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REVIEWS OF Everett Community College IN Washington

Sandra Marquez

Thanh Trantu

Anders Jameson

Sandra Fraga

Quoc Khanh Bui

Kyron Carstens

May_Day Kai

Vasily Petrov

Ryanna Murphy

I'm a current student at Everett Community College and I love the school

Madina Alimova

Kate Bradford

Worst experience. Every single time I try to go in and get help from ANYBODY nobody is there to help me. The staffing organization there absolutely sucks. I've tried calling their main office phone number and multiple times it has rang and rang and then eventually went to voicemail. So happy I made the decision to go to Everest College, Everyone there actually cares about you and wants to help you out to the fullest extent. My advice, if you're the type of person that likes advice and help and a place that doesn't make college seem so difficult just to even get enrolled, don't go here.

Stephanie Foster

seraiah selvidge

Dylan Phifer

great college with many opprotunities

Cole Burnett

Nobody communicates with their colleagues, multiple students were told several different course outlines from three different people. Dealing with the faculty was more difficult than the class. And because of multiple failures to update my address I have to wait another month just to get a piece of paper that says I learned something...I wouldn't go to this school if they paid me to.

Amy Crum

Alex Yonke

Travis Turay

Rick P

Horrible, Unbelievably horrible. The financial aid personnel are pouting if they see people in line for their department. They'll try to chase you away without attempting to try to answer questions or give fake answers to make you move on, not knowing the process themselves. They contradict one another's request for information. And this one lady acts like financial aid money is coming out of her own pocket. By, saying "we don't have any money to give!" rudely and hardening her lips. When that wasn't even the question.. I walked away from aid money somewhere else. But the way I saw many little things in this school. I wouldn't even take aid money to go trough ignorance.

postmodern liberalist

If u r an international student Never apply for this school. They rip off international students and making money from them. They ask u to live in their expensive dorm and never return ur deposit! Thankfully I transferred out! How this frecking greedy school still exists in the US? That’s weird

Justin Crowe

They are literally impossible to get ahold of over the phone for any reason once so ever

Natalya Zavgorodneva

sofo boachie

I don't know what these reviewers are talking about, but so far the best place to spend your buck on education at the community college level. All my educators were nice and helpful. 9/10 would recommend

Tyler E.

Was going to Enroll here, but they dont have a architectural offerings. But A rep named Terry P. Pointed me in a direction of schools that are closest to EVERETT that have the education I am looking for. Terry did not try to do a "Sales pitch" as he knew that I was Affected by the ITT TECH scandal. You are the man Terry!

TheWilln Dawitshow

reeka khera

Marwa Alwattar

I was surprised to read the other reviews, I doubted they were talking about the same school that I have been there for 2 years. There is nothing perfect for sure but this school is pretty good. There are always people here who is willing to help and makes sure that stufestu are successful. I have done great here, learned a lot, met wonderful people, and made a lifetime friendship. For those who judje the school just for one experience .. I'm telling you to give it another chance. Will miss eceeveryth here :'(


Jesse Duncan

i am going to go to ecc

Damandeep Grewal

Sanaa Bat

Mera Flynn

Elijah McCoy

Great place to go to school with multiple areas to study

Megan Morris

Beautiful campus, decent instructors, but I hate parking.. hard rules at this college for small things like that that make it less inviting. Haven't had an advisor since I began attending almost 2 yes ago- they seem uninterested in that regard. A lot of attitude from faculty members; ranging from library to the counseling office itself. Like anything in WA, you need to know someone or know the secret steps to get anywhere

RR Moyer

I regret going here for an education. I also regret my internship at the learning center. Sara Olsen was just awful to intern for, including the ESL teachers. Horrible, unprofessional, and evil place. 2005-2013. I did a vocational program, associates degree, and bachelors. Total waste of time.

mom hbh


Christopher Leadbetter

Danica Oslund


I love it here! Thank you to all that helped me get here!

Nick M.


paras chavda

my future..... in this college

Andrea Baker

Megan Allister

Hashmi Bhardwaj

Val Sc.

