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REVIEWS OF William & Mary IN Virginia

Owen Howe

Fred Hoffman

Tristan Clark

My little sister chose to go to W&M instead of a community college near me. 1 Star

Paul D. Diaz

Lewis Mc Swine

James and Nhu Milton

The three years I spent at William and Mary were the best three years of my life. My professors were passionate, caring, understanding, knowledgeable, and experienced. My friends were exceptional and inspirational, while I was given so many opportunities to learn and grow. I am especially indebted to the endless support I received from the Writing Center, the Career Center, the Counseling Center, Reves Center for International Studies, and the Student Engagement and Leadership Office, and can't wait to pay it forward.

Brandon Twine

This place was pretty cool to walk through but it seems like the people here are a little eccentric.

Evan Chambers

Sam Amacher

Vicki Farnham

deja duffy

Daniel Carlomany

A wonderful place to go to school. The campus is gorgeous, the classes are small and taught by professors, and the degree opens doors to just about anywhere. In my opinion it's the best school in Virginia and one of the best universities in the country.

Brad Provencher

Beautiful campus in the heart of colonial williamsburg

Thomas Unander-Scharin

Beautiful and historical setting for a college

khuong nguyen

Beautiful and very historical college.

Joshua Logsdon

Vy Phan

Matt Diaz

Beautiful place to visit with lots of history to learn about.

Hello, I Am A Noob

Campus is amazing.

Raye Matthews

Ssilent Grizzly

i just like it because its where Todd Howard went to school

yikes dont copy right


Frank Riverang

not as remarkable as they think they are, still, a good education.

Arjun Bhugra

Jack Almeter

(Translated by Google) thanks (Original) Dank

Tyriq Jones

Ale Santander

Carey Wilks

Matthew Morgan

Victor Sulkowski

Jim Rama

My mother and I not only matriculated to William and Mary but have supported the College in a variety of ways over the years. Further, my daughter was recruited by William and Mary to attend undergraduate school (she graduated from UVA this past June) and now graduate school. The reason I'm commenting is to make clear that I can no longer support or condone an institution which alligns itself with an outright subversive (Comey). I believe in second chances and diverse opinion but this man has participated in the politization of the FBI and has illegally retained classified material and used it for personal gain. I will not permit my most precious asset to set foot on campus which supports such people and ideas. No wonder Thomas Jefferson was driven to establish 'his' University!

Carol g Goetz

This college is hiring former disgraced FBI director James Comey for ethics advice. Laughable. Good luck with your future.

Bill King

Incredible College. Education for a lifetime

Muscle Powderr


Bradley Hallier

Charlie Hunley

I have a relative attending William and Mary currently. The campus here is gorgeous. I have been several times down to the campus to take my relative different places around Williamsburg. (My relative doesn't own a car, he lives on campus) I love coming down here just to see the beautiful campus. I look forward to my relative's calls to come and pick him up. I will say one thing though. Recently my relative went to the Rowe House, which has the "Confucius Institute" from China. The staff there were very disrespectful and told him to leave after he started asking questions about Mao Zedong, an old leader in China. Before he even started asking questions about Mao Zedong they had a disrespectful attitude and were rude. They seem to be giving William and Mary a bit of a bad name. According to my relative and his friends. Hopefully someone at William and Mary w/a bit of authority will start to come down on the "Confucius Institute" and tell them to properly talk and respect guests.

David Stackpole

I graduated in 93, but loved the challenge, professor involvement, beauty and history of this excellent school. Met my beautiful wife there, made great friends and am forever indebted.

Zhang Qianru

Review for " CONFUCIUS INSTITUTE" Rowe House 314 Jamestown Road A quote for the CONFUCIUS INSTITUTE - "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all" I heard Confucius institute is not treating visitors or activity participant with respect or care about them

G Aquino

On a recent visit to the Historic Williamsburg District, we found ourselves with some extra time so we decided to stop by here. If you're arriving by car like us, you can go to the Police and Parking Services office along Ukrop Way to pay the parking fee and get info about designated parking spots. Campus maps and restrooms are available there as well. We found street parking along Landrum Drive, which was an easy walk to the two places we wanted to see - Sunken Garden and Wren Building. We spent the next 1.5 hours walking around and learning about the university and some of its most famous graduates, such as Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson.

