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REVIEWS OF James Madison University IN Virginia

Charisse Comer

I want to specifically speak about the FROG EXPERIENCE. Parents before you have your child agree to be a FROG for Orientation, know that they work 12 hr. days for 8 days. Of course this is a volunteer position. We had a conflict for the last 2 days, and my daughter was treated unkindly and with extreme disrespect. I do not have any respect for the people in charge of the FROG PROGRAM. Please think long and hard before allowing your child to participate.

Leybi Espinal

(Translated by Google) Very beautiful (Original) Muy bello

Not SoTechnical

The engineering school at JMU is a BIG SCAM! Nothing I learned from this school could be applied at work. My employer was very unsatisfied with me due to my lack of technical knowledge/skills

Greg Lowe

TIm Monaghan

You only get to go to college. It seems like time moved too quickly there. I miss the food, UREC, the scenery of the campus, and of course the people. I'll be back for homecoming though this October.

Mark Baker

A quality education


Shayleen Brennan

JMU has given me the most amazing 4 years of my life. Amazing people, amazing education, amazing place. Cannot say enough good things about this university!

Laura Brick

Irvin Dewberry

Stopped through on my way back with my son who is a Jr. in HS and he immediately said, "I love this place". It is a very clean campus with peaceful scenery. We loved it so much that he put JMU on his list of colleges to apply to.I hope the book is as good as it's cover.

Melanie Bass

Ivan Witteborg

Visited a few times, great atmosphere and amazing food here!

Saeed Rafiei

My cousin is studying at James Madison university and he love it

Mateo Nikolav

The C-Lounge food was just regular. The school is fun though

Christopher Rowley

Amazing faculty/staff, beautiful campus and region, delicious food, and wonderful students. I want to go back there now and stay forever; best 4 years of my life! Dukes forever!

Michael Davenport


Yuri Coronado

Best place on Earth!!!!

Philip Brown Jr

Little Timothy Adkins was here...

Yared Gizaw

Zachary Gochenour

Go Dukes!

Jassim Jabar

JMU's football stadium

Marissa Sariol-Clough

Absolutely amazing place to attend for undergraduate coursework! The campus environment is so friendly and caring. Everyone is happy to be there and welcomes you with open arms. On the downside, the school focuses a lot of money into their college or business and the professors are way overpaid. Other departments make half of what business professors make and deserve more. Also, there’s constantly construction and although it’s for the benefit of the students, many won’t experienced these finished buildings before they graduate. Parking was also bad when I attended but I’m told it’s getting better. The dorms are also highly disproportionate in what they offer. Some have AC and WIFI and others have neither. And they’re all the same cost. Move off campus the first second you get! Unfortunately, it is also a big drinking school but there are options for you if you do not want to partake. You do not need to give in the the peer pressure. On the plus side, we have absolutely wonderful dining and so many options!! We have a large amount of outdoor seating and the quad is a beautiful place to relax, play frisbee, or chat with your friends. And UREC is the best recreation center ever!!!

Scott Cook

Unbelievably amazing. Best decision I've ever made was to go to JMU. Go Dukes!!


Christian Powell

Great school great initiative great campus but the food disappointed me

samantha powell

Best university in the state.

Elizabeth Lindsey

This school doesn’t hold rapists accountable for raping their students. Shameful

andy larij

Logan Dearing Horani

Very amazing college

thuan tran duc

carroll winston


adam messer

Great University loved working on the campus. Campus police where friendly and work well with security. Thank you for having us on your campus.


Note: I wanted to write this review for people who are considering JMU and want to hear a different perspective from the usual good reviews. First of all, I wanted to go to W&M but got waitlisted (it's very hard to get in from my high school). So I went to JMU with an open mind. I tried so, so hard to like it. There were things I enjoyed about it, and I made some great friends. But overall, it wasn't a good fit for me. Most of the students seem less than intellectual; the weather is bad (on average eight degrees colder than northern VA and very windy most of the time); and Harrisonburg itself is unappealing. The students are smart in some ways, but I would say the typical student is good or even great at one subject, but it stops there. It's rare to find someone who is good at both math and English, or art and science (a stark contrast to my high school, where the students excelled at most subjects). I feel like most of the people from my high school class who went to JMU ended up transferring to UVA. Also, I question the competence of many of the faculty and professors. Even a letter from the Honors Program to parents was filled with grammar and punctuation errors. Most of the professors just read from PowerPoint slides. There are a few good ones, but many are mediocre, and some are downright awful and might just try to sabotage your college career! (I'm not exaggerating, but it's too long of a story to explain here.) The lives of most students seem to revolve around either partying, Jesus, or an obsession with the school itself. It's hard to find any relatable people if you don't fit into one of those categories. I got lucky and made a few really great friends, but I would have liked to connect with a lot more people and have more of a network. I felt pretty isolated much of the time, and I've talked to others who felt the same way. Oh, and JMU sucks for girls, because there are about 39% guys, so do not expect to get a boyfriend. And if you do get a boyfriend, he'll probably be an immature and/or unattractive douchebag. (Note to past self: Do. not. date. anyone. at. JMU.) I guess I should also list the things I enjoyed about the school: great food, nice gym, campus is pretty during warmer months. But if you want to have enriching conversations, meet interesting people, and find friends who spend their time doing things other than getting wasted Thursday through Sunday minimum, I recommend not going here.


