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REVIEWS OF Necessary Technology IN Maine

Alejandro G

I have been to Necessary Technology a few times over the years. These guys do the best work in town. Last time I was in they replaced a broken laptop screen. I was in this week with the "FBI Virus" that totally locked down my computer. Guess I opened the wrong email:( They were able to clean it so I could use it again and tune it up so it ran faster in less than 2 days. The virus is gone and it runs like brand new. The best part is it cost me a lot less than the supposed Geeks at the big box store. I would recommend Necessary Technology in Portland Maine to anyone in need of quality, honest computer repair.

Delwar Ahmed

They are a great company. My laptop crash in 2017. They were able to save all my files but not the apps but I was glad I had all my architectural files and clothing design still back on my laptop. It is necessary to go to necessary technology because they know what they are doing.

Alan Lukas

Very helpful

Laura Blutstein

Patricia Lennon

Able to provide a 'rush' service that had me up and running in less than 24 hours after my CPU fried itself. Excellent to work with and they provided me with all the services I needed switching from a PC to a Mac They were recommended by the local Apple store and I can see why.

Paula Greco

Wow! For the first time in my life I wasn't treated like an idiot when I went to Necessary Technology. Jarrod and Alex took the time to listen to my problems and then simply explained the solutions. They then showed me a couple things I didn't know about to make my computing life easier. I am glad I went to them and will certainly recommend others to do the same.

Jodi Paloni

New to the area and looking for help for my troubled MacAir, I found Necessary Technology conveniently located on Forest Ave. in Portland. Jarrod and the crew are upbeat, responsive, and knowledgeable. I had what turned out to be a super oddball issue and the team (including their Mac specialist) stuck with me every step of the way, going above and beyond the call of duty, and never charging a fee for diagnostics, trouble-shooting, or follow-up. When they did charge for service, the price was fair and reasonable. Turn-around time was good. I'd use Necessary Technology again and I'd recommend them for quality service, clear communication, and successful repair. They saved me the $1,000 (new Mac minus repair) I would have spent on a new machine.

Corey Tremblay

Karol Olszynski

Rude owner. Not professional. Stay away.

Susan Gillmor

Just got my laptop back from these amazing guys! I've consistently found them to be honest and fair, reasonable (and then some!) with their rates, and enormously knowledgeable and skillful at what they do best - fixing computers! They are my heroes and I happily recommend them to anyone who needs reliable computer techs to turn to for all their computer needs. They're my heroes!!

Scott Whiting

Went here to recover data from a busted hard drive. Very professional service: they explained the problem in plain English but without sounding condescending, and also guaranteed that nothing would be charged if they failed to extract the data. The bottom line for the successful data transfer to a new drive was also less than I was expecting.

Jennifer Shapiro

They were so helpful today. A few years ago they replaced a crashed hard drive in my older Mac desktop. Best $$ I'd spent in a while. It was like getting a brand new Mac for less than 20% the cost of a new one!! Today I went in just needing assistance removing an old hard drive from a laptop I was selling. It took them less them 10 minutes and there was no charge. I was just asked to share my experience and spread the good word. Thank you again!!

Joe Presser

Paul Robbins

Top Shelf knowledge, customer care, quick turnaround and reasonable pricing! Forget big box store extended warranties!

Bob McLean

Excellent service. Any charges were thoroughly explained. Pleasant and professional experience over the phone and at the business. I would definitely recommend this company.

Regina Rofe

Having been introduced to Necessary Technology through an NPR program, I thought they would be a good source for tech help, and I was not disappointed. They take their time, they explained things thoroughly and instill confidence. For any future help, this is the place to go. I highly recommend this company.

Ross Crampsey

Mostly a good experience. While checking in at the computer with one employee, another one continued their conversation with mine, which meant I had to repeat my information a couple of times. I had a phone battery replaced. One of the recommendations I was given was about battery-saving, which wasn’t the issue. One was to close all open apps; the other to turn on low power mode. Seems like information just regurgitated from a Google search. If I’d gone to the Apple Store, I’m sure I would have paid the lower $29 price for the replacement, but I like to support the independents where I can.

Farhiya Mohamed

I went to necessary technology for a trackpad repair after they repaired it nothing appeared to be wrong but only after a few months I had to get it repaired again quick note I haven’t dropped it or anything either.

