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To this day the business receives a rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 and that score is based on 692 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF Bloomingdale's IN Georgia

Efren Barrera

Wonderful people special Miss Jacqueline Hughey and excellent prices,thank you.

Lora Brooks

Love buying my fragrances (promos)

Dee Cabrera

Dior cosmetics has improved.

Tisha Romeo

Was followed around the store. Asked repeatedly if i need help. Was under the impression i nor my money was welcome.

Andrew Johnson

Great service. Pretty good selection on merchandise

Ms Smith

Great selection...great customer service...great sales

Laquita Echols

Love it

Jimmy Harper

Amazing customer service Andy in the men's department is awesome check him out for great Styles and suggestions for your wardrobe

cecelia. theone

Great Customer service! And New vendors being added every season!!

Steven Christian

Great merchandise..from housewares to fashion...

Kay Erl

Sales associates friendly & helpful. Great prices on quality brands. Trendy, classy styles that aren't seen in every other dept. Store.

Osiris Maradiaga Martinez

all of your associates are rude! Didn’t even greet me or my mom. I bet if we had on designer it’d be a different story. NEVER shopping here AGAIN.



R Green

Nice and clean department store!! Friendly Staff

chelia j

Needs more stylish clothing, shoes, and purses. Smaller boutiques are better

Chef Chris

must have been the first one ever. very outdated. the shopping surrounding was quite pleasant

David Camarho

A lot of cool items you can buy

Narwanna Adams

Always new merchandise. Helpful staff

James Clemmons

Professional and courteous staff!

Barbara Polidura

Too expensive (expectedly), sales staff arrogant and somewhat offensive - suggested "old navy or some place like that"! She missed out on a 500$ sale. Too bad!

Aronana B.

I Received makeup services from Daniel. The process was very simple and came out very nice. I appreciate all of his work and the company’s values. I highly recommend.

Aaron Dunlap

Very nice. Prices were high but place was clean.

PrettyGamerGirl .

A bit pricey

Jennifer Offor

Bloomingdale's is one of my my mom''s favorite stores, we always receive an excellent service there. The sales rep are always ready to help and their customer service is top notch. In fact her first Bloomingdale's cc is older than me. The best place to shop!


MCM Handbags collection is so nice.

keisha olufowobi

I have a credit card with Bloomingdale’s & this is by far the worst store & experience I ever had. I’ll be terminating my credit card & not shopping with Bloomingdale’s anymore

Qiana Butler

I love Bloomingdales. I didn't find what I was looking for in this trip however this is one of my favorite stores.

Gary Johnson

Great deals on clothes and shoes we looked at.

Carla Pablo

Great selection of items you want find in other stores! I purchased a pair of leather boots and absolutely adore them! I was so surprised to see the hugh selection of shoes they offer! The clothing is the best also....a great selection and top rank material!

Diane Jackson Tilghman

I love this store

Claire Dent

Great customer service and great options. Very nice and high end Department store.


My favorite store we love everything about this location

Amanda J

Came in for a dress for special occasion so was on the 3rd floor. They were not busy. 3 sales staff hanging out by register, doing nothing. After letting me in fitting room, no one ever came to ask if I needed a different size, nothing... then when trying to figure out who had to clean out what fitting room, two associates come back to the dressing room and start talking, "well the black lady was in this room and the white lady in this one..." is this 1968? What kind people are y'all employing? Awful experience, good dress selection though.

Patricia Draffin

It really was great today, rest room needed help.

Nena Kaylyn

Guy in the shoe department was very rude and didn't want to price check a wallet I found on the sale table. His response was "in future there's a price checker over there". Safe to say I purchased the wallet from another employee but won't return. Every time I come here I get bad service.

Trey Smith

A department store is a retail establishment offering a wide range of consumer goods in different product. All Things Available in Department Store...

Jose Piedrahita

Sales associates are the best

T. Johns

went to get 2 things and we'll see how they do!

