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REVIEWS OF Virginia Commonwealth University IN Virginia

ชนะชล อุนะพำนัก

Umunneochi TV

I wish to get Admission and graduate in V.C.U ,it is my dream school to graduate and i pray my dream come true, i rate it the best of all i also wish to invite all my friends and well wisher that V.C.U is the best , and it will always escalate me to a high level

Mark Peterson

How can I give zero stars?

tata lovely

VCU''s school of social work program is full of individuals who don't really care about the students. The professors are great but the field department is horrible! They place you at sites that are unprofessional and do not help you learn what it means to be a social worker. They have terrible relationships with agencies and I wish I knew that before I was in the program. They appear great on the outside but its smoking mirrors.

Brandon T. Luong

There is a reason why this gym was listed in the top 12 best college gyms in USA. It's that amazing! Go in the morning because that's when it's the emptiness. Sometimes late night is good too, but depends.

Quyến Nguyễn Đức

Ezana Eskinder

Absolutely love it here. Couldn't ask for anything more out of a university.


One of America's premier up-and-coming universities. Richmond is an amazing city, a microcosm of the whole country in terms of diversity and creativity. Here is fertile soil for young artists, entrepreneurs, conservationists and sportsmen to grow and exercise their talents. Government enthusiasts find the city's status as the capital of the state and its proximity to D.C. appealing, and business majors learn in the presence of 6 fortune 500 companies. Journalists from across the country have plenty here to report as the city reinvents itself, while artists mingle with students and graduates of the #1 public arts program in the U.S. Doctors, nurses, biologists and engineers all have more here than I can even begin to say. Even extreme sporting has a lively home here, with Richmond being rated the Best Outdoor Town in America by Outdoor magazine, and VCU hosting one of the most comprehensive Outdoor Adventure Programs at any school. This is the perfect school for hungry students eager to prove themselves and make a difference in the world.

Andale S

Bad education and example for students. Animal abuse: experimenters at VCU addict monkeys to cocaine, heroin, fentanyl, and other drugs. Then, they take the drugs away and force the animals to experience agonizing withdrawal symptoms. When questioned, the university claimed that the monkeys are then retired to a sanctuary—but why would anyone who does this to animals tell the


Big burger rhoyoy

Jacob Al

Nicholas Wolf

Very urban campus strewn throughout Richmond. New library is incredible.

Ashley Ramey

shretta ford

Ben Brooks

I feel as though the faculty does everything thing they can to help you succeed. Not to mention the fact that Richmond is a great place to be. Really enjoy it here.

Abhinav Laxsav

Best university in Virginia!

A Google User

Fine University. Excellent Medical College. New Challenges, New Opportunities: One of the nation's top medical schools. The admissions process for each degree program is different ...

Ivan Witteborg

Great school

Carl Timperio

Best university ever

Mateo Nikolav

Incredibly fun and inspiring


I am an alumni diminution VCU is great!

Perry Williams

Alvin Ross

If one has never had the opportunity to travel around the world, that priceless opportunity may be afforded on the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University. VCU is home to the most eclectic student body in the state of Virginia and also has made its presence internationally with a campus in Qatar. The vibe of innovation and creativity at VCU is invigorating. Under the tutelage of President Rao, VCU has become a titan in Richmond as well as the state of Virginia under the “Great Place Initiative”. With the number one public arts school in America, number one medical school in Virginia, only dental school in Virginia and coveted professional programs such as nursing, health care administration, business, creative advertising, engineering and etc. VCU is asserting itself as a premier urban research institute located in the capitol city of Richmond Virginia. Apart from its academic prowess, VCU’s stellar basketball team has garnered national acclimation after reaching the pinnacle of collegiate success the Final Four in 2011. Since then, VCU has been a perennial powerhouse with its “HAVOC” style of basketball. Simply put, VCU is force to be reckoned with.

