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REVIEWS OF Best Buy IN Alaska

Jesse Lee

I was genuinely surprised. I came in today to follow up on a deal I saw online, looking for one item in particular (a pair of headphones). When I first went in, I went to customer service just to ask them to hold the pannier I use with my bicycle. An attractive young blond women just stared at me and said "no. We can't hold that for you." I felt pretty turned away so I decided to just go find what I came for, if it was here. Turned out it wasnt out on display, but I had a suspicion that unlike most things, one of these would be in the back. I had come across the item on this stores location on the website. I asked an employee named Steven if he could go check. After about 1 minute of him heading to look, I got a kind of... cynical feeling. I felt like, if I was in an employees shoes, I would find the item then stash it to buy stealthily later. So, I went to a few employees who were grouped around and free at the moment. They hustled to help me swiftly, and soon one of them was also on his way to check, as another brought up the item up on an internal search. Right about then, Steven came back empty handed, and the guy looking on the computer said they had 1 left somewhere. So two more of then plus Steven went back to look. About 5 minutes later, I see Steven and another employee named Tyler walking back towards me. I figure that either my suspicion is correct and some savvy employee stashed it, or it's simply not here, or the website and the deal is wrong, or whatever. I resign myself to the notion that I rode my bike 8 miles one way, just chasing a deal that honestly sounded entirely too good to be true. Then, Tyler blew me away with this, before I could say a word; "Well, we can't find it. We must not have that item here, somehow. However, we can guarantee the deal, ship one of them to you, and do it with free 2-day shipping." Wow. Owning up to some discrepancy, plus making a promise on an insane deal and helping make it even better? Within 10 minutes the details were fleshed out, the cost of shipping was waived, I had my receipts and was out the door with a smile on my face. Definitely an impressive surprise. I'll be far more willing to come into the store or order online from here again. THANK YOU STEVEN AND TYLER! I'm sorry if I was a bit rude to either of you - it was more to do with my own day/mood than anything about you. Cheers.

Sky Money

Always have what I'm looking for and great helpful staff

Name Witheld

If you need a gadget and can't wait for amazon to ship it by paddle wheel steamship and dogsled, Best buy might be able to help you. My last experience in here was actually the best I've had, as a helpful employee pointed me to exactly what I was after and helped me check out without having to wait in line.

Mike Jarvis

Really a 3.5 rating. Helpful on the floor, slow on register.

MadTurboFreak Passion For Speed

They always push the extended warranty but when you try to use what you paid for they always try to get outta replacing the item, and if they do replace the item you have to purchase another extended warranty for the new replacement item even if you have almost 2 years left on the first one, the manager at this location is very difficult to work with and needs a mustache shave anyway lol

Jerre Hudgins

Conveniently located at the Dimond Mall, they have a good selection of products. That being said, there was nothing exceptional about any of it. They must operate on commission there because I had three employees approach me in the same area of the store in a matter of minutes asking if I needed help with anything. I thank them for asking but it got a little annoying.

Jacob Nelson

Has everything a best buy needs. Games, home appliances, vacuums, home networking, smart home systems/accessories, home entertainment, personal computing, drones, phones, movies, and more.

Christopher .Jordan

Pretty nice staff. Only thing is I was waiting for a bit to talk to someone about buying stuff. But very friendly and helpful when. I did

Shari Storlie

Helped me pick out a router for my internet. I would've made the wrong choice, even as someone handy with Google. Good people.

Jeff Jasper

They offer Amazon price match. Wheelchair accessible.

Jarule.Alaska L.

Best Buy Dimond is the BEST ! They will price match other store. Get your 4K UHDTV for this Sunday NFL! Want Google Home Hub at lower price as Costco? Yes! It’s $89.99! Mark the store manager is approachable ! Best Buy card financing is great coz once you used it for another regular purchase, the payment you made in a month will apply to the regular purchased charge before the financed item so, you won’t get charge of interest rate the next billing if you paid off the full regular purchased. Other credit cards doesn’t do that. They will apply your payment to the lowest or zero interest financed item and your regular purchased item will get interest/finance charge the next billing. Something I’ve learned about price match with Amazon: if it’s sold by a 3rd party vendor, they will not match!

Stephen P Olrun

Good place to shop

Island Girl

Unless you come here for a specific purchase.

