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Enzo Lopez

Maheish Sundhar KP

I enquired about a model on phone and went to buy, but in the store they said it was not available. Otherwise the costumer service was good and they helped with all questions.

Quin Rickel

Saved me money and worked all warranty items

Robby Breedlove

Everything went smoothly and quickly


Great products, pleasant and helpful staff. Well organized and clean.

Lori Seiple

Store sales team was very helpful and informative.

Jonathon Simon

Richard Hamilton

John K

Great customer care and nicely treated when I need help with a product.

Sandip N

Not much collection Can't compete with apple

Radarius Wilson

This store is always fully staffed and clean. Lots of options for gamers and others who just need a PC. Staff is very knowledgeable.

Smokey Perkins

Way to expensive

Phillip Vp

Daniel Uribe

Bill Griesmyer

Interesting Store.

Jaime Sison

leo 60228

Doesn't have a great selection. More of a showroom, and even then they don't have much on display.

Patrick Brown

I went to the store today to check out a PC I had been researching online quite a bit. I immediately found the PC and spent about 5-10 minutes checking it out in person. There were at the time probably 15-20 people in the store as well, with most PCs having others on them playing a game. I guess it was an event? Anyway, the display model they had was the more expensive version with options I didn't need. The only two employees I could find were out front of the store having a personal conversation. I went up to them to ask about the other options but was told that's all they'll get. Didn't bother to check their systems or see if you can order it another way (even though the sales tag says other options available). I've had great experiences at other Microsoft Stores, so not sure what's going on with this one, but definitely a poor demonstration of Customer Service.

humberto valdivieso

(Translated by Google) Good (Original) Bueno

Jeremiah Hawkins

Had the best experience at the Microsoft store yesterday (3-12-19) I came in for a appointment about my XBOX X, and the staff was very Nice and down to earth, in particular Benjamin, i believe he goes by the name (Ben) help me out a lot regarding my issue with my xbox. If i could give 10 stars i would.

Tom Landrum

Ryan Burge

Much faster and attentive than the Apple store! Customer service was great and we were able to actually call and ask them questions before making the trip to Charlotte. We were there for 30 minutes tops! The store was pretty busy. That is huge. No distracted technicians- completely attentive and focused on helping YOU during YOUR appointment time. (As you may or may not know) Apple tends to have one technician helping many customers which always forces you to unessesarly wait on them to finish with someone else.

Paula Willis

So happy to see a company work hard to create a great learning experience for our youth. Their coding class is fabulous !

Vlad Yaroshevich

Went here a little before Black Friday to check out some gear. The staff was super helpful and very nice, absolutely no complaints from me there.

amit jagtap

I will not recommend anyone about the Microsoft Store South Park outlet. I am having horrible experience in following up on the refund for the laptop which was return a month back. After several follow up either with the customer care or the South park store, all i hear is we are working on it. Its been frustrating following up every other day with no solution. I raised the ticket and escalated it with no success. All i hear is we have discussed in the meeting in will be able to resolve it at the earliest. I am giving one start only because i cannot submit the review without putting something.

Phillip Ingram

Pamela Hurley

Terrible. I had a red line running through my monitor (this was a BRAND NEW desktop Surface—not cheap!); took it in and was told that a technician would contact us within 2-3 days. Four months later and no call. It resolved itself, which is the only reason I haven’t raised hell. I love MS products but hate their customer service. They suck!

Peter Shire

Professional people, great products and an exciting atmosphere.

John Hall

Great service!

Trent Stanley

The manager in the orange shirt called “Jerry” at the southpark mall location was extremely rude to me and made the whole experience very bad. He obviously understands nothing about customer service and should be either disciplined or trained so he can operate in such a setting.

Ann P

Went to the Microsoft store to get help with Office 365 issue. The first rep seemed to know what he was talking; however the problem was not corrected when I returned home. During my second visit (the next day) a different support rep completely contradicted what the first rep said and he blamed my internet as the problem. He had an attitude and even walked away from me to have a discussion with another rep regarding a case he was working on. Don't try to call this store, because you will be transferred to India.

Rev Glencie Rhedrick

Timely and very professional. Will shop there again.

