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REVIEWS OF Target IN South Dakota

Jane Lewton

Danielle Lucas

viperf50 .

Peggy Severson

Fast & Friendly service

Colleen Sperlich

Jennifer Frank

Love this store and great prices! Plus you get rewarded for shopping there such as Target gift cards for purchasing certain items.

lpinfinity .

Jake J

Good Customer service and good prices.

Wendy lee Truxton

Friendly. Clean. Decent sales. Prices a little higher than retail stores. Overall, nice place to shop.

Travis Brink

Brett Opsal

Charlie Senn

Steve Helgeland


Stacey Sundstrom

I can get most everything I need, and sometimes more!

Kory Knopp

Nice clean Target. Friendly, helpful staff.


Jordan Frey

Joshua Gardner

Well, its a Target. If you've been to one you should know what to expect. Clean and well organized.

Lucas Humbracht

It is close to Scheeles!

Jory Andre

Angie Young

Always clean and organized

Helios Dharak SennkohCoola

I went to Target to buy the Fate of the Furious DVD That didn't have at Walmart.

Justin Smith

John Williams

An older lady at customer service was so rude, didn’t even smile or ask how we were once I know we had no receipt but have returned stuff with out one before was not please with her at all.

Ashley Walton

CVS pharmacy in Target is awesome! The entire staff is so friendly and helpful!

Holly Lindsay

Sara Dunnihoo

Great selection of grocery items

Gabrielle Leanhart

Terrible experience with the manager Penny. She was so rude about having trouble with a gift card I had received by spending over $50 online. She kept telling me it didn’t worn in store and she was going to try the numbers on the email it gave me. Instead of helping me she kept walking away. She froze my order and was letting other people check out (which is fine, while I was figuring it out.) so finally I’m able to get the barcode to load on my phone and she won’t even look at me so I could get her attention so she could show the cashier how to unfreeze my purchase. Then while I was waiting a lady was trying to buy a sweater marks as $8.00 and it keeps ringing up at $13.00 and the manager just said “nope that’s not the price.” And walked away without even going to price check for the lady. Obviously ridiculous. As I was trying to show her proof of getting a gift card she kept acting like I was unimportant and annoying because I needed help as a customer. I use to love target! Usually I go to self check out but today it was full so I went in a actually line and I’m in completely disbelief that one of my favorite stores has such a snot nose attitude. I will not be shopping at target any longer.

Scott Lockwood

Clean, well organized store with exciting products for sale.

franchesca lucas

Julia Sullivan

Devy Clausen

Love target

April Tordsen

I ordered off the wedding registry with the pick up date and city coordinated for the wedding (it was out of state). On the day to pick up, they were not able to give me my purchase (which was sitting on the counter behind them) because their system was not working. This was time sensitive, with the wedding the next day (which is why I ordered for pick up). They took my name and number down, stating they would call when the system was again working. I never received a call back, drove back the following morning and was able to pick up the item. Very frustrating and inconvenient.

Lynn Praetorius

Mallori Brennan

Great selection

Cheryl Schmaltz

Fast courteous service

Elwyn Garaza

Wish everything was as easy as online Target shopping.

Candac Simonson

Erin Wilson

Nerd Dad .

Way better than walmart


Jesse Sanchez

I came in looking for a hair product that they had not heard of. I ask one attendant and he ask another for me. In minutes they had 4 of their team helping me find it. They did not have the product but the customer service was amazing. I wish I caught all their names but one I do remember was Amanda. So thanks Amanda!

Dougnstacie Kindle

I ordered some really cute skull lip balms online to be picked up. Within minutes I received an email that they were ready! When I picked them up the next evening, I only waited a couple minutes. Great job Target!

Shelley Olson

Great selection friendly service

Robert Oates

Worst target experience ever. Customer service employee who knows nothing about customer service and manager who stands by not doing anything about it. When in Rapid City avoid if you want customer service.

Fox E.