Amber Anderson

So I canceled my service with Verizon and went to AT&T. The lady was rude and try to push me into buying something that I didn't want. I came in the store knowing what I wanted because I did research and looked at all the reviews online. I wanted to switch from Verizon to AT&T. But I was totally uncomfortable and I'll never come back to the store

Jacob Baldridge

I price shop almost everything I purchase and am glad that Best Buy matches but also is usually within a few bucks of online competition (sometimes lower). I know its a big corporation but them having a footprint here and having product on hand is really helpful. Case in point - My media server took a dump and instead of waiting a week to get new parts (motherboard, ram, processor) I checked Best Buys website, they had parts that worked IN STOCK and after price shopping saw they had the same price as competitors that don't offer product in town. Purchased online for in store pickup and it was all ready to go in ten minutes. Done deal server back online. Also a shout out to Buddy at the pickup counter. When I was getting my stuff there was a really rude customer basically running a muck acting a fool to Buddy and another customer that was there for pickup. Buddy diffused the rude guy and took care of the patient customer that was being disrupted by rude guy.

Karl Mittelstadt

never have the phone case I need

Tamelen Welsh

I love the customer service at Best Buy. I shopped at every store in Anchorage, looking for a specific model refrigerator. Only one store had any in stock, according to their website. I'll review them separately. I went to Best Buy to order my refrigerator and schedule delivery. They always give me the best price available anywhere and the delivery guys are great.

Joshua Demain

Always a pleasure working with Best Buy. Staff is informed and courteous and customer service was very helpful in my quest to find the right turntable and stereo system. It's good to know that when you're making a serious investment that there are people who are serious about making sure you get the right product.

Justin Neal

It isn't too bad, but just make sure if you need a locked item or assistance you grab someone otherwise it might take a bit because it is a big store. Otherwise seemed like everyone was knowledgeable and happy to help.

Kevin j

It's best buy.

Paul Pelkey

Cutest girl helped sell me the baddest gaming laptop in the store.

Ryleigh Slone

Good customer service!

Jim McCaffrey

No one to help with car stereos. Several customers had to move and climb the huge ladder to get down stock. One cashier mumbling his script so fast and low he was unintelligible. $30 off meant $20 more than Amazon with free delivery.

Shannon Richards

They have no less than 10 employees wandering the floor doing nothing, and 5 more standing behind the return counter helping one customer..... but there is only one employee working the cash register and a line of about 5 people that hasnt moved in 10 mins. The point is to SELL products. Staffing your registers = money earned

Russell Janeway

Great store. Love that they match prices with Amazon. Recently they have not had much of a stock on some items. They say we will mail it to you, but I hate waiting.

Alison Kelley

Good source of electronics now that the small shops are gone, but expect to be ignored if you need help.

Thomas Greenman

Typical big box store. They no longer have the guitar part of the store but they do have the high end AV section which deals in top of the line types of equipment. Most of the store has become some kind of odd technological accessory like toy store with lots of home automation things (which is great for those that want to see it in action before trying it out), cell phone bits and pieces like chargers and cables, as well as literally geek like toys, high end keyboards, mice and others.

Becky Gerrald

Service is always slow and the store manager is confrontational, disrespectful and rude.

Madison Clark

Good selection, large number of staff, moderately priced items

Me Me

Wonderful, Professional, and Knowledgeable Sales Person. Could use a little smiles when approaching customers.

Kevin Kelleher

Friendly staff, happy to help and happy to leave you alone. Price match with a lot of places online, and occasionally have better prices.


I was immedietly helped by a store associate who was incredibly friendly and knew all about the product I was looking for. Don't normally come here for electronics but I will now!

Lonny Cruff

They had the accessory I needed, and were quick to help me find it.

Kelsey Dihle

Bought my first gaming desktop computer. Staff were very helpful in giving advice and tips. O like the computer I walked out with very much.

Kaya Tanksley

I love that there is a large variety, but the prices are some of the highest around.

Robert Gransbury

Always busy, but when you find someone to help, that seem willing.

Estrella Vargas

There is a great variety of products for a good price. Always find what I need.

Jonny Walker

The staff in the auto electronics section are at best under trained and apathetic. Go to the Takahtnu at least those folks will try and provide customer service the right way.

