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Jo Momma

The professors at Evergreen University allow the students to take over the teaching agenda. I would never use this university no matter how cheap it is with it's 98% acceptance rate. A good teacher will teach all their students even the black student how to not behave like emotional illogical pons

Matt G

The fellow students here are at best idiots and at worst racist, the Day of Absence is insanity and racist, the fact the College gave into these demands shows you how much of a backbone they have.

Read Hill

Evergreen State College offers 100% admission acceptance and a falling enrollment. This school is done.

Steven V

Its a bad school.

Tri Pacer

I HATE racism and from what I have seen that's all they teach there, very sad indeed. Who would have thought people could get away with this madness, stay far away from this MESS!

Tristan Langton

This school has a beautiful campus, a great staff and a phenomenal interdisciplinary approach to higher education.

Jhonatan Escobar

Wrong side of history

Matthew Goforth


mark trust


Andrey Ivanov

I'm ashamed of the way the leadership this school has handled this racial conflict.


Segregation is illegal. They should all be fired.

Catherine Malave

maybe its time we get someone to change all of this


NO NO NO!!!!! We took our daughter for a visit, it was the worst experience of my life. When the staff found out I was ex-military they pretty much shunned us and I was called a murderer by some of the student assistants. I consider myself a levelheaded person, but I hope this so-called school loses all funding.

April Mackay

Evergreen is an amazing school. The open and rich academic possibilities of The Evergreen State College allowed me to explore subjects that I liked and had interest in. I found my voice as a writer, my passion for the visual arts, and was also able to deepen my understanding of contemporary social injustices so as to better direct my life's work in aiding the community at large. To top it off the athletics program allowed me to return to the turf, make memories and friendships that will last a lifetime, while also keeping in shape. I could go on and on, but I wont. I loved my experience at Evergreen and I do recommend this school to everyone who is looking for direction but is burnt out on traditional schooling.

Family Calendar

I transferred to Evergreen as an undergrad and came back four years later as a grad student. As an undergrad, I took classes in sociology, community psychology, postcolonial theory, experimental literature, critical theory, political science, archaeology, statistics, and philosophy. I had one class which was underwhelming (for an upper-division course, it was not anywhere near as rigorous as I hoped), but the others were life-changingly excellent. The three which stand out as the strongest were a year-long program called "Decolonizing the Mind" with Zahid Shariff & Ulrike Krotscheck; a spring program called "Marx & Marxisms" with Kathleen Eamon; and another spring program called "Monstrous Possibility: Literary Arts & Theory" with Stephen Hendricks & David Wolach. I am the kind of student who thrives in creative and academically rigorous environments, so I really appreciated professors who held students to high standards of accountability and quality. I appreciated that Ulrike and Kathleen, especially, found ways to offer thorough and on-going feedback on the quality of my work, so that by the end of the quarter I had developed as a writer and peer reviewer, in addition to gaining exciting theoretical frameworks. Stephen Hendricks had a very hands-off attitude towards seminar, but exposed students to incredibly stimulating and exciting ways to think creatively about our writing. Zahid taught me the value of looking for what is useful in a text, rather than simply critiquing its failings, and demonstrated a lot of useful seminar facilitation tools-- which I bring to bear in environments far from Evergreen. The structure of the first program I participated in at Evergreen was a classic fall quarter theoretical grounding/ winter quarter internship/ spring quarter praxis or reflection model. It didn't work super well for me, because I was new to Evergreen's approach and overwhelmed by the lack of direction, support, and feedback. Once I learned to take ownership of my experience, it was transformative and excellent. I had an internship at a local non-profit which led to 6 years of work, with progressively increasing responsibility, in a field I was passionate about. It was pretty great to make that connection with community during my first year as a student, especially given the campus' seclusion. Overall, my undergraduate experience was extremely positive. I think this is partly due to the subjects I took (political science, critical theory, sociology, postcolonial studies, are all strengths at Evergreen because of the students drawn to take these courses). One thing I think potential students should be aware of is that your fellow students have a VERY big impact on the quality of your education. Personally, I would only take natural science, math, and social science courses because those are where students seeking rigor and creativity seem to be drawn. The friends I have who've taken art classes, for example, have been deeply underwhelmed by their quality. I'll also mention that the natural science & math classes I've taken and heard about seem more likely than others to include faculty who are more ignorant around issues of social justice. And so, you can experience some pretty alienating microaggressions if you are a marginalized person in these courses. And, on the other hand, the social science courses I've taken have included seminars where, without strong facilitation from professors, marginalized students have been alienated by the ignorance and domineering behavior of students from privileged groups. As a graduate student in environmental studies, I focused on political ecology and environmental history. I have done the majority of my work independently and worked with professors who were outside the core MES faculty. I love how supportive MES has been of self-directed work. It's richly rewarding if you know what you want to learn and are willing to work for it.

Chris Broekman

Do you want your child to become a professional victim. This is the College for you. Where your kid will get nothing but the best instruction in how to be a victim.

Infertile Myrtle

Make this right with Bret.

Jamie Foley

Phenomenal instructors and staff based in reality and moral values. Thank god liberals lost this election, I am ashamed to be part of the current generation.


I'm calling bs on the 1-star reviews here. It sounds like biased alt-right confounding.

Psychology Nerd

This is not a university, this is more of a daycare for toddlers.

James Casey

uneducated misguided and indoctrinated...

Alexander Williams

School has a 98% acceptance rate.. who are the other 2%? No grades, no real education. It's just 4 more years of acting like a kid if you want to waste your money and time.


