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REVIEWS OF Meredith Manor International Equestrian Centre IN West Virginia

Kitty Girl47

Is this like a equine college cause if it is I will go here when I'm done with school because I want to learn how to do dressage.

Carmen Howsmon

They need a pysch program....

Rafael Treto

the best


I'm definitely interested in attending in 5 years! Based on the good reviews and 4.5 stars rating this college seems perfect for me! Horses have been my life since I was three so I definitely know that I want to go to an equestrian college! Only thing is tuition. Really wish I knew that so I could make sure to have enough saved up by the end of high school.

Hailey W

I just found my future college! I'm not even kidding, this is the exact college I want. But I'm still a couple years too young... Bummer, but I'm going to keep practicing until I can join!

Caroline Pero

Meredith Manor has been my dream school for the last three years, now as a student i find that my dreams are coming true and that its much more than i could have ever asked for! it's an honor to be working with all the older students they, the teachers and all the different horses each have something to teach.

Loop Pepper

I have been looking into MM for a long time( 2 years) and I have heard horses get bare minimum care,no deworming, no blankets, poor training etc. I have also heard the dorms smell like paint and weed, not pleasant. Also from what I have seen the horses are not taken care of and are not good, and their programs are bad. I have also heard the campus is a dump? So yeah, from what I have seen MM is not good and it is a waste. NOT MY OPINION!!!! THAT IS WHAT I HEARD! I am still considering MM. Remember, that is not my opinion, it is what I have heard :)

michael mallonee

Have seen people hating on MM and usually they are the ones that could not hack it.Yes it is difficult and it isn't a five star hotel;what it is is a horsemanship school,that will challenge you.If you have to want learn the availability is there. Please don't hate on it because of your ability not to man or woman up.Oh and yes I didn't have problems finding work in the industry.

Gamer gurls Valerie and Mariah

Breanna Keel

Hi I am thinking of maybe going to your collage in the future and would like a catalog. How do I request one? Thanks!!

Izzy Fitzhugh

Alex Varnas

I'm definitely coming here! this is definitely the college I want! Although I graduate in 2020, theres a big chance ill graduate early !!

Deb Stuart

This was the first step of my now 26 year old successful career in the horse industry. It was worth every penny and every effort to have the job and life of my dreams. Thank you MM for supplying the education I needed to succeed.

megan lloyd

Just got the Catalog and not sure how I got it, I never sent for it. Although I wasn't the person who sent for it, I am very happy I got it. I am two years away from going but I look very forward to going. I find the Catalog and Website very helpful. Plus, I asked a question and the answer came like 2 minutes later. I cant say anything wrong quite yet! Keep up the amazing work! Cant wait to be there in two years!

Karen Stanley

I am in 7th grade and my life long dream is to go here every review I have seen has an amazing rating and I love horses so this is definitely the best college for me

John Amore

Sarah J

where to begin... ive been at meredith manor for the last year and half and its been on the best experiences of my life. it is a very hands on program, where you get to handle a variety of horses. from a 14 hand quarter horse to a 18 hand clydesdale, MM has every every shade of gray. i learn something new EVERY SINGLE DAY, LITERALLY! there has not been one day i felt like i was wasting my time or money. the instructors are just absolutely phenomenal. the days i felt like i was lacking skills to do the task assigned, they really pushed me and gave me the confidence i lacked. when i didnt believe in myself, they believed in me. ive ridden so many different horses with different personalities and evasions, you wont get better hands on experience with such a variety of horses anywhere else. MM is so dear to me, and has really prepared me for the horse industry.