Walter Thames

What's not to love about these guys? This is by far the best tech service I have ever had in Portland. First of all I love the location and easy parking. Second, they answered the phone and helped me before I even came in with simple, concise answers I could understand. Third, they diagnosed it for free and then completed the job on time and for the exact price they quoted. Fourth, it actually worked better than ever before. I have never taken the time to write a review but am doing it for these guys because they truly deserve the business they get and I hope this review helps you go there so they will be around the next time I need them. Definitely will be back and recommend them.

Renee G. Cote

My MacBook Pro screen was black. I could see the desktop if I shined a flashlight on it which points to a dead logic board, a common problem for my model/year. Necessary Technology agreed that sounded like the issue but said they would test it before replacing anything. The screen worked when they tried a different logic board, and it also worked when they put my logic board back in on a hunch. They didn’t charge me anything since they didn’t consider that a repair. I offered to pay for their time, but they said the problem could come back since their testing had caused it to work before they found anything to actually fix. That was a few months ago, and it’s still working. I’ve deal with dishonest repair people in the past, and it was an amazing feeling to find a place that has integrity.

Ross Lapenta

Fast, thorough service. Awesome, knowledgeable staff. Supremely satisfied with the service they provided me, would certainly recommend to anyone dealing with a computer disaster.

Merry Christmas

I would advise going elsewhere. The communication among employees is poor and leads to customers having to explain themselves repeatedly. There are better options in the area.

Brian Davis

The service was excellent. Brought in two computers that were damaged after a lightning strike. They diagnosed the problems, recovered data and emailed the paperwork to me quickly for insurance needs. They were also happy to answer questions and give some solid, honest advice.

charlie ruff

My desktop had all my iTunes on it and it crashed. Brought it to Necessary Technology and asked them to recover the data mainly the MP3 data. I returned several weeks later (I live some distance from Portland) and they said they would download it to an external disk drive and have it for me Monday. I explained the distance involved and they said they were closing at noon but the download would be done probably by 12:30 and some one would be there to let me in even though they would be closed. Very nice. Couldn't be more pleased. Fee was $100. very fair. I'll use them again.

marilynn vander schaaf

Excellent !!! Courteous, well informed, timely in diagnostics and reliable. I was required to have my computer sanitized due to potential fraud. No evidence of virus. No charge for diagnostics. They are honest and willing to educate a techno-peasant. That is where I will head for all of my computer challenges.

Layla Sassone

These guys are awesome for data recovery! Professional staff, reasonable prices, and quick turnaround time. Some of their competitors charge 6x more. Highly recommend this place!

Judy Philbrick

Thanks Guys ! Your prices are great Your quick at getting back to the customer with the problem and free diagnosis! No pressure here! I will be using your services again.

Bill Sweeny

Earlier I wrote a not so good review because my printer would not print. I was mistaken. They called me and offered to fix the problem even though it was not their fault. I really appreciate their concern. and helpfulness. So now that I realize it was my error and not theirs. They really deserve and I will give them 5 stars. Sorry guys.

matt mizrahi

A+ best service number 1


I called to get a quote on a screen repair for a tablet. At first I didn’t even know if I had called the right place the person answering the phone seemed confused and very short with me. After re-explaining why I was calling I was told that in order to get a quote they need to take everything apart and see what’s wrong with it. When I asked why that was the case when other businesses I’ve called were able to give me a quote without opening it up. I never got an answer other then repeating that they needed to open it in order to give me a quote. Not getting a solid answer while being spoken to as if I’m bothering you is not very good customer service.

Patrick Bagley

These guys are awesome, very friendly and in a very convenient location in Portland. My iPhone was acting oddly; they diagnosed the problem for free and made some quick changes also for free and now my phone is back to normal. This will definitely be my first stop for any iphone/mac problem!

Terrilynn Dubreuil

Necessary Technology was referred to me by the Apple store. My MacBook Pro is almost 7 years old, the battery had been running non-stop and I could not leave it unplugged. The guys at NT were professional, friendly, informative, accurate with their estimate, and did the work in half the time they quoted at exactly the price they quoted. They did MORE than I expected and made my machine better than it was when I first bought it: a new Hybrid Drive, double the RAM, etc. They even made suggestions for my Time Machine external HD and other "what to do from here" thoughts. I would highly recommend Necessary Technology to anyone: Mac or PC person.

Steven Barker

They did wonders. I thought my computer was lost forever, but they fixed it and saved me hundreds of $$$. Definitely recommend.

