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Jerald Donegan

Phongie Her

Saac Owen


kamau kamanga


The phone service and communication is beyond horrific. Everything is automated and if you leave a message do not expect a return call. Are there any live people to speak to anymore? There needs to be some changes. Zero Rating if I could!

Tim P

I registered for an online programming class at Milwaukee Area Technical College. I called the registration office in Mequon in the summer of ‘13 to sign up for this class. It cost me $450.00 all together plus the text book. As part of the registration, I was given access to what they call the “Blackboard”. It is an online chat/message room. After the term started, I realized that this “Blackboard” WAS the class. The only interaction with the teacher was through that chat room. I had assumed that the school would provide online lectures. The only lectures I could find were seven year old videos that didn't relate to the course material. The only videos from the teacher were too blurry to view and she said she was too busy to fix them. The teacher did provide a syllabus and schedule but didn't follow them. After I realized the “class” really wasn't, I dropped it and got back only some of my money. I don’t understand how MATC can even get certification for offering classes like this! Buyers beware!

Eddie alexander

M.A.T.C is a quality school with helpful instructors and staff. I choose the IT support specialist program to gain a solid foundation of the basic skills needed to enter the ever expanding world of information technology. I think that other students will like the many avenues available to receive their degrees.

sarah ziarek

This is by far the absolute worst experience I have ever had. I regret ever attending here and having to hand over any money. They are full of the wrong info and not one person employed through the school actually cares at all! The most of the teachers don't actually try to make your education worth it at all! I have had it and I am thrilled to be switching schools!

Juanita Turner

Michael Ulwelling

Instructors and staff are awesome and very supportive. They will help you get to where you want to be, holding your degree!

Lillie Jackson


Great school, they genuinely want to help you instead of take your money.

Mariah Medley

The "advisors" are very lazy and have no desire in helping students. The staff at the bookstore is VERY rude. When I walked in, I had no idea that they were closing as I am new to the school and wanted to get my books. Instead of greeting me and politely informing me of the hours, the staff all yelled at me, "we're closed!". It was very humiliating because there were other customers checking out. When I told them that that they were rude, they did not apologize, but instead reminded me of the time and rushed me out. I guess since they are a cheaper college, good customer service is not included in the price.


Very good learning experience

Francisco Perez Martinez

Laquita Bell

Ja'von Gooch

I chose MATC IT Computer Support for my education because I wanted to be close to home and also wanted to further my education. I like Informative Technology. I like Information Technology because I was always fascinated how things worked and how to repair computers. This program will help me reach my career goals by teaching me all the necessary steps to achieve them. The flexibly of the classes is what I like about the It Computer Support Program because you don’t have to give up work for school. The teachers are always willing to help you but you have to ask for it.

Zachary Blomberg

I called about 20 minutes ago, I am now on hold the 8th person in line. I had to take ONE TEST

Drewnita Adams

Jesus Espinoza

I've had so many issues and confusion with this school. Be prepared to receive different responses from different staff, not much help when you need it.

Abigail Heslop

I have never had so many issues doing anything in my life. Matc has made so many mistakes and made things a lot harder for me with just about every thing I have done there. Guess it would be effective to add that I’m on hold w MATC for 46 minutes so far and counting to solve another on of their issues.

Andre Lovett

During my time at M.A.T.C , though times with my teachers and Administrator were rough ., Part time studies was great , diligent and challenging . The Atmosphere was great also . I studied the Academic foundation program and earned my third Degree through an off campus studies program as a Counselor in Academics in the Archdiocese . I abridged from my studies at M.A.T.C into a Law degree.


I have been trying to enroll as an at-large student for two months. I can never get through to admissions (you are caller number 14...30 minutes are caller 13). I've emailed individual professors and don't get a response. I've even tried navigating their ridiculously complicated website. I give up. I just plain give up.

Maira Ocampo

Daneka Albea

Commuted back and forth from Illinois for the 2 years I went here and it was worth it. The teachers were great. I never had a problem that went unsolved. It's a great school all around. If it wasn't so far away, I would probably go back for another degree. I highly recommend it and it's very affordable.


