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REVIEWS OF Paterson Electronics IN New Jersey

mariah smith

Awesomeness I love this place❤️ They Get the Job done quick Fast And Easy

Aquiles Sanchez

I fixed my iPhone 6 Plus screen and they fixed it really good, did an amazing job and the price was cheap! I recommend it to everyone, very nice!!!

Nariah Torres

I fixed my iPhone screen and it looks brand new. It was fast and easy and took only one hour! Loved the service!

geeta singh

Very helpfull, convenient and low prices

Marshall G

Great service, very nice employees and amazing prices! I recommend this store to everyone!!

Lynora Brown

Fast repairs and good prices. They are very helpful.

Jakaria Ahmed

Great service. Excellent staff.

Lorena Ahumada

Very good prices and quality. Love coming here!

Marilin Alvarez

They have great prices here and many beautiful cases. It was fast and easy.

Rosalyn Olivero

There not expensive and the people are cool.

Miguel Lopez

They have really good accessories for phones and the prices are great!

Marianny Hidalgo

Their repairs are fast and affordable. I also loved the variety of cases.

Shabaz Ghanie

Fast service, good prices

Nashimah Allen

Great Service!! They'll Hook You Up!!!

lolzz TV

They charge a lot for nothing

Emmanuel almanzar

Please stay away from this people .worse place ever I paid them 220 to fix my phone and the back screen was Crack couldn't bring it back the next day because I was working .when I cameback to speak with them about it they said that they were not responsible after only a few days the phone was fixed .plus they didn't even do any refund or anything on that. Please spread the word don't let this people take your money so easily after you got it with so much effort.

Jessica Greenleaf

Perfect service. Completely replaced my screen affordable & quick!

Cesar Nova

They have fast services and the staff are very helpful. I've been coming here for a couple of years now. I recommend coming to this place!

Frank Rodriguez

Great store very friendly workers. The girl helped me with a glass screen protector for a greag price!

Kattya Sampline

Poor customer service and to get a $5 discount they asked for my cell phone so they can write the review themselves... what??? Yes, that's exactly what I said I declined the discount, of course and everything they do it's behind tall counters. So, be careful!! My iPad screen was replaced within an hour..

Victor Estevez

Veey good service nice people abd fast repairs. Recommend it to everyone!!

T Payne

Fast and great prices for cell phone repair.

Michael Orsini

There greatly appreciated

Amelia Speight

Amazing store I just bought a new phone and the girl helped me, she was very nice and helpful. Trabsfered all my photos and was able to retrieve my contacts. I recommend this store to all of my friends!

Chris Brown

Good service but the technician is a clown salesmen are fast talkers so becareful lol

Djole Vicentijevic

Great service, fast repair and very efficient. The gentlemen in the back took less than an hour to fix my phone and they did a great job. I recoomend this store to all of my friends!!

Mariah Hilton

I fixed my LG screen here and it was done in less than an hour and great service!

Patricia Roman

They have amazing service and amazing prices. The girl helped me switch my service over to MetroPCS and helped me pick out a case and a glass screen peotector. I reccomend this store to everyone.

Felipe Dominguez

The best fast services

fear & loathing

This store is good for finding phone cases and getting your phone screen repaired located in downtown Patterson Patterson electronics offers to fix android and Apple phones the prices are reasonable for the phone repairs but everything else in the store you can find somewhere else for cheaper. They sell a lot of electronics there but I mostly go there to get my screen fixed for my friends and myself when they crack they give a very good deals.

Julio Silva

Hands down one of my favorite places! Been coming here for a while always treat me well... My whole famimy always come here to get their phones activated! Will continue to come here!

Carly Knowles

Very fast and reliable service. Would recommend to everyone!

Zyeheer Albea

i like their service it's really good and their employee nice too

Marifel Miguel

Excellent service nice people and you can get anything for electronics here. I definitely recommend it.

