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REVIEWS OF Athens Fence Company, Inc. IN Alabama

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Just Some of there work

Nathalie Sorgaard

The fence was not installed properly. Metal fencing loose and not secured, not worth the money we were charged. They only let me know they busted one area of the sprinkler pipe, but turns out they actually busted the same pipe line in that zone in multiple places even though they knew where the sprinkler line was going. They went through and busted more areas of the pipe and broke the wiring and proceeded to pour extra cement on the pvc pipe where they broke it. Buried it all and didn’t tell us since they figured we wouldn’t know until later. It’s now costing us a lot more to get it rerouted, fixed, and put in extra boxes to fix the wiring. I see why they have it in the contract they they will not fix sprinklers since they know they will go through busting it and then hide what is broken.

Taylor Pepper

Very unprofessional. Block streets and driveways. Shirtless employees running around.


Angela Legg

Great people. and beautiful fences

Mark Carpenter

A few months ago we had a short fence installed which included a single gate that is big and heavy. The initial attachment approach didn't work very well (the gate fell off!), but the team replaced it with a very sturdy commercial grade attachment, and the gate and fence have been great ever since. They made it right, which I greatly appreciate in this day of folks always trying to get by with the least effort possible. This example of customer service is refreshing.

Kent Lewter

Brian Whaley

Was a pleasure working with them. Fence looks great!

adam farler

Dwight Gee is a good businessman who knows fences and will build you a good fence for an equitable price that will last you a long time. Jason Gee is probably their best salesman. I would try to get him to be my salesman if possible.

bill lindsey

Athens Fence Co. are a wonderful local Fence contractor that takes customer service seriously. It has been a pleasure to deal with them for my new Fence. Great price too. I highly recommend them.

Phillip Martin


Incredibly unprofessional management. Innumerable amounts of mistakes. Horrible communication. I did not feel valued as a customer. I do not recommend this company and will never be using them again. Very disappointed in their business ethic.

Scott Bridenstine

I had a wonderful experience with Athens Fence. There was a problem with the fence at first but after talking with Jason and Dwight Gee, the fence was corrected in a timely and professional manner.

Megan Hamm

Terrible customer treatment and job. Extremely disappointed. It started off by them telling us they would be out first thing in the morning and not showing up till late afternoon each day it was like they waited till forecast was supposed to rain to come to the job and stayed 20 mins max two days straight when the job could have been completed if they just would have come in morning as they said. They cussed at my elderly neighbor because she was being picky about her property. Once job was completed upon inspection by us we realized what a mess they had made. They threw piles of rocks dirt and dried concrete in a ditch behind my fence. They left metal fence tie things all in my yard and driveway. 2 of my 3 children stepped on these and cut their foot. They had dried concrete thrown all over fence post and in my yard. Left piles of rocks in my driveway. We were told by owner if I was going to be picky about the job he would pull it all up. Finally after back and fourth of asking it to be fixed he agreed. He sent two men out after two weeks of job being “completed” and us having to call and remind him of the work he said he would fix. Upon their arrival they asked me to show them the issues they agreed it was a mess and said they would be back in the afternoon. They didn’t come back so We called owner yet again only to be cussed out some more and when we asked why he thought it was ok to talk to customers like that he said he’d been in business 30 plus years and he can talk to customers how he wants. A week more went by not hearing from them. Well they finally show up Friday morning and I was grocery shopping and came back to two men in my back yard without me home and without knowledge they were even coming. So strangers on my property without my consent. I let that go because they were supposedly fixing it. Well they leave before we can check to see the job completed and once I go out I realize the boards that needed fixing that they rigged instead of cutting longer ones cause they mis cut them well they weren’t replaced. Instead they took off the board they used two nails in side ways on base of my privacy fence off and dug up my good grass and tried to cover the mistake. They did this all across my front fence line with my grass tore up and thrown in front of fence to hide it. The concrete all over post we were told would be fixed and taken off was covered by a pile of dirt. And there was still mess all in my driveway and yard . I would not recommend this company to anyone.

Joey Watson

Not a good experience at all. I paid the for the fence upfront and they told me it was going to be 1-2 weeks before they start on it. It took a month and half. The communication with this company is a F-. It was like pulling teeth to get anyone from the office to call me back and get info on anything! When they did put up fence it looked pretty good . They forgot Panels and it took a extra few days to even get that and when you think they couldn't make anymore mistakes they put the wrong caps on fence ! I'm still waiting on them to put the right ones on ! So I don't advise to go with this company. I gave them a fair chance and time to communicate and put up fence and it has been plain awful considering the money I spent. I should have Been a first priority on there customer list and i felt like i got the run Around like 100 times. If you want to wait a year and never get a call back. Go with this company.


