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REVIEWS OF Eastern Gateway Community College IN West Virginia

Emily Yost

Julia Peck

Shel B

Jasmine Y

Good luck trying to get in touch with anyone. This school is terrible. Credits doesnt transfer. I have a union scholarship and everything is free but I still won't go here.

Alesia W

I began attending EGCC with a GED and the knowledge that i never walked across any stage to receive a diploma, so i kept thinking i would attend EGCC until things got rough. Well, things weren't easy, however, with the support of the faculty, staff, facilitators, and students at EGCC, things never got rough. I graduated from EGCC in 2012, and 2013, both times with my daughter, it was amazing how many other parents or grandparents graduated with their children or grandchildren. I am extremely grateful to everyone, especially Dr Meeks, Dr Baber, Reverend McCleod, and Mrs. Easterling who wholeheartedly supported my crazy effort of completing an associate degree and bachelor degree simultaneously..within 3 semesters, I completed over 60 credit hours between EGCC and Mountain State University/ University of Charleston, WV. No matter what the numbers say on paper about EGCC, I'm living proof being educated at EGCC opens the gateway towards that golden door of opportunities and that you can only win at EGCC.. I DID!!. I walked across "A" stage 4 times in 3 years (2012; 2013 twice; 2014) to receive an Associate degree in business management; certificate in real estate; and Bachelor's and Master's degrees in strategic leadership. I'm currently a Doctoral student of executive leadership researching and writing my proposal for my defends. I have faith that I will attain my PhD soon. I revisited the Steubenville campus over the last two days, and everyone's heart is still focused on supporting anyone who seeks it. I know i was.... and I'm still so appreciative... "Go Gators" TRIO SSS; ALPHA OMICRON NU; Phi Theta Kappa, Coca-Cola Gold Scholar, 2012 Member of the USA Today's All American Academic Team; and Ohio Association of Community Colleges' Academic Team.

Stephanie Wierzbicki

Easy to enroll and great online classes so far. Working at my own pace makes it really convenient since I work full-time and have a family.

Lucinda VanDyke

Noah Smith

Close to home and Pell Grant pays everything. If the degree you want is offered here then go here. Great teachers, nice and they care about you.

Salome Orech

I would give this place 0 stars if I could. I'm currently attempting to go since I had a union scholarship that was supposed to cover everything. However, I'm quickly learning that this school seems more like a scam to take people's financial aid and not help them better themselves at all. I have been calling the school back and forth, and it's extremely difficult to get anyone on the phone if you have problems. For example, when I had issues with accessing a textbook, it took two days to even be able to talk to someone about this. When it comes to financial aid, when I ask them questions about what to do, they have an attitude. They almost seem angry that you're asking them any questions. Normally, I try to be patient and keep things professional, but there's only so much hostility a person can take. At this point, I'm almost ready to call up FAFSA, ask them if they can cancel it, and make sure the school does not receive a single dime. It's the start of the semester, and I'm already tired of dealing with the school either being evasive, or downright mean when I'm simply trying to figure out what I need in order to have my papers processed. Lastly, this school claims to be "at you're own pace" That's a damn lie. I have a professor that emailed the class, claiming that the course is NOT at your own pace, and that things are always do by Sunday of next week. And you can't even wait till the last day things are due to complete class discussion questions because she won't accept it (meaning you technically have one day less). This school is a scam. The people working there seem to hate their jobs, let alone their lives. And the school is nothing but false advertising. Go elsewhere.

