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REVIEWS OF American Dry Basement Systems IN Connecticut

Gustavo Rocha

Could not be happier with results. This is a knowledgeable team with years of experience and it shows. Thanks a lot guys

Lisa Carpin

Horrendous customer service. Horrendous service in general. I feel like we're going to have to end up taking them to court bc they won't fix they're mistakes. Spent nearly 20k to fix our leaking basement. They initially left the job unfinished. Eventually came back to finish the job. Basement still flooded in the winter... called them up to fix it. Turns out they installed a bad pump and never plugged them in. Swell. Fixed it. Three months later, our fuse box starts shorting out...bc these guys installed another old crappy pump directly beneath the box that was short circuiting everything. Called them to make an appointment, they never showed up. Called them again to inquire about them not showing up, same guy answered the phone and pretended not to know anything about it even though he berated my husband on the phone 10 days ago. Completely unprofessional.

Dennis Moran

After meeting with 4 contractors to try to resolve our water issues we opted to go with American dry Basement Systems as we felt they had the best idea to resolve this issue. The workers (3 men) worked from the minute they arrived breaking very shortly for lunch during 2 very hot days. thy were cordial and very neat, finishing a very large area, basement, laundry room and garage in 2 days. we are very pleased with how thy left these areas. It's been a week and we are already noticing a big change in these areas - no water or dampness, 2 problems we've had for years.

Doug Williams

We gave them a challenge and they delivered. Our school 1st floor is below street level and was hit by Irene and Sandy. We are confident we will now not flood again. Thanks

agi goodwin

Excellent work! Worth every penny.

Paul Mirkhani

Excellent job, 1 year ater still very pleased!

Brittany Simons

Kevin Clark

I gave American Dry Basement Systems a call about waterproofing my basement in Farmington and highly recommend them to anyone. They provided a free basement waterproofing estimate, talked about the different options and pricing for waterproofing my basement and then got the job done fast, clean and affordable and even guaranteed the work. I now have a finished basement and increased my square footage and home value. Wish I hadn't waited and just bit the bullet earlier. Thanks American Dry!

Lauren r

This company has poor customer service poor customer relations!! I made a call this [past mon 4/9/18 a.m. got the answering service ! she said there was no one around to take a call and said she would get in touch with someone. Well no one returned my call had to call back 30 minutes later... Then a guy answers and said there was no body there to talk to that the manager is in a meeting! I had a slight emergency my 2 sump pumps were not working right ... one was smoking from being on constantly and not draining the water....the other back up battery was going off in a finished room.. (Yes it was the bad rain day) And no one else around Unbelievable!!!! Finally got to talk to the manger after telling the guy to call his cell!!! He said he was swamped with calls ... yes... understandable.... but he never got back to me that day ..Called next morning spoke to him and said he would see what he can do... didn't hear from him or the guy until end of the day giving me an appointment 3 day later!!!! Wow!! such poor service Of course i didn't take the appointment....needed it looked at right away!!! had to call someone else !!!! Unfortunately, i have there system !!!

Huijing Shi

The crew was very professional and hardworking. I'm very satisfied with their work!

Rick Puglielli

A great experience from sales contact to delivery and installation.

Joanne M

Stay away from this company. They talk a great game, specifically Paul, but deliver on nothing. They charged us $7,400 for a system that doesn't work. When we brought it to the Better Business Bureau and the company came out, they agreed it didn't work and told us that they would refund us our money. That was 4 months ago, and they have not refunded our money and stopped taking our calls.

Daniel Hochheiser

Great Service. Professional Work!

Prince Lood

This wasn't a planned job and the team made it much less painful. There was a sense of urgency and desire to ensure I understood and was comfortable with all details. I could not be home so they sent pics throughout the process. I picked American dry basements because of a friend referral and glad I did.