Robert Brown

Excellent school

Leland Lewis

Go Elsewhere! I used to Attend the CSG(Computer Simulation and Gaming) program and One of my instructors was a guy that wants the best from his class yet he does little help those that are struggling: Be Mindful from my experience: -If you struggle or have a hard time there and you ask an instructor for help, Expect little assistance from the Instructors or the students since they would pick on you if they see you are not the level of most people or unable to produce any form of work. -Instead teaching you themselves directly, They have you learn from online courses or sources. The one for Game scripting is supposed to teach you how to build an game engine from the basics but they have you learning from tutorials that has nothing to do with Building game engines like Mario2d/3d tutorials instead directly teaching you on Game engines -Beware when you deal with instructors that feed you garbage like "Be bothered by the Suck" or "The industry set you up to fail" Do not blindly believe them. -I've seen that not everyone would be able to keep up with the others in the classroom and the worst thing that a instructor would do is tell you "Switch your focus and retake classes back to the 1st semeter" and i've kept my mouth shut to see that they would not help you in any form and leave you to struggle on your own. MY main regret is going to MATC, The people there aren't that bad just watch out for those that teach the classroom that leave you relying on google for answers. I'm also an student with a disability there, the people in Computer Simulation & Gaming(CSG) aren't experienced with dealing with folks that have disability. So my advice? Either teach yourself or Find another place to get your education. There are few instructors there, and if you had a bad experience with one of them, you would not be able to get a different instructor instead you'll work with that gave you a bad experience. ---------------UDPATE 12/21/2015--------------- Whatever you do, Don't make the same mistake i have or let them intimidate you/Silence you in any way. If you speak up and express your concerns or frustrations, Don't be afraid to speak your mind, about improvements or concerns that you have. I have seen my instructor yelled at an student for not communicating with the class, treating him like an child instead of taking him to the side and talk with him. If you see this happen especially in classes such as CSG Production or Intro to Game Industry or single someone out for not being an strong performer and kick you out in midterm without any opportunities for improvements, Show this review to every person that thinks about going to the Computer simulation & Gaming since it can and will happen. And if you ask for help from the instructors or your classmates in CSG, expect little support from them. If you're an person with an disability, they won't able to assist you in commendations within that program. And DON'T LET THEM TELL YOU THAT THEY KNOW WHAT BEST FOR YOU WHEN THEY REALLY DO NOT. You can learn more stuff on the internet more than paying these people so they have you teach yourself and not getting the education that you need.

Guinn Rice

Basically, they are terrible at giving information. I was on the wrong mailing list for my dental hygiene program, ended up doing the entire thing to get into my program, and apparently have been doing all of the wrong things. When I finally talked to the head of the program ( after talking to 3 other counselors who didn't tell me not to be working on this stuff and what I should actually be doing) he only told me that I was basically screwed and won't be starting my core classes for another 2 years. Question: How is that a 2 year program?? I'd be in school for this for 4 years, and one year of that I'd be off from class. I'm genuinely pissed. And then on top of that, I had a professor for an online class who was just awful.. The website was messed up, there were multiple due dates for everything, there was no clear syllabus as he had 10 different ones uploaded. He would upload things last minute and expect them due the next day. Or when on break he said "we may work on tests and quizzed but they will not be due until after break" yet set the due dates for 4 tests dto be done over break, thusly leaving me locked out of taking them. I tried emailing other people in the class for help but everyone was just as confused as I was. Don't even get me started on trying to email him and get more than one question answered in one email, half the time if I was lucky to get a response. So I talk to my counselor and one of the deans. She sends him an email to meet me in person because I have problems with his class. She was extremely rude and was talking down to me like how dare I accuse a professor of not doing their job. Even after I showed her everything, she just pretty much shrugged it off. Oh, thanks for that. I was pissed that my grades were suffering because of this guy, and I wanted to be taken out and fully refunded. It was stupid that I had to pay for that class with such a terrible professor. So this semester I'm looking up who would be teaching Econ, and there he is, still teaching that same online class. Sorry to whoever signed up for that one. Although I can say, that the business program is run by some pretty swell people. Judy Reinders is an excellent professor and I will take any class I can get with her. She is probably more helpful than anyone you'll find in the damn school.

