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John Smith

I’m not an Apple fan after my experience. Unfortunately the issues with my iPhone still exist and the options are sad at best. Terrible service, I cannot say that enough. Absolutely TERRIBLE.

Tom Jay

Very patient and Helpful staff

SUPER lion man1

Long wait to get service. Tried to make appointment but couldn't

John TM

This is the worst phone experience ever! They take my phone, which does not work at all. Give me a loner. Call me a week later that the phone is ready to pick up. When I get there its still not working and they wont do anything at all for me. I spent top dollar for this brand new 128gb iphone and Apple won't fix their product? Don't even try to go to this store for help. They didn't even try to help.


This is where I buy all my Apple products. It is a tiny location but has some good staff. At this location, I don’t have to wait a long time to get a sales person. It’s a fine location just a bit small.

Karl P

Great Store always very helpful, clean and knowledgeable sales staff! Rick the Manager always helps us and makes us feel at home! Don't buy your apple product anywhere else

frank glunk

Make sure you bring your over night bag

Ajay Reddy

Ashley on the biz team here was great to deal with. Look forward to having Apple as a technology partner for my startup.

Al Perez

The people that work in this Apple Store need a lot of knowledge about there own products . They are not as genius as they say they the waiting time is horrible.I took my unlocked iPhone for a screen replacement and I guess they did something wrong during the process or something that they had to replace the phone but the phone they gave me wasn't unlocked. I went back to the store and ask them to unlock my phone and they said my iPhone is locked to a T-Mobile (I use at&t) and even they know they screwed up the only thing the manager told me was that they can't do anything to fix my phone. T mobile unlocked my phone after I purchased a prepaid service and used the service for 3 months. Stay away from this store.

Scott Wilezol

Sadly, a bad experience. Tried to upgrade my mother's phone. They did not offer the trade in rebate for her old phone at the time. When we went to do so the next day after a friend told us about it, the transaction took well over an hour and being tossed between 3 different staff to correct. An hour... something that should take 10 min max. They ended up issuing a new SIM card and all sorts of crazy things... for what amounted to be a $55 store credit. We will go elsewhere in the future. The staff was nice, but either incompetent or incapable. Very sad, we like the products. With service like this, I'm questioning if the premium price Apple charges for its stuff is really worth anything. Rethinking my loyalties because of this experience.

Michelini Archive

I don't like Apple but Nate with the beard was a cool dude who likes Wendy's. Someone buy that man a burger rn.

Frank Giardina

Everything was very efficient and the employees were super cool and helpful to me. Not gonna lie, I was expecting a nightmare, but they have a good store and will help you out in no time if you know how to cooperate like a normal person.

Omar Albasha

Got the job done fast

pCrowles7 .

Went in Monday for a repair they said I have AppleCare so it will be free as long as there no liquid damage I never split anything on my Mac and they are telling me it is liquid damage and I have to pay 300 dollars been buying Apple since 2013 done with them. This store has no nice people they have no clue what’s going on about my repair

Jess C

Review is for the Genius Bar who are friendly and seem to know what they're doing. The attempt at small talk while waiting for machine to reboot or complete test is appreciated

Zena Askerova

One star is way too much for this horrible store. Made an appointment to fix a software issue with the ever “reliable” IPhone X. Since we were a walk in appointment we were told the wait was 1 hr and 15 minutes. An hour and 15 minutes later were told it’s another 15 minutes or more. The manager came out and explained to us that there is nothing to be upset about because it’s a walk in appointment. In other words you’re not that important to us and you may have to wait longer. So we’re still waiting for a genius from the Genius Bar to fix the phone. They are all walking around the store with very busy faces. I counted 4 just standing around and doing nothing. Update: another 35 minutes has been added to our appointment.... Update 2: finally got a tech but he started helping someone else at the same time as he was helping us. I wait for almost 2 hours and don’t even get individual attention, very professional Apple!


The so called “geniuses” that examine your device should really get their heads checked out!

Daniel Dunham

Came at this right time, was in and out and gentleman that was helping me quickly figured out the problem and fixed.

Ajith Joseph

Walked into the store for a pickup and no one to greet. I was looking for someone to get help and had to walk to couple of associates who were chitchatting. What a bad customer service!

Daniel Spector

Excellent customer service , great products included some speakers etc not by apple , beautiful store

Louis Rainer

nicest mall I've been to in a long while

Bob Henry

I saw that the Apple Store was opened till 9:30 and I had issues with my phone. So I stop and was a walk in. I young man walk right up to me and ask if he could help.. I say yes and told him my problem. He then told be to wait for a worker that was helping someone else. Well I wait and then a second female worker came up to me and ask me what I was doing and I told her. she was rude and told be they could not help me tonight and I ask why then was I told to wait for a working worker. Very frustrating.. going to another Apple Store other then Freehold!

Ganna Rassamakin

You make an appointment and expect that you will be helped - but no. Don’t even think about it. There are 4-5 people in blue shirts that just walk around the store, looking busy and important, but don’t actually help anyone. In the meantime - around 10 people are sitting around waiting for help... so customer service is poor, to put it mildly.

