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REVIEWS OF Apple Menlo Park IN New Jersey

Antara Gupta

Great help.. thanks to Angel

Mounika Yandapalli

I went to the Menlo Park apple store today, booked appointment a day before . I have issues with my 3 day old iPhone XS Max and wanted to replace it . I had poor experience with the reps we waited 1 and half hour and they said they can’t replace it at the end . This is no the first time happens to me 2 months ago I went to the store same happens they diagnosed and said no issue , but when I faced the problem again they fixed it. They always say everything is fine the first time you go , they want you to come back again and again. I’m really frustrated with the experience I had today . Never wrote any bad review but apple customer experience in this store is too bad which made me write this. Thanks

sandra nestico

Very helpful but long wait time.

Enthusiastic Guy

Pathetic Customer Service at this center. I called them to ask one simple question, but they kept throwing irrelevant information at me , which I already knew, in spite of me repeatedly telling them that I already know this. The hung the call at your face absolutely rudely, when they are not able to answer your question.

sathish varma

Bit busy in weekends but customer service is great. Very helpful staff.

Tyrone Johnson

The service is exemplary.

Agustina Angeles

Very good experience

Mike K

Was picking up an Apple Watch. Easy check in with a rep and considerate of time and amount of people in store. Go during the week if you do not want to be in large crowds for an extended period of time.

Kishan Patel

Long wait if you want to just go in and buy something

april quist

We get there at 6:40pm the rep says an 1 wait they call us at 9pm !? Crazy I am in the customer service field you give a time at least update the customer I get it your busy but fill us in

Tariq farooq

Very bog facility make advance opponent because its very busy place.

Marisol Santiago

Very friendly and helpful answered all questions. Service was fast and I left with exactly what I wanted without feeling pressured to buy something else more expensive. Good experience.

antonio mesa

I received very good attention

Swag master527 .

Thank you Angel so much for fixing my phone!! You are the best. Went in late missed my appointment and they were very accommodating only had to wait 15min to be seen and my phone was fixed in less than 10. Very pleased.

me also me

There where very fast and pleasant. Fixed phone fast

Wow Bill

Great store, Well managed.. very busy but the team keeps things moving nicely. Just purchased new laptop and was in and out within an hour. Great job guys !! Highly Recommended

Doogs 5150

A lot of great stores at this mall.

Alvaro Ramirez

Worst experience ever I own 5 iPhones and my iPhone X shut down and won't turn on I make an appointment and today when I got there thr lady check the phone and after not even 2 minutes she said the phone is not good and the fact that I don't have apple care she said nothing she can do for me

acesfull rental acesfull rental

Apple in general sucks it’s not the same anymore I got robbed

Taylor Murray

Highly disappointed with this experience.

Raymond Chesley

Nice store. People are very helpful. Good experience.

r chinni

Excellent service as usual. My son bought a mac and they helped him set up mac and get it ready.

Masum Serazi

As usual very nice place and friendly customer service.

Karen Smith

Right on time for appt. Knowledgeable, friendly tech corrected my issue and had me out the door quickly,

Gurwinder Singh

Great shopping options

Mike Spencer

I like this mall. My favorite place to shop for clothes in Central New Jersey.

Steven De La Rosa

Excellent service and place

xxxxx xxxxx

Pros: knowledgeable employees and training sessions Cons: Always crowded and over priced

Abdulla Sheikh

From the last time I was here, the store seems to have been redesigned. As usual, there was a training session going on for new users. It took about 10-12 minutes before someone could help me.

Dan Botto

I got the date of my genius appointment wrong and they still found room to fit me. Everyone was very helpful and gave me honest advice. Will have to go back but I’m not dredding it.

Yorkie york

Purchasing was easy..service was excellent

Anthony Dinnocenzo

The people in. There were great helped me with the problem I had in a fast and timely manner

Emil Kowalski

Recently visited the store to purchase two new iPhones and was very happy with the service provided. We were helped by Jake who went out of his way multiple times to ensure we were happy with our purchase, which we were. Definitely recommend this store a visit and if possible, to be helped by Jake.

Javal Patel

They say that they are no 1 company in the world and make their customers wait for 2 hours to get their problems fixed. This is really a poor piece of management. I had to wait for 2 hours for little problem with my ipad. The only thing was that the wifi button was not working. For this simple problem i had to wait for 2 hours


Ok this is an official Apple store but then employees have to be a little more considerate and little more courteous towards customers... Have not seen better Apple store then this but definitely seen better in-store employees then these...

