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REVIEWS OF University PC Care IN North Carolina

Paul Faulkner

Professional level service. Informative friendly staff. Thanks

Juan Franco

Great service and fast shipping. Thanks kody for the help.

Robert Bridgers

I was very pleased with the service at University PC Care. They were all very friendly and helpful. They got my computer ready for use again and did a very nice and quick job. Also, they are AFFORDABLE. Thanks a lot, Robert

Penny Holland

Excellent service! Fast! Friendly! Efficient!!!

David Jones

Kevin Stewart

From the time I first called them until I had all my issues worked out with my Macbook Pro, they gave top quality service. Charlie, Elijah and Jesse were awesome. Thanks so much for your hard work and excellent customer service. I would recommend using University PC without any hesitation!!!

ber enright

have a mac. hard drive fried. instead of having me buy their hard drive, they sent me to cheaper. honest as the day is long.

Cathy Ange

My son dropped his IPhone and I carried It to PC Care yesterday to see if it could be repaired. I was very impressed with the service I got. They fixed it in less than an hour and were able to get it covered under warranty. I had a great experience and would certainly use them again!!

Human From Earth

Miranda Williams

Juan Zenil

Albert Raymond


Jamie Mason

Dropped off my Laptop for repair and the team there was great. Kept me informed of what was going on. Made sure all my questions were answered. Great job. Would come here again for sure!

Andrea Wheatley

Great service, quick turnaround time, very professional and very helpful!

John Vanst

This place is awesome. These guys are great! I’m so glad I didn’t have to wait in line for 6 hours at Crabtree. Very nice and respectful. I hope these guys become millionaires! They deserve it.

Marcellus Teel

Prompt and polite services. Thanks Jesse, You're the best.

Nancy Aycock

Great assistance today. Interaction was professional and friendly. Solution reached in less than 10 minutes remotely.

Shahnawaz Shaikh

Hal Manning

Five stars. Excellent customer service and help from Logan.

Paul Rivot

These guys narrowed down the problem and got my computer back up and running in no time.

Steve Kotrch

Competent, helpful, quick, totally professional

Tinsley Yarbrough

Excellent service! Fast turnaround!

Yo Adriennie

I managed to crack the screen of my brand new Mac book pro within a month of having it! Thank God for apple care plus and University PC Care. They fixed my laptop in 24 hours! Superb service! Highly recommended!

Ashelynne Fisher

Excellent Customer Service!!! Much Better than the Apple Store at Crabtree Valley Mall. I am thankful to have this service in Greenville!!! I was not aware that we had an authorized Apple Service Center or I could have saved myself a trip to Raleigh!!!

Stephan Cherry

Great place for tech support. Lovey ambiance with an awesome staff. Kody knows the ins and outs for your phone. Great service!


At the recommendation of Apple, I took my iPhone 7 to University PC Care for a battery change after an incident of overheating and stalling of function. The online process for an appointment was doable although convoluted for all the checkboxes and dropdowns involved. Once there, I did opt to proceed. It was explained when *something* goes wrong, it sometimes portents another problem is occuring. After the new battery was installed, my phone again "froze". Having Apple Care, a new replacement was ordered and arrived the next day. Michael was informative, kind and most helpful as I wended through this process. I also noticed they provide other services, including senior computer support for the non-technologically inclined and have accessories worthy of considering. University PC Care saved me a 3'ish hour trip to Raleigh and was quick, efficient and got what needed to be accomplished, done. Thanks for being there in nearby New Bern University PC Care! I HOPE not to return, but am glad you are there if I must!