Olivia Yoh

We did a historical tour here and it was very interesting and educational.

Penelope Doss

So far has been a wonderful experience for our student, and we enjoy visiting very much. Very friendly atmosphere, people smile and make eye contact, we feel welcome to visit!

Alyssa Zhu

One of the most beautiful places up and down the East Coast with incredible history and nature. I've never met such a friendly and genuine student body and inspirational professors until I came to William & Mary.

Lisa Nocks

David Ogden

We walked through the college, almost by accident; it was well worth the time and wander. A beaut piece of history.

Agustin Quattrini

(Translated by Google) Undoubtedly a great university that surprised me by its history and that of many of its students, great personalities of American history (Original) Sin dudas una gran universidad que me sorprendió por su historia y la de muchos de sus alumnos, grandes personalidades de la historia norteamericana

Maureen Hinkis

Rick Richardson

Best business school in the nation for an MBA

Tina Sullivan

Hope Moore

Matt Andrews

William and Mary is a GARBAGE school. Too much rain.

steven smith

Great historical university. Second oldest chartered school in the country after Harvard. You can tour the restored Christopher Wren building, the original campus building. Walk the historic grounds. Also, a great school with many undergraduate and graduate degrees offered.

anna humphrey

I don't go here.

Dennis Yang

Beautiful setting and history behind it

Natalia Rhoe

It changed my life for the better.

Michel Rivas

Love the campus!

Daryl Henderson

Gabrielle Janotta

Linda Hartman

Rodney Franks

Frederick Schwarzmaier

H.K. Moon




K town Surrey

yiming zhou

notreal coder

(Translated by Google) Good (Original) 굳

James White

Khauri McClain

Shane Chase

This place oozes history and is so nice to walk around. People are friendly and cheerful. Hope I get to visit again soon

Joanna Park

Loved my experience as an undergrad

Stacie Abasiekong

Suvit Pilara

Great and famous one of the oldest college of USA, flagship!!

Kelly Luo

Andrew Yeboah Opoku

Nan Xiao


Lee Deskins

This is a great college in a fun place to live.

Katie McNamee

Daniel Kauffman

Beautiful campus. High quality education.

Sarah McCoy

Shannon Drew

Luciano Saporito

Sarah Maddox

Anna G

Joseph Lash

Bilal Asad

Nina LaValley

Amazing school located in the heart of colonial Williamsburg, Va. It's a great and challenging school academically and it has a gorgeous campus!

Lina Fan

thatgamer lryic

best college

Tamara Belanger

Oh my! To sit surrounded by the Sunken Gardens where camps once settled in before heading to Yorktown, to read the names on a marble plaque of the first 24 female students ever to enroll in the college, to walk the brick sidewalks and upnthe steps,of the Wren Building....what an absolute honor!

Will Clements

Ken and Alicia Lund

One of the most beautiful and historic campuses in the United States.

Scott Hinsche

I do not think I could have had a better college experience


Gorgeous campus, fabulous teachers

Joshua LeMay

Mark Wilkin

Jarrett Heckert

Xiaodan Ye


Great place and school for everyone.

Quinn McDowell

Bigal Harbut

Solo Erika

James Maxwell


Great school has a lovely campus, clean dorm buildings and large selection of clubs. Overall great experience.

Valentina O.

The female students just wont stop trying to drug me .. so much under age drinking and drug usage wonder so many students die or go to rehab.. I pray will will vet their students better.

Zeidh Azmee

Rachel Y

(Translated by Google) Small and beautiful (Original) 小而美

xiao liu

(Translated by Google) Very old university deserves our cherish (Original) 很古老的大学 值得我们去珍惜 环境很优美

Willie Blassingame


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