Dylan Jayawardena

Couldn’t fix my phone but allowed me to exchange a broken iPhone for a newer one at a discounted price.


1st time there and it will be the last time. went there to return 2 watch bands and the woman "helping" me was not attentive. she was constantly trying to get the names of people who were online. and then she apologizes, which I felt was meaningless. she should just concentrate in helping me.

Roger Fluet

Went to pick up my replacement ipod touch. Got a great deal on it and was in and out in less than 15 minutes. Excellent service. Great people.

Natalie Monarrez

Adam is awesome! I needed a plug in cord, for my Mac. The friendly guy standing at the door told me I could save a little money, if I made a reservation, to speak with a rep, so I did. He then texted me about 10 minutes later, and had me wait at the back of the store. After awhile, Adam came out, introduced himself, and took a look at my outdated cord and Mac. He was really professional, polite, and very helpful. He answered all my questions and gave me some useful info, along with a new cord. I was very pleased with the fantastic service and will definitely be back soon, to buy an updated Mac Pro. Thank you, Adam!

Jake Thomas

Allowed me to leave without making sure the sim in my new phone was working. Spent at least two hours of my day figuring out how to fix and get into Icloud for restore.

Derrick Cannady

Staff very knowledgeable cleanly

Ed Gilroy

It’s an Apple store. It’s everything you would expect it to be. It is always busy and that can be annoying but other than that it’s what you expect.

Reza M Amin

Apple customer service has really gone downhill. Very smug Genius Bar, long waits and little to no help. I miss the old apple where they actually handled issues instead of asking you to restore your phone 5 times.

Sapna Sharma

If I would have allowed to give 0 starts I would have done that .

Jim Guiro

My daughter and I went in to have her laptop looked at, and to check out the watches. We dealt with Jacob for the laptop, and he was quick and efficient while diagnosing the issue. He is a very nice and pleasant person to deal with. Brianna assisted us with the watch selection and was extremely pleasant, and helpful. I couldn't have had a better experience.

felix estrella

Very helpfull

Pankaj Dwivedi

I don't believe that out of 5 attendant only 1 attendant knows about how to blur the background while taking picture. The demo phone was having same feature available but in my new phone it wasn't available and they took almost 50-60 minutes to find the solutions. At last one of attendant said lets update version that MIGHT fix the problem..the attendants even does not deserve 2 stars.. pretty bad day...

alfonso clark

Always a headache when I go there

hvk rws

Sometimes they deceive you while placing appointments and make you wait forever. They will cancel it without you being aware.

Matt Saperstein

The guy was just trying to get me to buy a new phone not fixing the problem.

Howie Deitche

Staff is very helpful wonderful place make an appointment go over there and you're all set

Anthony C

The wait for service is around 15 minutes. Apple staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. I was able to purchase online, use my military discount, and pick up within 1/2 hour.

Abhijit Ganguly

Best apple store in town

Willie Torrey

Excellent service

Mohamad Hussein

Nice store, professional staff. Busy but not chaotic. Very modern looking structure!

Nour Elzant

I went in with my 2 pairs of AirPods that had issues with volume. The headphones were no longer as loud as they used to be. Mohammad the technician was able to do a hard reset which thankfully resolved the issue and had even offered to replace the AirPods since they were under warranty if there was still an issue. He was extremely helpful & knowledgeable and walked us through all options. Would recommend the apple store in this location!

Samuel Skultety

Terrible staff that know nothing about the products, very impatient, and be prepared to wait for a few hours to then realize how useless it was. Stay away from here like the plague.

Mohammed Bhai

Good range

Danielle Rowell

Very complex issue with a loaner phone due to my service provider/carrier. I was lucky enough to get the best tech support staff at the Genius Bar. He was patient, an excellent communicator and extremely thorough in trying to diagnose my issue. A real problem solver who spoke to me in lay man terms. Went out of his way to do everything he could and solved an issue that really wasn’t a normal occurrence. Not only is Matt De Rosa a Genius... he is a Saint!

Lucy Kijowski

This place has a bunch of lazy workers. I came here to try and upgrade my phone with them and they told me that I came too late because all the carriers were closed at the time I wanted to upgrade my phone. They told me to come back the next day so they can better assist me.

John C

Best experience at an Apple store ever.