Target style for the win! I love the deals and good quality merchandise here. As far as Targets go, this one is very typical and as expected. Nothing really stands out as good or bad. The employees are youthful and mostly in good spirits which translates into a good shopping experience for all their customers. I did capture this candid picture of a mannequin in transit that made my day.

Curtis CC

Adam Bauerle

Matt L

Shannon McKay

I wish there were SuperTargets in the area, but this is a very well stocked store and team members are courteous and helpful. Offered other suggestions for what I was looking for the kids.

Cameron Parette

I like that the store is always well kept with things in stock and in the correct location. Staff is always very friendly and professional. The selection is good, while not as large as Walmart the staff and overall ease of navigation keep me going here. Prices seem to be great and they do pricematch other branch stores. The store pickup option on the website also works great. My only gripe would be to please stop pushing the target red card so hard. There is a specific checker I even avoid because of this.

Maricela Gallegos

Needed those items

Kory I

Bought an americano (Starbucks) fast made perfectly thanks again!

cheyenne redwing

I like shopping here because of the good Mercedes. But always the staff is always terribly rude and are not helpful at all and just this recent time makes me not want to shop here anymore


First off, Market Pantry and Simply Balanced (the Target Brand Groceries) are better than the name brand products I usually buy. I've shopped at many grocery stores in my life and Target's prices are the best. You can not beat the deal. Plus, their employees are always around and willing to help. I recommend Target everywhere I go.

360 Tours

I have always loved target. Their prices are pretty much the same as Walmart (maybe a hair more!) But the quality difference is HUGE! They always have what I need in stock and the staff is always friendly and helpful. I highly recommend target over walmart

Mary Renka

Ease of shopping, variety of choices

James Halterman

Shailabh Rauniyar

Great place to go when you want to save some time and do the groceries as well as clothing shopping together. The best part is that they have genuinely priced stuff unlike most of the places where they put higher price tags and then give you discounts based on sales schemes. We like buying jeans here and they do have clearance with some cool collections. Enjoy!

Gustavo Rueda

Tess M

Makinzie Pierce

Mya Simon

It is an over all enjoyable store and you can get pretty much everything you need at the store

Greg Schroeder

Loved it

Carson Olson

Michelle Macrander

I love target always happy with my service and shopping

Dan Fisher

Christine Gingras

Golda Galyen

Fast and very friendly people.was there to help with all needs,well taken care of.

Kara Azevedo

Great selection and prices, excellent customer service, friendly and helpful employees

Jaime Wiechmann

Adrian Watrous

Heath Hitzel

Bryan Auxier

Gloria Whites

Great cs. Great selection. Great prices

l sherrie

Extensive selection of clothing in all sizes. Weird try on policy stating accessories can't be brought to the dressung room, ie, a scarf??? Hard to get an idea of a complete outfit without it. Dressing room attendant wouldn't accommodate and insisted I go to the floor mirror. I'm from out of town. Never saw this before. Cashier was polite.

D. G.

I love Target. It is by far my most favorite place to shop.

Jerod Call

Ben LeBrun

Sean Carr

Jessica Raney

Kimberly Seagraves

It's a target

Tiffany Hoff

Customer Service isn’t the greatest..

Miranda Heinrich

If your a coupon user or rich this store is for you. If not it is a bit pricey. Customer service is always great and willing to help.

S. Rule

Prescott Witte

James Hunt

I like the layout of the store and the prices are good. They have a good selection of clothing and household goods.

Duane Langenfeld

No reasons to dislike anything here. Clean. Good staff. Whenever I need something that I go there for, I usually find it.

Grace Gilley

How quickly my things were ready after I ordered them.