Linda albert

Dealing with American Dry Basement so far has been nothing but pleasant.. the men who installed our system were the best ... they worked really hard and were very perfection all the way though... clean up was great... I’d recommend this company so far ... haven’t had any problems yet

Barbara Kovac

The salesman was very informative. The workers were on time, efficient and cleaned up. We got a much cheaper price then their competitor what a better system put in. Anytime I had a question I would get an answer immediately. I would highly recommend them

Brian Kelly

I picked American Dry Basement over two other firms. Their salesman Dennis explain the details of their system and its advantages in a very understandable way, which I appreciated. American's price was very competitive and my warranty is transferable to the next owner of the house.Their crew was a pleasure to be around, finishing the job in under two days. Very satisfied with my overall experience with American.

Melissa Farmer

I have had two separate properties waterproofed by American Dry Basement Systems. I have had no further issues with water or dampness as a result of the system and the dehumidifier recommended. I have a peace of mind knowing that my furniture and belongings will not be subject to mold, mildew no matter how crazy the elements are. Even with all the rain, storms and crazy weather that has been happening on the east coast I still have had no issues. I am very pleased with not only the service, but the customer and contractors professionalism and consideration. I don't in any form feel taken advantage of because they make sure to give you the best pricing available while meeting your needs. I highly recommend this company and trust them with future business as they have already won my trust with their work so far.

John Balint

After extreme winter, snow melted quickly in March causing high water table and water leakage in basement at multiple points. We had house ready to put on the market until the water situation changed this. ADBS did onsite assessment of basement and made recommendations. They helped me understand importance of their design/installation features (including concrete dust limitation), and offered transferable material and workmanship warranty to new house buyer that would last as long as they owned the home. This was peace of mind. ADBS recognized my need for an expedited schedule, and actually finished earlier than promised. The construction crew was punctual, hard working, always willing to answer questions, and did not need onsite supervision. They got the job done and washed down the basement floor when finished. It got pretty dirty during jackhammering/trenching/re-cementing. Attention to detail, excellent design, great warranty, and most of all a DRY BASEMENT following system installation is why I am willing to recommend ADBS to others with high confidence. --John Balint, Pittsfield, MA

Janet Rainone


Donna Marie Merritt

Our basement flooded for the first time ever (built the house 26 years ago). We had 4 inches of water covering the entire floor and had half a dozen companies give us their thoughts on fixing it. American Dry made the most sense with their professional recommendations and we know we made the right choice as our basement is completely dry now. The work was scheduled within a couple weeks and once they started, it was done in three days with their entire mess cleaned up. They hauled stone away in buckets rather than tear up our lawn with big machinery or a dumpster. The owner, Peter O'Shea, worked with us every step of the way to ensure our satisfaction. Please see our before and after photos!

Bill B

Very Happy we went with American Dry Basement Systems, from the quote to the work done, everything was completed within a week and within budget!

John A

The water table at my home is very high. My basement had chronic moisture problems, ADBS came in and worked wonders. And the lifetime guarantee is no joke. Pumps do eventually wear out, but mine have been replaced within 24 hours of making a call to ADBS. I can recommend ADBS without reservation.

sonia ogren

This is the worst company I have dealt with. $12,000 of basement repairs to avoid water coming in and 100% guarantee of no recurrence??? NOT! We have water damage to our new flooring, have been calling and emailing these morons and NO ONE EVER CALLS BACK in spite of the urgency request. DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY. Lousy customer treatment and communication. Very angry customer.

Dan Forestal

very pleased with the job they did. Quick & efficient Highly recommended

Robert Schraff

We were suffering from water flowing out of the basement walls and onto the floor whenever there was heavy rain. It kept getting worse and we decided to call American Dry Home Basement Systems. Their Representative told us what needed to be done. We decided to hire them and were scheduled to have the repairs done in about 15 days. However, I woke up the next day only to find a flood in our basemen. We contacted ADBS and they were able to move their schedule around, thanks to their Rep and their customers. They came the next day and the 3 workers completed the job the same day. They did a good job and they worked very hard. We are so happy that we don’t have to worry about water in the basement again. Thank You American Dry Basement Systems!!

Helen King

Great company. Customer service was great.Work was done fast and never had a issue.