I loved going to Evergreen. I went to community college and a 4-year university and none of them were really “exceptional”. I didn’t really feel like I was a part of the school. I transferred to Evergreen and loved how different it was. I took classes that no “normal” college would teach. It is a liberal arts school, so of course it’s different than other colleges but I loved that. I actually felt like my teachers cared about me and wanted me to learn. My writing abilities and critical thinking improved greatly. All my teachers pushed me to think more and try to understand the world around me. I love Evergreen!

Leasa Fortune

I graduated from Evergreen State College and landed a job at the Smithsonian Institution for ten years. It was an incredible experience, which resulted in two trips to Africa. As an adult learner, I knew what I wanted from the experience and got much, much more than I expected. The difference between my experience and that of those who have written negative reviews here? I attended the Tacoma Campus where Drs Maxine Mimms and W. Joye Hardiman stressed living and learning through your passions and then create the life and profession you desire. Works for me! I will be forever grateful to these two women and my Evergreen State College experience.

Garrett James

Always something to think about

kali ma

a great school for self motivated students..also beautiful

Dizzy Butterflys

I am a transfer student from a 2 year college were I graduated. I must say out of the three full time 16 credit classes I have taken each of them were...student led classrooms, teachers unprepared to teach, teachers not having the accurate information at times, if you are not for the teachers sexual and or political addenda (even if it is not part of the class) then you will receive less credits than what you are going towards each quarter. Sure you can pass a class no matter who or what you are. You also will pass the class no matter what effort is put into attending class and or following through with classwork, but if you are not one of their favorites you will end up with less credit in the end even if you are one of the hardest workers there. I am not completely happy with this college and feel your money would be better invested in another school. Parents if you are paying for your children's education and want them to be hired later on down the road do not send them here. Also, one more thing...If you try to transfer from this college you will more than likely not be able to use your credits fully at your next school. Overall, if you want a party school were you just want diploma this is your school.

Ian O'Neill

This is not a college where you go to learn new things and to have your closely held beliefs challenged. This is a place for confirmation bias. This is a college where students tell the professors what to teach. This is a school that doesn't believe in free speech. The college's treatment of Professor Bret Weinstein is absolutely disgusting. Having Evergreen State College on your resume is not an asset.

Michael Cummo

The postmodernist neo liberal identity politics have ruined this college ... free thought and speech only applies to the far radical Left... The only way this colleges salvaged their 6 million dollar debt and increases attendees is making things right with BRET WEINSTEIN #makeitrightwithWEINSTEIN

Rachit Gupta

I really do not think that this is a great school. I have a friend who graduated from this school, and his salary is only 10,000 dollars a year. Seriously, you won't get a good job from this school!

Nope Noper

This country will fall with the postmodernists who ruined it.

Craig Jansen

This place is everything that's wrong with our country today anyone that would actually pay to go here needs to have a psychiatric evaluation close this place down

Loren Switzer

I love my school. Great education, and extremely friendly environment. Generally, if you are a negative person, you won't like any school. If you have an open mind and a good attitude, you will have the best four years of your life here.

David Kochipo

This school is completely comfortable with creating segregation.

J Bolton

I transferred to Evergreen from a small, super-expensive, elite college back east, looking for something less expensive and less rigid. I think a college is defined by its people and Evergreen is full of amazing faculty members and students. Their math and science programs are so good that I can't imagine taking those classes at a regular Uni. The class structure is different than normal colleges -- you choose only one program per quarter -- and I love that format. For a public school, it's got the faculty to student ratio of many private schools. One downside is that the school scrambles for funding and some resources and programs are underfunded. Another downside is that the school has a low reputation among locals in Washington, for some reason -- it must have something to do with the history -- but it's undeserved, because it's a great school.

tim 'n' cass

Unsafe environment.

Terry Carroll

I had a great experience in the Master of Environmental Studies program. Evergreen is a great place to delve really deeply into whatever topic you're really passionate about. I have heard good things about the other Graduate programs as well. (I agree with another poster who noted many of the one star reviews are probably from people who've never stepped foot on the campus). For those intrigued by the school's alternative model-- Don't believe everything you hear, please check out the campus for yourself and talk to some students!

Seth Frow

Well worth your while, as either an initial school or a transfer. The math and science classes are significantly harder than the liberal arts, and often involve tests, quizzes and labs, so if you're dead set on "no grades" this might not be the place for you - it is quite easy to lose credit. On the whole though it is a fantastic college and I would recommend it to those who cannot or do not want to see themeselves at a traditional four year college.


(Translated by Google) If you go to study abroad, here it is recommended. Widely, there is also a gym, is a place very good. Evening police have guarded, it is also good safety. (Original) 留学にいくなら、ここがオススメです。広くて、ジムもあり、とてもいいところです。夜は警察が警備していて、安全面も良いです。

Jade Jones-Hawk

I transferred here for the agricultural studies programs and have enjoyed my time immensely. The teachers have all been amazing and the school is incredibly well-supplied for a public institution; the art and science studios have such an array of equipment and offerings. I could go on -- Real Food Challenge, KAOS radio, the media studies department, the forests, beach and opportunity for scientific research, the TOP program, the climbing gym, the student-run cooperative cafe, the Longhouse and the opportunity for collaborative projects with tribes -- I really appreciate and value the time I've spent here. I've been able to work with scientists, artists, farmers, and activists to explore my interests, create collaborative projects, work different internships, and develop job skills.


I'd like to get an education not guilt tripped for what my ancestors didn't do. They fought for the North. I will finish my degree elsewhere


This school is the definition of racism

Shannon Carlson

Came with my daughter to see if this might be a good place cause it's within walking distance. Being white we were told we were not welcome. The financial aide smelled of marijuana and b.o. disgusting moldy campus. Very bad experience.