April G

I'm truly surprised at how many reviews there are of zero communication, registration being difficult, online difficulty, and credit transfers. I'm going to school for free because of the union (like most of their online students). My credits from 11 years ago transferred just fine. I did have to retake 2 classes, English classes which are vastly different than they were 11 years ago, but my credits were still applied elsewhere. Level of difficulty depends on an individual level of understanding the material. If online classes are hard, I can assure you that all of college is hard. I have always received call backs, help from admissions, emails, updates, and important information in a timely fashion. Registering has always been simple and whenever I have scheduled an advisement call they are exactly on time. I will say that there have been times when online maintenance is poorly scheduled (like the first week of Spring semester after a whole 4 weeks off), and there have been a few server issues since I began, but each time the student body was always given an extension for the time missed. All teachers are different just like real life. I have been disappointed in a couple of my teachers that were not helpful, one told me to hire a tutor when I asked too many questions and the other told me all the correct answers were in the book when I asked about a particular section I was confused about and did poorly answering on a quiz. Completely survived. If one is well organized, can manage their time, and be disciplined, EGCC is no different than any other online school. If online is your only option because of work and family life, or your only option because the union pays for it, beggars can't be choosers. This is an accredited college that many people attend for free, the staff cannot sit around and hold your hand until your feelings aren't hurt. Utilize your email, the online booking system, the student resource number, free online tutoring, sit down to make a study schedule and organize your life. It could be worse, some places take your money and disappear. EGCC is a good place to be.

Jolene Brown

Even when you make an appointment to talk to the only person who will pick up the phone, they still don't communicate between departments. It has been months to finally hear anything back from the issues I've had with this school. Easy enough set-up online, but poor execution. Good luck getting any answers.

Alisha Stevenson

The online program is supposed to be a go at your on pace program for busy students who work full time and have families but some professors put you on a strict schedule and punish you for turning in assignments too late or too early. I am disappointment that the program is not as flexible as advertised

Nicole Lawtone-Bowles

EGCC make holding down a full time job and going to college easy with online classes. Credits don’t transfer well you have to retake classes you took if you take a major other than general.

Callme Msboss

Worst experience ever just trying to get enrolled. If I don't change my mind about this school (which I'm very close to doing) I hope the classes are better that the enrollment. Not at all satisfied I wouldn't even gave 1 star but I had to in order to post.

Cliffton T

Literally the worst school for IT they use virtualized labs that are laggy and buggy. The teachers don't teach but they demand you learn a bunch of things you already know and obsolete things that nobody uses anymore. The teachers on the it side of things aren't very understanding miss dao who is an associate professor demands all work done immediately I had a better time last semester but they have the course divided in a finicially unpleasant way. Also had a professor drop me after I completed work in his class tom dulany looking at you. Seriously though if you want to learn save up go to a university use online certificates it will probably be cheaper and you'll have a better time working at your pace. You get double tapped and have to pay for net129 and net130 instead of slowly absorbing the information it's really fast paced don't expect to retain any knowledge unless you know somebody and have an internship lined up which I did but I can't even continue this school sucks the education sucks if you want to hate yourself and get into more debt totally sign up for it it'll be great.

Matt McAdam

Nicholas Wilson

The online courses are very hard to follow.

Jose Gonzalez

I am working full time and I am in the process of enrollment to take online classes. A lady there has been so kind and helpful reaching out to me and helping me steps by steps. Looking forward to starting!!!


I am enrolled in the early childhood education program online courses. Teachers have been helpful. I haven't had a problem yet.

Melvin S. Marsh

Incompetence at it's finest! I have been to several colleges in my time and this one has to rank as the worst I have ever applied to or considered attending. Between never getting back to you when you call, giving you the incorrect information, refusing to transfer credits, etc, I would avoid coming here. Please note, I was given a full tuition + full fees + full books scholarship to return to school to get a degree in business with a concentration in finance. How bad does a school have to be for a person like me who is trying to collect a degree in every letter of the alphabet and who loves school to not want to get a FREE degree? There is a reason the graduation rate (per FAFSA) is only 7%. Avoid, avoid, avoid!!

Janell Pasinski

No one returns phone calls or emails, zero communication. I made at least 20 calls and never once do I get a return call. The level of incompetence is legendary. When you are able to speak to someone they tell you how busy they are. I've been to bigger universities and colleges and never have these types of issues. Don't expect help from admissions, advising or financial aid.

Hope’s Beauty Review

I’m taking the online associates degree in education and it has been awesome!

