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REVIEWS OF University of Maryland IN West Virginia

Jeremy Y

Great new facilities and a great place to spend an elective abroad. Let's go Terps!

Austin Steele

Maryland my Maryland. Go Terps!

Vijay Ambikapathy

Good university. Nice and vast campus

Devon Morden

University of Maryland Where you are just a number, common sense bows to bureaucracy, where admissions gives false information and lacks accountability ("They're undergrads and don't have all of the info" was literally the excuse). And where they're not going to care about this post because they're the kind of people who are proud of the fact that they made a student travel to Guatemala to jump through one of their hoops.They don't care about the human behind the application at all. What a waste of time and energy.

Louis Wolf Marcus

Best university for teaching English abroad program. In murcia we live your grads

Dylan Dembrow

This is one of the science buildings for the UM umbrella. Can't miss it.

Shraddheya Pathak

Beautiful campus! I'm a proud terp!!

Rosco Sam

Some of the faculty here are we Todd did, sofa king we Todd did to think they are smart and have valid points. They are close minded and only care about money.

Ben Ben

Your so called parking guys don't know how to do their job here. Saying the whole lot is filled up just to run people off and its not full. There room to park and this is at the Xfinity center. Its stupid

Grace Paone

Cool place


Embarrassed I received a degree from this CRAP of a University! LET MILO SPEAK-MINUS THE GARBAGE fees made up! I could have graduated blind, deaf, drunk with my Masters in Accounting and Finance...what a WASTE!

Amy Daniels

I visited recently for a career fair and was very pleased to find convenient lactation space! The information about where to find it on the website was very useful although Signage within the building could have been improved.

Uchechi Nwaneri

Numerous research opportunities! Top-notch faculty!

Karly G

It's a great and beautiful campus I loved it!

dont trust anyone even ur waifu hehehe

Be careful what you say and do here. Laws don’t apply on this campus.

Rodney Curl

Beautiful campus, great workout facilities, and plenty of places to grab good food.

Erin Hood

Best college ever. I miss it!!

Vincent Lee

Gorgeous campus when it isn't being ruined by drunk people. Considering the size of the school the campus is organized very well. Really good facilities, libraries, etc.

calvin perry

Its a wounderful place to be


Very good college I would recommend this college

Shyam Yadav

Great institute.

Adele D

STOP SPAMMING MY EMAIL. Literally, the worst unsubscribe system I’ve seen in my entire life!

Pouria F.

Finishing first semester at UMD, great school. Well informed professors and teaching assistants. Large library. And lots of entertainments on campus.

Donna Baird

My Alma Mater. An excellent institution of higher ed. I loved the sprawling campus. I enjoyed learning from the expert faculty. You will not regret the UM experience. Go Terps!

Sidhu Siddharth

Its very good school but very congested location and too much traffic. Very good events all around school.

Chadwick Erbe

Have your fun for a semester, then transfer to UMBC. School only cares about its money and extorting every dollar they can out of you. Too many "gotchas" and too little disregard for a quality education experience. And if you think your teachers care about you and want to help you succeed...LOL. I never caught one single break at UMD. I finished my engineering degree at UMBC and had a MUCH better academic and teacher experience. The thought of going there for a graduate degree makes my stomach turn (why I'm getting it elsewhere).


Great school, good staff.

Michael Hunter


Best Candidate

Many of the faculty are barely qualified to teach. That's okay, because the school barely pays them.

Clinton Aribogha

Great! They got an Architecture department!!!

Vinay Patel

Great day to enjoy open house at UM.

Ethan R. Berkovich

Love this place. Best education I ever received.

Honey G

Racist University. Total/Complete waste of time. All the school truly cares about is your money (aka Tuition) and how they can milk you dry. They could care less about your future and it's worse if you're a minority! They hire some really bad Professors. For instance: Alice Mignerey--she is never prepared and has no idea what she is teaching, Atkinson-- Community Health Professor; who talks about her mother and family 75% of each lecture, through out the semester, Dr. Daughters- Controlling Stress and Tension; her class is so stressful and makes you feel very tense. Trust me, you WILL be stressed out taking that course! Alot of the people in that office of Student Conduct, are as racist as they come starting with Andrea Goodwin.

Shubham Malik

Even though I havn't started studying there yet but the Place seems amazing... The Faculty and Environment Looks 'EPIC'... Frankly speaking, This looks like a University of Dreams for any Student in this world...Just have no words to explain my feelings... Its Just Amazing and I don't think you could ask for More... I hope I could study in The UMD some day... :)

lashawn sharp

Everything about this hospital is amazing except the emergency room staff and janitor services were Very rude . I watched the janitor disrespect a patient and no one did anything to stop her . I can go on and on .

