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Where is Lawrence Public Library?

REVIEWS OF Lawrence Public Library IN Kansas

Tina Douglas

Katri Weiste

Olin täällä pianokonsertissa, kirjaston tilat toimivat myös hyvin esiintymissaleina.

Tony Wilkey

Meh..... It's pretty, but a system of small libraries spread around Lawrence would have served the community better.

Daniel B.

MiKayla Bond

Matt Leisure

Top notch library with everything you would expect from a library and more.

Cee D'vie

This library has all the media you could possibly want; all well stocked and maintained. It's beautiful and the artwork and windows make it comforting, not to mention the two fish tanks. There's a large focus on kids, which makes it fun for them to come and be among books. But there are also plenty of events and activities for adults and teens on their event page, like book and writing clubs, author visits, and workshops. There are also many computers, fast and free wifi, and help desks everywhere in case you're confused. Everyone is friendly and helpful. But if you're trying to get work done, the library is ironically not the best place. Even with noise blocking headphones, the sound of screaming children on whatever day or time of day you please is absolutely deafening. The chairs also aren't super comfortable, though they're good for around an hour, and there are always people vying for chairs and tables and outlets. The study rooms are glass walls, so don't expect them to save you from the noise.

Top of top

Ryan Atkerson

Devin Siguenza

Maria Almansour

Gods for kids just wish enough computers and fornite would work there. Wish we could have a restraint there maybe, great place though!

Chansam Moon

Khalid Nq

nabel alyahyawy

It's a great place to my family and I

Josh Ingram

The library is great lots of books, computers are always open and they have meeting spaces you can reserve. That said, this library has THREE bathrooms available for men. Two men's restrooms one on the first floor and a second on the lower level each with a single stall. For a population in Lawrence of about a 100k people I think they lack facilities for their patrons. One private bathroom over in the kid's area the marketing coordinator brought to my attention. For instance I think the Shawnee Topeka County Public library has something like 7 bathroom stalls. They could stand to remodel the place and add some more bathrooms.

Bobby Bierley

Trey Barton

Levi Bates

Tatas ggoood

Jon R

Connie Hsu

Great place to find a book or a movie. Youth section is great for teenagers to relax. Lot of services help you to start reading. Friendly staffs.

Allison Ortego

Elizabeth Phillips

Tony Wagler

Great library!

Ian Lewis

Great facility but no one seems to care about anything. issues reserving a computer were met with slack jawed platitudes


The building is beautiful. Wonderful views inside and out. Staff does a great job of keeping the peace, assisting patrons and maintaining the collection. If you want something you can't find there, the Inter-Library Loan dept can get it for you. Ask a staff member or look on the website. They also have a coffee shop right when you walk in. My only complaint is parking sucks. There are some free 2-hr spaces in the garage but they fill up quickly. Everything else is metered.

Hemin Mohammed

I like this library. New and nice design

Ashley Ikehorn


OMG BOOKS!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Melissa KF

Sylvie Rueff

The Lawrence Public Library is wonderful, forward thinking library staffed with friendly, bright, knowledgeable people who are all working to make the best possible experience for everyone who walks in the door. The library is a terrific resource for a full range of media, and, provides meeting spaces, and production space as well. This Library goes beyond its walls with a mobile lending library, movies on the lawn, a winter skating rink, bar-book-give-aways, talks by authors and others, and concerts. Not-to-be-missed: the Friends of the LPL irregularly regular book sales, which happen several times each year, with terrific books going for peanuts (practically) to benefit the Library.

Ron Heape

Daniel Benson

Great leadership.

Angela Pastrana

Bob Forapples

Bad left-wingish, lady librarian named Sandberg works there. She did a special on TV with ultra-bad left-wing writer Howard Zinn. Also, the elevator even got stuck. How this old 1970's run down place got so many great reviews is a mystery. (I meant to put his on the Lawrence, mas LPL forum.

Dee Steinle


So noisy, children section is so close to adult one, they are always screaming and talking loudly... no one cares.

Brian McClendon

Upgrading review to 5 stars with the new rebuild. A beautiful space that is quite functional as well.

