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2620-A Watson Blvd, Warner Robins, GA 31093, United States Located in: City Crossing

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REVIEWS OF Old Navy IN Georgia

Kimberly Harmon

Amanda Bandy

Great clothes for the whole family, frequent sales and promotions, excellent clearance sections, helpful staff, and good location.

Velda Williams



Angela Walker

Line is always long and they will only allow 2 cashiers to work.

Verizon Phone

The cashier incorrectly rang up my return and exchange items. She charged me for the items I was exchanging and said I owed money. When I brought it to her attention that I should be getting money back and not paying, she said I didn't explain that I had a return AND an exchange. She then refunded some of the money and said the other money would have to go on an Old Navy store card instead of back on the American Express gift card I originally paid with. I asked for the manager to review the transactions with me because the numbers were not adding up. When the manager finally came, he was impatient and huffy. I had to ask him to calm down and stick with me while I showed him the errors that were made. Once I walked him step by step through the errors, he just seemed to give up and refund back an odd amount of money. He did not handle himself well as a manager. ***Update*** After all that confusion, once I got home I realized the manager put the same two items I was exchanging back in the bag instead of the items I was exchanging for. I went back to the store the next day. A different manager was there. She was friendly, helped locate the right items and then checked my receipt for price adjustments. She refunded me over $40 because of price adjustments! She was very nice and even held the door for my kids and I on the way out. She understands customer service. So I am updating my rating from a 2 to a 4.

Robert McKinney

Shayla Adkins

Pricey but durable and stylish clothing

Sharri Mazur

Paul Edrington

There was a big sale going on at the time. So I took my niece and her kids to get some winter clothes. And in the case of the children school clothes. Spent too much money but i outfitted everybody quite nicely.

Rebecca Roberts

Great deals but with great deals be prepared for long lines! Always a great shopping experience here!

phillip jones

A/c works great!!!

Alexa Luna

a deadea

Clean store. Always has a decent customer base. Great of you cant afford Polo

Breanna Bridges

Shawn Nelson

My experience at the Old Navy in Warner Robins, Ga. was awesome. The store was very neat and SUPER CLEAN. Great selection of Plus size clothing, and Great customer service!! Charity was very helpful. My family and I will definitely shop there again!

N.B.K. Prime

Patti Akins

I am in line at check out. After 10 minutes of being # 6 in line and the one cashier still handling the same return I finally asked the red head to help at registers. She was supposed to be a cashier but was helping a lady find sizes for an exchange. She helped 2 in line. Then spent another 5 minutes with the exchange lady. The first cashier is still working with the same return. It has now been 18 minutes. There are 7 people behind me.

Jonnathan Langford

Holly Johnson

Staff is friendly and helpful! Great store!

Day Dreamer

LaShayla Scott

Iesha Blackshear

jayna borum

It was really nice. The staff was helpful and the prices were great for a mom on a budget.

Brandon Allen

Nice store but always long lines and not enough registers open as shown in one of my pics. 5 registers 2 open on a Saturday afternoon.

Hutchentoot .

chris lowe

Donna Butler

They're slow about opening registers when the line gets long. Great for quick shopping trips for casual clothing.

Jennifee Swygert

Awesome store.

B Peacock

Nice sales

Magnolia Walker

Arlene Williams

Beverly Craddock

Regina Sanders

Jes Foy


Good price nice cloth

sarah sonnier


Sheila Shellman

Gashara Grant

Eric Lei

Pretty good. Staff was kind and knowledgeable but nobody was there around apparel. In fact, one customer came to me thinking I was staff simply because I had a dress shirt. Unfortunately a lot of inventory was XL or L. Just simply not enough SM or M inventory. This is very frustrating. I can understand Marshall’s being like this as most clothing there is on clearance but I expected more from Old Navy

Angelina Escamilla Martinez

Lindsey Hicks

The line is always soooo long

Yvonne Minio

Great deals

Wayne Sutherland

Good prices plus a military discount!

Brannen Rentz

I frequent this old navy a lot for clearance items. Sometimes they have good promotions occasionally and the style of clothing is somewhat trendy. The staff and cashiers are friendly and helpful

Rafer Patrick

Ashley Covington

They have no shopping carts at all so shop lightly or bring your own cart or stroller

Jessica Sieg

Joshua Purvis

C Mc

Clean, well stocked.

Aaron Meck

Good prices but the clothes are kind of cheap sometimes.

Chontal Tripp

Sandra Williams

Trendy fashion for trendy people

Robert Parker

Rajeev Saxena

Good selection of merchandise and decent staff.

Deneen Gurley

Okay...didn't find what I was looking for in my size but got something different.

Gayle Barlow

Great bargains

Stacey Wright

Great prices and selection. Soo many cute kids clothes!!!

Hayden Coffey

The store was an absolute wreck. I walked around for ten minutes looking for an associate to help but no luck.

Lorriane Betrosoff

Got a gift card for my birthday. They have nothing here for plus size or good customer service. I'm so mad right now wish it was a Ross's gift card at least there l can find stuff .

Merfilius Leslie

Good options

Justin Bundrick

I buy the kids clothes here. The sales are great if you have an ON CC

Rachel Gibson

Great for toddlers clothes

Jimmy Proulx

Deania Moody

Love old Navy, you can always get a deal and usually have a good selection

Karen Abramovitz

Employees helpful

Anita Wallace

Allie Parker

Christopher Myers

Angela Deal

Love my new tops that were half price

Deborah Headley

It was clean and organized during a pretty good sale! Good job

Angie Stripling

Had a few good deals

dhaiti ralph

Sadie Mims

Jennifer Riley

One of my favorite stores for summer

Nina Holland

Veronica Reynolds

Angela Ivey

Heather Mcdaniel

Great place to shop for kids clothes

Rebecca Johansen

Katy Kat

Best Old Navy. Kindest employees. Way better than that Macon location.