*So disappointed.* They need to completely drop the "PC" & "Care" from their name & change it to "Apple Repair Greenville". When University PC Care was a young company they were more than awesome. Every issue I had was always taken care of super fast & Ashton was the expert at it all. I spread the word to everyone who would listen to send them to Ashton for all their PC needs. Even as they grew & got busier, their work was fantastic & you could always pay the "rush fee" if it was a true emergency. ( Like a work laptop) Then they became "Apple certified" and everything changed for the worse. I was genuinely happy for them that they were the only Apple Certified repair shop East of Raleigh! I spread the word on that as well. But honestly, Apple repairs have moved to the TOP of their priority list and now consume all their time. Any other product you bring in seems to be treated as the "step-child" if you know what I mean. It used to be that when you came into the shop, you got to talk to the actual guy that would be working on your computer...but no more. Not only do you never see his face, but they won't even call you back when requested. When I recently brought in my PC laptop I use for work, I was told they didn't have the part they believed it may be, but could order it. BUT...they were so busy it would take a week before they could look at it. So I asked if I paid a rush fee how long would it be? Still 5 days to order the suspected part, but mine would be given priority & could be repaired within 1 day of getting the part. If it turned out that the laptop motherboard was damaged, then they could let me know & I could decide to have them transfer the files from it to a new device if I wanted. Could be done in 1 day. So I said to proceed. That was 1 week + 1 day ago & I still don't have my laptop. After I got a call that the motherboard was the issue I brought them a brand new laptop to transfer my files to. TWO whole days phone call to me with any problems...I stopped by in person to see what was up. This is what I was told; 1. The repair was "in progress" and thats all they knew because THEY weren't the one working on it. - I politely said it had been 2 whole days since the started transferring my files, it was my work laptop, I was leaving the next day to go out of town & had to have it with me, PLUS I had paid a rush fee, so what was that for? - Answer - The rush fee moved me to the front of the line of 25 computers so they could order the part. (what???) Plus...I was told it was taking longer because they didn't have enough equipment to transfer files and had to wait until one opened up to use for my laptop. ???They don't have enough equipment?? 2.. When I said I had not received any call with a status on the progress (as I was told would happen) & since THEY weren't the one working on it, could I speak to the one who was? -Answer- he's at lunch. Me: When will he be back? Him: I don't know when he left, but we usually don't take more than an hour for lunch, so I'd say in an hour. Me: Can I ask you to please have him call me when he returns? Will you please include in the message that I'm leaving tomorrow and need to take it with me? Him: I'll tell him you came by to check on it. Me: Are you going to make him aware that I need it tomorrow? Him: I'll tell him you came by. *Sigh* I just left before I acted ugly. It's sad to me that I no longer would recommend this place to people after this experience. But I honestly don't think they give 2 shakes about this customers frustration with being without my work files for over a week. P.S. my bill so far for an unfixable laptop... $200.

Polly Piland

In the 14 years of working with Ashton James on my office computers, I have been very pleased with the support I get from him. Knowing that he is an Apple Authorized Dealer gives me additional confidence in that he is factory-trained and certified by Apple. In layman's term, I have never had a problem that he was not able to fix! And the service is prompt and dependable. I highly recommend this company!

Michael O'Brien

I accidentally spilled soda on my kitchen table and it seeped into my laptop and shorted out the motherboard. University PC was very helpful and supportive. Although I lost all data; they tried to recover my HD data and kept me informed. I highly recommend them for you PC needs.

Agnes Powell

The rep was very understanding and gave good advice about my computer that had been stolen. Without any problem, he moved my contract onto our family computer, downloaded the appropriate software and scanned our desktop remotely. He was considerate about the use of my time as the downloads and scans took some time. I appreciate very much the confidence this group inspires.

TJ Sawyer

Ashton and Brad and the entire University PC Care team have gone over and beyond my expectations with all their work at our new business, AirU. We have used University PC Care for ECCATS for years and they have always done top notch work. We love working with these guys because they put customer service before anything else. Jamie and I highly recommend University PC Care to anyone needing computer repairs to complete networking set up for new or existing businesses. Thank you University PC Care team for making my life easier with our new business venture. TJ Sawyer

Christine Brady

The staff is polite, patient, knowledgeable, efficient, and I knew what was happening every step of the way. I love these guys.

Hannah Woodall

I was appalled by the service at University PC Care. I took my laptop in to get fixed and it was there for 2 weeks. The USB ports were not able to charge my phone and I explained that I had run tests and done resets. I did not receive a single email or call. I called to ask if it had been worked on and I was told it had been "fixed" 2 weeks ago. The employee who answered my call said they had run everything out of my USB ports and that had been no issue. They did not fix the charging issue I have with the ports. They did not solve my problem and I had to send my laptop off to Apple instead. I am truly disappointed since this is a certified Apple Repair Store. I will not be taking my future electronics here.