Derosierg Danfordmn

Wife loves this Bloomingdale's, but my bank account does not.

Scott Kaun

Nice Accociates, very Helpful

Jacqueline Hughey

Great salespeople in watches

Jerome Wilson

Good customer service

Boris Vinnik

Bloomingdale is very nice, full store, all departments, attentive service and pleasure to shop there. Upscale in mostly everything.

Murray Croft

My wife bought a beautiful sapphire and diamond ring at an excellent price. Always a pleasure to shop at Bloomingdales

Brandon Nolton

High-end boutiques are all the rage at Bloomingdales....

jasleen kaur

Really great service, easy parking available for those who have strollers I recommend going to the top floor of the deck, and using the handbag entrance.

RCD Dubler

Absolutely no assistance from sales help. Could not find anyone willing to help me find what I was looking for nor my size. Spent over am hour in the men's department.... Finally gave up. Guess this store does not need my business which is a good thing because they did not get it today.

Debra Gibson-Welch

I get fantastic silver pieces from Uno de 50 here. Great customer service!

Rekita Thornhill

Purchased online and returned in the store! The cashier was extremely helpful and made me feel beautiful when I tried on my new dress!

Reginald Reid

Great place to shop

dr linda h katz

Always a great experience

Buffy Hall

It was wonderful to visit but way to expensive for my pocketbook. Loved looking around but could not afford nothing there!

gb outlaw

The Tailor at Bloomingdale's, Mr K. Mayes, is the consummate Professional. What an Exceptional Experience.

savvy D

Poor customer service. Lots of miscommunication. Waited 20 minutes for the ONE woman working only to be told information i had called ahead about was wrong. Waste of time.

Sachin Mahindrakar

Good place. Would like to visit agian

captinair head

Always a classy store with the latest innovative brands. This location is superb!!! Pleasure shopping here!!!

Victoria Rodriguez

I have mixed feelings about this Bloomingdale's. I tried to order something online for in store pick up and wasn’t notified until late in the evening that they did not have it. I tried online ordering one more time and same result. The MAC Cosmetics that is part of this store is downright terrible. I won’t shop there at all anymore after two truly terrible experiences. I waited 30 minutes for an associate to grab a bottle of foundation and sell it to me when there was only one other person in the store. There were two associates. Neither said hello or acknowledged my existence. No thanks. The first time I went in to this Bloomindales a sales rep in the handbags area turned her nose up and just ignored me. Literally. Only one sales rep, a very nice woman, talked to me at all. I’m not sure if it was because I didn’t look like a million bucks or what have you, but I was treated like I didn’t belong there. It made me uncomfortable and some of the sales women were really rude. The second time I went in for a handbag, the store was a mess. Everything was in the wrong place and nobody really cared. I wandered around looking for a specific piece that I was told they had and couldn’t find a sales associate anywhere. You have to chase them down to get something from the back. I haven’t been back and have no plans to return.

Sandra Bueno

Love it!! Best department store in Atlanta!!

Gabriella Furdui

Nice place to spend money :))

Slandy Ogine-Noel

Great customer service and selection of clothes


Lenox mall has bad customer service

Carolyn Suwyn

Nice variety of merchandise

Manal m

Catherine Levy, manager of the home department was completely unprofessional and rude while speaking to my mother. I will not be returning after this incident.


Luxury good store

Austine Olanrewaju

Great Staff especially the lady in men's cologne

Melissa Rice Flowers

wonderful service.

Lee LI

Great it!!

Candace Guinyard

Favorite store

M Remi

Top shelf quality clothing.

Brent Petit

This is a amazing store.

Claudette Hendrix

Best customer service and personal shopping experience

Rodney V. Bean

Great place to shop, service is just ok. Its no Neiman Marcus

QuoVadis Rashad

Returned an online purchase for a larger size and buttons tighten. Customer service was above average. Feel a little more could have been done to get the concern handled. Disappointed that Bloomingdale doesn't have feel shipping for alterations of purchases made at Bloomingdale.

v baller x

Terrible customer service. They lack knowledge and understanding of their own products and pricing. I was routed and rerouted and placed on hold. Then somehow the call dropped after I wasted an hour of my time i would rate this sub zero ir I could

Trm Sps

Great atmosphere! Wonderful staff.. Overpriced for men shoes!!