Nikhil Kesar

Great customer service

Chester Bailey

Excellent customer service

Juba Younes



I’d leave absolutely zero stars if I could. The store itself is nice and clean because I’ve gone in previous times, but earlier I was about to go in to purchase a console and all the employees were gathered up by the door doing lord knows what. I was EXTREMELY uncomfortable and will definetely not come back here. They would all just stare at me as I walked by and looked around. They had NOTHING to do it’s crazy. Microsoft- why do you have so many employees just sitting around? it looks really bad and scares away your customers. They’ve lost my business.

Doug Cha

Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable

Martin CJ Mongiello

Justin Hughes

Unfortunately they didn't sell what I need about the lady who helped me she was very helpful and very inquisitive and even tried to look up what I needed online so I give it a okay rating

Matt Ulrich

Replaced a faulty Surface laptop that was under warranty in less than 15 minutes

Sam Perlmutter

Nice staff and cool demos

Holly B

THANK YOU!!! Leo and his team are wonderful. My children (8 & 11) and I were in there this past Friday evening honestly just to play - a little Minecraft - a few minutes with the new StarWars game - maybe play on the Surface tablet a bit. While the children played Leo and I chatted - gaming systems, tablets versus laptops versus desktops, and the various operating systems offered by different companies- how to manage screen time with children, how to know which games are (and are not) appropriate for children - lots of wonderful information absolutely NO pressure. I made it very clear we were not buying (we are an Apple family) - and instead of putting pressure on me, he simply encourage me to relax and let the kids have fun - he and his team would answer questions - but no worries! The experience was so pleasant -- that I really did ask questions - and got answers. I learned about the free classes they offer to the kids and the community and the support they offer on the products. I left impressed with the quality of the staff (and of course the products!) and went home to learn more about the various Microsoft offering (beyond simply Office). This morning I went back to the store (without my children) and purchased both a Surface bundle and an XboxOne (and the new StarWars game)! Leo - you and your staff are AMAZING and I am very impressed with the products Microsoft is offering (and the price point relative to what I am used to paying!)- you've converted us! If you are in the market for a tablet, laptop, desktop, gaming system etc, you really should see what Leo and his team at the Microsoft store have to offer!

Blong Lee

Good store to check out stuff and buy...

Daniel Milligan

My laptop hard drive crashed and I went in to confirm my suspicions. I worked with Jack, who was very friendly and helpful to me. He wasn't pushy at all, wasn't trying to "sell" me, and was very upfront and honest about what he thought the problem was as well and offered solutions. Although he did recommend their paid services as a solution, he wasn't pushing it on me. I was not looking forward to going into an electronics store of any kind because I thought the experience would be bad, but he made it a great visit. Very trustworthy guy. I'll be back, I'm sure, for other things in the future.

Nakeisha Nance

The BEST customer service experience! My laptop crashed and I had no idea how to explain what happened. They were super patient and non-judgmental of my knowledge in the tech world. I will be back! Thanks so much.

Cheri Weems

Friendly staff and we didn't have to wait a long time since we went during a slower time at the mall.

Peter Gall

Nett, sauber, gut, gute Qualität und gute Preise

Honest Review

Entire company made up of passing the buck. Spent 2 hours to get no where and zero help. Hang up on you if you ask for a manager.

Marinela Metehau

Andreas Dottemar

Bradley Havens

I had recently bought a Dell laptop online however, I still had questions about it that I could not find answers online. So I went to the store and upon arrival all the clerks were super helpful and very nice. They were very attentive and genuinely wanted to help. After some discussions with some of the tech reps I had a course of action I need to take in order to upgrade my laptop. I had gotten each upgrade done at the store and each time it was done through multiple visits each visit was a pleasure and all the representatives were very informative and extremely helpful. I have full confidence in the storage capabilities to me any need I have about my new laptop and I recommend anyone to go to the store to buy and door to ask questions about any products. I would love to shadow each individual that help me however it was truly a team effort so I just want to say thank you very much to the whole team at the Microsoft store in Southpark mall you guys are amazing!

ART Enterprise

Drop off my computer to get fixed, they called me the next day saying it was fixed. Go into the store to pick it up, before pick up they turned it back on to show me it was fixed. Guess what it was not fixed. I drove by 3 Best Buy to come here because I thought it being a windows store they would've better knowing how to fix my computer. Guess I was wrong, I wasted my time, gas and took off work to come by it. Found out that it wasn't tech, it was the person who checked it in he didn't put in any of my concerns in the system. Said to have employees work this company that don't care.