Michael Burgess

Always enjoy walking through. Plenty of stores, restaurants to keep busy

Leon Bruno

It's like every other Apple store. What's not to like?

Andrew knichel

Fantastic customer experience ! I had the pleasure of dealing with Malik, she was attentive , knowledgeable and had overall great customer service , 10/10 would go back to this store and would deal with Malik and her manager again if need be !

Carlos Geru Limardo

Very friendly service every time. Usually quick but sometimes theyre very busy and delays can't really be avoided. I took my iPhone in to have the screen repaired, they found a damage sensor in the process and ended up replacing the whole phone for a brand new one (I asked and it was not a refurbished iPhone) for the cost of the screen replacement.

Sophie Marcelo

I had a really good experience at Apple I had to purchase a Apple Watch for my daughter the gentleman Dave it was so, Nading and so very nice thank you guys so much and once again for everything ❤️❤️

Joseph Landree

I had an appointment for the Genius Bar. I was waited on in a timely fashion considering how busy it was. The technician was helpful and sympathetic as was the manager. They went above and beyond to resolve my ongoing issue. Not happy that this was my fourth attempt at resolution but the final outcome was beyond my expectations. I'm still on the fence about Apple products but I'm definitely a believer in their customer service and the fact they will go above and beyond to make sure the customer is taken care of. I recommend making an appointment. Walk-in customers without an appointment definitely had longer wait times.

Trippingout 613

Nice Apple store. Make sure to make an appointment for service.

Vincent Vitkovich

Very busy but employees very helpful

Megan Pagliaro

Replaced airbuds for the 3rd time

Kevin Franco

Very smug staff. I had an iPhone 7 plus with coil whine and I brought it in to have it exchanged since at the time it was a pretty new phone. The girl who was looking at my case said she couldn't hear it, so I decided to run a video at low volume to get the processor going and even then she couldn't hear it, until she took it to the back. She then decides to test on her phone, also a 7 Plus, and notices she has the issue as well - Now, you'd think maybe that she would realize its a widespread problem with all of the initial launch units, BUT no she's like, "Nah the phone is fine" and that, "I was *probably* using it wrong." I'm sorry but what?????? Long story short they denied me a swap so I had to go through online customer care, who kindlyh mailed me a replacement that was coil whine free. If you're going to hire people who are unjustifiably smug about their perceived hardware knowledge, at least hire people who are pleasant to deal with.

Hogan Chen

order online and pick up here was great

YouSeen Extraa

Nice store helpful workers great products

Darren McConnell

Staff was helpful but the wait was long. I was able to get my phone battery replaced but only after he usually attempts to sell me a new phone. Make an appointment ahead of time.

Sidharth Sharma

Had a ton of amazing experiences at this apple store location. The staff has always been helpful and going the extra step to always full fill my needs. Highly recommend


Came in 2.5 and outtie... Friendly staff... Charismatic... Checked me out on theyre iphone credit card devices which made experience great...

Aaron Qiao

It has a terrible organizing environment. Apple's business philosophy was to create a atmosphere where customers can freely explore Apple products on the table, along with needed assistance from Apple staffs in the store. However, I've been noticing that this practice were going to a downturn that has negatively impacted many customers shopping experience. Moreover, if you are calling the store number, you'll have over half an hour waiting on the phone and still nobody will answer your call. This is really a TERRIBLE customer service/experience. I wonder if customer can file a formal complaints against this store management.

Bud Ratner

Crowded but good technical help?

John Greco

Avoid this Apple Branch like the plague. Came on 2-20-19. Been using apple products since the first IPod 60gb “brick” still have my black MacBook from back in the day. Years ago I had the iPhone 6 with the camera issue. Where it would magically slide over. 6 iPhones and 6 privacy screens later I finally got a good one.... anyway. I walked in here with my iPhone 7 having a cracked home button. Also my iPad minis screen was getting a little dim. Cracked screens or broken home buttons are not covered under warranty. Which I understand. However. They wanted to give me $95 for my iPhone 7 that’s 8 months old. Also the iPad they no longer fix. They just give you a new one. So they wanted $200 to “repair” my iPad screen. And $365 to repair my home button which also means a new screen. They kept pushing for me to “ just get a new device” so adamant on how it’s the right choice... they make it so you just buy a new one.... I asked to speak to the manager. Ran the story buy him how I was inconvenienced 6 times with my old phone. Countless privacy screens in the trash.... he mentioned he couldn’t do anything for me...... that’s when I left and went to short hills. They gave me $267 instead of $95 also gave me 10% off the purchase and gave me a brand new iPad with the money I would have paid for my 2d gen. I will never shop at Freehold again. The manager was so rude and spoke to me like a number. Like I don’t even exist. No appreciation for being a long term loyal customer. Shame on you. Wish I remembered the managers name. Upon calling Freehold you get his name... ya.. good luck. They kept me on hold first for 8 minutes before I hung up. Called again. And they said they have 6 managers and don’t have any recollection of me being there.. sad. Will never return. Drive the extra miles to short hills. Or menlo

Mermaidkisses _

2,story mall. Lots of places to shop and eat. Nice food court sitting area was clean. Elevator and escalators to get to up and down

Robert Shaw

I had an appointment for 5:00 on a Friday afternoon to replace the battery in my iPhone 7 So $49 and 45 minutes later it was done. Everyone is very friendly and helpful but definitely schedule ahead of time because the store is always busy.