Zachary King

I go to this college and have gotten a taste of both campuses. I was around when the protesting situation happened and the staff handled it accordingly, sending out emails to all students and faculty on the severity of the situation. It is NOTHING compared to the death threats faculty at the Tacoma campus (who had no part in anything Olympia did) have received from individuals who know next to nothing on the reality of the situation, and the threats that the Olympia campus have received that caused campus safety to put it a lockdown in campus for a little while. Don't just get the information from Fox or the web, I have copies of both the original emails sent out by faculty during the situation (that news articles would Love to twist but there's proof in documentation lol) and recent emails addressing the situation. All I've seen is needless backlash from pissed of right wingers who haven't even attended the school, are attacking individuals and ultimately the whole college who really had no part in what some group of protesters did and ultimately have no business putting reviews down on Google. Thanks.


Racist black students have ruined this place..

Kaelyn Robinson

This college changed my life. The collaborative and integrated curriculum was a revelation and something I have carried with me in the years after college. Could not recommend this institution more highly.

that one kid


Nick Dillings

Gross, moldy campus, outdated buildings and poor admin staff. Make sure all your paperwork is in order or they'll take every opportunity to screw you over.

Sandra Estefania Lazo-Herencia

Best school ever!!!


S Stonefield

Enroll here if you like racial segregation

Paula Michele

Graduate of the Class of 1991. Grateful my mom had me apply here. It was very enlightening. I wouldn't have become the compassionate social worker I am today had I gone anywhere else.

Alex Gmc

ok no thanks

Stan Czyk

The President of this school, Dr. Bridges is a near-compulsive liar. He has recanted and revised his explanation of events no less than 4 times. Do not endorse sponsor or purchase education from this school until he is removed.

Chuck Swaim

Regarding the latest debacle, the Naima Lowe professor, ironically a black woman, of African Studies, is in the wrong for creating her divisive, bigoted agenda on the campus. Her behavior was that of a dumbass jagoff that caused an unsafe environment in general. She must be fired immediately. She couldn't form a coherent sentence in her awful rantings to agasping professors. I liked how the one professor said, "It's time you owe us an apology." What are some students impressionable by Lowe's misguided ways, implementing her reverse racist agenda, doing with baseball bats around the campus? This is insane, inexplicable hooliganism, that all plays into WA State Republican lawmaker hands, who want to defund state funding and privatize Evergreen. There needs to be sanity and order in our beloved liberal Evergreen College. Evergreen is for diversity, and this Lowe person, trying to be an amorally cool poser, has poisoned it. Let's change for the better what's in the water, a genuinely safe and liberal college education at Evergreen for all.

dan wolf

This school is a S,J,W propaganda machine. Freedom of thought and speech is not allowed here. I highly recommend not going to this college if it's a education you are looking for.

Eric Z

Disgusting place. Pretentious people wasting taxpayers money singing kumbaya or drumming for hours. 95% acceptance rate!! 95% !!!! How is that ever a good thing?

Caçador de pombos Anti terra plana

Scumbag racists

Kimy Peterson

I enjoyed my time at the Evergreen State College. Many professors have the best interest of the student in mind, however there were always those professors (in programs that were co-taught) that were unorganized, uncertain, and seemed to be "winging it". Regardless, even in those chaotic programs, there were lessons learned between the parameters of assignments and earning credits: I learned how to meet (some) unrealistic requirements and address the problems with professors fairly. The great thing about Evergreen is that you get to evaluate your professors and you have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with them to hash out the problems of the program if there were any. I found that many students wanted to embarrass professors by calling them out in class (which never ended up good because, c'mon, that's no way to solve a problem), but I found that if you jump through the hoops and fulfill all of the requirements of the class (instead of protesting them, arrogantly), you can be taken seriously as a student (while showing you take your education seriously) and have a real conversation about what did and did not work in the program. I hate to discount anyone's legitimate issues experienced in programs, but I found that the requirements in programs were usually flexible and you would lose credit if you just didn't do the work. There were times where I missed assignments or days of class because I was stressed out and needed a mental health day, I had a flat tire, or I simply wasn't prepared. These are issues I, as a student, have to take responsibility for. I found that students often complained about professor's lack of empathy towards their personal issues that caused them to miss assignments or class; I hate to break it to those kids, but if you have a job and you miss a deadline for whatever reason, you have to take the heat. My take away from Evergreen: this is a great place for personal development and getting an education that can challenge you beyond academic assignments and credits. You will find that sometimes the liberal alternative culture is demanding in conformity, many students speak about topics they passionately support but lack exploration of other perspectives: this exists everywhere, however, those extremist students are not the majority. Students are encouraged to explored the many perspectives of an issue and are expected to be respectful of other students when they don't agree. I think that's very simple; however, the recent media coverage of the protests at Evergreen painted the campus as exclusive in nature and extreme. Evergreen is not a villain that needs to be abolished, it's a complex institution with a hogwash of ideologies being stirred around on the daily.

Paul Navajas

Fabulous school. I truly can't imagine learning anywhere else.

Skyler Gonsalves

The diving board has it's own separate area which is nice, and the olympic-sized swimming pool has staff on hand to help out with questions and safety.

Genna Salstrom

I love it here because you get out of it what you put in. If you want to succeed, you will. If you dont succeed, you only have yourself to blame.

cute dog

I can't give this college a good review based on how one of it's former students is now an online bully.

GetEr Done

I have met several of the professors and administrators and can say without hesitation that they are just plain out of touch with the real world. I found out that this college has been added to a informal, but well-known "blacklist" of colleges that Fortune 1000 recruiters automatically ignore when considering candidates. Essentially you have zero chance of getting a real job in a real company if you attend his college. Nobody wants to hire a clueless person who attends a clueless college.

