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REVIEWS OF Virginia Military Institute IN Virginia

Jason Tomlin

This place has a lot of thing you can enjoy while you are over there shopping

Joe Varacalle

Steve Nakazawa

Great school and a truly remarkable place steeped in history. VMI is a very unique experience that only a very few people in the world have the privilege of understanding. Hated being a cadet there but glad to be a graduate from there.

bubba mack

Hello Friends, Bubba "Big BM" Mack reporting. I came to Lexington looking for the BM Institute (BMI) but my GPS kept bringing me here. I'm guessing that BMI moved without giving notice, or I typed in VMI, not BMI. I was hoping to pick up some of the newest BM literature to use in my frequent BM presentations around the country. Anyway, I had a chance to walk the grounds and I observed a crowd of honorable youths, all smiling, so I knew they were enjoying good BMs with every trip to the latrine (that's military for bathroom). I wanted to go into the mess hall (military for dining hall), but that is not open to the public. I'm pretty sure they have a wide variety of selections for the cadets (military for students), leading to good, healthy BMs. I was able to visit a spot in the barracks (military for dormitory) and enjoyed a nice submarine (military for a submersible vessel) sandwich. If you find yourself in Lexington make time for a stop at Natural Bridge and VMI - both are worth a visit from every tourist. This is Bubba "Big BM" Mack wishing you good travels and good BMs!!

Linnea Carlson

Aaron Shaffer

Michael Yes

Charles Rollins

M Hall

Timothy Butterfield

Frank Marinaro

Hating your child more? My son attended and the experience he had there was outstanding. It was tough physically, challenging academically, and austere living, but his time spent there, while difficult, was rewarding and transformative. As they say VMI is not ordinary, the educational and life experience obtained there is extraordinary.


Tina V

Gabriella Recalchi

Townsend Larmore

Jonathon Burton

I called VMI to talk to a admissions Counselor and while asking a couple of questions about VMI and they hanged up on me. I tried to call back and no one picked up. I will not recommended this college to anyone.

Karen Flynt

William Burton

Enjoyed the museum and the tour of the grounds by the cadet, the history of VMI is well worth the trip.

Robert Osborne

NC Craven

Nice visit

Randy Rivera

#lukethisyourfather #gijoearpiolookalike #drmindbender #nevergiveupkids

Amir Mahmoud

Raines Pan

A place where my dream can be tell.

B Bhatt

Cody Faust

My dad works there and it’s pretty lit

Jacob Baehman

Thao Thanh

319 Letcher Ave

Jim Rae



(Translated by Google) Thomas Jonathan Perez Jackson (Clarksburg, 21 January 1824 - Guinea Station, 10 May 1863) was a US military. Officer in the US Army he became a lieutenant general in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. He was nicknamed Stonewall ("Stone Wall") for having resisted with great determination July 21, 1861 at the advance unionist, in a phase of the first battle of Bull Run during the Civil War. Jackson is often considered one of the most gifted commanders of US military history and his fall in combat was a blow to the fate of the Confederacy. The nickname was given to him by one of his subordinates, Brigadier General Barnard Elliott Bee, Jr. who, a few hours before he died on the field, commented on the fearless cover secured to his retreating troops by his superior, exclaiming that he was resisting "like a stone bastion ». That the material had not only served a wholly symbolic "wall" is shown by the fact that the fighting on that day raged around a stone house, on Henry House Hill, from which the artillery could strike the Unionist positions and that therefore it had a remarkable tactical relevance. (Original) Thomas Jonathan Perez Jackson (Clarksburg, 21 gennaio 1824 – Guinea Station, 10 maggio 1863) è stato un militare statunitense. Ufficiale nell'US Army divenne tenente generale nell'esercito degli Stati Confederati durante la guerra di secessione. Fu soprannominato Stonewall ("Muro di pietra") per aver resistito con grande determinazione il 21 luglio 1861 all'avanzata unionista, in una fase della prima battaglia di Bull Run nel corso della guerra di secessione. Jackson è spesso considerato uno dei comandanti più dotati dell'intera storia militare statunitense e la sua caduta in combattimento costituì un durissimo colpo per il destino della Confederazione. Il soprannome gli fu dato da un suo sottoposto, il brigadier generale Barnard Elliott Bee, Jr. che, qualche ora prima di morire sul campo, commentò la copertura impavida assicurata alle sue truppe in ritirata dal suo superiore esclamando che egli stava resistendo «come un bastione di pietra». Che quel materiale non fosse servito solo a un "muro" del tutto simbolico è dimostrato dal fatto che i combattimenti in quella giornata infuriarono intorno a una casa di pietra, sulla Henry House Hill, dalla quale l'artiglieria poté colpire le posizioni unioniste e che pertanto ebbe una notevole rilevanza tattica.

