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REVIEWS OF Comtronics IN Alaska

Danny .

Glenn helped me with a unique electronic problem that I had on a bad circuit. He provides the right parts and was very patient and helpful. Highly recommend!

No Name

Good guy. Very knowledgeable. We will use his services in the future.

George Will

Good service, good prices. Resurrected my classic turntable.

Julie Williams

I needed the kind of help that was not profitable for this business, yet he was patient with me and saw my project through to the end with no real benefit to himself. They are the only spot in town with the resources, skills and knowledge to help me repair my keyboard and I couldn’t have done it without them.

LeAnn Frantzich

So I have known Glen for awhile and has seen his work and has been very successful. He is a hard working guy and dose what he could. I will recommend him to everyone Very good guy

Donald Eller

Knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. Someone you want to do business with.

Jake Dokken

Small shop with local ownership. Good prices and turn around time. They were very helpful through the whole process and even when I had questions after the ticket was closed out. They seem to want to help as best they can and not just make money off of you. Very easy to get a hold of on the phone when you need.

Sarrina Marie

Great service! I thought my laptop was doomed but these guys are awesome. Thanks so much :)


called them up looking for some small parts for my sons science fair project that I had been unable to locate around the valley. Glen took the time to set us up with what we needed to get the project finished. thanks again :)

Daniel Edell

I mast say that that at first i thought bad about this place but thay went out of ther way and off the clock to explain something to me I thank the if you give this place some time you will be impressed, & next time I will try to be more patient

grumpy steve

thanks Jared for breaking the password on the apple com . Also thanks for the push up your driveway. I shall return if I have any more problems.

Laurie Carter

Between my husband and myself we have had 2 computers fixed, the service and work done was GREAT! Changed husbands computer from a VW to a Ferrari. If we have any more problems they would be the ones we go to.

AK Daddio

Glen is the guy to see to get your old school as well as new electronic items repaired.

Celia Buzek

The owner of Comtronics, Glen, often comes into the restaurant that I work at. He is not only knowledgeable, but also funny, friendly, and always up for a chat. I would bring any electronic repair business to him and his company. Supporting small, local businesses is extremely important to me: Glen at Comtronics is great, and has my business for sure!


Great small business doing good work, at the right price. thanks Glen!

Mama Wolf

My experience with this company was great; I liked the honesty, the speed of repair and the customer service was excellent. I would recommend this company and will most likely use them again.

anonymous person

Our television broke and we thought this would be better than buying a new one. I am so glad we tried it! The service was outstanding, even offering advice to help lengthen the life of our television. Price was quite reasonable and it was heartwarming to know true customer service hasn't vanished from our world. Thanks!