Craig Russell

Spoke with Tommy Lynn extremely unprofessional told me to stop talking . I have kids her age . All i requested was a battery replacement . Manager never came . By far thee worse store of any i have been to. Ill stick to Apple store in Bridgewater mall. Very disturbing experience

Joel Bier

Marvin helped us out and was super nice and friendly. He new the answers for all of our questions and educated us. He also didn’t pressure us to buy anything.

Stacie Gonzalez


Jlu 03

Went there because my phone was having a problem charging off of my MacBook so one of the employees decided to clean out my MacBook and iPhone with this extremely abrasive brush which scratched up the bottom of my iPhone XS Max. Didn’t really care about my MacBook because it’s made out of aluminum but my poor iPhone made out of stainless steel..

Jay chang

Worst Apple store I have been to. The supervisor called keith was really have attitude when dealing with customers, rude and unprofessional, no patient at all. I was planning to buy 4 new iphones for presents, now changed my mind and buying Samsung S9 instead. He looks like that he hates his work. No wonder apple is going downhill.

Dan Fontana

I tried to call to verify if they had a product in stock and I was put on hold for 60 minutes. I went 30 minutes out of my way to the storestor found out they are oos.

Bhaskara Rao Veluvolu

It is a high end place available all Apple products. Ambience is very good. Display of the products are very impressive and the demonstration of the products by the staff is detailed.The service is also very quick .

Tiwana Smith

Fast and good customer service

hillery smith

First time going in there and I have to say a had a good experience. It definitely is the place to go fir all things apple. The employees didn't pounce which is something I like and they were very helpful to me.

Jayanth S

Unwelcoming Employee. The employees don't know anything other than telling people that their device is damaged due to water and the warranty is void and they have to pay 320$. Where as apple claims that their devices is water resistant (iPhone 7). According to them, water resistance is just a drop of water on the screen. If it enter through the SIM card tray if you are holding it with a wet hand, it voids all warranties on the phone.

bri depts

Great Customer Service

Akif Hoque

Honestly came in here to charge my phone. I’ve never met such positive and friendly staff.

Concetta Boscia

Overwhelming when first walking in but great service and fabulous personnel

Jeff Benfer

The store is confusing. There were a number of open doors leading into the store, and at two of them there were lines of people leading up to store employees. All I wanted to do was to purchase an iPhone, it was not clear whether I needed to talk to those people or not - it seemed they were checking people in for appointments - I do not imagine that an appointment is needed to buy an iPhone. After entering the store, no employees approached me despite my attempts to flag them down. There was no counter which I could approach for help. After 30 minutes of being ignored, I left without the item I came to purchase. Awful, awful service.

Lisa Webster

My brother tried to buy and watch and was told the wrong price. He was pushed to my the newest model even though that's not what he came in for. We ultimately left with nothing.

Ellen Sona

Went to get laptop repaired. Quick service & days later the same tech remembered us and was fast to return our fixed laptop all covered by warranty. Polite, friendly knowledgeable staff.

Pete Ancheta

I made an appointment for 11:30. It is currently 1:00 and I have yet to be helped. The workers were just standing around while the entire store was crowded and busy.

Giselle B

Who hire these people, terrible. I asked simple question about MacBook, nobody is able to answer, ARROGANT and very rude. Many workers on the floor just talking to each other, pretty much just chilling and getting paid for knowing nothing. Finally able to get help, then I was pushed to get new laptop instead of solving my issue. LAZY! NOT EVEN WORTH A STAR.

Almalik Warren

Staff is wonderful and courteous and extremely efficient.

amit golchha

Had a very bad experience because of store manager Mr Chris.First I received a defective IPhone and he was not willing to replace it...very unfair and rude . Apple should have better workforce otherwise its matter of time people will loose its trust in this brand. Had iPhone first to x but because of this experience never getting anymore moving to Samsung.

Sarina Rodriguez

David was very helpful and knew right off the back on what the problem was with my phone . Thank you so much

priyadarshan patil

Always go with the appointment or you have to wait for longer time

Matt Dolan

In an out quickly. They have what you need.

Vibhaw Rajan

Nice apple

omer khan

Superb service and very swift

Sanjay Makadia

Came to return an iPhone case. Fine they are busy. Waited for my turn at the door. Asked to now go and wait around the accessories area. Reasonable. No one there to assist. Fine. One employee roaming around. Asked her for assistance. Nicely ignored. One lady ahead of me looking for a case. Apple store employee helps her. Makes sense. While he is helping her one more person starts looking for the case. I got skipped.. what? 15 mins to return a case at a company store that says “this is more than a store.”