Michael C. Fulghum

Samantha Segura

Love it

Briana Baby

Albert Evans


Anna Merrell

Jaye Albert

Alexia Nelson

Malik Sultan

Great sales and service.

Ed Poling

Good stuff at good price

Ericka Cantella

Misty Moore

Oudia Newsome

Store is never cluttered and I can always find what I'm looking for at a good price. Although I do believe, some items are over priced.

Antonio Kim

Good quality with good price!

Sha'miyr Banks

Great deals

Stan Bush

We used to go here all the time. But it was all for our kids. They are grown now, and we only drop in occasionally to see what's on sale, and what's trending in colors. The music is loud, but the the people are friendly. I have returned a few items that weren't satisfactory... and they took care of me with a smile.

Ashley Burch

Great selection for kids. Usually have sales going on. Staff is usually friendly but never enough registers open

tammy keller

Love their kids clothing

April Huggler

This is one of my favorite places to shop for kids clothes. I love their dresses too. They keep up qith the trends for sure. The staff is always super helpful too.

Kim D.

Stephen Warner

Much More Than Mom

Theresa Rucker

I don't know who the manager is but whoever is there had the music so loud that it was so uncomfortable for the customers

Anna Kathryn Jones

Phyllis Dawson

I get my granddaughters clothes here great price

Mule Skinner

Good customer service. Fitting rooms were maintained nicely during the crazy back 2 school time.

Carlene Keys

Shirt, sweater and jacket for my 25yr old grandson for Christmas and he loved them!

Heather Mitchell

I love old Navy! I enjoy this store with the exception that they have only like 2 or 3 carts which makes it a nightmare to shop with my toddler. If I go in and no carts free, I walk right back out. I went this time during a change over on promos so the store was messy, but I get it as I worked retail for many years. Every employee asked if I was doing ok and if I needed anything. This is a great location and I love finding good deals there.

Shirley Morgan

Valerie Young

I love their deals. It has proven to be a great money saver for my family

matthew shirley

staff are friendly good discounts

Nakia Johnson

Pamela McCarter


Jennifer Jones

Good prices sometimes

Sherry Hall

Carrie Coffman

William Mccard

Kovin is a Great Person who Helps Everyone Out!

Sherrod Dillard

Wasn't impressed with the selection. Most of the clothes for boy's and men were skinny pants or unisex looking. I want relaxed fit, no high waters and no tight stuff. You can do better old navy!

Theresa Watkins

Jasmine Rice

M Solomon

Tammeice Stephens-Taylor

Sezer Aguirre

Courtney Madison

Alex'sunpopularstupid channel

It was decent but the prices were so high

Amber Wamsley

Jeanette Brown


Temeka Thomas

Extremely nice cashier's

Demetrius Calloway


Hot Topic

Sherry Lee


I placed an online order. Only after I placed my order did I notice it didnt ask for my card info. I figured out the last time I placed an online order it saved my card and I know I did not save my card. I never save my cards to websites! So I call the 1-800 number because I had a gift card I wanted to use. I'm informed that they cant even cancel my order...literally 3 minutes after the order was placed that it could not be cancelled by them. They could only put in a request to cancel my order and that that wasn't even a guaranteed cancellation! Then I found out that not all my items where being shipped but that one was for in store pick up and AGAIN I checked the shipping option for all items. So I called my store and asked if she could just cancel it and refund my money. Shocker the answer was no. If I didn't come in 7 days then the item would be restocked and my card refunded. I am really disappointed in old navy. The customer service and that orders cant be cancelled literally within 3 minutes of them being place. I'm also disappointed that the site saved my card info when I know that I did not do that.

rhonda Still

Great place, Great prices!

Gregory Glover

Jason Sommers

The store had a cold temp warehouse feel to it. It was absolute chaos, clothes thrown all over the place, an absolute mess.

Brandi Parker

Jennifer Difederico

Variety of girls clothing wasn't much at all. Need better stock and range of sizes.

Patrice Worthen

LV Williams

Michelle Bolden

Very disorganized.a

Randy Waymer II

Always love the atmosphere and the sales are great

ItRay Ashcroft

Stephanie Griffin


Amber Wilcox

Had some amazing deals

Lisa Wright


Lisbeth Morales

Nonnya Buizness

Was walking towards the cashier to be checked out as she (Lori) was almost done with her current customer and she told us there was only one line and directed us to another line then Lori proceeds to check out another person 5 seconds later. The only difference between me and the other person was the color of our skin. I just couldn't comprehend why I was tired away when she had no customers.

Cecilia Ventura

Te engañan que ay oferta y terminas pagando caro

Kamille Fuller

Armani Payne

The attitude are ridiculous!!!! I was approaching one of the sales associates and the look she had on her face made me not even want to ask her for help! If you hate your job quit plain and simple! I wish I could of gotten her name. Then she still didn’t help me she passed me off to someone else! I will not be shopping in this one anymore I will go online or go to the Macon store!

Darzell Cole

curtis mosley

At 5:30pm I visited Old Navy store and was not at all impressed with the contents and the way they were a real mess. The only reason I give Old Navy 2 stars is the bathrooms were clean, the mens.

Kerry Love

Lisa Bell

Linda Geter

Tracey Allen Amerson

Awesome sale, really got some big savings on buying my son some winter clothes!! Only place I shop at for clothes for him!!

Kam Reyn

It was Okay. That had alot of cute clothes but not alot of female bathing suits. There was just one short wall of mostly black 2 peices.

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