Marcus RaStar Perkins

Checked out some nice shoes!

Nate Mansfield

It's a store, it has stuff. But, it not really my thing

Sam Horsnell

Stunning shop full of the beautiful things but don't expect it to be affordable by any means.

Elizabeth Johnson

Good size bloomingdales. Gets crowded.

G Lewis


Lisa Lovelace

What can I say? I always have a pleasant experience here. Nice store and great service.

Mit Amin

Great customer service

EllenPam Rashad

Why does Bloomingdale’s at Lenox in Atlanta employ only African-Americans? Are they racist against caucasian people?

Adam Blake

Spent $80.00 on $350.00 out fit

Elaine Turner

My favorite store

Sande May

I wish they would close this store, nothing in there to buy. Majority of my favorite designers are not in there plus there are no restaurants

Monica Hawkinson

I love this store! I've been shopping at Bloomingdales for all my my big events. Graduation, anniversaries, weddings, etc. The woman's formal section is great because of all the different styles and selections. Alterations are included in the price! You can't get that anywhere.

CraigMichael Fergonuk

The sales people at Bloomingdale’s only talk to people who share their African-American background. I am a caucasian male with a Louis Vuitton briefcase and nobody talked to me.

Lindsay Trujillo

Its not as big of a selection, better buyers needed.

Angela Hong

Had a very pleasant shopping experience at the Jo Malone concession. The lady at the counter was super friendly and gave me lots of little bonuses, which is always a plus!

stephanie Rogers

My daughter and I went here because they showed they had a pair of Ted Baker shoes I wanted. When I asked the girl at the counter to get a pair in my size she stated she didn’t want to walk to get them but to what was put since they were close to my size. No one offered to help either even though there were at least four people who worked here standing by the register. It may have been because my daughter and I were in jeans and a T-shirt but who cares. I had the cash to buy. Anyway, I went to Nordstrom and ended up purchasing all my stuff from them since Bloomingdales didn’t want to wait on me which was over $1k. Sometimes it pays to be helpful! I will not be back! Go to Nordstrom! Their customer service is amazing!

Jessica o.

Very snooty workers.

Michael Twilbeck

I was trying to make a purchase and the associates were having difficulty transferring me. I asked to be transferred to women’s clothing and I kept getting looped back to the service station. Eventually one said don’t worry I’ll get the right person and Someone from men’s clothing answered who immiadely tried to transfer me again. I said no please I have been transferred 6 times now I just am trying to see if you have something in stock, the woman who I was speaking to at this time was working for All saints Men’s immediately raised her voice at me and stated that women’s clothing is on another floor and she cannot walk to check. I told her I did not ask you that I was trying to share with you that no one is answering in that department, she placed me on hold, pretended to transfer me, and then answered again saying welcome to Bloomingdales, then hung up on me. I called again, this point I asked to speak to a manager... three transfers two hang ups and one confusion with an apparent other angry customer who was looking for jeans the final hang up. I’ve never seen such poor customer service and I will gladly take my business else where.

Andrea Johnson

The people that work here really know what they are doing. I would shop here exclusively if I could afford it!

olga edwards

VERY good

krystal mccabe

Had a great time!! I got cute shoes and a free cocktail!!

sammy D

Nice store and helpful staff.

Linda L. Brown

Loved shopping there

Emily Clarrey

This was a nice size store however I feel like it is not well kept and was very dirty!


Service Representatives are Absolutely the Best!


Just buy online, going into the store is a bad idea

Narwanna el-Shabazz

Excellent selection in the women's of dresses. 40% off with your Bloom8ngdales card.