Maria R

Always eager to help your needs

Anish L

Big Liars. I dropped my phone for a screen replacement and the guy told me my phone was water damaged which is absolutely false. He wanted to sell me a refurbished unit for $330. Someone from the store even called me and told me my phone is ready for pickup. But when I reached today to pick up my phone e I came to know the phone wasn't repaired and they want me to get a refurbished one for $330.

Devorah Wajsbort

Waaaaaaaaay to much gashmius! Who needs cellular phones? Landlines are perfectly fine

Valdet Kolic

By far the worst customer service here at this location. The wait time is horrendous, the staff is NASTY and the managers are even more NASTY. I was told my water resistant phone had water damage but it never came into contact with enough water to cause water damage. They wanted to charge me to fix the phone othwise they could not do anything about it, I told them I wanted a new phone as I am not comfortable with the one that clearly has a defect, they basically laughed at me and left me hanging. After calling apple corporate, I was told I had Apple care which basically meant (in the reps exact words) that I could have ran over the phone with my car and that I would get a new phone. Needless to say I got a new phone to replace my old phone but the fact that THIS location made to me drive several times there, made me go though hoops and bounds, only to tell me “oh well, too bad” when the whole time I had apple care?? Horrible horrible horrible customer service and experience at this particular location.

Janaisha Ulloa

The manager Anthony Ormando made me extremely uncomfortable during my visit. I was being helped by a young lady and he staring at me. When I asked to Speak to a manager, he said he was the manager and was extremely rude.

Timmy B

I just came out of The Apple Store, walking out with an iMac and a new phone case here. The service was absolutely amazing. It took probably 5-10 minutes to complete the whole process. The staff is amazing, as as soon as I entered the store, they asked politely if I needed help with anything. The staff member was nice, smiling, and taught me about cool features on the Mac that will help me throughout my time I have it while they brought me the Mac I was buying. Overall, totally 100% recommend this place. Great Staff, Great organization of products, great products, great place.


Favorite Apple store.


Need an iPhone? You'll get to wait at least 30 minutes for help and you won't have to deal with loyalty discounts directly offered from your own cell phone provider! Once you get help, you'll be pressured into paying full price from a kid named Chris who insists that paying $25-30 a month for the next two years is cheaper than paying $200 upfront. How fun! You'll later contact the manager about this, but since they already have your money, why would they bother following up? Apple is so fun!

Karen Yeboah

I had an issue with my iPhone X. Steven, the apple tech was very friendly and helped my issue. I was very satisfied after my visit. This store is very lucky to have him.

Alexis Martinez

I went in for a cracked screen repair and got back a phone in worse condition than it came in with. I'm very disappointed in what's supposed to be certified Apple technicians and stellar customer service. After making me wait for an hour, they told me they weren't able to repair it because the phone frame was bent. I understood and took the phone back. But then I noticed that all of a sudden I have pixel lines, and the touch screen and wifi don't work. They denied any wrong doing and said it was coincidence. I've had this cracked screen for over a month without issues, hard to believe! I

John Cardinale

Help is knowledgable and friendly but store gets so crowded.

Ali Freeman

I'd been putting off/dreading this visit because I had anxious expectations about the time and money it would take to repair my laptop. However, I was pleasantly surprised - there was no wait at all and the diagnostics went very quickly (the genius bar technician apologized a few times, but 10 minutes is not long to wait). The technician wasn't pushy at all, he instead was very communicative and gave me some options. In the end he recommended waiting before deciding to pay for any expensive repairs as the issue was a bit ambiguous. He provided a new adapter on the off chance that there was any problem with my old one, totally free of cost.

Marie Fount

I had an appointment on 2/16/18 at 1P.M. And had the pleasure of having NADIA !! She was so very helpful & so patient with me as I am old school and am not very savy with the iPhone ...she addressed every issue I had and I was so happy I came to this store for help.... Thank you NADIA for making this such a wonderful experience !! I will come Back for some of your great free learning sessions !! Marie

Joseph Pecoraro

Help me with my Autistic son's Beats headphone stopped working in less then 2 months service was amazing the whole staff were professional sent them out for repair got them back in less then a week my son is very happy

Warren Youngclaus

I never got emailed a receipt from paying with Apple Watch. I retuned Hue lights which I couldn’t get to work (absent a Bridge), so I wanted a refund-lights+control button=$117.00. They didn’t want to honor this as they did not have the knowledge or skill to pull it up a receipt despite giving the cc acct used. I had to leave the store and get on with Applecare whose tech (really great and helpful) gave an easy quick solution which I took back to the store sales guys, who retrieved the charge -less than a minute- and finally got satisfaction. Not good Freehold! Big time waste...

Beshoy Bishara

We pay thousands of dollars for brand lost value so fast. No more apple

Sam Nevens

I had a great experience at this store. They went above and beyond to resolve the issue I was having with my laptop. Everyone I interacted with was super friendly and the main specialist who helped me, Craig, did everything he could to make sure I was satisfied before leaving the store. Jimmy, the team lead that day, was also very helpful.

armoredmp .