joe mallory

Raquan Griffin

Allison Jakubic

By far the worst school I've ever dealt with and I've not even physically been here. I applied and sent over all of my transcripts. I received a very unprofessional email saying they didn't receive one of the ones I had sent over. I replied with a screenshot of the receipt I got saying they had already received it and asked if there was anything else they needed from me. Never got a response. Finally, I reached out again, and was told they received my transcripts, but now somehow there's a background check I was supposed to do that I was never made aware of. Then, I completed the background check, and sent it in. Sent another email asking if there was a time estimate for when I could find out if I was in the school or not. No response. Called to ask finally. When I FINALLY was answered and not sent to voicemail after a million rings, I was told I was accepted.....okay? Thanks for the notification. The next day I did receive a very short and non-celebratory acceptance letter. Very unprofessional. Next, I was told that I am not petition ready. That's funny, because my courses needed to petition at another school are done. What am I missing? That's what I'm currently trying to figure out, and have called the advising office TWELVE TIMES, never to hear a response. I emailed a specific advisor for my major, and NO RESPONSE. This school is a JOKE. I am so unimpressed and VERY angry. I was considering going here for two years, but now I think I'll take my tuition money elsewhere. Take your money and go to school somewhere else.

Kevin Bohn

The Big Kahuna TBK!

- I am currently at MATC campuses in the IT Computer Support Specialist program. I chose MATC because as a student with disabilities, I needed a program that would allow me to go at my own pace. MATC was a perfect fit as I can only attend 2-3 classes weekly. I love IT because it has made the world a better easier place to handle your daily activities. Through innovation many incredible, unique, wonderfully unexpected events have occurred, The proper training by instructors will set you in the right direction as you prepare for important certifications to increase your potential earnings and self-growth. I like the flexible hours MATC provides as they have daytime and nigh time classes on 4 separate campuses. The travel to any 4 campuses is very easy and quick. As I near graduation I am encouraging people looking to become a professional in IT and work with computers to consider doing what I did. In a few short years I have challenged my mind and body to better myself through training at Milwaukee Area Technical College. Nearing graduation, MATC has prepared me with the tools to take on the modern day work environment. My instructors were all professional strong minded and fair. I hope MATC can benefit you as it has me. I am smarter, stronger, and more skilled in IT and computers as a result of my time spent on the MATC campus. -

Sean Fuerstenberg

Kamana Walusayi


LOOK, I was hoping to go to school here, but all these good and bad reviews close to being even, I'm just trying to find out if its a good school for the computer science field to further my education but DAMN this school must either be a rip-off or its a good school........starting to seem a little sketchy

Kellie Resnick

I really wish I could give MATC a higher rating. Maybe I'm out-of-touch, but I've always felt the reputation was fairly positive... truth be told, this school is a waste of time and money. The administrative side of everything is lacking ANY communication skills, and you'll get shuffled around to several people/departments before you're finally forced to leave a voicemail and hope someone calls you back. Services are useless - like the bookstore. Anyone you actually get to talk to is rude, and clearly hates their job. Not very impressive when they're getting your money and you're getting nothing in return. I also have to wonder how some of these teachers have jobs in higher education - writing/spelling/grammar is at an elementary school level! Websites are all outdated, and lack any useful information. I am so very disappointed.

Luis Soto

I chose to go into the IT Support Program because computers always interested me and seeing that I can make a career out of it brought me to MATC. I chose MATC because I started at tenor which gave me the opportunity to study there for 2 years free along with additional help. The IT programs are helping me understand what career path and steps to get to where I need to be. But what I like about it is it sets you up for certifications and internships which could lead to a long lasting career. Overall anyone looking to go into the IT program will see how straightforward the program is.

T Beats

Natalie Neuman

So far, everything on mine has been messed up or misplaced. The financial aid personal are horrible. They ended up messing up my summer2015 information by making a duplicate account and it took them months to fix it and I came it 3 times a week sometimes even more and they just wouldn't fix it. Then i filled out a form to get money back that i shouldn't have had to pay and my form was lost so I had to fill out another one and well, they still haven't got back to me. Pretty unhappy!

YYoHHan Lil Vlogs

Great school

LeShone Hosea JACKSON

Excellent School with excellent instructors.

Dean Martin

Cindy Yang

janet davis

I am just trying to get tickets for the schools 5 Star Event for 2016. No one I ask and no telephone numbers I call know anything. I got one guy who said he'd look into it Wednesday morning. He said I'll call you back in an hour. That was over 24 hours ago so i am not holding my breath. The personnel could care less....

