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REVIEWS OF CPR Cell Phone Repair Gastonia IN North Carolina

Shaelyn Sns

n i when to you store in gastonia , and had my phone fix when i went to work the next day my phone stopped working, so i went to apple because i couldnt get the apple sign off the phone so they told me that i needed a new battery and screen . i was like not i just got it fixed lest then 2 day ago . he tell me the the screen and the barttery do not work and it will cost 368. to get it fix on top of the 168 i just spent at your store . when i called and asked what i needed to to get my money back they said that they could fix it i said not i would just like my money BACK .the manger at the time put me on hold for 2hour and said he could not help me that his boss would call me back . NEEDLESS to say i had to called back up there your manger said i need to got to apple and get his part back before he could do anything about it it then hung up on me when i called back and ask to spike to him again he said there was nothing he could do if i ask him again he wouldn't be so nice about it . i would just like my money back i try to tell him that i called up to apple and asked if i could get the parts back for the phone so i could return them and get my money back they told me they had already gotten rid of them . bad business

David Warlick

Wonderful people and had the pleasure of meeting the owner Mike. Fantastic customer service, quick and very friendly. I highly recommend CPR….

Torben Farris

Nice people


They threw me around the ring I called up there and asked do they have the screen says yes calls 30mins later and i don't have the screen then I bring it back the next Tuesday alright then oh man do I love how the screen is working but the audio plug doesn't work now don't know if it is from them or me if me the. I give them 4 stars

Sarah Davis

Very helpful staff and reasonable prices, will definitely go back.

Charles Fleming

Fast service. Excellent job.

Donald Nagel


Jacob Warnock

Very help and painless experience

Tom Hester

The phone works great and the service was very fast Thank you Tommy Hester


Douglas Farley

These guys are awesome! Great service and they took care of me quickly. Recommend them 100%

Tony wilbanks

Jeremy ervin

Awesome experience here. Had a battery replaced on my galaxy note 8. $69 plus tax and about 1 hour and 45 mins later I got it back and working like new. Appreciate it fellas.

big pappa 477

Very knowledgeable


My experience was wonderful. They did what they said they would do and in the timeframe they gave. Very nice guys! Great job!

Braylee Sexton

When I called up there about getting my Iphone 5s fixed the guy who answered the phone was really polite and helpful a lot.

Raúl C T

Sawaya McGrant

I took my laptop to CPR in Gastonia to have my HP LED screen replaced and it looks good as new. I'm very happy with their work!!!

Abbie Cochran

Good service. I had my iPhone 6 screen replaced and it only took about an hour. I had a minor mishap with it overnight, so I called the next day and they asked me to come back for them to check it out. They fixed it for me no charge. Highly recommend them!

Renee Miles


Excellent customer service. Repaired my screen in just under an hour.

Megan Anderson

Benjamin Mitchell

Jon Whiteside

Did not have any work done here. However I have called several times to inquire about services and the staff seems to be very helpful with advice and guidance.

Michael Dillon

Excellent customer service bye CPR Pone Repair. I brought my iPhone 6 in after I had diagnosed the charging port to have failed. Michael said they had the part and quoted me a price to make the repair. After about 30 seconds he returned and showed me the port was actually packed with lint. He cleaned it out and would not take any money. I was convinced i needed a part and would have never know the difference. This guy should give business lessons on how to gain customer trust!

Kay Roberson

Chad is a genius! The sound/mute button on my phone quit working and hence my phone would not ring! A major inconvenience! Chad worked his magic, pushed a few buttons, and---voila---found a way around the problem! And he did all this with a smile and in thirty seconds at closing time on Sunday! CPR, you have all my business forever and I'm telling the world about Chad! Thanks, Michael Bronnan, for hiring him! And thanks to CPR, I'm a happy girl again with a ringing phone!

Jennifer Unsell

Eric & Austin are the best! They have rescued and fixed my phone twice! Thank you guys a bunch! Highly recommend their services.

Teressa Shook

Very friendly and knowledgeable service. Chad was great an d nice to computer deficit people. And helped me at no charge. Go by and check them out.

Todd Harvell

No problem doing business here again. Great customer service!!!

Ben Okoduwa

Was told they fix iPhones...liers and thieves. Daylight robbery. Charged me $25 plus taxes only to tell me to take the phone to Apple. Couldn't tell me nothing nor what it would cost me to fix my phone. DO NOT TAKE YOUR PHONE OR ANY OF YOUR DEVICES TO THEM! SCAMMERS!