Charles Gamm

Employees are so great. Smart also

Susan Zaragoza

The waiting time is over 2 Hrs just to let someone to check why my iPhone is charging slow I saw Apple store staff just standing I wish there is another Apple store near me

Neil Mirchandani

Have to go back multiple times to fix simple issues. Staff and management here are inexperienced and they waste your time.


The employees here are always extremely helpful .

megh patel

Way more than awesome!!

Aftab Asghar

Very knowledgeable and helpful staff, clean facility as you wold expect from an Apple showroom.


Nice service

Christina C

The wait isn't ever to bad and my favorite is definitely the customer service ive been many times and never had a bad experience. For me I feel like they must like their job because they are usually friendly, obviously know what they are doing and willing to take their time to explain everything that you need help with. Believe me it even has me thinking about applying lol

Tes Sie

I must say, chance and Taffy stepped up to the plate and resolved the issue at hand.


3 hours to get a 5 minute battery replacement. After they replaced the phone, the battery still drained fast and died randomly. Im moving to Android. Peace.

Selvakumar Lakshmanan

Very nice and lively place to be

Yak Shvartz

Good store

Rushil Ghosh

Had to buy some AirPods for a birthday present and was in and out within 5 minutes. Great customer service and willingly wants to help.

Mazeed Alam

Its Apple...what do you expect.... Great service and Great Products......Breaks the bank though $$$$ :)


I had the best experience... purchased everything online and was ready in no time. The staff was very helpful

mita shah

Great employees helpful

Hildarys López

100% satisfied with the service provided at this store. The wait was way less than the estimated time. Thank you to all the friendly and attentive staff, specially to Chanel and Malik from the Apple Center Customer Service, as well as in store technician Nicole, who helped me find a solution and made everything easy, quick and convenient! Totally recommended. Couldn’t be any happier

peachez cream

Good and helpful staff at apple

Diondrea Mcdowell

Nice, clean, bright store. Good customer service

cardel birch

The staff was pleasant and nice

Gilbert Nickens

Very high-tech

Oliver Coronacion

Great service from Danny. He's very knowledgeable and professional.

Tvr Murty

Superb store, futuristic and the big glass doors makes it look lot more spacious. The knowledge of products by the team on ground is terrific. Availability of product in store or online is on their finger tips

Shubhendu Dey

A great store to shop for apple products. Pretty knowledgable and smart efficient stuff always greets customer with a smile and helping attitude. I have replaced my Iphone6 battery here and the service was super professional. Apple always gives me a great brand value and this store adds to that a lot. The new look of the store is super cool and interior design and aesthetics are very modern. Sometime the wait can be a little long but I have seen satisfied customers around.

William Harvey

Incredible service at this Apple Location. Management should give Diana, the person who helped me, a raise. Absolutely knocked it out of the park. I will most definitely be using this place for my apple products moving forward

Jay Jordan

Great technicians abd prompt service.

James Jersey

Dan was great, he made sure my Macbook pro was fixed for free (because I have apple care plus)


My 1 yr old MacBook Pro had some issues with memory, crashing apps etc. I brought in my computer here and got an appointment for the same day. They took my MacBook and fixed it, replaced the entire mother board (covered by insurance) within 3 days. I now pretty much have a brand new MacBook Pro. Excellent customer service!

Agraj Pande

Pathetic customer service. They are there just to schedule people in line for sale. Actually not even for sale becoz loyal Apple customers know what they have to buy so all they do is to help you choose color. I visited 4 time just to meet a technician all different days during week and weekend. Every time they say wait time is 2.5 hours. How the heck u have 2.5 hours of wait time when there no customers in the store even. I am very disappointed from this location.

Nick Marrone

not even ONE real apple! kids these days!!


Good customer service and was the first time coming to the store not having to wait in a line

Kimberly Rotondo

We just walked into this store to ask a few questions about trading in an iPad for a MacBook, we got our answers at the door but wanted to play with some of the gadgets. While were looking around the NICEST Apple specialist came over to see if we had any other questions. She stood with us an chit-chatted for over 30 minutes, she didn’t pressure us to buy anything, but gave us all the information we could want and more. Thank you Adrianna for such a wonderful Apple experience! We will be back next week to work with you and to purchase the new iPhone and possibly the MacBook! Thanks again - The Scotland Lovers

Vinodkumar Rajan

Good place to try out new Apple model and great customer experience. My purchase experiences were awesome.

