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REVIEWS OF Apple Short Hills IN New Jersey

mike altona

Had a great time my associate Luis was phenomenal he was extremely helpful thank you

Marianne L

Steve the greeter is the worst. He zipped and locked his mouth shut as I was speaking to him. This should not be the behavior of any Apple employee none the less the "greeter". First person you meet. Hope you lost the key Steve!

Anthony Thomas

Firstly as soon as I came in I was ask am I alright that’s great for me. I’m in the customer service field and I know great service when I see it. Francisco aka Frankie the gentleman that assisted me with my whole progress and it was fast, smooth, very professional at a high Level! Keep up the great work!

Donald Lough

Didn't have what we went for air pods wasted trip.....

S Carr

Professional staff, this place stays crowded...

Jason cole

Waited for 20 minutes after my scheduled appointment time. Didn't even attempt to figure out what the issue with my computer was. Claim they can't do anything for a computer that was bought over 5 years ago, essentially saying that you need to keep buying the latest model in order to get any kind of help. Always the same story. They don't even try!

Samantha Williams

Bad service. I went in the other day to make an appointment at the Genius Bar. The lady that made the appointment for me had a very strange attitude. She seemed like she wanted to get rid of me. She had her hair dyed red.

James Reddig

The girl I talked to told me they didn’t have what I was looking for and didn’t ask any more questions to see if she could help. It was a simple accessory and I got a bad attitude. Maybe Apple should pay them more or hire better people. She had some monster style shoes on. Why have the Apple shirt if you’re just putting slippers on to work? Average person average performance average rating.

Sultan Car Service

Sometimes long lines but today was smooth in and out. Didnt have to wait over 10 minutes and my problem was fixed. My computer was shipped out for repair and no charge for the repair because i had applecare. Another win for Apple

Jay Topp

Great service

dennis cabarle


Roseann Haniyyah Reece

Received great customer service from Xavier Beaubrun. 100% attentive amongst the chaos. Thanks.

targetedjustice. com

You pay sooo much for their devices. Stores always filled with customers with performance issues of their devices. Stop rigging the bloody phones in attempts to sucker people into accessories/sales. And you will have happy customers!

John Chirico

Friendly people but be prepared to wait a very long time.

Edilson Pereira Filho

Greatest at Apple Store's

Brian Emmanuelle

Although my wife and I brought in our MacBookPro in to Genius Bar for service as it kept randomly shutting down, we ended up looking at new ones as our VGA card was going and could no longer be repaired as it is a 2010! Joe at the Genius Bar was extremely knowledgeable and nice despite presenting bad news. We then worked with Shi trying to determine what we should buy as a replacement. She worked with us patiently and went above and beyond to help us make a decision and what the options might be. I cannot say enough about this App,e employee. Her knowledge, professionalism and ability to discuss this highly technical world with two non- tech people were exceptional. Thank you. I am always amazed by the Apple service and support. It is why we keep returning to buy Apple products despite the fact that many other options are cheaper.

Rashida Khan

I visited the Apple Store today and was assisted by Daniel, and might I say that he was so kind and patient throughout the time I was at the store about my phone. He is really an expert and he knows his stuff. If any of you are planning to visit the store and going to the Genius Bar, I highly recommend asking for Daniel. He will make sure your needs are met!

Chris Pan

This store offers the worst customer service experience as of Oct 10 2017. Good experience won't be revealed when customer wants to buy a new product, it's only revealed when customer faces challenges and gets the exact help needed, and this store obviously cares more on the sales not the services. I made a Genius Bar appointment with my Beats headphone. It doesn't charge and it just got one-year warranty expired in like 3 days. The technician and the store manager just kept telling me it's out of warranty and there is nothing they can do. The solution they offered was paying $199 to get it fixed. And they argued it's so cheap because it's not even 50% of the original price. The way they offered this kind of 'help' is really disappointing to a customer. I later returned back home and contacted Apple online support and managed to get a warranty exception. As I have described above, instead of offering services, they offered sales. Instead of looking for solutions, they instructed an approach which anyone can find out from internet. If so what's customer service for? What defines a company with good reputation of customer service? I still really appreciate the help I got from online store. Anyway don't expect any good customer service from this store. Real experience as of Oct 10, 2017.