Tolz Jay

The most disgusting store ever with snobbish workers. Went there with my husband to buy him a belt and they kept sizing us up and one male African American worker walked out from the back and he look at my husband from head to toe in a stinky manner. Disgusting and rude. We wanted to buy a Salvatore Ferragamo belt and they looked at us like we wanted to steal one. We eventually just went to the Salvatore Ferragamo store and bought his belt there. Word of advice- don't judge people based on how they are dressed. Treat everyone the same, with respect and dignity.

Nenya Moore

Great sales, but i don't appreciate how staff including people of color look at you like you can't afford to be there. Remember people it is just a job. It's not going to make you rich.

Jean Nobles

Great place to shop when you're on vacation

Madonna Durfee

Attentive staff

Mia Trotta

Easy returns and pet friendly!

pauline herring

New upscale store with good buys


It's got escalators but the shops are boring and food is mediocre and expensive. It's very crowded and people are stuck up and rude.

Hyun Jung

Careful purchasing from all saints. Bluntly bought a sweater to find out it had couple holes and a hard to see overdue make up on the inside of sweater.

A Fritz

Donna Davis at the Sisley counter is scientific unicorn. Hands down, the best make up counter service I’ve received in 15 years. The other stellar counter was Chanel at the cambridgeside galleria in mass. I hope Bloomingdales knows that it’s folks like her that make a company great and keep people coming back. I live 1500 miles away but because of our encounter I now call on Donna when I need something from Sisley. And I’m glad I don’t live around the corner because Donna could talk me out of my paycheck weekly if I ran I to her every time I went shopping. Jokes aside, she has the kindness and charisma that make you want to return, and the knowledge of the product line to be able to find exactly what you need. Bloomingdales and I got off to a bad start once upon a time but none of that matters now, I had such a positive experience at the Atlanta peachtree location to get me over that. I think maybe Bloomies is working on getting to were JetBlue and Zappos are, where happy, cared for employees make all the difference for remarkable customer service. I sure hope so.

John Walsh

Much in need of a facelift and better assortment.

italo alfieri

Excellent had a super selection of evening ware and priced were suprisingly good.

Al Smith

Everything over the top excellent service but way too expensive

Amy L

love the spacious area here, lots of brands to choose from and I got my lovely watch here

godsun83 REALIST

Underground Mall , favorite stop

Georgia TuxedoCollector

Nobody in the Ralph Lauren department at Bloomingdales in Buckhead at Lenox assisted me. It must be because I’m white.

Essence Holmes

Nice clothes

Renee Davis

Loved the complimentary mothers days spoils!

Joseph Stiebler

Love the selection... everybody was extremely helpful

Chris Metken

Nice store, very pricey

Joy Littlefield

Always a good visit. Get what we need and get out. Great staff. Helpful.

will butler

Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the Lenox location during Father's Day! It was a big party and you should've been there!!

Solomon Ojeagbase

Nice upscale shopping experience

Schuyler Weaver

Not much for guys at a reasonable price compared to women's sales. It is Bloomingdales so I understand. I love this store I stop here first and usually don't have to go to any other store for my shopping needs!

Vahid Serpooshan

Great staff! Really good prices! Nice collection of a variety of brands!

nate mckinnie

Really snobby place if you ask me. The workers always talk to you as if you don’t have money to get what you want.

Sunn Flower

Well, you know. Great fashion selections.

Jerry Dudley

Great shopping. High end clothing and accessories worthy of 5 stars. I gave them 4 because on my last visit there I encountered 3 employees that had poor customer service and obviously had attitudes.

Renee HUNT

What's there NOT to like. I love the shoes always uniquely me.

Lanar Yurman

Good store. It really depends on the customer rep you get. Sales are the best time to go

Taylor Traner

Parking can be confusing, but staff is really kind and helpful. Also their alterations personnel are AMAZING!

Sean Raatz

Always a pleasure

Richard Dawkins

Exclusivity at its best. A wide range of high end designer brands for the fashion conscious customer. Friendly and attentive staff.

