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REVIEWS OF West Virginia Junior College - Charleston IN West Virginia

Mikayla Jeffrey

Lovely people.

Haley Travis

The teachers are all great. Like any school it's a challenge and I had my ups and downs but the staff was there for me through it all. I love this place and if they get an RN program I will deffenatly be back.

Heather Barton

Hands down the best school I ever had the pleasure of attending! They have made me feel more loved and cared about than any other school. The staff and instructors are amazing and really want you to succeed! I'm already a CMAA (Certified Medical Administrative Assistant), thanks to this amazing school, and I'm currently thinking about coming back for my CCMA (Certified Clinical Medical Assisting) Degree! This school has shown and taught me more than I ever thought I could learn! Thank you WVJC for all that you do and please never change!! I love you guys!! :D

Shawna Lane

I had a great time here, someone is always willing to help you. They will work with you, and you learn great skills along the way. I plan on returning when the nursing program starts. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone!

Jamie Claiborne

WVJC Is A Great College To Attend , All The Staff Is Outgoing & They Will Help You With Anything You Need , If You’re Thinking About Going Back To School , I Highly Recommend Wvjc !! I Absolutely Love It

Sydni Racer

Making the decision to come to WVJC was the best thing I could have ever done. The staff and students are so welcoming and just life family. I would tell everyone to join this school!

Taylor Buttrick

The past 18 months have bee nothing but amazing. This school is amazing. The staff is super friendly and very helpful. This is one of the best things I could of ever done for myself and my family. Everyone here is like a big family. The staff will contact you if you miss and to me that shows that they really care for you and your future. I just recently graduated with my associates Degree in medical assistant. I learned so much and I’m forever thankful for everyone who helped me along the way.

Brittany Brown

I love this school, everyone is so welcoming, and supportive. They're truely bringing the best out of me and preparing me for my future goals and careers.

Linda Ball

Gary Estep

I am a 2016 graduate from The Charleston campus. They provided me with experience and the tools I needed to pave my path. The teaching staff, administration, and student body were very helpful to me during my time at the school.

Elisabeth Lilly

WVJC at Charleston is more than a school to me... it is a home! I consider the staff there to be family. They truly care about each and every student that attends there. They invest a lot of time and heart into each person that walks through their doors. When I walked through their doors, I was unsure of myself and what I would be able to do at the age of 39, but they believed in me. There attitudes were contagious and before I knew it, I was believing in myself and accomplishing more than I dreamed. Thank you WVJC staff! I will never forget you! ♥

Maurice Faulkner

I started a college course for IT Tech/Networking and Security and so far I am liking the college. They are friendly and the teachers are nice.

Kasandra Hutchison

I had the best experience at WVJC! All the staff is very nice and willing to help you. I loved the small classes and all the one on one time you got with the instructors. They were all excited to see you succeed and would do their best to help you. Their staff works together as a family and make you feel very welcome.

Rosalie Bowman

Brandon Taylor

I am concluding my 18 month program and I have learned a lot during my time with the college. Not only that, but WVJC also gives resources to help one obtain jobs and establish career connections with local businesses.

Scott Coffman

Lyndsey Merriman

Taylor Quigley

I absolutely love attending West Virginia Junior College. I have been attending here for the past 18 months & everyone treats you like a family here. It doesn’t matter how old you are, where you come from, a single parent, etc., everyone here, especially the staff, is supportive of your goals & achievements, not just within the school but things that you make a better person out of school as well and want to see you further your future. The staff really pushes you to be the best student and person you can be and I find that really rewarding. The classes and scheduling are so flexible & I highly recommend this school!

Clarissa Buckley

Lots of people think a junior college is a joke, well its not. With the help of WVJC I have become 8 weeks away from completing college. I have been to multiple colleges but WVJC was exactly what I needed; smaller and personable. Along with my degree I will be graduating with 2 certifications for my field of study. I absolutely love the staff, they care for education as if its their own. They have a wonderful financial aid staff so applying was so simple. The junior college is quick to respond so I was enrolled within a couple days after applying. I am SO thankful for WVJC and everything it has given me. Seriously, the BEST decision I have ever made.

Khaleb Moore

Amazing and friendly staff/ instructors! They are always improving as a college for students of all ages and very welcoming atmosphere! I am a graduate of 2016 and currently employed as a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant. I have gained many skills from clinical to life skills since attending. They also teach a very good class near the end on interview skills which has helped me a great deal! And as of now if i ever need help with anything at all i can always call on the staff at WVJC, as they will always ve there for you. Overall great school and amazing experience from start to finish!!

Danielle Moffatt

I’ve been at the college for a few months and I am loving every minute of it

Joshua Keely

18 months comes and goes so fast. It’s why I highly recommend this school. I got my associates degree in 18 months and found a job, all thanks to WVJC and their staff. They really take pride in helping their students. I’m very thankful for how nice they were to me while I was their, and them helping me find a career I love at the University of Charleston.