Beowulf Brower

I see a great number of folks who dont like our college leaving reviews. I'd say about 90% have never set foot on campus. I study forestry here, and have received an education that would challenge, if not best, UW. Your professors, many of whom possess a terminal degree, will know you personally. The facilities here are amazing, we have everything from a blacksmithing studio to a scanning electron microscope. All are available for any student to use. Are there some odd folks here? You betcha. There are odd folks everywhere. Dont believe the trolls though, free speech is alive and well here. I've been a registered Republican since I could vote and have never had an unpleasant experience because of it. I implore anyone who is considering the school to come and check it out! Tour our labs, theaters, lecture halls, and forests; draw your own conclusions

Nathasja Olivares Rivero

I was studying in Education First (EF) that is actually on Evergreen's location. It was an amazing life experience!

Todd Crenshaw

Unsafe to be there, depending on one's views!

K Vandy

I would NEVER send my kid to this college OR hire anyone from this college. Yes, there are awesome people here, but the amount of racism and liberalism they allow is completely disgusting.


It's obvious that most of these one star comments are from people who've never even been to Evergreen. The campus is beautiful, the faculty are nice, and the students try to respect one another.

Mark R

The worst I've ever been too.

Nunya Bizness

White students and teachers were banned from coming to school for one day, they weren't allowed to come to school on a "no white people day", they called it "day of absence" people here obviously have their heads up their rectums

Sean Telton

By an actual TESC Science student (Surprise! BS students constitute a huge piece of this school.) Facts: 1. Evergreen puts out 1/3rd of all doctoral candidates in WA state public schools, (despite an undergrad size 1/10th of UW.) 2. Student to faculty ratio is 25:1, so no 600 student seminars. 3. The partying I see here is no greater than any other school I've visited in the Sound. 4. In the science program, students have to opportunity to use multi-million dollar machines, i.e. GC/MS, for research. Few public schools let undergrads in a room with a GC/MS, let alone clock 40hrs on one to get certified. 5. As an undergrad at TESC, you can get published in a scientific journal through Independent Learning Contracts. 6. [In response to spam reviews] students do not control the classrooms. Liberal arts faculty do want students to speak their minds and contribute to the programs. 7. We do not have grades, but we do get more in-depth evaluations from our professors. Our transcripts can act as very thick resumes in the job market, and better illustrate who we are as learners, workers, or scientists. It is very valuable for graduates looking to work in a lab or a fellowship. Most of these reviews were NOT written by Evergreen students or alumni, and it's easy to tell -they were written for political reasons and clearly demonstrate a poor knowledge of the school. (I wish that Google would delete such reviews.) Do not listen to them. I am white, I never felt threatened or unwelcome. This will be my third year at Evergreen in the science programs. Despite the recent protesting from bored and disgruntled LA students and out-of-state conservatives, all of which interfered in my schedule, I have had a great time here. I LOVE this school, and the faculty, at least in the sciences, are brilliant scientists with Doctorates and plenty of research under their belts -most importantly they seem to really care about their subjects. Most students I know truly enjoy their experiences at Evergreen and have been unphased by the recent controversy. If you're considering attending, talk to some students in different areas of study. If you're here to write a scathing review based on your limited understanding of the controversy, from either side, go find something productive to do.

Dianne McNeill

I was looking forward to viewing the beautiful campus, BUT I don't really feel safe going to a college where black students keep white faculty and students hostage and exclude them from learning. What a time to be alive. Hope Evergreen enjoys the drop in admission and as a result a drop in funding for programs.

Jason Scog

Why anyone would even consider this place is beyond comprehension. If you are a parent, read and understand what the children and admins do to people who actually have the gall to believe in real science. I suppose if you want your kid to be a yoga instructing, racist, postmodernist drain on society, then by all means, send in your checks. George and his cohorts are more than happy to take every penny.

Mark Eikenberry


Hart Sturgeon-Reed

Since this comment page has become a dumping ground for angry alt right trolls who have clearly never set foot on campus to attack the school, I figured I'd give the perspective of someone who actually attended. Evergreen is an unusual and spectacular institution. If you are motivated, organized, and self-driven there is almost no limit to what you can accomplish here. I know several people who had their interests figured out well enough to complete a course of study closer to a master's program over their four years of undergrad. The campus is one of the most beautiful places in the world, backing onto a large temperate rainforest, and the faculty in general are empathetic, considerate, humble, and deeply engaged with their students. That said, it's true that the standards are pretty low, so if you're not organized or rely on outside pressure to make choices or motivate yourself, this is probably not the school for you. There definitely are a lot of students who do the bare minimum and still get by. Student housing can be hit and miss, some is really nice, some pretty unpleasant. Finally to address the ravening hordes, it is true that there are radical leftist students and faculty here and there who can be annoying. They definitely are not the majority, and frankly it's pretty easy to simply ignore those folks if that's not your cup of tea. Instead you can avoid those looking to pick a fight (on right or left) and meet an incredible variety of passionate people with diverse backgrounds and interests who aren't afraid to shed the conventions of traditional education to explore and learn together. This school was a transformative experience for me, and I wouldn't have been who I am today without the teachers I met there and the questions that were asked of me. They have completely reshaped my view of myself and the world, and I feel I am a much better person for it. It's a shame that evergreen has become the target of the latest moronic right wing witch hunt; it deserves so much better. Ultimately though it is unsurprising because it's the kind of place that requires close consideration and an open mind to really understand clearly. That makes it an easy target for those looking to build a strawman.

Nick Lim



Good place with fresh air and fabulous surroundings.Suitable for studying here:))

Dice L

Academically hollow and void of any potential to stimulate creativity and growth. A diploma from here is like a boat anchor on your resume. Skip it

Caynen Wills

Free Bret Weinstein

Plasma White

My bike, as well as the lock on it, got stolen.