What can I say about Apple, it’s expensive but it’s worth it.

Nancy Hochschild

My mac wouldn't charge. Bought a new one on line and went there to have the old drive removed so I could connect it to my new and download. I was told my apple computer was "vintage" (over 5 yrs old ) and they could not touch it. Told me to go to Geek Squad. I told them I would sign a waiver taking responsibility but no go. My son opened up the computer, removed the drive , bought an adapter case on line and downloaded the info a month later. Having made an appointment where I told them the issue, waited when I got there anyway and then got no service. Makes me rethink apple

TheCliffzone .

Lens craft is a great place to go. I wish I had more to say.

James Wortman

Sales associate was very helpful. I was able to demo the product first. Once purchased the sales associate reviewed how to setup the device with my phone. Best experience by far in the Apple store.

gerard odonnell

Wait might be much but service and repair are great

Barry Odell

Going to the Apple Store used to be fun, now it's hectic, crowded, with impatient staff. If possible buy everything from Apple online, their products are still the best but going to the store is annoying and inconvenient. Felt like I was waiting in line to get served at Home Depot with no available sales staff eventually left

Nicholas Ballard

I visited the Apple Store today around 3:30. I have been having problems with my phone dropping calls left and right for the past two months or so. I reset the phone twice over the past months and the issue still stands. Went to Verizon to see if they know how to fix it and that got me nowhere. So, I went to the Apple Store to see if they can fix this problem. The gentleman who was helping me ran the phone throw the scan tool and told me there was no problem with the phone dropping call! In fact there is and he pretty much told me it was user error and they couldn’t fix it. The phone is less then a year old! Should be cover under the manufacture warranty. I have purchased plenty of Apple products in the past and the service I had received was always amazing and the employees would always make it right. I hope apple would make this interaction right or I would have to start looking elsewhere for my electronic purchases. Thanks, Nick.

seansy59 .

Excellent service. Well organized. Exact appointment time and quick pickup time for my device. Have an iPhone 5s still under the 1yr warranty, that is only 4 months old and had the screen popping up in the corner due to a weak glue spot. They replaced the screen at no cost and checked the battery to make sure it was not an issue also. Thankyou Apple staff of Freehold for the seamless, quick, on point, and perfect service!

Mohamed El Batanony

Very friendly and understanding, Getting a new phone for my Son was very fast , sales rep spent the time to explains the new functions of the new phone, Yes it is very expensive but it is Apple

Sai IT Support

Very bad. Loooong waiting. ... no updates after long waiting.. It seemed like they were helping on selected customers I see many employees walking around. Not really helping ..terrible....just to replace the battery in iphone

Aubrey Cohn

Good selection of stores. Not enough escalators and elevators.

Raghuram Addepalli

After a long hour and forty five minutes, met a member of Genius Bar. The work this team does is not so genius. They’re working on an assumption that the data (apps certified by App Store) might be issue. All they did is a clean reinstall of the phone. The worst part is they don’t even run any pre diagnostic test to identify the problem. Why they need a Genius Bar for this kind of a basic work?...

Paul Kaiser

One of the best Apple stores. Always helpful and courteous. Can get crowded but it's Apple.

Eric Stankovitz

Apple Store in the Freehold mall is a great place. The dedicated and smart staff knows all about Apple products and are there to help you once you enter the store. You hardly ever have to wait, despite the amount of people in the store, which is a good thing. I have bought many things from this store and I will continue to go back again for my Apple purchases.

Nancy Santoro

Very helpful staff. Got my computer fixed super fast. Very knowledgeable staff.

Leann Conte

My friend needed service on his phone. If you have the money to overspend on a phone, go for it.

Jeff Benfer

After attempting to purchase an iPhone at the Menlo Park Mall store, I left and went to the Freehold store (I needed a phone that day). There was an employee at the entrance to the store who immediately took my information - I knew exactly what I needed. He told me it would be a ten minute wait. I'm happy to wait a reasonable time if it's clear I will be served afterwards. Lo and behold, tenish minutes later, a woman came up to me and sold me the iPhone I needed, which took perhaps 5 minutes. Probably the easiest sale they made all day. Much better than the Menlo Park store.

Ashley Mccabe

Great store always busy. Seems confusing

Bill Borbely

Kaitlin provided outstanding support!

Mayal Sandhu

Worst customer experience you will ever go through will happen here. This apple store by far has the rudest, cunning and demeaning employees you will ever encounter. All the employees here have real behavioral issues and don't actually have any communication skills what so ever. They all behave as a cult and don't even listen to what you have to say and will give the the rudest replies and the worst attitude that you will encounter in any setting. The manner of behavior is something that cannot even be explained it just has to be experienced. Went to the store for a premature battery failure that failed at less than 50% charge cycles and employees there pretty much told me that I have to deal with it. Called Apple's customer service number and they authorized the repair and told me to go back to the apple store i went to and tell them to look up the notes and that the repair has been authorized. At that point i was received with the worst attitude again and they were upset because i went above them to get my repair done. Save your time and your entitlement to peace of mind and just call the apple customer service number and deal with them over the phone instead of going to the store. You will be way better received by over the phone customer support than this store. This store needs new management and their employees need to go for communication and behavioral training. This store is the equivalent to guatanamo bay of behavioral and conduct disorders.