I attend Everett Community College online. I love the school but the financial aid disbursements are a pain. I am pleading with the school to please offer direct deposit to ALL of their students. Today I had to drive around to cash the paper check they send to out of state students. My bank could not cash it immediately because it would be a two day wait for verification purposes. Well, I need my money today to purchase my books. I went to 6 different locations to try to cash the check. They all said they were unable to verify the check with the school. At Speedy Cash, one lady was looking at me like I was a thief. She has never heard of Everett Community College or a disbursement check. I just sighed, grabbed my check and walked out. Finally, my last stop was Ace Cash Express and they gave me no hassle but charged me $80 to cash it. I left the house at 10:00 am and did not arrive home until after 1:00 p.m. In all it took me almost three hours to try to cash a paper check and deposit it into my bank card. So much time wasted trying to cash a paper check.

Jenny Marin

Kaitlin Fisher

Great place to go for a college education without having to spend the big bucks on a university. The professors can be a little "hit or miss" when it comes to their ability to teach stimulating classes. Overall it was a great experience.


Gloria Valtierra did an amazing job! I love it!

Brandon Stone

Student at EvCC and love the environment here.

Zach Coldwell

There is no human there to answer the phone. Be prepared to "Leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible."

Adam p

Poor staffing and unofficial staff. Just trying to meet with a counselor about two blocks took two months. The assistant made excuses on why she never returned my phone calls or why she was never answering the phone. Had to contact the Dean before I got anywhere. This would have taken 15-30mins for the appointment. I don't think I'll be returning next quarter. If I do it would be because of the Dean of communication, he is an amazing guy and helped me out greatly!

Michael Daniels III

Adrean McGuire

Katherine Schiffner

Phanwara R.

I would not recommend this school to anyone especially international students. They created new policy that new international students need to live in the dorm that will be finished in Fall quarter at least 2-3 quarters. (EXCEPT students who are under 18, have relatives or legal parents here, or disable). I don't see any good reason for this policy. Why do you have to force us to stay in your expensive building? If it cheaper than other apartments around there, I wouldn't be offended. Their expensive classes are not worth it. The staffs are good but some are not, they are not professional. If I can turn back time, I wouldn't waste my time and money here.

Lone Wolf Bob Mangrum

Hayley Statema

Other than wanting to graduate on time w/ my bachelors being held up by one EvCC credit --- I loved my experience at EvCC. If you actually try, it's an amazing place to be. The staff is mildly overworked (it's a large CC) but they all do their best and they do care.


David Ott

BillyJohn Hodgez

Chloe Oleta

I love the school it's amazing, but the bookstore was absolutely terrible, I have never been treated so badly as a customer in my entire life at a college book store. So the store closed at 3 on Friday, I went along with a friend and wow were the workers rude, we walked in around 2:30 seeing as neither of us was off work until near one. So we got help from a couple of workers to find our books and the second it was three, the workers completely changed, my friend had to call the bank before she made the purchase to be sure she wouldn't over draft, she was on the phone maybe two minutes and you could hear the workers talking all sorts of garbage about us and how they wished we would "just get out", or "I wish I had the super power to scream so they would leave". Excuse me? I'm about to spend upwards of 400 dollars on books, and you wish you could scream at my friend and I for being sure we could still buy food and gas after such steep prices? I wish they would better manage their employees. I would NEVER even think of talking to any one, especially a customer in such a way.

Ratanak Pich Pov

Chloe Moser

As an employee of the early learning center I am extremely disappointed. HR refused to give me my paycheck due to a time sheet which is HIGHLY illegal. I am 7 months pregnant and going on day 5 with no food and no money. They told me on Friday the earliest they can have it is Tuesday which is wrong, they had 48 hours to overnight it to me through FedEx. But then when I went in on Tuesday they still didn't have it! Also if anyone tells you you have to "edit your time sheet" because you went over 69 hours they are wrong, that means they are refusing to pay me for overtime that I worked. THAT IS A FELONY. Not a good place to work. This is a college, they should know better!


First impression, good. Photo was captured on the final day of Winter semester. It's also the 2nd day of Spring '19. Green leafy life soon.


Sergiy Dc

Mykola Chernyshov

This is getto college. So disrespectful for new students. We tried to apply for ESL classes and was so hard to do than it’s not even possible


Angelique Rider-Mitchell

Best science and nursing program at the associates degree level, by far. Appearantly better than alot of 4 yr programs as well if my coworkers are any indication. That said with one notable caveat: I graduated class of '95.

Tyler Fornia

Ali alsaidi

Sarah Stubblefield

katie hrudzko

I received a full leg wax from Gillian Goodman and she did such a good job! She made me feel really comfortable during the service. I was nervous and she reassured me and made it as painless as possible! Highly recommend her!