Tim Bear

MATC was a life changing affordable experience for me. I'm currently working on my 2nd degree which will only take me 2 semesters due to my previous degree there, my experience in my new field that's paying for it based off of my previous experience at MATC, and my flexible instructors that understand adult life and need for their customers to be able to execute the skills they learn and turn it into a profit. I'm equally amazed at my new instructors, as I am to reunite with my experienced instructors from my previous degree. MATC gave me the opportunity to change my life and career smoothly at a later stage in my life and I've never had so much fun getting better and smarter. I could almost guarantee success to anyone that's willing to meet them half way and put 2 years of effort into themselves.

Jacquelinne Coel

Matc west is the best!!!!

William Davis

Matc is a good college

Dane Peplinski

The only reason i am still going here is because I love the tv video program. Some of the basics (math, English, science,etc) teachers here are good but a lot of them really lack communication with students, don’t know how to teach, and don’t feel they need to help out a lot of them because teachers are screwed over when it comes to being paid well in Wisconsin. When it comes to people in the help centers, they make things super complicated with financial aid, scheduling, and counseling. They don’t tell you the right places and right things to go to.

Daniela Ortega Gomez Gomez

Mason Meyer

Garbage school. Want to get on the phone with them? Good luck. You'll get transferred and told to call someone else, before they transfer you back to the same person and give you a different number to try calling. The people you might manage to get a hold of, don't want to speak to you and have no desire to do so. None of them seem to care about their jobs, and couldn't care less if you've got a problem. Absolutely regret getting involved with this institution.

Regina King

Sam Sarmento


Evonna Trammell

Samuel Guerrero

The worst school in all the state of Wisconsin

Annie Reiter

Mac Apinion

This is a good school but it's all what you make of it, you have to stay focused it's a lot of destructions here but overall a great school from my experience lots of opportunities

Hamida Ilyas

Mrs. Geraldine Houser

Human Service Instructors are outstanding (specifically, Mrs S. Chavez) ... Genuine, Caring, and Fair. As well, she is knowledgeable, informative and sincere. On top of this, she has compassion! Based upon my experience at MATC - SPECIFICALLY - that of Mrs. Chavez, a lady of maturity, and class, I rate my experience a 5

J 9

This is not an honorable institution. Please try to get your education elsewhere.

Amber Parchym

Evan Scholtus

Ricki Thao

This is my second year here and in regards to the school, it's not bad. The students here are like high school/middle school kids, so be aware. The downtown campus needs to have better student benefits with parking. We pay for a parking permit yet still have to pay for parking. And then if we lose the ticket we have to pay the full price. It's a damn paper. People lose things. We are college students on a budget that's why we're at a technical college. $8 goes a long way. Please have better relationships and benefits to students with parking. It's truly a pain!

Heng Li

I’m post this review because of Ubuntu

Erin's Backyard Flock

I go to MATC now. It's pretty bad. There are a few good teachers. I have been going for 3 semesters now. I am also a veteran. The financial aid office personal is horrible. They are rude and take forever to help you. The veteran financial aid person is even worse. There is only one guy who does it. The lady that did it before him was fired for stealing the veterans money. Every semester I have to fight with him just to get him to send my paper work in so I can get my financial aid. This semester I threatened to put a complaint in to the VA so he would finally send my paperwork in. I am going to transfer to UWM. MATC is horrible.

Yingdi Han

An insane amount of communication mishaps within the administration, it doesn't make sense who they appoint to run the school. Counselors don't return my emails. But most teachers do their best to help.

Chad Kornack

MATC continuously astounded me for all the wrong reasons. I attended for one semester in 2011 and never returned. I registered early and attended their Smart Start session (Nov, 2010) to ensure a smooth entrance experience. I never heard back and called all through December to learn what was going on; every call was met with utter confusion and instructions to just wait to be contacted by mail. So I waited. Turned out they'd lost my file and never allowed me to attend orientation or sign up for classes. In Jan when the semester was about to start I was admonished by staff as though it was my fault and spent one entire day fighting with them and ironing things out. THEN, shortly after the semester started, they announced that their budget was depleted and teachers and students were no longer allowed to use copy paper. Worse, the budget also eliminated paper towels from the restrooms, so if you had to use the sink, you'd better be wearing pants. Unbelievable. Unacceptable. I can't believe I paid for this. There are probably learning institutions in Third World countries that beat MATC.