Armen Carapetian

Excellent service. Apple determined that my 2011 MacBook Pro needed a new logic board and wanted to charge $310 for the repair. After diagnosing my system, the folks at Necessary Technology spotted that Apple had a recall notice for this very problem I was experiencing -- a fact that Apple failed to mention -- and recommended taking the info to Apple to ask that they install a new logic board for free. I did, and Apple fixed the problem or free.

Bryan Kessler

These guys fixed my macbook for about 1140 dollars cheaper than the Apple store. They are also Apple certified - they can do all your AppleCare servicing. 100% would recommend.

Amy Knight Francoeur

Great people. Honest, friendly, and reliable. So glad I found them.

Sharon Ruth

I was referred by a client and have referred several people since. They provided excellent service repairing my devices . But in addition, have made me look really good when serving my own customers by making suggestions that make good business sense. Every self-employed person should consider bringing Necessary Technology their business.

Charles McNutt

My 6 year old PC finally succumbed to my abuse and stopped working. I've heard about the blue screen of death but this was the first time I every saw it first hand. I expected the worst but Necessary Technology did their magic and got it back without the expected new hard drive. Great job and very reasonable cost. Thank you.

Judy O'Donnell

I've been going to Necessary Technology for ayear now. they are so heplful. They rebuilt my macbook pro and it's better that ever. Whenever I ahve a problem Jerrad walks me through the issue. He is so helpful and patient with me that I aways to to him to solve the problem. I recommend them to all my friends to solve their computer problems.

Cathy Cook

This place is great. Service is fast. Ready when they said it would be. Twice they have saved me when I thought all was lost. I highly recommend these guys. Thanks Matt and Alex! You are my heroes.

Beth Madison

Knowledge courteous

Heather Mazur

Jim Miller

Another 5 star experience at Necessary Technology. This time they ordered and setup a brand new laptop for my business. Moving the data was a worry for me but they made the process smooth and simple. I can't thank those guys enough for all their help. They really are the best in town and should be everyone's first and only option.

Beth Libby

These techs fixed my problem and added a helpful program all in an impressive time. IIl use them again!!

Mary Griffin

This has been a wonderful experience for me. The guys are always willing to help me anytime I come into their shop. They are great to work with, thoughtful, kind and very confident. Try them, you won't regret it. Sincerely, Mary Griffin

Pat Garrett

I was referred to Necessary Technology, a certified Apple Technology Service. Service was prompt and courteous. They called when they said they would call and my machine was ready even before promised. Hard drive replaced, restored from back-up, cleaned and running better than ever for a fair price.. Easy place to find, easy parking and technicians with whom it is a pleasure to speak. . Highly recommend.

Jean Gray

I have had several repairs at Necessary Technology. They find the problem, know how to fix it and speak in terms I can understand. I love the customer service. The HELP you - they TALK with you and they FIX things. Very down to earth.

Mora Katz

These guys are knowledgeable, patient, readily available, conveniently located and charge reasonable prices.

Veronica Nee

I had some weird thing happen to my computer and I called Apple Support. After being on the phone for two hours they could not help me fix it. The Genius Bar was booked and I needed the computer ASAP. Apple Support told me to take it to Necessary Technology. I went this morning at 9:00 am and was driving home with a fixed computer by 9:30 am!! What an incredible place!! They fixed my computer and explained to me how to keep it fixed, at no charge!! What kindness!! I now have a new computer place!! I highly recommend Necessary Technology!!

Mark Miller

I shall return. (Hopefully not too soon.)

Beth Harrington-Howes

One scary morning my computer "froze"! Necessary Technology was recommended by a friend and I brought my PC in, like bringing my dog to the emergency vet. They had it up and running in no time and couldn't have been nicer about it! I recommend them highly!

Marita Kennedy-Castro

These folks diagnosed and fixed my computer with speed and professionalism. I am very grateful for the work they did, and recommend them 100%.

Julia Irace

These guys are awesome. They were able to rebuild my hard drive for my business in one day and I experienced no business interruption. Jarrod and his team understand the importance of quick responses to computer issues and have proven to be trustworthy and honest. I cannot say enough good things about Necessary Technology.

Sarah Daignault

These guys are fantastic. Friendly, knowledgeable. They figured out the problem with the computer. And then they did not charge me because it was not fixable! It is a pleasure doing business with Necessary Technology!

