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REVIEWS OF Clark College IN Washington

Alex B

Nice campus, lots of modern building upgrades.

Lucifer Morning star

Alex Lopez

Mr FullOfRage

Pavlo Davuduk

Unitarian Apologetics

This school's a scam. Overpriced. They have zero online classes available an hour after registration begins. That's unacceptable. And offering a class called "white privilege" What kind ignorant system thinks that's okay? A lot of the staff is really great, and my teachers were top notch. That's the only reason I can give 2 stars.

Robin kanwal

Max Greener

its ok

k i r s t e n • ocean • l o v e

Joseph Hefley

On the edge for the third star. It isn't a horrible place by any means. But there are some things that definitely need improvement. Advisors will have you take classes that they know will be obsolete and replaced, leaving you having to take both classes, one being for nothing. There is lots of miscommunication between different departments. Professors are either excellent or horrible, there is no in between from my experience in over a year there.

JP Freeman

Shawn Deaton

Clark college is a great school. Friendly environment and hallo available if you want/need it. I highly recommend it.

Ryan Santos

A great community resource.

Viveca Duazo

Clark has become like a second home to me. I love this place.

Kenzie M

They won’t tell you if your credit are transferable unless you apply and pay $25 to then maybe some will. I just wasted an hour of my day to see if I could go to this school.. the lady at advising with pink hair was rude and no one knows where to direct you. Don’t transfer here.

Sean Rice

Jacob Madden

Galen Laconis

Really, its been 3 hours. Ive seen dead bodies with a more aggressive work pace.

404 Error

Good teachers and I love the STEM center

Gregory Winters

Administration ruined this place. Anyone who has been there in the past 20 years has nothing good to say about their Financial Aid office. I liked it better when smokig on camlus was allowed. Ridiculous what we had to put up with from administration. Good instructors mostly, but I had 3 horrible ones. It happens. What doesn't happen is graduating THREE TIMES. I graduated, then got a credit audit the next semester at WSU from Clark. Whoops, you didn't really graduate, says Clark. No, you did the math wrong Clark, I say. Yep, I'm right. Our bad, they agree. And next semester at WSU they did it to me again. So I went back and went line by line and showed them YES I DID. And again they agreed. I threatened to sue if this happened again. And in my last term at WSU I find out I am 0.4 credits short on a approved transfer degree since I took too many classes pass/fail. Um, military training credits are ALWAYS graded pass/fail. Failing veterans, failing the public... your local Clark College administration is here for you. Make your check out to... They suck. Go anywhere else. Actually go anywhere else.

Codie Elford

G Mt

Bob Week

As a math major I found this to be an exceptional community college. The courses are quality and the professors care. The only flaw is seeking advising from the advisers. I recommend consulting relevant faculty instead.

Jacoby Wiege

Melanie McKinney

Pm Jahangier

azeem pasha

Lady Rider

Excellent professors, and services for anything you need. Their staff is friendly, helpful, & dedicated to student success. The atmosphere is laid back. It has been an excellent experience!

Nadia Kluesner-Augustin

Enjoy working here.

Clayton Wahlstrom

Lindsey Lockwood

I have really enjoyed attending Clark college. I've taken lots of different classes and never had one that I felt the teacher was inadequate or didn't care about the students. Everyone is fantastic. If you need help, people will go the distance you just need to ask. It can be hard to navigate the administrative side with financial aide and whatnot, but if you're not afraid to ask questions you can find people to help you with any problems that arise. My only complaint is the parking during peak hours, I really wish they would remedy that.

PTNH Worldwide

Benjamin Zeeb

Sam Singh

Jenifer C. Mazzocco


Jamie Syrek

Jonas M.