Cedarian Grier

So I went in and was expecting to get my phone fixed, the guy who helped me said that i would have to leave my phone with him for 2 hours and then he would call me. I called him after the 2 hours since he never called me and he said that he would call me again in 20 minutes then after the 20 minutes I called back and he said another 15 minutes so i waited again and he never called. So when i tried to call them i found out that the business was closed.

jullien davis

very good prices

Eddie Bou

Great repair. A++++ Great to work with.

sheneka surratt

The gastonia location is the worse they put a screen protector on my new iPhone in 10 secs , it started bubbling around the edges after two days . Then after I took it back in to get replaced they CLAIMED it was cracked ,it wasn’t and tried to charge me again to replace it . He insisted that was nothing he could do was even argumentative .I checked it myself and there was no crack in it .I asked to speak to a manger ,he then confirmed it was not a crack in it and that there was a bad batch of that particular brand then finally replaced it . There was no ownership of what took place from either of them or an apology. Thats bad business ethic and terrible customer service . They definitely need training in professionalism and proper customer service I never had a problem at any other location , I won’t go back to that location again!!!!

Anni Lowe

Very happy with the service and price!

Theresa Ewing

Shane Barker


M. Walters

I have always had excellent service at this store. Ive gone to them more times than I count, given I have two teenagers who are careless with their phones, and Im accident prone with mine. The negative reviews are baffling, and people tend to exaggerate and even lie. Its a great store with wonderful staff.

Sergio Mendoza Chavez

Excellent customer service! They helped me remove a battery from my camera!

Brendon Surber

Awesome service. Came in at 6:20 with a busted screen, even though it was last minute they fixed my screen on the spot. Out and done 10 minutes til 7. The nice young lady up front was very helpful and the tech who serviced my phone was helpful as well, I believe his name was Austin. Thanks guys!

C Prather

Employees are extremely helpful and prices are reasonable

Lisa J

I was very disappointed with the quality of service I received at the Gastonia CPR. I took my phone in for a $200 screen repair and when I picked it up they told me the speaker cover had been thrown away but it didn't matter. Shortly after leaving the store the screen cracked again. The managers were too busy to come out and speak to me. When one finally called me back he said a piece of dirt was probably left under the screen. They were supposed to call me back but never did. They obviously lack customer service etiquette. I couldn't even get the regional manager or owner to call me. None of our communication was ever logged into their system. I ended up taking it to a different CPR franchise that fixed the situation immediately. If you choose to use CPR for repairs please do not use the Gastonia location. Take the time and drive to Huntersville.

Jim Edwards

Took my $1200 gaming tower to be disnoised last minute 4 days later they advised me I needed a new motherboard at a cost of $150. The computer was year and a half old. I took it to Addax Computer Repair in Shelby for second opinion and it was a simple memory slip free of charge to fix. Don't recommend using CPR for expensive PC repair.

Hannah Cunningham

Fantastic customer service! I am very impressed with the knowledgeable staff about their products and what they are doing. Very clean and easygoing environment. Totally recommending to anyone who needs their phone screens replaced!

Chris McNeilly

Great repair experience. Called ahead and Tyler said to come on in and they'd get it done quickly. Very friendly and knowledgeable, competitively priced, and was prompt with the service. Cracked iPhone 6 screen replacement in about an hour. Will definitely use them again if needed.

Ryan Thompson

Shelley Collins

Very friendly and helpful!

Chris Musacchio

Brought in 2 iphones with cracked screens and they had them ready in about 2 hours. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff and the price was about 10 bucks less than other places charge. Had a chance to meet the owner - nice guy. Turns out CPR is a national franchise with almost 300 locations - he owns the Rock Hill and Gastonia stores. Highly recommended, will do business again.

Roger Craton

Chanelle Burks

Found them from a Google search, so glad I gave them a try. Very quick service and reasonable prices!

Sharon Parton

They fixed my cracked ipad screen in a couple hours on a Sunday afternoon. Great service, reasonable price. Thank you!!!

Jessie Oehler

I dropped my phone and it completely stopped working so I brought it up to CPR in Gastonia to get it fixed. They charged me $337.40 to fix it. When I got it back it still glitched but it worked for the most part. A week later it started doing the same thing. I brought it back up there on a Tuesday to see what they could do for me and they were supposed to call me and tell me what was wrong with it and how much it will be and 5 days went by and I hadn’t gotten a call yet, so I called up there. They told me that there’s was nothing they could do for me unless I wanted to pay another $337.40 to fix it so I said no. I brought it to Apple and he took it to the back and took the screen off to see if he could see the problem. He came back with a letter that stated that the adhesive that’s supposed to make my phone water resistant isn’t there, the wires were harmfully pinched, and the screen was not seated properly. They guy at Apple told me they overcharged me and damaged my phone. I brought it back to CPR to try and get a refund but they wouldn’t give me one. Apple will fix it for so much cheaper. DO NOT waste your time going to CPR in Gastonia. They completely ripped me off.

Irene Streng

Great service - fast, courteous, and knowledgeable! Since I only needed a new SD card put in my phone, he did it while I waited, & didn't even charge me (I would have gladly paid for it)! Would recommed Cell Phone Repair in Gastonia to anyone. I know I'll be giving them my business!

Jamie Abbondanza

Staff were professional and friendly. Fixed my phone in less than 45 minutes. Definitely recommend!!!

Brenda Bentley

These guys are great. ..they helped me with all my apps. ..friendly and fast. Chad was great help no charge! Phone problems? ..check these guys out!