Such an incredibly beautiful campus. I have never had a story about the times and time-lives of those that spent there years here, that was anything but really meaningful and extremely supportive. I hope many understand how hard these …

Victoria Scruggs

James Madison University will become my home in August. When I first experienced the campus in person this weekend, I was amazed and overcome with emotions. The beautiful scenery and welcoming population won my heart. If you're visiting Harrisonburg, I recommend visiting JMU and watching the magic.

Madelyn Kim

Ahmed Mustafa

You can't beat JMU!

Meagan Torrence

They have a great music program. In September they have a band day and they allowed high school students to come out and march with them during their half time show. I did attend and I fell in love with the campus. I hope that I will be accepted when I apply because I can't imagine myself going anywhere else.

Lex Andrews

Beautiful Campus!

Jon Abulencia

kennedy vishneowski

Mishal J. Kamdar

Love this school. Class of '07.

Robby Bassler

No one I know describes their college experience as positively as my fellow duke dogs and I do. JMU has some of the most caring people I've met, the most beautiful scenery, and an experience that will change your blood to purple and gold. J-M-U Duuuuuuuuukkeesssss!

Joshua Knoll

If you haven't experienced the Football stadium and the atmosphere then you are missing something special. Well worth the visit and a beautiful campus.

Bryan Nguyen

Absolutely one of the most beautiful campuses I've ever seen! The people are great and the campus for is better than most schools too! There's lots of access to the professors unlike most schools and it's becoming one of the nicer schools in Virginia, go dukes!

Ethan Swain

i got an std 5/5 would do again

Adam Suritz

Go Dukes!

mike allen

You know


I don't know if this is a christian university , but after watching the video, the people seem like a bunch of hipocrites, who say they follow Jesus , but talk so much filth and curse words at the preacher, and cheer and support all the pleasures to the flesh, they might know about Jesus , but there is nothing Jesus like in them, they are just like the common mundane people in the world

Max Well Sucks

DO NOT come to JMU for General Engineering if you don't like group projects and you don't care about whether you can get a real engineering job with this degree. I wasted 2 years at JMU then I transferred. It was the worst decision I ever made!!! Everything else was good.

Titan Times

I’ve been there before and I love the energy, I can aslo say the scenery is different!!! Very

Joseph Bean


Hà Nguyễn

(Translated by Google) so beautiful (Original) đẹp quá

Lindsey Reon

it was good food

Brian Nixon

Really great school and it's nice having the 5th best college food in the nation according to the Princeton Review.

Omar K

I love this university. I wish I was able to attend the school.

Mary Saguinsin

It has been many years since my graduation, but I loved my time at JMU. I believe I would love it even more now with all of the additions to the beautiful campus.

kimberley r

Beautiful campus

Jacob Hughes

Nero Tsui

(Translated by Google) I am a student, the food is very good. (Original) 我是学生,伙食很不错

Nora Vegas

I went to visit this University w/ my son.He is going to finish his high school.He want to study here and I like the environment and people.

Robert Lurie

"Madison, James Madison, We are the Dukes of JMU Madison, James Madison, The fighting Dukes of JMU Fight for Glory-- Honors Won Brighten the Lights of Madison Madison, James Madison, Show your Colors Proud and True We are the Dukes of JMU" Best College EVER!

Andrew Rader

Best. School. Ever.

Christina Taylor

Used to work there...

Diego Jauregui

Briana Craig

Megan Jones

GO DUKES best place ever, the jungle juice is A+++ the frats are a lil dirty but overall its LIT on the weekends 10/10 would reccomend

Ashton Blake

yo son what school you go to?

Anna Dobson

Alan Randle

Never went to school here, but the campus is amazing. Atmosphere is great. Been for visits and tours several times when visiting.

Justin Palmerlee

Did not spend much time here but passed by it and saw the stadium which was amazing. Also the campus and people in Harrisonburg were great! Fun place to stop for anyone younger folks

William D

Jessica Castro Barahona

Jose Walter Argueta

I love that place xoxo i love you

Peter Bourke

Wanda Stone

Wow. Just... just... Wow you guys.

Andy Crum

Red Star

It is such a disgrace JMU decided to hire the assistant coach Michael Bullis. It shocks me he's qualifed- he was so rude to me and some other students, made us very very uncomfortable, and even threatened to have me expelled.

Louga Momo

Brandon Cobb

Pound-for-Pound best school in the South!

Joshua Taylor

Great school, with very good academics, good athletics and a great, communal atmosphere. Love JMU!


Riley Smith

Andy Martone

Chris Carr

eh, President Alger is kinda weird

Manohan Nanayakkara

Went to grad school in 83 to84 two great years of my life

Carolyn Brescia

Tara Brady

Caitlin Monroe

Emily Steele

I love the community, the university, and the friends you make while here.