Gary Nam

go terps!

jimmy V

Campus is huge School is very nice

Carl Haberson

I was at University of Maryland last night. A deer crossed the road and did not even use the crosswalk. Would rate less stars if I could.


Do your research on this college. Please. News articles etc. it’s sad

gixeff 750

Criminally left wing and intolerant university. Should be closed down as it brainwashes it's students.

Benjamin Thompson

I worked for the University of Maryland in College Park. Let me tell you about their marketing department because I feel it works harder than their education branch. Most of my friends attended UMD and about a quarter of them graduated, the rest have tens of thousands in student loan debt. My younger brother was attending their computer science school and constantly asked for help and was denied it, he eventually went to St. Mary's College staff (which he was not even a student at) and they were glad to help. I worked for the fraternities and just witnessed rampant cheating, constant drug use and some sort of god like mentality within the houses. Sooooo glad I did not get accepted otherwise I would have gone there after high school. The only way I can view attending UMD is if you want to attend the Clark School of Engineering, that place is fantastic.

Greta Tanudjaja

Beautiful big campus, even though the surrounding area is pretty bad and dangerous. I enjoyed my time studying and living on campus there.

Yi Wang

Pretty decent

Connor Kahle

Terrible University. They might as well just call themselves a morgue. You should apply somewhere else. This college will not prepare you for the future and their bachelor degree is the equivalent of a middle school diploma. Not very useful when job searching. Employers will take one look at your academic history and laugh you out of the interview. The Regents are all incompetent. You can't trust them with young adults.

Bahar Poros

Very nice country of city's i love it

Brent Willis

Shame on you for dumping patients who are in need of your help. WHAT SCUMBAGS

Walt Mark

Hello Parents and High School'ers !! UMD CP is not good college to go, do your research and then join this college, it is not worth studying here !! for any majors !! with all the money they get, they are building stadiums and offices, quality of tuition gone down the drain !! - WM Horrible school !!

Carl Nelson

One of the most beautiful places in the area, the university of maryland college park is not only a place of higher learning but also a quiet and green area for family walks or quiet reflection on McKeldin mall: the largest in the united states of any college or university. if you have the time to sit down, you should take a walk around the campus! especially if it's maryland day as the entire campus will be rife with free events. The university is going through some renovations and new additions are being built, it's not loud or distracting but it does limit the traffic that can go through campus, so be aware that some streets are one way now.

Brent Gragg

Great school, great atmosphere.

Zorah bridwell

I think university of Maryland sounds like a great school I think I am going there. People say it has a beautiful campus and also great spy tech. Who wouldn't want to do that! You will be seeing me next year university of Maryland!

Malik Faisal Moonzajer

It is absolutely a great place to study. The great environment and very diversified.

Mark H


Nakamura Yoshihiro

A huge, beautiful campus. Only takes around 20 minutes by subway from Washington DC. There is the MD campus subway station. Famous for business, engineering ,etc

Cam Shan

My friend goes to this school and is already thinking of transferring to Penn State to their business program which is far superior.

Daniel Silvers

Went to 5 floors of bathrooms looking for one decently warm shower. Every single one of them were cold along with the water in a bunch of them smelling like it came straight from a sewer. Not only this but for the showers they have "curtains" to separate one another with literally no room to get dressed undressed or put anything at all near your shower so have fun streaking, taking cold showers, possibly smelling worse after the shower because of some of the rancid water, and of course getting no privacy what so ever in the showers. Oh and don't hope for the bathroom door to lock because it's just a handle to open it on either side in all 5 floors I checked. Really thinking I may wash my self in the creek as it would be better suited and equivalent to the privacy I would get for the task and it would probably not be as cold. On a better note, the dorms are kinda nice, in terms of size, for two people. However there are WAY better colleges out there and I wouldn't recommend this one to literally anyone. Even the community college back home has better facilities than this. Which is sad because this one apparently has two zip codes due to being so large. If you do have to come to this university for whatever reason, avoid Cumberland as best you can idk how this building's facilities are up to code/legal.

Alex Randolph

UMD is awesome. I've had so much fun here, and the academics are top-notch.

Nathaniel Pyron

Amazing University. Visited when I was working for NAVFAC SE.

Donnie Weiss

Amazing school with top-notch academics and an awesome community!