Frank Rossi

Always crowded. Leave extra time

Rob Einhorn

The staff is efficient but it is not welcoming and louder than a high school lunch room.

John Yanchurak

I love coming here they helped me so much with all my problems I did not know how to work the iPhone but they really gave me some good service

Forever Lost

Absolutely HORRIBLE! They had me on the phone for over 40min only to be hung up on! Coustomer Service does not exist here. After almost 2 hours i finally talked to A KID who set my appointment then goes “have a good one” Then hangsup the phone... no coustomer should be treated this way!

Aayush Sharma

Great store in a great location. I have done all kinds of business at this location and have never had any issues. Brought in an old iPhone 6 for a battery repair, and was told to make an appointment (completely reasonable, i do not know why people get upset when this happens) and left the store having scheduled an appointment FOR THE NEXT DAY. Went back to the store and the staff was punctual with tending to my phone. I was in and out in 20 minutes. Keep in mind that this store is always packed with people previewing and buying the latest gadgets. Another great experience I had with the store was when I went in to buy an Apple Watch and a set of AirPods. Walked up to the Apple Watch display case and was greeted by an employee immediately. The staff was very knowledgeable and helped me make my selection. I told them I wanted airpods and they brought it to me in less than a minute. No waiting in line for a checkout as they have mobile checkout units accepting all forms of payment. Finally, this is a main location receiving shipments of new products early. Had airpods in stock when there was a shortage, and even had the iPhone X promptly after its release despite it being out of stock everywhere else.

Lily Dickinson

I know Apple products are pricey, but you can't beat their customer service. I bought a MacBook Pro in early 2009. It was frozen and I thought I'd have to scrap it. But they fixed it. I always get the cloud storage and they were able to restore it to original settings and I still have all my music, pictures, etc. I was a walk-in, without an appointment and was told it'd be a 90 minute wait, but was called in 40 minutes later. I am thrilled I don't need to buy a new MacBook. Very thrilled with their service and they talked me off a ledge throughout the process. I wish Apple made everything. Nice job!

Yaakov Pinter

Nice mall

Alan Masia

Very nice informative staff. Helped out my busy surgical intern daughter with a last minute appt for her computer that crashed with all of her research data.

Thom Healy

What can you say about the apple store, crowded, over priced and staff very happy to suggest you replace rather than repair your equipment.

Christopher Brady

Awesome Apple Store. The staff are all super nice and helpful. The Tech Support are professional and kind. They fixed my MacBook Pro that is 10 years old. I previously went to another store, and they said they could not fix it. When I took it here, they spent extra time to get it functioning. The classes are great as well.

Victoria K

I have been to 3 Apple stores with my laptop regarding some issues I’ve been having and each store told me to hold off and wait to have it fixed because they couldn’t find what was happening. (Nobody offered to send it out to the store despite having AppleCare). Came to this store and they tried cleaning the whole laptop for free (nobody at the other stores even attempted), and then read the reports from the other stores which noted that my laptop was defective but didn’t offer a solution, and the lady at the Genius Bar automatically agreed to have the laptop sent out while I still had my AppleCare covered. There was one part which always seems to work fine in store but not outside of the store and she even sent in a request to have that looked at. Just got my laptop back 2 days after sending it out to Cali and it came back fixed with 6 defective parts replaced. Thankful this store knew to send it out unlike the other stores I’ve been too, huge lifesaver!! Staff was very awesome as well and wasn’t rushed!

Steven Adames

This review is only about the store and service, I'm not going to debate/rate apple products. The store always seems to be crowded. While there are Apple employees at the entrance of the store some times to see if you need help with anything, other times they're so busy it's tough to get a hold of someone. When i went to buy a laptop from them, went in knowing what i was going to get, it took about 10 minutes to finally get someones attention long enough to explain what i wanted. Then it took another 10 minutes just to get the laptop i wanted and go over it with the sales person. Overall the people were nice, but the sheer volume of people makes the employees rush and leaves you feeling like you didn't get the service you wanted.

Paulie O'Halloran

In and out! Explained what I wanted and received!

Dean M

Outstanding staff; customer service is excellent. The main reason I switched to Apple for all of my technological needs was because of Apple's great customer service. The employees at this location are friendly, knowledgeable, and superb. Highly recommend.

Ardene Thomason

Great shopping

Sam Halim

The employees there are very rude and not helpful at all. I went 4 times to that location because of my iPhone 7, anytime I make call or receive a call, people on the other side of the call cannot hear me. ever time I go there, one of the employees diagnose a different problem and tell me the issue is fixed. I leave and only find out that the problem still exists. Staff are not knowledgeable and very rude. they need to close that location and re-train the entire staff. Don't waist your time like I did going to the Apple store in Freehold NJ.

Karen Kelly

Love shopping early in the morning. No o e to bother you.

Carr Smith

Their customer service is terrible. I will never go back there.

Rich Mcgoldrick

Very nice mall.