John Bongers

((This Guy is BAD ))Where to start, Drop off my computer to get worked on March 18 2015 paid 50.00 dollars to diagnose the problem. Its a custom build computer with 1.5 TB hard drive and a 1.0TB hard drive in it. Wrote me a receipt for 49.50 and gave me no change. They call me the next day and asked me to bring in the operating system disk if I had it. They then told me that my 1.5 TB HARD DRIVE is in cardiac arrest need to buy a new one so I asked about SSD drive and told me they could put one in for 680.00 dollars. So I said ok but he needed money up front before he ordering it. On April 3 2015 in went down and gave him 700.00 in cash and still no change. So got a call April 17 2015 saying it was done. I told him I was getting on a airplane and would be back in 2 weeks. So I got back May 1 2015 went straight down there before they closed it was 4:40 pm. Told me if any thing was wrong to call him Monday so when I got the computer home to find that the SSD was not what he told me it was a different brand not to big of a deal but when I look closer the second Hard Drive that was in my computer did not look like mine and that they double sticky tape the Hard Drive upside down to my CD rom drive. When the computer started the 1.0 TB drive that did not look like mine had nothing on it. So I call Monday 4 2015 Glen told me to bring it back in so they could look at it. When I bought it down to show him what I was talking about he told me they would have not done that and when a asked about the SSD drive about the Brand & Warranty he said that he talks to so many people and its just as good and again asked about Warranty he says that they never fail. I told him where is the Hard Drive Bracket that hold the hard drive in my case is missing and that the 1 TB hard drive did not have any thing on it where did all my DATA go . He said it was all there when they gave it back to me and I told him that it did not even look like my Hard Drive. I told him that I needed the computer back Tuesday. He said he get is Tech right on it. I call down there Tuesday to find out about my computer and he told me I can come down to pick it up but call him first before I come down. So when I did I got the computer back and they told me that they would recover the DATA that was missing on the 1.0TB Hard Drive and will order the Hard Drive bracket that was missing. After a while he tells me that they could not find the hard drive bracket and if I could find it that he would reimburse me so I text him two prices and he never reply to me so I went down there June 1 2015. To my surprise he said that it was to expensive he would order it some where else and gave me a 1.0TB Hard drive that they took out of my computer and said this is your and that all lisa could recover was 120gb and told me not to or recommend that he would not put this back in my computer and I ask why?? he said it was going BAD so when I got home to check it out and found that there was 5 infected files on it so I clean it up with anti virus program when it was done I open the file to my surprise again that the HARD DRIVE did in fact was not mine he had gave me some one else's HARD DRIVE with there W-2s and Social Security numbers copy of PAY Check stubs Bank of American Application and Picture of the owner of that the HARD Drive belong to. Call Glen to tell him this and said that is impossible and has further not want to admit they were wrong and has refuse to give me my HARD DRIVE or my MONEY BACK told me to stop calling him at his business and to call the Better Business Bureau or THE COURTS. So I say to any one that takes something down there you have been WAREND. that's to GLEN at COMTRONICS SUCK not worth giving a STAR

Sarah Welton

This business provided a clear and excellent understanding of my needs. James built my laptop to my specifications and gave tutorial help to make sure I understood how things worked. I feel confident that James and Glen will keep helping me out anytime I need it. Thank you for your attention to details.

Sir IceCream

They were very quick at getting my computer fixed at a great price. will definitely be using their services in the future for any problems i encounter.

mike thompson

Very friendly

Pam Santoro

Their computer repair guy is the best! He got my computer running like new in a very short time.

Robert Wisdom

colin harrington

Tracey Hand

I have a high dollar range hood that the circuit board when out. So I ordered one, but the wires were not soldered to it. Called around no luck, and even took it a few places no luck, took to Glen and he fixed it, and was ready the next day. Really need the range hood

Peter Beckwith

I brought my computer to Comtronics primarily because they were the only repair option that was open on Sundays. My first red flag should have been the shop itself, which resembles an automotive repair garage more than an electronics repair shop. I paid an initial $49.50 diagnostic fee just for the tech to look at my computer. This fee is not credited toward final repair cost. The following day, they called and I was told that the tech, using “secrets and backdoors” was able to get it running. (My second red flag.) I was further instructed “not to turn it on and off a lot because the motherboard was failing and not powering it on/off very often would extend its life”. At this point, I had already decided I didn’t want them touching my computer anymore. A motherboard either works or it does not. There’s no in between. And after paying them for their time to “fix” my computer, I was incensed that a business would tell a customer essentially that secrets were used to resolve the issue. Seriously? A customer pays you to fix their property and you tell them gremlins were to blame? So, I paid the additional $180, retrieved my computer and brought it directly to Computer Medics off Seward Meridian. They have no diagnostic fee and after looking at it, identified a weak soldering point on the motherboard that was easily remedied by switching one of the graphics cards to another slot. $50 and everything is working perfectly again. Comtronics did provide me an offer of 6 months tech support related to the repair, but if they were befuddled by such a simple issue initially, I certainly have zero confidence that any other problems could be competently handled. Upon further inspection, I discovered that the tech had uninstalled Microsoft Office without recovering my product key from the registry first. So on top of the $229.50 I paid them to not fix anything, it will also end up costing me to replace that software. Office software had absolutely nothing to do with my issue. An expensive lesson, but Computer Medics has my business from now on. Lastly, I noticed a pattern of Comtronics emotionally responding to negative reviews and taking them personally, rather than taking responsibility and accepting them as constructive criticism to improve their customer service. For the record, I was never in any way disrespectful to any Comtronics employee. I’m just an unsatisfued customer who felt the need to document my experiences with this business so that potential future customers can be better informed when selecting Comtronics. ***Update*** I rest my case. See below for anticipated emotional response. I’m not sure why Comtronics made the decision to attack me personally for an honest and apparently inconvenient review. John at Computer Medics can back up every fact of my story. Finally, this is just a bad review. Nothing more. It seems odd to me that a business can’t handle a bad review and responds with emotional, personal attacks and should be a warning to customers.