Steven Cavazzini

This is my second time/house I have hired ADBS. They did great work for me in my first house and I knew when I moved into my new house, I wouldn't even have to shop around. Paul was very transparent and honest throughout the estimate and planning phase. The work was done efficiently and the team cleaned up everything afterwards as well. I know that if I ever need more work done, this is the only company in the area I am calling.

Virginia Johnson

Note: my husband wanted to rate this 4 stars, because we have had some minor issues, but I spend more time down there than he does, and I absolutely love it. It's been more than a decade since we had our basement done by ADBS, and it's been one of the best investments we've made in our house. Prior to having it done, our basement was a disaster area every Spring, when a combination of melt and rain turned it into a fishing stream. We did have one problem a year after the original work was completed, but they sent out a crew a few days later to make some adjustments and we haven't had a problem in the main basement, since. The pumps are still working perfectly. We've replaced the batteries once and the rechargers once. The only real issue has to do with an alcove off of the main basement, which wasn't included in the work. I'm not quite sure why it wasn't included (perhaps there's a code problem) but it continues to flood periodically and it is a bit damp down there. Otherwise, it's been perfect.

Cheryl Tynan

I can't say enough good things about American Dry Basement as a system and as a company. I have had them put a system in my condo and now my home. Both properties are on wetlands, my house being 4 feet from a river! The basement system designed by the owner of ADBS and installed by his incredible team have kept our basement dry even on days where we have gotten 3+ inches of rain AND during a full moon when the tides bring the river levels almost even with our house. The owner listened to all of our concerns and worked with us to design the best solution for our home, providing us peace of mind with the sump pump monitoring system and battery backup. I am highly recommending ADBS to my neighbors and friends with water issues!

Melissa Golden

We had our basement drainage done by American Dry Basement. The work was done in a timely manner and they cleaned up afterwards. They also came back and corrected any issues which there was only one. At no extra cost. We continue to use their services to replace the pumps as needed.

Jay Ramos

Good company. They corrected my water filtration problem thru out my entire 3000 square foot home. They were professional and picked up after themselves. All was done in a few days as told. Definitely recommend them.

Louis C

Good service. They delivered what they promised.

China Moody

Great company. Tina was such a great help on making sure everything worked out from start to finish. The crew was wonderful. They treated my home as if it was there’s. Never had water again and was able to finally finish my basement.


Recommended this company to Ellie S. of Newtown her home was built on ledge rock with lots of water run off, the basement was always wet with the strong smell of moisture from years of water issues. American Dry Basements came in and install a system that amazingly pumps a high volume of water out every few minutes and has been working flawlessly now for the past 7 years without so much as a moment of interruption, This system has saved her foundation and ultimately her home. The installation process has been professionally install and completed within a couple of days. The sales man and installers were accurate and professional in all they said and did and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend ADB to anyone having water problems in their basement.

Christine Hartwig

If I could give 0 stars, I would. This is the absolute worst company I've ever dealt with in my life. I guarantee you if you choose this company you will not be satisfied. They do not honor their warranty, they do not do quality work, and their customer service is the most atrocious excuse for customer service I have ever experienced. Please do yourself a favor and go with a different basement company. They will block your number if they get tired of dealing with you because they do not know how to fix the problem they caused. They will also not show up when you made a appointment. If they eventually do show up, they will drive up in a sedan or mini van and tell you they do not have the tools they need to do the job. I sincerely hope that this company goes under so that no one else will have to experience the frustration and disappointment that we have had to deal with ever again.