Mattie Middleton

Fearless Shi

(Translated by Google) hjn students to study here (Original) hjn同学在这里学习

Stretch Cassidy

If you are not high profile or going to donate a wing, stay away. Middle class, common care is profiled and you'll fall between the cracks. Personal experience

Carl Cooper

Ekemini Essien

Malik Mask

I saw a camel once.... Good times

Linda Moore

Michelle Lowe

Ok really they wana charge me 6k just for a urin test to lie and say o had a uti when i have stage 3 kidney disease so yeah of course ima have a uti i have kept one since i was 4 years old and i told them that and the dr was rude and nasty.. and want to bill me for being in there 2 hrs with no help with the systoms i was having that had nothing to do with my bladder. This has to be the absoult worst hospital ever... people knodding out in waiting room was put in room beside me begging for pain meds and the nurse telling the same doctor because we could hear everything and dr telling nurse to give the 1mg daulid and i couldnt even get nothing for nausa. Shm worst place ever then want to bill me over 6k....

Cameron Smith

Awesome school to attend, lots of diversity, too many hipsters/mac demarco impersonators

Hannah Custer

Independent Journalist

........Innocent monkeys are being tormented and tortured here at this so-called "school"..........this is being carried out by evil "teachers", and some "students"

juliya jurista

Marcos Perez


So much stuff to do, I love it

Christopher Oltorik

Dakota Kelley

Lara Japple

Overall my experience at VCU has been miserable. For my first semester I was struggling very badly in my algebra class, in all my other classes I was doing well, but that particular class I couldn’t keep up. I went to the math help centers several times and they were always too busy to help me. Same with the extra sessions set up by the classes. I just couldn’t keep up with the class and despite asking for help several times, and making a lot of effort to imporove and pass the class, I received no additional support. I then had several severe health issues during my next semester which caused me to have to withdraw from my classes. Despite being taken off campus in an ambulance and then explaining the situation, and letting them know I was going to withdraw from my current classes and that I could get full documentation from my doctors, I was still going to be billed the full amount. I have been trying to repeal so I only have to pay a partial amount for months, and I need notes from my professors confirming I didn’t attend classes past a certain date. For months now I have been begging a professor to email me back or call me or something and I always get the same response, just try again with the email or call later. I have shown up during his office hours and he is never there. VCU claims to have a great, caring community but I never felt that. No one has bothered to help me and now I’m likely going to be choked with debt for classes I didn’t take, which is even worse since due to my status as a legal non citizen I won’t get any financial aid whatsoever. They say they are an inclusive community, and racially that may be so, but anything that actually takes any effort to be inclusive with, aka making accommodations for and helping the disabled, they don’t seem to care. How to sign up for and what classes to take was also very poorly explained to me, despite me asking several times, which was very stressful too. Overall VCU has put me off getting a higher education. For now, it’s on the back burner. I hope I am an exception and that others here have a much better time and a bright future from attending VCU. I guess it’s just not for me.

Morris Mickins


S Ali

Alexia A.

Great university.

Marshal Turner

paul iwashchenko

I earned two great degrees from VCU which have served me well, and I have enjoyed their active expansion into the Carver community.