I had a fence installed last year, after it was installed my neighbor and I were looking at the property line, Athens Fence Company installed my fence a foot and a half off of my property line. I called Jim he said he would return my call but never heard back from him, if you get any work done with these people make sure you are there to supervise the job if you want it done correctly! I also referred Athens to a friend before I found out about my problem, the person I referred said he had problems with the company as well, I would not recommend Athens Fence to anybody else. Poor workmanship. I had to also redo the double fence doors myself. A total waste of money!

Katerina Hale

My parents had used Athens Fence Company last summer to build a deck around their pool and a handicap accessible ramp for their house. Athens Fence had done such a great job for them, that when we decided to put up a privacy fence this year we called them. The salesman showed up early for the appointment, was professional about doing the measurements and then said he would get back to me in a couple days with the price. He called me that same day with the price! Awesome service. The crew made their appointment to get started on a Thursday morning, showed up on time and got to work. They were fast, efficient and professional about it. No trash or dangerous materials were left laying around unattended, which is important because we have a 16 month old, and three dogs. They came back on Friday and finished the job. We now have a GORGEOUS 6 foot privacy fence around a large part of our property that our children and dogs love.

allison nichols

Nathan Venegas

Needless to say, I was hesitant to go with thes guys with all the bad reviews. I called a good contractor friend who might know why I should or shouldn’t go with them. They gave me the best quote around and said they could have it done a week later after giving them a deposit. The manager was responsive, mostly over text, which I prefer. They knew we needed it done fairly quickly. There was a small delay due to some family illness on install day and some other extenuating circumstances delaying it into the middle of the following week, which I let go. They promised it would be done by that next Friday. And even though the installer indicated on the first day of installation that he had another job he needed to complete and the gates hadn’t come in yet either and that it would be another week before he could finish, the job was done at the end of the very next day, which made us very happy. Not just that we had our fence done, probably for less if I had ordered the parts and done it myself, and surely in less time, but that Athens Fence had stuck to their word of getting it done when they said they would. Thanks Athens Fence. There may be some very unhappy customers with bad reviews, but we’re not one of them. Looks to me like Athens Fence is doing whatever they need to do to keep doing good, honest and hard work for those around them. Keep hustling, sticking to your word, and helping people get what they need in a great fence for their home at competitive prices. You’ll be fine.

Robert Pastuszka

Friendly staff and great prices. They really helped us out when we were in a jam. Will definitely be using them again.

Beth C

DO NOT USE THEM! Believe every bad review!!! Liars. They sold us a fence they knew wouldn't keep our dogs in. Had an ex-employee working at our house and said person stole from them and us. There is non-coated hardware that was spray painted black and tension wire that is literally laying on the ground. We have called multiple times about getting our fence replaced/fixed and no one will return our calls. DO NOT USE THEM!

Tammy White

I can not say enough about how glad I am I found this company. Danny Tucker, who did the initial survery, listened to what we wanted and assisted us with a plan. The men that came to my house, Robert Bush and Kenny Calvert, were very professional, courteous and very detail oriented. We had issues with an area of unlevel ground and a gate and they made suggestions that worked around those issues and actually worked out better! They tied into an existing fence very cleanly. Now my granchildren (ages 7,5,and 2 1/2) can go into the yard and play without Mamaw worrying about them getting into the road. I will be proud to tell anyone where my fence came from and if anyone needs a fence you should definitely use this company!

Sarah Gossett

It was an okay fence but good luck trying to get them to come out for any repairs to them 2 weeks just to replace 2 cracked boards. What's worse is the cracked boards were put up cracked, they were a no call no show for our assessment of property, the guys who put the fence up left a huge mess of dirt which now (4 months later) is nothing but mud in my whole backyard!

Research Assistant

Do NOT, under any circumstances, use this company. Believe the negative reviews. They do not lie. And the good reviews must be friends and family of the owners. Did a poor installation. Boards on the privacy fence warping and cracking and need replacement and the fence is a month or so old. Metal fencing loose at bottom between posts and not secured to the ground, as was discussed and part of the agreement, so it does do the job it was intended for - to keep pets inside the fence. Company rep was even taken to the neighbor's fence to show how it needed to be secured at the bottom so as to keep pets in and agreed to provide that before the contract was ever written and money tendered. Phone calls by Athens Fence regularly go unreturned. Promises to come, not kept. Owner's voice mail box full and can take no more messages. Finally spoke with owner and he was cursing, rude, ugly and threatened to sue if a bad review is tendered online. Extremely unprofessional. If the matter is not resolved by the end of next week, legal action will be sought against this company and complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau and other entities. PLEASE do NOT use this company. If you do you will most likely regret it.