Patricia McFarland

Best education for first 2 years of college

Ms Lisa

I wish I didn't have to pick a start for this institution, because they shouldn't keep your diploma you worked your butt off for like a hostage!! I graduated in 2016, paid my last semester fees in January of 2017 & I'm still waiting for my diploma. I found out I have to "request" my diploma during graduation season and hope they can put my name on the list like I'm graduating AGAIN!!! THAT 'S TOTALLY RIDICULOUS TO ME!! When they took my money they should have let Madison know all my fees has been paid & mailed me my darn diploma!!! I work for a living I don't have time to spend 30-45 mins on the phone with these people who shuffle me around. If the school is reading this post, this email name is my grandson's, mines is Lisa Jones Graduated May of 2016, please send my earned diploma!

Roshell Green

Matthew Donovan


No Financial Aid - I began my enrollment into MATC in August 2018. By the time Dec 2018 came, I still had not been awarded any financial aid for the Spring Semester of 2019. I called every 3 weeks to inquire, if there was any news, or anything I needed to do. They assured me I would receive my financial aid before school starts on Jan.22, 2019. I just called 2 weeks ago and still no new information. Well classes start tomorrow and I have still not received financial aid, or even a simple email. There is no way of paying any of my classes or even get books. I had to drop all my classes today just in case I was charged for enrolling and not paying anything. I also called to talk with the administration this morning and was on hold for 28 minutes - I had to hang up because my lunch break was over. This isn't my first time attending College. I graduated from GTC back in 2008. It's to late to register for another college such as Parkside.- I wasted my time and money (admission fee, transcript fees). I'm very disappointed with MATC. I was truly looking forward to attending this school. Very, very disappointed.

Shi Shi

I currently go to school at MATC. It overall is a good school considering that it is a technical school. I've learned a lot being there and there are a lot of resources there. The downfall is that some people don't do there job and all the good teachers are about to retire.

Amanda Ducharme

Nike Dee

This place frickin sucks

Elizabeth Ponce

Shawn Joseph

Ольга Демидова

I’ve chosen this place for my ESL classes. All the staff was extremely helpful and friendly. Appreciate it a lot.

Ashley m

not good at all. not organized either find a better school


I haven't even enrolled. I've been trying to get answers from staff and instructors and I get no response. Do you even want enrollment? When someone did call me back it was two days later. I literally called within 10 seconds of a missed call and they didn't pick up. I emailed the person and they said they had told me some information in the voicemail...which they did not. I was forwarded somebody elses email, emailed them, got nothing back. Emailed the other person, and it went back and forth like this and they said they never got the email. I emailed again and didn't get a response. I called the head of recruiting for a tour, left a voicemail, still didn't get a call back. Is this how you get enrollment? The only reason I'm looking at this school is because they offer programs that WCTC does not. I will tell you, I've taken courses at WCTC and always got thru to a person, always got into a program late if I had to and didn't get such a run-around! Today I called MATC-Madison and I was able to get ahold of someone in Admissions in less than 5 minutes. The way this is going, I'm giving up on Milwaukee and going elsewhere. I'll commute further for a school that actually wants my business. Step up your game Milwaukee. Why offer all these new programs if you can't administratively run a college.

Ashley Chanel

The bookstore people are very rude. A lady got an attitude when I was asking her questions about a book trying to make sure I had the right one because I had paid for a different one that happened to be the wrong one. They need better staff. Also they told me financial aid covers both my classes and my books however when I went to get all my books, financial aid only covered a small portion. So I’m wondering would that be the same case for my classes? Does it only cover a portion? They need to let me know what’s actually up instead of just telling me stuff to get out of their faces so I can stop wasting my time and money.

Suad Ahmed

Gloria Chong

This school is trash. The bookstore always posts incorrect hours and everyone that works there is rude and unhelpful. Advisors have absolutely no clue what they are doing. I will say, they have some good instructors, but other than that, MATC is a complete joke.