Rich Basher

Fascinating place to visit.

Tito Rodriguez

A place that makes you stand out!

The Gucci Girl

So cool

Warner Collier

Sean Brennan

Patrick Poindexter

My name is Patrick Hilton Poindexter II," and i was born in Lexington,VA. Half of my life ive been in Orlando and Tampa florida since i was 9 and 10 year's old been down there for at least 6 to 8 weeks. I like traveling, music, Sport's,working out, cinemas, theater's,eating out,my buddy drew Absher offered me a beer one time, it was when i was 22 or 24. My hobbies and interests tend to change rarely. I'm a real Los Angeles Kings Hockey fan,Redskins fan,got u in the eye of the storm of Miami hurricane fan,Braves fan, Miami Heat fan,Dodger fan,Bruins Basketball fan,Trojan football,been a cub scout,webelos scout and almost an Eagle Scout. Loved being in Boy Scouts. From Basketball to Baseball Camp here as a youngster of 9 to 11. A real loyal,charming,intelligent, gentleman take Keppeler for example at church. For the past few year's I was grateful and I've experienced a lot of the military lifestyle. No offense to the entire Corp. Being born here has it's limits," the first person that told me about the ratline was my best friend Brian Bopp. I have multiple people in my family who served in the military father(Airforce)father's brother's Earl and Payne Wright Poindexter United States ArmyWW2 and Fire chief ) cousin Taylor Poindexter Sgt.Mjr.Commander united states Army,Henry Carl Franklin USMC Staff Sargeant, George Lee Franklin USMC Because you see I was exposed to the military for along time coming from the three amigos. Year after year I've seen Cadets come and go way before these little rascals ever heard of The Virginia Military Institute. Eversince 1902 where my cousins relatives worked here. Swimming in the pool was required at Basketball camp because that was one of the experiences that I had since I was 10 carrying my Redskins Duffle bag to the pool with a towel and swim trunks going off the diving board. Being named after one of the former football Coaches was a privilege and an honor. I'm part Franklin,Long,Borgus known as Bogus,Hubbard and Evans. Another experience was eating in the mess hall," it's better than eating chicken wings on Friday night's at Macados. Where I got to know and meet a couple cadets because I speak straight from the heart of the Corp. Of what I think and feel. But I have been affiliated and associated with Vmi for along time now. But my Commanding Officer's might wanted me to represent them from Col. James Alan Coale,Coach Bart Bellairs,DavidSigler,Kenny Brooks,Marlin Ikenberry,Col. Eric Hutchings,Matt Campbell to Col.Vernon Lee Beitzel 74 alumus and the name am not mentioning and a aspadania. I have a question when I was back in school and my life planning class teacher Robin Sherman wanted us to write down what kind of job descriptions suits us the best. I was reading something about does a job suits somebody's personality of where there comfortable at?


Andy Wagner

@ Mr. Burton. Who did you talk to in the admissions department? Seems a bit uncharacteristic of that office. I'm happy to answer questions unofficially as mid-2000's grad.

Jourdan Bethea

I go and I love it.

Christian Scherer

Bob Jones

Lot of history n it has nice campus


Don't understand the "hating your child" statements. Did you thing the military was a rainbows and sparkles place to learn? You are being trained for combat not birthday parties.

Lowell Jett


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