Anuj Singh

Anuj singh

Abby Huckel

I dropped off my laptop recently with a pretty basic problem -- we couldn't get it to hold onto a wifi connection anywhere. We don't know much about computers but the folks at Necessary Technology were helpful and patient. They were able to fix it right up without any drastic measures and we have been happily reunited with our wifi connection!

Ryan Fowler

Very professional, honest and upfront staff! Great work!

jessie hoyt

I decided to take my Apple Ipad and IPhone to this store after waiting at the Apple store for what seemed like forever! It was also recommended highly by my daughter in law. Well it was fantastic. The technician, Jarrod, was so patient, knowledgeable, and informative; my problems we're resolved to the fullest. I recommend this place with 5 Stars plus!! Jessie

Rachel Debasitis

Not only did I love that they could help me a week earlier than the Apple Store could (my Mac's keyboard died in grand fashion), and that I was able to avoid the mall, AND that they have free parking in freakin' downtown Portland, these people are GREAT. They saw me promptly, treated me with courtesy, thought they knew what the problem was yet let me finish explaining the symptoms (being female and gray-haired, I'm often blown off/talked over in situations like this), told me the plan, kept me updated, and had it back in my hands earlier than promised. I will absolutely keep coming back here when I need help, and I'll recommend Necessary Technology to anyone. Thanks for the stellar service!

Kay Ralston

This is the first time I wanted to hire a computer service person. I googled best computer repair in Portland Maine and found Necessary Technology. They certainly earn their high rating! They are kind, thorough, honest, professional and quick. I love that I did not have to pay a fee to find out what was wrong and what service was recommended. I could have decided not to repair my laptop but I decided to take their recommendations to fix my computer. Well worth the money and time. I am so glad I decided to repair rather than buy a new computer. I got a new hard drive, had fans cleaned and had the data recovered.

Jeremy Dean

They've taken excellent care of my Macs over the years. They are reasonable, very up front on pricing, and will work to save you money.

Edward O'Rourke

Great experience from beginning to end. All smiles here !

Greg Engler

Recently brought my desktop in on a Saturday after I messed something up installing a new power supply. I received a call back by Tuesday explaining why it wasn't working - they fixed it, then updated my motherboard drivers and installed antivirus software for about $30. Apparently they don't charge for diagnostics either which is pretty awesome. Super reasonable prices when compared to other companies like Best Buy's Geek Squad.

Andrew January

Went in for what I thought was a power supply issue or something else that was causing my 6 yr-old desktop to shut itself off, not restart and have blinking lights and beeping. Fun times. They ran it thru the ringer and couldn't find anything wrong. We figured that the power cord itself may be bad so they gave me a new cord free of charge. They also gave the machine a good cleaning free of charge. Machine is purring like a kitten. From now on, I will bring all the issues I can't handle to these guys. They're just fantastic.

John Currie

Locally owned. Cheerful, unpretentious professionals who have repaired iPhones, Mac and PCs for my family for several years. Unfailingly nice, high quality, reasonably priced. Easy access location in Portland, near USM and I-295. Go there, don’t go the box stores at the Mall.

Bill Harper

John Pentecost

They replaced my iPhone 6 battery in about a half hour. Great work, really reasonable prices, and good guys to work with. There's a reason they have such a high customer rating!

rita siavelis

They had great customer service. They fixed a very difficult manner in a timely manner. They even gave me over the phone support when I couldn't figure something out. Thanks so much

Troy DeVito

Wow, this guy is very unprofessional. This place deserves negative stars for the way the owner of this place treats costumers and then slanders them with their personal information on the internet. Is that even legal? You want your computer and your personal information going here? Nope. - This business has been reported to the Maine Consumer Protection Bureau, I've seen it on the list. Prepare for the owner's excuse below, gotta save those ratings.

Simon Williams

I have never reviewed anything until now. My experiences at Necessary Technology have been top notch and I highly recommend them in helping you with your computer needs.

Stephen Bannon

Great guys. Honest, trustworthy and they always explain everything in a way that doesn't sound condescending or arrogant. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone in the Portland area. Don't waste your time anyplace else.

Jimmy Paredes

Mike Deangelis

I can not say enough about the staff at Necessary Technology. I first discovered them at the old location and was impressed with the patience shown to an older non techy who asked dozens of irrelevant non techy questions. I am so impressed with the patience and professionalism of this group, Jarod and Alex specifically, Every time I walk through the door I am at ease knowing anything I try to explain in my non techy language will be quickly, easily and patiently deciphered and the problem will be solved in a timely manner. For all you older computer illiterates like myself, do not hesitate to call or go to Necessary Technology for any of your Computer.Tech questions or concerns. "They are simply the Best"

Lianna Hachborn

Quick and easy!