Horrible! I was there for almost 3 whole quarters (I had to leave about 2 months in to the spring quarter due to having to drive back to the west coast for a medical appointment with a specialist) to begin, I will tell you about the end. I live 2k miles away. I asked at least 10 times before leaving if I could leave some things in my room for my return in the fall. They never gave me a straight answer, but summer is their slowest season and they have about half the students. They let my next door neighbor keep her things in her room. With an impending deadline to leave in order to make my appointment I left my things there. A month later a friend at the school told me they had sold/given away all of my belongings. Didnt try to contact me once, and never offered an apology. I could care less about the $1,000 worth of belongings, except they threw away an obviously cherished picture of my favorite horse as a child and some ribbons. The housing is sub-par at best. Dark, uninviting, infested with bugs, and falling apart. You have to pay extra to live in a space with a window, if like me you have claustrophobia. I cant say anything about the English riding classes, but the western seemed directionless. The instructor would sit up in the viewing box and make comments from a tinny microphone. I felt very unsafe not having my instructor in the ring with me and not being able to hear her instructions. She was no encouraging at all, instead of assuring me I could so something I was afraid of trying, she chose to berate me in front of the whole class and make me feel bad. That teaching style may work for some but not me. The training class is absurd. Ron, the owner, "teaches" part of it where he sits in a viewing booth with you while someone works a horse and proceeds to not remark on anything happening in the arena, instead he tells you stories of his glory days, tells sexist jokes, and reads you poems he has written. They really need to invest some of the millions of dollars they make every year back in to the school. They have a great scheme, they have no staff dedicated to the care of their horses (the students do all the care) so they dont have to pay for that, the horses that are paying to be there to be trained are trained by the students so they dont have to pay for trainers, and they dont have to pay for horses since people for some reason pay to send their horses there. Makes you wonder where all the money goes. There were repeated instances of injury due to poor maintenance, broken boards, sunk in ceilings, holes in the ground, etc etc. Those poor maintenance guys were run to the ground. I also do not agree with feeding full kernel corn, and having no time outside of stalls besides being ridden, as well as not having social access to other horses. (They do turn out, in an arena for a few minutes, but I do not feel this is enough) there are many cribbers and weavers. Continue in the pictures....

Kylee Walker

I want to go here it is my dream I have been riding sence I was two

Michelle Fisher

MM is not glitz and glamour but they know how to teach, train, and ride. It definitely not for you if you think you already know everything about riding and it's not horse camp. Expect to work and you'll get out of it what you put into it. I graduated very confident in my ability to work in the industry. I ended up at home with my own lesson program and coaching kids and teens at local shows quite successfully.

Blayre Clickner

In six years this is where I want to go!! I love everything about horses! I’ve been riding since I was I don’t know how old! But I don’t have a horse of my own yet! I live in Wisconsin sooo I’ll have to live in West Virginia for awhile!!!!

Sami Everhart

As a former student, i can say it was nothing like what i expected, and unfortunately my fellow classmates agreed. I attended for the farrier program and although there are plenty of horses to work on, after speaking with farriers outside the school, i found that i wasnt getting anywhere close to the the amount of experience i should be if you want to shoe, is suggest going to a school specifically for shoeing and shoeing alone. I was disappointed in being forced to take classes that wouldnt apply to my job criteria in the future In addition, for students who dont already have horses and who are not in that world, the school has a difficult time showing someone how to break into that world, in my opinion.

Summer King

Haven't been to the actual school yet, but based on their reviews and information I got through the mail, I am seriously considering attending. The website is mostly helpful, but the customer service and quick responses are STELLAR! Great job, Meredith Manor!

Jennifer Wilkerson

Jeremy Brockway

Meredith Manor is the best school I have ever been too. The knowledge you get from here is unexplainable. Absolutely amazing.

Donna Bean

One of the best experiences of my life! Very well structured and organized. I learned a lot about horses and met a lot of lifelong friends.

Ami L.

I went here and loved it! So much knowledge and kind instructors. The horses are the best teachers one could ever hope to have and the environment really prepares you for the real work of the equine industry. Great choice of college and certifications.

michelle Martin

Nemo von Klepper

From a former student: Prospective students and parents beware! This is an archetypal for-profit school institution. • Few if any credits will transfer to a traditional college or university. • Few colleges will accept transfer--I could find only one. • The gainful employment rate of graduates is extremely low. The government's acceptable level is 30%--and that includes graduates employed outside of their target vocation. In my personal investigation I found the food service industry was the most common vocation for Meredith Manor graduates and I could find no more than 5% of graduates actually gainfully employed within the horse industry. • Students must pay greater than 10% of their net income to pay off student loans. This is also out of specs with government standards. • There is a higher than acceptable student loan default rate amongst graduates from this institution, by government standard. • I have witnessed myself that a clear majority of instructors are a product themselves of this institution. This is a stagnating process, which leads me to the next point. • Their reputation is severely overstated. They can't possibly be the best horse school in the world with an international repute, they are completely unknown by either the International Equestrian Federation or the British Horse Society. They have an extremely low reputation with the US Equestrian Federation, US Dressage Federation and the USET. At the time of my investigation they had a low reputation among horse industry employers from New York to Hawaii. • There are better programs out there. Colorado University has an excellent program and the British Horse Society program which is internationally recognized can be completed for virtually free. My own advice is that if you really want to pursue a horse career, either do it with a program that is genuinely internationally recognized or one that had transferable university credits. That way if you decide to change vocations in 10 years, like I did, you'll have something that will transfer. BTW, today's college graduates will change careers 5 times before retirement and 3 of those jobs don't even exist yet. In the very least I urge anyone considering this school to investigate all the points I made above. Best of luck! Yours Sincerely, -A Former MM Student.


