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15 W Broughton St, Savannah, GA 31401, United States

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To this day this firm gets a score of 4.3 stars out of 5 and that score is based on 12 reviews.

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Nini Duong

always has a good sale

Felicia Hodgdon

auntie cheryl

Halle Alexander

Great pieces at great prices & the sales staff was super helpful!! I'll definitely be going back!!

Jasmine Brown

Amy Stahl

Convenient for working women; low-key but helpful sales people. Really appreciate this store in downtown Boise!

angie lop

Jill Jackson

Very rude staff.

cathy ross

Cari Chicago

Rude employees

Kathy Brown

The customer service was awful. At checkout there were 3 people behind the counter & only 1 checking with 4 people in line. The other associates were more interested in getting Starbucks then checking out customers. When finished with their personal things they helped customers out of order. Need customer service training!!

Maria Eduarda Pereira Viana

Denise Guile

Lindsey Gumola

Kelly Rule

Amanda Rutledge

Monika on Tour

Love Loft, but it wouldn't be so great without customer service. Anytime I'm there girls are super nice and very helpful.

Betty Webb


Adam T.

Erica A.

Leyla Velasquez Calderón

sexy hemphilllady

chris ritter

My wife loves this store, great selection for professional outfits

Sidney Rourke

Josette Lewis

Darlene Franklin

Lorrie Macias

Love Loft as the saying goes

lora pat

Marie J

Always find great bargins

Vasu Madhavaram

brenda Thompson

brandon krahenbill

Great selection

Gisela Gorra

Gloria Nieves

Me gusta la ropa el sitio

John Scara

Monica Mello

Danielle Bartolo

Schedson Wagnac

Lisa Chappell

Michelle Roeder

Nice selection and good quality clothing.

yany avelar

Carla Mulet

I went today to the Loft branch in 240 Legacy Place Space #414, Legacy Place. Dedham, MA. My friend was holding in her hand a sweater that she had previously bought in a different branch and she decided to put it in her purse to be able to look and try some clothes on. Well, apparently if you enter that store with their clothes you are accused of shoplifting and are threaten with a call to the police. Is this how you treat your customers?


Yeimy Morel

Lin Homici

Iris Wells

Loft is one of my favorite stores. Main reason is because I can always find my size and the cut of their pants feel me well

Barbara Doyle-Sarti

Great quality clothes


alexander zayas

(Translated by Google) Good women's clothes (Original) Buena ropa de mujer

heriberta torres

Olga Pena

I love the closets very fashion and good sales

Vicky Hamos


Stopped in to check out latest in Spring and Summer wear. All staff were solely immersed in folding and talking to each other. After 20 mins of being there one employee spoke to me and offered to assist me. Prior to that another female employee reluctantly answered my inquiry by pointing to where I might be able to find an item.

Charity Mueggenberg

Jennifer Martinez

Doboy left Nip

Fitzsimon Ogbo

Pebbles Napakh

Bland colors, oversized clothes. I don't know why I continue to try shopping at this store

Victoria DeVeau

Ñice stuff. Maybe a bit pricey for me.

Rosa Garcia

Montoya Evans

There are large signs posted regarding plus sized clothing. But it seems you will have to visit the website if you want to purchase any. I guess plus sized women can't try on in the store.

Keila Melenciano

Alla Kureninova

Perrin Duke

Not sure why anyone would go here

Hee Jin Park

Elizabeth Rosario


Ujjwol Tamrakar

Kris Olson


Angela Gratereaux

Suzzy McLean

Loft has great clothing that has a petite section. Almost always has a sale going on at any given time.

Vineet Nadkarni

Rosalba Rojas

Na Din

Leslie Heyn

Nadia Rousseau

Mode féminine abordable: au bureau ou relax. Vendeuses à l'écoute.


Jeannette Arrowood

used to shop here ALL the time when i worked in the neighborhood. the staff here is pretty cool, and they have a pretty good selection of items in stock. i still wish that loft carried it's larger sizes (16, 18) in store like they used to. they definitely lose some stars for forcing a lot of women to order online. i'm just sayin!

Alexandra Marghella


Jose Plata

Anita Beck

Fabiola Marchena

My mom loves it

Mathew Deriso

Friendly staff

Jeff Eden

Kathy Frost

Susan Ninneman

Delores Cranfield

Nice place

Ewa Petroski

DJD Bumblebee

Have nice things. Little pricey.

Michaela Huggins

Joshua Farley

Grant Anderson

Not really where I do much shopping so I can't speak to fit of clothing but the women I know seem to like it and the associate are great.

Rickie Meeuwsen

Check out the sales and enjoy the great restaurants nearby , that's what we did

Holly Beermann

Michelle Perry

Jess-ika French

Rachel Mulder

Sheryl Killins

Carlene Carter

Great store

orestes villa

Trisha Hunt

Tanglia Lewis

Great shopping experience

Cameron Skinner

Jami Thompson

Shelby Kube

Love their clothes

Nicole Yaniz

Yodit Dori

There was some discount but still a bit much for the quality

James Roberts

jim kraatz

Lala the Great

Cynthia Matson

Henry m

Miriam Burke

Cheri Albaugh

Janet W

Friendly, helpful staff.