Estral Tarot

They did a great job and a quick repair for my device. Very impressed by their professionalism and level of care they took on the repair.

Svetlana Amirova

The data transfer order from MAC to PC format on external hard drives has been performed with errors and incomplete already two times on the same device

Raven Harris

Bad service, my phone price changed after it was in the store the whole weekend, cracked and broke my phone more than it was already broken and cracked when I gave it to them, did nothing but messed my phone up worse!


Bad battery from Apple - totally not their fault. They were wonderful and did everything they could to make it right!

Brenda Brown

The one area that I would recommend improvement on is someone needs to be upfront to acknowledge customers coming in. People skills and excellent customer service would increase your business. I personally saw a man come in and was not acknowledged and left. I wonder how many people do this. Possibly lots of business walking out the door.

William DeLeo

As usual, my old puter acts up with ads and script messages crashing onto my screen slowing down everything causing me to shut down and reboot...I run to U PC Care and they fix the problem and send me on my way...We are so blessed to have such a conscientious group of young techies here helping us in this day and age...Thank you Bree and staff for all you do for us. God bless. Doc

Nik Kei

They fixed my iphone camera. Freindly service and quick repair time. Highly recommeded.


I really am impressed with the service that’s been provided even the polite customer service i want to thank PC CARE for the online site keeping me up to date on my status of repair and fixing my phone !

Ja-Fana Harris

These guys helped me out so much!! Very nice and knowledgeable. I spilled water in my Macbook and needed a fast repair. They helped me do what needed to be done to have best chances of saving all of my data!! I definitely recommend them!

Miranda Hartley

Claire Grossnickle

My computer was hacked and I allowed myself to be scammed unintentionally. Alston not only checked out the computer but he fixed other problems. He left me with several fixed problems but most importantly for me, he left me with peace of mind. Thank you!

Peter Geiger

They shared potential low cost solutions to my problem (which unfortunately did not work, but were appreciated) before making an expensive repair.

Takia Walton

This was my second visit to this location. First and foremost, it was so convenient. Not having to travel to the Apple store in Raleigh was a huge relief. They called immediately to inform me about the problem with my MacBook and repaired it in a timely manner. They were extremely cost efficient. I definitely would recommend this company to anyone having trouble with their products.

John Crosby

Frank Thurber

I break, they fix... Took a 2012 Mac Mini and gave it a few more years of life with an SSD for a reasonable price and time. If they had not opened a shop in New Bern, still would have gone Greenvile.

Steven Mueller

I saw this place had a 5 star rating on google - I had trouble believing it. However, the rating is more than earned, thank you for saving my computer! I have never had a computer repaired before - I'm generally untrusting of repair services as my perception is the cost of a repair is going to lean toward the cost of a new product Anyway, my laptop died. I took it to BestBuy as I know they are a trusting company. They recommended I go here instead to fix my Apple product. University PC Care offered exceptional customer service, were very clear and open about potential outcomes, and were able to repair my laptop at a great rate (and within 24 hours - which included them ordering a part to fix my laptop- , too!). Thank you University PC Care!! 5 stars!

Dennis Tracz

As is my usual experience my repair was ready on time and everything works well! Thank you again for the great service you provide!

Marianne Ferrell

Tommy Sensenig

Kevin McCarthy

Wow. Actually, I should say W-O-W! Not only did the crew at University PC Care fix my MacBook to my complete satisfaction, but also they did it in under an hour while I waited. I really appreciate Elijah and the rest of the University PC Care crew for going the extra mile - I live almost two hours away so they made sure that they had the correct part waiting for me and I only had to make one trip. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone in the market for PC repair. Thanks University PC for getting me back in business in no time flat!


The employees were exceptionally friendly and helpful and worked hard to ensure the issue with my laptop was fixed to my satisfaction. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing service on their given devices.

