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REVIEWS OF Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee IN Tennessee

Allison Gwinup

Huge store. Lots of clothes. Some great brands. I found a Nine West shirt here that I adore. Anything that is decent gets gone fast. So if you find something you like, you should get it right then. That goes for most thrift stores, too! The drop-off here is a little wonky. It really should have lanes or something to make the traffic flow better.

Marcus Beebe

Used clothes , furniture and household goods.

Wade Mills

Cheryl Massey

Katherene Espinosa

thanks for letting me know that this goodwill is rude i will not be going there anymore


Horible service 30 min in line!


Nice, clean and very organized store. The employees were very polite and helpful

Christian Garstin

Great deals, well at least sometimes. When it first opened, the deals were amazing. But I can't figure out what kind of system they've got going on now. Some weeks the price is reasonable , yet the next week the same item is inflated 3 times.

Andy Navárro

Greatest thing ever, cheap new clothes, 4 $.99 every 1st. Sat. Of the month or Wed. Color tickets special's Event's... 1/2 price of anything...

James J

Large selection of just about everything

Dalia Ali

You just need your lucky day to find good and cheap stuff totally loved it

Mimi Charity

Pretty good... Good orginization of items

Karen Collis

Return trips, very organized

Crystal Ross

They have great deals. I bought a cute dress for four dollars.

Chad Loveless

Jason Cook

Tons of cool stuff and this store is large. Store is kept clean and the drop off for cars on the side is very convenient. Always find something useful here for way less on the price tag. Woo Hoo.

Dawn McIntosh

tonya davismosley

Clean and organized(except for the brick a brack area). Some nicer items were pricey such as a used blazer, plain for 26.00

Jeremy Gibson

The furniture selection and pricing is nice, can find some great additions to your China Cabinet and table decorations. Guy's clothes are lacking, at least in my opinion, and the checkout line can get pretty backed up.

Khay Williams

Don't waste your time on this ill staffed store, within the last six months to a year this Goodwill has become a disaster, the selection is scarce, variety is few and far between and the items are way over priced. I have noticed a change in staff as well as management sad reflection of what was once a great shopping experience. Couldn't post with no stars, had no choice but to allot one.

renee Lancaster

Sari Elola-Watkins

This location is very nice. Found a few nice thing's.

Priscilla Barrow

Greeneyes Lynx

Karina Oralia

Emiley B

I went today and the cashier had to ring up my order 4 times & i was standing their for about 15 minutes as she kept redoing it. She had no idea what she was doing & instead of helping the other employee just came & deleted the whole order again! I finally said just forget it. The other employees reply was "Yeah cause this is just too much!" So rude, she should've offered to ring up my stuff since the other lady was having issues. I will definetly not be back to this location. Train your employess& get rid of the rude lazy ones.


Ivan Westmoreland

Well arranged store and cheap.

moonlit paranormal society

Some of the workers are rude

luzamanty Silkeutsabay

Just like any thrift store: you have to shop everyday in order to find what you are truly looking for.

Cindy Bragg

They had a few good deals but alot of stuff was over priced

Sophia Willoughby

Great place to kill time sometimes you can find some cool things

Will Harding

Easily the biggest goodwill I have ever been to. Large sections for men and women

Terry McDonald

Place is clean. Merchandise displayed well.


jim hawk

I give this one 3.5 stars. This Goodwill is worth a visit. They usually have good donations. I have found good shoes and electronics here. Men's clothing seems to be over picked and not as good for finds as a few years ago, but I have learned to find other things. Prices are high, but nothing extraordinary unless it is on the high end racks by the entrance door. The employees are satisfactory. It wouldn't hurt to put someone with some good people skills on the registers, but its no big deal. The past woman manager used to put shoes out for me every time I visited, sadly she left. Management could get employees to be a little more aggressive about putting things out for buyers. I usually find something good about every other time I visit here. It is kinda out of the way in Bellevue, but definitely worth the stop if you are in the area.

Kristina Cunningham

My favorite Good will always clean and helpful employees

William Vanover

Stopped in to donate some stuff and the guy working outside gave the impression that I was inconveniencing him by donating. Was not very friendly and appeared to be on something because he had white stuff all around the corners of his mouth like he was foaming at the mouth.

Cynthia Dismukes

Very clean and organized

Daniel Mosley

David Maxwell

Love their deals.

Aga Tucker

Don Lucas

It has the usual Goodwill type of items. It's clean and better organized than other places I have seen.

Matthew Warihay 1

Lots of deals here.


Only one person checking people out. Line and wait time too long

Sordid Bacon

Huge store has alot of clothes for both boys and girls. Also has a donation system where people donate things to Goodwill and they go into these huge containers. Goodwill has awesome prices.