2thfari 2thfari

Awesome staff. Top notch. Can't remember everyone's name but the manager was fantastic, great personality and helpful in so many ways. Went out of his way to help me. Frank was one of my techs and he did a great job as well as everyone. My favorite is Sosa!! He is so patient and can fix anything on my computer/laptop every time I bring it in!!!


windows 98 is great its the future

Swapnil Mehta

Scott Clark

Brought my Surface Pro 2 in for intermittent freezes.(Software issue?) Left it with the store for diagnostics. Called to say it had bad sections of hard drive. I picked it up the next day. When I got home 3 hours away it won't boot. When I called the store they said it was at the end of its life to just throw it out and buy another model. No offer to make it right. Said it must have happened after it left the store before I tried to use it. Even offered to split the difference between what my Surface was worth and the next available model with similar features. Nope. I'll never buy another Microsoft Hardware product.

Ángel Mendez

Very knowledgeable person, very attentive, cool people to be around, I totally recommend this place for all your technical difficulties on your computer.

Keith Payne


They have done ok but I have to be honest I think they can do a lot better. They have a million of the same products and they should know that they thing they need most is stuff that BestBuy and other stores like it don't have. More high end and really cutting edge stuff is what should be on their mind. They just don't have enough to offer the high tech people.

Ted Abbott

Friendly and helpful. Not pushy and very knowledgable

Thomas Fleming

Jamie Lee

Gary was super helpful, kind and knowledgeable. I just came in to look at the new products and he was able to show me more than what I asked!

Jerry Stokes

Tamra Scott

My mother, who is a senior citizen, has been taken advantage of on more than one occasion at a Microsoft Store, but her most recent visit was the most infuriating to me. She went in because she received multiple scam calls from someone claiming to be from Microsoft (not their fault) and wanted to be sure it wasn’t legitimate. It wasn’t, but the sales clerk offered to check her computer for updates. He told her that her Microsoft Office needed to be updated to work properly and they could do it for her for free while she went to her hair appointment. When she returned, they said that her hard drive crashed and she wasn’t under warrenty. She came home with a new surface pro. My husband and I convinced her to return it. Even though she needed a new computer, Microsoft was not getting another penny from her.


Check it out

Amy Arnott

I left compelled to write a positive review for this store today. I have visited this store several times before, and have always received excellent service. Today, I went in with a Surface Pro 3 that would not charge and it was completely dead. Add into the mix that it's finals week, I think it's safe to say I was a bit of a wreck. All of the staff were so friendly and they troubleshooted the issue in seconds. Luckily, my charger was the problem, not my actual Surface. I walked away with a new charger for completely free. Thank you so much for the efficient, friendly manner in which you dealt with my problems!

Zandra Butler

Jon Silla

The staff is very helpful!!!

Winston Di Nicola

Manny Torres and Andre Hibbert were extemely helpful to me and my daughter choose the best Surface Pro configuration. Andre was great in setting up the computer for my daughter. Both Manny and Andre answered all of our questions satisfactorily. It was a pleasure dealing with both Manny and Andre. They both have a great sense of humor and established good rapport with my daughter, who was the actual buyer.

Florian Munteanu

steve singer

Life is interesting. I too have been to both the Apple Store and Microsoft Store. As for sales style, I found the opposite to be true. I was left to play at the Microsoft Store. I found the staff attentive but not pushy. I found the staff at the Apple Store to be more the "car salesman" type. OK, so enough for my review of another review. The Store is laid out well. The products are set up in wide open spaces. The selection far exceeded my expectations. I have been there a few times. The first two times to look and see all the shiny new things. Again, I found the staff were happy to show me how something worked and then just let me be. However, if I had a question it took only a few seconds to find someone who could answer. My actual buying experience. I bought a phone from this store. Kudos to the management of the store as I believe the management sets the tone for any business concern. The staff are extremely knowledgeable. In the few instances where my sales person could not answer a question, they were quick to say so and seek advice from a coworker who could. I would have given the store 4 stars had my phone worked well when I got it home. Sadly it did not. I wanted to save a buck and bought an LG phone. It was my return experience that bumped my review up to five stars. So back I went. To Tom and Omar, thank you. These two gentlemen spent quite a bit of time helping me figure out what was wrong with the phone. They took my issue personally and took the phone through every conceivable pace before pronouncing it unfit for my particular needs. Please understand, the issue was not the phone, the LG would be good for most folks. But for my particular situation it was not a good fit. I collect a lot of music and some phones don't like them old files. I have had this issue before with Android phones. After they had exhausted all avenues they brought the manager, Brandon, into the loop. They explained the situation to him. I had already found a phone, a Microsoft-branded phone, that suited my needs. We put that phone through some hoops and it passed muster. It played all my obscure files. Once I selected the new phone, Brandon, the manager, would not allow me to pay the difference in price between the two phones. The staff hung out with my until we were sure the new phone was up, ready and was doing what I needed a phone to do. It gets better. If you have school age kids, the store offers a variety of after-school activities. While I was in the store this afternoon my six-year-old granddaughter was learning how to write code. It is wonderful to walk into a clean well-appointed, well-maintained business with courteous and knowledgeable staff. Sadly, it is a rarity these days. Five and a half stars guys!!