Elizabeth Barthmaier

Friendly knowledgeable experience, timely updates, very helpful.

Brendan Arsenault

Gary Sylvester

They did a free diagnostic, and solved the problem at a reasonable price. Can't ask for more than that!

larry collins

Necessary Technology diagnosed the issues on my laptop and quickly got the parts in and replaced them. After I had follow up issues, which were most likely user caused (me) they addressed and clean up the issues on a walk in basis spending an hour. Great experience!

JT Bea

Eve Rigo

Necessary Technology is always my 1st choice for computer repair! Staff is knowledgeable and courteous, taking their time to explain everything in detail. I will always recommend this company because of their excellent service!!!

Susan Andersen

Walked in today with desk top and laptop. Walked out with both diagnosed and/or fixed in 15 minutes. Great service and reasonable costs. Thanks again!!

Chris Gamble

My old mid 2009 macbook pro is like new again! Everyone I spoke with was friendly and professional. I highly recommend them for all your computer needs!

tapscott61 .

Gisele Messier

Excellent service and a very fair price. I needed a new battery for my five-year-old PC laptop and was only charged the Amazon price for the battery. They installed it and ran a free diagnostic on the computer for me. No real problems. For no charge also installed a free program to prevent prompts to upgrade to software I didn't want and removed a program I no longer needed. Also, when I called and didn't have time to hold on the phone, they made note of the number and called me back. They took a lot of time to get the right battery for the laptop and fit me in quickly when I needed the battery installed right away. Everyone was friendly and very knowledgeable. This is what customer service should always be!

Ahmed Al .

Great service and friendly people, thanks

Adam Rosenblit

They did a great job installing a new SSD into my daughter's gaming laptop and getting the OS moved over to it from the HDD. Definitely worth paying the small fee to get the rush service.

Sonia Robertson

Necessary Technology is THE BEST!!!!!!!!! They are experts in this field and totally patient. They have performed miracles for us. We sing their praises and recommend if you have a computer problem you go to Necessary Technology FIRST!!!!

Ashley Smith

These guys really know their stuff. They're fast, affordable and professional. The trifecta of GREAT service!

Tim Moore

OK, so it looks like my laptop is dying----only 3 years old---and even though I bought it at Best Buy, I'm not sure I want the GEEK SQUAD handling the issue. $8/hour employees and transient teenagers having access to everything on my hard drive was not particularly appealing to me. So I do a search and literally stumble onto the Necessary Technology website. The first thing I read is something to the effect of: "Relax-your computer problems are solved". Well, anyone can write some soothing crap on their website, right? But I took the leap of faith and brought my computer in--the owner stayed open past hours to accommodate me since as I work in NH. Bottom line was that my hard drive crashed---and unlike what the GEEK SQUAD would have done, namely replace it, MAYBE save my files but require I re-install all my applications, these guys went the EXTRA MILE--and completely CLONED the old drive to the new one. They also installed a better virus protection program and had the computer back to me within a few days---it looks and performs like it did when new--and everything was restored. The cost was very reasonable--and it was a flat fee quoted in advance. I know it took them more time to clone the drive, but they announced up front that they would attempt this--with no extra cost involved. In short, they seemed to actually give a damn about my problem--and my need to have it solved quickly. This may be the first "review" I have ever written for a business---but these guys deserve to have their excellence proclaimed. If you are having issues, give them a try and you'll be the next one writing a similar review of your experience!

Maria Fournier

They were able to get my laptop up and running quickly and were honest when another laptop wasn't worth the cost to repair it. I appreciate that they take a look first, then give you a quote and you can choose whether or not to proceed. Good customer service!

Mary-Kate O'Sullivan

Super efficient, knowledgable, great staff here. FAST turnaround. I gave them my broken laptop on a Thursday afternoon and it was finished Monday morning, and it's like a brand new computer. They didn't do any extra work I didn't need or try to upsell me. They promised they'd do their best to back up the data from my busted hard drive and they did! Plus if you have Apple insurance that applies here, and they do all the handling of ordering parts and stuff. Price of labor was so totally reasonable. Overall a great experience and I'm never going to the Genius Bar again.

