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REVIEWS OF B&H Photo Video - Electronics and Camera Store IN New Jersey

Dan Rivera

I like it because it has everything. An all in one place for all your electronics needs. Online ordering and pickup is pretty convenient and just took me less than an hour from order to pickup. The only thing I didn't like was that there was a lot of store workers going around but not everyone was keen on helping out. It took me a while to grab a hold of somebody who can clearly answer my question and eventually had to do my own research on what I needed. I was pointed to the general direction of the part I was looking for but they were not sure either. Regardless, I got what I needed which was not in any of the Walmarts or targets that I have visited prior. Good store still on my books.


A great place with tons of helpful people both in person and on the phone. Good prices, and one of a few places that can maintain spectacular deals while not being part of some national chain. While the physical store is closed during the Sabbath and most Jewish holidays, the store nonetheless wields a unique position as a trusted local store by allowing customers to demo many products before they purchase them. The store has both budget-tier equipment and hardware on the bleeding-edge, and is a must-go for any sensible consumer interested in electronics.

xingo touch

Beware Computer Purchasers--their return policy is non-existent. mine was brand new computer with only the box opened. i will shop with bestbuy or amazon! If you open the box, it's yours for good, regardless of whether you ordered the wrong computer or otherwise. Their 30 day worry free return policy does not apply to opened computers, but you won't find that information unless you deep dive into their website.

Jack Steven

B&H has one of the best staff. They'll teach you stuff you don't even know about. They also have a wide selection of electronics and their online shipping is insanely fast.

Leslie Scarver

Even though this particular business has been operation for years, I've never patronized it. Possibly because J&R Music World provided a similar experience. ( J&R closed it's doors a few years ago). I went to B&H Photo looking for solution to a particular confusing electronics problem. The salesman was very helpful, patient and knowledgeable about what I needed. He even gave me a xerox copy of the model of the electronic piece so I can refer to it when I'm ready to purchase it. This store is stocked with everything you'd need and their employees are courteous and helpful.


will not send notifications of an order you made being cancelled cause the item got discontinued, really unprofessional

Eliza Benitez

I would not recommend them based alone on the unavailability of customer service when most needed. I chose to order from B&H instead of a local shop because of their advertised overnight shipping and had an estimated delivery of 24 hours. Ordered on Thursday, the package didn't appear on Friday and upon checking the shipping status is actually delayed not 1 day, which is reasonable, but an extra 3 days and expected to arrive on Monday. I can't reach them for any help because customer service is closed from Friday 2 pm to Sunday 10 am for Shabbat. The job the lens is needed for is Sunday at 10 am. I didn't receive any notification as promised to indicate my equipment would take 4 times as long to arrive and I am now out another couple hundred dollars renting backup equipment because I can't request a refund or have another shipment attempted in a timely manner.

Brian D Tice

I've ordered many items, from projector screens, to cameras, to audio sound equipment via their website over the years, because of their competitive prices. When visiting NYC I had go to the store! The store is large and has everything, from what I listed previously to about anything else you could want! I was actually surprised! The layout of the store was good and easy to navigate and employees very friendly and willing to help. This is truly a unique store! Wish there was one in my state!

Randall H

I ordered from B&H photo not too long ago. My order was shipped immediately, and received my item. I have to give these guys 5 stars. I did have to return the item, but it was a major defect with the manufacturer with a ongoing power issue, not b&h, and these guys handled my return with ease. Their customer service is superb! I definitely would order another camera again from them!

jackson idrovo

When you see it from outside it looks like a nice little gadget place, but ah when you go inside its like walking into Narnia; its huge, much bigger than what the outside lets you tk believe, and the second floor is amazing, its full of technology, its always transporting packages around the whole store, using a large transport system that is right above peoples heads, it's honestly mesmerizing. If you are looking for a electronic device, look for it in B & H you will 99% of the time find it and at a great price.

Kevin Quist

Tried contacting them. After waiting for like 10-15 min. they disconnected from me. rude but ok. Week later I use on line chat again. ONE of a few stipulations I had, was I wasnt interested in spending thousands of dollars. below $1000, or as close to would be good (and should not have been an problem. seen lots of cameras for $500 - $1000 and they are good cameras). recommends ONE camera to me, and it was priced at $2,500. their commercials are not honest.

Da' Vi Perez

The Best deals in NYC. Great customer service. Plus with the Payboo card by B&H. You save on the tax. :)

Gilles Curchod

This shop is amazing! This carriage system, come on! And you can try out about every camera gear. If you like my review, give it a thumb

Richard Lowe

Super cool electronics super store. Great range and prices. Worth a tour as it's an establishment

Kirk Hamann

This place is incredible! Staff was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. The checkout process is streamlined to handle the immense foot traffic this place draws. I can’t wait to go back!


There is no other company around like B&H - B&H is B & H. I've trusted this retailer since last 20 years and this company NEVER EVER disappoint me. I do not trust any other online business (with absolutely no retail store) because you don't know who sales that product to you (and you probably thinking that just name is enough??!!) and from where they are getting their product (may be counterfeit). Best customer service, 100% genuine products, best online ordering experience, best app for mobile ordering - simply everything is THE best at B&H. Special thanks to customer support representative Abe. Thanks Abe and thanks B&H. Just a little request - please provide option to pick up merchandise from your NJ warehouse locations.

Amit Chakraborty

This is what an electronics store should be. Firstly, they stock an unprecedented variety of equipment, unlike any other electronics store I've been to. Secondly, their customer service personnel are real sales people. Not pushy, but patient, knowledgeable and approachable. The whole process of buying something from the store is seamless. Electronics in the US = B&H photos. Period.