Audrey Uczen

Wow!! This store is so friendly and willing to assist. I was even offered a drink while I waited. Thank you Microsoft.

Josh Smith

Went to an event hosted by them and it went insanely smooth. A hearthstone fireside gathering to be exact. They provided a great area to play in. Used their equipment in case we didnt have the function to do so on our phones. And they provided us with free beverages. The staff was very polite and im glad i got the chance to go there.

Life of Justina

I just love this place


Blackstar Concepts


I'm A Minecraft Geek So when I first went there I was already having a great experience the staff is very laid back and calm and don't bother you in less they see your having troubles they have loads of xbox games and displays that your aloud to play with. Really I have only played with Apple but since I have not been I said why not. And they got my vote. Definitely go check them out

John Moore

I had an emergency where I was scheduled for a presentation and my computer would not boot, they found the problem, fixed it and I made the presentation. Great professional technicians and courteous service.

Paula Crytser

Helpful & Friendly

Elijah Jordan

I remember they helped me when my brand new HP was going black from an update, they had it covered in the same day, I was wowed by the team they got there it was truly amazing.

Luke Gloeckner

Their support team is always very quick and helpful.

Anthony Raynor

Their new equipment is very nice. The surface line is more of a inspirational design than meaning to compete with their direct competitors. The staff were very friendly. A good selection of gaming consoles PCS and more. Still have my eye on that surface Studio, but boy is it expensive.

Mamadou Wann

Friendly staff

Pam Warren

Horrible experience. When I arrived I saw at least 6 store employees and a couple customers. Upon entering store, an employee asked what I needed. I let her know I had a Surface that was not working. The first employee told me I needed to see a second employee to set up a service appointment. The second employee tried several times using a variety of devices to set up an appointment all the while other staff were just standing around. After several minutes, I was directed to a third staff member who asked about my problem. This was the third time I had explained what was going on. I told him my Surface would not turn on. After a few tries he said it was a hardware issue. I asked him about fixing it and he said the Surface was not worth fixing. I should think about upgrading. When I asked about upgrading, he didn't offer anymore information. He handed me back the Surface and that was it. I will never go back.

tyler tattooshop Stratton

great staff ........................ ........................... ................................. ........................... ................................. ........................... ................................. ........................... ................................. ........................... ................................. ...........................

Maria Williams

Great friendly staff and good place to get information about phones and PC

Nathan McGlynn

I needed to replace my Xbox One power supply. I had contacted Microsoft directly and they were unfortunately not very helpful. After some misguided trouble shooting and asking me to wait until I could ship them the defective power supply, I just decided to visit the MS Store directly. Everyone was eager to help and helped me fix my issue quickly. I definitely recommend a visit to the store .

Kenny Parnell


Thirivikraman Raghavan

worst experience in a store of this big organization. My rating is based only on my experience in this store, not for the products. Very inexperienced store professionals and improper handling of billing and returns.

Terri Herron

Very friendly staff!

Josh Secrest

Awesome job. Got a great deal on the XPS 13 with great support!

Dennis Fields

Mark Thornton

Great store. We've had wonderful experiences with this location. From them just exchanging broken controllers with question, to just high energy, friendly and fun staff. Awesome store.

Murphy Carpenter

I have had nothing but a great experience every time I have visited the Microsoft Store including today. I was having email issues and Ben listened, totally got what I was trying to do and fixed my problem, actually made improvements to my email beyond what I expected. I cannot say enough good things about this store and their staff. Thank you all! :-D Murphy C.

Russell Young

Great Service!