Denise Toler

University PC Is awesome. My daughter lives on the Pacific coast and found them for me local. The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable and willing to help people like me with limited technology skills. Thank you very much for all your help.

Tessla Koch

My phone had to be sent to apple for repair. University PC care called me about a week later and said it was ready to be picked up. I’m not tech savvy and I really only know the basics with my phone, the staff stayed with me past closing time to make sure my phone was restored back to how I left it with them, they were very knowledgeable and open to help with any of my questions! Thanks again to them for making this process easier for me!

Trista Spencer

Thought the charger port on my iPhone wasn't working anymore and that I was going to be spending big bucks but all along there was just a ton of dust that had accumulated in my phone charger port. The dust was cleaned out and I was out the door in no time, and the cost was a handshake. This is the first place I would recommend to anyone looking to get a piece of tech worked on, have never been so satisfied leaving a tech repair business before. - Josh Brown

Jacob Russell

Helpful staff

Todd Torres

One of the downsides of living in a small town like Greenville is that we do not have an Apple Store. Repairs are never quite to the level of an official Apple Store, when you are forced to use a third party such as University PC Repair. Made an appointment to have the rear glass of my iPhone 8 replaced under Apple Care Plus warranty. University PC Repair advised me, when I arrived for my appointment, that they only replace front screens and not the rear glass. This information is not noted on their website nor was a call or email sent prior to my scheduled appointment. One more reason to travel to Raleigh, Cary or Wilmington for the weekend.

Larry Rhodes

aliyah tutton

Kody helped me out tremendously !!! I came in to get my screen fixed which I thought was unfixable , he fixed it with no problem . Great customer service !!

Cameron Isles

I usually read reviews and just assume that the person who writes a bad review is just that one person who had a bad experience and couldnt get over it. This is the first review I have ever posted for a business by the way, but I couldn’t let this slide. I’m a nursing student and I need my computer every single day for studying powerpoints, typing notes in class etc. I dropped my computer off on Saturday, August 25th and was told that from what the issue sounded like, it should take 5-6 days for me to get it back, which was bad enough, but I understood that Saturdays are probably more for just drop-offs and that more than likely, no actual work is performed until Monday. After a full week, I called them since of course I had never recieved a call or email, and was told that the operating system needed to be reloaded onto the computer and it would probably be done by the beginning of the following week, if I wanted them to do that so I said “Of course, please just call me or leave me a message so I can come get it ASAP”. Another FULL week had gone by, so I called again and they told me that it was almost done, this honestly gave me a good feeling that they probably had not started yet because there is absolutely NO WAY that it should ever take that long to remove and reload the operating system onto a macbook. Today, Monday, September 10th, I went by there and asked if it was ready, and was told no not yet, I left and went to pick up my daughter, right then I got a call saying that it actually was ready and they were sorry, so I went back a couple of hours later and they realized that they did not put my data back onto the hard drive, which was a service that I paid for. Two hours after that, it was officially done and to my disbelief I recieved an apology, and was charged the full $192.60. Anybody who is familiar at all with how a customer service-oriented business should be run, would assume that either a discount should be offered, or in some cases maybe the business should just eat the bill for their time, and let the customer go free of charge. To pay this as a struggling college student, who’s performance in nursing school has taken a definite hit from not having my computer, was absolutely disgusting. A business such as University PC Care, should not recieve any support from the local populace until they learn how to be honest with the customer if they havent had time to get to their computer yet, and show a little more concern for keeping the customer happy. Take this review how you will, but personally, I will never forget this and will always do my best to deter anyone from going to this place.

Kimberly Little

I had an amazing experience at University PC Care. They were tentative and handle out problem promptly. I would recommend them wholeheartedly for service of your phone or computer especially Josh. Again thank you for great service

linda s

I was so glad to find out that PC Care was in New Bern!! Very professional, explained what he was doing and was very patient with me as well. I took some flyers with me to share with friends as I have found that Verizon in MHC are not as knowable as what I was use to in VA and having PC Care near by is worth the trip to New Bern!! If I could give Michael N a "10" I would --- Thanks!!!!