Austin Freeman

Riley Adam Voth

Friendly, clean, and lots of options for materials. Everything from books, audiobooks, movies, magazines, and more. Internet is fast. Lots of computers. Most importantly (to me at least) the atmosphere is nice. It's a place I can go and get some work done in peace.

Jada Phillips

Shania Lamm

This library is my happy place. Beautiful building, huge selection, tons of little reading nooks... What more could you ask for?

Marcelo De Oliveira

Amanda O.

Cayden Hunter

This is the worst wendy's menu I have ever seen, It doesn't even show how much a frosty is! And then I asked for a BIg Mac and they said they didn't have any. It was so quiet it might have been a library but it wasn't, so I walked in to talk to the manager, and they had security walk me out, also their were like airport terminals at the front, I don't want to board Wendy's International!!

john Leslie

christina gentry

This space offers reasonable rental prices for private and public engagements. I have participated in community events from listening sessions to artistic expressions all kid friendly and educational. I really love this library!

Iggi Daugherty

An excellent library!!!!

Patrick Rasmussen

June Martin

Attended workshop. Great facility

Wanda Booth

Donald Green

This library screams Lawrence and Modern. Recently renovated, the Lawrence Public Library has several amenities including a sound and vision studio, coffee bar, large media section, and fantastic reading/studying areas.

Joshua Talley

Merisa The Potato

Daniel Johnson

David Schuler

Nice place and a beautiful building.

Allan Dare

Krishna P Ghimire

Murphy Lees

I rented seven horror movies and they We’re all in perfect quality. I love the library and it’s probably the coolest one I the world or at least in my opinion

Bardiya Akhbari

Love this place atmosphere and modern interior design! + Friendly and amazing staffs!

Jon Sabillón

Beautiful building with tremendous selection of books, music, movies and more. Great study spot with a little coffee shop in the facility and it even has a state-of-the-art recording studio available for use!

East West USA TV Around The World

Great! Nice place. I like here.

Melissa Monroe

Ty Lower

My favorite place to spend the day. Great programs, amazing selection of books and media and great areas to read or work.

Matthew Deakyne

I love the library here in Lawrence. This is a great place to take your kids, and hang out for a few hours. They have excellent programs and resources, especially for teens: video game consoles, board games, and a dedicated space. There's so many online resources that a library card gives you access to, as well. We've been here a year, and we are still finding new benefits from the library.

Joseph O'Keefe

It is cool

Arturo Pinilla

Peaceful environment to study. Plenty of resources and activities to do.


Is this (only) children's library or what? I might pick the wrong day which was Saturday but noise from kids are overwhelming. It's a beautiful place and parking building around here is really cheap (or free) but they need to do something for those noise from children's area.

Victoria Wilson

DeeloDaKid89 .

The best library in Kansas... SIMPLE ! Great library have everything they stay up to date with film and books when it comes out then have it I swear it is the best library in Kansas... Did I mention you can rent video games!

Chris Lorenzen

The Lawrence Public Library is truly a great resource for the people of Lawrence. It makes me proud that we have such a great library.

Kimberly Grosse

I love the Lawrence Public Library!

Olivia King

Love the selection! Very friendly and helpful staff!

Jacob Batterman

The library is dope. Knowledge is power, and power corrupts. Study hard kids. ;)

Belz/Lucifer Satan

N Is For Newton

Adam C Johnson

The brand new library is AMAZING. It has excellent activities and a play area for kids. It has meeting rooms and fully automated self-checkout. It has a legitimate recording studio complete with mic and instruments! It has multimedia editing rooms, with Mac Pros and the Adobe Suite of products. You can rent movies and video games there. And of course; books!! Great selection of graphic novels and when they were missing a few I wanted, they purchased them and reserved them for me. FREE. Beautiful facility, helpful and friendly staff, great place for kids. WOW. Sometimes being a taxpayer has it's perks.