L, Bell

I really hate this place. They can never fix what I bring them. Don't take your x box there ever.

Asher Wood

Friendly staff!

Patrick S

Had a great experience. Went yesterday to exchange the surface go after it died 2 weeks after the purchase. They exchanged it with no questions. The staff is super helpful and friendly. I have purchased things at this store in the past and will do so in the future.


Really great people to help you with all of your needs! LOVE how there really nice and listen to your problem to see his if they could fix or help somehow.

Charles Albers

Fast, informative and friendly

Patricia Jackson


Carlos Martinez

Wow! These guys are professionals! Jen the manager, Brandy the sales associate, and Sosa the technician. This team took care of me after dealing with an 8 hour issue! Eight hours! If you need help or have questions stop and talk to the team. They are full of energy, listen to their customers and most importantly provide superb customer service!

Thies Hoffmann

Typical Microsoft store

Xander Sherry

David Childress

Very impressed by this store and especially the staff. Microsoft's new products are some of the most innovative. Give it a another look.

Anthony Martin

Excellent place. Friendly and knowledgeable people.

Chris McKinney

Great staff! Jaz helped me quickly and was very nice!

Happy Snowflake

OMG - seriously? To quote the sales rep at this store, "...We're not Apple..." NO KIDDING. To be a "technology" company - and a software firm at that - this was a horrible customer experience. First, the South Park store does not have a direct number. You have to go through MS ridiculous customer service line ... after waiting 20 min (and hung up on twice), you MAY get a live voice and then if they deem you worthy, you MAY get to talk to a real person in the store. I was trying to buy something for my son for the holidays. They have the item in stock at the store but not online. I called and asked if I could pay for the item and pick it up after the work day. They wouldn't take my credit card over the phone which is frustrating since I had just purchased items at both Apple and Nordstrom this way with zero issues (Nordstrom even threw in a free gift) ... I asked if they could hold it for me since this is a work day and hey, someone has to work to keep them in business. Oh no. Can't do that either. Seriously, Microsoft, sweet hearts. Get a grip. Your lack of customer service is exactly why I flock to Apple and remain an Apple Fangirl. Microsoft? MEH.

Doug Abbotts

Great service!!!

Chris Ward

Love my Surface Book 2

Rami Elsaai

damien gainer

omg this place is amazing and full of fun

Ashe Lockhart

Initial Post: I'm not an Apple Fan Boy, so I was looking forward to having a good experience at this store. I mean, why should the iToy fans have all the fun. And I really, really want to like this store...but I'm not really there yet. I've been in the store a few times, and the employees generally have good product knowledge and are happy to find answers to questions they don't know right away. They are friendly and outgoing and will take the time to work with you. It's obvious that Microsoft is giving them good training and trying to set up a good user experience. But the employees are just a little too eager to help. They don't have the same laid-back, but proficiently professional approach that is characteristic of employees at the Apple Store. They are just a little to "in your face," like sales people at the average new car dealer. And their attempts to cross-sell and up-sell are too transparent and too pushy. It's as if they had not considered the possibility that the customer might have done some homework and is pretty clear on what they want. They have one or two people who focus on working with business customers, which could be a really distinctive offering. I'm looking forward to learning more about the business services offered through the storefront. I have not met the person who handles business services, but someone who supposedly works with the business consultant helped me, and she was in over her head. Her product knowledge and professionalism were not what I'd expect from someone working with business customers. She came across as inexperienced and naive, which is not what you're looking for if you're a business customer with relatively sophisticated product knowledge. Overall, it's a good start, and I'm looking forward to working with them in the future. The store is a much better experience than Best Buy, but a couple of stars away from beating the experience one gets in an Apple store. 3/16/15 - I bought a Dell XPS 13 and had high expectations given the stellar reviews it's been given in the media. Not quite as sweet in real life as I hoped. The QHD+ screen is too high resolution for Microsoft's scaling capabilities and Intel's onboard graphics. And text on an external monitor could not be rendered smudge-free at any resolution/scale through any connection. The matte finish carbon fiber interior is nice and easier to touch than Apple's cold, hard aluminum, but it is a fingerprint and grease magnet. It'll collect enough DNA to make a CSI tech happy. So I took it back. Overall return experience was 3 stars. Obvious efforts to cross-sell me into a Surface were annoying. I need a more serious business machine with a matte finish screen, and the Lenovo T series is where I'm headed. It would be nice if the MS store carried those product. So, I'm glad MS opened this store in Charlotte, but it's not on par with the Apple experience and lacking in sophistication for more advanced users. 12-07-2018 I've been back a few times now, bought my wife a Lenovo Yoga, which is an awesome machine. I got my sister-in-law a Surface Laptop 2, which is ever better. The experience has improved steadily over the years. The product knowledge of the employees is impressive, they coordinate well when one employee needs the expertise of another, and they are less pushy about sales. When waiting for them to configure my wife's new yoga, they even offered soft drinks while we waited and played around on a few computers. In the meantime, Apple has slipped considerably. The store experience is on par with a mobile carrier store and is no longer the singular entertainment event it used to be. So kudos to Microsoft and pity to poor Apple.

