse

Gus Giordano Dance School is a wonderful place to learn dance but also be a part of a tight-knit community. They offer a wide array of classes and company levels and I have loved dancing here for the past years!

paul jost

When my daughter came to me about a jazz summer intensive, I had no idea the level of professional training, career development skills, and future opportunities that would appear just from 4 weeks. She had come to us earlier that year with her audition video, mentioning the scholarship program. To be honest, one of the biggest attractions for me at the time was its proximity to our home in Chicago (of course we wanted her near to us for the summer), but didn’t really know too much about Gus Giordano beyond that. The more research she and I did, the more we heard and saw of the legendary, overarching reputation in jazz history the school possessed. She had just recently transitioned away from the professional ballet career path, and we were still trying to navigate the summer intensive scene that was not solely focused around strict ballet training. It was one of the most enjoyable summers not only for her, but for her family as well. Our daughter had always had a love of musical theater and jazz, and during that summer she was able to go back to her roots and really enjoy dance for her own sake, without an agenda or expectation. Under Amy’s phenomenal guidance, along with brilliant master teachers and incredible friendships, her summer at Gus was one of the best, and she is still heavily associated with the school. We loved the performance, the professional manner demonstrated by all ages, and the amazing family-oriented connection always present at the studio. Long Live Jazz!

Collette Duffy

The Gus Legacy is truly incredible as you can just feel it in each family member and employee who are responsible in teaching and being able to pass down the Beauty/Art of Dance. But, mostly it's a tribute to everyone's passion and ever flowing devotion to LONG LIVE JAZZ! All together this group forms a remarkable experience and a place sharing such precious History #LongLiveGus #LegendsNeverDie

Eleanor Vrtis

Max S

Here at Gus, not only do we learn ballet, tap, hip hop, contemporary, and modern, but we also learn the technique of Gua Giordano himself. The Gus technique is such a unique style, and it has grown my dance abilities greatly. GUS offers a type of training that guides both people looking for a career in dance and people looking for just a weekly class. Helping with strength, stability, and agility, Gus training makes me the best dancer I can be.

Nonie McColgan

Lisa Blume

Great studio and welcoming staff!

B Sullivan

I’m the parent of a GUS CO. Member, and I am so thankful for all that she’s learned at GUS. From the skills of time management and communication to the importance of being prepared for a performance, my daughter is ready for anything! She has not only learned the GUS technique, but how to be a role model too! GUS truly is a special place...

Elyse Jost

Gus Giordano Dance School isn't just a top-notch training facility for dancers spanning all ages- it is a family, and a legacy. I had the incredible opportunity of attending the College/Pro Intensive in 2017 on scholarship, and had one of the most wonderful training and performing experiences of any summer (and I have been to my fair share of summer intensives!). I loved it so much- the unique and marvelous faculty, the wide variety of classes, the remarkable dancers- that I spoke to Ms. Amy about coming back this past summer (2018) for a teaching internship. I cannot put into words the sheer amount of knowledge I gained, both about dancing and teaching, in just 5 short weeks. I would suggest Gus Giordano Dance School to beginners, advanced dancers who want to diversify their repertoire, and anyone who wants to feel like they're part of a family. Long live jazz!

Claudia Browne

I cannot imagine a finer place to study dance than this school. The warm, caring, talented and professional faculty and staff are perfectly suited for dancers of all ages. A grandmother now, and living in Ann Arbor, I studied with Gus Giordano years ago, and am grateful for the experience of a dance school which provided excellence in technique, and attention to each individual dancer. With my recent visit to 5230 N Clark Street, I am assured that the legacy certainly lives on!

Lisa Miller

My daughter has been dancing for a very long time. As a young child in Worcester Massachusetts, and now a young adult in college. This past summer she attended the College/Pro Intensive program at Gus Giordano Dance School in Chicago, and the experience was truly amazing. The Gus faculty offered a variety of techniques and disciplines as well as personal feedback that she needed to push herself to the next level. The special guest instructors added a unique sense of inspiration and professionalism. Thank you Miss Amy and staff for providing such a high level of quality instruction and experience.

Alana Newberger

Azar Khounani

Professional and community oriented!

Susan Bruno

Fabulous dance studio with super talented instructors and students!

Judy DeFalco

Teachers are great! They really connect with the's a happy place for them to grow!

Alexa Tsiampas

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