H Burns

Excellent opportunities for studying field ecology, top notch sciences, relaxed, non-oppressive atmosphere.

Bianca Wolfe

I almost went to this campus a long time ago, but ended up in Portland Oregon, a friend and I visited this campus today and I was in awe! Super awesome bookstore! And I loved the Long House! Awesome! The Greenery area is a cafeteria which was super cool! and we also stumbled upon KAOS radio! sweet! awesome college!

Nocturnal Duck

A degree from Evergreen is worthless at this point. The school has too much bad publicity. Students are assumed to be uneducated and unruly. Go to any other school.

Mila R

thank mackelmore

Daniel Hovanesian

They are a product of a damned society.

Curran Jett-Moore

beast college. Definitely a contender for a college I would like to chill at bruh. "The beat is fye" -@illinoice on twitter. Go geo-ducks for the win boys. I is Macklemore... I is da Simpsons... I is gooey.

Nick Casillas

Shameful the way Stacy Brown was treated. Absolutely shameful.

Conner Reed

Stay far away from this school

Marla Elliott

An Evergreen education provides skills and knowledge that you can get almost nowhere else and which employers prize: critical thinking, working in groups, connecting ideas across conventional disciplinary boundaries. Relatively open admissions policies means that our student population broadly straddles class boundaries, which enriches everyone in the college community. No, you don't get a predefined "major" that ensures you'll fit in a corporately-defined preexisting slot: you have to take the risk to let us prepare you for the jobs that don't exist yet, that YOU, and thousands of Greeners before you, have created. I've taught at Evergreen for more than twenty years now; I had to come do this because I didn't get to be a student here, and I've always envied my husband's Evergreen education. Our daughter studied at Evergreen and then transferred to, and graduated from, and Ivy League university; but it's Evergreen's values and teaching methods that she connects to and identifies with; on her wall is an Evergreen pennant, not one from Brown.

Shadow Man

Its a anti-white school my kid will never go here at all...

Ben Sansiribhan

I have not met a single rude person at this school.

Michelle Blanchard

I returned to college at the age of 48. Thus I've had a lifetime of experience and can look at Evergreen with an older eye. One: if you think that a 'no grades' school is going to be easy, you could not be more wrong. You're going to have to WORK to get credits. This means showing up for class on time EVERY DAY, reading the material, writing papers, doing the research, working with others as a team as well as on your own. This is what adult life is going to be like, so get used to it. Two: if you screwed off in conventional school, more interested in staring at your smartphone and socializing on Facebook rather than learning how to read, write, SPELL CORRECTLY, you had better enroll in a community college (SPSCC is an excellent one) to do a year of remedial English, Math, and everything else you ignored in High School. SPSCC is an excellent one. Coming to Evergreen as a Freshman is a shock to HS grads, because they have never been held responsible for actually doing school work. You are expected from day One to be able and willing to read, to be able to write a coherent paper, to spell correctly, to pay attention and participate in class. There's no learning curve. Three: no one takes attendance. If you don't come to class, no biggie, no one is going to call your mommy to find out why you're not there. However, at the end of the quarter, you have to write a self evaluation of what you've accomplished, and your instructors- (who award the credits you need to continue getting Pell grant money and, ultimately, graduate), write one on you, too. They are more than happy to say "He didn't bother to come to class, so NO CREDIT." Don't go crying to the Registrar or a counselor, you will get no sympathy. The good things about Evergreen are numerous. EXCELLENT teachers and staff. You spend the entire day with the same students, actually you spend the entire course with the same folks. Much of what you will be doing is hands on, for instance, if you are taking Environmental Science, you'll be outside for a lot of it. TESC tries very hard to get away from forcing you to buy the overly expensive textbooks that cost an arm and a leg at other colleges/universities. Most of the book used in class are off the shelf, purchase from any good bookstore, like Powell's. This is because most of your teachers know more than the textbooks do and are willing to teach you. In many cases, they've written the books used by the industry. You will learn how to THINK. So many kids coming out of HS have no idea how to think. If there is a more important skill, I can't think of one! You get out of an education at TESC what you put in.

Cody G

Id never go here after seeing videos of students taking over the campus and shouting people down The students here are lunatics



Jason Bennett

If you want a career working at a local coffee shop and a lifetime of student debt this is the school for you, because as long as evergreen state is on the Fortune 1000 college blacklist your not getting a real job with a dagree from here. If you want a worthwhile education go anywhere but evergreen state this “college” is a joke.

Dan Sand

Why isn't zero stars an option?

Margot Scott


Caril Ridley

The Evergreen State College is a Liberal Arts institution born of academic freedom, and self-determination; it functions without the hierarchy or judgments imbued by the grading of students. Evergreen is an idealist growing from a pristine forest offering a hundred-thousand opportunities, interacting with the primal forces we call humanity, it’s expressions pushing the limits of convention every-day, in every-way, exploring the interstices of human thought, examining civilization, creating change through success-and-failure with experimentation unleashed among young and eager minds, that thing we call learning! Those feeling assaulted by the unknown-and-untried, those relying on the rules-of-tradition without question, may feel challenged—as challenge lingers in the air of this exceptional freethinking campus,imbuing every student and every guest with the power to pronounce “this is me and this is what I think”. It offers every visiter an opportunity to expand on who they are by expressing unabashed freedom in a colloquium where questioning reigns and learning finds breadth and depth, and meaning. Yes, I’m an alumnus with accomplishments and pride in my undergrad experience as a student of TESC. Its philosophy of inquiry launched me, and like me empowers thousands of eager students every year in ways that change the broader world of ideas by freeing the human spirit and empowering a new generation of un-bounding potential. Thank you Evergreen for being in Washington State, for stumbling with our youth, for taking the risk and the challenge, for guiding students and for leading the way... Caril Ridley Cultural Anthropologist

Madolyn Laurine

Wonderful community of motivated students - you have to be with no grad requirements!

