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Karen Gonzalez

Danielle Gwinn

Ahmed Alkaf

Amy R

Both of my kids went here for two years and transferred to UW schools to complete their bachelor degrees (including UW-Madison). People need to get over their egos and be smart about college expenses. This is a great first step to getting a 4-year college degree. We are LUCKY to have it in Madison. In addition, they offer excellent associate degree programs. It is also ideal for high school grads who are not yet ready to fly the nest!


Tina Dary

Worst college course I've ever taken and the worst customer service by a college. I have yet to hear back about the feedback I provided to the college about my poor experience.

kevin smith


Malachi Smalley

Cannot explain how terrible customer service skills all of these people have. Call with questions get shouted at, told wrong things, transferred multiple times. Charged for classes that we never signed up for. Nobody seems to know anything about how the school functions or more importantly who makes them financially successful. Maybe stop focus on fancy buildings and focus on a decent staff.

Tanika Patrick

rohil khanna

Katelyn Hayes

Jacob Kocina

This college does great things all over Madison and the state of Wisconsin. I'm excited to see the big positive impacts they make as Madison continues to grow and the state of Wisconsin progresses into the future.

Jazzma Jefferson

Best wishes

Courteney Smith

Sebastian Greenholtz

I am currently a student at MATC and I have no complaints to report. The instructors are knowledgable in their fields, respond eagerly to questions I've posed, and take pride in their work. The facilities are good, and it's well worth the price.

Avinash Maurya Shripal

Really great College with so many resources.. and the best n best teachers...!!! I got to learn a lot not only study point of view but also at cultural and many other advantageous way..!!

Diane Lee

Fintan So

Nice looking campus.

Yi M

Drake Strand

Money hungry school. Will find ANY excuse to take your money. They will most likely put you in the wrong program, and will want you to take extra classes in the long run, all because they screwed up, making you stay and pay longer than you hoped for. Advisors do not respond in a timely fashion. I emailed my advisor in June of 2018 about financial aid problems, and haven't heard a response since. Made it clear that I could not afford college without their help, but never received a response for help. Dropped classes the first day, right before classes started, only to realize that I will still be paying for things pertaining to those dropped classes. If I am not taking the class, then I am not paying for materials that I will not be using. End of discussion. All in all, not worth going to. As a former student of Madison College, I will make sure that none of my friends or family even waste their time applying to go here.

Kyla Marie

This school is terrible. They promise a cheap head start on your education, but hold you there for years longer than they should due to requiring an excessive amount of prerequisites (yes, there is the Compass test, but the system is so disorganized that even if you have those many times you can't even get into the class you need because you have to wait for an override form to go through because apparently updating school records is very difficult. No other school really seems to have this problem, though). Their registration system is disorganized and frustrating. The online student center is the same way. The only reason I would give this school two stars is because the professors do try very hard and seem to care about the success of the students. Of course, none of this is reflected in the way the administration treats them. Rather than allocating enough money to treat its employees well and to make sure that the students are receiving a good education the school seems more interested in building fancy buildings. Which makes sense, who needs good academic standards and an institution that cares about helping students succeed when they have a fancy building to get more stupid in?

RiN Blackbird

Does not offer as many classes as the website says, most of the classes seem to be early in the morning, the entire school is in a dead zone (no cell service, wifi occasionally works). Good as a last resort or if you want to get a few credits to transfer to a better college. School counselors don't seem to understand how the school works, and will try to put you in classes that don't transfer or are in the wrong program. School will try to take your money in any way they can, by not letting you cancel your classes, not informing you of deadlines, etc. Cafeteria is simply awful and overpriced. I feel bad for all the good hardworking teachers who work here.

andre Thompson

syed aleemuddin

It's a pretty cool place for transferring to 4 year college.

azaria flatoff

Daniel St.Louis

The best instructors you'll find anywhere in the country, but... Admissions and advising completely lacks any knowledge or skills that is necessary to do their job, you'll get more (and actually correct) information from the instructors. Campus security are idiots in training and need to go hang out at the donut shop with the campus counselors, who also know jack. Use this school for the transfer program to UW, and please use UW's advising services! I finished my third semester and on the Dean's List again, so my information comes from experience learned the hard way. Again I must stress the excellence of the instructors, don't let morons in an office lead you astray! I hope they read this feedback, because I've even participated in a group setting student survey in which all of us had the same terrible experiences. They absolutely didn't listen to that!

Grace Ehlert

Larissa Lederman

It's a really great school. Went there for two years then transferred to uw madison

Melanie Sincaban


Becca Sawatske

The instructors are hit or miss. Mostly miss. The career advisors provide misinformation and need training. I've paid over 1k in unecessary courses that the advisors recommended. There is a lot of inconsistency with requirements for courses. You will hear 4 different things from 4 different sources. The student advocacy isn't strong or helpful, even if they claim otherwise. I wish I could be part of the Madison College admin, so I could get paid to pull the rug out from beneath the students. Madison College also makes bank off students by having inadequate parking and giving tickets to students who are already scraping by.

miamaia v

Find another school please I took a class here and paid over $700 for this class and all these other "fees" that I have no idea where it went to. I did not even get any lecture slides or feedback throughout the whole semester.