Alero Awoyemi

Oh my goodness. B &H is the best shopping experience I have heard in the states. The sales agents are so professional and give you the best deals. I enjoyed my shopping and must mention Barry. You are sure the best sales man I have met in a long while. Thank you for your patience. Great guy

Chloe Dixon

It's super cool inside, the staff is also very helpful in locating what you're trying to find

Luciano Bruna

Love it!!! Very good service and a huge variety of products! I'm very happy with my purchase!

Mia Shibly

Lots of upselling, to the point where ive experienced several employees either denying me service or straight up insulting me. They act as if they know more than anyone. Some of them are kind in the used department however. The checkout process is a terrible pain in the rear, its the worst ive been through. Takes forever to get out the door. Edit: 09/23/19 The service has been improving a lot in the last 2 years. Sales is much less pushy but overall checkout procedure is still inconvenient.

Oliver Krisch

Worldwide know as the place to get your photo and video equipment... B&H. How you can write a good review of the one and only store? The best of the best.

Rich Johnson

Great store! Awesome to finally see the place that I have spent most my money at for years!


This is an excellent store and a world famous collection of electronics all in one location. The experts at this store are the most knowledgeable of any sales people and in their field. This is a great company in every way!

Alvaro Navarro

Have done most of my interactions with them online. I have also visited the shop and it always amazes. If you enjoy retail, visit!. If you are a camera(tech) geek easily spend half a day here. Service is not great, feels pushy and uninterested in helping. Went in to do an online order claim and they managed to get it sorted in store after a lot of explaining.

Diagmy Nuñez

Excellent place. I was so surprise with the customer service here. I went to find out information about a surveillance system and the person who assist was so nice and teach me some new terms that I had to return. I went for two phones and Sean assist me that time and he was so helpful show me the phones and verify I could use them in my country, it was my birthday and I asked for a price match and he help me with that. Also a lady called Marta was so nice, when she was asking for feedback. I am a new costumer who is returning. Everyone is so polite, they say thank you all the time, they make feel the customer good. Love this store, will definitely come back.

Orrin & Alicia Johnson

Beware Computer Purchasers--their return policy is non-existent. If you open the box, it's yours for good, regardless of whether you ordered the wrong computer or otherwise. Their 30 day worry free return policy does not apply to opened computers, but you won't find that information unless you deep dive into their website. Who doesn't open the box when they receive a computer?

Satyanarayana Narina

Great collection of electronics. Decently priced, staff was co-operative.. Would love to visit this place again

Tameem Asif

It was honestly great. I could not stop just walking and looking around the store because it was filled with so much tech. Also, the employees were very nice and friendly.

James McLean

They stock anything you could want, service is efficient and polite, and prices some of the best around! Highly recommended.

Mark Jones

Ordered a TV that showed up broken. Had someone come out to mount the TV 14 days after delivery. When they opened the box, they found that the TV had been cracked. Contacted B&H and they just referred to their policy that I have to contact them within 2 days of receipt and if I didn't, too bad, I'm on my own. Won't be buying anything from them again, thought I could buy from someone other than Amazon, but I guess this is why Amazon is putting companies like this out of business - not relying on a stupid policy and doing their part to make sure the customer gets what they pay for.

Mary K Smith

B&H is one of my favorite stores! They have all the CE products from gaming laptops and PCs to cameras to accessories. Their sales staff is knowledgeable, helpful and pleasant to work with. Pricing is competitive! I highly recommend shopping here!

Roy Hutchinson

An aladdins cave of possibilities in this store, with helpful, knowledgeable and friendly staff. The used counter were helpful and were helpful with practical wisdom for what to buy and what to leave - that guarantees a return! The staff in the 'action camera' were equally helpful and spent time understanding my needs before offering help. I cannot rate this store more highly, never disappointed and always looking forward to going back

Yonatan Dvir

The place is huge and offers an unlikely wide variety of tech products for almost everything (from mind-blowing driving simulators to photography filters)! The guys and girls who work at the shop are very nice and welcoming, and are always ready to "go the extra mile" in order to have a satisfied clientele. Would definitely recommend to someone who is visiting Manhattan: even if he/she doesn't want to buy anything, the experience itself of walking into such a store is worth it!

Rick Lockhart

Bought a TV for our rec room that was under construction. Stored it unopened in an unused room in our house for a few weeks. Opened the box to a completely shattered screen. Reached out to B&H and they are unwilling to work with me in any way on a replacement since I didn't immediately open the box on arrival. So I'm out $800 and have a completely useless tv and they couldn't care less. Don't buy a TV from these guys, go somewhere that cares about customer satisfaction like Best Buy or Costco.

Dustin Park

Ordered a fitness tracker here in Alberta, shipping was on time and fair price. The product I bought went on sale shortly after purchasing (I saw an ad for it on another website that it's on sale at B&H.. thanks targeted advertising & web tracking!), so I contacted them and they issued a refund for the difference. I know that is to be expected in this scenario but they responded same day and said they were 'Pleased to refund the difference". This is a great company!

Evans Formica

Really impressive place. I can easily get lost and broke in here. Great people working here. Very friendly and knowledgable.

Shem Rajoon

Poor customer experience. My partner and I were picking up a few items we purchased online before our flight. I decided to wait in the waiting area which is right by the left entrance, however they required me to check my bags in from another entrance and walk around through the register to uncheck my bags from the other entrance in order to wait in the waiting area that was right by the original entrance.