BD Dunn

Great service and friendly staff, had to make an appointment and dropped my phone off early, was completed in less time than they gave me. Answered any question I had, and didn’t make me feel dumb as I am not tech savvy, lol, definitely recommend this place for your needs

Lexi Miller

I went in and brought my watch to be fixed on 2/23, they told me that they would have to send it out to apple to get a new one and told me it could take up to 5 business days, i was alright with that answer. I got a call on 2/27 saying my watch was ready to be picked up! Very professional and helpful. They also ran a quick audio diagnostic test on my iPhone 7 Plus FOR FREE!!

Alice Arnold

University PC Care is wonderful. Dr. Alice Arnold, Greenville

Paul Brown

University PC has excellent service!

Anthony Hernandez

Great service I will definitely go back if I experience an issue with iPhone again thank you


University PC has always been able to help us quickly! On site visits are convenient for us as a business. Brad is extremely knowledgeable and can fix anything!

Mark Dunlap

DeAnne Holliday

Excellent knowledgeable efficient service. Great Apple Authorized service. If you have an Apple product, before having a battery changed at an un-authorized dealer, talk to them. They were honest and gave me pros and cons of replacing battery in my iPad 2. Also had my $29 Apple iPhone battery replacement. Fast service. You DO need an appointment though.

Caleb Knott

Despite running into various complications with my laptop, these guys were very attentive and made my computer their priority. Very communicative and professional with their work, and their prices are way better than going to Best Buy's Geek Squad. Thank you for your great service guys.

Brendan Cunningham

I went in and talked to josh at University PC care and he helped me out real quick. Automatically knew what he was talking about and was very friendly and helpful. Fixed my phone problems in a minute and sent me on my way. 10/10.

Larry Moore

Installed new SSD and reinstalled OS. Work was completed quicker than expected and I am thus far quite pleased with the work and with the friendliness of the staff!

Kelly Stout

Great service, friendly staff. They recovered my lost photos from the past 10 years. I would highly recommend them!!

Dorian Luviano

Just so everybody knows that from Apple's Standard they are the only Apple Authorized Service Provider in Greenville NC for miles around. And thats why they are amazing.

Jett Harrell

Friendly, great service, and lightning fast!

Bill Whisnant

We recently engaged University PC Care to manage our desktop computer tower upgrade. All work in their offices and at our residence went extremely well. Staff was responsive to our needs and addressed them our complete satisfaction. Cost wa very reasonable as well.

Abdelkrim Ferchichi

Rosemarie Pacitto

I got my computers trackpad fixed here a couple of years ago. I went in for a trackpad replacement. The first day I got it back, the trackpad wasn't working again!! I brought it back, and they fixed it (again). They must have not put the screws in correctly because after 3 months of getting it fixed I lost 5 screws (on the back of the laptop). And, here I am again, with another faulty trackpad not too long after fixing it. Going to have to spend another 150$+ to get it fixed (hopefully right this time).Not to mention I now live in Silicon Valley ( high- tech capital of U.S), and 2 of my computer science/ computer engineer friends have worked on my computer and said there are screws/parts inside my computer that are missing. University PC care was the only business to work on my computer before my friends. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND. THEY MAY NOT PUT EVERYTHING BACK CORRECTLY WITHIN THE INTERIOR AND YOU WONT KNOW UNTIL YOU HAVE TO FIX IT AGAIN!!!! Please be aware, I paid 150$ for them to mess up the interior of my computer and barely fix a trackpad.

Patsy Jefferson

Excellent service by Kody. Very knowledgeable and had a great personality. Highly recommend.

Jim Ancil

Took my 1 yr old pc to have the screen replaced, has never been worked on before. Tech called me back within 2 days, said the hinge was broken and the screws were stripped. Th e y handed me back my pc with two screws they couldn't get back in. Before I took it in at least I could still use it. Now it won't even boot up. I would NEVER EVER take anything to these hack jobs. Now I am out 60 bucks and a pc which is now useless. Find yourself a place that won't trash your stuff and charge you 60 to do it. You have been warned!!!!