Madelyn Gonzalez

I would give this store zero stars if I could. I have never had such a bad experience. I wish I could get back the money for gas. They made my mother go to the store 3 times and still didn't give her the phone she went to pick up even though apple stated she was authorized to pick it up. I will never do business with them. Awful service.

Amanda DiNapoli

Went to the store with a screen issue, everyone was super helpful from the beginning. Spoke with Mike at the Genius Bar and he made sure my phone was fixed in an hour!!!!!! Amazing service!!!!

George Williams

Gr8 to shop eat

Daniel Kerwin

Great mall to visit. Food court has many tastes to choose from. Many stores to shop.

2CleverMafia USA

To busy and crowded to even ask a question.

harry palmer

Fine store like all the other Apple stores. Staff is knowledgeable.

Mike Arias

Had an appointment. Waited a few minutes although it was packed. Went for battery replacement. Did say it will take 1:45 but luckily iPhone was backup.

Dyana Domalewski

HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE !!!!! Anytime I have had an issue with my phone I have ALWAYS taken it to them, whether its a cracked screen, etc. The right side of my screen decided to stop working so I brought in store for the jerk off to tell me that my screen was fine and that all I had to do was reset my phone???Mind you, I live 45 mins away from this store. I go home and reset the phone after him not looking or running a test on my phone for the problem not to be fixed. I called Apple who advised me to bring my phone back to the store, drove back another 45 mins later and Jai Jai actually took the time to look and run the test to see that I was not lying about the issue with my phone. They gave me a loaner phone and sent it out on the last day of my warranty and assured me that the repair would be covered and gave a receipt that said it would cost me nothing. Fine, 2 days later I get an email that my phone repair is on hold because the screen is now apparently a 3rd party part, which only could of been done by apple since thats where I took the phone in the first place to be replaced. HORRIBLE!!!! they are now saying that I am to pay $279 because its not under warranty. I am disgusted by the experience that I have encountered at this store and will be going after them and to consumer affairs.

Jennifer Cleary

The store was very crowded gave my name and I was being helped within 6-7 minutes. Staff was very knowledgable and helpful. I didnt feel rushed and all my questions were answered.


I have Apple care so I brought in my computer for hardware test since a lot of apps have been crashing and my computer has been slowed down. Mind you it’s only an year old MacBook and I strictly use it for school. Even with an appointment there was another person being assisted along side with me at the same time. I have already gotten the internal board replaced once as suggested, but the apps still crash and computer still freezes. After running some tests, I was told that there’s no problem and all they can do is reboot. Well the reboot didn’t help and I am still stuck with the same problems as before.

Katherine Francisco

Quick, friendly service and always find a solution for u with as much detail as possible. They all really care about their products

James Shek

Professional and knowledgeable personnel throughout the store

Cassie Melia

Cam was very helpful and knew what he was talking about. This store has great customer service and I only had to wait under 10 minutes, despite it being very packed.

Wai Yuen

When to the Apple Store on 1/6 to get the battery on my iPhone 6 plus replace. They did not have the battery in stock, and had to order a battery for me. Call the store on 1/9, and was told that the battery would not be in till mid APRIL!!!

Jake D

2.05pm appointment - 35 minutes later, still waiting. Apparently I'm in bizzaro world and words have lost all meaning. Update: Spoke with a loosely-named "genius" and after I informed him that I made an appointment for a repair for a button not working, he said they don't do repairs for those, only replacements. So why does apple's website even have that option as a choice when making an appointment? Ineptitude at it's finest.

Mark Hopcroft

Employees are polite and eager to help. .only downside is that the store is always crowded and loud so it can be hard to talk with the people you need to.

Julianne Hall

My computer crashed and the girl at the Genius Bar took it to the back for a few minutes and came back to tell me that I was going to have to pay $475 for a new hard drive or get a new laptop. She also told me that any data that I hadn't backed up would likely be impossible to access. I brought my computer to another store for a second opinion and it was completely restored and is running as normal. I would not recommend this Store for diagnostics. I did, however, find the sales staff to be very helpful.

Michael F

This store is always so busy even when U wanna do a simple thing that only takes a few minutes U spend hours here. Only able to get in and out when buying accessories it seems . ... I would highly recommend making an appointment before u go here.

Sandeep Shukla

Lovely store ..Very crowded with people buying and getting technical help ..Staff are very nice

Mike Smith



Worst service! I went into the store to get service on a brand new phone. The technician did some tests and adjustments to the phone and sent us our way. As soon as we got home we began to experience the same problem. Called apple care and advised he would have to pay for another phone and send in our old phone. If they determine no problems we would be stuck for the price of the 2nd phone. So back to the Apple store in freehold. Asked for service and was told it would be a 2 hour wait. I asked for the manager who was standing and chit chatting with 3 store associates. Asked to be helped and Anthony Ormandy agreed I would have to wait 2 hours for service. 3 questions why can’t he just exchange the broken phone still under warranty so I can be on my way, or he be trained as a manager to help the customers, OR why have 25 sales associates and 4 technicians. I mentioned to the manager Anthony about this stores low review rating and he said he was well aware of the terrible rating and didn’t care I would be giving them another. Went to Menlo Park and was helped within 20 minutes and had the phone exchanged and done. Take a lesson from them ....avoid Freehold and go the Menlo Park Mall!