Bradley Long

The events are awesome. The night Scarecrow Trail with the family was pretty cool. Great place to visit. Can't wait till Galaxy Of Lights


Absolutely pathetic. Unqualified office staff and installers. Took 3 months when they told me 2-3 weeks. These guys are very unprofessional and do not respond to message. A waste of time!

Trisha Pihringer

They stood me up twice for a quote. I will take my business elsewhere. Thanks, but no thanks!

Randy White

Just had Athens Fence Company come out and started our new fence in the back yard. They were very professional and friendly. I like these guys and know I will be satisfied with there work. They went above and beyond what they were suppose to do. I highly recommended them, they gave me a great price quote. Thanks guys!!!

Clay Thomas

Overall, fence looks good. Paid extra for metal bracing and wheels on 12 foot gate and the wheels were not installed correctly. Also, less than 200 foot of fence took 4 weeks.

John Hand

Excellent work!!!

Charles Liggett

Athens Fence is by far the best fence company in Athens. They really take pride in their work and it shows. They are honest and professional. I highly recommend them to anyone!

Staci Doss

Very unprofessional to work with. We haven’t even had our $5K fence a full calendar year and the boards are already separating, the main fence door was installed poorly so it is VERY difficult to open, we call to report and we were told they would be in touch, it’s been over a MONTH! Look elsewhere!

Sharon Geiger

They measured & marked prior to installation & when I went outside to check progress on installation day, they had set the fence posts incorrectly, on one side of my property almost 4 feet in. I called & the man came out & admitted that he had made a mistake when giving information to the installer. He said that normally he comes out the night before to verify with the owners & had been too busy. He then tried to convince me that is was no big deal & that I should just let them put the fence where the posts were already set! Talked about how much time & money it would cost to move them. I told him that I was not going to lose 4 feet of my yard for his mistake & that I was not going to pay anything extra because it was not my mistake. He went over to the installer & I heard him trying to bully the man into moving the fence posts without paying more than they had agreed on. I went over & said that the mistake was not mine & not the installers either. The Athens fence rep was angry with me & said "well then they'll take it out of my commission & I won't be making anything on this job!". I told him that I was sorry about that, but that wasn't my problem or the installers. Then the gate that was ordered took weeks to come in & after many calls, a different installer came out & did the work. The gate was metal & installed at the edge of a driveway. It was a terrible looking mess. The gate functions correctly but it looks very unprofessionally installed. Very very poor customer service!! I would not recommend to anyone.

Gavin Mesner

Athens Fence is doing another job for us. Great group of folks. Great work and fair prices.

willy woodard

I thank the people that run the company are very well mannered do i g it's awesome guy he works with anybody and any type of situation he's very down-to-earth and understanding they know what type of fence or anything that you would like to do custom they can build it custom or standard or chain link or final they can do it all


Ray Roland

Great bunch of people only if they would have cleaned up

David Knight

Very unprofessional. Matt has no business being involved with customers. He is about as professional as a 12 year old and is extremely dishonest. Work done was done very well but headaches involved with front desk and management are not worth it. Go with someone else.

Tim Gee

Great company willing to meet all your fencing needs.. big or small no problem at all.

John Cole

Sam Gossett

We like their pizza. We have grandkids that are gluten free and they enjoy the pizza. Also, they were very friendly.

Chad Wood

Working with Jason Gee and the crew foreman O’Neal Gatlin was a great experience. We had a very large, 140’ fence installed and it was completed on-time and of high quality. I inspected the fence throughout the process, and the work performed is highly recommended. Everybody was great to work with and Mr Gatlin listened to my requests and made changes where applicable, with great customer service. Above and beyond.

Nason Snow

Had special fence components that the big home repair stores could not provide...

Woodard Family

Family owed and operated.. There fence work is great and there willing to go the extra mile to make u happy. Wood fence and alumni panel

Jacob Guerin

Extremely unprofessional and unreliable. Athens Fence does not value customors nor do they respect their commitments. The only reliable and helpful person I dealt with at this company is the kind lady who answers the phone. After numerous phone calls to the scheduling manager and sales representative, it took a month and a half to get an install date. However, a crew failed to show up for two weeks after the installation date to begin the work. When the installation finally began, work was stopped for almost a week because specs to build the gates were never turned in. Again, it took five days of the crew failing to show up again to get the fence completed.

Rhonda Wilbourn


Short version is they forgot to put me on the schedule even after calling back a second time. Then when they did schedule an appointment they where late showing up because one of the crew could make it to work on time. I told them I would find somebody else to do the work. You should too if you need fence work done.

Bobby Jordan

lindsey gravley

I call and scheduled and an appointment for an estimated. I have yet to have anyone call or show up to look at my yard. I was not able to get anything done because I spent the whole day waiting for someone to show. Incredibly unprofessional. I will be taking my business elsewhere.


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