Reptilian Overlord

I took my laptop in for a DC power jack repair. This is a pretty simple repair, but rather than do it myself I decided to take it to the "experts" rather than risk damaging it myself. The repair took a little longer than expected, but they did offer me a discount for the delay. Note: This review has been edited since posting the original.

Lynne Werner

I found the staff at Necessary Technology pleasant, knowlegdable, efficient and professional. They quickly solved my problem and I was out the door in less than 10 mins. 2 weeks beforehand we went there for assistance with my son's apple laptop and this was a similarly excellent experience. This is a top rate business.

Carolann Present

Excellent service.....concise, informed, and immediate. What every tech user needs in their toolbox........thank you.......

Fred Murphy

Helped me as always in a crunch and resolved my issue making my day much more pleasant because I did not have to deal with my issue anymore. Thank you so much NT

Kali Lightfoot

Even though I have moved to Massachusetts, I still take my laptop to Necessary Technology (a two hour drive) any time I need help with it. My experience is that they are reliable, smart, extremely knowledgable, and good communicators. They never make me feel dumb. I am a writer, so my laptop is the major tool of my trade, and I trust Necessary Technology to keep it working in top form.

Thomas M

Great and friendly service

Joel Bizon

These guys know what they are doing ! In the past I have used 4 other companies, large and small, and all I got were excuses,,,, for instance my printer cable has a kink, Plus the took a lot of my money. The guys delivered on what they said they would do and now my system works great !!! I will use there service again and will refer them...Great Job !!!!

Harley Davidson

Necassary Technology is an amazing place to go if you are having any problems with a computer or laptop. They are quick and know exactly what they are doing. And you just can't beat there prices. I have recommended friends and family to this place and they will be seeing me a lot more.

Boatswain Mate LSD 32

Went over quoted price, never got refund as promised.

Evan Vashon

Thank you for the help today guys. Quick and friendly turnaround with very fair pricing! Glad to see a shop like yours in business. Clean and friendly shop, with a nice waiting area, and easy parking.

Thomas DiFilipo

Excellent customer relations. Fast and quality service. No surprises. No hourly rate. Definitely the best I've found in greater Portland. Overall, a solid 5 stars.

Shawn Bakis

Easy to deal with.

Felicia Messier

Stuart Beddie

I t was nice to have a "not ripped off" experience! First time here and I brought my laptop in for repair as it broke in a model-typical way right as the warranty expired. After listening to me the gentleman at the desk explained Maine's Implied Warranty Law and saved me repair time and cost. Thanks.

Stephen Pelsue

Great service, very knowledgeable, & very helpful. Will use them as my goto for any computer servicing.

John Johnson

Fantastic service recovering my data, and on top of that they charged less than the estimate. Highly recommended.

Alton Spencer

Did exactly what they said they would do. Excellent results - saved me from having to buy a new machine. And they willingly helped me over the phone when I encountered a Mac permissions issue caused by installation of a new OS. Problem solved.

Gerard Ross

Great People . Smart , Great Advice !!!

Kaili Irvin

Attentive, great communicators. Even took the time to ensure that I couldn't be better served by the Mac store/warranty. Appreciated the extra effort!

Pamela Elwell

iMac desktop died and I took it to the Apple Store. They recommended Necessary Technology. I brought it in and the staff was extremely friendly and accommodating. They didn't charge for diagnostics and gave me a price of$300. (a lot cheaper than purchasing a new iMac). It needed a new LCD screen and power supply and installation When I got it home and plugged it in, it worked great, but the fan was running loud. I called immediately and was told to bring it in and they would fix it. Due to a storm, I told them that I would be in the day after Christmas. Unfortunately, I did not know they were closed the day after Christmas until I got there. I returned the next day only to find out that the two people who could work on it had called in sick. I was frustrated at the number of trips I made, so they offered to drop it off at my house. I declined, but was impressed that they offered and really wanted me to be a satisfied customer. It would've been five stars except for the 3 extra trips.

Ellen Pogson

Extremely knowledgeable, patient, and reasonable! I'm a USM student and when my mac seemingly crashed, I was terrified of losing my data and the extreme cost I was anticipating for the repair. After a free diagnosis & some tweaking, my mac was returned to me with all of my coursework saved. After this experience I'd be reluctant to use the apple store for repairs, these guys are awesome & way more trustworthy. I will definitely use this service again!