Indy Liu

Nice university with beautify campus.


I regret that I went there . Econ, 76'. Fortunately, my Son is at Chapel Hill. No comparison! He did better than I did with respect to selecting a school for his undergrad! Hate to say it, but it is the truth. And upon his graduation from their business school his degree is worth more than one from Maryland. Ask any recruiter!

Justin Merrell

Nice university with excellent degrees, can't go wrong by going hear. Just avoid driving around campus at all cost.

Li Hong

Great school. Studious peers, supportive staff and very friendly welcoming trusting community. You can leave your stuff out for hours and you'll fiund it in lost and found or in the same place you left it. You can ask anyone for help and they'll help out. The one thing is the parking - you gotta be careful of those tickets.

Pengcheng Zhang

Dr. A.P Verma

Have nice orientation activity

Donald Bush

This school wasted two years of my daughters life. Administration is deaf to complaints and only interested in tuition. Anywhere else can only be better. Thankfully she transferred to UMBC where she will finish this year. Both her analytical skills and general education has increased ten fold at UMBC. This would have never happened with the lack of tutelage at University of Maryland, College Park.

Antoinette Taylor

Traffic is horrible the atmosphere is good and students are friendly.

Dennis Loeser

How can any University educate our children when they violate basic rights of the Constitution of the United States ? Don't send your son or daughter to this college.

Young Moe18

Such an amazing beautiful university !

Jingyao Huang

I love the food inside the building!

Vasudha Hegde

Lovely campus and great crowd

Lewis Peck

Beautiful campus

Sarju Jhaveri

Great university


I love UMUC! I graduated with my BS in Cyber Security in 2013 and then went on to pursue my Masters at a different university. I had a lot of issues with my new school (i.e. being signed up for classes without my knowledge, non-responsive instructors). I have never had a problem with UMUC's education system or customer service and when I found out that they compete in the Cyber Olympics, I definitely wanted to come back. I ended up returning to UMUC. Also, they have a lot of education grants for military, women, minorities, other groups and those who are able to maintain good grades (which isn't hard if you apply yourself). I am so happy to be back at my school. I'm never leaving again! After I graduate, I'll probably seek a career at UMUC.

Alex Frier

Beautiful campus, great education, great people. No regrets.

Shawn Royse

This is a great institution!

Admiral Derpy

I love this place...hope to come here in 2018

Andrew Stobie

Giant mall huge campus only getting bigger and better go CS department!

Phương Uyên Nguyễn

I love UMCP so much at the first time I enter.

Yitzy Paul

Work and study here! Can't complain and won't complain. Good school for a large land grant state institution

Cathy Hammer

Admission decisions are questionable. Great Maryland High School students with IB diplomas and 3.9 GPA are not accepted. Something is very wrong!!!

lola noni

Great school in general, but there are almost no African-American or African people here. Sigh.

Cut Big

Very good school

Sarina Freeman

support and defend the value of US and the world: freedom and low pollution, fight against evil dictator and regime in china, not a puppy of china, dont just care the money from china, different from most of the university of US

Luis Hurtado

Beautiful campus. Good friendships and memories made. Never had problems signing up for EE classes. Would do it again if I went back in time.

Dillan George

I threw a book

Joshua Zidek

The potential to learn here is endless. That being said it has it's flaws and one of them being is traffic flow. The campus seems to cater to more of a walking and biking environment, which I had no problem with, except they should change their design of the roads and walkways themselves . What I mean is to create walk way bridges over the roads so vehicle traffic is constant and reduces over all campus traffic. Their is simple bridge walkway designs like that in the Boston area, it helps with the flow of traffic. Next is bicycles, they are a vehicle by law, but don't follow the rules of the road which makes it dangerous for other drivers and especially for the individual on the bike. It also makes an individual walking not as safe, as they could be hit by a bicyclist, believe me I know, for I have been almost have been hit myself. Lastly the University needs to address the plaque of crime around the campus and maybe have check points that only students or prospect students are entering the campus. The campus is private and the roads on the campus are private as well so the campus has authority to do so. I believe that will help curve crime on campus.

Shoyann Whittaker

Great place ..

Kenneth Sadler

They charge for every little thing staff seems to be mostly college students who don't know what they are doing or just don't care. Food is terrible

True Review

Senior year, I can’t wait to graduate!