L Bryan

Worst college experience ever! Do not waste your time or money going to this place. Their financial department is a complete joke. They don't return your calls and when you speak to someone they don't even know how to answer any of your questions. I will never recommend this place to anyone. No surprise their success/graduation rate is so low.

Marian M

Tenisha Walker

I think the tuition for online (out of state) classes are way too high. I am enrolled in the business management program and the quizzes and tests always have the wrong answers and/or duplicate multiple choice answers. Some of the True/False questions are not complete, thus, not giving you a clear question or statement.

Emily Kurosu

It is the easiest and most convenient way to take classes.

EverythangDawn E

This school helped give me the extra push i needed to keep pursuing my educational goals and i am forever grateful. I finished my online classes in law enforcement as of August 2018. Currently waiting on degree to come in mail.

wen lindee

Christopher Price

sharif mcneill

This is the most unorganized college I've ever seen. I took online classes because of my husband's union and the experience has been very disappointing. They never return calls and very seldom emails. They lied three times about why I was terminated because every lie they told I proved it wrong so now they won't return my emails. The department that does registration does not do it correctly. They told me I was registered when I wasn't and then they told me I dropped my class, but they never withdrew me out of it so it made it seem as if I just failed the class all together. I would definitely not recommend this school. No matter if it's free because of your union or if you pay. Save yourself the time and student loan debt and go somewhere else where the employees actually do their jobs correctly and care about their current and future students.

David Keener

I'm doing the online classes for business management and love it. Sometimes the pace is quick since I work full-time and have a family life. It was supposed to be self paced for this reason. It's not with all instructors. This being said, I still love it. I would recommend it to all.

Nik Cole

BEWARE!!!! I have had the absolute worst time of enrollment. They must have everyone working from home because they NEVER pick up the phone. When they did they transferred me to a busy number. I called and left messages (btw the voice mail is always full) before hand. I gave up and when they needed my enrollment they called back with a hurry to rush me at the last minute! When I made an appointment with the 1 registrar he gave me the wrong information. The second called and I just missed her call so I called back and she never picked up and I had to reschedule 3 days later (no one has time). 3rd try I finally got my class BUT he gave me the wrong eBook! lol seriously!! If someone does not respond today about this matter I will drop this completely!

Billie jo Barnes

Not a fan. Explained everything about coming in do complete 1 class for my Bachelors. They told me to apply for a private loan and grants. I told them that my other school told me I couldn't get any grants or loans, they told me that was a lie and that I could. So I apply for both, then 2 and half weeks after the start of this and 1 week past drop dates, they come to me and tell me no aid available and I am stuck with a loan I can't pay because of listening to their advisers. I know have to drop my class 3 weeks in, very unprofessional. Really rethinking m,y son doing a 2 year degree there.

Richie Marrero

Waste of time and money. People here don’t really want to help at all

J Mosley

I finished this college with ease. No problems what so ever except the fact that no one answers the phone when it’s close to the semester ending. Now it’s wait time to see how long it’s going to take for me to get my degree in the mail.

kaylee zimmerman

This school is nothing but a joke. Don't waste your time unless you enjoy anxiety attacks daily and crying yourself to sleep from all the stress. I've never seen such horrible people in my life let alone how hard is it to pick up a phone? I wait 20+ minutes and still no answer. Please don't waste your time with this place.

Kayla Sweigart

I love how convenient this school is for me, i work two jobs & can do all my classes online! If i need any help I can email my teachers & they get right back to you quick! There are a lot of great resources :)

Krystal Ames

Great school and great teachers. I'm currently taking an online and on campus class. The teachers are such a big help and want to see you succeed. I'm even from Pa and would much rather travel for this kind of environment I have at this school. Its well worth it!!

Taylre Vaughan

The worst online program I have ever experienced. The classes are okay, the teachers are okay- the tech department is HORRIBLE. 99% of the time, I can not log on to the Gateway system because I use a Chromebook. Funny how they can't adapt to such a largely used computer.


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