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REVIEWS OF Northern Virginia Community College - Loudoun Campus IN Virginia

Hameed Salah

Great school. Great community. If you get involved with the clubs, you will have a great time. Teachers are great.

Tyler Saur

John Zalubski

I went to NOVA for my last year of high school in the Dual Enrollment program. Overall all of the teachers I had were pretty good. Most of the teachers taught at area Universities as well as NOVA so the education quality is practically the same. The professors are pretty fair and responsible and are always available during office hours for help. I actually found the work at NOVA a easier than High School. The bad is there is absolutely no social life. The campuses are sprung all over Northern Virginia. You could take classes at the 3rd floor of a office building or at campus with 5 buildings. There are some clubs and teams but I do not believe that they are very popular. I went to a meeting for a club sport and no one showed up. I was the only that came. You show up for class and leave it is basically a commuter school. Also the bookstore will rip you off so I would advise you not to buy books there. Renting the books is the biggest scam. If you carry the books to class in the rain they will make you pay for new books saying that damage to them has been significant. The campus police basically will do whatever it takes to try to either give you a ticket or moving violation. At the End of the Day NOVA goal is to try to get as much money out of you even though they preach about saving you money and try to make the smart decision So come to NOVA first. You will get out of it a pretty good education with the credits transferring to most universities. What you wont get is a social or many friends. You at the end of the day will most likely still feel ripped of after going here for a while by the hidden fees, bookstore prices, or police tickets. NOVA is not a horrible place but it will not leave you with any memories.

Alexis Fuller

Amazing quality for the price. Teachers are fair but hold you accountable. Extensive library, and an abundance of student resources.

Mateo Nikolav

Ritchie Yadav

Campus is renovated time to time. Lots of activities and courses to offer !! The buidlings are spread on a beautiful campus with small artificial pond in the middle.. Ample of parking space.

Sam Nepal

muda etho

Laila Malik

Some professors can be very uneducated here and do not even know what their talking about! They would not engage properly and won’t care about your grade a single bit! I’ve had the worst professors at this campus who would talk less and expect more from you. Don’t go on the good reviews if your not good in the subject it will only stress you out later. I’ve tried other campuses and they were way better than this location at teaching in the best way possible.

Abdullah Mohammed

Monzurul Islam

Mohamed Abdi

Jeff Barnes

Wise Minds

There are a lot of staff members who are absolutely rude and do not have any interest helping you out at the offices. I believe if they are not happy they should not work there. Please hire more professionals and experts who actually can help us. Very dissatisfied!

Luis Gamboa T

Jon Emch

Got a solid education here, which helped me launch my career.

Habib Hazeem

R Clarke

I find many of the instructors to be unfit for their jobs. Their way of teaching has brought myself and a good portion of my fellow students anguish, even when we follow the directions and outlines the professors provided for us to use.

Samuel Ashat

AJ Birdi

s s

Breeanna Morales

Valar Morghulis

Chris Orozco

Unqualified teachers and advisors

Andrew Millett

I went to NVCC for 2 years before I transferred and it was overall a fun and rewarding experience that I would not take back. I learned alot and I had plenty of great professors that outweighed the couple bad ones. The class selection is great and there are plenty of programs to choose from. I was dual enrolled which helped me get ahead and my guaranteed admission into the school I went to worked seemlessly. The campus is nice and they are always improving and building. Do not be discouraged to go here because it will benefit you in the end.

Peter Huynh

Nova is a pretty bad place to try and be social. Very few people here don't want to make conversation. The staff is really rude too, not friendly and don't bother to say you're welcome. Don't try to ask for help from Nova staff, the rudest, most awful adults I've met. All it is a commute school, you drive here, go to class, study and then drive home. It's really depressing.

Michael Daley

Ian Allan

Basit Tusher

Rachel Crawbuck

I had a great biology professor there.

Reynold Reynold

NOVA must concentrate about hiring its professors in ESL classes. Some of the professors in class ESL are can not speak fluently English, So I’m wondering like how it’s possible for such a professors to come and teach second languages for the new immigrants? please do the fact check at end of the each ESL classes. I’m sure the evaluation helps NOVA collage to kick out any of the instructors who gained a very bad rating at end of each semester.


Great place


rachid lembarki


Sara Marzban

HiLebron James

Everything is great but Never buy food from EuroCafe, at list not from the one in manassas campus. I believe I got sick with their smoothie

Cynthia robinson

the counselors at NOVA are the absolute worst! i can never get in touch with my counselor and she never calls me back. they don't hep you set up your class like another college I've been too. the first one i went to literally gave me a course booklet and said "here ya go, you do the rest online.." the only reason id ever recommend anyone go here is because its cheap and they have a guaranteed admissions program with a lot of other universities in the area.

John Bues

I've had a lot of fun learning about computer programming here.

Poranee Boonyarattaphan

Gillian Angelica

Good courses for an affordable price, but dealing with their offices is awful!

Ricky Rodriguez

Spring into Fall celebration and art show at NVCC Loudoun campus today

H.O.A Horn

Unfortunately, this institution does not support students while pregnant. If one goes into labor on a date of a test, accommodations will not be made unless a medical emergency takes place. Natural births are not supported. Very disheartening and unfortunate. Luckily, I have been admitted to and began classes at a four year institution that does support my natural pregnancy, labor and delivery. If all goes well, I will not need any accommodations but I have been reassured that they have no problem doing so! Keep pursuing your dreams ladies! Don’t let institutions like these deter your ambitions!

Jen D

Placed under academic probation after one semester due to incompetent teachers, so thanks for nothing, I guess

K. G.

I really like the layout of this campus.

Isuru Malawathanthrige

dereje tessema

Alicia Kitchens

james liang

Freshman: Great place. Very friendly environment. My english teacher and my CST teacher have been very useful

Tierra Gray


This is a staff review. Spoke with Melissa at the Tuition & Fees desk. Asked a simple question that I needed to clear up and was promptly cut off multiple times and spoke to very condescendingly. This is the worst I have ever been treated in an educational facility. I hope nova does a better job about hiring individuals who are clearly not happy to be there.

Michael Brown

I actually like this campus a lot. My home campus is Woodbridge and Manassas and thus campus blows it out of the water. Looks more like a university than a college. Internet speeds are great, teachers are helpful, and the view is awesome.

Puneet K

I am so greatful to take classes here after i high school and now i am back as i would like to pursue Accelerated Nursing Program. NOVA is awesome and faculty is very helpful. Thank you for all you do NOVA team. :)


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