Brenda Clay

I Brenda Clay have been attending at West Virginia Junior College for the last 18 months. the staff is the best and very supportive in all our classes. Everyone is nice there and I suggest if anyone is interested in going back to college it would be a great place to go . all you have to do is contact someone at college and they will help you through it. I am going to miss everyone there.

Haylee Coleman

Wvjc is one of my favorite schools I’ve ever attended, the staff are amazing and are very involved, they have opened many opportunities for me and are by my side every step of the way, I’ve made some friends here in the CMA program along the way. Everything about this school will help you succeed, thank you to everyone for the opportunities you guys have given me and are still helping me with I couldn’t do it without all the staff and friends who attend with me

Iyonna Hunt

WVJC is an amazing school! The staff is so helpful and they really want us to succeed in school and in life. The classes are super small and the teachers are more one on one which makes learning easier for me.

Danny Russell

ciara watson

I genuinely enjoyed everyday I spent at WVJC! The staff is friendly and helpful! I really believed that they all wanted the best for me. There is always someone available to help you out. All the staff communicates with each other and you. I highly suggest this school!

Ashley Peele

I'm currently enrolled here and it's the best decision I've made. I appreciate the small class sizes so I get more hands training. The medical instructors are experienced and great teachers. Staff treat you like family and want you to succeed instead of viewing you as a paycheck. Highly recommend this school.

Nicole Jones

I have been to a couple schools in the area and my experiences there were nothing like my experience has been so far at WVJC. They really care about their students and want to see us succeed. Classes and teachers have been great and have made it so easy and fun to learn the material. If you're looking for a school that you can learn and be a part of a family WVJC is for you.


WVJC is a decent school to attend. Things were stressful over the last 18 months, because in the middle of my term, there was a change of directors. This made things a little hard to deal with. The staff for the most part are very understanding and easy to deal with.The only things I didn't like, were the parking, and the technology at the school could be better. But overall my college expericence has definitely been memorable. I feel like I got a decent education at this school.

Erika Osborne

I am currently a student at WVJC-Charleston campus in the medical assisting program and have had a great experience. All the instructors are very professional and helpful. You have small classes and receive individual help if needed. I would reccomend WVJC you can graduate in 18 months and they will help you find a job!

Lindsey Isaac


Amy Moles

West Virginia Junior College has been the greatest experience for me. All of the staff members are friendly, warm and welcoming. The teachers are very professional in learning materials and push you to reach your goals in a positive atmosphere. I would recommend this college for anyone who wants to change their career path.

Jimmy Tuell

I’m currently attending for business administration and I couldn’t be happier with my classes. WVJC is much faster than traditional colleges because of the six-week course system. I’ve already studied basics of Human Resources and have moved into Accounting and I haven’t even been enrolled for six months. I feel very secure in what I’m learning. The use of real world scenarios as well as being involved with the community outside of class through clubs and activities really allows you to apply what you learn. I would highly recommend WVJC to anyone looking to find a career they would love. If you want an affordable education that can help you find a job and start a career with the right skills, then look no further than West Virginia Junior College.

Chastity Roach

WVJC Charleston has wonderful staff members. Rebecca Shamblin and Michelle Miles especially have been a huge part of my success. Thank you WVJC for starting my career.

Jacob Mace

One of the best junior colleges out there passionate campus staff and faculty that go above and beyond, frankly to be honest if you aren’t working in your degree field then it’s you that didn’t try hard enough

Paul Rucker

I am less than 6 weeks from graduation here at the WVJC Charleston campus. I cannot express how thankful I am for this medical program. The staff is amazing. The campus is centrally located, plus they have online classes. This school wasn't what I expected at all, it was way better!

Kelsey Clinton

Great staff! Helpful professors! Hope the RN program is in the future!!!!

Keri Wade

WVJC is a great school. The teachers and staff are amazing, they truly care about all students and want them to succeed. This is definitely the place to go if you want a quick degree in a small, friendly environment. The Business Administration program is especially rewarding as well as the Medical and IT programs.

gabriella taylor

Choosing to attend WVJC was one of the best decisions of my life. Without the guidance of Katie Harvey and staff I don’t think I would have gotten this far. With 12 weeks left in the program I can’t even begin to thank the faculty and staff for supporting me along the way and helping me do my best and succeed.

Tina Newman

When I started at West Virginia Junior College, I was very nervous because I was going to be older than most of the students there but the staff/faculty made me feel comfortable and they were always there for me. I had the Best College experience at West Virginia Junior College. I was able to have mixed classes that included in classroom experience as well as online classes to help me achieve my degree in Medical Office Administration. I am so Happy to have done this College experience for myself and If anyone is thinking about going back to school whether fresh out of high school or wanting a career change, West Virginia Junior College is where it is at. I am happy that I did it and you will too!!!!

Tabitha Blake

I have been at WVJC for 9 months & I love it! All the staff members become family. They are all so helpful & sweet. It’s a very laid back school which makes it more enjoyable & the teachers are great! If you are looking to change up your career path, this is definitely a good option for you!

Rebecca Shamblin

Steph Kapp

This school is amazing. You can have a more hands on experence becuase the class sizes are small. The teachers are always willing to help you succeed in your studies.


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