Raj S

My favorite shop.. is there a 6 star option ? If so I’ll surely give it :). Wowowow .. what range of options . One of the best shops for photo video in this world . I know a lot of my friends in Australia , India who buy from here .. Fantastic service .. amazing price .. and very quick turnaround . They have all automated rails in the store through which you get ur products . Really fancy .. Return process is also easy .. very professional service .. kudos to the management .. and lastly , I love their candies

Alexander Buschek

As a photographer you can only love B&H. It's paradise. Plus they are helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. Come back whenever I'm in the city.


This place is often busy but I order my items online and they are available for pick up a half hour later hassle free. Super easy and convenient as long as you don’t mind the trip to the store.

Dmitry Cheryasov

Wide selection. Fast, efficient processes. Helpful salespeople. Conveniently located. Reasonable though not low prices. Closes early on Friday, but opens quite early on weekdays, unlike most other stores.

Clay Kelly

I've used B&H several times for laptops, and couldn't be more impressed. The website is easy and useful (hard to find, sometimes), the prices are as competitive as it gets, and their shipping is lightning fast. Usually next day, crazy. I'll use them as long as they're open!

Geoff Grimwood

Reliable and world-class. Want to shop in an actual store? Here you can. Want to order online? Here you can. Want to order online with the safety of there being a physical store you can visit if there's an issue? Here you can.

Jaidyn Fisher

The workers are very friendly. This place is huge and has anything you could ever want electronically. I'll definitely be back for more of my music things!


Exceptional experience as always. In and out very quickly to pick up an online order. They move very fast. Went on my lunch break and had plenty of time to spare. Love coming here.

John Casey

The ultimate camera and electronics super store. It's all here, even stuff you never knew existed. Friendly and helpful staff.

Andrew Impellitteri

One of the coolest stores in NYC. Anything electronic they got and they have the truly high end stuff. Great for just browsing or if you need something specific quick. Headphone display is great, awesome to try before you buy

Errol Li

The folks in B&H are very helpful especially a guy name Robert at the optics section. Robert I thank you for knowledge and help in guiding me to buy the perfect telescope. With Robert help I was able to make a decision and purchase a Meade telescope.

Carlton Banks Jr

I was shipped a broken Canon XC15, it was missing all the cords! It was also missing the manual! I called in about it and the representatives repeatedly hung up in my face! They have no integrity and they refuse to take the item back or refund my money! I'll never buy from B&H again. They do not honor the guarantee of their products and they have fake reviews on their app! This company is out to scam new customers that don't know about cameras. The Canon they sold me does not work nor would it Power on! I talked to the owner and the regional manager and they told me they didn't care and the owner laughed at me and suggested that I pawn the camera even though it is broke. And remember the camera came out of the box broke from B&H!

Johannes Elsner

The best camera/electronic store I've ever visited. They have literally anything from beginner to highly professional equipment. I just went there to check for laptops, cameras but only got me a lense cover because I lost mine.

Jim Freund

A bewildering selection of professional and consumer photo and sound equipment; even electronics. You may have to wait to get help, but it's great, knowledgeable staff don't try to sell what you don't need, and will work to fit your budget. It takes time to navigate the store and learn it's quirks, but I've found it worth the effort. Take note that the store is owned by observent Jewish folk, so it's closed on Saturdays and appropriate holidays.

Jeremy Gaitan

Ordered a memory upgrade for my laptop. They didn't say it was backordered when I ordered it. Kept checking the mail when it was supposed to be delivered and it wasn't showing up. I had to contact them to find out it was backordered. They won't let me cancel and now it's been almost two months. Then about two weeks ago they said it would be shipping the next day. More lies. Will never order from this company again.

David Phillips

The best in the biz, whether in the store, online or on the phone. The staff is EXTREMELY well trained, helpful, and NOT COMPENSATED via commission. Therefore, they only give good advice that is not financially motivated. Pricing is some of the best as well. Why would you shop anywhere else for electronics?

Alex Morse

Terrible in store experience. Wasted an hour trying to get any help. Only store staff that bothered to talk told me to find someone else. I will never go back. Simple line for help is all it takes. For now Sweetwater and SamAsh get my business. Lazy uninterested staff is a huge fail.

Efraim Wolpin

Amazing shopping experience. Really enjoy shopping here. Great staff beautiful store a d very helpful and professional.


This is one of the absolute coolest stores I've been to. Where to start? I used to think Best Buy and Guitar Center had big selections of products but this store blows them out of the water. Never before have I seen so many display cases of every bit of gear and tech I'd really only seen online or in catalogs before. The variety of different categories is expansive as well; everything from music production electronics to cameras to gaming to smart phones. I think one of the coolest aspects is how interactive everything is. You can basically sample everything before you buy it. I also noticed just how many staff members they have, all willing to answer questions or help you find something. One more awesome thing: the ceiling has a system of automatic conveyor belts that take bins of items all around the store. You can see them travel up mini elevators and zoom off down the line. If you are into tech stuff of any caliber and happen to visit NYC, it's a really awesome store to see.

TYree S

Exceptional selection of products and services available in store, competent and huge volume of diverse staff on duty to assist. ADA accessible for wheelchairs, restrooms and eleevator. Store and selection is gigantic. Closed on Saturdays

Irfaan Khalid

This store is a techie's mecca. You can find anything and everything under the sun and, to boot, the employees are great - I loved being able to talk photo gear so fluidly. I'll definitely be back to browse if not purchase my next lens!

