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REVIEWS OF DigiPen Institute of Technology IN Washington

Zoe Obermaier

Never been there but I'll give it 5 stars just because I feel like it

Rafael Arias

Cristian G

lovely place

Your cats filthy vomit chunks

Alexander Comair


Olawole Abayomi-Owodunni

Ian Shores

Xiaoyu Wu

The Real

Nick Francois

I'm giving 4 stars because DigiPen is an incredible school, but it can be very unforgiving. I attended from August 2015 to October 2015, and do kind of regret it. The experience was incredible and surreal, going to a school like itself. It's a good school with a great learning community if you are very, VERY committed and into it. I went in wholeheartedly believing I could push myself to excel, but I quickly learned that (in my case) staying would be a very bad idea. I'm not an artist, and I suck at math. The half-semester experience left me $20,000 in debt, which I might have paid off by the end of next year. Also, if you owe the school money, the minimum payment is $500 a month. Keep this in mind: this is the real world, and if you have any doubts about this school, do not attend unless you have enough money to come out unscathed should you decide to leave. If you graduate (or complete most of your degree), you will be WELL over $100,000 in debt. Also, should you need to finish at another school, keep in mind that no classes will transfer at all. This is a highly specialized curriculum. Lastly, if you suffer from homesickness or don't hate where you live now, the move will take a toll on you. I moved from South Carolina, and it was very difficult after the first month. If you 100% believe that you can handle this school, and know for a fact game design/art and animation is what you want to do with your life, then go for it. Keep everything I've said in mind, and PLEASE talk to DigiPen students before you enroll. Ask them about the workload and the difficulty. Check out their assignments if possible, and be sure to go in with full understand that you will be pushed to your limits.

John Doe

Digipen was a major disappointment. There is a lot of needless drama for the students and the professors. The first year for all the degree programs each have at least one or two strong core classes but that is the best that you'll get. Many teachers either don't teach because they believe they shouldn't have to or they just don't know how to do what they are supposed to be teaching. There are classes where there is literally no lecture at all. Mixed up philosophy is dominate and anyone who questions the logic is demonized and dismissed without consideration. You either have to be a pro before you come to this school, or you have to be an optimist if you plan on making it through. Digipen is a private institution that is run by a dictatorship and has all of the short comings that any historian would expect. The one good side is that there are some good professors and students there, but many don't stay long. Because the institution is paranoid about losing it's accreditation, professors and students alike are constantly being sent away. Don't take my word for it, ask multiply students who have been there three or more years and if you still don't believe me, you can come and find out all of this for yourself. By the way, it might be good to know that many students do not get there bachelor's degrees here in the standard four years. It usually takes about five or six years. Again you do not come to this school to learn, you come to prove that already know.

Zachary Keenly

This school will offer you the best education if you are committed to that education. Lots of people that go here are not ready for it, if you just want to play games, this school is not for you. If you just want to talk about games, this school is not for you. If you're not ready to take yourself seriously and do more work than you've ever done, this school is not for you. But when you are ready, this school is the best place to go. I'm studying computer science and game design, i think going here was the best decision i ever made for myself

Kingdom of Milk

Ryn Win

DigiPen really only works for people with a very specific kind of disposition. If you struggle with depression or don't have an extremely high tolerance for stress, don't even think of applying. Not everyone can learn in a stressful environment and DigiPen has zero ability to accommodate different learning needs, nor really any interest in doing so. They pride themselves on the fact that 2/3 of their students drop out and that many "discover that they have no real love" for the subject they went there to study. That's bullshit. What actually happens is they destroy those students' self-esteem. To be clear, I did graduate with my BFA, but I left feeling my skills were unemployable after spending 90% of my time forced to work in every area except the one I wanted to specialize in (animation). I know for a fact that I came out with worse drawing skills than I went in with, mainly because it just wasn't taught in a way that I could internalize. They made a big deal when I visited the campus about artists and programmers working together; that a programmer could just walk down the hall to an art classroom and say they needed "x" for their project and an artist could volunteer to help them extra-curricularly. Actually it turned out that doing so was very vehemently discouraged by the teachers, as it would take away from the time you needed to spend on your own homework. So really you were only supposed to work with programmers if you decided to do a game project for your capstone project in your senior year (which less than a third of the artists did). The reality, though, was that it was the students that did extra-curricular game projects from the first year who typically ended up in the best position for success, because they had made connections and knew how to work with the programmers.. Falling through the cracks was incredibly easy, especially if you have problems with socialization. Despite spending years with the same small group of people, I was unable to make any friends within my program, which made partnering for projects difficult. The instructor support for this was virtually non-existent. Support for artists who wanted to work in the game industry was also lacking, mainly because the school really just wants their artists to produce pretty videos that they can show off on the TV screens in the lobbies and artwork that they can use as marketing materials. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, DigiPen owns everything you make in your classes. I've talked to quite a few former DigiPen students since graduating, and I've found far more who were unhappy with the experience than those who were happy. I left with a mountain of debt and a useless degree, and unless you excel under pressure, are socially assertive, and have no learning disabilities, you can probably expect the same.

Kyle Yount

The art displays inside the college are worth visiting alone.


Profoundly more expensive than it is worth.

minjoon eom

I am friends with your son claude comair. His name is Malek.

Anahata Graceland

Jake McLeman

Neha Kardam

David Hsieh

Mason Placher

Nintendo interacted with it.

Casilda Chenier

Son graduated 2018. Excellent preparation for computer game industry. Great connection s for landing job when degrees is complete.

Ella Rose Campbell

Sujit Packiaraj

Ken Lopez

I went to summer class's and I had a blast best school to learn more about gameing.


I like this school.

John Kim

Excellent, rigorous, intense, serious yet fun college degree programs in computer game industry/development, computer science, graphic arts, sound design & game music, etc. Great faculty, administration, cafeteria, summer programs, school spirit

James Barret

it sux

Alexander Countouriotis

Tori Stermer

I am not in college yet but I want to go here and the results have my hands up this is ANIME_PERFECTION_1

Caden Oslund

I am taking their robotics summer camps and I love it!

Reina Rivera

Aerial ILZT

review bc y not. my friend likes so will i and i see 5 stars...

Cheri Sundburg

Very smart people.


I'm going here now, teachers and courses are awesome, but work is intense!

Maya Tarin

Cora Chan


Ty Janis

Paddy Boland

It gave us Portal. I ain't complaining.


Don't go to school here unless you are really committed to your career path. That being said i love this place and it has a great reputation for producing amazing top tier artists, designers, and programmers for the game industry.

Yokey Chong Yan Yoke

Crystal Bradford


Angel Mata

Scott McLaughlin

Fantastic staff and facilities. My son will be attending here soon and has been taking part in the summer sessions on game programming and design.

Gabriel Neumann

Nour Ayad

Great facilities and teachers

Zi He Goh

Digipen offers a rigorous curriculum for game, engineering and art major.

Marilyn Gilmore

Rhonda Magner


Excellent education. The professors have worked or currently work in the gaming industry. The courses are very challenging and the game projects require a high degree of teamwork and subject mastery to complete. One caveat, you are going to pay more than a public school to learn programming. That being said, Digipen can give you the skills and contacts you need to break into the video game industry.

Cosmo 585

Melody Twinkle

Oxyzen Squad

I thiinking about my future in here

Alex Friedberg

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