Came in for a genius bar appointment and was told it would be a 5 hour wait. I accept the ridiculous wait time and drive the 20 minutes back home only to get a message that they're ready for me.

C Dubs

My phone needed a repair and the tech who assisted me was extremely helpful. A+++

Adam G.

traded in 2 older devices today. Brian B. super helpful with trade-in, as well as showing me/explaining new products.

Meghan Woodruff

A great mall for around here. Anything isn't worth going to unless you go up north!


They were very busy. I was unable to be serviced.

Meghan Ross

If you need actual help, stay away from this location. They only make appointments on Fridays, and they’ll tell you it’s fine to come back everyday and they should be able to fit you in and then when you come back, they turn you away and tell you they don’t have enough staff to help you. They’re a joke. We’ve wasted so much time trying to use them for help when we could’ve sent the phone in and got it back by now. I recently switched to Apple but if this is their customer service, I’m not staying with this phone very long.

Ahron Gutwirth

I had a wonderful experience with there wonderful customer service.

Ted Bridges

Excellent customer service

Miguel Bormolini

Day 09/27 at 11:10 am I was in the store and was not well attended. I always believed that the apple differential is the service to the smallest detail of the device. I queued for over 40 minutes to exchange 2 celphone that I bought four days ago. Aside from being told to enter the store and leave twice, I had to take the line twice. Besides telling me that I had a product and no more ... Paid for the differential and not for the headache

Ginger Johnston

Awesome store you can just look around or get help returning things is easy

Amanda Monroe

Such nice customer service!!! Helped us out quickly and efficiently.

Asad Iqbal

I went to this store for repairs. The staff member who helped me was courteous & professional. No issues were encountered.

Siddharth Gulati

Big store with all products available and staff is also courteous.

Lauren Kirkman

I had a problem with my phone. I called the Freehold store phone number. Two hours of technical support later I finally get an appointment scheduled to go into the store. I later needed to reschedule and again could not get anyone on the phone. I spoke to customer service who said they could not get the store staff either. They then transferred me to another line for support where I had to hold AGAIN!!! Never again will I buy an apple product they are not easy to use and when they break your carrier cannot help you.

Dounea Elbroji

I had the best experience at this location! I made an appointment (2/15/19) for a screen repair on my Macbook Pro in which the LCD was completely busted. I got stuck in some road work on the way, but called ahead and the store manager was super nice and assured me that they would still honor my appointment despite running almost 30 minutes behind. When I arrived we were seen to right away. I was informed that not only was my LCD fried, but I would need a battery replacement as well. After taking notes and examining my laptop, the tech noticed that the anti-glare coating on the screen was delaminating. Apple will replace screens with anti-glare coating issues free of charge. Due to the diligent tech, the cost of my repairs went from nearly $700 to around $200, because I now only had to pay to replace the battery. He told me it would take about 5 days to repair, but I just arrived home from picking up my newly repaired Macbook today (2/17/19)! Pick up was so simple as well, I was in and out in 10 minutes at the most. I thought that they had brought out the wrong computer at first because they made my beat up 2015 Macbook look brand new. Everyone at this location was so kind and efficient, my wallet and I are especially grateful!

jeremy w

I made an appointment over a week ago to have my phone battery replaced, I showed up to my appointment to heard that they do not have the battery in stuck!!!! I made a battery replacement appointment!!! I live over 45 min away from the area! It is extremely unprofessional and unfairly way to treat a customer.

Ms Lady

Took me at my appointed time.

Stephanie Romano

Really had a good experience thank God my associate that was helping me fix my phone was really nice thank you guys again

Riley Braun

This store was an absolute disaster. My phone's battery has been consumed, so I made an appointment and when I walk into the store, I notice how crowded it is with customers. There were 10-15 Apple employees standing around, talking to each other, while the customers wander around confused as to why none of the employees are approaching them and guiding them through their visit. The Genius Bar was worse. The way the store is set up, no one knew if there was a line that had formed. The employees certantly didn't help. After waiting two hours for a simple battery change, I went to pick up my phone. There was zero organization, so the customers formed a makeshift line. When it was my turn in line, the Apple employee ignored me, and began randomly grabbing repaired devices from a cabinet, instead of checking out people who have been waiting in line, a simple first-serve basis. Upset, I told the employee I just wanted to pick up my phone. He didn't even make eye contact with me. Apple is a parasite, and I will never buy another Apple product. Someone should do something about this store because the way it is run is more like a circus than a store.

kyle crawkey

IS THERE ANYWAY TO GIVE ZERO STARS? I walk into the store and a gentleman greets me and ask "How can I assist you?" I tell him I'm here for a screen repair. The gentleman tells me "OK we will take your info and give you a text when we are ready" I tell him I am unable to receive text messages. the Apple associate says, " Come back in a half hour and we'll be ready for you." In my mind I'm thinking "YES! I'll walk the mall come back in 30 minutes and leave them my phone come back before close and pay for the repair" So I come back 40 MINUTES later and another gentleman tells me to come back in 40-45 minutes!! I speak to a manager and he basically tells me there's nothing he can do. I tell him I would love to give Apple my money for this repair but you guys aren't providing me the best of service and I may have to go aftermarket. the "manager" tells me "I would advice against that being you may lose your contacts, pics etc" I tell him the phone is already wiped out do to the damage. He gives me another blank stare and says "Yea there's nothing I can do" Well I went upstairs to a cell phone repair shop and the gentleman fixed the phone in the 30 minutes and the phone is working properly with no issue! WORK ON YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE APPLE!!! Unfortunate things happen time to time however you have to make sure you address them correctly... I'll never go to this store again and I'll advice my friends, family and whoever I can reach on social media about this experience!