question, does MM have rental horses for the semester?


Ana Holton

Lilli Boyd

I haven’t personally attended this school, however I have been doing quite a bit of research. All of the information suggests it to be a great program! I plan on going here as soon as I graduate high school (2 years) and hope it is as great as it’s made out to be.

Madison Jensen

I found out about Meredith Manor by people on YouTube looking for a career in the horse industry. I am still fairly young but I would love to go to Meredith Manor in 2022. It will always be the school of my dreams!

Lori Parrish

Zephix Jamaa

Can't wait to graduate in 2020 so I can(if I am accepted of course) attend this amazing college! when I become a Junior in High School, I'm planning on scheduling a tour. Even if this college is across the country from me, this is my dream college.

Connie Corn

I'm still paying tuition but it's worth every penny. My daughter has an awesome and successful equestrian career. A student of hers is now attending. This speaks volumes.

BONES13 is cool

I am super excited to attend this college in the next 6 years so that I can achieve my goal in Professional Horse Training. After training my own Quarab filly to run barrels I am extremely excited to be able to expand my knowledge here. -Stacy Ryals

Lisa Bomgardner

Abby Gallagher

this college seems amazing :)

Princess Gill

I've been doing a lot of research about my future for one of my high school classes, and I came across Meredith Manor. I live in Canada, and I am strongly considering going to school here, it sounds absolutely amazing!

Matt Ferris

I cant wait until I get to go here! Only one problem, still about 5 years away=( Also just wish there was a barrel racing program in the western department...

Michelle Bennett

Ever since I saw this collage online I've been looking more and more in to it and I would love to attend this school. This is deffently my dream collage.

Cowboy Mccollough

Jessica Norton

I'm completely interested in this school. I currently attend an early college, but I would love to come here once I graduate in 2020. My school pushes us to keep a college in mind and this is the college I want to be at! This college will definitely not slip from my mind! I already have knowledge in horses especially the western department. After attending this college, I would hope to become a successful riding instructor!

Samantha J. Phillips

I really want to go to Meredith Manor in 6 years. I know it's a long way away but the programs look amazing. I only started riding last year, but , my instructor said that she thought I had been riding for at least a couple of years. The only downside for me is that I live in California not West Virginia. I can't wait to look in to it more, and hopefully go there one day.

Ava McCall - HOH Student

this place sounds amazing!! I am obsessed with horses and the way they move. I love horses from the show heartland. Although I don't know much about tack and feed i play tons of games and I would love to attend this school in 2023.

Patti May

1980 Grad. I was already a seasoned rider when I attended but MM helped me hone my skills in diverse disciplines. After I graduated I spent the next 15 yrs in the TB race horse industry. I made friends that I am still in contact with to this day. If you are looking to improve your performance skills and confidence in being able to handle a variety training challenges this is a great place to start. Im sure there have been numerous improvements over the years since I was there.

Nichole Kessner

If you plan on being successful working with horses, this is the place to start.

2019 Charlotte Yildiz

bethany blanchard

My future collage

addygirl 2000

I am looking into collages for after I graduate in five years and I have been riding for three years and I absolutely love it if hope one day I can come here it looks like an amazing school. Where can I get information about the price per year?


We have been following your college for our daughter for 4 yrs now. We are now looking into what it takes to get her there. :)

Bobbi Jo Bergum

I'm a freshman (sophomore credit-wise) already in a state school that I don't intend to leave. Could I be a summer-only student? Can we bring our own horse?

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