Amanda Young

If you are looking for a camera and are in NYC this is the place to go. I know this business is going to answer my email/ phone call if I have any questions about my new camera. The staff is so very helpful and the nicest people. We asked a lot of questions and they were so happy, helpful as well as informed about everything we looked at. I was so happy when we left I was so grateful with everyone. Thank you B&H ( side note I stop in the bathroom ) probably the cleanest one in town. Happy with these people who I talked too and happy with our products from here.

Erika Ty

I've only ever shopped at B&H online so it was a real treat being able to walk into the store. I could have stayed for hours looking at everything. Staff were very friendly and helpful!

Saif Kbishi

They have everything. The staff were very helpful. Good prices

gail Nealy

this is the place for all things camera, video, ect....if it's not here, you probably can't find it anywhere. Very helpful staff. I was just thinking about a doorbell cam and the guy was so helpful...even sent me a link. so I did have to try and remember everything we talked about!

Nisan Nisanov

Still going strong in customer service. Appreciate this place. They really try to accommodate all your technological needs and you get free candy while they do that for you

Ryan Osborne

Great service. Great showroom. One of the best retail experiences. Worth a visit!


These guys are great. It doesn't matter if you're a novice, or a seasoned photographer, the staff here will make sure you make the right purchase. Plus, they have good prices on studio equipment and TVs, so thats a plus.

Denis Roger

Terrible customer service. Really horrible customer service with the two guys at Sony camera booth and the girl at stabilizer counter both on the second floor. Zero interest in answering questions, just pointing to everything without actually talking. Such a famous and complete store ike B&H shouldn't have these kind of people working for them. Gave up on buying the camera, lens and stabilizer I was going to buy there because of the terrible customer experience.

dear boss

Love love love this store! It's the only store I can get a particular item I need due to some DVDs that are region 2. Pyle portable DVD players are ok-made but not too cheap that you know you are not getting a good deal. I've had a few over the years and my first one was very finicky. Almost as if it had a mind of its own. Insists disc 1 is no disk... Clean it, still no disc. Throw in another disc. Reads it fine. Throw in disc 1 it loads right up.

Erik Wallace

Excellent place to purchase Apple products! I just got a brand new Apple Watch series 3 for $400 off! It is not even a holiday! Plus I got free shipping, and my order was tax free! Ive previously purchased both my iPad and Apple Pencil and was completely satisfied! I would 100% recommend using B&H Photo and Video!

Jim Fell

A Friend Referred Me in 2000: This store has served me well for Canon and related products from analog to digital. I buy new and used as well as third-party accessories. The staff are patient and helpful, and many of them also have "the camera bug." They do well at in-store and mail order. Since I live in the area, I particularly appreciate the order online and pick up at the store.

Ivan Prasin

Best customer service ever. I purchased a couple of external hard drives. One wasn’t working properly so I returned both of them. B&H refunded me immediately.

Marla Valbrun

B&H has all the electronics accessories for film, camera I do recommend it because the price is affordable and it has a parking nearby. If you are taking the train it is close to the E train, 7 train and a lot of other places around. There hours are convenient and a friendly staff. You guys should go there for camera and film stuff that you need. You can even buy online and pick up in store

julian yue

Great place for all things video and photo. You can't walk out without buying everything. They stock almost everything. Service sometimes not so friendly but always efficient.

Dhananjay Sawant

Busy. Good for window shopping for many. Gives an idea of what you would want to buy. Huge collection of photo/video/drones/electronics. Helpful when needed. Great for photographers/video and digital enthusiasts. Feel it, hold it and get it if you want it or there's always online shopping if you want to make up your mind later.

Ben Ly

Finally got to visit the camera Mecca. Worth the wait. Such a cool store!

dayoung Lee

Nice place to buy electronic devices. Plenty of brands. easy access from Broadway street. Tourists also worth to visit.

Edwina Chenplus

The best in the business buy here The best in the business work here They right size the equipment to sell what each customer needs The most ethical shop

Amatzia Deutsch

Best place for tech shopping, whether you're an amateur or a professional.

Charles Bouillon

You cannot go wrong with this store. Everything under one roof, good prices and expert knowledge. Perfect to see the products int he flesh.

Damian Cox

Tons of tech and gadget there with extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff on site. It's great having a brick and mortor store like this in the city. Only off setting thing is they don't price match with Amazon. If you are in a bind and want something right away do BH Photo. If you can wait for later on the same day or next day delivery, compare prices and go with Amazon.


A really large store!! It was a bit of an hazzle to bit only one small thing (an SD-Card). Nice employes and a excellent range of products.

yehuda steinberg

Great store they have everything you need from cameras to camera accessories, computers laptops tablets and all accessories. The customer service is amazing, the guys are so helpful and know everything about whatever your asking about. Good for anyone from a walk in customer that just needs a small thing to photographers and offices that need all kind of things!!!! Great prices too!

Michael Roush

The online ordering and check-out is so remarkably fast and simple. Thank you for thinking of the customer and not making it harder with passwords and having to change them. Brilliant!

Christine Peters

This is one of my favorite stores in NYC. The people there really know there stuff and they never try to up sell you. They also have all the hard to find inks and papers in stock for those last minute deadlines. And on top of that you get some candy. Love this place

Robert LaFrance

I’ve been ordering online from this store for years. I had a chance to visit NYC and go to this location. Wow! This is the best electronics store I have ever been to by far. The customer service was fantastic. The selection of electronics was vast. There was even a little lounge on the way out the door where I could check out my purchase and get it setup.