Kateryna Kosolapova

Great place! Very good team! Thank you for the fast repair!

Greg Duncan

Best shop in town. As a result it takes a few days to get your machine worked on. Top quality though.

Marita McCarty

Received excellent service in a very timely manner. Staff was very polite and knowledgeable. Will definitely use them again.

Michael Hughes

Excellent service and great turnaround time from the New Bern location.

Ralph Walton

Quick turnaround on my repair!

unrealent2009 Turkeygiver

Bad battery, they fixed it in about an hour! Great job! Bree helped us, she is the BOMB!

Clint Zephir

Very satisfied with these guys. Professional, friendly and courteous. Talk you through the process and fair prices. Will use them again if necessary.

Buck Harrison

My iPhone was completely nonfunctional. I brought the phone into the store, for less than 15 minutes, and Kody restored all function. He was entirely understanding of my situation regarding the hurricane, and he didn’t charge me for his services. I highly recommend Kody and his entire staff at University PC Care.

Mary Florence

I was very pleased with how the technician Jimmie was able to resolve the issue I was having in a very timely and professional manner. I am 100% satisfied and will call on them again with any problem I may have.

Dan Phelan

ron woodsum

My desktop computer's health was in rapid decline due to over a half dozen viruses. The wizard from UPC came the day after I called and zapped those devils into oblivion in no time. Also provided me with several (free) anti-virus programs for future protection. This is the place to call when you need computer fixin".

Mckenzie ,

My phone refused to charge and they were able to fix it in five minutes! Jimmy cleaned out the charging port and it was good as new.

Teresa Surratt

They helped me move from my very old, crashed laptop to another. The staff takes the time to explain and give you your options. Quick turn around time.

Kenisha Laurent

I wasted a trip and $30.00 to get my iPhone 6 battery replaced. After getting my battery replaced, my battery still drains quickly. I tried to call them to complain directly, but I can’t get through the phone recordings.

Sarina Green

Very helpful staff, nice atmosphere

Rebekah Steinweg

I brought in an iPad to change settings to give device to a grandchild and had made an appointment in advance. I was seen promptly at the appointment time and the technician was amazing! He quickly changed all the necessary passwords and settings and ran diagnostics on the on the device. I would definitely use their service again.


Had a appointment at 10am was going to be a little late so callled before I came and they said it was fine come on no problem but when I drove from kinston they gave me the run around and told me to come back Monday at 11am that’s not very professional it’s called being a man of you word and doing what you say and they don’t

Wendy Batten

Excellent service, outstanding turn around time, even with working with a warranty issue. Thank you!

Chill It’s just Megan

Kody was super helpful and cleaned out my charging port. I thought I was going to have to get another phone, but they saved the day! Thanks University PC Care!

Maria Parker

I have had two not so good experiences here. First I took my Macbook Pro because the screen wasn't working. They told me it could be one of two things, since they weren't sure and I didn't want to be out the $60 diagnostic charge (I am a full-time college student that works part-time) I decided to go to Apple. Turns out, it wasn't either of those two things & Apple ended up shipping it out and getting it fixed for no charge. So glad I made the drive to Raleigh to get it checked out! Next, I took my old laptop (it was a 2-in-one tablet with keyboard) the keyboard had cracked due to falling off my bed. They told me it needed the palm rest and they could fix it if they found it. So, after being there a little while and talking to them, I decided I would leave it there to get fixed. I got a call a few days later said they found the palm rest BUT that wasn't what they needed and what they did need wasn't available anywhere. That being said they could not fix it & so I still had to pay them the $60. I just feel like if they're wrong about being able to fix your electronic device they shouldn't charge you so much especially when they said they were going to be able to fix it. That was the only reason I even left it there, I hadn't touched that computer in years because I didn't want to spend a lot of money to fix it. I am so disappointed. I basically just gave them $60 for them to change what they said was wrong and tell me it's not able to be fixed. I just think they should be honest from the get-go and say it can't be fixed or it won't be cost-effective to fix it.

Joseph Phillips

Kody is an excellent help! He has helped me out in the most excellent way! i will be returning!