Nicole Hancock

Transferred here from community college three years ago and I wish I could say it was a great experience, but honestly it wasn't. In fact, my time spent at a local community college was much better than going here. Located right in the armpit of central virginia, the "campus" is more of an idea than anything else and is intertwined with the dirty, cramped, crime ridden downtown area. There are entirely too many students here, as this school accepts all the leftovers and rejects who couldn't get in anywhere else. Most of the students here are either vey clique-y (usually stuck up kids from Northern Virgina living off mommy and daddy's income) or are people who lack social skills and live in a bubble. Tuition cost rises literally every year. Parking for both commuter and on-campus students is dumb expensive; my first year, I paid $700 out of pocket for a parking garage space that was a several minute hike from my apartment (and that is because parking spaces do go fast). On campus housing costs are ridiculous.... that is, if you can actually manage to obtain on campus housing given the amount of students that go here. Speaking of which, housing is guaranteed only for freshmen, so you might as well forget it in the first place. If you find off campus housing, be prepared to pay no less than $1000 a month for an apartment that might happen to be old and dingy. Dining plans are worth it, but make sure you use them up as much as you can otherwise it will be a waste of money. And the social scene? Haha what is that. Greek life here is a joke and made up by only 7 percent of the student body, not to mention any stereotype you've ever heard about students in greek life are actually true here. Good luck trying to join a club to find your niche, as most of them have been defunct for years. Parties are scant, and if you do happen to find them, are usually lame and thrown by kids no older than 20. This city does have plenty of good eateries, shops, things to do and bars (if you're 21 or older), but they're not much different than what I can do back home, i.e. nothing impressive. Academics are hit or miss depending on your field of study; the criminal justice department (the course I majored in) is amazing, the professors I've had classes with were all very competent, intelligent, and worked to make the courses interesting, not to mention they offered plenty of internship opportunities. The engineering, art, and medical schools here are supposedly top notch. That is perhaps the only positive thing I have to say about going here. A lot of the gen ed courses are taught by professors who couldn't care less, and certain departments and professors just set their students up for failure. Might I add that this school is actually listed as one of the hardest universities in the entire nation to get an A. Don't get me started on the advisors either, you know, the people who are supposed to help you figure out which courses to take to make it less of a burden for you. Let me just say that the advisors and career counselors here are useless and make you feel like you'd be better off talking to a brick wall. The best part of my experience here was graduating and I don't miss it. If you want to go to a school where you don't feel like a number, aren't trying to put that big a dent in your wallet, would like to actually have fun and gain the most out of your education, and want an overall true college experience, then by all means avoid VCU.

Maricol Delegero

Devon Dryer

Devi Sarvani

raj kumar

Ava Hassas

Stephen Davis

In my opinion, there are better schools in Virginia than VCU. The acceptance rate is really high, so as a 4.0 student with higher than average SAT scores, I felt like getting in would be a breeze, which it was, and ended up with a scholarship. As a Virginia resident, VCU was the only in-state school I applied to because of it's PT program (which I decided not to pursue because I lost interest in the field). I was accepted to two out of state universities and stuck with VCU because of lower costs. In hindsight, after a year at VCU, I wish that I would have applied to more in-state schools. Let me start by saying that if you're not in any of the pre-health programs, or going to be in the theater or VCUarts program, there really isn't a reason to come to VCU, as the other programs are average at best and aren't that competitive or well-known in the state. VCU is known for being an urban campus, but feeling safe was not one of my main concerns as for the most part I felt safe, except for having to walk two blocks from my parking garage at 1 in the morning after hockey practice, down poorly lit streets to the nearest Campus Connector stop. Moving on to my next issue, VCU Parking and Transportation is absolutely horrendous, and parking is really expensive for keeping your car on campus, especially for the options they provide for undergraduate students. They make undergraduate students living on MCV (overflow dorms) park their cars 10-15 minutes away on the Monroe Park Campus, so for me and many other students, accessing your car when you need it is an absolute nightmare. One positive thing I can say about VCU is that I have had good professors, both semesters I had professors that do care and look out for you (except for one bad CHEM 101 professor, to which I was not the only one to complain). However, there are too many other things that are making me transfer after only two semesters here, and many of those are listed above. In addition, there really isn't much to do around the campus, and the downtown Richmond area isn't really that well-kept (bad sidewalks, horrible roads). The only things that there is to do around the campus on weekends are house-parties, as freshman aren't required to live in the dorms, and that's pretty much it. Library is really nice and newly renovated, and it's one of my only favorite parts about VCU. WiFi is really spotty and slow in the dorms, and I often lose connection quite often. My advisor told me to sign up for a course that I was unprepared to take and ended up having to withdraw at the deadline. The resources at VCU are plenty, but honestly, if you are pursuing something other than a health profession or something in the arts or theater program, there really isn't anything too special about VCU. And be prepared to hear the word "diversity", it's something VCU is super/overly proud about. Also, be prepared to pay extra if you sign up for more than 15 credits. The university claims it saves you money over 4 years for taking 15 credits but you have to pay an extra fee each semester for being at 15 credits or above.