nora p

I have used these guys for 6 years now. I bring all my computers here. they have reasonable prices and fast and friendly service. They say they stand behind their work, I'm sure they do, but I've never had to take anything back due to bad workmanship.

Larry Petty

Work done on my VCR/DVD was inadequate. VCR did work some what before I placed it in the shop, however, it does not work at all now.

Colleen Wake

Just dropped off my vhs/dvd player this morning for repairs. It was fixed and I have it back all ready! The parts were in Stock and they are very knowledgeable.

Kevin M.

Had some tiny wires that needed soldering on a record player. I might have been able to do it myself, or I might have made everything worse. I was going to attempt it myself tonight when I drove by Comtronics. 30 minutes later Glen had me all fixed up, no fuss. Then he told me how to align a new cartridge, different types of needles, and how and why to balance the tone arm. I wish I could have stayed longer.

Kris Dunphy

Awesome place!!

Marie Peterson

I brought my laptop in to get some keys replaced on the keyboard that my child picked off. this was in June 2013. Glenn seemed like a nice guy and though I had a little doubt I trusted my computer would get fixed. Well the guy working on it ended up replacing the entire keyboard and glued it down, according to Glenn. when I brought computer back home the keyboard didn't work, so I couldn't log in. I brought it back and they said they'd try to fix it. Hadn't heard back in a few weeks so I called or came in, can't recall now. Glenn said the guy who repair my laptop was no longer working there and he couldn't help me. I never got my laptop fixed and since he wouldn't at least refund my money in fairness because the repair guy pretty much disabled my laptop. so I reported them to BBB. Glenn responded that he had some lawsuit or something to that affect on the repair guy and that was the last is heard. that was in fall 2013. I gave benefit of the doubt and after over 2 years, I havent heard a thing. I'm sure Glenn had best intentions but a business owner who shrugs off a consumer when one of his now former employees permanently ruined a customers device, it's just not good business. has he just reimbursed me and said I'm very sorry I would have never reported to BBB. I hope his business tactics are better now. it just still irritates me we were out a laptop because someone screwed up and nobody wanted to apologize and try to make things right. for the record, the laptop, though damaged, had worked just fine when we brought it in. it only needed keys replaced which could have been done without removing the original keyboard. and I still question why the repair guy glued the keyboard permanently to the laptop. apparently this was why they couldn't fix it when I brought it back in. anyway best luck to anyone taking their electronics here. seems to have rave reviews, I just was one of the unfortunate customers that got mistreated.

christina marshburn

Lolita Korneyenko

great service, had a problem with my tv remote.everyone kept saying that it's easier to buy a new one . man from comtronics said he will try to fix it. great prices, i would recommend this place.

Francis Knutson

I had a large projection screen tv that the Lamp light just blinked on, so I called and Glenn said he could get it in right away the lamp is burnt out due to dust build up. I dropped it off, Glen said it would be 10 days he would call once it was done and I received a call 2 days later stating the job was done and is good for another 4 years. Very fast and very friendly. Told me how to get the best picture out of my tv by purchasing different componants to enhance picture quality. Thanks, I would not hesitate to bring any electronic equipment to get worked on here at Comtronics.....

Wolf Beats

AWESOME PLACE! Great Service ,price and Quick! Had brought in 2 1970's stereo receivers and a turntable with speakers ,They fixed both receivers and cleaned them up inside out with new parts and bulbs ,turntable needed new belt and speed adjusted , speakers had foam surrounds rotted and dent in center dust cap ,they refoamed all surrounds and fixed like new again! Also refered had a friend to go there that had old Tube amplifiers that needed serviced and told me they fixed them and gave hime a good price as well! Anybody that needs stereo equipment fixed / serviced this is the place to go! Pyramid Audio closed fown and I cant find anyone else in alaska that fixes old Audiophile stereo equipment ! Great Place!