Christine Sinsel

Awesome response times, always willing and able to help. Ashton and team do an amazing job. Highly recommended!

Tim Bazemore III

I was extremely pleased with the service.The staff was very friendly and helpful. I explained the issue with my device and the staff member Kodi got right on it. This was my first time visiting this location and if any other issues arise, I will definitely return. Thanks again for all the help!!!

Joyce Basye

Wow! what a great relief to have professional, skilled and knowledgeable service. Our technician was able to translate our issues fix them and help us understand what was going on and what had to be done. I am thrilled to have local help (New Bern) with our Apple products. We don't have to struggle or travel to Raleigh for help. Thank you Codey

Linda Gavin

This is a wonderful place! They just need more help. Only one person working at the front to assist customers and several people waiting & others leaving because they're tired of waiting. VERY SLOW SERVICE! Otherwise, great place and great staff.

Phil Trull

Service tech was on time as promised, diagnosed the problem and resolved the problem in a timely manner. I've been using University PC Care for many years and enjoy their service. Thank you very much.

Dr. Glenn E. Johnson DCRC

Expert Services, I’m very happy

Janet Monti

Glenda McCosley

No comment

Bill Stovall

Very friendly and knowledgable. Took my iMac in for a new SSD. They moved all data for old to new and got it done a day earlier than quoted. Great job guys. And Cody the manager is great.

Bobbie Bonnet

Computer crashed. The staff at University PC were extremely helpful and accomodating. They repaired the issues in a very timely manner and then continued to assist with an additional problem. I highly recommend the staff and the service.

Tuzz bx Bj bzxdyimot'bxxxnxhy johnson

Kody was absolutely great!! Thank you so much!

Clay Tyre

Logan at Fire Tower Rd, Greenville location done an excellent job repairing my PC. Great communication and very fast service!

Roseann Meyers

Friendly, courteous, knowledgeable staff. I am a new customer and am impressed. Got my completed work faster than they estimated which was a plus!

Joshua Mercer

Excellent customer service with a friendly staff that know thier stuff

diane nagel

I have been using University PC Care for a couple of years now, and I have been very pleased with their care of my Mac. I have purchased their yearly care and this was the first time that i used their remote care. I was very pleased, I made an appointment, told them my problem and at the specified time, they called, logged on and help me with my problems, and all without having to take my Mac in or having to leave it with a tech for a week or so. So happy! Thanks

Cheryl Koch

I would highly recommend this place. They have helped us out of a couple big jams, without loosing our data. Reasonable pricing, quick service. They really know their stuff !!!

Leonard Darby

I just had a remote session, my third time in several years, with :University PC Care. As always, I was extremely satisfied with the result. Natalie was very good to work with and fair in determining the payment needed.

noel holdsworth

fabulous patient good people who found and fixed my problem

Christy Rhodes

What a helpful and knowledgeable group! I went in close to closing time and was treated very well and given great advice. They will be our go-to computer repair group from here on in.

Kat Conley

Mike was great...not only was he very informative...but he had yummy suggestions for lunch..we are not from this area and he made our visit to New Bern delightful

Kathryn Preuss

Very helpful. Patient and professional in addressing and fixing my computer problems . Highly recommend.

Lew McNeill

I was very satisfied with the service I got from University PC Repair. I really appreciated that the technician made sure my iMac was fully checked out and repaired properly. I have no complaints regarding my experience with University PC Repair and have recommended them to my friends who have Apple computers and iPads.

Duffy Rasmussen

I was there just a bit early for my scheduled time but the gents went right ahead and helped me. Told me that my phone would have a new battery in an hour. I came back in an hour and the phone was ready and asked if I wanted a new screen protector, I did and in a minute it was done and I was very happy with the service and the people helped me. Thank you very much.

Terry Edwards

Finally! A service that follows through with their service! I needed my laptop fixed before I left for a trip. Thank goodness they could get me done fast! I found out that I could have gone on my trip and they could have helped me online from wherever I was by tapping into my laptop when I pulled University PC Care up and gave them permission! Nice to know!