Kimberly Bennett

To visit someone on their deathbed that you only have a matter of hours to be with, you have to pay $14 for parking. Also, we drove 4 hours to get there. And, yes we all saw how y'all dumped a patient out on the street! Which makes me wonder how y'all actually took care of my uncle, considering he was bleeding out onto his bed when we got there

Everett Phoenix

Great people and activities


The air in the campus is so sweet. They gave you a citation due to their garbage parking payment system. I'll be shame if I or my child join this university.

Yuchen Shang

Go Terps!! Become fearless

Elvera Robinson

It's ok

Reisman Dirksen

I have visited this college many times. many of my friends and siblings have studied here. Very disciplined and attentive teachers and very good course and methods of teaching.

Tauqir Abdullah

Classes are challenging yet rewarding. Most professors/instructors are good. Nice campus.

Claire Baldwin

If you're a motivated and curious student craving a challenge, this place won't be for you. I transferred to finish my undergraduate here, and was astonished by the lack of quality. Every class I took through the community health and public health departments (6 in total) was abysmal. I sat through class after class where the teacher had neglected to create any kind of plan and just droned on brainlessly. I had a teacher read off of power points that were essentially spark notes of a terrible text book, little more educational than reading a brochure. I had a lecherous teacher behave inappropriately with his female students, (!) and on top of it just fail to teach the class whatsoever. On several experiences I had professors say off color things about issues surrounding disability and mental health. The list goes on and on. I thought my experience might be a fluke so I did some research-- I talked to other students in my program, I messaged a great deal of people online, hoping to get a better understanding of the average student experience. Every story was the same-- uninspired professors that phoned it in, poorly trained staff and an overall dysfunctional system. Even with STEM majors I was told about egregious inaccuracies in class materials and unchallenging courses. It seems that (at least) at the undergraduate level, students are not the priority. This is a large research institution, and most of the professors care more about that. However, there are some good professors, who will actually challenge you. They are typically the ones with negative reviews on 'rate my professor' complaining about 'how hard and unfair' they are. Take those classes. They probably won't be able to meet all your requirements, but if you're unable to afford anything out of state, it's probably your best bet.

Andy Sullivan

Elitist frat school, I'll be honest.

Sargoon Nepaul

Loved the school, couldn't ask for a better school. But the classes are too big and the school doesn't help you as much if ur not one of their well known majors. The prehealth department sucksss

Ryan Flickinger

Clean, well kept campus. As also a great school!!

Nuriel Guedalia

Excellent! Highly recommend! Fantastic educational facility.

C. K.

Horrible School. This school caters to NJ and NY kids for their higher (4x) tuition. Unless you are a bookworm with no social skills..or u are from long island and want to join a fraternity.. DO NOT.. I REPEAT.. DO NOT COME HERE. You have been warned.

Joseph Acqui

Beautiful campus, but a little too big for my taste...


mold problems in their dorms may be linked to the death of a freshman

Stephen Jordan

Education is far and above any that my colleagues have received anywhere else. However, the administrative misdirection and unresponsive nature of the graduate school administration appears to be insurmountable. I have been trying to switch my graduate program for 3 years and the graduate school has lost paperwork, denied the existence of a program they have paperwork for (dual degree enrollment) and students currently enrolled in (there are several I know personally) and been unresponsive to all means of communication. I love the university and the experiences that I had there for during my time. The school and atmosphere are great and I would do it all over again if I had the opportunity and would give that experience 5-stars.

Kyle Harlow

I do not attend but look forward to attending in two years for my future and career. I took a tour around campus the place is amazing.

Shankar Reddy Ippala

I had best two years of my life at University of Maryland. UMD gave me all the opportunities to succeed, great research school and average tuition costs. Diverse student population and very close to DC. Surrounded by lots of companies in DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia which is a great advantage.

Chea Cooper

from my look, it shows that the university is up to date

Robert Hernandez

this is the worst and most unprofessional place you can go to if you are having an emergency. you are better off treating your own self then spending money or insurance money to go here. they do not care about the patient at all nor do they care to properly handle your situation

Poorvaja Ganesan

Best school with loads and loads of resources

Herman Gritz

Disgraceful for Univ. Of Maryland to cancel the Movie, 'American Sniper!' We cannot allow a few dissidents on campus to decide school policy. Higher institutions of learning are lacking in allowing free speech and the will of the students.

Yoseph Gebru

This is where dreams go to die

Chun-Sil Jin

Beautiful place.

Vanessa Fernandez

I remember coming to maryland day and all the students showing us what they're studying and different clubs that they join for fun. I am really looking forward to what the University of Maryland's future holds.