Stay away from them. So I go there on 7/23 to repair my samsung J3. The guy tells me because its a glass screen that I might as well buy another phone. he cant help me. I was dumbfounded by his reply. The phone works, it just has a crack. It was clear from as soon as I walked in the dude really didn't want to help me. I honestly believe he was making an excuse not to help me because he couldn't charge me $100+ because I had my own replacement screen. A quick youtube search pulls up DOZENS of glass replacements for that same model. Unless you have a high end phone and looking to get ripped off, Stay away from these guys.

Bianca loving

So I’ve worked in repairs before hand so I know what I’m talking about and I hate being dismissed at the store . My iPad 4 needed a charger port replaced normally a hour to 2 job but they needed to ordered the part . My repair took 12 days . First they never ordered my part and then secondly they ordered the wrong part . When I got my iPad back I instantly noticed a ghost touch that wasn’t there before and the guys working the counter simple dismissed me and said it was cause my screen was dirty , I overheard a guy in the back simply say “ her iPad is just old, clean it and give it back to her “ I’ve gone back twice to be told I need a new digitizer , I hundred percent agree with them and I probably do need a new digitizer or MAYBE they need to redo their work the right way . Honestly they werent rude I just don’t think they understand the importance of taking pride in your work and paying attention to detail . So in all I took my product into them to be fixed and they give it back to me just slightly fixed and now still broken .

Tom Blake

I love this place! These days I want to make my cell phones last and thought my iphone was on its last legs--not so. Great service, quick, polite, and a great value. I'll go back for sure and am happy to recommend them to others!

Robert Foy

Great service and help. Very helpful and explained what needed to happen.

Alex Mullineaux

I am not sure about the quality of the work yet, but I can definitely tell you they don't know how to manage expectations. When I dropped my iPad off yesterday the guy was all up beat saying it would be ready in a couple of hours. So, I called a couple of hours later and he said they need some more time because there is so much glass. Ok, no problem. Come by 2 hours after they open the next day and they said it isn't ready yet.... should be in an hour. Frustrating but fine. Come back 2 hours later and it will be another 30-45 minutes! I am sitting outside the place now fuming because I don't understand how they could be this bad at managing expectations. If you had told me the first time that it wouldn't be ready until end of the day the next day, I would have had no problem. But now I have made 3 (potentially 4) trips for the one fix. Help your customers by simply telling them when it will be done so they don't have to waste time coming back and forth from the shop. There are a lot of companies that do this type of work. You have to be on your game when you have a ton of competition.

Sean Corcoran

We took our son's PS 4 to CPR on Monday (July 15) after picking it up on Tuesday (July 16) I was told by an employee that he did replace the HDMI port, however he was unable to fix the issue. CPR did not charge us for their time. I do want to point out that I took that same PS 4 to Gamer EMT and in less than an hour Mike had repaired the HDMI port and got the PS 4 working.

Dante Daggs

Steven Thompson

Completely phenomenal customer service AND professionalism. These guys really know what they're doing. Took my Note 3 in for repair because I dropped it outside on some loose gravel while working on setting up our pool for the summer and shattered the screen to the point that I couldn't even use it. Thankfully, the guys at CPR were able to get me fixed right up. They were able to have my phone fixed quickly and efficiently, and i've had NO problems since, even though I know I don't have to worry too much if I do, because they offer a lifetime warranty on their parts. With the way we rely on our devices these days, it's so nice to know that we have these folks in town to get them back in good shape so we're not completely out of luck when an accident occurs. Thanks CPR, i'll be sending more business your way - though i'm hoping none of my devices have to go back anytime soon, lol!

Valarie Carr



Reasonably priced

Justin Lingerfelt

Sean Reece

Brought in my iPhone and they had it repaired in not even an hour. Price is great as well as their customer service! Highly recommend!

Chad Phillips

I walked in and talked to Mike about my son's phone. The screen cracked and he quoted me the cheapest price around. I let him make the repairs of course I'm very pleased with the professionalism and quality of work they did. I highly recommend you let CPR make your repairs to save you time and money before you attempt to repair it your self.


Originally had a problem with the phone after getting it back from a repair. Took it back and was told, it wasn't covered under warranty. I was then called back and apologized to by the manager. He asked me to bring it back and let them make it right. I really appreciated the call and offer to get it right! Almost unheard of these days! Thank you CPR!

Veteran's Reviews

Michael B Great Job. It’s sad when you have a disappointing interaction with a frontline person, BUT then to have a concerned well-spoken member of CPR leadership call, and go the extra mile to help with my situation, It is more than anyone could ask for. This is so unexpected in todays market. and that is why I’m editing my review to 5stars. Michal Brannon (hope I spelled it correctly) called me and gave me his personal phone number, !!! right when does that ever happen!!! He addressed the glitch and I am happy to say his team will be getting all my repairs and service. You have made a loyal customer for as long as you are located in Gaston, might even drive to Rock hill, Thank you again Mike. I have revised the former comments, wish I could give more than 5stars.

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