Suhas Kataria

Scam company. My order was placed on 2/26 as back order. It was suppose to be delivered on 3/22 then they changed the date to 4/1 and now it 4/15. I don't think i will ever get my order 07/19 Opinion changed for the company. I was just eager to get the product

Doppa D

Under the "DUTIES & TAXES - How would you like to pay?" section, I selected, "Recommended! Fast & Easy Pre-Pay - Save time & headaches: pay all customs fees now and be done. Period!" and paid extra for it... When the item arrived, FEDEX charged me duties and taxes AGAIN... I contacted B&H as I was sure it would have been taken care of... but no. B&H was USELESS, and did nothing to help. I was charged twice, and they did NOTHING to correct it. Will never buy from you again. Your customer service is the worst I've ever seen. GARBAGE!!!

Manvir Kalsi

Brilliant. If you don't know what this place is. Just go in, ask any of the amazing people who work there any question and learn as much your mind/heart desires. This is the type of place that all other stores should learn from. It is an experience not a store. Much respect to B&H.

Benedikt Parstorfer

Fantastic store, not only for photography equipment, but all kinds of electronics. They have everything on display, so you can test it out before buying. Also, very knowledgeable staff, they know what they're talking about. Plus, the system they use to get the products from storage to the cashier area is an attraction in itself. Definitely highly recommended!


Kinda walk in there and get lost. There are alot of employees however majority of them are at the register. They need more floor employees. More items in the laptop case. More variety and need someone who can deeply explain the benefits for a particular item that is inquired about.

Audrey Weiss

Ordered online for many many years, but this was the first time I had stepped into retail store in New York. I was so impressed by the excellent selection and the fantastic customer service. If anything, they are overstaffed. Also check out the order fulfillment conveyor belts for something interesting to see.

Eliezer Shore

There is probably no place better to buy electronics in New York (and maybe, the world) offline. You get expert service, prices equal to Amazon, and everything is on display. The whole store setup is also fast and convenient. It's also fun to just visit.

Angelo Bovis

Great service, trusted store. Way better than Amazon. I now purchase all my tech gear from B&H. You get legit stuff and no counterfeits for the same price as the online giant.

saga legin

I had an old speaker from 1993 and was looking for an dc adapter for it. They had nothing online i could find so i went into B&H hoping i could find something. The sales rep James Williamson was very welcoming and we were exchanging industry stories right away. They had the adapter but it didn't fit, so he went above and beyond the call of duty to get the speaker working with that adapter. I was impressed with the customer service of James and he's an all around great guy. I can't recommend him enough plus B&h as a whole. Made my day after trying to get this speaker working for quite awhile on my own.

Meg Caccavale

The choice of electronics is simply huge. I like everything. Prices are always pleasant.

Bryan Eck

Trusted. Always ships with plenty of padding in sturdy boxes. New equipment is always in perfect condition when it arrives on the front porch. Used equipment (in my experience) is rated conservatively on their website and shows up in better condition than you expect. However, I do wish they had a customer loyalty program like Adorama where points = $$ off of future orders...(hint hint)

Kelly McDermott

WOW. JUST...WOW. I didn't know what to expect. Looking for a telescope eyepiece, the are not too many stores that sell these, let alone telescopes. I walked into this massive, well-oiled machine of a store and was just overwhelmed with how much they have. I was directed upstairs, where the telescopes are and there was a man sitting at station 39 as if the sole purpose for his coming to work was to help me. He was knowledgeable and trustworthy. I found what I came for and then some. You could spend hours in this store. If they don't have it, no one does. It's an electronic playland!

Gabriel Adames

I love coming here every month or so. You're always working with someone who genuinely wants to help you find the right piece of equipment for your project. They're not the pushy salesman type either, which I love!

Joe Jolin

Placed an order for an item (display wall mount) through my company. Received the item quickly, however, the box was completely destroyed with parts hanging out. I understand that this happens. I had an installer ready to install but many parts were missing. I contacted a rep who advised me to package it back up, send it back to the company, then they would send a replacement. In other words, many days later I might get my order. I said this was unacceptable, and that either replacement parts should be sent right away or they should send a complete other wall mount, and I could send the old one in the box they sent. They said no. I simply said I wanted a refund when I return the product, and that I will take my business elsewhere. Not good business in my book. There are simply other places to purchase products online. I will personally not ever buy anything from this company, or will the company I work for either.

Ryan Kirkham

Simply the best electronic store anywhere. For sure the best selection of cameras and expertise in explaining them in the world. Love this place. I buy all electronics there including Apple computers.

Jun Simons

A great store with the best selection of equipment around. I love being able to see and use products used or new products. The staff is very helpful, and there you never have to walk more than 10 seconds away to find somebody to assist you. Definitely recommend B&H

Mike Herburger

This place is awesome to visit. I buy from B&H online, so when I was in NYC I had to stop in to see what goes on “behind the homepage” definitely a destination ... picked up some Ilford 120, 3200, black and white film.

Raul Vega

They guys know what they are selling and I always appreciate the advice. Being in NYC I love being able to order online and pick up my stuff very fast.

Daniel Lawson

One of the best camera, video and electronics stores in town. You can drop some pretty pennies here

Sara Boyer

ok say what you will but this is hands down the best place for an camera and electronic needs you have. They still sell camera film at a competitive price, their super knowledgeable, and super fast shipping when you can't get the item in the store. I love visiting this store and exploring all the goodie you can buy!

