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REVIEWS OF Washington & Jefferson College IN West Virginia

Zach H

You'll pay more to live and eat here than you will for tuition. That's saying something

Vivian Simm

Paul Odenfield

Washington, PA is a town full of welfare recipients and drugs, I would not send your kids here. A student was murdered here a few years ago, he was a member of the football team. It’s not even safe for football players to walk around Washington. If you want to pay $60k/yr to send your kid to a dangerous, drug infested town then send them here. The school is onto another President. Lots of turnover on the staff. And again, a student was murdered on campus a few years ago. Research the crimes in Washington, PA. Very unsafe area, would never send my kids here.

Kevin Coleman

So so place to go

Lynda Davis

Trent Somes

W&J has been a great place to live and learn for the past few years. Most of the classes I’ve taken have been in the political science, environmental studies, and religious studies departments and I can say that they’re all fantastic. Washington itself is also improving a lot, and students really enjoy going to President’s Pub and other Washington establishments. I and other students have easily found employment in the city and surrounding areas. Even though the crime rate is recorded as higher than average, I can honestly say I’ve never felt unsafe in Washington or on W&J. If you’re into sports, there’s definitely a team for you, but we also have a lot of clubs to involve yourself with. With new leadership on W&J, we’ve also seen really positive changes, including an emphasis on student leadership. Greek life is also huge on campus, and the college offers ROTC programs and contacts at a lot of internships. Overall, W&J is a really good school, and I’ve had a very positive experience here.

jay Wicks

One of best colleges in the state of Pennsylvania behind Penn and CMU. Graduates typically become doctors or lawyers. Great overall education and a fantastic campus.

Wilfredo Irausquin

(Translated by Google) Excellent (Original) Excelente

Adam Kmett

I had the best four years of my life at this school. 5 REASONS TO COME 1. Magellan Project = Research Opportunities to study basically anything you want anywhere in the world; Up to 80-90% of the project is typically funded 2. Intersession = 1 month long, four credit course in January that is typically laid-back but highly interesting and focused 3. Alumni network = These people are highly favorable of current students and are a huge asset to you for jobs and internships 4.... 4 Year Graduation Guarantee = Do it all in four years or the school pays for it (unless you made a mistake when registering classes) 98% of students graduate in four years 5. Academics = At the end of the day, W&J is a great school with smart people - not stuck up smart people - who are hard workers. We work hard and can play hard.

Patrick Bebie

I am currently a student attending the college and the campus culture has changed drastically since I have been in attendance. The primary cause of this culture change has been the increase in policy enforced by the school under the new administration (new president). The police have racially profiled students consistently, even going as far as to follow a black student's mother off campus on the assumption that she was in possession of drugs, she was not. The policing on this campus is designed to punish students rather than protect. Other flaws of this school include: inadequate house that is grossly in need of repairs, housing costs that are nearly double rent in the area and students are prohibited from living off campus, the campus food is subpar and often prepared incorrectly, the social life on campus has nearly ended, due to the policing tactics of the school. Overall not worth the cost, even with generous scholarships.

Max Burkhart

Phillip Christenson

Has the best Physics professors! I want to learn more!

george kaknes

Linda Miller

Matheus Baffa

Preston Patton

Jorge Jaimaica

Matt Lisiak

Dave DeBor

Washington & Jefferson College prepares students for exciting and rewarding careers throughout their lifetime. The distinct features like the Magellan Project and Intersession afford students opportunities and grow and learn into the leaders of tomorrow.

Kathy Hrivnak

Chuck Spudley

This college had my last review deleted because they don't like people telling the truth so I'm reposting it. College acceptance rate was 32% when I was there and now its 42 something percent so they allow less intelligent people in now. They have a heavy bias towards their football team. At the same time they tried to get rid of the water polo program even though its the only division III program they have that can claim they beat division I programs such as Fordham and George Washington. Their grading system is ridiculous and puts students at a disadvantage when applying to graduate schools when compared to other schools. The school does not like Greek Life even though Greek Life is responsible for the majority of the campus night life. Greek life dominates the night life because townies hate the college and a college kid was killed by a townie as proof. The academics are top notch and only those truly worthy of graduating will get a degree here, the professors do not hold back and a student will learn what it takes to be a top notch researcher. Their Magellan Program is very nice and I encourage all students to participate in it. They have shuttles that go to and from Pittsburgh. They have good connections inside the state of PA so employment opportunities are good after graduating to those who are worthy. The food is not perfect but it is more than satisfactory. I've never had a problem with the food, it works and gets the job done just fine. This is a liberal arts college and you will be forced to take classes outside of your major, those who complain about this should be ignored as they did not do their research beforehand. Overall a super solid 3/5. School needs to help out Greek Life rather then destroy it because otherwise more college kids will get hurt by the hatred filled townies.

callie yowler

Abril Sandoval

Stacey Dinsmore

Best college

Carlos Mireles

Rebecca Lopez

Josh Helbley


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