Muinat Lawal

Going to the University of Maryland is like entering a different world made for college students. The campus is beautiful and filled with different opportunities, activities, and things to eat

Michael Lebowitz

Great school but needs to work on safety issues.

Nathan Cloeter

Great experiences to be had at a great school.

Lance Boyer

The grade inflation makes this a borderline degree mill. The culture sucks and there is no town to speak of. There are good researchers and courses though.

Kevin Dragonette

The university of Maryland is a fine school for business and engineering. There is no doubt you will receive a fine education if you choose one of these majors. You will also enjoy yourself, as there are many things to keep you socially busy. However, there are many things that the university does to reveal it is nothing more than a business. Tuition increase behind your back here, extra fee there, charging more for certain majors, etc. It is also big, so academic advising is a joke. Everyone is assigned an advisor, but you meet once a semester, and your advisor wouldn't recognize you if he saw you on the sidewalks. I have had some very good professors, as well as some very bad ones, but on average I'd say they are better than those of other schools. Lastly, if you are by any means conservative, keep your mouth shut before you are called racist, intolerant, and expelled from the community. It seems like more people hate America at the school than support it. Very very liberal, so if that is your cup of tea, you will fit in nicely. If you are conservative like me, find a couple of friends and lay low with your beliefs (for the most part) or be ready to face some serious hatred.

Mark Yang

Good campus but feel like some streets are cramped

Cheryl Hunter

July 4th Fireworks at UMD College Park, MD. What a view from the top deck of parking garage!

Jeff Brower

Great school. The computer science program is incredible, though it is getting more popular and the staff is not able to keep up with the demand.

Thotbreaker Sanders

Love the football team and I just attended a party that was better then a ASU party

David Pacheco

I love this school I had one of the best experiences during the years I studied here :D

Lisa Scott

My daughter attended U of MD for her freshman year. She has had a great experience. Everything seemed to be very well organized and communicated clearly. As parents we received updates occasionally from the college that we found very helpful. She made a lot of friends. The dorm she was in was older, but very well kept. The campus and buildings are very well maintained. She loved all of her professors and classes. She is looking forward to returning in the fall.

Tiara Proctor

I love my school including both the academic aspect and social. Maryland has diversity that is hard to find at many other universities. The campus is beautiful and there is a lot of new construction for student housing and buildings.No matter what day there is always a game or event to attend.Never have I not felt safe at night on or off in surrounding ares of campus. The umd buses are great and take you almost anywhere you would ever need to go on and if not they have nite-ride to you pick up and make sure you get home safe. There isn't one special type of student that gets into Maryland .Although there are many of students with near perfect SAT scores that isn't what admissions focus on.Everyone has a different background and come from different countries and upbringings. I also love my adviser (BSOS). I have never been rushed out of a meeting. They really care about your well being not just academically but on a personal level as well.The only thing I hate is having to walk across campus in the winter. * However this is a big party school. I've never seen anyone forced to drink or do drugs but we terps go out from Wednesday to Saturday.If partying isn't your thing you may get annoyed quick and this isn't the school for you.We work hard during the and have to let off the steam somehow right?

Nishant Mendiratta

One of the best universities!

Jamal K.

Great school for online

Caleb Cooper

Cockroaches in yogurt... but if that's not your cup of tea, they also have tea roaches... cheese roaches... Let's just say that the school has very drone like kids who like to walk in front of your car. Lots of strange things happen here, too. Black squirrels


I love my alma mater and I love being a Terp! Beautiful campus, great programming, reputable degrees and ranking. Plus I graduated with no student loans. #fullride #GOTERPS!

Jay Briar

We keep visiting so that our son will fall in love and want to go to a state school (with in-state tuition).

Edward Snowden

Dynamic School!

Sebastian Murphy

Great university. Go Terps.

Christopher Santos

An excellent stop in your career path. Maryland day was a fun time to see all the work being done. I loved the engineering school demos an experiments.

Marjorie Fletcher

Beautiful campus. So much you can do in one campus.

Thai Whittington

Bring back the 90s. We had some outstanding professors.

Will Manchisi

I know a Maryland grad who challenged girls to a fight who didn't even think of her as a fight. She should not get all the freedom in the world while on a $200,000 salary. I am sure there are people who could do her job better than she can. Is her job even important? I am the best writer in the world.

John Douglas

I attended college here and it really helped my accomplished my life goals. I highly recommend.

Tanveer Huq

Great school but the athletics are plagued by the rest of the home team curses. The food choices have drastically improved over the past few years on campus.

Kyle Howser

They lax pretty hard i guess


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