Jeff Craig

This place is awesome. The staff is super knowledgeable and I love going straight to the used department to ask questions about any product, recommendations, performance, etc. They also consistently compare quality and cost for me, telling me when it’s appropriate to spend the extra money for name brands and when it’s really not necessary. I’ve ordered online and shipped to CA as well, and the no tax option is pretty great, especially with free shipping. Best camera/electronics store I’ve been to.

Kristiana Pärn

I'm impressed with the prices and the quality of service B&H offers. I've ordered from their online store for years and 100% time shipping is fast and item cout is always accurate. Amazing work! Definitley recommend if you need a company/supplier who is responible and accountable.

* Akhmatov

Great selection of photo and video camera equipment, knowledgeable staff. Prices are just a bit on a higher end of the spectrum, especially compared with online stores. The difference can be as much as $1K or more on camera body alone if you're looking at the hi-end models. Ultimately we went with B&H since we were pressed for time before overseas travel and couldn't wait for shipping, plus as a manufacturer licensed retailer you get manufacturer warranty, as opposed to store warranty with most online purchases. Last note: try to stay away from free hard candies strewn all over the place (I'll review my dentist one of these days).

Ricardo Paiva

Simply the best place in the world to buy photo & video gadgets. You can try all kind of products, talk to experts and they have competitive prices.

Stephen Kersting

Competitive for local prices and a great return policy! If you need camera help definitely wait to speak to someone on the second floor and you can call up any lenses/accessories you want to attach to your personal camera or one you're interested in. They took months to fully deliver a very expensive and multi item order. When checking their website, items were "in stock" and had to remind them I was still waiting for items Great to buy a few items, wouldn't for bigger packages

Gene Oleson

Merchandise selection is very good. Pricing is reasonable and if you catch a sale even better. On-line ordering is a breeze. Wish there was a bit more uniformity to the specs information for different products so as to provide an "apples-to-apples" comparison. Nevertheless, enough information about the specs that the comparison can be done with a bit more time and effort.

Peter Fernandez

Good deals on electronics. Bought a small piano my niece needed at the last minute. Amazing interior. Look up at the ceilings!


I must tell you this is one of the best buy experiences I have ever had online, I had to deal with customer support and they were great. I used their chat based person online and they got my order corrected. It's kind of sad that I have to pay tax now that I am out of state, but I would buy from this company before I would buy from Amazon! They have the same prices, but it's nice to keep a smaller business alive! I have bought two sound bars and a TV through them and it has been a great experience, keep it up and I will continue to buy from you from all the way in Georgia!

Peter Ciaccio

B&H is my go to store for Electronics. I have been shopping in the store, online and now via their app for years. In store visits are the best as they have expert advice and insights into the products they sell across all departments.

Asif Billa

It's in a great location. Manhattan. You will get all kind of cameras, camera gear, video recorder, camera lights, stabilizer, action cameras, printer, home entertainment etc. It's allocated with multiple floors with different amenities. So it's the best place to explore your needs.

Joy Resor

We happened upon B&H on a meandering stroll after seeing Wicked. My partner was in awe, and needed to enter, for he has long ordered online. Though it was 6:01 on Sunday, the door wasn't locked, so he had a chance to feel Christmas joy seeing the beautiful displays. This store will not disappoint any camera afficianado.

Berniece Palaci

For me a visit to New York isn’t without going to B&H! I’m like a kid in a candy store! As a photographer I can spend hours looking for what I need!” Iconic landmark when in NYC check it out! Highly recommend!

Francis Specker

Best photo store on Earth! Plan to spend more time than you allotted.


Over the past couple of years, I have made numerous purchases through B&H, and have not had anything to complain about. Items are shipped fast, usually arriving to my home in Atlanta in 2 days, 3 max. As for customer service, I haven't had any reason to speak directly with anyone at B&H, but if the online shopping experience is anything to go on, the customer service is likely to be aces. And I have to give respect for a company committed to its roots; I love that they close in observation of the Sabbath. It doesn't have anything to do with my experience with them, but it does speak of integrity. Shop here, you won't be disappointed.

ori ben hamo

Wow great place! Wonderful service! Best prices

Ricardo Lourenco

Super easy website. Easy to use, easy to pay, and easy and fast to pick up! Thanks B&H


Wow. I have visited them online for years but the physi al store is AMAZING!

Mónica Ars

Impressive display of all the articles sold in here. Amazing place and excellent service, all staff are very helpful and nice. We always come here for the best products and prices.

Pablo Blum

For many years B&H photo has been the best store for the pros in Photography, Video, Sound and more. B&H have a huge inventory of the best brands in the market. The prices are always competitive compared with others retailers.

Art Tibaldo

This is one place that I always look forward to go to whenever I land at the big apple. I went to this place in 1997 and 2003 and ordered items online like movie clapboard and studio microphone for my Media Newseum’s radio and television booths. I also received sent free catalogs that I sometimes claim from our PO with additional fee probably because of its weight. Their wide array of media gadgets and gizmos are truly incomparable.

Michael Davis

Had a great experience here. I've been shopping with them for years but never made it to the home store until now. Very glad I visited!

Caroline Gadelha

The best technology store. The best attendants, prices and options. I strongly recommend.

