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REVIEWS OF University of Wisconsin-Whitewater IN Wisconsin

Caleb Powers

Nick P

Love my choice for college so much! Beautiful Campus, dorms are decent, food is okay, and education is priceless(or 14k/yr)

Debbie Herolt

Moses Nettles Jr.

Kevin William

Fantastic campus, faculty, everything.


School itself is good the staff are of no help at all!

Chad Stone

Girl Madeofashes

Trash, this school is very poor in academics and seems to mainly focus on partying! Do not approve

Rachel H

Nick Rasmussen

Joey Dominski

Alyssa Wentworth

Average University. Nothing Special. The town of Whitewater itself might be charming if it didn't have so much corruption. If you need help finding your career path, don't go here. They won't do much to help you find an employable major. If you need guidance (and you can afford it), try a private University.


Amazing! Here for volleyball and it's just great

Sophie Denney

Choir camp was wonderful

Amy Sylvester-Knudtson

Tim Nolan

UWW is a good school. A lot of negative comments on here. Not sure what curriculum people studied here. I studied business. The classes were taught by qualified, knowledgeable teachers. I can say that some teachers were better than others, but overall the instruction was very good. I see some of the ranting about having to pay for parking or encountering a pissy teacher. Some people need to grow up. Seriously. Business and education are the best schools at Whitewater. If you came to college, just to stroke and joke, and squeak by with a degree in basket weaving, its your fault and no one else's. Take some ownership.

Behar Terzija

Stephanie Mepham

Justin Anderson

This seems to be a good school from all the time I spent visiting friends there, they always had nice things to say.

Cody Bunbury

Brittany Van Acker

Dave Beimborn

Maddy Mueller

Mason Oxley

It's good. but not great

Split Nail

Taylor Rose

Travis Quaid

Go somewhere else for college

Eric Meehan

Dusty Rondeau

This university offers MANY great opportunities for students to be involved in organizations or clubs- those who claim the city is boring must simply be boring people. I rarely even leave campus, and yet I enjoy every minute here. The classes and programs and professors here are top-notch. You won't find any TA's here! And the academic advisers truly seem to care about the students and are able to provide them with great advice. The best programs this school offers are business, education, social work, and marine biology, but almost every program here is high quality and only getting better. The facilities are constantly being updated, and it's a very accessible school for people with physical disabilities. Anything you can think of related to a top-of-the-line college, this one has it. Get your money's-worth for a highly-respected degree by attending the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater!

Keshia Murphy

Extremely friendly staff that care about your career in life and how to get you there.

Kittipat Punsanga

Emma Kroger

Elliot Jezo-Sywulka

This school is amazing! Campus is small enough that you can walk to anywhere, and unlike some of the bigger campuses, there are actual trees! The faculty and other staff are top-notch, and in my almost six years there, I haven't had a single professor I disliked. 10/10, would enroll again!

Myyrddin The Bull

It's a nice place ,many groups and organization to join


Eric Dolan

This is a great school

Taysia Herrmann

Erin Kavanaugh


Alec Saunaitis

Dan Gotlib

My older son has been there for two years now and is thriving in this small town environment. Great School, Great Teachers!

Tyler Kaphingst

Christine Maile

Brad Beran

Honestly this school is great. The professors teach very well and the people here are awesome! Only problems is that on the weekends Whitewater doesn't have a lot of stuff open so it feels like the school wants you to drink or something; they should leave the gym open longer on weekends. Lastly, the BIGGEST problem is the advising of the business department. You start out as a freshman with ACTUAL ADVISERS they help you and you are all ready for school. AAANNND their gone! You get some advisers that just send you premade emails and don't want to talk to you. My adviser has actually emailed me saying he was not going to respond to another email of mine. You then eventually get an "Adviser" but in reality is just a professor. Since they are payed to teach NOT be advisers some don't know the ever changing curriculum of UW-Whitewater. This is not the Professor's fault but the organization's fault. The organization has all sorts of ways to see if you are taking the right classes but you don't know which one is right because most of them are wrong. I love Whitewater: the people, the atmosphere, the teachers, the problem is advising. We are students, our job is to learn. They are teachers, their job is to teach.

Mark Morrison

I’ve heard nothing but good of this institution

Sean Heusdens

This is great school for tradition type student come out high school. However, nontraditional student over age of thirty should weight degree program and poor support in nontraditional student. I attend 1987, 1992-1994 which was a great awesome experiences as younger student. During my attendance 2007- 2010 was horrible time treated really badly first by student, and in end by faulty. I am class 2010 GO Warhawks! This not great school for nontraditional student over thirty years old.

Roberta Ollmann

Grant Simon

Asaad Abahussain

I love UWW, Graduated in 2013 and miss my days there.

Dora Fabian


Gaurav Poudyal

Kellie Fehling

Great college that gives students many opportunities to meet new people. Lots of fun groups to join on campus. Friendly staff that has their students best interests are heart. Nice dorms (for the most part), good UC, good coffee and sub shops, and nice and neat academic buildings. The sidewalks need to be cleared better during the winter but it's many ice and that's hard to clean up so I get that. Only thing negative I'll say is don't take the elevator in Winther. That thing is super sketchy sounding and unbelievably slow. Avoid it if you can.

Laura Wydeven

Shamsa Habib

This has one of the best business school near Chicago Illinois. Staff is awesome and very helpful.

Jacob Parlberg

5/5 would bang

Elizabeth Larson

It's a college. Very nice to be able to rent books instead of buy them (for most at least). Lots of organizations to join. The classes make you as stressed, overworked, and anxious as they should. Safety complaint though is inaddequate lighting on campus. The main campus and all the way back to the gym. Had orgs in both and not the happiest walk.


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