Norman Rothschild

My iMac with three years worth of research and fifteen years worth of course material died--it would not boot up. I went to the technology center at my university and the technicians were unable to reboot the computer or salvage my files, even with a data drill. I spent seven hours speaking on the phone to three senior technicians from Apple--another study in frustration and failure. I spent an afternoon at the Apple store with technicians. They were unable to help. I went to a computer shop in Jacksonville and they told me that I needed a clean room and they gave me an estimate of $700-$2400 dollars. In despair, returning to my ancestral homeland, I brought the computer to Necessary Technology in one final effort to save years of course preps and research. For less than $400, they re-booted and re-imaged the iMac, saved all of the files I had thought lost, and backed up the files on a brand new external hard drive! They were prompt, courteous, friendly, and possess technological wizardry on another level! Necessary Technology saved me countless hours and tried! Profound gratitude and thanks to Necessary Technology! Highest marks in every category!

Paul Roy

My iMac was dying. NT brought it back to life in the timeframe they said they would at a terrific price. The service was great and the location easily accessed as advertised. I will bringing any future needs to these guys.

John Baldacci Jr

I can't say enough good things about Necessary Technology. My computer was making loud noises and I did not know what was wrong. I brought it in to have it looked at free of charge. It turned out two of my fans needed to be replaced. Necessary Technology ordered the parts I needed for me. After the parts arrived I brought my computer in and Necessary technology fixed it for me in less than two hours, and at a cost less than what I would have paid elsewhere. All this was done while providing me with excellent, professional service. I think Portland is lucky to have such a nice technology store.

Marie Sola

These guys are fantastic! I left my computer cord at a meeting up north and called to see if they had one. They said come on in, use ours, get some work done and charge your computer. You know where I'll be going next time I need tech repairs.

Kathleen Blaisdell

Necessary Technology is exactly what one would want in a computer service shop. Firstly -- they don't charge to diagnose the problem. Second, they fix the problem, every time, without adding in extra charges. Staff is knowledgeable and friendly. I can't say enough good things about this place. Thanks for all the things you've helped me with -- from retrieving data from vintage PCs to wiping out my hard drive and starting me back from scratch as requested, to helping me tackle Best Buy with a computer that failed after only 13 months. Really great work!

Chena Immel

if i could give NT more than 5 stars, i would, and if i can save anyone else from the hassle i went through before i found them, i'll be happy...the apple store had recommended me to a few other shops for my extensive repairs, but they all turned out to be either really unprofessional or downright dishonest...luckily, someone referred me to NT, and i finally got what you would hope for - they clearly know what they're doing, they don't talk down to you like a lot of tech geeks will, they explain all your options, they're completely straightforward about pricing, and they're just fun to talk to, which is a nice bonus in what could otherwise be a painful process...most importantly, these are guys you can trust...unlike the stereotypical car mechanic who tries to sell you a new transmission when you just came in for a flat tire, these guys urged me not to let them fix my mac because it wasn't worth saving and i'd just be throwing money away - then they helped me find a new computer! not a clear-cut decision either - i had a some conflicting needs, and they helped me sort through everything so that it wasn't so overwhelming...these guys are the pros - don't waste your time or money with anyone else...(and to NT, thank you again!!)

Keith Stanford

These guys are the best. I have trusted Necessary Technology with my computers for over 10 years. When my business machine goes down I stop making money and they get me back up and running every time. I rely on them. No one better in my opinion.

Ryan Guite

Top notch customer service. Highly recommended/

Glenn Page

Arius Caron

Tyler Martin

I've been to Necessary Tech a few times now and it has always been a good experience. Good prices, time, and service, and most importantly, they've always fixed the problem.

Constance Jordan

Tom Gabriel

Travis Marceron

Wonderful staff. Made the whole process painless and easy. Looked at my Mac, saved my data and go it running brand new! Being from Rockland ME it was a little bit of a drive down to Portland but it was well worth it. I can't recommend this place enough. Prices were far better than any Tech support company up my way. If I have any technology needs or questions I now know who to call.

Robert Snyder

Demonstrated strong appreciation for my sense of urgency and provided courteous customer service!

sgodara7000 .

Great service! Great expertise! Highly recommended.

Brenda J MacDonald

The guys at Necessary Technology are so easy to deal with. They helped me order a laptop that fits my needs and was within my budget. Thanks Necessary Technology. You are my go-to computer place!

Paul Lipsi

Brought laptop in to clean junk & malware out.....excellent service by very knowledgeable people....went above and beyond what they had to....reasonable price and stand behind their work..... glad to recommend them....