Víctor Celi

j johnston

This is by far the best Goodwill store I've ever been in.

Lacey Wootten

nick durgan

Found some cool antiques for 50 % off. Kind high on pricing otherwise

dolores drury

Horrible Junk! and prices went sky high within the last year. Use to be fun but won't be going there anymore! Don't waste your time, or money on pure JUNK!

Alvin Nunn

Great service from personnel.

jennifer mcgrew

Best goodwill I have been to. A lot of designer cloths.

Betty Abbott

Love the managers, and store good environment to work prices reasonable...

kenny gunn

I started about a year ago shopping Goodwill. Awesome deals. I also started donating items I no longer needed. Now I've noticed Goodwill has taken a different approach with the very good items that are being donated. They greatly hike the price of items them see as past bargains for their customers. What used to be great deals are no longer affordable for those on fixed incomes. Sure they will spin it to say it's still a bargain for their customers but I see higher salaries for upper management at the expense of those that cant afford new clothing or other necessities in life. The sad part is these items where donated thinking some unfortunate person or a family would now be able to afford it.

Kay Young

Very nice, large store.

Sara Van Driest

Christine Garner

Virginia Monroe

Tammy Simpkins

Has good items good selections

Kayren Stephens

Alicia VanBebber

Awesome huge facility. Nice drive through drop off with very friendly staff.

Clifton Marketing

Great location but I don't shop there. The following is just my opinion but it does not have to be yours. If you can afford to shop at Walmart or better, go shop there and leave these deals for people having financial struggles. There are some really nice items in this store and some brand new items but I would hate to purchase something here and take if from someone in need who could not afford to purchase the same item at a regular retailer. Like I said, just my opinion. Does not have to be yours. Kinda like being at a baseball game and catching two foul balls and not letting the little kids sitting next to you have the balls.

Lynn Rush


Kerri Mendez

I am a Goodwill junkie... Can't wait to find more as clean as well organized as this one is .

Mighty Rasing

Pretty okay Goodwill store. Didn't find great stuff when I went there.

Holly Linville

lynse Riley

Jason Sr Sanders


Abby Ellis

Terri Myrick

Great deals on everything. Clean and close to home.

Kristin Joy Blackburn

Second largest Goodwill in Middle TN (largest is Rivergate), well-organized and clean with an amazing selection.

meli espinosa

WORST GOODWILL TO EVER GO TO! My daughter was going to buy some VHS (which were .49 cents each or 5 for $2.00 . And this old hag decides to be smart to my child. My child let the cashier know that the sign on the wall for the VHS were either .49 cents or 5 for $2.00 and she was so rude saying she's ddnt care what was on the sign of the prices that it was $1 each and that it was her price . And my daughter paid what that old hag said. Sadly I wasn't there she was with her auntie and she did not say anything until she came home and told me. WHY DOES GOODWILL EVEN HIRE PEOPLE THAT ARE SUCH A B*** . This place is a joke. Don't go there. How is an old person gonna act rude to a child? Who ever hired her was pathetic. This really ticked me off. And im sorry for using profanity but if anyone is ever rude like that to ur child you would get upset as we'll . I will definitely continue to tell people I know to not go to this speeecific store.

kristin tisdale

Ronnie Hackett

T.J. Bratcher

Cathy Jenkins

Edward Dotson

Brittney Gill

Amy Stewart

Ben Jasek

I've been shopping at this goodwill since I moved to Bellevue. Today they refused to honor a coupon through Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee that is part of the Entertainment Book. The manager claimed they were told to "refuse" all coupons of this nature. Funny thing is, I called the corporate center in Nashville and they were familiar with the coupon, but were puzzled when I told them this location refused to accept my coupon.

Skip Tongue

Great customer service

Mark Grubb

Treyvon Woodard

Michael steele

Great place

Sandi Hinkley

It was a nice clean store great prices

Wajdi Almashaykhi

Very good


Nice clean store

Kynan Kreidel

Wish they had more

D Williams

Clean and organized with great deals. Some stuff is priced kinda high.

Shelby Squires

There's always a sale and new items coming out. Could be a little cleaner in the bathrooms.

Stephanie Fields

Megan Mason

Callie Kitten

Nina S.

Laura Hernandez

Benjamin Lechlitner

T A McDonald

Always clean and the people there are super helpful.

Ebony Kelly

Ricky Beauvais


Linda Hoberg

Nice store. Great people. Find some real treasures here every time I go!

Tina Kennedy

Luv this store. So clean an organized. Staff is super friendly!I find fabulous items everytime I go!!!!!