William Johnson

Terrible place honestly.

Jesús Martos Gómez

Cool in the middle of the woods.

Spencer Jones

Absolutely beautiful campus. A great change of pace compared to current scholastic standards. All are welcome here. Great for just walks, too!

Alex Daye

I graduated from Evergreen and now I'm in law school. I can not imagine a more potent or valuable education than the one I received at TESC. I worked with faculty sponsors to custom tailor my education through Independent Learning Contracts. My transcript, full of narrative evaluations instead of simple grades, made my application to law school stand out from the rest, and I was offered a significant scholarship as a result. Don't let these right wing internet trolls scare you off this excellent school-- it's the best in the country.

Ryan Anderson

I attended TESC and it was the best educational experience of my life. I was held accountable for my thoughts through seminar and essays. I had a direct relationship with my teachers and often sought their advice. My only regret is that I graduated too soon...I would have loved to take some of the science courses, courses that integrated science and math with the implications of the physical world. Not only is it a great liberal arts school, it also prepares medical students, biologists, chemists, and a slew of other "STEM" careers, and it prepares them better than "traditional" schools could dream of.

ed flint

I heard you're all a bit mean. Pro segregation isn't a very progressive mindset.

Fedra Rogers

Waste of money / time / and youth .....

Turiyan Gold

Library is not open till 12:45 anymore. Is there still a free box?

Scott Hughes

98% acceptance rate and 41% graduation rate

Eric Angel

I'm conflicted . I learned my place on the social justice persecution ladder while here, but as white male I really should be silent and allow PoC to post reviews. I figure 3 stars is the compromise between silence and 5 stars .

Phil Peterman

A school like no other. Great place to learn and grow.

joan m smith

(Translated by Google) Racist (Original) Rascist

Rob Gilmore

The wonderful professor, Bret Weinstein wrongly accused of racism by a mob of fascist and incompetent students. Fueled by false reality, they forced out a brilliant mind and were aided by the weak president himself. Another example of our pathetic collegiate level “higher education” system that has become a cancer, thanks to radical political ideologies. Parents...look elsewhere for your children’s intellectual growth if you have any common sense. P.S. there should be an option for negative stars for this sad institution

Johanna L

UNSAFE. 0 care for student safety. Allows someone who has sexually assaulted multiple girls run rampant. Do not allow your children to attend this school.


All professors are fine, it's the crazy liberal students who keep me from wanting to go here

Kelly Wright

Best liberal arts education in the country! I cannot say enough about this school - a rigorous education for the sake of education.

Miranda Mellis

Evergreen is an incredible place to team teach, collaborate, and learn, to experiment and to grow. We're so proud of our graduating students this week! Go Greeners; Evergreen is evergreen.

Kady Richardson

Evergreen is a fantastic place for lots of different kinds of people to come and learn. It's affordable, cozy, and the faculty really care about their students. The interdisciplinary curriculum allowed me to meet lots of different kinds of people. I've been treated with love, respect, and encouragement by students and staff alike and I really love living and learning here. Evergreen is my home!

Lara Evans

I learned a lot from teaching at Evergreen for 7 years, and saw students come up with ideas to explore and then took those ideas far beyond what could ever be accomplished at a more traditional college. The role of professors there is to aid students in their explorations of different academic disciplines and the intersections between them. They guide students in learning about cultural intersections, too. This learning isn't always easy or painless. There's room there to make mistakes and learn from them.


Go ahead and send your kids if you want to pay for them to be guilt shamed and indoctrinated in the new white guilt world. It’ll be defunded and closed within a couple years, five or so at best! Spend your money on a real education for your children elsewhere!

Nathan Wisner

Stop calling this a college

AsmodaiosIV Emeritus

Seriously, why would you even go there for free? The mecca of stupid.

Bill Fairfield

I had been a student at TESC over 10 years ago, and just recently during a quarter before the troubles, and this new Dean and some other Evergreen sjw professors needs to go in order for this publicly funded state college to be successful, in my humble opinion. There are many excellent programs that aren’t affected by the recent issues revolving around the sjw issues and protests, the sciences snd technology courses are great but the humanities are teaching contraversial ideologies around white privledge and a teaching method from some professors that promote limited speech or participation from white or Asian students. I am not naming any staff, but a search online will enlighten you. Easily one of the best environments for higher education, collaboration, and enjoying how the beautiful PNW in a semi-secluded campus. Many pluses are available that each contribute to success like modern technology, campus resources (including for lgbq), being away from local distractions in town, and a tight community of students studying together and professors with passion and expertise in their fields(*with my personal notes otherwise stated earlier). The architecture of the buildings (and new lecture halls) are functional and aesthically pleasing. Resources for technology (radio, science labs, computer equipment, GIS and other computer labs etc) all in an easy walking campus located from distractions. There is a organic vegetable seller regularly providing nutritious locally made food and a variety of on campus food vendors. I have no trouble using the computer lab, and only a few times have I had to wait for a computer to use, or a resource that wasn't available. There is an EXCELLENT writing center, and if motivated you`'ll find people to help you in math, writing, or other. Grades: The review process in many ways better than point grades for perspective graduate students in ways; the Professor and Stundent can mention specific relevant progress and detail. And if you do attempt to do the minimum, it wil be mentioned by most professors. Personally I prefer a GPA like other institutions but I do see the benefits for documenting and improving class to class. I do realize my bias because I have been so use to GPA. TESC has always had a great founding in the sciences, and those that have attended the engineering/stem level prerequisites and courses like Data to Information or Molecule to Organism I have known to have no issues when they went on to do post graduate work, medical school or industry jobs. I believe their science and math skills are excellent due to Evergreen but also their OWN curiousity and personal effort. I feel this is one of the most important ingredients for success, and is one of root issues with some of the issues here at Evergeen and similar colleges. I believe in Evergreen, and understand that yes, it always has been a type of liberal experimental college, but these progressive attitudes by select social science Professors and the DEAN have swung the pendulum way too far. They need to have action take against them for the embarassing and dangerous handling of the recent student protests/takeover but also defiance that they learned anything from this at all, or did anything wrong! If you are transferring from a close community college like SPSCC down the road a few miles and are focused on math, computer science, or the STEM I think it is still a good opportunity, just be aware you will still have credits for graduation requirements in some of the courses that are, what I believe to be wrong in some of the core concepts. E.g. hierarchy of white privledge based system, open attitudes about whites vocalized by professors, and changing perspectives of teaching using these new sjw ideologies may cause you concern if you are one of the people that don't follow the new methods and sjw imbedded beliefs. If you do, then you’ll find that they’ll be very happy with you.