Thomas Dandridge

Despite it's high acceptance rate VCU is an incredible University. Never have I been surrounded by such inspirational and unique individuals. College is what you make it. VCU gives you back as much as you put into it. Richmond is a wonderful city and full of energy. Being in the heart of the city gives students a unique experience.

Matthew Mills

Edit: Really bad set of young people go to this university. Many of the adults and more experienced students keep to themselves, are respectful, and are generally better people. The young crowd is obnoxious. The increasing acceptance rate at this school is adding to this problem and making the school itself much worse then it already is. It's move in week, so freshman: If you are not a pre-med or art student, seriously consider a transfer now. Every other department is under funded, usually poorly staffed, and has a joke of a curriculum. I often say a masters here is a bachelors at UVA. Very few people are actually working or learning here. If you plan to achieve in a life time, this is not the place to do so. Start writing papers and networking now if you plan to say and still get somewhere. Plus side, a good student can graduate from undergrad in 5-6 semesters with some effort. Hipster Central. Trendy Paradise. Trifling Population. Small Campus. Too many students either have too much money, or too much time, or too much freedom and are a deterrence to both the learning process and campus life. As at any school there is a clear segregation between students who spend a vast majority of time working or are part of hard majors, and everyone else. Nasty city. Nasty living conditions. Nasty people. Far too many panhandlers for a city this small. Expensive, Smelly, Noisy, city, city, city (again big city problems in a small city). 2 stars, It CAN get worse; America is on a decline.


Great college!

Larry Marcus

Parvinder Singh

Great university

Miguel Zamudio

(Translated by Google) Good university (Original) Buena Universidad

Mary Ann Echelberger

Graduate of undergrad program in Biology (BS) and also (then MCV) School of Medicine (MD). Loved the diversity offered by an urban university, the great art school and the life long friends I made there. Really proud of the basketball team and the schools work to make sure althetes get a good education. Since my time there the school has expanded it's programs immensely, especially with the addition of a School of Engineering and modernized facilities. I'm a proud alumna; I personally tutored members of the basketball team and they were serious about keeping their GPAs up to standard.

Lindsay Cunningham

Megan Conrad

If there's one thing I could go back and do differently it would be to go to a different school. Don't do it.

Seantay Jackson

Carlos Doval

(Translated by Google) Great experience for foreign students. Very good atmosphere and numerous facilities and services. (Original) Grandísima experiencia para alumnos extranjeros. Muy buen ambiente y numerosas instalaciones y servicios.

David Akinola


Clean and safe to walk around

Kaitlin Via

Christopher Helme

Pretty good university, has several nationally ranked programs.

Selvin Romero



Rajesh Konjeti


Jessica Rye

VCU is great

Brendan de Wet

Will be graduating in 2 Semesters. Many of the professors in the Engineering department have grad students do most of their work. They do not teach real world application of the concepts that you learn. Many of them are content to read off of a power point and leave students ignorant of how their education should be applied. Many students will graduate without the skills to be able to excel in their fields of study.

paul peters

This is where Rebel Tv from YouTube does most of their pranks. Why doesn't the college ban them from their grounds.


Top Hat Photo Booths

Don’t transfer to this college. They do not treat transfer students well and only care for freshmen. They didn’t advise me well when I went there and made me feel unwelcomed.

Manish Lal

Mirza Ahmad

Up and coming university, has the potential to be a national brand in the next decade both in their academics and athletics.