Ian Maury

I went in there with the online price for an iPhone x up on my phone and the price was not available in store. waste of time going here. Apple store or Costco from now on.

Gage Stone

I've received very good service every time I've gone into this location. Best customer service of any store visited in the country so far. However; their stock has been lacking with two products I've been interested in and one from a friend. Had to go to the tikatnu location, but it worked out.

Andrei C

The best thing is they match prices of major retailers including Amazon.

James C

Helpful and fairly knowledgeable floor employees.

Brandi Odom

Very fast and friendly customer service.

Danielle Kendall

Very helpful and knowledgeable at the cell phone department.

Mark Carty

Helpful staff. Knowledgeable and Courteous. Prices are too high though.

Jesse W

Good luck getting help here.

Redrum Games

It's best buy

William Stoller

Great store, I do wish I could look longer than 30 seconds each time before a new associate asks me if I need help. That makes me feel as if they think I'm about to rob them.

Matt B

Seems like the folks working there are only knowledgeable about the 10 square feet around them and not about the rest of the store. I really like the pickup in store option but even after waiting for the email that says its ready it never seems to be at the counter when I walk in.

Carol Dzimitrowicz

Friendly and polite. Made it easy and informative

Kristina Case

I bought a gaming pc here for my son’s birthday and the employees helped me figure out which one to get. Very helpful!

Kt Moore

From electronics to electronical accessories, I'd say they have about everything u need and then some.

Christopher Zamora

Best Buy is kind of pricey.

lilbear Kinney

Get right person there and get informed . I did

Marvin Bartchlett

Typical big box electronics store. They have a good selection of stuff at reasonable prices.


Didn't find what I was looking for but, they do have great items that I know I'll be going back for to add to my electronic collection.

Cheryl Feik

Great place to go the people are vary helpful and its vary clean

Charles Duncan

It was nice and cool in there but a little on the pricey side for a best buy, although we are in Alaska

Yodying Tanratana

freindly& good recomment produc

tayla jones

Best electronics place hand down but employees never acknowledge me or offer assistancr6

Spencer Quirk

Helpful staff, and great selection... You can nearly always find what you are looking for, and the wonderful employees can steer you in the right direction if you can't. When they don't carry an item you're looking for, the department employees generally can tell you what store to visit locally that may have the item in stock. If they are just sold out of something, they'll put in an order for it, and give you a call or text message when it arrives!

Lynn Stinger

Gave me good support!

Alice Frankson

I love best buy! Their prices are phenomenal

Charles Hontz

Great service. Over priced as usual for Best Buy.

gary dean

Not the best prices but convenient. It's nice having so much staff you never have to search for help.

Victor Powell

Got everything but the staff was very rude I was shopping and checking out all the new stuff when the staff member asked me to leave I asked him why and he said I was there to long! Time limit on shopping??? Who knew


One can find almost any electronic device at great prices. They claim they will beat any competitor's price!!!

Bentley Walker

I bought a new dishwasher and am very satisfied with the service. Unfortunately I missed a deal by a day and had to spend a bit more on a nicer washer, but the sales rep was very professional and courtious. The installation went great and the crew were very nice and helpful. Would buy from here again.

Will Lopez

Clean and friendly! Lots of cool gadgets :)

Ken Die

Never been asked if we could be helped by so many different people. We felt they were so friendly and knowledgeable about the items we purchased them with pride felt like we got exactly what we were looking for.

Carlos Leany

The man who attended me was very kind, and I would recommend this store

Angela Chambers

Applies to both Anchorage stores. OK for quick trip to pick up an accessory or to compare in person. Problem is that inventory in stores is really very limited to just a certain types of brands/models. Especially household appliances. They do ship to store, but so does most everyone, and others ship to you free. As far as the insurance plans on depends on what you are buying and what you might want to pay for replacing or repairs. Each store is slightly different, apparently catering to what they believe is appropriate for the location, i.e. heavier on appliances, not much in the way of gaming, etc. Check online for item availability in store if that is important to you. Staff are friendly, but can be hit and miss in tech knowledge, in my opinion. I don't use their tech support anymore, can't speak to it.

harry brower

Good place for your electric stuff

Colton Bohall

I went in today to buy a new radio mount for a double den. The first time I went in the associate assured me I didn't need one. Later when I found out I did, I went back in to get one. I told the man 3 times DOUBLE DEN, and he still grabs me the one for a 2" radio. The associates WERE pleasant but not much use when all they wanna do is get you out the door with the wrong product. Huge waste of my time and gas.