Gabriel Nunez

I like attention and the girls that work there, very helpful and nice!

yazan allatifeh

Good repairs, good prices and good service. Nice place

Angel Bernales

Very helpful, prices were great and the people were polite! I would recommend to everyone.


Variety of cases and merchandise and great prices!

Marifel Miranda Miguel Portillo

Amazing service and very nice people if you ever need anything related to phones or computers I definitely recommend this place.

abuzooz zaidan

Amazing store i activated my phone with the girl and she was very friendly and helpful!!

Ronaldino Gonzales

They fixed my cel phone. Very good

Sheila Rivera

Amazing experience, extremely helpful helped me with a lot of things and amazing staff. Recommend to all

Oswaldo Gallegos

to expensive

Michelle Turner

Great service! Quick and efficient with only a 30minute wait. I even received a free case of my own choosing since I got my phone worked at this location. I would definitely come here again and recommend it to my friends and family.

Oren MacDonald

Wide variety of cases and screen protectors. Great service and nice employees!

mustapha geo

Very good service. Courteous and pro personnel.

Doris Ramirez

Great store nice people very friendly and i recommend it to everyone!!

Santos Camaja

Very good prices, amazing employees and great ecperience!

Cesar Chopitea

Great workers, very nice and helped me out a lot.

Mark Jackson

They have a wide variety of phones, tablets, TVs, and accessories here at a reasonable price. I recommend this store!!

Marc Anthony Gonzalez

Very helpful great prices

Ana Nina

Brought my iphone6 here to get the screen repaired and I receieved it as good as new. Great quality and short waiting time. Highly recommend!

Ibrahim chakir

Great, large and wide variety of cases and accessories in the store. A lot to choose from and great pices.

Lacy Morris

They fixed my iPhone 7 screen in an hour and it looks brand new. Thanks guys!

Edger Clyburn

Amazing! My phones looks brand new can't even tell the damages

Alicia Sneyer

I fixed my phone here and they really did a good job the whole place is where everyone looking for to get and fix their phones, I recommend it to everyone ❤️

Mark Meier

The staff are very helpful. I've been coming here for 5 years and never had a problem.

north West

I would not recommend this place anymore, I went there to fix my galaxy s6 and they broke the plastic in the back of the phone, but that's not all now I can't make phone calls because after I took the phone there to fix it says not registered on network, and plus the button to close the apps on the front screen doesn't work. I took the phone back to the store and they told me they couldn't do anything because the phone number that I gave them was not on the system. I will never ever go back there I prefer to pay more and get the work done. After that I went there i haven't been able to use my phone because it doesn't work properly.i don't recommend this place

Rasheda Cameron

They do good service and great job

Lady D. Perez

Very helpful and the girl helped me pick out an iPhone 6 for my daughter for a great price with a case and screen protector.

Karina Parra

Fixed my phone here and it works great thanks!

Franklin Garcia

Very good service, I fixed my screen in less than an hour!!!

Ivan Marin

Great service

carlos quispe

This is an amazing store and I had a great experience! Very fast and very easy!

Ronald Chambers

Good quality and prices! I recommend coming here :)

Jessica Campos

Thank you for your help! Fast and Very nice! :-D


Pricing is good. Customer service is average. I bought a couple phones there and some are functional but a couple were faulty so it's a 50-50 chance.

Maysa Odatalla

Great customer service and a wide variety of cases and accessories! Loved the store and recommend it to everyone!!!

Jerry Jaramillo

Service was fast and professional.

Gilberto Florez

Great people, and I love their attitude towards the customers. Definetly coming back!

Trap Gaming

The repairs are fast. I fixed my iPhone here a couple of months ago and it works fine. I went back and they were able to help me with a good case to protect it.

Ana Perez

They helped me with getting a new phone and transferring my service over. Very helpful and polite!

Nadia Zabady

love the cases! prices are great and products last long!