Kyle Martin

My daughter transfered from George Mason and even being from Richmond fell in love with VCU and the City Of Richmond. Leah Martin is a Junior studying Biology Premed. I attended in the early 1980's before transfering to VT. Her Mother got her interior design degree at VCU and her Grandmother Diane Sadler Martin in Arts back when it was RPI. Pretty cool to have three generations.

Moises Ramos

(Translated by Google) Good experiences.Good hungry. (Original) Buenas esperiencias.buen hambiente.

James Hadler

I called the school's number and I can hardly understand the voice of the man in the pre-recorded message.

Lotus Phoenix

VCU is simply outstanding!

Joe Crump

Casey Lee

I am in the arts program and all professors are there for your best interest and there are so many opportunities to take advantage of. Sports are awesome, campus is safe, and Richmond is full of art and music!

Nicole Bywater

Impressive biology program

Diondre T. Wright

I Saw It Dental Teeth going VCU Richmond Hey Crying

Luc Van Tien

Ashley Barrow

Aidan Poush

Good place if you're interested in art

Josh E

Javier Sanchez

Fond of the Biology program. Be prepared to work your tail off.

Denny Moore

Mohammad Shehab

Megan Wright-Carter

I work here at jonahs on the mcv campus amazing place to work so helpful and friendly.

Ro Kri

Watch out for rebel tv

amber williams

I went to Richmond for a VCU info session and tour on the 28th. Getting there was alright, but once we were in Richmond it was very difficult to find where we had to be. The Info part started at 10:30, for reference. The email I received after registering for the event didn't tell me where to park, if a parking permit was needed, nor did it give directions to the Welcome Center. i have registered for more then 3 college visits across the state and received email from each, in fact, ODU sent a parking permit so that we wouldn't have to pay for parking, they told us which garage to park in, and the specific address to input once we were in the area. The email from VCU sorely lacks all of these components. We, being my mother and I, walked around from The Jefferson to the Branding Center. The man at the desk gave us a poor, half-labeled map and told us it was three blocks down past the book store. Wow thanks. We walked around in 100 degree weather, asking students and locals where the heck a Barnes and Nobles was or how to get to Broad street. We stopped on the corner of Broad and saw a girl carting something from the bookstore and asked her where the Welcome Center was. She was didn't know. We finally found the Welcome Center. At 11 o'clock. It was beside the very same place the aforementioned student had just left. wow thanks. When we went inside to inquire about another tour we were told it would be at 2pm. We had to leave before then if we were to be home before dark. The person at the desk told us we could pick up the info pamphlets from the shelves along each window. Some of the leaflets were outdated, showing times for October 2015 informational visit days. Overall, I think I did gain critical knowledge, VCU is not for me. The urban setting makes for a more interesting experience and I can see myself getting used to the layout, but the way the school is spread out and how unknowledgeable students were of their own school puts me off.

Seth N

Computer science program sucks a**. I went there to learn, instead they teach me JAVA for four years. JAVA takes 6 months to learn at a professional level. They are bulls***

Captain Ross Poldark

.....These "multicultural" criminals, who "teach", and are "students", at this so-called "school" are tormenting and abusing innocent animals.

Jose gregorio Macias Flores


Erin Dotson

Kim Slagle

Very nice

Collin Heggestad

Yves Falanga

Seymour Cava

Brandon Wilkerson

Daniel Mushi

Sarah Jones

Wonderful University, in a wonderful city. This university basically runs downtown Richmond. There are a lot of things for young people to do within the city.

Che Emmanuel D.

As recommended it is the best place

Clinton Lewis


Lil Pump

Daniya Mayo

peter jenkins

Very diverse and accepting campus and people.

Nhật Gaming

Guy Isaiah Smith

I can't wait to go to VCU. It's been my dream school. I know I can a better future

Alex Rocha

Best school to get free weed

Basel Al Mahozi

Justin K

In a bad area. I'm a 6 foot, 200lb, male and I get harassed on the street by locals literally EVERY time I'm in the area. And I'm only out of my car for a quick few seconds while I run across the street. EVERY time.