Brian Walker

gina jones

Great place to get Christmas stuff

John Knight

April Harris Powell

Christina Long

Great prices. Awesome name brands. Very organized.

Rich n Laura Poirier

Vicki Kirk

Clean and friendly employees!

Tony Washere

lots of good stuff to buy there

Renee w

I cannot wait until the first Saturday of the month for more sales

Lord Lumpus

Laurie Herold

Lots of cool items, but you have to know about what you are buying to get a good deal. For example, a bread machine priced at $10 is great, but if it doesn't have the kneading paddle then it is useless and not even worth a penny, since its almost impossible to find a replacement online. And for some reason their "active wear" clothing is literally just pajamas, lol!! The checkers are overly friendly which can cause long lines while they gab and gossip. The bathrooms are the cleanest of any Goodwill store I've ever been in. I wish they had more plugs to test items for functionality.

Rhonda Washington

roxaana lara

Es un lugar perfecto para comprar hay de todo un poco

Eduardo Legón

Beth Campbell

Gale Wheaton

First Saturdays of every month 50% off or $.99 for some items. I got LOST all four seasons for 11.00. Tennessee folks give more good items to Goodwill than I can buy new. Furniture half price on first Saturday...oak table with leaf and chairs went for 25.00. Unbelievable bargains at any of the stores. Bellevue and Berry rd. Haven't been to others now that charlotte store closed found Berry Road. Lots more for children here..clean store.

Jake Handy

A large Goodwill with standard selection. The dropoff here is pull-through and they make it very painless.

jimmie sue

Mirabelle Stoedter

Eclectic stores, good coffee and baked goods. A nice place to spend a Saturday morning.

Harrison R

Nice store. Clean. Interesting things come in because of the local middle-class area. Only issue I have found is the lines are SLOW. I waited 20 minutes to buy a single item.

Maria Bahena


Too many people in line. Couldn't buy anything......

Ann Gwinn

Brenda Palmer

Mostly clothes, but did have lots of big furniture, and long wait lines, for having eight checkouts! Friendly ppl!

Tracy Ferguson

Julianne Ybarra

The furniture is overpriced!!!!! 150$ couch with rips?! 80$ worn wood furniture.. You can find brand new cheaper furniture at the berryhill goodwill and east Nashville goodwill but definitely not here! Honestly Walmart has better prices compared to this goodwill in Bellevue.

michael ginnings

Rose Cooper

The checkout line went all the way around to the back of the store, I put my stuff back on the racks and left.

Levi Burnum

For a non-profit, they seem a little pricey.

David Horsewood

This is the closest Goodwill to my house and as such the one we frequent the most...but I may start driving a little further. In the last year or so, prices have definitely taken an uptick. For clothes in particular, they have apparently gotten an "appraiser" that checks the clothes for newness and Designer name. If you find something that looks relatively new and is a designer name you will, for sure, pay more. $24 for a used Mens Van Heusen shirt??! Please... Also, their "appraisers" are like beginner pickers...thinking things are way more valuable than they are. Right at the front door 2 days ago they had a "Star Wars" lunch box (scratched and dented) priced at $9.99. Turn it over and it was made in 2010. For that price, I at least expect it to be from the early 90's or before. Right next to that was a 6" porcelain covered candy dish. They wanted $15 for it...flip it over, made in 2003 by no one in particular. It seems to me they are getting pretty greedy for things they paid nothing for.

Rebecca Saterfield

Ice Maxwell

I like to share

Donald Pekarek

Great things, used, reasonable, clean.

Andrew Turner

Judy Hardcastle

Seretha Nobbin

This place is terrible. They claim to have designer clothes for less but the clothing they sale are dirty. The prices are outrageous. Even the employees claim their prices are over the top. Oh how I miss the Goodwill on Charlotte Pike. Was not pleased with the prices nor the merchandise.

Bill Hummer

Parisia Jimenez

Great deals and great coworkers....

Adam Pairmore

Easy donation area. Quickly in and out. Friendly workkers at donation center. They are a great cause.

Heather Page


Phyllis S.

Very friendly and helpful

Donna Butcher

Ashley RZ

Service, people, and general atmosphere are all wonderful! Bright, positive employees and customers alike!

John Foreman

Big store. Covered area for dropping off donations

Brittany Moeller

Everyone that works here is very kind, customer service is amazing. However, this Goodwill is extremely overpriced, unaffordable and many items are honestly gross (see photo of the 3.00 pot with dirt still in it). Goodwill needs to reconsider their pricing algorithm as their prices for used items is outrageous. This store is specifically overpriced.

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