Sarah Azize

I originally went to a different store in Main Street to replace my phone screen and it was not good quality so I went here and had them do it for me. They did an amazing job replacing and I would definitely come here again

nsreen awadallah

Amazing customer service, everything done quickly and great prices

apl drip

If you go here to repair your phone DO NOT GO!!! They don’t even give you the default Pieces and screens they give horrible screens from China and steal pices from your phone

Mario Jorge

I just bought 2 iPhone 6s Plus and they gave me an amazing deal with the cases and the glass protectors. They were very friendly and kind!

Jose Araujo

amazing store great prices and a wide variety of phones and accessories!

Manuel Rodriguez Tolentino

great service and audai is a great very helpful

Jamaal Gumbs

Bad and they are very rude

mimi luvvs

Fixes my iPhone 5s screen and they did an amazing job!! It looks brand new and it was done in less than an hour.

Amea Kodom

I transferred two of my lines from T-mobile to MetroPCS and thwy gave me a great deal!

Sonia Lugo

I was able to purchase an unlocked phone there and it was at a good price. Would recommend to friends and family!

man man56 n

Great experience loved it here, and extremely helpful

José Flores Galindo

Good deals on used cell phones!!!

Yahaira Lopez

I fixed my iPhone 6s screen and it was done fast and the price was great! Reccomend to all!!

Virginia Rivera

Fixed my phone here and it works great. Prices are great!

Lester Baptiste

I rarely give 5 stars, however when thinking about this place I couldn't think of a bad thing to say! They accommodate efficiency and pricing. They have, for the most part, every screen on hand. I've been replacing screens here since my T-Mobile Wing, and the same guy is there!! The store is becoming a Paterson staple and I hope that they stay.

Pretty Lex

Perfect customer service, and fast and affordable! Highly recommended

Jeffry Lora

The customer servicr is great and they have lasting merchandise

Albert Nolan


Enazhe Pulido

They have cases for everything LITERALLY! love getting accessories from here!

Zaher Ammar

Great store, excellent prices and a wide variety of accessories and merchandise!!

maya mallah

Great people and the service is very fast! Been coming here for many years!

Zacharius Rene

Fast service , recommend to everyone I know!

Ronald Cuello

Very helpful honest people ! Even gave me a loaner phone to use while my phone was getting repaired

yessenia aguayo

Had a great experience here! Very nice!

Ambitious Myshia

They were fast and efficient. Very friendly

Amr Elamrawy

I fixed my iPhone 6 screen and it was in less than an hour. Great service and fast repairs.

Lydia Williams

I fixed my iPhone 6 screen here and they did an amazing job and it was affordable!

Felix Sanchez

Very good service, respectful employees and great prices!

Veronica Martinez

I love coming here. They have a variety of cases to choose from with great prices! Very friendly staff.

Felipe Ovalle

Amazing prices on cell phones and the accessories. I always buy my things here and I love it here.

Alfredo Abregu

I always come here and I love it. They have cheap prices and they have everything here.

Bryan Meneses

I have been coming here for a couple years. The service is very good and fast!

Ajay Sharma

Good service and quick repair time. Definitely recommend

Mcgyver Norbert

This store is great awesome people and well maintained good prices on phone TVs every thing you need

Youssef Elzomor

Pretty good store but if you want a better deal go to GO WIRELESS in Clifton Ave, Clifton, NJ because Paterson Electronics has really bad prices

Madison Vargas

I fixed my iPhone 6 Plus screen and camera and they did a phenomenal job. I love it here and they always help me out!

Girl Talk With Zori

They have fast and easy phone repairs. I fixed the screen for my iPhone 6 Plus and it took less than an hour and it looks brand new! I recommend it to all!!

Andrea Vallejo

I love this store they have many different cases and a variety of phones to choose from!

Dino s2o

I like the store service very polite &a beautiful price

linitra green

Employees were very nice an helpful I was able to get what I needed at a reasonable price

Jesus Ocampo

Extremely nice people, helped me buy an iPhone with service and a case and screen protector.