Kevin Moss

Meh at best. Pretentiousness can be cut with a knife. Your a shop clerk, if loose the attitude you might sell something!


I went there to pick up an online order. The kind lady provided a free, standard (black Bloomingdales box) package for my purchase.

Wafia Sayf

Customer service lady where you gift wrap definitely needs a boost in friendly customer service. She was upset she was alone on the biggest sale day. I agree with her she shouldn't have to deal with all the phone calls and customers alone on the biggest weekend ( the superball) I do love bloomingdales perfume selection they have some rare perfumes out there like Tom ford oud ( omg Its to die for and usually only in Europe) They do have good sales, you can find things on sale that are worth it you just have to dig deep.

Carl Francis

Nice store lots of selection

Kai Westbrook

I am disappointed in the customer service I recieved. I bought a mackage cream fur hooded winter coat. I loved the jacket so much that i bought a medium hoping i could get into it. I ordered it February 28th and my package came on March 6. i tried it on the night of March 7th and realized it was to big and planned to return it the next day. On the next day at 10am I went to return the jacket and the sales clerk asked me the reason return and i said it was to big. She examined it and got the manager Amber and said she cannot accept it in this condition. i let her know i bought it online and showed her my reciept letting her know it was shipped to me in that condition. I asked to speak to the manager and upon waiting the clerk told me "Anything could of happened in 2 days" I asked her if she was implying i had worn the jacket in Atlanta when within the 2 days it wasnt even cold so where i wouldve worn a 800 filled down coat with a fur hood. At no time did anyone apologize for my inconvience. All they made me feel was that i wore the jacked within a day and tried to return it. Instead of being helpful and offering to switch it out they told me very rudely they couldnt do anything and I had to call customer service to return the jacket. I dont think id ever shop here again based on their customer service.

Bosun Adegboye

Great store. Loads of variety

Monea XoX

Good place to get an assortment of things. Good employee too. I was a bit lost in there but they were helpful .

Alisha Wyche

While I didn't want to go to Lenox, i had to in order to return some shoes. I returned the shoes and left with two perfumes and a lipstick. Needless to say I spent more than I returned but it is really because of the awesome customer service. I used to only shop Bloomingdale's online but now they have forever earned a customer

Kimberly Stephens

Got me a great pair of shoes for work on sale!

Kamilah Miller

This Bloomingdale's is good, but fewer designer labels and a small shoe department. Store is relatively medium in size.

Jules A

Yeah, I didn't like how they treated me at this location, like a 2nd class citizen. They should probably not make assumptions about customers.

raj sharma

Great service in the men's fragrance counter

M. C. Casterline

The best Department Store in Atlanta in my opinion.

Rodger Smith

Beautiful store

Amber Daniels

Poor customer service!! I'll only shop online, if I can't find it elsewhere. Either I was getting told to go to another counter, or getting completely ignored. I needed to make a return, but the counter was unattended. Scared of another poor interaction, I just waited until I was sure no one was paged to help me. I had an online order to pick up too, that I'm sure was in stock, but I got an email while waiting on customer service, that it was cancelled. Waste of time.

Jemeka Ebans

I don't like this shopping experience because a lot of the people that were there weren't willing to help me find what I was looking for I did feel very uncomfortable so I just left.

Shelley White

Nice Store & pleasantly decorated for holidays. But overpriced. Now some like that price tag but not for me just to say I shopped at Bloomingdales. No Sir!

William Ross

Love the staffs there!

Deborah Ward

Great female employee at the perfume counter.

vijay phagura

Very nice shopping experience. But I would like more full time employees to help customers

Riki LaMarque

Excellent store, they did not have the product I wanted in stock but they offered to order and have it sent to me at no additional charge. Great customer service.

Michael Head

Always nice coming here

abu zakariyyaa

What can you sY its Blooming Dale's

Keith Ford

Nice selection and beautiful surrounding.

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