Robert Moody

A controversial institution...caveat emptor.

Julian Steele

Openly racist school with a 98% acceptance rate and median of 35K annual income for alumni’s.

Zoe Bear

I go to this school. I'm sitting in my dorm, right now. I'm telling you from personal experience that this is what I think about Evergreen, and it's my opinion that you may or may not agree with. Moving on. School wise, you get great resources, friendly staff, great classes, and a wide variety of options to choose from in terms of what you want to learn. I really enjoy studying here, and I think that if you live off campus and have your own agenda outside the school, it's remarkable. You'll be sure to find success and a path in education that you'll love and learn from. You won't be disappointed if you know where to look and what you want to do. HOWEVER, the populace of Evergreen is pretty... hippie. Not to say that's a bad thing, but if you're not into that lifestyle, you're not going make many friends. You're going find people who aren't, but it's hard. The weed and substance culture is absurd here as well. It's hard to avoid and most of the time you won't. It's not just some of the populace either. Either you're smoking, or you're drinking. That's pretty much how it goes. Also, if your views challenge the liberal agenda, good luck not getting pounced on by every student under the age of 21 in a 5 mile radius. Also, our mascot is a penis clam. Not even joking. The populace doesn't take itself very seriously either, so don't expect to find many students who live on campus to honestly take the school super seriously either. The running joke is that we're what happens with the movie Accepted comes to life. Also, the organization of the administration is a little questionable. In short, Evergreen is a great little school that treats each student as an individual and a success. You'll find great resources to latch onto and even better classes and professors to help you achieve your goal. Just be aware that this school is a breeding ground for hipsters. So if you're not as into that as I am, it might not be the fit for you.

Patricia McCarthy

This school may be quirky but I believe their education model encourages a love of learning and what could be better than that? The evaluations that are given instead of grades drive students toward their best effort. In a traditional school you can do just enough in a class to skate by and pass and receive full credit. Here, if you don't do the work, you won't get full credit for the class. The school is getting a bad reputation from the actions of a handful of people and that is a shame. They are doing some good work here.


these diplomas are worthless... above 90% acceptance rate... no grades... faculty is not interested in preparing these KIDS for life beyond campus... this school will actually make your child less intelligent.

Molly Bess

I truly loved my time here. I learned more than I ever would have in a “traditional” college setting and formed lifelong bonds. amazing place.

Aaron Andrews

Hey hey! Ho ho! Evergreen State has got to go!

Edward James

Scary place, I’d feel safer elsewhere where I might be more “welcome”

Katie Aymar

Evergreen is an amazing school that encourages critical thinking and deep collaboration. Teachers are truly committed to their work and create incredible courses. You'll find yourself surrounded by people that are both intellectual and conscientious. ++It's in the middle of acres of forest!


I hate to say anything bad about TESC because it offers so much potential for change and progression but overall I probably wouldn't recommend attending this college. Here is the short of it: Generally academically weak faculty (I didn't take any science classes so this only stands for the Arts) who show a general disinterest in their students. An administration that has no formal method for dealing with complaints or the lack of academic merit of most Arts programs. Uncomfortable and unheated classrooms: the chairs force you to lean forward or to lean back, there are no chairs with strong back support (this, to me, is absurd at a institution of learning!). Because this is an interdisciplinary school there are very few subjects that you can take programs for throughout your entire time here and thus you can't really focus in a subject. This of course doesn't apply for Science but for the Arts. Want the good!? Tons of great, ambitious and self-motivated students that deserve a lot better faculty and administration. The administration and the college at large seem to put the students last. But what's the best part about the college and why is the college even here? Because of the students. Before Evergreen changes the world, they need to change themselves first - same old lesson from Gandhi - "be the change you want to see in the world".

Hank g

Does not allow freedom of thought or speech. Highly corrosive environment.

Troy M

I got an excellent education in the science department of TESC, but had negative experiences in one of my blended humanities-sciences classes. If you crave organization and prestige, this is not the school for you. But if you want the control to tailor your education to your specific major, you will benefit. The lack of prerequisites and required classes is both a blessing and a curse. One one hand, I was able to take only classes that would directly provide knowledge useful to my career plans, but on the other hand I feel that I missed some critical information by never taking a general humanities course. Luckily the training I received in how to be an independent learner will allow me remedy this on my own much better than if I had gone to a traditional school. Because I took multiple classes that were highly geared towards individual learning, I feel that I will have an easier time continuing my education on my own. When it comes to teachers, it really is a tossup. I had some absolutely amazing professors and some that I would not recommend to my enemies. Word of mouth and meeting professors at the academic air really are the only way to sort the good from the bad. Make sure to ask people with similar educational goals and habits to your own to get a better read on the situation - some people will trash a professor for being too hard and praise anyone who lets them do their final project on chakras, while others will adore the former for injecting academic rigor into their subject and find the latter to be wasting their time.'= Over all, this school is really what you make of it. There are tons of opportunities, and it would serve prospective students well to ask recent graduates and seniors what the best and worst parts of their time here were. Especially, ask them about their regrets, what they wish they had known coming in. For me, I wish I had known that I could take upper division classes as a sophomore because my grades were good. I also wish I had known earlier that sometimes bachelors students are allowed to fill empty spaces in graduate program classes with permission from the professor. I feel like that would have been fun.