Feyisa Jerjera

It's the best community college to learn with great helping teachers and to see lots of diversities.

Yocasta Moody

Emmalee Pearson

Courtney Harmuth

Tatted Up

Great school

Tina Martin

Average Joe

Great facilities, top-notch programs, and excellent instructors.

Jessica Marie Lebahn

The people, the people here are awesome.

David Odenweller

Emad Odeh

Kay Stanton

As an instructor it was an honor to teach there. Kay Switzer

Silas Day

Jonathan Cano

This is a great school, period. The president of Madison College, formerly MATC, is excellently skilled at carrying the rest of the school with him to success. Keith Corneil, excuse me if I misspelled, is also a great lookout for the student body. If you're having trouble with classes, getting to school, finding parking, etc. there is no reason why you cannot find the help you require. Do not be ashamed of going to the TRiO office for tutoring, or visiting Dr. Daniels in person at his office for questions like "how do I find the right scholarships to apply for." Visit the volunteer office to make new friends and make a difference at the same time. The Madison College is blossoming with opportunity around every corner like a true teaching school should.

Jorge Lara

N. W. Peterson

Joseph Gut

This school denies students their right of due process particularly around grade disputes. They have a grade dispute process in place but the public school does not follow it.

Pang Yang

Nice and clean. But they have sections it's all over town which is a good thing or a bad thing.

Mohamed Shaban

My school

Midhat Farrah

money hungry. They don't care about their students success.They will charge all sorts of unnecessary fees for classes you never signed up for and they don't care to even reverse them. I even offered to be setup on a payment plan for classes I never attended and to allow me to attend while making payments they refused. They just want your money. Even if they allow me to enroll now I wouldn't because I learned that they won't give me advice towards succeding rather advise that will put more money in their pockets. Waste of a beautiful facility


very nice and clean for the most part but good luck having any service on your phone in this building says I am roaming all the time and cant make or receive calls not good being that I have responsibilities outside of school and might at times need to get a hold of but cant be reached with all the money this place makes you think they would of paid to make sure students wouldn't have this issue. also I went to go grab lunch at the cafeteria and got a pizza and a cup for water and they charged me 55 cents for a empty cup what a rip off like they dont get enough of our money they got to charge for a cup I could understand a nickle or dime but 55 cents what a rip off good classes for the most part but it also seems very liberal to me and I am not liberal at all and it seems that there is stuff up that could be viewed as confrontational and to be honest I dont want to see it when I am going to class

Sawyer Hildebrandt

Sun Sun

Gwen Janotte

I like most of the professors and the buildings are nice looking. Some professors are not good, as if they were not supposed to be teaching at all.

Bruce K

Typical "higher" education pushing their leftist agenda. Some classes are ok though (when the actually talk about the subject matter).

Khari Hampton

john harrington

Sinead Oakley

That school they only grade based on attendance when I used to go there they are not serious about pushing students to work harder. When I transferred to wctc I failed a class w a c minus and a d plus b/c I was so used to going to a lot more leanest school. This school needs to be more serious about academics not attendance. Oh they should never have a proctor to read test questions not a reasonable accommodation b/c if students get a job no one would read directions to them at all.

Nancy Kemmy

I had a worst experience at this college, won't recommend it to anyone

Jamie Colón

Benny Vimes

I am transfering to a four year college in the fall after several years at MATC. As both a full and part time student I gained important skills and learned an enormous amount there. I will miss MATC and I'm grateful for the fantastic opporunity it gave me!

Jack Skudlarek

Can sum up the whole thing by going to the cafeteria and getting a cup of water. 2 quarters isn't enough and even then there's some fine print and charges that'll be there for years to come.

Grant Appell

Many of the instructors have deep knowledge of their material and can offer great amounts of help. Some definitely need raises, as they are phenomenal. The building stays clean and well-kept. The courses, when properly selected, offer a plethora of skills which proved useful. Once familiar, one can navigate the small and cozy building quite easily. The counseling services, on the other hand, operate in a notably different manner from the instructors. They often cause more trouble than they solve, and some have nearly unintelligible accents and mediocre English. Some instructors completely lack organization . The food also costs a bit much.

Ashley Gipson

Great place to go to school and work.

Tanya Novinska-Lawler

What College thinks it's a great idea to have their graduation ceremony at 530 pm on a Friday night? Peak of rush hour traffic in downtown Madison.