Robin Dickerson

Russell Allen


Jack Leddy

THEY BEAT DUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Richard Ferris

Alia Alkuwari

Fareed Beaini

Aaron Harrell

Torki Zughaibi


Pam Rollins

Anna Lukassen

#ASAP Mommy

Raed Alshammari



A bad place to find your soulmate or a relationship. Don't come here to find love. Hard to make friends as well because some students are cliquey and rude. Academics are average and most students here don't seem to care about class. There isn't much to do in Richmond or at least not anything I am interested in. I can't wait to graduate honestly. The only good thing I liked about the university is that is so diverse and so you won't ever feel out of place or like you don't belong.

Derek R. Austin

So good I did it twice

Gwendolyn Hendrick

Love it

Bambang Priyo Cahyono

Great university at Richmond VA

Amy Polk

Chung Sang


Elizabeth Borza

Overall extremely positive experience!

Robert Thomas

Vincent Estrada

I wonder how many of you have gotten pranked.

khalid alrshede

I will be there after five days


Xin Xin

(Translated by Google) Virginia Commonwealth University (Virginia Commonwealth University, referred to as VCU), is a large US academic comprehensive public university, the main campus is located in the capital of Richmond, Virginia. In American universities, the school is known for its state-level arts, social work, health care, and medical disciplines, and has an excellent ranking. The Virginia Commonwealth University is one of the largest universities in Virginia, with more than 29,000 students in the beginning of 2005, according to the classification of Carnegie's higher education institutions, the Virginia Commonwealth University Is one of the four universities in Victoria that is defined as a doctoral / research / adult extension of education. Richmond Professional Institute (RPI) and Virginia Medical in the 1968 two schools merged into today's Virginia federal university, the medical school can be said that the United States organ transplant program the most primitive origin , And the reputation of VCU is also very famous, in Victoria's public universities, VCU has the highest proportion of minority students. VCU is also one of the organizers of the annual VCU French Film Festival celebration, held in the VCU French Film Festival, its scale can be said to be the largest in the United States. (Original) 維吉尼亞聯邦大學(Virginia Commonwealth University,簡稱VCU),是美國一所大型學術性綜合公立大學,主校區位於維吉尼亞州首都里奇蒙市。在美國大學中,該校以其國家級的藝術、社工、醫管,及醫學等相關科系聞名,並擁有優異的排名。維吉尼亞聯邦大學是維吉尼亞州內最大的大學之一,學生總數在2005年初的統計中已超過29,000名,根據卡內基高等教育機構分類表的分類,維吉尼亞聯邦大學是維州被定義為博士級/研究級/成人延伸教育級的四個大學之一。 里奇蒙專業學院 (Richmond Professional Institute, RPI)與維吉尼亞醫學於西元1968年兩校合併成為今天的維吉尼亞聯邦大學,該醫學院可說是美國器官移植計畫最原始的發源地,享譽盛名,而VCU的多樣性也是非常有名的,在維州的公立大學中,VCU擁有最高比例的少數民族學生。VCU同時也是一年一度VCU法國影片節慶祝活動的主辦單位之一,在VCU所舉行的法國電影節慶典,其規模可說是全美國最大的。

Teneka Williams

josephine acosta

Portnoy Johnson

Pulling vast numbers of foreign students to VCU & Richmond is cause for a query. How odd to obsessively draw students from the Mid East. Parking is ridiculous with Pay Machines installed all over Richmond. Not OKAY. We are overcrowded & resource restricted now. Traveling downtown isn't a fun adventure anymore. We no longer shop downtown. Too busy, crowded, noisy, crime addled & expensive. VCU costs VA residents as much as a new car every year. Ridiculous.

Nam Duong

Medical school building is awesome.

Hank Dog

What a great school. Its expansion into the city leads to a decrease in crime. Go Rams!


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