Afaf Khoshman

Great collections

Nan Carde

I mentally steel myself against the urge to buy new things but the window displays of Ann Taylor Loft call to me. However, I do not allow myself to pay the full retail price for something at Ann Taylor Loft. Why? Because patience is rewarded. Whatever it is that I want is bound to be marked down in the coming weeks. I'm a fan of Ann Taylor Loft accessories, but have noticed that the quality of the clothing is slipping. Some of the cardigans I've bought here don't hold their shape well & even a wash in the delicate cycle can result in small holes.

lea matias

I love the clothes because are soft and comfortable and they always have sales

Judicael Elidje

Simply chic

Colleen McDonald

Jesus is the best.

Melody Agyapong

Nikki S

Not much within my range

lynn bailey

Diane Williams

Alethea Gonzalez

Karen Peetz

Shannon Henzel


Ashley Williams

Meredith Dunn

The sign out front said 40% off all full priced items, but the store wouldn't honor it. Very disappointing.

Violet Summer


Dusty Jackson

che smith

Tania Lugo

Never a large line store is always very tidy. Fav place to shop when I'm on my way home from work.

blanca ortiz

Pricey, even if they're on sale.

Regina Powers

Today I bought 2 tops 40% off! So happy! Very nice selection and friendly staffs too.

Paula Blackford

One of my favorite stores at Tanger outlets. Beautiful colors and nice soft fabrics.

Lara Fernandez

Buenos precios, y ofertas ya que hay prendas al 50% y otras hasta el 70%. La ropa es de calidad, y con buenos diseños. Un lugar fácil de llegar ya que está cerca de Times square y es bastante grande con prebdsd variadas. Se pueden encontrar abrigos, remeras, pantalones y accesorios como anteojos o anillos. Lo único malo es que no hablan español, ninguna de las que atienden por lo que es necesario saber inglés o haces señas para poder entender. Inglés: Good prices, and offers as there are 50% clothing and others up to 70%. The clothes are of quality, and with good designs. An easy place to get to since it is close to Times Square and is quite large with varied prebdsd. You can find coats, T-shirts, pants and accessories such as glasses or rings. The only bad thing is that they do not speak Spanish, none of those who attend so you need to know English or make signs to understand.

Chels Creegan

Mama Nise J

Great sales

Anastasiya W

Yadira Rodriguez

Lydia Nieves

Great selection of women's fashion. My favorite go to store.

Cynthia Santana

Lina Private

tracey duong

Good place to shop

Eve Charlack

Rosa Valiente

Muy coqueta su ropa ,los precios son accesibles,al moda ,pero un.poco recata,es ropa para todas edades entre 20 y 60

Danielle M. Dalton

Anna Ivashov

Great place to shop, I can guarantee they'll have something you like!

Giovanna Motzo Brosnan

I loved this store! it have a good selection of clothing, it’s nice to find a store that sells petite clothing as I’m quite short and on the small side. Friendly staff and helpful.

Melanie Montiel

Maggie Bell

Rafael Rubirosa

(Translated by Google) Fashion trends (Original) Tien de modas

Ellie Seaton

Lots of cute clothes, but my size was sold out in everything I liked.

Tristan Davis

mark david

Claudia Dia

Familia Cueva Palacios

Martha Baltazar

J Manley

Great store for juniors all sm sizes

Geria 05

Nicole Brown

jewel miller

Great deals this week!

Racheal Graff

Glad theres a plus size section now

Miriam Dias

Porque tiene ropa de muy buena calidad y los precios muy buenos ademas un excelente servicio ...

Yuval Giveon

The wife loves it!

Yamila Cason

Dragan Dugandzija

Gail Parker

Nice clothes!

Alecia Burchette

Price is a little high but everything in here is high in quality clothing I would highly recommend it for the business woman or for someone who just wants to look nice and casual the same time

Daniel Martig


Clean organized store.

Geianne Choate


Sara Graves

bg g

Landon Welch


Devin Esterly

Ann Morris

Great sales and service

Tameisha Smalls

kurtis kupiszewski

Bobbi McFadden


Tammy Shane-Martin

Employees are really nice

Angela Kravitz

J Gagnon

Phoebe Britton

Staff are friendly.

Christina Babbel

Great selection and fantastic sales!

Katie Lady

J. Alisha M

teke winfield

Thomas Schwickert

Ryan Edwards

John Pegg

Tiffany Rodriguez

Pamela Emrick

Belkys Lara

Judith Hearn

Nathan Sun

Holly Russo

Giancarlo Ramos


Barbara Post

Anna Sekula

Katie Head

Deneese Ortiz

Lindsey Siegel

Lorena Queiroz

(Translated by Google) I loved the store !!! All the clothes of great taste, with fair price and a lot of excellent promotion !. Loved it !!!! (Original) Ameeeei a loja!!! Todas as roupas de muito bom gosto, com preço justo e muita promoção excelente!. Adorei!!!!