Carol C. F. Myers

Very busy place, a little nerve racking because it's so busy you can be overlooked. The customer service there when they did find me was amazing. The lady was intelligent, funny, and really honest. She didn't let me buy a program I didn't need. She was the best.

Elizabeth Gearhart

Great service.

Paul Dolinski

Quick service but avoid the store on Saturdays and Sundays.

Kevin Nevias

Well organized Apple store with knowledgeable staff.

Kelly Paola

Great Sevice !

David Kang

Made appointment weeks earlier by phone; showed up, and no appointment in system. Could only offer to address 3 hours later, who has 3 hours to wait around....

Dan Kay

Busy as all, but quick and efficient

Marco César Riveros Rojas


Daniel Ferreira

I wanted to get my battery replaced. First off, I called into the store to ask if they had any appointments available to replace the battery for my iPhone 6. There were no appointments available for when I was working in the area but they accepted walk ins, but to come as early as possible. So I the following day or so, I get to the store before opening and there was already a line of about 20 people. Half hour passes, I’m finally directed to someone up by the Genius Bar. They ran diagnostics and then told me that they don’t have the battery in stock. Why was I not told this when I called?! I go back in about 2 weeks later to ask if they have the battery in stock. They do. I schedule for the repair to be done a few days later. Third trip to the store, I drop off my iPhone for the battery replacement for $29. Great! Went back up about 2 hours later and the repair was done. Now later throughout the day/night is when I notice issues. In short, I loose Bluetooth signal if my phone is in my pocket or past 5 feet from the receiver (headphones), my WiFi signal is practically no existent (even when in the same room), and my gps doesn’t pick up my location properly. I reached my destination by reading the gps map and it still had me pinged at my starting point. I called Apple. They claimed it must be a software issue so I followed all their instructions on resetting the phone back to factory settings, resetting network settings, recovering from iTunes and not the cloud, etc. Nothing worked. So then I was told to go back to the store, for the fourth time, and to explain everything to them since the issues only came up after they replaced the battery. They told me nothing can be done and a new iPhone 6 would cost me $299. I then called Apple again because this was preposterous. They pretty much said the same thing. They are not going to fix it. I was also told that there is a disclaimer stating that after the repair, the phone may be worse then when it first came in. So whatever you do, don’t bother replacing the battery. Had I not taken my phone in for the battery replacement, my phone would be working just fine. I would just need to charge it sooner.

Uz Mets

Un educated knowledge

Stephen Klein

Managers are combative and take no ownership of anything. Been upgrading my iPhone every year for the past 6 years. Horrible experience every time. Canceled 2 iPhone pre orders today. Going to the Rockaway store next time. Avoid this store at all costs.

Florence James

Quick, friendly and excellent service.

Paul Williams

Nice store but the waiting was ridiculous.

Laura Godinez

Great store. Amazing staff. Fast and friendly people.

Sayyora Jabborova

Prices are affordable loved it.

Ravi Nanavati

Nice store. Customer service was ok - not stellar. It took me a bit of bouncing and “not my job” responses before finding someone who would check inventory for me.

Matthew O'Malley

Long waits for nice, informative sales reps.

Scott Tritten

It's an Apple Store. They're pretty much all the same. Stopped here to get some equipment to do iOS development and paid a lot of money for some OK hardware, but that's the way it goes when buying Apple products.


Terry did a great come back. Had a phone with a cracked screen repaired, 8 days later one little drop and it completely cracked again. Spoke with Terry with no problems and had my phone repair no charge. Thanx

Aliyah Allen

Staff were very friendly and helpful. Customer service skills were very good from each employee I encountered, they made my purchase important and were very knowledgeable on the products. I felt confident and relieved leaving the store !!!!

Tee Mack

Always busy but if you have an appointment you are good to go

Benjamin O

Visited this store to replace my cracked screen on my iPhone 6. The store was very packed and busy, but the customer service received was fast and efficient. Ross attended o me and was extremely warm and thorough with his assistance. I am impressed with the overall performance of the store.

John Greco

2-21-19 Walked in after leaving Freehold Mall Apple in Freehold Nj. Spoke to the manager at freehold and had such a poor experience that I walked out. Gave up hope in apple all together. Was in Short Hills a day after the bad expirence at Freehold. Ran the same story to them. The manager personally came out “Dennis” and Leo a sales associate.. they took the time to hear my story and made me feel like a customer. Not just a number.. I’ve been using apple products since day one. And I will continue. Avoid Freehold. Come here.