Abbie Martin

I appreciate the willingness of the staff to answer any and all questions and for their guidance in choosing a new computer

Jamie Kroeger

Outstanding! They coordinated with AppleCare for my MacBook hardware repair, they had a new logic board mailed to them directly, and then actually had the new logic board completely installed and returned back to me within two hours of me dropping off the computer for repairs! Extremely capable. Many thanks to Eric, Mike, and Patrick here at the New Bern, NC location.

Pam Walter

These guys are great! No need to go to Apple Store in Raleigh!

Chelsea Mullins

Took my beats there a week ago because they weren’t working properly and had a very good experience! University PC Care were very thorough/helpful and made this a very smooth process. You can tell they make it a priority to give you the best service possible. Would 100% reccomend!

Jessica Winslow

Amazing service, one guy (I think Cody) had me checked in and helped reset my phone within 20-25 minutes. Greenville is so much closer than Raleigh and I'm glad they are here to help!

Dawn Everette

I hate having tech problems - I just HATE IT! University PC Care makes it bearable. They are thorough and honest. The technician did not recommend "stuff" I didn't need. I know I can trust their evaluation and their judgment.

G Timothy Pate

Took in a HomePod and MacBook Pro for repairs. HomePod would not power on and MacBook screen was cracked. Both repaired in one day with excellent customer service. Highly recommend!

Laura Clark

Tyana Moore

When I first came in they took forever to come up to the front to help me. Then Nelson (rude employee) took forever to explain to me what was going on. I am a student and work at a clinic so I needed my phone done as soon as possible. I understand why they are not able to fix it at that location which really sucks. However, he told me that my phone should be done and returned on Thursday. I do not have a phone to be reached. So on Thursday I called 20+ times using school and work phones so I can ask if my phone was ready to be picked up and NO ONE ANSWERED THE PHONE. This is very frustrating because I don't want to have to take an uber just to find out if my phone is NOT available. Yall need a receptionist or something because this is unacceptable!!!!!!!!!!!

Claudia Ladwig

Very helpful and knowledgeable.Good hints to save money.

Craig Jenkins

Megan Smith

Everyone that I encountered was knowledgeable and courteous. My phone was repaired quicker than what was estimated. Extremely pleased and will use their services again I am sure.

Maranda Ross

Haven't let me down yet! Had a charger tip stuck in my 7+ and it was fixed in no time. Recently took my Iphone X because of software issues and was taken care of quickly. Love these guys to pieces!

Neel Shah

Laura Stanbrough

I am SO happy to have Apple certified computer professionals close to me. It is 30 miles away, but up until recently, the length of the trip was closer to 100 miles. Thank you for the great service.

Velda Whitfield

The agents were patient and knowledgeable. Prices were very reasonable.

Alita White

10/10 Quality. Would come again.

Leslie Lloyd

Highly impressed with this company. Extremely helpful and seemed truly concerned with my problem. They will be the first I will contact should I have any future problems.


A complex project. Never could have completed it without help. Jesse was professional and patient and courteous. Thank You, U P C C

Vanessa Fischer

Staff were great & informative. Very professional!

jerlvine collins

Dana Steele

I went in to this store for the first time on the recommendation of my cellular carrier. I didn’t know we had an authorized iPhone service business here in New Bern, NC. The employee, “Mike,” was super professional and helpful. He got my phone swapped out and got me a great screen protector for my new phone! I would highly recommend this store for any phone or computer needs!

Addyarb _

University PC Care has top-notch customer service, as well as a professional attitude. I've dealt with them on many occasions and they're always kind, thorough, and timely. They're the best choice for a tech company anywhere in the area, hands down.

Dr. Randy Outland

Great friendly service, great customer service, reasonable cost

tammy benfield

Sally Hilser

From start to finish, the staff in New Bern were professional, informative and quick to resolve computer issues. I would highly recommend using their service!

Christy Harris

When updates are done automatically on our computers it typically affects at least one program which effects our productivity. Thanks for always helping up work thru these issues!

JOE Mills

They charge for diagnostics without repairing simple things. They don’t meet deadlines and are rude.

Rick Smiley

Excellent iOS expertise.

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