Sally Al-zuhairi

Jonathan Tzeel

Huji Enterprise

Novi Z

I contacted the specialist about the associate degree of accounting, as I had a BA in business but it is hard to find a qualified job so I was thinking of getting the accounting degree (but not to be a CPA). The specialist who is not familiar to the accounting world, not to mention the CPA exam. She sounded very impatient and would like to hang up ASAP without answering my questions well. She only said with the Bachelor degree plus the associate degree of accounting, I will be able to sit for CPA exam, which is totally wrong! I suggest the specialists to get know more about accounting and CPA exam before they talking about it, please don't mislead students. Well, the other day, I contacted another specialist who is in Oak Creek campus, and all he could say was "Sure, sure, sure...." no matter what questions I was asking, and after 10 mins on the phone without any right answers, he said "why not you come to my office one day and see what we can help you out..."

asian flower

Most teachers are decent and helpful but everything about the administration is unbelievably beyond screwed up. No one seems to know how to solve problems I had trying to register for fall semester and the counselors I met kept giving me run-around for weeks but no one could actually help me resolve it. Oh, and don't expect any staff outside of your instructors to reply to your email OR voice messages. I wish I felt better about this school but I can't wrap my head around the people that were selected to run the school. Even some of my teachers are displeased with the administration!! Also, the bookstore seems to do everything they can so you HAVE to buy your books from THEM.


I haven't started class yet. I have gone through hell and back to take one summer math course which I have yet to attend. Every staff member I have encountered on the phone, seeking answers to questions, has been RUDE. Like, mean rude, as if I called them at home. The lady who picked up when I called to follow up on PAYING THEM - she answered rudely, put me on hold and accused me of being shady for paying them BEFORE my deadline because they didn't "get" my faxed payment form - I had two confirmations in hand as to their machine receiving my form. From admissions to payments, RUDE and cruel to people trying to be their own advocates. Also, if you have a job - they have zero friendly hours for working people, especially in summer. Prepare for 2 hour hold times after work to fix a 2 second issue. And no library access after 4pm. And if you go in to their "walk-in" hours after 4pm for Advising, don't expect anything - the hours are not accurate to the availability of the office WILLING to help you. And the only way I was able see any adviser was by randomly choosing a program I didn't want (I am unsure as to which I want) - I was specifically instructed to choose or they would not help me. I nearly walked out in tears. I provided a review of my experience to their review system over two weeks ago, no one has gotten back to me. No surprise. I HATE this place, and have yet to actually attend my class. I'm not a first time student, however is this is the first time I have encountered a place of "higher education" who did not care about / working against students.

Katya Opryshchenko

Helen Mckinney

Anna P

MATC was great! It is the best place to start college if you aren't ready for a big and pricey university. Keep in mind that the more you put in, the more you get out. College doesn't coddle. You have to take responsibility for your actions. *Also, make sure you have enough self discipline for an online class, if you attempt one.

Ms. Banks

the teachers are ok...I believe they don't give me a grade I deserve they give me a grade they want me to have so I can be forever trying to be succesful... I feel like the teachers are unfair in some cases they will have you confused!!

A Eken

The petition process for the health care programs is appalling. You have to jump through so many hoops for the simplest program it is ridiculous. And you only have 4 weeks to do so. That isn't even enough time to get the "30 days apart two TB test"... and you have to send it all through a third party website which will be revkewing your pending processes LONG after classes start, which you can't get into because you have to be admitted into the program in order to register...... So many hoops to jump through has left me only able to take 2 classes in fall and HOPEFULLY my last 3 classes/clinicals in spring..... they need a better system... and if the healthcare programs are in that high of a demand they should offer classes in summer too, not just fall and spring... also they should put more money into these programs, offer them at more campuses NOT just downtown.... ridiculous! Wish I'd known all this before I put $ and effort, I would've gladly driven out to WCTC....

C James

I wish I could rate zero stars. Nothing about this place was good. Teachers couldn't teach or wouldn't who knows, they screwed me over big time for financial aide then after they told me I was all set and didn't have to worry about anything else they called me at the end of the semester and told me there was a mishap and i had to pay the semester before I could come back..I'm 2011. Never once got a bill btw. Now fast forward to 2018 they took my state taxes 3 years in a row and when I finally after the 3rd year got them to call me back they said I had to pay the year not just a semester. They were so unhelpful and just kept repeating what I told them as if it was new info to me. When I said they were the ones that messed up my financial aid they just blamed me again and acted like I was stupid. Biggest waste of money I'll have ever gone through with. Campus wasnt nice parking was overpriced and I recieve zero education aside from how the world screws you. Thanks so much MATC

Elle Jackz

I love my school!!!