Andrey Gavlin

Called this location and made an appointment for battery replacement. First available appointment was 6 days away, I took it anyway. Up on my arrival I was was informed that they cannot help me because they don’t have parts in stock!! Why did they make an appointment and waited my time? Manager Ron Leith was not helpful at all.


The website said it costs $90 to replace an iPad battery, but they tried to charge us $290 there and tried to get us to instead just buy a new iPad. They just want your money

manish pandey

Wonderful place and so the people

Carolyn Botros

Great support. Very helpful n friendly service

Gary Monterosso

I can’t say enough great things about this store and it’s wonderful employees. Specifically Jannah Burgos and Himanshu Jain! I wanted to hug them by the time I left. I have owned 6 of the Apple products and they secured a customer for life. Their kindness and professionalism should be commended. I was in a tough spot that someone else created and they went above and beyond and totally exceeded any expectations! I can’t stress enough how great they are! Merry Christmas to them and bless their hearts!

Sherwin Vizcarra

It’s an apple store... and no matter how busy they appear, I always get the help I need. Anyone you ask is helpful and are willing to help you out even if they are busy. This store trained their employees well to handle customers... from that I can somewhat justify the premium we pay for the products if you have the means.

Emerald Tutt

My appointment was for 12:50 pm I arrived on time and ready . Went to the front of the store and checked in , the gentleman ( I believe chris ) read me back my last name and let me know to seat at a certain table and wait . It is now 2:00 and I'm writing this . We went to the front to check and the young man could NOT find my name , we were asked who checked us in . I pointed in the direction of the person who checked me in . I was then Told my appointment was cancelled , but I was also told to have a seat someone will be with me shortly ... this is unacceptable . My first expierence at the Apple Store and my appointment gets cancelled ! I saw and counted 14 people at my table alone who came in after me , were seen and their phones were repaired . Maybe the system need to be changed , or have a designated area / booth for the checking process so everyone has a CLEAR understanding of the waiting time . This is a reputable company and for it to remain that way EVERY one should be in unison ! Alternatively KY was great and answered all the questions I had . Thank you Ky for your awesome customer service I give you 5 stars

Melvin George

The staff is very knowledgeable

Miro Aguirre

I believe we got a good price for an airbook.

James Cassaniti

Super long wait and they wouldn’t even back up they’re warranty on a phone they said it’s bent put a straight edge on it, on million of an inch off very rude and stupid people. Apple should be fined for out sourcing billions of jobs.

Deb Neils

My iPhone 6 did not hold a charge. I went to Verizon where l bought it and was told that there was a battery recall and to go to Apple. I went to the Short Hills Apple and was checked in by a very rude young man. He asked why l was there, and l said bc l had gone to Verizon, and that they told me that there was a recall on my battery. His response was ... "Apple doesn’t have any recalls". I then told him that l also checked on line ,and that there were ..and that if my phone wasn’t dead l would show him . He then said," there are no recalls, but battery replacements" ... at that point l said well that is what l’m here for. There was no need for this conversation, he knew very well what was wrong with my phone, why he waisted my time and his being so rude and smug is beyond me, especially since I was in a line with about 10 people waiting behind me!!! I think the Short Hills store needs employee training, bc clearly this young man couldn't get a job as a greeter at Walmart! I'm just gald that the other staff members I had to work with there to resolve the issue were friendly and professional.

Sarah Zucker

Great place and atmosphere. However, I kept having to take my computer back and the problem is still not resolved. I have the newest MacBook and I went in in late December

Alexander Ndubuisi

It’s lovely place to be, the staff are friendly and helpful

Angel Rayes

First time in a apple store. Good experience, excellent customer service

princess le

Michael Puca was very knowledgeable. He looked in my daughters laptop and began solving her problems. He was polite and personable. He welcomed questions and was very patient. Outstanding customer service. I will recommend the Short Hills Apple store location to my friends & family. Please consider Michael for an opportunity in management, he will do a great job.

Austin Ashley

Alot of high end shops nice place to spend an afternoon just walking around. The mall itself isn't too big and there is plenty of parking.