David Huntley

I think that Best Buy is a horrible CORPORATE GIANT that loves to take advantage of the working class citizen. I think people should go and purchase an item, open it and then return it. I returned an unopened AirPods and was refunded for the AirPods but the shipping (even though I was promised by that I would be refunded) was never refunded. I should have opened the box, took them out and crushed the box and been given the same refund... Never again BestBuy, never again.....

Andrea Gilbert

Awesome customer service!

Jesse J

They have a really nice website you can order stuff off of also

J. Connolly

Comprehensive inventory... More expensive than one would expect.

Stephanie Phillips

Great prices, awesome electronics, they have a toy section. Best customer service. Place to come for your electronic needs.

Edwardray BostonII

Nice things not cheap products so not cheap $

Tucker Hurn

We needed to replace our clothes washer and came to Best Buy as part of research and past positive experiences. The salesman, Adam Butler, was congenial and wonderfully knowledgeable. After we had our questions explained very clearly, we bought a machine.

Larry Head

Good people who are knowledge about the items they sell.

kimberly Kirkman

they have a good amount of workers to assist you with what you need and so very helpful ☺️

Eugene Burke

These guys are quick to help their customers if they have any questions or need help with any electronics needs

Pete AKsnowman

Big selection but best to just drive out there because they'll never answer the phone

Paul Hewlett

Great place to buy all your electronics needs for work or home.

Mr. Brett Kirk

Got everything we needed for our entertainment purposes. Found a nice 16GB Ram card for my computer performance.

David Ash

I've all ways had good service with these employees

Jon Brines

Always disappointing. I leave and it seems others around me leave empty handed most of the time. Employees struggle with time management and nobody ever has a key to get product. The miserable customer service blows my mind. My family tries to support actual stores with employees in it but I'm thinking Best Buy struggles with the concept of retaining foot traffic. It's sad when you think about this dump of a store was at one time a great store.

Lauren Howard

The price matching is my favorite reason to shop here.

Andy InAk

Spent 1800$ on a 75 inch TV... They wouldn't wave the 25$ recycling fee for the old TV... I also had a autostart scheduled and they didn’t mention it was at a different location... This particular store has repeatedly let me down. They rudely assisted me with loading a TV and didn't think it pertinent to mention laying said giant TV on its side is BAD... LUCKILY a bystander noticed and corrected us... Staff is cocky and assumed I was buying a TV right before the super bowl for a scam purpose (buy and return)... I hate sports. Yes you can get what you need here but don't expect a customer service experience that even remotely compares to fred myer. Btw we love the Sony TV specific requirement was chromecast built in... I could have avoided opening and installing a TV subsequently returning it the next day and buying the one that I had to do all the research on instead of their own employees actually doing their jobs. The 75 inch is the perfect solution for the 2story wall and our streaming needs... Point being had the man on day one done his job I would be a 5 star review.

Ian steiner

They “installed” a remote starter in my truck and managed to fry the entire fuse box. The whole electrical system was messed up. When I got into my truck after the install I discovered the problem. I went back in to speak with the manager and he refused to admit it was their fault. My truck was only a month old but he explained to me that I couldn’t prove it wasn’t like that before I brought it in. Needless to say, it was a process getting them to pay for the damage. I’d recommend going somewhere else and paying the extra cash to have professionals do the work. I don’t think they have the best and the brightest working on installations.

Kat Banner

I'm thinking about switching carriers, and one of the associates, Jeffrey, was super helpful! I had a million and one questions, and he helped me with every single one!

Nick Kuentzel

Employees were not very helpful it took four to help me out

Kevin Carlson

They ended up having an open box version of what I wanted. Saved me $$

Brian Hughes

Great customer service, knowledgable sales staff

Michael C

This Best Buy was the most accommodating location I've been to, and it's in Alaska of all places! Employees helped me find everything I was looking for and helped me the items they didn't carry. Best Best Buy ever. Cx

Tammy Reynolds

Friendly service and many choices

leslie quiroz

lots of people on uniform but none of them help, even tho they are not with other customers

Kevin Lewellyn

Zero customer service to solve problems. Lie regarding how long it takes to get products. Inconvenience customers and wasted over 45 min of phone time with zero resolution. Also note. “Overnighting” product does not take 4 days. That’s why it’s call “overnighting”

U.B. Fury

They seem to always bungle my pickup online orders.