Amanda Colella

I am very upset with this company!! 2 days ago I came home from work to discover my heat was not working. According to my thermostat there was an issue with power to the thermostat. I spent 2 hours on the phone with the thermostat company only to eventually go down to our crawl space/basement and find 6 inches of stagnant water. The water was flodding into our furnace and hot water heater. I immediately called the phone number on our contract to American Dry Basement Systems since they had only 4 months ago installed a “dry system” in our basement. Previously we had a dirt floor crawl space which they covered in cement and installed a larger subpump than we had. The “new” cement floor prevented the water from draining and causing it to pool to 6 inches. Whereas before, even though the dirt floor was causing moisture issues, the water that ran through there NEVER pooled up, it always ran out through the ground. When I called the number on our contract I was connected to an answering service. The woman told me she would pass my information onto the on call tech and they would contact me to come out for service. I waited 2 hours for a phone call then unlimatly went to sleep (because it had gotten late) with an electric space heater on in my appartment. The next morning I checked my phone and never got a call about my issue through the night. I called again and reached the answering service. They took down my information again, so I waited again for a call back that never came. We had to call the fire department to come and pump out all the water so we could at least get the heat back on. While the fire department was here we pin pointed the issue to the Subpump installed by this company. It is not running at all. I have left my number with the answering service a total of 4 times and have not yet received a phone from American Dry Basement Systems even acknowledging that I have a problem that needs to be resolved. Additionally I have gone onto their website and found claims about guantees and a supposed “24 x7 phone number” to call. I have tried that number several times in the last 2 days and no one even picks up the line. It just hangs up. Currently we are using a small back up subpump that is just barely keeping up with the water flow and keeping our basement from flooding again. I am very frustrated with this company and I want answers as to why they are not even answering their phone, concerned about their product function and us as a customer. Their claims of “maintenance free” systems, and “lifetime warranty” guarantee, and customer satisfaction are all false claims on their website and I want answers and resolution to my problems.

Ashley Green

The Worst. Never returned phone calls. Never finished job. Stay away!


We found Dennis, the salesman, very knowledgeable. Juan and his crew were very professional. They worked very hard and were careful with making sure everything was done correctly. They finished the job with a thorough clean up, too. So far, so good!

Thomas Johnson

thirty two feet of leaking basement wall cured in one day . happy? you better believe it.

Roberta King

The crew was great and I haven’t had any water with all the rain we have.

Xuguang Su

Friendly workers. Did everything I asked for.

Celeste Lockwood

When our pump broke, I contacted American Dry Basement who placed a basement system in our home 9 years ago. They recommended a tandem pump design. If the first pump fails, the second pump will begin to work. They installed the 2 pumps and we now have peace of mind. Thank you, Celeste L.

Beth Cannon

We had a drain system installed by American Dry in January of 1998. The system has worked flawlessly until recently. They probably would have received 5 stars in 1998. However, we are currently experiencing seepage through the tiles of our basement floor. We called American Dry and were able to schedule an appointment for a "crew" to take a look. On June 5th, they sent a team who had been working nearby digging a trench. The crew took a picture in the basement where the seepage is occurring and said someone would get back to us. Nobody called back. We have called them consistently and after several attempts received an appointment for a supervisor named Devon to come at 10AM on June 19th. Devon was a a no call, no show. We continue to call and are getting the run-around. Yesterday, Devon was not in. Today, we were expecting a crew at 3:30. No call. No show. Again today, the service rep continues to say she cannot schedule a supervisor but the supervisor, Devon is not in. Also, on Monday, June 19th, we called the President, Peter O'Shea and left a message. We have not received a response. Perhaps they are good at the installation phase of the project, but have no intention of providing service if there are any issues down the road. UPDATE: The issue was not an American Dry Basement issue. It was a water softener problem. Unfortunately, that does not erase the lack of service we received trying to get to the bottom of the issue.

David Hughes

Their response to our water problem in our crawl space was immediate and the work that needed to be done was completed as scheduled. Our special thanks for coordinating the project to Paul DeSiva.

Katie Langan

Excellent service, excellent results. Professional and knowledgeable on all fronts.