Tom Dubovich

This store is always crowded. If you don't have an appointment expect to wait over an hour to speak to sales. When I was there they said they also had a tech support wait of up to 4 hours without an appointment.

Daniele Stephen

I was in your short hills store w/ my father & the apple customer service sales person was so inappropriate i asked him to help me get the outter box defender box off my Ipad he told me he didn't want to touch it because he didn't want to get sick, after that i was so disgusted with him , I TOLD HIM I DON'T NEED YOUR HELP[, Then he said to me i was sick with the flu for week well maybe you shouldn't work with people phones Ipads or in the public DON'T GO TO SHORT HILLS APPLE STORE

Cullen Decker

I walked in to the short hills store today with a phone that wouldn't power on. Kevin was assigned to my case and was extremely helpful and courteous. I expected the worse and assumed I'd be paying a lot of money. I walked out with a brand new 6S+ and thanks to Kevin for a great apple experience.

Shadi S.

The tech here is overpriced. Pretty good if you like to throw away money at mid grade technology.

Patrice Hilaire

This store is wonderful! If anyone goes into the store ask for Cedric. He is amazing in gentleman with alot of charisma.

Oksana Weber

Walked in to get my old iPod Touch fixed. Thinking why not since I have it. Before I had chance to even explain what happened girl who didn’t even acknowledge or greet me at the door said “u need to make an appointment”. I tried to asked further question and answer was again “U need to make an appointment with that guy right there”. Why she even there if I need to make an appointment with that guy right there. And then wait 2-3 hours to be seen. I turned around and left. It’s sad that company like this has such a poor customer service.

Candice Noel

This is the worst Apple store. Gave 2 stars just because I was greeted at the door quickly. Other than that the experience here is always trash. This time, I informed the greeter that I needed help with my AirPods. He walked me through a long process to set me up with a Genius Bar appointment (which I thought was weird and unnecessary since he had an iPad in his hand). Next appointment available was an hour away (as always with this place). Waited the hour and during my appointment the guy at the Genius Bar said I needed new AirPods, but they had none in stock and no repairs at their location so I would have to wait 2 to 3 business days for the new ones to be shipped in. This confused me because at the Apple store in World Trade Center and on 5th ave the Genius Bar wait is about 15 mins max and they always have what I need in stock. I decided not to wait the 2 to 3 business days and went to the Apple store at WTC the wait was about 10 mins and they replaced my AirPods on the spot.

James McGarry

Nice store as all the Apple store are, and great service.


Not thrilled with this place, the employees I feel are lost and not very sociable.

sekou dieng

Fast service and good service

John Lees

Terrible experience! I give this store 2 stars instead of 1 only because I eventually left with the replacement I needed. I came in with a case number that validated I needed a replacement item. This store wouldn't even answer a call from Apple Customer Support! When I arrived, various clerks had me stand in various corners to wait. It was clear they were just moving me around to get me off of their "to do" list. Avoid if at all possible!

megapper .

A typical mall. Nothing more nothing less. 5 stars for it doing exactly what it was built to do.

Jose Luis Rivera

very good work fixing my macbook pro 7

Justin Vasquez

Slow when it came to speaking with someone. Kid was really helpful and informative. Product sucks tho I got a Google pixel 2 already.

Davey Anthony

Security is amazing. Saw someone stealing and they instantly got caught and taken to the police car. Was pretty funny I have to say. Lots of parking, sometimes it's very busy. If you're planning to go the Apple store... be prepared to wait because it's always packed. Lots of different stores, definitely one of the best malls in the district. I recommend going on weekdays when it's less busy. Sometimes it gets super crowded.

Antoinette Antonucci

Rude people . Customer service is everything. Don't expect to get that here.

Isabel Calero

Very good customer service!

karl Gill

Good place i love the store i would give it 5 stars but they have on lady who works here name Tamara who is a very rude person. She should not be in the front greeting anyone. I would say more but kids my read this post.

Kenny Torres

Great staff

Blake Scott

I came in for a battery replacement and the process was super organized and quick! Store was super crowded but my Genius Bar appointment and time from start to finish for them to do the work was under an hour and a half. People are very nice and friendly too.

Nehemiah Kivelevitz

Set an appointment wit an Apple Genius. I was seen on time and the employees were nice and patient. The store is very sleek and well organized.