Andriy Rudyk

Nice staff, garbage products from a garbage company. Save your money on something better.

james hines III

Great service and quick process

Jonathan Osman

Kyriakos Skiouris

Amber Cornell

Today was my first time at a Microsoft store and I am so happy!! My surface pen stopped working and they replaced it for me. I'm a happy Microsoft customer! I made an appt online and the staff was super helpful and quick.


Great staff that are willing to help. Was surprised that that by going to some of their workshops, you can great deals.

Jay Potoski

Everyone there was very nice and very helpful! Went there for a tournament and everything was more or less very organized for their first time holding one for TFT (team fight tactics) overall great facility with energetic workers!

Xiaolin Deng

Just went back from this store and want to put something here as my memory is still fresh. Placed an order on online this morning and received the confirmation email within 20 minutes letting me know that the laptop I ordered is ready for me to pick up. So far so good. I went there after lunch and the lady who serves me just can't find me in the system. After she called somebody, then she told me that I am sorry we can't find you in the system and you may have to back here again, blah, blah, blah. My impressions: 1. Microsoft, being a software maker, seems like need to do more homework to catch up with everybody. The online ordering platform doesn't seem to work here. If the order is not in the system, how the system generate the notification email confirming the order? 2. I showed the lady the confirmation email. Instead of offering a solution, she just wanted to send me home. I am not sure if Microsoft understands why people do online shopping, or it seems like it is offering online shopping just as other people are doing it. I shop online just to save time. So I got to the store, my expectation is to pick up the order in a few minutes. If I have to spend all this time, which totally negate the purpose of online shopping. 3. When she's looking for my order, she has to scroll down trying my find my order in a lot of other orders. There is not even a way to check by order number. What kind of online platform is that? Microsoft? I have placed hundreds online orders at various stores, this is my first time shopping online at Microsoft. But honestly, the impression is that Microsoft needs to do a lot to catch up with everybody. Original impression was to only give 1 star but when I was complaining to the not very help staff, a staff from back showed up with my order in his hand, this bumped up the rating to 2 as I eventually received my order, but again this showed how unorganized the system is.

Maria Sison

The staff here is great and very helpful! They will assist you with whatever your needs are and point you in the right direction for your needs.

Nitish roy

Poor customer service.

Leola James

Elixir Blab

Get your fix on super unorganized rigged competitions weekly right at this store

Bruno C.