Kirsten Knickerbocker

I think they have some great teachers but try to get someone on the phone and you're out luck! Very poor service in that regard.

Allison Guzman

This school is awful. During the six quarters I attended, I could not get anyone from financial aid or the loan and grant department to speak with me about how I could get help for tuition and book costs. Based on the financial aid handbook, I should have qualified, but for some reason I did not and even though I applied every quarter, none of my paperwork was ever processed. Often when I went into the financial aid office, I would get shooed away from the counter or ignored by the employees so I would leave. I also had to deal with the cashiers office several times in the middle of a quarter because I had been dropped from my classes; I had to pay extra fees for being dropped, "late" payment, and re-enrolling. I was never notified when a payment was due and I couldn't find information about it either. The bookstore staff were horrible and would often follow me around while I was purchasing materials for the quarter. A majority of my instructors were horrible with people and could not form proper sentences, including my business English instructor. Some of the instructors claimed to want to integrate technology and education in their own classes, but would not allow laptops or tablets in the rooms. I would never return here and I wish I would have gone to a different school for my program as well because Everett Community College ended up costing me just as much as a different school would have - they may have even charged me more.

Nick Brodeur

This is my first quarter at EvCC. I've enjoyed my experience so far, with the exception of entry advising. Entry advising seemed to be more confusing then any real help. Thank goodness for enrollment service's understanding and support. If not for them, I wouldn't be enrolled in school now. Please fix your enrollment services structure to better aid new students and I'd gladly give EvCC 5 stars.

Damilka Ortega

Gender neutral bathrooms and teachers who state which pronouns they prefer. This college is amazing! The energy all throughout is very positive.

InHwan Park

they got stupid parking spot i don't understand their policy about the parking .

katie holcomb

Piper 420

James S.

Still a great place to get a chilli dog with oyster sauce.

Samantha Alling

It's my third quarter here, and I enjoy it as much as one can enjoy school. Personally, some of the staff could be better. One of the librarians was rude to me on my first week here, simply because I realized that I needed an ID (which I didn't have on me) to obtain a text book. I hadn't made a fuss just simply said "Oh, I need my ID," and she gave me a pretty bad attitude. It's hard to contact people over the phone, but once you get that help it's fabulous. The staff is very helpful, besides minor instances.

Dakota Marth

gut bomb

Nhật Võ

Manveer Katri

its amazing evcc provide advace trainings to students which can be helpful for makimg courier through health and physical education program . And i got a good response from the faculty of this college

Joanne O

OneDFredy Armani

The worst and most un professional people and teachers. I’ve been waiting on my turn for 2 hours even tho I was the first in line, and they told me over the phone that, first come first serve. They even lie!!!! What kind of a stupid college is that!!???? They keeps ignoring the fact to speak in English and they keep talking in Spanish!!!! The team or people who’s working there they were more helping the Mexican people and leaving the rest tell the end without even explaining what’s going on!!! Is it because we’re minority or what???? Is it because I don’t speak Spanish??? I need to know!! I felt I’m the most Un welcomed person in this college!!! This needs to addresses as soon as possible and I’m gonna make sure to talk to my lawyer bout this un professional and un comfortable place!!

Phong Vong

Heard and sounded like an active institution.

Anthony Somes

Robert Breisch

Five stars to the staff at EVCC! I spent 2003-2007 at EVCC and enjoyed every class, even business math! Lots of great friendships have developed as a result of my choice in the arts programs! To this day I continue to evolve as an artist and individual in thanks to my great instructors and help from Disability Services made graduating possible for me. I graduated finally in 2007 with my A.F.A. in Graphic Design At EVCC I got everything I needed to get it done! With services from note takers to counselling I was able to succeed! I spent the majority of my degree within the walls of Whitehorse Hall. This was the second most enjoyable career path in life and one of the most challenging courses I've finished to date. Great staff and a beautiful building, inside and out!


Katy Junkin

Joseph Waibel

Awesome place very nice school with a 36 % graduation rate! I'm in

Macks Kerley

celex later

Super clean, great people

Tye Wilsar

The Health Profession’s Program Leadership is impotent.

Cody Dillon

When I arrive in the gym, it's time to lube them tubes. Doc gave me the prognosis, rad dudes have mad moves. And tendinitis. Playing the bench 24 7, coach says to bend like beckem. But I bend like a jelly that's smelly. Meditate it! I bring peace, middle east my way in. Rep it

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