Gabriella Damens

Would give zero stars if possible. Spent over two hours here trying to buy a phone. Multiple employees make mistakes while trying to transfer information and were completely unhelpful and unapologetic. Complete waste of time.

John White

The Short Hills Apple Store is the worst! The store manager was not helpful and seemed to go out of his way to stick it to me.

Alan H Burghauser MD

What a great place. Personal attention even when they are busy. Knowledgeable staff. They want the best for you. No hard sells.

Patricia Aprill

Wait time estimates are terrible. At 1:30 was told to return at 3:30. At 3:30 was told to return at 4. At 4 was told 4:50. It is 5:05 and still no service. Still waiting.

Yanique Leslie

Don’t really care about the people who buys their products. Such as long as they overprice you and you pay whether they have empathy or not ( most don’t have that there) they are okay. It’s all about getting paid and getting us out to come back and pay their rude asses. I also notice how they talk to certain people. If you don’t look distinct, then they talk to you as though you not spend the same money as the other. What they need to understand it’s mostly middle class people that purchases the product and we tend to spend way more that the high class but hey low class and middle class are always looked down upon by business like this. Sad really.

Wallace Yeung

I was there to have my battery replacement. Staff came out explaining condition that battery cannot replace beforehand. Saying that any component replaced before or water damage may cause they cannot replace the battery. I told the lady that I had replaced the screen before and she said it alright. Only other part are restricted. They took my iPhone in and told me to come back 45 minutes later. After 45 minutes I came back. Another staff who claim he is the store manager serving me came and said my screen is broken and have me to replace the screen. I told him my screen was in working condition before they took inside. Why it we bad while changing battery does not require to touch the screen. I started arguing with the staff who claimed he is he manager . . . Then I call the lady who took my order come for prove. They said I ‘m using part not apple and can only return the damaged iPhone to me. I got no idea how bad the service is and request them just to give me back the phone. Then they both went back inside. Later the lady staff came out said my screen is working now and the battery was changed. I wonder how bad is that the apple store staff trues to scam customer to replace the working condition part that working and came out and claimed that the part is broken. They don’t have responsibility for the and actually the part is not bad. They just try to scam you to paid more to them. I think that’s why apple stock price is going down so much. I would like to give no star but it cannot.

Marjorie Lloydwaluye

He said he couldn't fix it, but he did. Then he didn't take credit for making it work. I left happy

Donna Legette

This store is great. Whether I walk in or set an appointment. It's always fast and easy to get everything done.

rosie rupp

I always find the staff to be professional, knowledgeable and extremely helpful whenever I visit. They always have enough of their staff on their selling floor to answer questions and service the client.

Alex Fadeev

You know what Apple products are, so buy them online, or just about anywhere else. You won't get any service at this store for hours, and if you do, it will be rushed and disappointing. Twice I tried to get something ordered at this store. One time no one attended after 30+ minutes post check-in. Second time I got passed from one employee back j to the line to wait for another. Had to leave both times as I had other commitments. I have no plans to go back to this location... ever.

vx lmao

Went into this Apple Store today waiting 30min after my reservation was made to get my iPhone camera replaced, the camera that was broken was apple's error not because screen was broken or anything. They fixed the camera and said that they restored the phone to factory settings because the camera was slow... Very upset with this because I don't have a backup saved. Will never visit here again.

Marquia Jones

Loved the staff. Very knowledgeable.

Tsahi Ron

Long wait, no seats

Linda M Sellie

Expect long wait times to purchase a mac while employees stand around and talk with each other or just stand around. After 1/2 hour of waiting I gave up and went to another store.

Allan Reider

Amazing staff

ruben nunez

Didn't resolve problem want me to come back 3 times waist of time

Renee Pulliam

Great Service.

Carol Lewis

Okay.. I love technology so I love the Apple stores

Leo Rodriguez

Helpful staff and a plethora of Apple products as well as audio equipment to try out.

Patricia Z

Got my phone erased as a brand new, to get rid of the issues. The staff was extremely helpful and kind. Got everything sorted out in two hours. It's a big store with a big staff. Easier to come here than going to one of Manhattan Apple stores.

Eddie Moy

This is one of the more busy apple stores I’ve gone to. I usually buy online and go pick up at this store. I also take my kids here to kill time when shopping with the wife. This is on the first floor. Always had a quick in and out experience.