1. The campus- It's nice and well-maintained, and there are directories all around, which are easily spotted. There was even a bike station, though I didn't look for it. 2. The atmosphere- All the staff I've met so far are very kind and welcoming, and its easy to make friends here. 3. Food- I wish they had a little more variety than burger/veggie burger/chicken fingers/sandwich. There IS a McDonald's and Burgerville just nearby, so there's that, but they are down a somewhat tall hill, so its tiring getting back up after eating. Their tater tots are great, though. 4. The classes- I wish they were more job-friendly. I can't speak for myself, since I signed up last-minute, but according to my friends their classes are all over the place. I was hoping to at least get a part-time job during college, but it doesn't look like I'll be able to, which makes me feel pretty irresponsible. 5. The website- Oh. My. God, the website is ATROCIOUS! Its unintuitively laid out, I had to go through three links, all with similar names, before getting to their financial aid website. That should be easy access. There is a section somewhere in the website titled "links," or something similar, but they weren't links. They looked like links, but they were just BLUE-COLORED TEXT! Who does that!? And don't use the search bar. It doesn't help you find what you need to find, since it will find ANY instance of the word(s) or letter(s) that you searched, and give you a link to it.

Sheryl Mair

I loved my time at Clark! I graduated in 2012 and I miss it at least once a week where I wish I was back there. Great teachers, great people, very laid back and fun learning environment.

Clayton Summers

They person helping me pick classes told me the wrong classes to join and apperently no one ever picks up the phone ive called them 5 times today and no one can be bothered to pick it up.

miguel angel lopez

Very friendly staff and affordable quality learning

Rob Rob

Great for the 1st 2 years of your BA Going back again for the knowledge.

C Hall

Ilona Golovneva

Хорошая территория, удобное расположение! Info desk работает на отлично: готовы проконсультировать, помочь. Есть парковка.

Kj Lc

SCAM! I applied, registered, paid EVERYTHING, then they told me that my classes were cancelled and would not refund my application fee. So much for trying to go to college..... they screwed me over.

Cipta Cipank

Arian Tk

Keirstyn Price

I could not say enough awful things about this place. I have loved almost every teacher I've had (almost) in the year and a half I've been here. Financial aid is a NIGHTMARE. Every quarter that I've been here if it was not one thing it was another, it seems only 1 or 2 people in the financial aid office even know what they're talking about half the time. It's rare to 1. Get through the phone without it going to voicemail, 2. Get a call back if you leave a message, 3. Not have the line magically disconnect after 20 minutes on hold, and finally 4. Get help from someone who doesn't offer unhelpful if not detrimental direction to what your issue is. Update: I graduated and if I could go back I would not go through Clark again. I regret going here.

Lewis Johnson

Its good

CassieRose Wangerin

Dakota Wright

Very liberal staff that only teach one side of a situation. They allow students to use feelings rather than facts. Not the kind of school my wife and I want to be a part of. I lost count how many times I was called a Nazi or a racist while at Clark College. This school is a disgrace to education and I hope that it gets a wake-up call.

Gurdeep Cheema

worst customer service ever - 3 days, countless hours on hold, 3 messages left with no returned calls. So no assistance from the advising department. I have never dealt with anything like this. Beyond annoying and frustrating.

Alec Higley

jeffrey martinez

I don't think the office staff know what they're talking about half the time. Everytime I saw a counselor, I was told 3 different things. Really ruined my experience. Most of the teachers are great, and the financial aid office is very helpful.

Micah Reimche-Vu

hillbilly hills

They have finals at art with minors in classroom they had Grown man in a robe walk in to the Room take it off and stand naked too paint a strange naked man without any Any notifications or common knowledge

Amandalynn Mathews

One of the worst schools I have went to... sure its easy to get into classes and online classes as well, but the worst financial aid office EVER!!! THey dont help with anything and are slow at processing everything and to think i had to pay to enroll in this school WASTE OF MY MONEY AND TIME! I had a baby in the middle of spring term and because of that they suspended me from going to school summer term... SERIOUSLY! I have not failed a class yet and the 1st time I do I get suspended! Thats not the worst part.. they didnt even tell me tell barley 4 days later and that was just a random call to make sure everything was in that I needed! I check my school email 5 times a day plus I check my clark account 2 times a day and didnt get anything fromt he school informing me of what was going on! then I ask them what I needed to do to make sure I can do my classes for summer term and tell me that I have to wait tell they send me my paper to know what I do next! WORST SCHOOL ON EARTH.. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME IF YOU ARE RECEIVING FINANCIAL AID

Michelle Rodriguez

K mania

Adan Martinez

rachelle Ward

worst racially hatred towards white students in PNW

Rogerio Oliveira

Danik prim

Janie Hendrix

Tyler White

Not bad.