Dean Evans

The Surface Pro 4 that wasn’t This is an indictment on the quality of service at the Microsoft store, there were 4 failings by the staff that resulted in me keeping my Surface Pro 3 and furthermore will reinforce the habit of when I think Microsoft, to actually, buy Apple instead. Background I went into the Microsoft store in Southpark on Sunday November 1st to get a peek at the new Surface-book. While browsing an associate approached me to ask if I would like to purchase a surface book. I informed him that I had purchased a Surface Pro 3 in August and would rather upgrade to a Surface Pro 4. I was elated when he/associate informed me that I was eligible for a $550 trade-in based on my Intel i7 256GB SSD configuration, however the trade-in was only available through Saturday Nov. 7th. I told him/associate that since I didn’t have my Surface Pro 3 with me that I would be back prior to the end of the buyback program to trade-up to the new Surface Pro 4. (i7 Skylake processor not available during buyback) I brought in my surface Pro 3 (SP3) the very next day, neatly packed in the original packaging with all data wiped in order to trade-up to the Surface Pro 4 (SP4). Upon revealing to the team that I wanted the new Skylake i7 processor they informed me that model wasn’t available until November 20th. (It’s still not available as of this writing, the MS website says Dec. 18th) My issue here is the delta between product availability and the buyback program and the sales associate not informing me that the equivalent product was not yet available during my initial visit on Sunday when he was well aware that I was trading in an i7 SP3. (Hassle to pay for Surface Pro 4 in advance) Since there was going to be a three week period before I was going to be able to get my new SP4 I told the associate that I just wanted to pay for my i7 16GB mem, 256GB SSD configuration immediately instead of receiving a gift card for $550 to be used at a later date. More importantly I wanted to lock in my SP4 instead of being waitlisted once stock arrived. The associate told me that he was unable to allow me to pay in advance. After I questioned why, he consulted a manager who said that he could possibly do an override once all the information was entered. (No transfer or pro-rated return of protection plan on SP3) As the associate was dutifully taking my information, I remembered that I had purchased a 2 year protection plan for my existing SP3 so I asked what I thought was a reasonable question, could I transfer my plan to my new SP4? To which the associate responded no, you’ll need to buy another $300 bundle. I was floored….I then asked if I could get pro-rated on the return since it had only been a few months. Again I was told that wasn’t possible. The associate at that point got another manager in order to explain to me that the protection plan was tied to the device and was non-transferrable nor refundable. At this point my $1,200 upgrade is now a $1,500 upgrade. I’m fuming and the only reasons I didn’t walk out then is because I had driven 45 minutes and I was getting another 8GB of RAM with the new SP4 which would come in handy for video editing. (Couldn’t ship to my home) The kicker for me was when I asked the manager (at this point) if I could have my new SP4 shipped to my home once it came in so I would not have to drive another 90 minutes roundtrip to pick it up to which his reply was no, I have no facility to do so. To which I gave a very matter of fact reply, “this illustrates why I buy Apple products and I’ll be taking the $1,200 that I couldn’t give to you and buy an iPad Pro. Microsoft doesn’t realize that with premium priced hardware should come great customer service if you want customers to keep coming back. Apple has figured that bit out, until Microsoft does, you’ll find me at the Apple store.

Quirky Canvas

John Moi

Fun store alot of things to do such as the vr experiences you can do also has alot of gaming hardware like gaming pc,xboxs,headsets and etc

Nancy Realmuto

Very friendly people. We're happy to help with good results

TGP Pranav

Had to do a return-refund and purchase at the store. Very coordinative and quick at their work

Chris Hoey

I ordered an xbox through the online store and set it to pick up here. Almost as quickly as I got to the service desk a young lady asked me if I needed assistance. So I wasn't attacked at the entrance which was nice. Showed my email receipt and within a minute or so they had my pickup ready. So, really fast and pleasant customer service!

Derek Hornak

They were very helpful. Also offered me a drink while I was there


Mark Abreu

This is one of two stores the nerds can hang out at. I'm a nerd. Crowded and not useful for real tech shopping.

David C

Helpful and knowledgeable staff. Got good advice, and they had what I needed.

Eric Ray

Pleasant and helpful staff.

Derek Manns

The staff is awesome and you can conduct business meetings when available!

Tony Ulchar

Maanav Mehta

Justin Jennings

Gary was very friendly & knowledgeable. He gave feedback based off personal experiences instead of just pushing specs.

Tia Dorsett

Shawnna Brown

Amanda DeHarak

Glen Graham

james bond

Handles business accordingly

Vicool 3628

They have a great selection

Anthony Kelley

Clean and well kept store, friendly and helpful staff, and great products to choose from.

Veronica Storey

Having trouble with my surface and arc mouse. The tech (Sosa) who's been helping me couldn't be better! Fixed my Surface and gave me a new mouse! Employees like Sosa will keep customers coming back! Glad to know some places still have great customer service!!!

George Archer

Staff was great, very helpful

Timothy Richard Conley I

Sarah Nichols

Nice update to store but waiting was a bit much. Please coordinate waiting times better. Perhaps have a more identifiable teams; one greeting and another sales?

Dara Kinkopf

Can you say fun?! Love visiting to see new products on display and chat with friendly workers. Good buys and nice prices.

Sofia Kerns

Sean Reece

Average. Some of the workers have attitudes or act like you're stupid. But for the most part I like going in there to look at the new stuff. Probably wouldn't buy any big purchase there though.

steve sullivan

Knowledgeable people great selection

George Goodman

Outstanding but it always is an enjoyable experience.

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