Jay Vincent

Had Dennis the salesman give me a quote , he was very knowledgeable. It seems like the basement waterproof company’s are like buying a vehicle It’s a big sales pitch , they are pitching inside basement fix with installing pumps & cutting floor which can be extremely expensive . I think being a contractor an easier route is to waterproof from outside first , much less less expensive. I had a quote of $19k & almost fell down , ended up reducing to $15k which is way to expensive

Annan O'mouse

My mother who is an older woman, was dealing with a woman named Tina who was very rude and condescending. My mother had spent few thousand dollars on a basement system and was trying to get a service. While trying to ask questions, Tina was very unprofessional and rude and was not very helpful

Christopher Zawadski

Horrible service. When system was installed everything was great until they cashed the check. My basement has been taking in water since yesterday. Called at 9 am and they said they would call right back. At 12:30 I called again and the best they could do was tomorrow evening as my basement is taking in more water. This will be the 3rd time my “waterproofed” finished basement has flooded since they put in their system. Unacceptable.

a tis

Awesome customer After over 12 years My home required a complete drainage system replacement due to excessive slit from wetlands .contacted customer service and they quickly sent crew out to replace entire system At no cost the they Honored the warranty I couldn't have made a better choice when choosing ADBS completely


I have been a very satisfied American Dry Basement Systems customer for eleven years. In 2008, I had a complete 2 sump pump system installed and have had a dry basement since! They have excellent customer service and their technicians are prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable. In May of 2018, after a ten day power outage, one sump pump was not responding. I called ADBS, received an immediate response from customer service, and a service technician arrived shortly afterwards to assess and fix the problem. I would highly recommend their services.

John Beez

I hired this company to install a drain under my backyard patio door. The person who came by the house to give us a quote was very nice and professional. We agreed to go with them. I signed a contract and put down a one thousand dollar deposit. I tried to schedule the job to be done. The job was supposed to be done in The Bronx, NY. The company is based on CT. They agreed to do the job in the bronx. The first attempt at doing the job, we agreed 10am. I asked them to give me a call 30 mins before arriving as it was on a weekday and I would be at work. I would then go give them access to the property from work. I received a call around 8am that the workers were stuck in traffic and didn't know what time they would arrive. Around 11:30 they call that they were at the place and could not find parking. They did not tell me 30 mins in advance as I had requested. I then had a family member who lives near by drop what they were doing and run to the house to allow access. When they arrived, the men were not there. I called the main office, and they tried to get in contact with the driver and were giving me no new information. They finally gave me the driver's number. I called him directly. He was very rude to me and said they were already leaving. He yelled at me and told me that if I said I was going to be there, I should be there. Fine, they apologized at the main office and we tried to schedule a second time. The second time I asked for the same. Call me 30 mins before arriving. Nothing happened. I get a call past the agreed time from the main office telling me that the drivers were in an accident and they had to return to the main office. Fine, tried a third time to schedule. We agreed on a date, I asked to let me know 30 mins ahead of time and nothing. No call at all this time. I call the main office and they said they thought it was the week after. I told them I had run out of patience and I just wanted my deposit back. As of the time of this writing, I have been calling them every day to get my deposit back. I was told the "machine" was broken and they would be sending me a check in the mail. That only a person named "Devin" could issue the deposit. I was able to talk to him once, when he told me he would be on top of this. After that, he's never at the office. I called Dennis, I believe he's one of the owners and explained my situation. He said he was sorry and he would talk to them and someone would call me. Nobody called. As I am writing this, I'm on hold with the main office for 19 mins and nobody is talking to me. I still don't have my deposit back. This has been my experience with this company. My recommendation to anyone out there is, stay away from this company.

Jean Jansen

I called in American Dry Basement when I learned that my water situation could cause me to loose my foundation. They were awesome. Finished the job in a day and a half, left the site clean and neat . I have a DRY basement thanks to them. They are the best.

Sharon Hylton-Brown

This company was honest and truthful about my situation. They also gave me suggestions on how to fix the problem without me having to spend a great deal of money. I would definitely recommend this company. It's a very reputable.

frank rocha

American Dry Basement was the best choice I could have gone with, no doubt!!! A great crew came, handled the job very professionally and finished my basement sooner then I expected. A few days ago it was put to the test when we had near 3 inches of rain plus all of the snow that melted and my floor was completely dry. The pumps worked amazingly. All I can say is thank you guys for the great job and that i will always recommend you.

Maria Maldonado

The crew took care of my home as if it was there’s . They worked very hard. No water issues now.

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