Mark Elie

Prompt. Courteous. Totally professional!

Kim Roseberry

Knowledgeable and fast!

Nicole Smith

Andrew McCann

All the screws holding my MacBook together were missing, I came in and they put in new screws on the spot and didn't charge me. Really professional and nice about it so I'm leaving this review as thanks.

Claire Todd

Wow. Great place. Quick, expert, polite service. I am so lucky that I found them. Very highly recommended.

Joshua Delano

Very helpful. Diagnosed my issue quickly and worked with me to resolve the problem. I would certainly recommend to anyone looking for computer services.

Dick Stevens

My Mac was acting very strangely in mid June. It told me I needed to restore from Time Machine back-up dated in February. I tried and the situation only got worse. So I took it in to Necessary Technology along with my external hard drive on a Friday. They told me it would be ready the following Tuesday or Wednesday. In fact it was ready on Monday (ahead of schedule). It is now working very well, and I am totally satisfied.

Colleen Lucas



I came in with my custom build after I had done everything in my skill set to try and fix the problem but couldn't, and after a few days these guys had a simple, inexpensive solution. They were upfront about what was being done and what it would take, no small print. Big fan!

Justin Kezer

Great customer service!

Matt Speed

Jeanne Fischer

I am very happy with the service and results I received after my computer packed up after a roof leak. The service team did not make me feel unintelligent by any of my questions. They were very patient towards every customer waiting. They even taught me a few things. I would recommend them and already have done so.

Annette Kincaid

Thanks, Necessary Technology Team for solving my computer problems so quickly, efficiently and affordably! So happy to have found you. I'm spreading the word!

Justin Fenty

I brought my 3 year-old laptop in because it became sluggish after installing some updates. They optimized my programs, disabled unnecessary background apps that causing slow performance, and installed a few programs that have been keeping my computer running smoothly. It's been 6 months since I brought my computer in for service and it is still running like I got it back yesterday.

Danny Bell

Wow these guys really know what they are doing. They are knowledgeable, efficient, and their customer service is excellent.

john myers

Nice folks and good service.

Brian Gobler

Zachary Drake

NesTech has a great team! They are super knowledgeable and have a fantastic customer-focused service. They educated me about the Maine Implied Warranty which helped me get my machine repaired for free by the manufacturer- and they wouldn't even charge me for a consultation. Could not be more pleased with this company.

James Elliott

Necessary Technology provided me with a very fast repair on my macbook pro (I spilled tea on the keyboard), and did so with flawless customer service. They also provided me with a quote that was less than half of the mac store, and the actual price turned out to be less than the initial quote. I'll be going to NT for my tech needs from now on. I can't recommend them enough.

Frederick Greenhalgh

Used them as support for IT issues at our local (Portland) office. Gave a pretty extensive punchlist and the guy got through all of the work PLUS a bunch of other things that randomly came up. Super pro shop, recommend them to anyone.


Brought in my machine to be scrubbed and they took care of all my problems and more in a very timely fashion and at a very reasonable price. They will certainly be doing my work in the future and get top referrals from me. Nice to know you can still find quality service at a fair price.

Kailey Partin

I have taken my phone and my computer to them for repairs and they were great with both! Happy to help and will to explain everything. I would highly recommend them if you need any tech help.

Grace Gilheany

Great service and great staff! Fixed my computer (twice) quickly and professionally. Could not recommend them more!

Sadas0 .

Customer service was great and quick it’s just the part that was replaced is way worse quality then the original part

Verm Menis

I went to Necessary Technology with a problem I honestly did not think they would be able to help with. Not only were they able to help, but they did it in no time at all! I am incredibly thankful they were there for the assistance I needed. Incredibly friendly service, I would highly recommend it to anyone. And if you guys see this, thanks again!

Jim Kneeland

These guys are great. I had a broken screen glass on my iPad. I wanted to use a local business for my repair. I had called a couple of other places, and only Necessary Technology answered their phone! Polite and professional on the phone, answered my questions. When I brought my unit in, the examined it, explained the process and even verified my concern by inspecting the unit and made sure there were no other issues found. They called me to verify the repair before work was done, and were true to the repair time and the price was reasonable, as one would expect for a repair of that nature. Great guys. Great local business. Thank you Necessary Technology!

joseph j Colt

I personally feel that this is the best and most trustworthy computer repair and maintenance store in this area. I would never go anywhere else.

dorable Suga

Friendly competent service !!!!!!!

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