Petronila Oparaji

Lawrence public library is an awesome place! You can get almost any books there. The staff there are very responsible and friendly. We go there frequently. My children love going there to get books. Also if people don't have computers they can use the computers there. They also have cozy little nooks for kids or even adults to read. There are also a lot of clubs there. They have summer reading to which is a lot of fun! The prizes are also so cool. If you were looking for a library, then you should definitely choose the Lawrence public library!

Jason Novinger

Alex Mercedes


I wouldn't recommend this library anymore. Over charge fees and have security problems regularly.

Ali Ismail

Friendly staff and very positive atmosphere for getting stuff done

Melissa Wong

Ashley Lopez

Good place to get School work done

Mike Johnson

Amazing facility, great selection and friendly staff

Catherine Lin

Brandon Hayes

Navy Eagle

Kenna McNally

Dr. M Neyamul

Paul Gottesburen

Such an improvement over the old library. Tons of resources and space.

Beverly McKee

great building with pleasant view

Emily Reimer

The open concept of this library means not being able to find any quiet areas because you can hear the kids all over the library. There are some study rooms, but they have glass all around, so you can see everything going on around you. Also, I was sitting close to one of these glass study rooms, and someone was giving guitar lessons in there. These rooms are not sound proof. Beautiful library, though, and helpful staff.

Not Cheryl

Tyler Schield

Incredible place. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Awesome adult, teen and kids literature and spaces. My wife and I were passing thru while on our way home to Colorado- now we don’t want to leave! We will be returning.

mel pivont

jacob day

Ricky Campbell

Huge selection

Gillian Luevano

Wonderful selection, great online services, awesome staff and beautiful building. I love this library!

Nolan Donovan

A beautiful community minded library. There are so many opportunities afforded by the library. One of my favorites is the Sound & Vision studio they have down the stairs. Local Musicians can have songs recorded and mixed by a professional technician. This is a great place to study, read a book, get work done, an learn something new.

Richard M. Boyden

I just went to the Music At Your Library program today at 2 pm, Saturday Dec. 13th, 2014, and thoroughly enjoyed the performance by the student musicians from KU School of Music. Hope they will return again soon.

Matthew Gibson

New renovation is spectacular


This is an A+ library, comparing to most public libraries I've been, even in big cities!

DeAwnna Montoya

Great place for kids as well as artists. Studio rooms, kid play areas, story time, and areas for teens and adults.

Noe Mora

Denny Weinmann

This is a library you WANT to visit. The newly renovated space is aesthetically pleasing both inside and out and is feels very open with lots room to move around. There are so many things to see and even do here, including books to read, movies to watch, music to listen to, computers to use, the list goes on. The staff has always been extremely friendly here and will go out of their way to assist. The children's area is wonderful, with touchscreen computers for the little ones, a large table, half dedicated to legos and the other half dedicated to wooden trains/train tracks. There are large 'cubes' with pillows and stuffed animals to hang out with the kids and read. Many meeting rooms make this a great spot to study. This place is very advanced with self-checkout and self-pay stations for those of us who can't seem to return our materials on time.

Jason Kniep

Emmaline McDaneld

Ashley Eicholtz



Gregorio Perez

I loved the chidrens area!

Martin Navarro

If the Teen Zone wasn't a Fortnite hub, I would give it a 5-star Rating. It is so loud during the day, but all the staff are very friendly. Thank you.

Sarah Henderson

Very nice library as long as you don't try to work or study. On the weekends it can feel like you are studying in a Chucky Cheese with all the screaming kids and their study rooms, while attractive looking, are not functional. The walls are glass and they aren't sealed so they don't block any of the noise.


Thomas Howe

The renovation is complete, and the new library is FAB!!

William Haworth

Huge selection, movies, games, modern computers, books etc, little coffee place at the door, lovely all around, abundant parking next door easy check in and check out of books, and everything was properly sorted, convinced this place looks as good on a normal day as it did the first day it opened, 5/5 stars all day long + a female worker at the main desk went out of her way to help me and one of my friends locate a resource we were looking for. (Maybe add motorcycle parking please??)

Abdulwahab Alalyani

Great place

Cypress Frankenfeld

Niq Howard

So many areas for all ages and activities from children play to college studying to adult reading. I love that I can go here and be alone or be with a group for a project.

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