Ahmad Alhamad

The worst customer service ever and when I asked for a manager he didn’t listen to a one word that I was saying he was waiting for me to finish to tell me to pay the price of new iPad even though I just bought the iPad and the warranty has more than 6 months left in it. I have a been very loyal apple customers for while but not any more with this kind of service and scamming.

Mo Song

Fast service if you know what to buy

Steve McKinley

I had to replace an Ipad. My rep was a trainee, she was very pleasant, but it took time. To top it off the replacement wouldn't charge so I had to get a replacement for the replacement.

Grisel Infante

I am always impressed with the breadth of knowledge Apple care teams have - Short Hills is no exception. However, its got very limited seating (the worst I have seen in the NY tri-state area). Add to that those few seats are molded eamonesque bar stools - ugh. Not retiree friendly at all, forget about handicap friendly, and I felt every bit of my 52 years.

Caryl Turner

Plenty of people to help you make a decision


I was in the Short Hills Apple Store today and yesterday and want to give a big shout out to Apple employee, Michelle Peguero. She was knowledgable, expedient, effective, friendly, and as patient as a saint. I went into the store stressed because my new MacBook Pro was not working, and I left the store in a happy mood (miraculously) all because Michelle went above and beyond. Michelle, thank you! Apple, give that woman a raise!

Fernando Borges

Very good

israel vieira

Best place to shop very happy

cleide silva

If you know what you want it can be a very fast pleasant experience. Bought an iPhone in 7 minutes.

Kevin Maher

So-called geniuses can be stumped. Changed battery on iPhone 6 and it required 3 visits over 6 hours. Lots of millenials hanging around store.

Michael Feldman

Great costomer service. I checked out some great stuff. One of my favorite stores at this mall.

Ina Sanders

In and out. They were very organized and made my trip to Short hills worth it. My XR screen was cracked, they found my insurance quickly and fixed it within 45mins. Charging me only $30! Definitely worth going to this Apple Location!!

Ebru Hocaoglu

I hate this apple store. They just gave me 25min waiting time to buy an iphone x which I exactly know what to buy. So don’t even need someone to help other than giving me a bill. !!!!

Joe casey Levin


Himanshu Gupta

Good service and courteous staff.

Robert Steer

I was nervous about coming here because of the reviews but these are really good guys. I sent my computer in for a fix and it came back with the same problem (minor - the bluetooth didnt work) and instead of making me pay for more fixes they offered to replace everything in the computer for free. Just because I have been in the store twice to get this fixed and they felt bad. Really good guys.

Hallie Torian

If you like products it's the place to go

AN Archer

my go-to apple store...always helpful...always good service...never shopped anywhere else for my apple products...

Maureen Greenbaum

The screen protector on my iPhone 8 has been cracked for a few weeks. It did not affect the function of the phone nor really disturb the image, but I think a cracked screen protector doesn't really perform the function, which is to protect the screen and save you for a greatly more expensive repair. We tried to make an appointment with the geniuses, but the next one was the next day. We were going to drive home past the Mall at Short Hill,s so my husband suggested we just stop in and see if they could do this simple (but not cheap, $40) task of replacing the screen protector. We parked close to the entrance next to the Apple store. The store was busy, as usual but not packed. We walked to the back and they directed is to Joe in sales. He helped us(and 2 other customers simultaneously) and quickly replaced the screen protector, doing a thorough job of cleaning the screen and thoroughly with a special cloth (this is why you goto to the professionals to get a professional job)

Tammy Schweiger

Yupper, I'll take 2 please!!

Saurabh Desai

Very good mall with all the best clothing company outlets...discounts in some of the outlets going on also

Dan Vicente

Be prepared to wait. The staff is good considering the lack of management present in the store

Will Zipf

The employees are quick with their work and are very helpful.

James S

This is a great Apple Store. I love going hear and get all of my Apple products. The staff is friendly and are very helpful and make the buying experience as great as it is.


Horrible customer service, store manager is unprofessional all she does is walk around and not actually provide service. Would not help you with older products. Dear apple service your customers that purchase products with you with dignity. Provide life time warranty to all of your products. It isn’t fair that us hard working people or anyone one have to pay $700 to fix a later dated apple product. Hire people who gives a damn and not just a pay check, sorry to say, but a lot of the employees their looks just as confused as their store manager. No one there are leaders by heart. Tim Cook should be ashamed.