Buford Hanna

Worst collage ever the staff do not help you out students hear all the time not my problem getting help is the hardest part

Anthony Tanner


Oscar James III

Jeffrey Anderson

I took some Computer Science classes here a couple years ago. All my teachers were super helpful and the classes were really well done. A ton of hands on labs, a ton of group work, and I learned a lot. After taking a lot of online classes on my own, I work doing pretty relevant stuff.

Cool Guy Videos

Jeremy Reeves

Almost finished with my degree. I hit a huge snag with funding and grants, Karrie in the VA office really came to help me out. Wouldn't be making it to class this quarter if not for her.

Andrew Krahn

Every staff I have come across is compassionate for students and the will to learn. No matter the background or status quo, Clark doesn't settle dissatisfaction. I love Clark because they, personally, helped me move from a toxic family environment to a healthy living situation.

Emily Mahon

Stevo Sharpie

This college has an awesome campus, decent buildings, and nice staff and professors.

christa chan

I recommend the childcare, the staff actually cares and the environment is fun. Before working here I thought all daycares were germ infested stinky hell holes. Thanks for changing my mind clark college!

d.m. landstrom

The "experience" that I am witnessing a current student go through, is not, I believe, a very healthy experience. I'm just wondering....... What is the definition of a student who attends "part time"? What is the definition of a student who attends "full time"? How many credits define whether a student is part time or full time? What is the "financial" difference between a part time student and/or a full time student? A student who is currently enrolled with 15, that's FIFTEEN, credits, how much of a grant should she be getting from FAFSA? Am I wrong to assume that, a student currently enrolled with anywhere between 12 & 15 credits IS (or should be) considered a full time student who then should be getting close to $6000 per quarter as opposed to half that amount? Not to mention, that this particular student has already met or exceeded the necessary GPA. So? Why is she being "cheated"?

el amrani ziyad

Ronni Bush

There are several issues. First off, Clark's website is ridiculous! It it so difficult to navigate & find what you are looking for. It is absolutely NOT user friendly. Web registration takes forever! Another big issue I have is the classes offered & time slots. It is impossible to get an effective class schedule. Not only are classes "full" the minute registration opens up, but I am just "mind blown" at the lack of thought in how these classes are offered. Classes are not offered at convenient times nor in time slots that will allow a student to build a schedule without taking useless & unnecessary classes! Some classes are 1 1/2 hours, 3 times a week, some are 1 hour everyday & etc. So if a student needs several classes it is really difficult to build a schedule without facing CONSTANT time conflicts. In my daughter's case she is not getting the full benefit of doing Running Start because she CANNOT build a decent schedule! I can only imagine that this is done as a way to get more financial aid money from students. Students have to take classes they don't need or want just to reach that "full-time" status to get the maximum financial aid. For many students, this contributes to larger, unnecessary student loan burdens later!!! Another thing that grinds my gears is all the "fees" for the classes in addition to tuition! I mean, come on!! Students are already paying what, $113+ per credit hour for a community college, plus those expensive books, let's just add a few hundred dollars more for "fees"! I mean who cares right, the students will just get loan money or grants to pay for it!!! Oh, and those books! My daughter was required to purchase, well actually I purchased, an $80 book for a class & she didn't even need it! It was not utilized at all!!! Clark, you need to clean up your act & quit wasting students' time & money!!