Jovonna Lawrence

Clean bathrooms and store. I like the Starbucks in it (yummy) and cup holders on cart. Very friendly cashier. Went out of her way to get us discount (coupon) on clothes which we didn't know about. My daughter's were in heaven with the Jo Jo Siwa clothes and mine craft stuff. I liked the way the grocery side was set up and how clean it was.

caitlin hollearn

shi press

Who doesn't love target?! I go here every week to buy diapers and I get a gift card for it every time ❤

Patty Battista

Fast and friendly service

NaTasha Bordeaux

I was offended and embarrassed when i went to this target because i am native american the workers followed me around i was going toward starbucks to get a drink and finish my shopping and a worker ran toward me literally shoutn askn me if i had a receipt i was so embarrassed i told the worker he offended me and he just rudely said ya i dont i grabbed my daughter and left and i kno it was because of my color because right before i was going to starbucks a white girl and her baby was going there ahead of me and he didnt say anything to her so ya maybe u all think its a good store just not for us brown ones...

jeff krone

M&M Mommy & Mikayla

I love shopping at Target, its always so clean and bright and they always have such unique items.

Leif Stephens

Had what we were looking for

teresa bechard

I always find new and interesting things there. Staff is friendly

Roxanne Evans

A store associate named, Mercedes, went out of her way to help me out. Especially during the last minute Christmas Eve rush. Loved the personalized touch from a box store.

Adelyne Elk Boy

I love the store and their products.. But I really don't appreciate being followed once I walk in the door..I have money to spend but I will not be harassed at every section I look.. I left the store immediately. Is it because I'm native? Is it racism? Very upset

Corycaswell12 .

Tessa Mitchell

I love target

Haz3 -

Jeff Christenson

Great products

Anna Woehler

I received a blender for a wedding shower present, it wasn’t the one i had registered for so I went to return it and get the one I had wanted. The customer service employee made a huge deal out of the fact that I didn’t have a receipt and the gift card that she put the return amount on didn’t work and the numbers didn’t match the receipt she gave me.

Madeline Wilber

Rhoda Burrows

I've always loved the clean open ambience of Target, and have started to buy more groceries there than Safeway, who makes an obstacle course out of all their aisles with cheap annoying display units. Recently I have been extremely disappointed to go to Target and find they are starting to clog their nice clean aisles with ugly displays also. Guess I might as well go to Wal-Mart if they are going to start making the shopping experience unpleasant.

Lacey Jost

Carlo Emanuele Barbi

Normaly I like Target, have been to many across the states, but this one was simply the worst. We waited for 15 minutes at the express cashier lane because the person at the register had problems with a credit card from a lady. Instead of telling us to go to another lane, nothing happened. We waited and waited. Then we decided to leave and we left our cart with three items in it there. This was definitely not customer friendly!

Tians Xu

Brenda Ball

I couldn't believe how quickly I received a text saying my order was ready for pickup. Literally within minutes of submitting my order I received the text. My granddaughter went with me to get it and she was amazed that Target even offered such a service, of course she is only 18 years ol, but shops at Target often and can't wait to place her online orderfor pickup.

Dona Winger

The store is always clean, the merchandise is quality, and the people are helpful. On my last visit, the checkout lady even told me about a coupon on my Cartwheel app that I didn't even know about. She saved me an additional $18!


Jennifer Rossum

Target always is welcoming and informative.


Ted S

Target stores are always the same, cheap stuff made in China for a price more than it should be. This one is almost as bad a Wal-Mart

Brenda Bump

Ken Hutchinson

Lacey Keith

Tech guys in cell phone department were unprofessional. Trac phone was stocked in wrong spot and one guy said they would price match. However after waiting in forever to have someone come back to talk to us all they said was we can't price match this anymore. Very unprofessional the way thesituation was handled

Resolute Blood

Nicer than the super target in Westminster Colorado

raiann covert


People were very friendly & professional.

Rebecca Blomberg

Signage is inaccurate- I purchased many items that were on clearache racks and the brands were labelled clearance, but they would not honor them or double check to make sure of the price.

Rob Erickson

Just like Target. Would like to be able order all grocery items to pick up. The only down side is there is no grocery enterance. Otherwise great layout and easy shopping.

Nic Martinez

Alissa Dyer

I love target but the sales associate we delt with named Will was very rude about something as simple as asking about a price on an item. No reason what so ever to come off so rude.