Minisiah Gbor

I was experiencing technical issues with my watch spoke to an Apple call center representative that connected with the store manager here to make my experience great. An Apponmemt was made when I entered I was welcomed and attended to. I walked out a pleased appleholic !!!


Don't but Apple Gift Cards! $1900 purchased online... cards never showed up! I called Apple spent 34 minutes on hold.. still no gift cards! Maybe I'll look at Alienware! I hear good things.. much more powerful.. less money!

Blu line

Apple not so good anymore since the passing of Mr. Jobs.... no more innovation just copy and paste lol

Ronald Besser

This place is constantly full of people. But they manage to always have someone available to wait on you! The highest valued company in the world keeps doing things right, even several years post-SJ.

Tahera Smith

They don’t deserve that one star, I went in for help with my daughter for her phone, and they told me to show them a receipt of purchase. I found that odd, but I call Sprint anyway and they emailed me my receipt, I showed them and then that wasn’t enough. They then told me that they need the IMEI number on the receipt. So I called Sprint back and Sprint said they can call it out to them and they could compare from there. The Apple people said no that’s not good enough because anybody could be on the phone lying. Moral of the story they didn’t believe the phone was mine after 2 hours in that store. They refused to help us because we was BLACK! After Sprint sent the receipt! Good luck in that store BLACK PEOPLE.


Good customer service, but we need another store in the north. You can be here at least 4hrs.

Bing-Je Wu

This place is nice and friendly. My macbook pro was not able to turn on. So I went to the Genius bar. They are patient and responsible. They helped me clear my issue step by step. Even when the reservation time was up, the person who first came to me always check in my progress until my issue was solved. I had a great experience there. Five stars!

Jack Nunziato

Staff is friendly and helpful. Whenever I order electronics here they are ready to go and I can pickup quickly. Great work from the Apple team!

scott yarmula

The 2 guys that helped me were awesome!

Tameka Berrian

Nice friendly atmosphere

Shaq Young

Excellent service and super fast assistance.

Alvaro Quintana

well, as you can read reviews on this site, mostly are written when a customer does not get what they need or expecting. I am writing a positive and honest review on services I received son sat. Oct. 15th., 2016. I purchased an iPhone 7 plus for my wife and picked it up at the freehold raceway mall. There were issues with the phone and for some reason it would not active. After many hours on the phone with apple, they advised me to take it back to any apple store. Since I had work in the morning the next day, my wife took the phone and was assisted by Terry S. Terry was extremely helpful and professional. Since my wife did not know much about the problem, Terry proceeded to help her with the issue and issued her a new phone. There was a misunderstanding on my part with the new purchase since I was not present at the time therefore I had to go back on Sat. morning to correct the issue. I was once again helped by Terry S. which assured me that all issued will be taken care of. Again, Terry was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, professional and nice. We are so satisfied with his service that I asked to speak to his team leader to assure that his excellent service does not go unrecognizable. Thank again for all you help Terry. You went well above and beyond to satisfy us as customers. This is an honest review and please feel free to contact me about it.


I went in at 7 pm in the evening and I was told I could be seen at 8 pm... Great! I waited.The issue: My phone died... blank screen and it would not hard boot. Tim assisted me and it was OUTSTANDING!! He was kind patient ultra calm and highly professional. Everything happened as promised,and my phone was repaired( it needed a new screen) and good to go the next morning.I had a very very good experience and I was totally impressed!!

Victoria Million

My son did the summer camp here and the staff was great and very knowledgeable.

Elizabeth Fitamant

Chris was such a big help! I had to pick up my new computer but unfortunately when I checked out online I did not get the student discount. He was so helpful and patient and was able to take off my student discount for me in the store. I would 100% go to him again. I am loving my new MacBook Pro. Thanks so much Chris!

Margie Coltrera

My iPhone got stuck as it was updating and we could not get it out of updating. After a lengthy visit with Evy who would not give up, she got my phone working. I can't say enough about Evy's diligence, knowledge and the fact that she continually tried until she was successful. Customer service was above and beyond called for. She is my hero at Apple!

Andrea Harris

I wouldn't give anything at The Short Hills Mall less than five stars. The Apple store was packed and busy but we were able to get what we needed in a timely fashion.