Chris Andrews

Ill sum Clark up for you in one word...Frustrating! I've gone to a few diff schools and Clark is my least favorite by far.There is never any parking after 8 am, all the lots are full and you have to walk a long way to get to class.The class sizes are large and there are allot of running start students in them being obnoxious.The Financial aid department is the worst part, they will do anything and everything they can to make your experience hell, id rather sit in the dmv for hours than to have to deal with these people! . If you ask to speak to someone in charge they will tell you there is nobody, its all ran by a secret committee. Most of the staff acts as though you the student are not important and will not go out of there way to assist you or help with an issue. There is absolutely no communication between departments when one cant help they send you on down the line to the next who cant, its an endless cycle of frustration. Its really sad because they have a beautiful well kept campus and for the most part very good instructors and allot of fun activities that take place for the students but that does not make up for the horrible service and constant headaches.

Brad Dial

Clark College is a great place to make your start, compared to other universities it is extremely cheap and well worth its price! I've lived in the greater Vancouver Wa area for most of my life and had almost sworn off Clark, I had wanted bigger and better. But as life went on things changed and I begrudgingly enrolled at Clark. To say the least I was surprised that the college campus far exceeded my expectations. The campus is beautiful, the administration is helpful and simple and the teachers are good. They understand that a lot of people have work and life outside of school and that education isn't always the number one priority, so they are almost always understanding and willing to work with you. This school is great for someone who is trying to get started, get out or make a change in their life direction! As well as for those who are homebodies that still want to pursue an education. Oh and there is surprisingly high population of good looking girls! ;) I have been pleased with what I got for the last two years.

Alyssa Sutton

Halei Carrigan

Some of the teachers are really awesome. However, there are also a number of teachers who obviously do not care about you. Since returning to Clark in the fall I have: 1. Been forced to sit through class instead of going to the emergency room because I would insta-fail if I left. I went to the ER after. I had kidney stones. I was forced to sit through an over 2 hour class because my teacher didn’t care. 2. I was enrolled in a class. Realized I didn’t need it for my degree. Stopped doing the work because I planned to withdraw. My car was totaled the next week. I wasn’t able to make it into the registration office to withdraw due to my car. Which would be fine because you can do it online. I fought with their servers for TWO WHOLE DAYS to withdraw. Didn’t make it in time. Attempted to appeal. It was rejected because they thought I was just trying to get out of the grade. They forced me to take an f in a class I don’t even need for my degree because their servers were so full that I wasn’t able to withdraw in time. Save yourself some time and trouble and go somewhere else.

Lesllie Rivera

Jonathan Leonard

Randy Robison

I have always had wonderful in-class teachers. However I have had nightmare after nightmare, and almost everyone I know has had the same problem, with their online staff. Online staff forgets to post assignments, doesn't grade assignments on time. In short, their online teachers don't like to do their job and then if you take it up with the school they pretty much tell you that it's your problem. Credits however are FAR TOO expensive. Going here almost costs more than university. It is actually cheaper to go to PSU as an out-of-state student.

Michael Butler

Spent time at a major university prior to attending here and have had a wonderful experience in comparison. The advising here is much more helpful and has me on a much more reasonable track towards graduation.

Caleb F

Clark college is a great community college. Of course, it isn't a university so it is unrealistic to have the same standards. To address all of the complaints about financial aid, advising, and the other offices: if you get your stuff in punctually then it shouldn't be a problem. They can only be as reliable as you are. Overall, excellent courses and generally good teachers.

Niko Ni

Big Smoke

WiFi killer but great place

Montana Niedziela

Elizabeth Zakharov

Vanessa Casillas

why does no one here know how to spell?