Brian Gomez

This is an awesome place to shop for mainstream electronics and not so mainstream electronics. The selection is phenomenal but it should be noted that just because the website or app says an item is in stock doesn't mean you will be able to go to the store and physically inspect the item. What I mean by this is B&H has an extensive inventory however most items that are "in-stock" are either housed in the floors above the store (inaccessible to the public) or in their warehouse in New Jersey. If it's coming from Jersey the item takes around 24 hours to arrive at the store in Manhattan. If the item is kept above the store you simply place an order with one of the sales associates on the floor and pick your item up at the counter in under 30 minutes. Which brings me to my biggest qualm about B&H..."simply" getting the attention of a salesperson is often times the furthest thing from simple. The sheer number of customers versus the number of staff coupled with New York personalities frequently leave customers aimlessly meandering around hoping they will be able to snach a salesperson before the next person. It's a cool store that is frequently packed to the gills. Good luck and may your odds ever be in your favor.

Adrian Muntean

The store itself is very clean and extremely well organised. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The amount and variety of products is just overwhelming and the prices are great. No complaint, not even one. Great job!

Lucian Ale

Everything for photographers in this amazing Disneyland of photo and video stuff! They have expanded to offer other electronics so since J&R went out of business they have become my go to B&M store form all electronics while in NYC. It is very difficult to bit their prices and the very attentive service and advice from their knowledgeable sales professionals.

Timothy Joyce

If you need photo gear, this is the place. I have been shopping at B&H as long as I can remember. Even before the new location. They have just about everything, with great prices and knowledgeable sales people. They are excellent to do business with and have a great return policy incase something you buy online isn't what you expected.

Ellen Selip

Unbelievable huge 2 floor business. Each floor is large into itself. Looking for a camera for 6 yr old grand son. Sales associate was very good, took time to explain everything to me. Left B&H with camera in hand. It's a well oiled machine.

Martha Martinez

B&H staff is always super friendly and knowledgeable in every department. When I go there I'm confident that I will get the help and service that I'm looking for. Whenever you have a doubt about a certain item, their staff is sure to answer all your questions and give you the best advice possible. Their service is fast and accurate. They have everything from devices to accessories! The store is always super clean and even thought there is always a lot of customers you never come out of there unsatisfied. They always have good deals on pretty much everything. Definitely would recommend you give them a chance, I know you won't regret it!

stephanie Handler

Good selection of various types of things. Knowledgeable sales folks who don't always know how best to dumb down explanations of things without sounding like the customer is a moron, but that's common with tech folks. I'm used to it. Thank goodness my 10 year old nephew gave me good recommendations of what to get. HIM they respected

Rishi Jain

This is truly a photographer's paradise. Go with some time on your hands and take the magazine for a detailed evaluation and trust me you won't be able to leave without buying anything.

nick kuraig

Stop using FEDEX. Every time I pay for next day delivery, they promise me a date and time(NEXT DAY), they deliver 2 days late. I take off from work to make sure I’m home to sign for the package and the delivery schedule updates as it scans and gets closer to home. Then around noon, it stops updating and all communication ends there. I wait and wait, calling FEDEX and they assure that the delivery is on its way. Hours later, 7PM, I call again to try to locate the package and they ow have a different answer “they don’t know when the package will arrive”I guess I’ll wait another day at home and not get paid to sit and stair into space..

Dhia R

B&H staff is always super friendly and knowledgeable in every department. They have everything from devices to accessories! The store is always super clean and even thought there is always a lot of customers you never come out of there unsatisfied. The best in the biz, whether in the store, online or on the phone. The staff is great they are knowledgeable and responsible for own work. A great place with tons of helpful people . Excellent place. I was so surprise with the customer service here.Great from every where.


Hands down one of the best shopping experiences I've had since I've ventured into the world of digital photography. The sales people at B&H are knowledgeable, courteous and friendly. I had a someone assist me with an On-Camera Monitor purchase the other day. My sales person worked with me to find the perfect unit for my needs. I’ve since put my new monitor to work and am having better than expected results. I will continue to shop at B&H and have recommended them to friends and family. Unequivocally the best in the business when it comes to camera equipment sales and service.

Eeraj Qaisar

Always a great place to visit. Good service, selection and top rated gear available to check and try out. Support these last of the few independent stores that have survived the online retail giants. The free candies are literally icing on the cake.

William Doyle

Been purchasing from the for almost 20 years, but never saw the place. Well, I finally checked it out in a trip to NYC, and it is even more impressive than I could have imagined. Phenomenal experience.

LeRoy Smith

Great shopping experience, online or in store. Sales personnel are knowledgeable and courteous. Questions are welcomed and answered, recommendations are given if you don't know exactly what you need. Love shopping for my photographic needs here.

Only Reviews

This place is huge! It’s definitely not a Best Buy lol. I went for a camera got in and out quickly.

Man Hong Li

Perhaps one of the largest audiovisual equipment stores in the United States... the world maybe! Features a large range of goods, from the most basic to the cutting-edge. One can easily spend half a day here just browsing. Fantastic place to visit in New York City.

ivan0030 University of Minnesota

I’ve always had good experiences with B&H. They are friendly and helpful and ship quickly, with FedEx (so much better service than UPS)! Recently I ordered a used item and had the wrong item sent to me, and they fixed it by price matching the same item but in slightly better condition! Four stars instead of five only because the partner bank that issues their store credit cards (of which there are two separate ones that just have slightly different perks, which in itself is bizarre and so unnecessarily complicated for a credit line that’s only valid at one store) is a huge nightmare to deal with. It’s nearly impossible to get ahold of customer service and when you finally do, they usually just make the problem worse and/or “transfer you” to a line that plays hold music at you for several minutes and then spontaneously disconnects. Avoid the store credit cards at all costs, and you’ll be happy with your experience!!

Elijah Ramsey

B&H has always been my "go to" for purchasing scanners. They have low prices and fast delivery. I highly respect the fact that they close for the Meodim. Baruch HaShem!