Scott Nelson

Did a great Job and exceeded my expectations.

Bob Mill

Glenn was super helpful. He opened up shop for me on Father's Day so I could get a part to finish my computer repair. He was very helpful, knowledgeable and courteous. Prices are very competitive and his work is right the first time. I will use Comptronics for all my repair needs in the future and recommend you do also.

Mario Cottini

Very helpful and respectful. Always willing to work deals to get you back up and running.

John Condio

I had a very small repair. He was rude and acted like he wasn’t making any money. He offered to do it for $60 dollars, then when I asked if he could do it while I waited, he said he wanted $90. He really just didn’t want to do it at all. No wonder you can’t keep the lights on with your attitude! I took it to a competitor, who made the repair in under 3 minuets while I waited, was pleasant about it and best of all, only wanted $5 dollars. I gave him $20 dollars for his outstanding service and attitude!

Kasey Malay-Tawfiq

Awesome people! :-) Very helpful respectful and all-around great attitude! I was very pleased with my experience And dealing with this company need more places like this in the valley two thumbs up

E Gibbs

Had a power problem with my Sony Vaio laptop. Took it in at 10 am, needed it rush fixed the same day for business purposes and Glen and the crew at Comtronics had it completed before the end of the day! They were completely professional, courteous and knowledgeable. I won't hesitate to use them again for any and all computer/electronic needs. I highly recommend them.

Because F.Y.T.W

Great service and excellent customer service the computer tech Marty was able to restore my computer and save my data very fast and was professional thro the whole experience!

Matt Reppel

I brought a camera here with a broken lcd after it was rolled over with a four-wheeler. Comtronics did a great job repairing it.

Tink Bell

Loved it. Very helpful. Like a king taking care of people in need

J Mattison

Just got off the phone with them. I called to see if I could purchase a bulb for my projection TV. The gentleman tried to sell me a $220 service job and hung up on me in mid sentence as I was trying to ask him another question. I guess they don't want new customers.

John Gotschall

Fine shop, great service! These guys quickly fixed my resistor problems. I highly recommend this repair shop.

ray trimmer

Good work at a good price. Extra care for vintage pieces

sean meyer

Glen and the guys at Comtronics are simply the best. They had my vintage Sansui 1000A not only up and operational but actually rebuilt and fabricated a couple parts that could not be had on any market.Then to top it off these guys were able to set me up with matching Sansui speakers from the same era! Icing on the cake was when Glen showed me how to use my whole system as back up in conjunction with my computer and wall projector, thats right, thanks to these guys I'm rocking a vintage tube HI FI home theatre system and did not have to break the bank to do it. Whether your an experienced audiophile or just getting started like me these guys are top shelf! I would pit them against anyone in the lower 48, service, knowledge and willingness to go above and beyond. I will be recommending them to all my friends and family, Thanx guys your the best.

John Nothacker

Wife likes their stuff

Miles Vallejo

As a fellow Electronics Technician, I have had many experiences with clients in the past that have given me the impossible and expected me to deliver on their own time. Just to clarify to all consumers looking to get their electronics fixed. Here is what we have to do in order to even begin fixing your problems. #1. Assessment, this includes and is not limited to troubleshooting wether its outside or inside damage. We analyze the device initially from the outside for multiple reasons, one major key point being, "if there is no issue cosmetically how to get inside the device, and what tools we will need. Once we are inside the device we must visually assess the board or boards in each part of the device by using sight, and smell to determine were the problem area may be. #2 Once we have found the area that we have diagnosed to potentially be the issue, now we must break out an oscilloscope(its a device that we use to read voltages or amperes across one or more components on the board) in order to narrow down the issue to either a single component or multiple components. #3 Now that we have found the component or components, we must find the parts we need to replace what has been damaged(some devices have unique parts that require us (if we don't have them in stock) to go to our reliable merchants and find the part or parts in order to fix the issue. #4 after replacing the part or parts we then have to double check the voltages from the main power(if its the power supply) or the plug in where the board connects to the power supply in order to make sure that when we plug your machine or device into a power source that it doesn't blow up and make more issues or blow other components.(as with any trouble shooting, some problem areas are easy to find, but if you've got a component that doesn't show any damage thats 3 inches away from the area that we figured was the issue, when we apply power that weakened component may blow and cause more issues) My point being ladies and gentlemen, that there is way more than you think to fixing electronics and that is why we ask you for your patience while we take the time to evaluate the issues your device may be having.