Nicole Motil

Kick Sick

The car show there was great. I got to sit in my dream car



I went to clark college before transferring and graduating from WSUV, it was a great school, relatively well run at the time I went. My son is going there now and the administration, phone system and financial aid departments are horrible. The staff is not trained well, many appear to have no training. They don't answer phones, your directed to leave a message but then the phone call is dropped. No one seems to know what to do, so they transfer you to someone else who doesn't know what to do or who to transfer you to, and then the call is dropped...every time. When you go in to talk to someone, they suggest you call for faster service. The administrative staff is rude. They don't distribute fafsa funds on time, after he was told "don't worry, everything is taken care of" and then my son was automatically dropped from classes because they dropped the ball by not distributing the funds on time Clark College used to be a good school, with a few problems, but now it's run like a McDonalds, with a sh&&%ty product and a ton of sh&&^ty teachers and professors (there are still a few good ones). Keep in mind that this is a publicly funded school so it's very sad that it does not hire enough help and doesn't take the time and money to train them properly, it seems it now values profit a mile high over actually providing an education and serving the student. I'd give a minus 5 stars if I could.

George Troop

Try to get them on the telephone? This is a college and they have no one to answer phones at 12:30 pm on a Tuesday? Are you kidding me? You are to leave a message and they say they will get back to you within 24 hours? As a decades old alum I will put them on hold when they call me for a contribution again. If I ran a business like this I would have been bankrupt a long time ago. This is very disappointing to say the least. After a long phone wait a voice says "We appreciate your patience but are unable to answer the phone at this time"?

Alexander Bemar

Alicianna Massey

Clark college is the best community college in the Northwest. They offer plenty of resources and the instructors are awesome. I would recommend this college to friends and family. Clark college has changed my life in many wonderful ways!

Parvesh Kumar

Awesome experience ,,

Akers King

random recorder

Spiral Kipz

The facilities here are really nice and in the Spring the cherry blossoms are beautiful. There are some great teachers here and the faculty are mostly good. The higher-ups are also extremely friendly and dedicated to their jobs for bettering the student experience.

Luc Hoekstra

Jackie W


(Translated by Google) Go to beauty (Original) 去美容

Chris Blackman

Nadia Muzhkevich

El R

This is my first year here and I already regret it. This school is full of the liberal based lectures and topics. Very anti-Christian which I find interesting, considering the college only cares about "accepting everyone". This school also treats everyone as if we were ALL running start students. The # of absences you can have before you fail the class or get docked a WHOLE grade is insane!!!! Lots of teachers let you have no excuse to be absent. We aren't all 16 year olds! Some of us are grown adults with children and work who sometimes just can't make it in. And don't get me started on financial aid!!! That's a whole mess in itself. This school seems to care more about everyone "fitting in" than our education. It's just a big joke.

Cookie Bexar

Clark college is right next to the VA clinic so it's perfect and easy to travel to school then I can easily go to my VA appointments

ผึ้ง ชัดชารี


this college is amazing i made a iphone z box 2 just with some wires and carboard

Jane Martins Costa

Alexander Hipple

Great faculty and staff, great facilities, great courses, great opportunities. Thank you Clark College.

rebecca stefan

When I was a new student I felt completely overwhelmed and confused. I didn’t receive a lot of help from the counselors or academic advisors. I struggled to find out how to complete financial aid and find out how and where to register. Also some of the classes are a complete waste of time. I probably signed up for the wrong classes so that’s on me, but I didn’t learn a single thing, and wasn’t challenged at all in some of the classes I took.

Blake L

The staff have been friendly in my experience

Zach Venus

Awful communication, they don't send you grades, your suppose to go to your schedule after the quarter and that's where you view them (um ok how would we know this without having to call and wait on hold for 15 minutes?). So many little issues with going here that it makes it not worth it overall. Registration process is worse than dealing with the dmv, classes will fill in minutes after opening, then it's up to you to bug everyone to try to get into needed classes. Literally no phone number to reach anyone without starting at the bottom. They think by delegating everything the way they do is helpful but really makes it a cold and distant experience, with no one held responsible or taking ownership for really helping a student resolve an issue or request.

Mel Harnett

1966 grad of clark college professional nursing program. It was the best of the best progrsm. Great.instruction and 5 star quality.learning and staff. I visited program in 2016. It still is best nursing program in the region. Go Penquins.