F. Z.


Sharon Young

I like the Loft. You can find some good deals.

Frederick Khan

No good

Jacqueline Arisumi

Great selection of clothes and had a couple good sales

Robert Santana

Araceli jimenez

Elizabeth Cordova

Gabriel Mateo


(Translated by Google) Fashion woman, very nice, prices are a bit high ... (Original) Mode femme, très sympa, les prix sont un peu élevés...

Judith Knights

I love this store. High quality clothes at great prices.

Waleed Elkatatny

Cheick Doucoure

Maureen Packer

Not enough staff.

Maryanne Ravenel

LOFT is my ultimate work clothing store. I love every piece of clothing they have in there because they are both work, day, and night clothes. The other great thing is their deals - the best are 50% off but they usually have 30 - 40% off, which is still great. If you are looking for in style cute clothing, LOFT is the place to go!


Dereine Coleman

My go to for casual clothes

Janice Johnson

Great place to shop pricey

Crystal Williamson

TheShiningGoat Meme

Brenda Fox

Jennifer Goeman

I use to love this store until now. Waited over 10 minutes to get help and when I did the girl is the rudest ever. She should not be in retail. I guess online ordering will take place at least the employee wont argue or act like I am wasting there time.

Frank Roeser

Rachael Vossen

One of my favorite stores at the Outlets by far! Very helpful staff as well!


Amber Haun

Barbra Wengerd

Clean, bright, friendly store. Well kept given the high volume of traffic at this location. Great sales!

Marilena Prigipaki


I love a bargain. I used my $15 birthday coupon from The Loft and purchased a denim skirt. The skirt was reduced to $34.99. The Loft has a great sale going on right now - 40% off!!! With the 40% off and $15 coupon, I paid $5.99 for the skirt.

Patrick Todt

Alex Rummery

P. Gomez


Todd Johnson

the wifey likey

Richard Hagler

Rachel Kang

Maryanne Rizzi

Mary Weir

Penny A Baumgartner

Elizabeth Jones

Terra Inman

I really like the selections and quality but the staff is consistently rude. I'll save my money for businesses that employ people who acknowledge their customers and don't complain about their job the whole time.

Lisa Millerd

Great store. Friendly service.

Wendy Lumbert

Nice selection of clothing.

Minister Gregg Wilson

Brenda Steckler

Kenny From KC

Tracy Nurski

Lynnette Procopio

Gretchen Martens

terrible service , had to continue to ask for help with items, four employees in the store and I was the only sad

Wanda Mason

Casey Ross

I love shopping at this particular location. The customer service of the staff is unmatched. Mya, the store manager, went above and beyond to help me, exhibiting excellent customer service, understanding, and interest in her patron's needs. This was the first time in my life that I have been "wowed" in a retail store.

Mary Talbot

Gene Bankston

AWESOME. Loved it. Sales staff is friendly & very Helpful. I was finished shopping on 15 minutes.

Morgan Sandelski

Gary Koder

Rachael Burt

They rotate out their clothes too quickly in store. I wasn't able to get pants when i returned just a few days later because they changed selections and weren't able to help me find the pants online.

Biilaxbakitchish B

Nice quality

Melissa Velez

girls are attentive. love it

Robin McCown

mallory rosenbarger

Hannah was more than accommodating. She is definitely the type of person that should be representing your store!

Yanil Tactuk

Kara Jalbert

Marcia Lawrence

Imelda Pleitez-Santana

Long lines

Iman Jones-Doxen

Rosemonde Legrand

Nice people and very affordable prices.

A Basco

Maria A Mojica

Excellent service. Casual and formal trend for maternity

noe noe moe aung

Khris Portillo

(Translated by Google) Excellent attention

Emily Wilson

Did you hear Loft is forcing their employees to wear make up?!?! I cannot even begin to describe how upset I am since this affects someone very close to me. Since when is wearing make up a job requirement and not a personal choice? And since when does wearing make up make you a better employee? Not against make up but strongly believe you shouldn’t be forced to wear it if you are a natural beauty and don’t want it. Never shopping from this company again!

Margarita Garcia

Yan L

Leslie Mathews

debjani bhowmick

Kenya Emile

Arlene Long

Always lonnnnng lines.

Luz Reyes

Jin Rong


Excellent offers

Yasir Afzal

Good place

Jose Frias

Melissa Taylor

Derek Cheung

Ladies gashion

Ashwin Daiwadnya

Allison T

Gina Colangelo

Mariano Martín Asprela

David Condon

Yvonne Gonzalez

Marilyne Skinner Lyte

My favorite store to shop.

Ohm Patel

Ion Flocos

Tania Ortega

Dave Olsen

jessie crespo

Laurie Shea

elena meiman

Karen Lott

Ramon Vargas

Rebekah Metivier

Love this place

Amal Afroz Alam

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