Christopher Decker

Erik Rupp

Great teachers womderful everything they all care!! Seriously great teachers but this website is the worst thing on this planet and it is very pathetic and stupid. Fix it please

Ran Manbavaran

I've been to this school for many years, and while it's not perfect it definitely met my expectations as a technical college. One thing people should realize is this isn't a private school or university, so you're not gonna get the same treatment as you would with those institutions. No one is going to hold your hand and push you through the classes/courses, you have to take your own education seriously and stay motivated. These teachers have to deal with literally hundreds of students, so making sure you're getting the right education is YOUR responsibility not theirs. I've never had a teacher who was so incompetent they failed to teach the material properly, and students who funked out of their classes simply didn't apply themselves enough. The same thing could also be said about their financial services. They have to deal with literally thousands of students so if there's something wrong with your financial aid or scholarship, again it's your responsibility to be proactive about getting it corrected. If you're looking for a decent Madison area tech-college to receive your education quickly and efficiently without all of the extra elective classes, this would be the place. Also to comment on another person's post about the required prerequisites and compass test; compared to other technical colleges I've been to MATC is probably the best in this area. The only required prerequisites are for their math and English programs, and the compass exam will allow you to test past many of the earlier classes. Compared to a whole semester's worth of prerequisites I was required to take for a college out in Oregon, I think MATC's expectations aren't that much. Overall while his school is by no means perfect, it's a wonderful choice for those looking to get quality education on a tight budget. Remember, this is a technical college so you have to be proactive and responsible about your own schooling.

Chris Yefchak

This college spends millions of dollars to renovate buildings and build new campuses but neglects the important things. There is not enough parking available to students. The website is abysmal , the teachers and advisers are inconsistent. All technology used here is outdated and the cheapest possible. Just had to walk out of the library after waiting two different computers to load a simple web page for half an hour. Absolutely unacceptable to not provide adequate equipment and services to their students.

Frannie Ruth

Garrett Gundersen

This school is awesome!

Cynthia Sawatske

My sister attended this place for 6 years. They led her on to take unnecessary course work for her intended degree and she wound up spending thousands more than she had to. I'm glad i did not chose to go here after high school. She still does not have her degree and cannot afford to take anymore courses. Going here has made her basically give up on her dream. The financial aid office is misinforming to students and excuses themselves blatantly for mistakes they make that cost people trying to get an education way more than they can afford. It appears that not many who work here actually care about students experience or well-being, let alone successfully graduating. I would also like to note that while i was visiting this campus the animals they kept for the vet tech program were completely emaciated and obviously not taken care of well. It was heart-breaking to see. I will never recommend this school to anyone.

Arthur Hjertstedt

Arturo Teapila

Nicolas Leighty

Overall, a pretty solid public institution. This is a real-deal college, one might even say "state of the art." Lot of stuff on the plate here.

Morgan Miller

An advisor told me it would take me 7 YEARS to complete a 2 year ADN program (Associates Degree in Nursing). And then after those 7 years the likelyhood of me transferring anywhere for my RN, was slim to none... I was shocked and told her it would take me 7 years to become an O.D. (Optometrist). I then got a second opinion, who laughed in my face when I told her what this advisor told me. She said it would take me 3-4 years. If you have questions- prepare for a 40 minute wait, just to speak to a human, but then another 15-20 to get trasferred to the department you are looking for. Looking online for your answers? F-O-R-G-E-T I-T!!! I graduated with a degree from here once. I am going back to school for a new major. I would never suggest this joke of an institute to anyone. They are severely unorganized, uneducated (especially in retention and advising), and nothing is consistent when it comes to answers to questions, policies etc. It took me 6 months to get enrolled with Madison College... after this whole mess. I looked into forgetting the campus entirely, and shooting for UW (which by the way all advisors told me verbadum- there is no way for you to get in, you're not smart enough).. it took me 2 weeks to be admitted, accepted and enrolled. Save yourself. Money hungry before care, beware!


Dwight Darin

1 star review and my class hasn't even started yet. My class reminder email sent last week included detail instructions for obtaining a parking permit. What a pain I thought and today I made a trip from west side to Truax to get it only to have security guy tell me they don't issue permits anymore, park wherever you want. Do the departments not talk to each other?????

Linda Warner

Abdelrahman Salem

Really good school with ton of options to choose from! If you’re unsure what you want to go to school for and want to save as much money as possible, go to Madison College! You’ll save money and you’ll have all the support you need to continue your educational journey!

jacob hartman

Madelyne Contri

Pretty standard tech school. Beautiful campus and helpful staff. If your specific professor isn't available for additional help, another is

Lloyd Kutzke

The teachers are excellent and I enjoy all of my classes. The corse material listed “What is the Argument” as the book needed for my philosophy class. Once in class the teacher informed us that is was a different book but that I could exchange the book at the book store for the correct book. I was pretty annoyed because this book cost more, but hey whatever at least I could get the correct book or so I thought. I went to the bookstore to trade books and they informed me that because I bought it through amazon I could not exchange the book, but I was more than welcome to buy the correct one from them. No thanks, it was their mistake and I don’t have the money to buy a textbook needlessly.

Grant H

Be advised, this tech school is not going to prepare you for real university. The school keeps making improvements to the building to attact new students. Most of us commute to school and there is not enough parking. Advisors were a horrible joke.

John Henry

New building old antics. These losers cling on to people like a life preserver and suck them down...


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