Clan McMahon

I wanted to buy a couple of TVs. The store wasn't that busy; there seemed to be plenty of employees on the floor. I couldn't get anyone to help me. After about 15 minutes I decided it was time to go home and order online.

Kev Morris

I really like the Best Buy chain which for me is not the norm. I prefer smaller companies with more personal service but Best Buy are fair with their pricing for big items and will price match Amazon.

Edward Johnson

Looking for a phone case and had great help.

Steve Johnson

Can be a good place for cheap movies. Staff can be a bit pushy and not always knowledgable


On occasion I've gone to best buy for few or little things.... speaker installation, soundbar equipment.... etc and everytime I've been let down... lady lied to my face about a certain item being in a product I wanted and It wasn't there it's cool ima get my money back and she thought she had a sell sorry you don't! Best buy need to quiz their employees on their products ijs #YLG #DaTruf (if I wrote it then it's tru)

Douglas James

The staff was exceedingly helpful. We stayed/shopped for over 3 hours. Shad did a great job helping us try out very loud speakers.

Will Elver

It's best buy, not really much to say. They have what you 90% of the time for your electronic needs.

Jamie X

I have my ups and down with this bestbuy. But still going to Rating 4 star just because the install technician, Paul did a great help on my car and then within 10 minutes of helping me get all the right item, purchasing and making an appointment for installation for my second car. Comparing the time of helping me and checking out was better then when I purchase from muldoon bestbuy, 3hr there. Never again make this mistake.

Mik Has

Best buy no longer sells movies this was my favorite store well not shop here anymore

Kim Hubert

Good selection, competitive prices, and usually helpful knowledgeable people. Included with any electronic comparison shopping

Ron Leddy

Friendly, helpful & knowledgeable staff, & everything is reasonably priced too.

InOther Words

Usually Best Buys are not places I'm excited to go to. This one at diamond center mall in Anchorage is the difference. I travel allot for work and this one is done absolutely perfect. The staff is knowledgeable, honest, and generally willing to help. There nearby and ready to assist but they are not pushy. They let you shop, but when you need them it's almost like they can read your mind. The store is well stocked, has great sales and deals and super clean. Also it's super well organized and flows like a well set up kitchen. Great job.

Ryan Parker

Been a regular here for years. Tim and Nevin were in different departments I believe, but were incredibly helpful and nice. Good guys, always a good time at Best Buy.

Casey Renteria

Packed hardly enough room to walk. Shelving units and displays are to close together. God forbid someone is in the same area because you might as well just give them mouth to mouth.

Ryan Stafford

If you're looking for a local technology store with just about everything then you'll find it here at Best Buy. Best Buy has plenty of items in stock, if you find the price online they'll price match, and if there is an issue with your item you can return it to the store within a couple weeks with few questions asked. I personally enjoy shopping at Best Buy because I can handle the item here to see if I really like it. Because of the price matching I don't waste time buying online. There is a plenty of parking and there is a public restroom available. If this review was helpful please click the Like button.

Alicia Jones

Very big and lots of options. Had all the newest samsung brands which was nice.

Mattias Ahlvin

Quick and helpful service, they helped work around an inventory issue to help me fulfill my order.

Sheen Bjelland

I appreciate and like very much that I can order something I want online and as long as it's in stock they'll pull it and have it ready for me in an hour, or two. It's hard for me to get around sometimes and this makes it quicker and easier.

Alex Nichols

Staff on the TV side is very helpful but the staff on the video game side could use some seasoning. Having Smash bros ultimate in stock but not on the shelves is a crime.


Good customer service. Not as knowledgeable with computer parts as expected but not so much that they weren't able to assist in finding them. Clean and organized

mark hosman

Great people great customer service and awesome deals

Scott Pessetto

Convenient if you need something quick. Prices aren't great compared to shopping around online even compared to Best Buy website.

shannon higgins

Friendly and knowledgeable staff

Jose Diaz

Good products and very helpful

Adam S

Almost always when I go to this best buy I am helped by a knowledgeable and friendly staff and I find exactly what I need. My experiences here have been pleasant and satisfying.