Jake Rohrer

This place is bonkers in the best way. I walked in to the sound of green bins flying overhead to fulfillment, which was a sight. The staff was very knowledgeable, and incredibly helpful. The place ran like a well-oiled machine. I can't wait to go back and see what else there is.

Adam Cohen

This is a good go to for anything you are having trouble finding for your video needs. They have a lot of G&E and video gear. I've also gone there to look at computers. They do have photo as well. They have good experts . Just call ahead if you want to use the studio as it may be booked up for the day. If it is something you can find somewhere else it may be more expensive here for the convenience.

Wessley Neeves

Needed 35mm film while I was on vacation. This place had what I needed and more. Staff was helpful and knowledgeable. This store is huge and has all your electronic needs. It's a very well run operation, despite it being super busy with huge lines. I was in and out within 15min

Lindsey Morrone

It does not surprise me that there are almost 20K reviews for this place. I did not even walk into the store- I called to place an order but needed help determining what I needed...and can you believe it?? Someone picked up the phone! And answered all of my questions intelligently!! And within a few hours I had my item delivered to me (I sent a messenger and they were super accommodating). Very organized, very thorough, concierge like experience... I will never go to Best Buy again if I can help it. These guys are ROCK STARS. Thank you, thank you.

Dan Witte

Ordered a lamp for my projector and the website stated it would be delivered in 1-5 days. After not getting it I checked my order status and it was now backordered an additional two weeks. Tried to work with customer service to cancel the order as I could get it quicker and cheaper from another website and they told me it was not able to be canceled. I explained I would not have canceled if it was delivered on time or when I ordered the item it stated it was a backordered item. They would not listen or work with me. They have lost my business for good and I would advise to shop around as you can find lower prices and better customer service elsewhere.

Virginia E

Great place. Excellent prices. Bobby of the tech dept extremely helpful. Point of sale experience with their state of the art technology was flawless. These guys got their business process down pat. They know what their doing. Very efficient !

James Ellison

This store is amazing. I love going into this store even if I dont need anything but I always find something that I have to have. It really is a one stop shop for any electronic, photo or audio needs. The service is great and and the selection is even better. Honestly one of the coolest stores I have ever been to. I would definitely find an excuse to check it out.

Mark Case

I've updated my review of B&H Photo. Since my original post I was contacted by someone in their Customer Advocacy Sales team. He was very apologetic and was able to resolve the issues to my satisfaction. This is the type of customer service I can really appreciate. Mistakes happen, even to the best of companies, but it's how you handle those mistakes is what really matters. Kudos to them for stepping up and making things right. I placed an order a week and a half ago for two computers and additional memory. I was told it was in stock and would ship the same day. The following day I was told it would be another 2-3 days. After 6 days, I followed up. I was told it was ready to ship and would go out that night and that I would receive tracking. I never received tracking so I followed up the next day. I was told again it was ready to go and that I would get Overnight shipping at no additional cost for the problems. I never received tracking and had to follow up again the next day. I was once again told the same is ready to ship and is going out today. I explained everything I had been through and was told "the best I can do is send a note to the warehouse and someone will get back to you by noon". At 12:30 I called back because I didn't hear from anyone. This time I asked for a supervisor (Amanda). I explained everything AGAIN. She concurred, everything she could see on her screen shows it is suppose to ship. I asked if she could please get back to me one way or another by the end of the day. I did get an email from her saying we don't have the item and she didn't offer any options. I went on the website and found the exact same computer, just will less RAM and a smaller hard drive. I replied to the email asking if they would just sell me that computer and throw in 8 GB of RAM. I never heard back. I followed up the next day and spoke to customer service. I again explained everything I had been through and ask if they could sell me the other computer and throw in the RAM. I was told no. I explained that I already received the additional memory for the first computer I ordered and didn't receive and if they wont sell me the same computer, they will have to call tag. Guess what, they are call tagging the memory. TERRIBLE customer service.

Kwasi C

Good place for electronics. Helpful staff and lots of products. Usually always packed though.

Paul Smith

They have great customer service and selection. Prices always competive and during the holidays l was credited a discount after the item went on sale even though I had purchased 30 days prior! I have my Onkyo home theater .and many photo (Nikon gear)items from B&H.

Jose Gomez

Ordered a tv stand pretty easily online, little did I know that a month later...still no stand. I placed an online order and got an email confirmation of my order letting me know that I'd be informed when it has shipped. 4 days later, I got another email telling me that the item would be shipped from the distributor "usually within 7-10 business days." After a month later, no emails, no phone call, no updates, I called customer service. Eric was actually very nice and promised to get back to me via email after he reached out to the distributor - which he did! Huge thanks to Eric. The problem is although I appreciate the reply, the time since my order was placed to the time B&H is getting the item in stock is 2 months! Not even delivered, but in stock! This is completely unsatisfactory. Your business sure took my payment without delay while not proactively informing me of this significant delivery delay. I had hoped that your business was one that focuses on excellent customer satisfaction but this treatment really shows a lack of commitment. A dissatisfied customer!

Alan Houghton

Came a long way to visit this legendary store but it was closed for a week for a holiday. I'm sure it's great, but pretty sure I wont be back from Australia

Simona Nanoveanu

Perfectly organised. Nice people and good prices for the photo cameras. I got all the explanation I needed and I was satisfied with my visit to the place. And even if it is crowded, I could find a parking place dedicated to the clients of the store, so that if you buy for more than 100$ you don't have to pay the parking.

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