Jamison Appleby

Terrible customer service. I walked into the store 2 weeks ago regarding the mute switch to the right of my phone that wouldn’t turn from off to on. They admitted it was a fault of apples however that it was out of their 1 year warranty. They told me to deal with Verizon or to pay 500 dollars for a new one (Which is the cost of my new phone). Total BS this is an Apple flaw I expected better service than that, they should have replaced my phone as this was clearly an Apple defective product. I say there waiting in their store and they did NOTHING to fix the switch they claimed to have taken it apart in the back but what those bozos didn’t know is that I knew they didn’t take it apart. I’ll never walk back in there, Apples support sucks and they don’t stand behind their product or their service I’m buying android.

Kaitlyn Bevilaque

Terrible experience, older man (who never introduced himself) told me what he thought was wrong with my phone instead of listening to what I was saying and showing was wrong, traveled an hour from home and arrived with an hour and a half left to spare on a Sunday (a slow business day according to online) and they still couldn’t help me buy a phone because they would have to help me set my phone up and “that would just take up way too much time.” Im never the one to complain about stores but I’ve never felt so pushed around and ignored as a customer.


Apple is apple, the place is always a cool spot to check out

Teresa B

THEY ARE THIEVES. STAY AWAY!! They took my money and never repaired my phone and they never disclosed that i could not get a refund if the repair wouldn't work. Timothy claims he is the manager and spoke to me rudely and didn't care if i was dissatisfied and refused to give me his last name LET ME ASK YOU ... .WHAT IS TIMOTHY HIDING!! STAY AWAY

Dave Linde

I bought my mac book pro here. The people are knowledgable.

Larry Cohen

wish I could leave no stars! complete colossal waste of time! son had beats solo headphones that were just out of warranty and seemed to have small issue with not locking into headpiece spent 30 mins on phone with apple help yesterday and person said cant make exception without seeing so you should go to apple store and make appt. well apple store rep was courteous but could offer zero real help besides suggesting to have fixed for 400 bucks, when they are 300 new. so upset rest of family all has apple products and have given this company tens of thousands of dollars over the years. for me I have android and only hope apple gies out of business!

Aditya Kotta

Make an appointment ahead of time. Went as a walk in and waited 30 mins in what seemed like non peak hours (3:30 pm on a Wed.) When attended, the apple rep was courteous and knowledgeable.


Nice store but over priced I found same charging cable for $14.99 less in another store. the staff is no helpful at all many walking around but no help..

Edward Klein

Over rated over priced

Kenneth Kelly

Make an appointment. Do not just show up. About how the texts are excellent but be prepared to be there for hours.

Joseph Bradley

This place actually sucks everytime i come here for phone problems you wait at least 25 minutes past your appointment time its actually ridiculous

Gary Kaiser

1 hour & 45 minute wait for technician ,only to find out that my phone needed to be replaced , I was okay to purchase new iPhone 7 at full retail price of $700.00 plus $$$, the technician said I needed to wait only 10 more minutes to meet with new phone sales person & that I was fast tracked because I waited already. After 15 minutes after past , I asked the greeter how much longer, he said only 4 people were in front of me, I responded, " shove the phone up your you know what and left without their phone.

Rich Demczyszyn

I'm not an Apple person but my kids are. Went in for a problem with my daughters phone and was told it would be 15 minutes to a half hour. Within 5 minutes my daughter received the 3 texts they said she would get and within another 5 minutes we were being helped by an Apple Genius.

Alex Campbell

Best one in a wide radius


Very small store compared to other Apple stores. I wish they could rent a bigger space in the mall, especially since this is an extremely busy location. Also, when I come in for repairs, they are always behind schedule and I get a technican 1 - 1.5 hours later than the appointed time. Really annoying!!

Rosie .

THIS STORE IS RUN BY THIEVES. They are very shady and sneaky. BEWARE!! BE CAREFUL giving out your personal information at this store. My SSN was compromised and my identity was stolen at this store. Someone tried to open up a line of credit under my name. I found out about this by checking my credit report religiously. Their arrogant, dismissive, and completely useless manager defending his incompetent employees saying that they are already doing their best at making sure everyone is protected. If they were doing their best, this would've never happened to me. I don't even live anywhere near this store and didn't even know this store even existed until last night. Next step is legal action. I highly advise for anyone who cares about their safety to stay far far away from this location and the apple company in general.

DJ Noname

Place is a mad house but sometimes you have to do it. I was just there with a friend. Good looking store. #android lol

Marilyn Moody

Awesome price's!

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