Atef krass

Deserving 5

Nadia Jones

If I could give this location negative zero stars, I would. Bad customer service period. Store was busy for a Friday night and I watched several groups of associates having conversations with each other while customers waited. All I wanted to do was buy a replacement air pod and waited for 50 minutes , and still left empty handed while several of their workers stood doing nothing.

Ana Toro

They should post pictures of the workers :)

Rakesh Raks

Too much crowd.. no one cares until you ask them.

Uttsav Patel

My Iphone XS 64 GB space grey all sudden is having multiple vertical green lines on the screen. It works fine functionally, so I took it to the apple store. They told me that I have a liquid damage. I checked online that this iphone can stay in water up to 30 minutes. My phone might get wet by rain drizzles maximum 10 minutes, but it never stayed 30 minutes longer in water. I do not understand why iphone warranty pis made for!! Iphones and their services are getting worse each day.

Bishop Igomu

Lovin it

Nick Davis

My Mom Got Computer from Apple, it was defective, so I came to exchange. Was told by customer service representative that without receipt can not exchange, asked him to advise, he simply told me go look for receipt. And he walked away. I asked to call manager, manager told me to look up at the email , but I had no receipt at my email. Now they asked me what I want to do??? I need exchange. After short time we found way to find receipt and exchange. Thank you.

Ann Lawson

I Did not go there

Farmhand2k .

Busy of course, but staff very helpful.

Richard Loperena

Great friendly staff

Saurabh Ghosh

Since moving downstairs, the store has gotten bigger and even better. Everything you'd expect from an Apple Store is here, along with plenty of room for all. It is a pleasant experience, whether checking out the products on display, chatting with the staff or watching and listening to other people. I haven't tried the Today At Apple workshops yet, but I reckon they'd be fun too.

Jose Acosta

the best store

Mario Wills

They are great at making you wait. Apple customer service are definitely NOT troubleshooters! You are better off making a phone call. I do appreciate my agents attempt to help.

Vincent Todisco

Wasted an hour there, tech wouldn't swap out my phone even though it was under warranty. Told me to wipe it out first, that took hours to recover. Now I find out from apple there is a defect all along, I need to go back, ugggh

Karthik Balaji

I never received any issues so far in this Apple Store until yesterday. I had an iPhone under Apple Care and that coverage was going to end soon. While marketing us to buy iPhone initially they pitch in all types of things to make us pay more for Apple Care and they said for any defective reason, we are entitled to replace the iPhone once every 12 months for 99$ and I have never used this Apple Care even for screen or battery replacement in the last 2 years and so I decided I will get a replacement phone before my coverage ends and I had poor battery and also a number of cosmetic damages on the phone. I never used a case since I was anyway paying for coverage. The rep who attended me tried to put me off buying the replacement phone in a number of ways. He tried so hard but I didn't budge and all along he didnt afford a smile and he was absolutely the last sales rep I would want to talk to based on his behavior. If I had gone in to buy a XS Iphone that guy would be beaming and talking about his life to me. That's the kind of double standard these guys pose and I realized it only yesterday. Never going here again. And on top of all that this guys after getting me a new iPhone makes a sly remark "Your Apple care is going to end soon and that's why you came in for a replacement, right?" WHY THE HECK DO YOU CARE? I paid for it

Viraj Mehta

Very good store for Apple products .Cooperative staff.

Joseph Borowitz

When you go ask for Matt. Great salesman.

Rutul Parikh

Nice one, but stays busy all the time. Staff is very friendly :)

Lani Amour

After having a rough day due to my phone completely blacking out on me I made an appointment here. The Genius Bar team member assigned to my case, Chance, was extremely helpful! They were having trouble with their connection yet he still managed to resolve my issue and remain patient and polite! One of the best people there definitely!

Angie Go

Went in with my bf for apple device. Spotted a drone and had to ask questions. Staff was very helpful and friendly. Showed me what the picture quality is like etc.

luisa pincaro

I give a star because I cannot give zero. then help it all every time I go there the solution is erase everything in you phone or buy a new one I went there because my son phone died they say we cannot do anything with this phone if fry .they said they can try the battery but $75 just to try and they say that they cannot save anything about phone because your phone died. so I took the phone someplace else pay $25 and it was the battery the fix it the phone is fine thank you for nothing is not the first time that I went there for a small thing and they make a big thing about it I will not go there again

Ahmad Alhalawani

Very friendly n nice location

Santiago Batistelli

I got there at 11 they gave me an appointment for 4pm I said fine after I received a text that they were ready to see me I went back and they told me to wait .... They had me there for 2 hours waiting its Sunday they close at 6 after they finally see me they tell me that they can't help me after I show them my problem to leave the phone there for a week for that's not acceptable.... I asked to talk to the manager and when he came over all he did was tell me he is a manager and I need to come back later in my point of view he is supposed to manage the appointments and help every customer if not don't schedule the appointment I also asked if the store had another manager he told me yes and when I asked to talk to him he said your going to need to hang out because he is out for lunch which I was sure he was lying since the store was already closing but I stayed for another half hour to see if he would come out and help me with my concern never did thanks to this management i will never buy apple again.