Frances Wolf

Staff is friendly enough but what's the point in making an appointment when they make you wait for over half hour past your"scheduled" time. They suck you next to an over crowded table and when you have to stand next to the office on the wall you get stared at. Employee walk by you like you are inconveniencing horrible place.

Remon Lapid

Incredibly well organized, friendly and knowledgeable staff. I had a discussion with one of the floor workers about the Apple watch. He was very informative and helpful despite my telling him I was there just to gather information and was not prepared to make a purchase. Very nice experience.

Rachel Saunders

Bob & Terry helped us, and they could not have been nicer & more helpful! I felt like they really wanted to help me vs. pass me along in circles. Thank you both so much for switching out my scratched phone. You're both so great!

Chicken Nooget

Im an androider not an appler but i was just looking around.

Mauricio Trajano

Jay was super helpful in getting some gifts for a couple of relatives

Patty Jessie

Even though it was packed, I was in and out

Clarisa Vigneault

Team members need a better understanding and product knowledge. A customer tried to send me to Best Buy bc they didn’t have what I was looking for it was for the wrong model when it was actually the correct model for what I was looking for.

Yusuke Iima

Book in advance and then everything would go quickly.

John H

I called the local number for the Short Hills, NJ Apple store to check if they had the phone I wanted in stock. Without my knowledge, I was connected to an Apple sales person (not the Short Hills, NJ Apple store). The sales person sold me the model I wanted and told me the phone would be set up by the Short Hills, NJ store. When I picked up the phone at the Short Hills, NJ Apple store, they handed me a bag with the phone and told me that it was set up and I could finish the transfer from my old phone at home. When I got home I discovered the phone did not have the SIM card, so not sure how they could have set it up at the store. After waiting for over an hour for Apple support, I finally called Verizon to see if they could assist. They had me move the SIM card from old phone to the new one, which did not work. Ended up returning the phone to the Short Hills, NJ Apple store. Maybe it is time to switch to Samsung, Apple service has deteriorated.

Alek Kulatti

Apple used to be a place where innovators built amazing hardware and encouraged the world to become more tech savvy. This is currently not the case, Apple advises you to not touch or fix your own personal property, but rather give them and extra 200$ for “Labor”. This supposed labor should take less than 15 minutes of work. I had took in my computer for them to supply me with screws as I had lost them when replacing the track pad ribbon cable of my computer. Because I had “touched the battery” they would not be able to fix it. They told me that even they are not able to deal with a battery like this, displaying the fact that the workers are untrained and unprofessional at their job. In summary; Apple = Bad.

ernesto mojica

Nice place and great personal

Necoll Green

The service was nothing but horrible. Last week I bought 2 new iPhones and I was trying to trade in one iPhone. The iPhone has a little crack near the home key. The price was estimated to be 50 bucks with that crack but still functioning features. However my old phone was not backed up. So I returned home with the new iPhones, and I was told to back up my phone and trade in within 2 weeks. Several days later, which is today, I went back to the store, but the “genius” told me the estimated trade in value changed to be 0. I was shocked and told him the message I got last time. I asked why the estimated value changed drastically in just a few days. The guy tried to show me how he arrived at the estimated price through their system, but ironically after answering all assessment questions it showed the estimated price as 50. The guy was confused too and he didn’t know how to explain to me. He asked his boss and he came back to me saying his boss said any machine with even a tiny crack should be zero value. I was not convinced by the answer. How come several days ago I was told 50 and now it is 0? How come they don’t follow the written policy on their system but rather follow a managers verbal rule which lacks supporting documents? The fact that they are giving customers inconsistent message in just a few days time is unacceptable for a company of this size. As a customer who bought multiple apple devices, I must say I am deeply disappointed today about the horrible service quality, the inexperience of the staff, and the frustration and confusion caused by the whole thing. Apple, you don’t deserve your customers any more.

Yvette James

Very helpful workers, has computers you can use

Cassandra Sellers

They cancelled my Daughter’s insurance on her phone without notifying her by mail email or phone call she only had the phone for 3 Months never again. Better off getting a phone at a cell phone company

John Nanavati

Nice store. Customer service was ok - not stellar. It took me a bit of bouncing and “not my job” responses before finding someone who would check inventory for me.

Johardeep Singh

Thanks for the help!!

Mohamed Razack

It's very nice

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