Delilah Oldham

derek robinson

Marcus Reed

I selected MATC because I did research for a college that offered IT programs and was flexible. The way the program is set up, you can get certified in many different areas of IT Programs. One of the things that I like about the program is the instructors are willing to work with students. I really enjoy the hands-on activities that are part of the classes. I know that the programs will have me prepared to succeed in my professional endeavor, however, I am hoping that there are opportunities available for me by being a graduate of MATC.

Judy Freiberg

Gina Johnson

Stephanie Bowden

Allen Kurtzweil


Be prepared to get highly irritated when dealing with anyone at this school. Phone calls are put on hold for 2 hours the financial aid office is staffed with a bunch of people who don't care and won't help you on how to get additional funding that is as easy as filling out an online form saying you understand on how to pay bills. Jus t don't even bother seriously GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. Oh if you drop a class BEFORE it even starts they keep your financial aid and ignore your phone calls and e-mail when you inquire as to where your money went.

Yaneth BH

Jordan David

Decent Staff and Decent Facilities in a safe part of the downtown area. But, you get what you pay for, and tuition is very reasonable.

naidia warfield

Jiewen Huang

IT is such an abstract yet familiar subject to many people in the modern world. People rely a great deal on their mobile devices and spend hours of the day on their cell phones for either leisure or professional purposes. IT has existed for a long time but did not start catching people's attention until the popularity of smart phones. From huge closets of machines computing math equations to a small hand-held device, IT has come a long way and it is now inevitable in our everyday life. I chose to major in IT Networking Specialist and IT Support because modern communication would not be nearly as efficient without the correct configuration and maintenance of these technicians. Instead of starting my IT study in a university, I chose Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC). After many discussions with IT professionals, I understood that even though a bachelor degree in IT may look better on paper, it is not as practical as starting with a school like MATC. Big universities teach IT by preaching theories and textbook while starting IT with an associate degree can help me get more hands-on experience that is more closely related to what the "real world" would expect from an IT professional. My instructors at MATC have helped me connect with many employers and landed IT positions. They are very helpful and respond to emails very quickly. I really appreciate it. Potential students can also connect with instructors and counselors to discuss about which field of IT is the most suitable for you. This goes for all campuses for MATC.

Karen Bartz

If I could give 0 stars I would, but that is not an option. I have studied at 2 other colleges before moving to Wisconsin and going back to school, this is by far the worst school I have ever encountered. Most teachers were excellent, but the administrative staff is terrible!!!! One of my classes was not were it was listed on my schedule, confused I emailed my teacher. She never responded and I figured it was a mix up so I could just catch her in the assigned lab classroom the next day, well that class was moved as well and this time I called and emailed the teacher she never responded and there was nothing in my school email or blackboard notifying me of a change. After now missing 3 chemisty classes I dropped the class to hurry and sign up for another, only to have the school never give me my money back for the class, even though it was the DEAN OF THE DEPARTMENT who suggested I drop the class! Now, here I am in the second semester trying to get my financial aid and they refuse to give it to me because I have been to 2 other schools and received financial aid. WORST SCHOOL EVER.


Anna Leigh

DO NOT GO TO THE DOWNTOWN CAMPUS; AS A GUEST OR A STUDENT. The aid offices are run by complete idiots and gave me millions of different answers to my questions all of the time. My program never had enough teachers so I ended up getting certain ones for 3 classes in a row and never learned a thing I couldn't have figured out in my own. Even my general classes were 80% online (which they don't tell you) and you have to basically learn the course work on your own and hope it's ok; which is because they give away A's. That's literally the only plus. I've had professors not show up to tests. It's filthy and there are lock down drills every month. If you need to go to a community college for whatever reason, go to anyone but this one. I'm thankful every day that it was covered by my parents and not my own hard earned money. Beware.

Octavius Billingsley

Dont try in apeal anything cause its a waste of time. They , as in they the teachers lie for each other and they take their proof but not the student. Down town and most likely the others. When its allowed its allowed. BS is all I can say about MATC.. Joke


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