Goose Step

If you go to this school you need to get your head checked! The inmates run the prison...just saying.

Ryan Byrd

Crazy racist school

Marty Mcfly 88MPH

Absolute joke of a school. If you want to graduate with a bunch of debt and a useless degree, this is the place for you.

Jaime Mincey

For open house today, it started out great, but meeting two of the tables, the LGBT table the girl where me and my partner were talking to her and she just had this attitude where we weren't pleased by and the career services the woman Ivana I believe that's her name. belittle my partner! My partner is rethinking taking his education somewhere else, mostly a place that is just not rude and don't have this ignorant "I have entitlement" attitude, and the financial aid need to dress more appropriate,professional and not looking like going to a music festival. I personally wouldn't attend to that school it was a buzz kill. Someone really needs to take this school to the Federal and shut down this sideways school.

Joseph Dale

If I could give it zero stars, I would. Send your kids elsewhere. Trust me.

Reply Man

If you're planning to come here, do a little research on it. You might change your mind


Not visitor friendly! They don't take credit cards for parking! They have very few coin operated parking spaces. They have no coin machines or easy to find ATMs. There isn't enough signage for finding places and no MAPS to try to find your way. Worst campus for visitors.

Aimee Farrar

im not in college

Max O'Leary

Elizabeth W

I love working with Evergreen students: they're passionate, curious, and caring. Teaching at Evergreen gives me the chance to collaborate with colleagues to build complex academic programs that combine multiple fields of study while still being responsive to students' individual interests and needs. 16 hours of contact time every week means I get to know my students as whole people--not just as letters and numbers.

Jay Dub

Place is a joke, Go to the local library and read a book and you will get a better education there rather from evergreen.


I went to Evergreen today to see about possible admission in taking online classes, so that I may not be tied down to a classroom and continue my Digital Design education without restriction. On the Evergreen website, it says explicitly that they have online course for students to take and that they accept 90 out of 100 credits. They also offer a program for individual assistance with a teacher. All of these things sounded good to me, and so I went to the college with this knowledge and the hopes of gaining entry. I go there and the first issue I had, was the advisor who was supposed to meet with me, came out of his office and all but ignored me to speak to someone else for a long enough time that the secretary had to introduce us. We then went into his office, and without even opening my file or doing any kind of research to see what Evergreen could personally do in order to accommodate my needs to the best of their ability, proceeded to inform me that their classes are hybrid and not fully online, that it was unlikely I was going to ever get any individual assistance from any teachers since they're "booked" and that they are unlikely to take all of my credits, without clarifying how I would compensate for that to get what I am I’m looking for at the college. This was not only a direct contradiction to the information I'd specifically read on their website, but what bothered me the most is that this adviser, Eric Kiger, didn't even bother to try and help me in any way to work around the alleged limitations of the school, nor did he provide me any proof of his claims. So I have his word with no research or papers to back him up, against the website I'd taken time and care to look into and read up on. Overall, my very first experience with Evergreen is a wholly negative one. For me, I don't really have many choices with schooling, and Evergreen seemed like the perfect fit at the time, but now I'm left at a bit of a loss, and feel like I wasted my time with no one bothering to help me in any way. I do not recommend.

Persephone Marsh

Their parking services is awful. First day hour wait parking was full. They don’t take card to pay for parking either. So I run inside to get a tag for parking. Get a ticket and they won’t wave it. They’re rude and they don’t care about students. They have caused me so much stress from them messing my account etc I don’t even recommend going to this college.

Corey Windom

im white..apparently there are certain days that im not allowed to go to classes so the black students can pretend to be oppressed and remind us all what the words hypocrite and racist mean while they corner white teachers chanting hey hey ho ho these racist teachers got to go, pretending that they are the victims. There should be no white student and the white staff should go on strike. Any school that tells the students of one race that they have to stay home and students of another race can attend should not be allowed to continue being an educational institution.

Scrupulous Atheist

Unfortunately a degree from this school means less then nothing if majoring in "the Arts." Word to the wise. If you are white, don't go here.

Joshua Meredith

Unsafe for students who think critically.


You think segregation is a thing of the past? Not at this college. You think race issues are getting better? Not at this college. You think higher education is important? Check out how this colleges grading rubric works. Honestly, any online college is more prestigous than Evergreen. Spend your money elsewhere.

Jeremy Howen

Intolerant, ignorant, Racism not good for white or people of color. Just disgusted

Joshua Borden

From everything I've heard, this school sounds like an absolutely terrible place to send young minds to be challenged and grow.

Roseann Berg

Great food, nice people, very lovely campus. I was here for a conference, not as a student so I can't speak to it's quality or experience in terms of attending for an education.

Robert Hill

Excellent college


Lol did someone actually say this school hates people of color? This school had a "no whites day" where white people were not allowed to go to school. The ones that did go, teachers and students alike, were harassed and threatened. So it looks like the people of color, at that University, got a little taste of power, and the first thing they did was segregate. What a joke

Skid The Rand0m Kid

Amazing... I see ————— (PC Crazy people have blocked my message)


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