Jane tesner kleiner

This is a highly qualified day care facility. The staff are caring and supportive and innovative with their child care development. Our son attended since the age of one and our second son will also attend. The director is excellent and ensures that her staff are following all required protocols. My son met two of his best friends there and six years later, their friendships are thriving. We would recommend Clark is a local university, on the bus line, easy to get to, reasonably priced, encourage parents to participate and very caring staff.

Ian Perry

A terrible experience, their advising sucks. I am a transferring to WSUV. The adviser, told me to my face, "That we don't communicate to WSUV.", which is complete bull, since the WSU transfer counselor's office, is the next cubicle over from my advisor. The teachers are more part time professionals, than actual teachers. For example, I signed up for a Tuesday- Thursday class, and the teacher had to cancel all but one of the Thursday classes, because he had another job to attend too. For the amount of money, they charge me for tuition, it is ridiculous on what services they provide.

Morghan Vance

I recently graduated from Clark College and I loved every minute of it. Easy to communicate with the staff and advisors, the library staff were always helpful if you needed help finding books or even working a system on microsoft, and the professors seemed to always make themselves accessible in person, over the phone, and through email. It is a community college that has a high quality and recognized name. If you are looking to go to a place that is affordable, yet provides high end education, Clark College is it!

Malai Benavidez

I have so far wasted 3 semesters not being able to finish my Nursing degree. Been told that it's not a good idea to do nursing program. Had a positively horrible philosophy teacher that I had to withdraw from and now I am being punished to the fullest. I can't get financial aid back until I pay for at least one 5 credit class and then beg to reinstate. I have been so upset and wasted so much time. No one returns calls, teachers are a hit or miss. I will never take a class again until I check rate my professor. If I have to pay over a 100 dollars per credit, I expect the best!!! Now I have to go talk to another so called "guidance counselor ", to just point me in the wrong direction. College has become the used car dealership of degrees. You hope and pray you don't end up with a lemon.

katie welch

Veronika Rymar

Adam Taylor

What a joke. Terrible experience. Need better parking, better teachers, better curriculum. .. if you can't get by with no homework, no class work and only take points from tests and quizzes, you're going to fail here. In other words, if you have testing anxiety, you're going to fail. There's no other way to gain points to any of the classes I took. The website sucks, too! Very confusing and information is difficult to find (even for a savvy person). Call call call! To make sure they have all of the information. They will tell you that you are good to go, three or four times - come to find out they are missing something and keeping you from getting financial aid or signing up for classes. TERRIBLE school! !! I'm going back to MT Hood Community College, even if it's a 40 minute drive and dealing with traffic. It's worth it. (Sad, right?)

Micah Wade

A very good community college.

Micah Twiss

fuk ursefl

This school is a web of intricate lies. It's all apparent when you enter Gaiser Hall and take a look anywhere else. Gaiser Hall looks nice, inside and out. But if you take a step anywhere else, you will see both dull and nice looking buildings. These are lies. They are all dull on the inside. I can't believe they would trick their students and staff with this. Buildings that look architecturally neato on the outside should look equally neato on the inside. No. These monsters have tricked everyone. Each building looks equally dull. I can't believe they got away with this. Oh yeah, the teachers and classes are alright I guess, if you're into that.

Mr. Mcgibbles

Terrance McKinnon

Kristin Lipp

I've had multiple issues with the instructors, and there have been many times when the class did not receive any review for the class. There have been questions on quizzes that aren't covered in the text. There have been instructors who erase what they're writing down before you're done copying notes. There have been times I haven't received my quizzes back to be able to study them for other quizzes and exams/finals. There was a time when I submitted a final for review above the instructor (which would have heightened my grade) and I never heard one word back about it. The quality of the classes are poor and many instructors don't explain well enough and move on before ensuring the class understands. The bookstore is a ripoff and they won't set up student consignment because they want all the profit. I was hoping Clark was going to be better than Lane, but it's just a tiny bit worse than I expected and it's very unfortunate that students' voices are not addressed.


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