Randy Giddings

Even if they may not have what your looking for they will show you where to find it and how. Much respect for associate's willing to go above and beyond.

Richard Carmack

Ask 6 times for store manager to call me went in 3 times over an issue that I needed to resolve no call back asked to speak to the regional manager of the store No call back from them either this store is a joke you're better off buying anything from the store in Seattle free shipping will never buy from them again I spent over 20 ,000 in a 3 year period know sale people by name and till this treatment TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!

Lee wally

Great deals with bestbuy card!

Marina crews

I love this place. It is always clean and organized. Good selection of items. Staff was very helpful.

Charles Michael

I was going to buy a TV from Costco online but they wanted over $300 for shipping, I decided to check out Best Buy. They had the same TV but it was almost $500 more than Costco's price. The sales rep asked if I needed any help and I told him of the price difference, he informed me Best Buy would price match. They also offered to deliver it to my house in the valley for $50 and I took them up on the offer. Great experiance, the staff from very helpful and I'm loving the new TV.

Ne Labs

It's the place you go when you're either short on time or technically challenged, or just want to see or try things before buying online.

Joe Buckwalter

Very helpful and they recycled my old electronics.

West tv

Best buy dimond mall was nice I like the people work there they so kind

Jay Jay

Not bad. Customer service has gotten better. When searching for a product they make sure to physically check for what you want then check online to verify. Then they give another source to get the product. I am coming back because customer service is great.

Tonya Hamblin

BEWARE!!!! Bait and switch!!!I've been to Best Buy's in locations all over the United States and Best Buy anchorage off dimond is consistent with one thing... very poor customer service. Consistently, prices on the shelves do not match prices at the register. Bait and switch here is the name of the game. 1st time 1 experienced this at this location we were purchasing a computer. At the register they told us, after over an hour of picking everything out with a salesperson that they had ran out of stock but would happily sell us the next best computer (for $200 more!). The second time (I know, my bad for going back) I visited the store I was purchasing a new cell phone. They helped me right up until 10 minutes before store closing when the salesperson announced that they couldn't complete the transaction because he was "off" in 10 minutes and didn't have time. Today (the final straw) I went there to purchase a small tv and blue ray player for our rv. The tv on the shelf was marked at $99.99. At the register it rang up $139.99. You would think that the manager would do the right thing and do a price adjustment (in my experience, any other BB store manager would have) but they insisted that if I wanted it it would be the full price. If this had happened once I would chalk it up to a mistake... 3 times in a row... this place is just a joke!!!! Take your business elsewhere. Don't even waste your time here.

Dawn Dulebohn

The greeters were nice... but everything else was wanting. And even though they say they have a Price Match Guarantee doesn't mean they'll honor it but at least they honor their own website price when I came back...?

Mark Stafford

Well stocked but prices are high. If you know what you need buy from internet

Colby Wright

You know... I never get bad customer service here but I'm giving three stars cuz it's always a pain to find anything and a lot of stuff Ive looked for lately has been out of stock.

Heather Brown

Great visit! Employees were attentive yet not too overbearing. Store was clean and comfortable. Unfortunately they are not stocked with anything samsung related, in the tablet section, nor did they have the right Mac book pro case. But the visit was good otherwise. They have a decent variety of items and seem to know what they are selling. Prices are comparable to other stores in the area.

fred l

Nice.. Helpful staff. Easy credit options

evie eve

Great service friendly staff

Elizabeth Angasan

I appreciate that they price match.

Andre Alexander

Store is rarely busy, staff is helpful and attentive.

Jon Miller

Awful customer service. I came to spend money and no one was interested in helping me decide on the perfect watch I was looking for. Had to flag down a blue shirt, which took 10 minutes. Then, he handed me off to someone else. the second blue shirt walked away while I was talking to him. Is it so hard to be kind? To help a customer find that perfect purchase? And people wonder why Amazon is the retailer of choice.

Kenny Keckler

Very nice. Friendly people

Dante Sovereign

Eh.... Although the one employee who acknowledged me did try to help.

Bonnie Welsh

Great selection of products for your home.

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