Richa Sharma

Super busy all the time staff was helpful though took a while to attend

Emanuel Armour

Can be crowded but very helpful staff clean friendly atmosphere

Sudhakar Reddy

Worst customer service in Menlo Park apple store. I am using apple products from past 10 years because of the quality. I have been to many Apple stores in multiple countries and various locations for buying and to resolve the issues with the gadgets but Menlo Park Apple store is the worst place to visit. Staff is very rude and they make the worst judgment on the issue. The technicians do not even understand the issue and they will simply advise you to drop the mobile to send for repair. My iPhone-X had an issue with touch on the top portion of the display. When she approached me to have a look at the issue I thought she will do the diagnosis and fix the issue but she failed to do it. She said display need to be repaired and connected to one of the systems borrowed from another technician. Changed the mobile to normal mode to Airplane mode to not use and made worse than before. My experience with the first technician (Linda) was worst she ruined my day. She called her manager about the issue who worked on Sunday (July 1) who doesn’t even know simple things. When I asked Manager to bring it to normal mode he said it cannot bring to normal mode and I should make a decision quickly to send the mobile to repair center or use the mobile as it is. I insisted to send the mobile to send for repair and asked to bring it to normal mode so that I can use for calls and do the backup. He asked another technician to have a look and he was able to bring the phone from airplane mode to normal mode. I wasted two hours of my valuable time in the store with a lot of frustration. The conclusion is you waste your valuable time and undergo stress because of the service they provide you. The information from technician to technician varies in this place. I believe they should provide same information when they say Apple policy.

Edwin Sanchez

Great experience. My girlfriend went into to purchase the brand new iPhone 11. We had a great experience. And our apple rep Charles made her feel right at home. Good time and good vibes

Shweta Mehta

Poor customer service and rude staff. Inaccurate information about pick up timings and then blaming it on customer. Totally Disappointing and unprofessional.

Balenci Gianni

I love the new location and the staff is very friendly patient and knowledgeable on their products

akhil rvn

Nice store.


The service is so poor because if you are not going to buy any products, seeking for their technical help will trigger a long wait time which is highly possible. They called all supports as genius. They are not welcome for all customers with their problematic devices, they welcome receiving money instead! A very unhelpful place to make an long-waiting appointment and many indifferent staff working here! They are a little bit of racial discriminating by the way

John Nanavati

This was a mixed bag. I worked with a couple associates at this store that were complete duds. There seems to be a strategy where the associate doesn’t want to do the task or work with the person, and the go to get something and never come back. This happened to me and to a woman near me (for different reasons). At the same time, I found other associates that were engaged, knowledgeable, and wanted to provide excellent customer service. So, I eventually left the store very pleased with my result. I don’t get the reason, but I did see one of the associates talking to their manager and his affect and behavior toward a customer seemed to fit into the “walk away strategy” (honestly, this behavior is always a reflection of management) I think that the trick seems to be to enter the store and survey the associates. Find one or two that seem engaged and wait for them.

Amit Gupta

Good service and staffs

Kymba Nijuck

I'm pretty sure there's a level of Hell that's just like this Apple Store. It's too brightly lit. There are low wooden boxes that they have the audacity to call seats. There's a constant level of din. All your senses are assaulted in this store as you wait. And wait. And wait. Oh, and they wouldn't replace the broken part on my phone. They offered to sell me a new one instead. I was able to purchase a replacement part online. They wouldn't put it in. They offered AGAIN to sell me a new one. Planned obsolesce and poor customer service are the hallmark of Apple Stores.

Carmille Agana

Quick service

khanusa khanusa

Okay but kind of expensive and no HALAL

Hu Lucius

The GPS location is not accurate. First it’s on the first floor, and appears to be near the north end of the mall. The service is below average of Apple Retail Store. They are not rude, but not professional enough.

Suraj Rabindranath

Really crowded place. Has good collection of different models of iphones.

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