Michaela Desanpedro

Repairs were fast and the workers were great! Loved their cases as well!

Margaro Lopez

I always buy multiple phones here and I never get any trouble or problems. Great service, very friendly and nice employees.

Da'Shaneiaa Jones

The workers are very friendly and they were able to give me a case that protected my phone. I loved this place!

David Nettles

As always been I come to Paterson elerictronic I get the best service and the people. Treat you very well it's like your family I always recommend this store to people

Angie Henderson

They have good service and they were very friendly.

Sujah Streets

Fast and easy service. 5 star company.

Pedro coronel

Employees were very nice and helpful. Great prices and fast repairs.

Melvin Brito

very bad experience with this place took a phone to them for motherboard repair “charging ic” got charged $50 and they didnt do nothing to the phone. it still died super fast. after coming back the 3rd time they were very rude and said phone is good as im walking out the store phone shuts off again. clearly they didnt do nothing to the phone nor the charging ic. comes to find out it was just the battery. got charged $50 for a phone battery that cost me $8. if i knew it was just the battery i wouldve never took it to them in the first place and wouldve just changed it myself. they didnt want to give me any money back and forced me to buy there battery for the $50 i payed for the ic. these plp are not very honest and dont care about customer satisfaction. they just want money.

Robert Savellano

They always give me a good deals when I buy my phones from them. And good customer service

Atlantis Van Buren

They are really good in fixing and repairing phones and they also got good variety of phones, cases, And different phones accessories and other electronics. I recommend this store for all my friends

Ronny De La Cruz

Very pleasant customer service and great services in general.

Dominican boy republica

Great service, everything was on sale and on special. I recommend it to evrryone!!!

Junior Beltran

Shady and unresponsive, but fast. The "repairman" cut my SIM card adapter off for $5, but managed to somehow scratch the screen protector in the process, so I'd recommend going else where.

Noris Montero

Great store, very professional. The young girl helped me activate my phone and it was easy and done fast. I recommend this store to everyone

susan mitchell

Great store, loved the service and they're very nice people! I fixed multiple phones and fixed multiple phones and everything works Great! I love it here!!!

mohd R

Definitely will come back, very nice staff!

Jessica Santiago

Great job! Screen on my iPhone looks like it wasn't shattered about an hour ago. Looks brand new, great service and price.

Gabriel Pagan

Great custoner service and prices are great. Recommend it to everyone!

Gabby Pais

These guys fixed my battery and when my phone was still overheating they went through the entire motherboard and replaced all the chips for such an affordable price! They even offered to let me keep the battery free if the problem had turned out to be just the motherboard. I know any other place would charge a fortune for the same service. Will definitely be going back and would recommend this place. Plus, they are probably the first people to put my screen back without any yellow pressure spots. They really know what they’re doing :)

Ammar Albayati

It's so good

Aliyah Jeffries

They have nice phones, cases and screens too and the people who works there are professional doing their jobs.

Alex Pinnock

Best in Patterson, very friendly. Fast and great service reliable service and best prices!

Volney Thompson

Fair prices

Juan Gonzalez

I fixed my iPhone 6s screen, it was fast and easy! The prices are great and great service!

Raynaldo Moran

Everytime I come here the technicans are always ready and they always fix my phone!

Yafavv Kay

Great customer service and amazing prices. Love coming here!!!

Pedro Rubio

My burn service my recomendable

Yesenia Baez

I got my service from hete and it works great! Haven't had an issue with them

Salvador Martines

Great service! The staff are very nice.

jannat lina

They have great service and cheap prices!! Love it here!

Bernarda Olivares

Great store and great customer service very helpful

Taiesha Nolton

Came in with an S7 cracked screen cost was real cheap in 2hr & done! Love it

Ivi Lazellari

Great service bought 4 phones and had an amazing experience.

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