Brandon Miller

Great university. Fabulous business school with a caring and well educated staff. The professors have open doors and always welcome students to discuss school or career advice. Good food here too!

Brian Duncan

Christopher Ogden

Came here for undergrad. Had such a good time, it took me 5 years. My education here allows me to have Dr. in front of my name now. Beautiful every time of year, especially football season. When I came here in the oughties (yes, that's how you say the 2000's) football was top dog on campus, but tailgating hadn't really caught on yet. My freshman year was 2004, the year of their first National Title. Boy, how things have changed.

A. Patrick Dietz

Seth Heerschap

Graduated Spring 2015 with a B.S in Physics + in honors program; here's my review: <><><><> The good <><><><><> Location: The campus is beautiful, situated in the Shenandoah Valley with mountains a 20 minute drive away on either side. There's so much history (battlefields all through the Valley), hiking, some of the best mountain biking trails around and also a ski resort about 20 minutes away. It's easy to see why thousands of DC residents come down on weekends for a vacation. The surrounding area and countryside is definitely 5 stars (my opinion). The weather is also a bit unpredictable; sometimes it'll be sunny and 80 then the next day it'll be snowing. But that kind of makes it fun. Size: The university is rather large, yet, not too big, just walking to another building between classes I'd see lots of people I knew. Given that it's like 20k students, there's no shortage on clubs and organizations. Academics/research: On my track, physics, I had a very competitive amount of experience coming out of JMU. I currently have 3 publications connected to JMU. More than most of my colleagues in science. Food: Yes I had to add this here, JMU prides themselves in having amazing food. I've heard that in some survey's it was #2 in the nation. >>>>>>>>>>>The Bad<<<<<<<<< A bit expensive and difficult to get grants (no experience myself but just what I've heard) The nice red brick paths always have tons of missing bricks right before graduation... ehhh... please fix jmu, this is a REAL problem!! /s The sciences aren't that mature here. If you want to get an engineering, chemistry or physics degree make sure you carefully consider what JMU offers. I'd say if you go with JMU you'll have strong research experience, if you go with say... VT you'll have the ability to take harder grad lvl classes. JMU didn't prepare me for the difficult classes I would be taking in grad school -- and I graduated as an honors student. Though, the research wasn't shabby at all. The campus is far too sprawled out. When walking from memorial hall to ISAT it takes me like 20 minutes. It's annoying that they have this huge dorm park (The village) right in the middle of the campus so everyone has to take an extra 5 minutes just to walk through it to get to the ISAT building. Actually, getting a bike is probably a good idea if you go here; you'll beat the bus every time. The parking is HORRIBLE, expensive and you never find a spot. Lots of hills to climb? I'm running out of complaints here.

SEan Morgan

I'm proud to be a part of this stunning university. I started in 2013 and am double major ISAT/Math. The campus is awesome. People are very friendly as well. Urec provides you with the newest equipment and it is fully renovated. The ISAT faculty are very carrying and will try to help you make the most of your capabilities. However, the only inconveniences is that the Math department is very incompetent and most of the Math teacher are awful, I want to reconsider my second major so avoid it at all cost!!

Ang Aba

yolanda clark

Sarah Goodson


I only go here cuz there is a stripclub nearby

Melissa welch

Had an amazing time with my daughter watching the football game. Great fun!!

ALI Online

Jacob Stevenson

Nothing around

DJ Neil

Kyle Surehan

Love my future school!

Connor Ham

The best school in the world. The weather is generally cool (which is great for summer haters like me). The food is great. The atmosphere is amazing. The professors are all awesome.

Chelsea Romanchuk

the best decision ever made. my stomach flips at the thought of leaving come winter. this place I call home. so proud to be a duke. "jmu is not just an institution of higher learning, it is a spirit, it is an atmosphere, it is a way of life I am glad to say I have lived."

Heather Vest

Lauren Winfrey Leaton

Christian Roman

(Translated by Google) thanks of memes (Original) dankest of memes

John Klicka


Tina Roberson

It's a great school to go to after High School when your parents pay the bills, because it's not cheap. Students are in their early twenties, energetic, mostly friendly and show a dedicated school spirit. For students who are older, have already families on their own, husband, children, this school is not the best choice. Other than in the summer, and even then only for General Education classes, they don't offer online classes for an Undergraduate program. Spring and Fall it's pretty much going to school every day, no other options. Most teachers do not compromise or work with you like they're not there,no matter the circumstances, you get an F. Even if you talked beforehand with teacher. They do have a dedicated office for military veterans benefits. They help you with all the paperwork, which is great. But they are not a yellow-ribbon school, not so great.

Kristen Palazzolo

Next to Disney World, this is the happiest place on Earth. I attribute much of my success to the experiences I had and people I met while attending JMU. J-M-U wish you had a Duke Dog!

Amber Bolen

I spent four of the best years of my life here. I truly loved the college experience that JMU was able to give me. Sadly, they haven’t been much help after graduation.

Donna Greenspan

Having been to a few campuses in my life I think James Madison is one of the very best. Well kept, Green and very incredible.

Karen Martinez



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