Steve Vedder

Online the website said you had a sled in stock. I drove into town to purchase the item around 4pm at the isle it said it was located at. Could not find the sled. I walked throughout the toy department and the electronics department twice to try and find an employee to help me. I couldn’t find ANY employees to help.

Nader Hanna

Enjoyed having coffee at Target/Starbucks

Sky Coronado

Friendly staff

pwncicle .

The staff was fine and friendly but when I went there with a problem I got the management and they were very infuriating to talk to and they had a superiority like they were better than me so don't shop here

Paul Ternahan

You can always find what you need, the store is will stocked and spotless!

Troy Windhorst

Just like all other Target stores. With that said, I love most of them and my few visits to this location (on a visit to Rapid City) did not disappoint. This is a good looking Target store with a modern or contemporary exterior. This location will always get a bonus point, IMO, because it is currently the only Target in town.

Ken Smith

Very easy to order from my home, then pick up later in the day, after work.

Cassandra Anderson

We were shopping for Black Friday and we had waited in line for over 2 hours. We got our tv we wanted but the card we were using wasn’t working for some reason, so the new cashier lady called over the manager (not sure what her name was) to help. This woman was the rudest person I have ever encountered while Black Friday shopping. I understand its hectic but my goodness you have to remember to respect your customers. This woman ripped the cart out of my hands and pushed the cart in the back and said “they don’t get it”. So we asked the customer service lady if we could try again or use a different card. She was such a sweetheart and did everything she could to help us. Her name was Kristy. We ended up getting a target card cause our cards had a flag on them from a trip we took the week before.

Chas Frizzell

The cashier was very unfriendly. I understand providing prompt service, but your team members need to have a pleasant personality when providing this service.

Calcorax Productions

Because it beats the hell out of walmart.

Red Rhoden

Better than Wal Mart at least.

Shayla Smejkal

I live out of state and I had an encounter with a very rude cashier at this target today. She never acknowledged me when I came up. She had a snobbish look on her face as she rang up my items. Then she told me the total, and handed me my change. After, she never said thank you or anything. Instead, she immediately turned around and started chatting with some other cashiers. Normally a cashier will say hello, and sometimes ask you how your day is. Then they'll thank you for coming and tell you to have a good rest of your day. This one didnt do any of that. Maybe she was grumpy but she seemed happy talking to her friends. "Jackie M" maybe should have a position where she doesn't have to interact with customers. Seems like this job just isn't her thing.


Kelly Harris

Always a great shopping experience,

Annette St.Denis

Joshua Fletcher

Susan Hudgens

I picked out the item I wished to order, received an email within two hours as directed (since the item I had chosen was already in the store), and I walked in, picked it up after showing my ID, and was walking out of the store within three minutes. It took me longer to park than the entire transaction in the store. Amazing!

Miles Oberstadt

Great place to buy forgotten items on a trip across the US.

Lori Martin

jeff y

What a great place to shop.

Little Cinder Girl


Ladonna Mielke

Quick shopping... as long as you don't get distracted by the other goods!

Dave Rink

I LOVE Target. I wish there was one in my town. PLEASE Come to Spearfish

Chardinai DuVall

C Becket

Trying to grocery shop at this location is really disappointing. They have an OK selection of stuff, not great but it will do. However, the shelves in the freezer section are almost always half empty. Products are constantly out of stock and this makes the smaller selection available even more evident. Please discuss with your grocery department and encourage them to be more proactive on stock/inventory ordering. Thank you!!!

Cody Baird

Zoe Smith

Staff at service desk must be having a bad day, it was only 1pm and Jackie is rude to begin with. No smile cranky like a robot . I have to return an extra box of chocolate (brand new) that's only 5 dollar. She told me that she has to throw them away. blaming that i' am wasting food. Keep her comment to herself and don't blame the customer for returning a box of chocolate. Not intentionally trying to waste food but how Target handle the return , I got no interest to know. If i'm returning 20 boxes of brand new chocolates, she can say that, but only 1 box ? seriously ?? Just plain RUDE !

Laura Neugebauer

Justin Richmond

Donna Ellingson-Mack

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