travis james

This guy will rip you off!! DO NOT GIVE HIM A DIME OF YOUR MONEY!

Jim Dukes .

Great service, I would use them again and recommend to friends.

Jeff Ohman

The staff was courteous a knowledgeable. They were able to fix my TV in a reasonable amount of time with the only delay being the time it took to get the part that was needed. I would recommend them to a friend.

Elijah Land

Super helpful not only was my problem solved but they were kind enough to walk me through how it needed to be fixed thanks guys 5 stars!

Kris Killjoy

They owner was very helpful with my problems I had, he was closed when I called and he came down and opened just to help me out. Great guy and great business!

Mary N.

we took in an old Symphonic phono player. picked it up cleaned, working great and received advice on how to keep it in good working order - after 40+ years of built up varnish and dirt. we are listening to our old vinyl's again! Thank you Comtronics!

Carl Jones

My wife and I recently brought our 3rd item into Comtronics for repair, each time we have experianced profesional and courtious service. Our Old Kenwood Stereo was given new life, the first rear projection TV we owend and bought at a garage sale was repaired saving us hundreds of dollars and most recently our 2nd newer model rear projection TV was just in to be cleaned and serviced along with the instalation of a new bulb. Every time all work was done in a timely manor at a very fair price!

David Lease

Very service friendly and a tremendous help.

Phil Batchelder

Marty was on top of things when it came to fixing my computer. I'd somehow managed to break my startup code and wasn't able to enter my password, but Marty brought it back to life :) A bit of an expensive mistake on my part (it was my own doing), but it was a reasonable cost for the man hours to get my data back to being accessible.

Kable Segriff

They fixed my Television with no hassles and at a very reasonable price.

Anita Humphries

Thank you, Marty, for all your help with my computer!! You are awesome!!! Anita Humphries

Alaska Life

Helped me in a pinch! Highly recommended!

Sawyer Potwin

Really nice guy!

Lance Cowan

Elizabeth Rosen

I brought them my damaged laptop and they fixed it in a short time. Works just like new again.

Kevin Lindfors

My remote start broke, one of the adapters for the battery snapped off. I brought it into here and he fixed it in 20 minutes.

Ed Lindquist

Great work! They found a part in the British Isles to complete the repair to my small Bose speaker. Friendly, "down home" service. They operate with both skill and integrity.

Miguel Angel

Excellent customer service, great communication and super friendly and polite service !!! i fully recommended.

richard embry

After calling all over the valley this guy was able to help me today with my hard to find parts. and give me solid advise about the parts i needed and my project. i will return for future electronic help

Justin Smith

Very friendly and helpful with fair and honest business practices. Thanks so much.

jonah evan

Incredible customer service, their pick-up and drop off is free of charge, and they do their best to give you exactly what you need, great rates as well. If you ever have laptop trouble, Comtronics is the people to call.

Clayton Halverson

Glen erected an antenna to receive signals from Anchorage on towers ranging from 20 to 37 miles away. He had to build the mast himself but when finished we were able to get all the major channels plus the uhf channels. We are quite satisfied and would recommend Glen to others. We save at least $100 per month by getting off cable so what we payed Glen will soon be recuperated.

Calyssa Britt

WARNING!! -- worst business in Alaska. Brought our TV in because it would not turn on. Went to pick it up to find severe damage to the entire thing. Scratches, broken plastic. Thing wasn't even put back together. When we called the owner he said he didn't care and cursed us out then hung up on us. He requires all money up front without the promise he can fix something- no refunds. Take your electronics ANYWHERE but here

Peter Kul

Glen is really nice guy, helped me without any pay I recommend him highly, thanks


I went into Comtronics to see if he had a fan for my All-in-one computer, while did not have the part, he tested my old fan and gave me some suggestions on how to do possible repairs... Great Service...

Claudia Hopper

Glen, just wanted to say thanks again for your quick service, on a Sat. no less. My charger works just fine. If I have any more electrical problems, I'll be glad to drop them off at your shop. I appreciate you soldering that unit and not taking any pay for it, its hard to find people like you these days, so once again thanks, Pat H.

steven maxwell

Glen is an awesome guy. Able to work on old school stereo equipment. I would recommend commtronics for any electronic repair

Kathy Richardson

I have had many items repaired by comtronics for years and have been very pleased by the quality of service performed. I also have been shown the utmost respect from Glen and his employees. I have and will continue to recommend his services to everyone who has electronic issues. I have recommended him for data recovery and he was the only person in state that was able to do the recovery.

James Jones

Known liar and thief, will hold on to your property forever while he steals parts off it and then finally tell you in was unrepairable and claim he repeatedly tried to call you. Just look at his court history.

Stephanie Ornquist

This is a terrible business, overcharges and continuing complaints for services not rendered.

jerry wessling

Glen at Comtronics is impressively knowledgeable. Great for servicing and upgrading vintage equipment. One of the few local business who know what they're doing when it comes to electronics. 5 stars!

James Luppino

They repaired a vintage stereo receiver ,turntable and a reel to reel now my system is rocking again im happy as can be,ill keep going back ! Thanks guys you do awesome work!

Edna DeVries

Glenn came and got my laptop at my work and returned it to my work. When the work was completed, he listed all of the items that he fixed - which were fixed for a very reasonable charge. He did the work quickly and efficiently. I would gladly recommend him and his company to friends and co-workers. Thanks, Glenn - and it is always done with a smile.

Gpb Fueler

My sons computer was not running on all of the computer cores. So i call Comtronics and brought the computer in to have test and in 3 to 4 days they had it up and running even better and did not loose any of his game or stuff

JoAnen Banzhaf

I can not say enough about the excellent service I received. Fast service and reasonable. They took the time to help educate me so i would not have future problems.

Patrick Workman

Caitlin Quinn

Simon Brown

Comtronics of Wasilla repaired a Television and installed a superb sound system for my “Man Cave”. The service and workmanship was outstanding. I highly recommended for Television and sound systems repair and installation jobs.

Neil Gotschall

Excellent service, very knowledgeable staff, absolutely no resistance to any of my questions, I strongly recommend this business for repair of your TV.

Bjorn Wood

Was thinking I would have to run to Anchorage to get some small hard to find electronic parts but was pleased Glenn was open on Saturday and had these parts. It is getting hard to find local retailers with hard to find items in stock.

Brandy Burks

We had a very good experience working with Comtronics when we needed out TV fixed. They were fair priced and fixed the problem faster than I expected. All in all it was a very good experience.

Capt Mike

I needed an obscure plug for an older model Pioneer Elite TV. Comtronics was the only place in the Valley that had one. It's nice not to have to go to Anchorage when you need something that you can't find in a box store. Glenn was very helpful. If I ever need any electronic equipment repaired, Comtronics will get the job.

J Fleshman

Great service, The owner stayed open while I skidaddled on down there, He had already got together the things in question and was very helpful. A friendly and competent business. I highly recommend Comtronics.

James Sullivan

Great service, Glen has dropped what he was doing twice now to meet me at his shop on a weekend without any notice and help me out.

Tracy Armon

Glen had a part for a TV nobody else had in town. Want great customer service go see him.

Wolfe Refrigeration

Comtronics has worked on my equipment more than once and we have always had success at a great price. The owner is very knowledgeable and gets the job done. It sure beats buying a new TV set. Thank you Comtronics you have always been honest with us and have never taken advantage. Keep up the good works. D. Wolfe

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